Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When We See Our Parents In Light of Our Contract w/Them, We Realize They Accepted a Role In Our Healing Journey and Did the Best They Could

Thank you Archangel Uriel and Jennifer for helping us better understand the dynamics in both roles ...as children and as parents!
And so it is.
*** gavin

The Parenting Contract

Like the Mother and Father Contracts, the Parenting Contract is also a complex soul agreement that involves not just the father, mother and child, but an entire soul group, karmic history, energetic lineage and more. It is, in each lifetime, decided by all of the participants and includes every healing aspect the soul has come to resolve in a lifetime. While we tend to view parents as providing physical care and nurturing to their children, they are far more than that. Parents set up the karmic energy and prepare the child for the healing they have come to experience in a lifetime, beginning with the moment of conception.

And the Parenting Contract is not always a promise to be a long term parent, sometimes it involves adoption, abortion, or miscarriage when the contract is to be part of the child’s life but not in their life. Sometimes it involves abuse, betrayal, abandonment and cruelty and at other times joy, loving care, support and guidance when the soul has asked for those energies. When a soul chooses parents it can select birth and adoptive parents, foster parents and surrogates. It selects siblings and extended family because they are all part of the energetic lineage and karmic history.

We do not see our parents and their role from the soul’s perspective because we look at the emotional and human aspects of parenting and wonder how we could have possibly chosen our parents because everything they do or have done seems so wrong and yet it was so right, to a point. Granted, some parents do not balance the soul contract with spiritual understanding and an understanding of their own healing and soul growth but it’s all in divine order. And so was your choice of parents, siblings, family, life and lifestyle. But we have to remember the only purpose of the Parent Contract is healing, for everyone.

Wrapped in the Parent Contract is a higher agreement that we will all transcend our shared karma which is why we, as children, can put ourselves in harm’s way so we can give our parents the gift of healing. And if they do not accept that gift, we are free to release them because we have completed our part of the contract. There is no promise of healing, only an opportunity. There is no promise of emotional love, but there is the unconditional love that we all share as part of our spiritual heritage. When we see our parents in the light of our contract with them, we realize they accepted a role in our healing journey and did the best they could in the context of their own ascension path and ability to accept and embody spiritual healing. When we forgive and release them, our healing with them is complete and we have the closure and healing that was part of our commitment in the Parenting Contract.


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