Friday, February 10, 2012

When You Accept Your Divine Truth and Use It To Replace Other Energies, the Ego's Filter Is Released and New Energetic Vibrations Are Available

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer!
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Uriel's Message: Ego Truth and Spirit Truth

Everything in the Universe has a truth which is the mirror of its energetic purpose. There are limitless truths in the Universe, within each vibration and within each of you. Although you consciously choose to express a level of truth, what you can choose is limited by the ego because the ego's energetic vibration acts as a filter for the energy you can embody and express in every part of your life. To express your highest truth you must be aware of the energetic interaction between your ego and spirit.

The soul carries the awareness of your highest purpose, divine, spiritual truth and your path to healing and wholeness. The ego carries the awareness of your healing, your material truth and a potential for healing, which is the gift of spirit. It is the combination of the ego's willingness to accept healing and acknowledgment of a new truth that enables healing to occur. Without this partnership the ego's truth is grounded in its thoughts, beliefs and emotional energy.

Divine healing flows from the Universe through spirit to the ego. Material energy flows from the world to the ego and back in a cycle that repeats endlessly. The cycle cannot be broken until spirit's gift of a new, higher energetic truth is accepted. This is why you engage in many lifetimes with the same soul group, experience the same energies, and process the same emotional energy. The ego always filters through its truth until it is ready to accept a new one.

Your new truth is accessed through forgiveness and release of ancient energetic paradigms, which releases soul group energies and karma. The ego is the vehicle for these paradigms, its purpose is to hold energetic vibrations for healing. When you accept your divine truth and use it to replace other energies, the ego's filter is released and new ways of energetic vibration and being are available to you. This is the cycle of life, to experience energy through the ego, allow for healing, release and integrate new paradigms. It is through this healing cycle that ascension occurs as an ever-changing spiral that will take humanity out of the polarity of the third dimension and into the balance and light of heaven on earth.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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