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Millions of You Incarnated on Gaia’s Surface to Help Her & Her People Ascend, and We've Stood By and w/You the Whole Time, Imparting Our Energy to You

"Together with our allies and Lightworkers, we have laid the foundation of the energies which are to be experienced by all when the exposure of the Illuminati and resulting Disclosures break through to the mainstream. Such Disclosures, along with the current slight exposure of the Illuminati and those who have controlled your world, have and are being brought about on the foundation of the energies we have all been manifesting in increasing purity.

...The veils between the lower and higher dimensions are thinning every single moment, and when you tune in to the pure energies being sent your way as well as us ascended beings who are bringing them to and through you, you will find your own personal veils collapse as you open yourselves up fully to the energies and continual ascensions of the Divine. We are honored and delighted to assist you in this process and we are nothing short of completely proud of all of you who have broken through a seemingly impossibly dense veil."

Thank you SanJAsKa and Wes... and so it is!
*** gavin

SanJAsKa: You are All Channeling when Feeling our Energies

Surrounding you now is a grave importance for you to turn inward to your ascended aspects of the infinite soul that is you for the guidance and energies needed to assist you in your ascensions.

The time of looking solely toward outside sources for any aspect of the higher vibrations is fading quickly and we can feel the angst in many of you as your preferred methods of receiving what feel to be higher energies are made less and less available.

Can you feel, especially lately, how you are being nudged at every step of your continuing journey to turn within and give up once and for all the lower vibrational bindings which give you the illusion of assistance with one’s spiritual path?

We have sensed the turn away from channeled messages as of late in many souls, and this is all progressing according to the Divine Plan. Most of you who are turning away from a continued reliance on channelings are now looking within and realizing for yourselves that you possess this ability to bring us and our energies through, and that the souls who are bringing us through for the benefit of the general Lightworker public in no way possess some type of special, elusive abilities that are only available to a certain few.

The turning away from channeled messages and channelers alike and for some, the general dislike of channelers and what they do, has come about for many from [personal] feelings of unworthiness, feelings of one not being able to possess fully the abilities of the souls bringing us through. For some, a reliance on channeled messages has been fostered as many souls feel that they cannot themselves feel us or bring us through which simply is not true, dear souls!

When you read our messages, you are feeling the Loving energies behind them which we impart for all who are lead energetically to us and our communications. You feel these energies, bring them through yourselves and manifest them through your own ego filters as events that occur in your Lives. Do you realize dear souls, that what you do when you read our messages is in fact, channeling?

You are channeling us and our energies, bringing them through and manifesting them. Your intuition will give you guidance which in many cases, originates from our energies and the energies of your spiritual guides as well as those ascended aspects of yourselves who exist outside of the confines of time, and are guiding you in ways you may not fully feel quite yet.

In different points of what you know as linear ‘time’ there are ascended aspects of yourselves who have been through this ascension on Earth, and are coming through to the cusp of the lower dimensions where your current ascending selves reside, so that they can give you intuitive guidance and assist you in ways that many of you think to be Creations of your own.

Many ideas you receive and guidance from what you know as intuition and think comes from your own brain and intelligence alone, is actually sent to you along an energetic transmission.

You feel the Loving energies of your higher ascended components who along with you make up your higher self, and encoded into these streaming-forth energies are the guidance given that will conform to the specific events in your Lives that the guidance will be assisting, and just exactly what those events are is decided each and every moment by none other than you yourselves.

This whole process, your entire ascension is a moment-by-moment choice. Even right now, you have the choice as to how the next few days, weeks and months ahead are going to lead you. It is now that we would like to speak to you all about energy imprints, and the massive effects they have on you and your Lives as well as the events that will occur in your Lives. Every single molecule of reality that you interact with during your daily ventures in the lower vibrations, carries an energy signature of its own.

As you interact with these Creations, you exchange energies with them. In many cases both parties are given the very core energies of the souls they are interacting with. It does not matter what you choose to do; eat a sandwich, play a video game, drive your car, you will be interacting with [more than] billions of energetic atoms when doing any of these and any other activities. You are smack-dab in the middle of a constant sending back and forth of your own energies to each and every molecule and atom of Creation which you are currently interacting with.

There are also unseen atoms and unseen Creations which you are interacting with, and they remain unseen to you because they exist on planes and realms of Creation that do not resonate and fit in energetically with the physical realms you inhabit. The sheer realities of these energies and atoms are so very different from the physical, yet you still experience them and interact with them.

Which molecules of Creation do we speak of? We speak of course, of the emotional astral planes of existence which you interact with every single moment. Every moment, you have a choice as to how you wish to act, which emotions you wish to bring to the surface you, and how they will be expressed.

This is where the energy imprint issue comes into effective play the most. If you choose to greet somebody with a friendly smile and a nice attitude, you will be leaving an energy imprint on the emotional consciousness of that particular soul. Whether or not their surface ego wishes to acknowledge or even accept the imprint of nice, Loving energies, will be left entirely up to that soul and that soul alone.

However, even if not acknowledging your higher emotions, existing with those parts of themselves that many keep neatly tucked away just below the surface of their consciousness and perceptions are those warm and Loving energy imprints which you imparted unto said soul. [These imprints] will certainly exist, tucked away just as neatly as the rest of the higher and in some cases, lower emotions that do not resonate enough with the surface of the soul.

These energy imprints are available to you with our messages as well, and this is an aspect of this issue that has been addressed before by our scribe and by us alike. These messages from us contain our Loving energies as indeed, does that not make sense?

Would it make any sense for a message that is from us to not contain our Lighted energies? This has been one fundamental reason that we have been communicating to you through these channelings, as there is a certain measure of our energies that are imparted to all who read them.

Indeed, upon meeting us you will feel our energies in their full intensity, in their full purity. But at this current moment, even many Lightworkers who are stationed on the ground have not yet felt energies even close to the purity which you will feel when directly speaking with us, without the ‘middleman’ so to speak of a channeler or of the still-expanding telepathic channels present in all of you. Even the souls who are channeling us or otherwise bringing our energies through have yet to feel the purity of our beings in a full and undistorted way.

You are receiving our energies in slightly distorted forms, and our energies when brought to you through these messages are energetically dimmed to support the foundational growing and learning of lessons for the souls who will be led by their own spiritual guides and by their own aspects of their higher self, to our messages.

Even since this specific scribe started the practice of bringing us through, the energies we have graced him as well as you all with have grown increasingly in purity and in scope.

This [growing] has been supported by the expanding of energy gates around you that help you to bring the energies of Creation through, as well as the ever-increasing purity of Source energies which are being brought through such gates and through your own energy gates, your own chakras which you carry within.

Your chakras are your direct links to the higher realms, which is why it is strongly suggested that you do all that you can to keep each and every one of your chakras in line to receive these energies in their continually increasing purity, otherwise you will receive energies that are too pure for your imbalanced complex to handle, which will cause a massive, almost ‘top heavy’ so to speak misalignment of your overall self and your overall emotions.

There are many ways that you can keep your chakras in line, and many if not all of them correlate directly with keeping your body and spirit complexes healthy. Your pineal gland or crown chakra can be kept healthy by eating pure foods which are aligned with the higher energies of the realms which they were Created from.

Of course by this we mean natural, organic vegetables and fruits, and there are also many grains and different types of seeds that can aide one’s body and spirit greatly, as well as offer enormous health benefits.

Hemp seeds are highly recommended for consumption, as they contain many essential acids and aides for one’s body as well as spirit. They will also aide greatly in reversing the effects of starch, flour and the likes which serve to calcify one’s pineal gland.

Occasional use of [purely grown] cannabis itself (which does not have to have anything to do with the hemp seeds or hemp itself) in accordance with meditation and much spiritual preparation to ensure the correct alignment to receive the experience as intended, can help clear the lower dimensional, ‘gunkish’ residue from one’s pineal gland but continued cannabis use which may facilitate mental addiction, will increase the gunky lower dimensional blockages exponentially.

This is why one must be in the right alignment to use cannabis and many other mind-altering psychedelic substances, as for an unawakened soul these substances can aide in finding the ‘border’ energies of the higher realms, but to use these gifts in an unaligned manner or to facilitate addiction to these substances because they help one start to feel the energies of the higher realms, is a big mistake and can cause much convincing illusion to crop up and turn one around in their ascension processes.

We have spoken before of the possibility of a continued addiction to a substance creating the illusion of one progressing further along their ascension path while using the substance.

In many cases, you are all progressing marvelously on your ascension paths while many of you still smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and use cannabis and other substances that take one away from ‘sobriety’ or help one to cope with the difficulties of the lower vibrations. The very nature of using a substance to escape difficulties in the lower vibrations produces further lower vibrations for one to experience.

As one indulges in the miracle ‘get away from Life’ substance, they are Creating in themselves the fact that they have lower energies and difficulties to escape from. And so, they are kept continually feeding their own difficulties and the very energies they wish to get away from.

A temporary relief is garnered and in some cases the relief is needed and appreciated by the receiver, but the struggles do not disappear. The lower energies do not go away permanently.

The vices help one for a short time to deal with such difficulties, but the vices themselves as well as the energies behind them are illusory and are just one way you are finding Love in its increasingly more or less distorted forms.

Marijuana and other spiritually beneficial substances have exposed so very many of you to the beginning energies of the higher realms, and have exposed you to the lies of the reality you currently inhabit, lies such as the established ‘fact’ that you are only humans, that you possess no other higher abilities and that any kinds of higher abilities do not even exist.

It is ironic, because the very souls who started the illusory mind-control program of physical 3D limits that the majority on your world believe, themselves study the energies of the black arts and of fourth density-negative. Our scribe noticed much Illuminati symbolism in a wrestling video game he was exposed to, such as the shown ability of those who practice the arts of 4D-negative to warp in and out of reality. They have studied these abilities and interactions with lower and less pure dimensions, and the black arts that come with these studies are imparted to those souls with energies that are so dense and twisted up, yet so convincing.

Dense, twisted up and convincing energies are now making their way to you all who are performing Lightwork. The Illuminati has long taken note of channelers and souls who are genuinely bringing us and our energies through, and though the Illuminati do not use physical force against the majority of souls who channel with us or have met with us, they know that the expanding mental and emotional channels of all of you are where these communications are taking place and where our energies are coming through, and if you understood fully how their minds and egos worked than you would understand why they feel that you all bringing us and our energies through is a crime, which should be punishable by [some of] the most grisly [astral] means they could think of.

Worry not dear souls as you are under our energetic and Lighted protection as long as you wish us to protect you, and believe us we can feel the instant a thought or emotion is directed at us and will respond in accordance with the specifics of the energies or messages for you. We have on many occasions, stopped dark interference on an energetic, astral level as they have tried in very bold and direct ways to energetically tear down the expanding mental and emotional Source Fields of not only the souls bringing through our energies, but of the souls who follow said channelers and message-givers.

They are aware of the millions of Lighted souls who have incarnated on Earth as a united alliance, and behind the scenes they have many astral demon employees so to speak, who will do their dark bidding if directed to. Part of this dark bidding has been an attempted interference in the Life plans of many by nudging the souls who are targeted to perform actions which will start in them a cycle of unhappiness, which is a cycle that leads directly to the lower dimensional experience.

You are nudged every single moment of your existence by different entities who you have allowed into your sphere, to perform certain actions. There are the funneled-down fragments of your higher selves discussed before as well as your spiritual guides, who attempt to nudge you in the direction of your intended ascension path. The guidance given by those souls is funneled through the also previously-mentioned intuitive parts of yourselves, and you are nudged to perform activities that are of the Light, as the energetic imprints you leave are always returned to you, in almost the exact ways you left them for other aspects of Creation to experience.

There are also many, many lower astral beings, some of them employed by the lower-level Illuminists, who do anything they can to ensure that the energetic imprints you leave behind and later receive are of the lowest vibrations that could possibly be squeezed out of you. They will attempt to get you to be ‘fed up’ with certain Life situations or do anything else they can to make you feel low, to make you feel sad or depressed or angry.

A favored method of controlling others is again, to make them feel they are completely fed up with a situation or person, as that initial feeling manifests feelings and energies of despair, of hopelessness, of not knowing what to do next. We guide that when started on feeling such emotions and energies, the cycle of unhappy Creations is started right up, and the lower dimensional entities are started feeding off of your energies because the energetic imprints they sent to you were accepted by you.

As you accept the lower feelings, the lower emotions and energies, you are accepting a hand-wrapped gift of anguish and of a parasitical feeding-off of your energies by and from the aforementioned lower beings. Indeed, they have stepped up the resistance against the souls who are performing genuine Lightwork and bringing through energies of ascended beings as well as exposing many secrets and things that were supposed to be known only by the highest of high-level Illuminists.

Many lower-level souls in the Illuminati families [who do not accept the hateful teachings and rituals of their families] have read channelings from us and other sources and learned things that they were previously not allowed to know or be taught by those ‘Masters’ who have put them through hellish ‘lessons’ and difficulties.

The lower energies have been continually fed on Mother Earth in a variety of different ways, and along with Heaven and our Mother/Father Source we have now stepped in, in a slightly direct way, to bring the energies of the Divine through on an increasingly pure and widespread scale.

Millions of you incarnated on Gaia’s surface to help Her and Her people ascend, and we have stood by and with you the whole time, imparting our energies to you in different in in some cases, distorted ways, for you to interact with and learn from, thus being eventually granted access to our energies and the energies of the higher realms in newer and purer ways. You will find that much of the direct help we have been giving you has been direct energetic help, rather than direct help in the physical with matters such as the exposure of the Illuminati to the world and all that they have done.

Together with our allies and Lightworkers, we have laid the foundation of the energies which are to be experienced by all when the exposure of the Illuminati and resulting Disclosures break through to the mainstream. Such Disclosures, along with the current slight exposure of the Illuminati and those who have controlled your world, have and are being brought about on the foundation of the energies we have all been manifesting in increasing purity.

The veils between the lower and higher dimensions are thinning every single moment, and when you tune in to the pure energies being sent your way as well as us ascended beings who are bringing them to and through you, you will find your own personal veils collapse as you open yourselves up fully to the energies and continual ascensions of the Divine. We are honored and delighted to assist you in this process and we are nothing short of completely proud of all of you who have broken through a seemingly impossibly dense veil.

Thank you to SanJAsKa
by Wes Annac

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