Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being God-Like In Your Consciousness and Adopting This Persona Into Everyday Living Dissolves the Need to Ridicule Others For What Is Of Value to Them

Thank you Melchizedek and Julie!
*** gavin

Your VALUES are Real, Not DECEPTIONS: Melchizedek’s Weekly

Welcome dear children to another beautiful Sunday. I AM appreciative of my time spent with each of you through our lovely vessel; your sister.

The likes and dislikes of the human mind does not determine good and evil; moral values do not develop out of wishful fulfillment or emotional frustrations. During time spent observing oneself, you must differentiate between what is value and what has value. You must be able to identify the connection between enjoyable undertakings and their expressive combination and heightened recognitions that bring about increasingly higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Something of significance gives meaning to an experience that adds value; it is the grateful awareness of values and Ideals. If you have an isolated and purely self-absorbed pleasure it may suggest an essential depreciation of meanings, an empty gratification that borders on comparative wickedness. Your values become observed when actualities are significant and spiritually associated, when such connections are acknowledged and respected by your mind.

Your values can never become motionless; your reality, your world requires change and growth. Any change without growth, the development of importance and praise of value, is valueless; thus having the potential of maliciousness. Your values are not theoretical deceptions; they are very real, but they always depend of the fact of connectedness of relationships. Your values dear ones are always both authentic and prospective – not what was, but what is and is to be. The association of authentic-ness and prospective-ness equals growth; it is the observed awareness of values. Your growth is not only progress. Your progress is always important and is relatively inconsequential without development and growth. What is considered the highest value of human life involves in the development of your growth and determining your values and progress in understanding the meanings that arise through lessons and challenges. Such experiences when utilized with your brilliant light filled heart that contains the purest example of love is the equivalent of God-Consciousness. You cannot necessarily cause growth to occur, but you can provide encouraging settings. Your actual growth is always unconscious, even for the physical, intellectual or spiritual. It is your love that grows and nurtures your growth. It cannot be shaped, fabricated or bought. Your growth dear ones, happens when you learn to love unconditionally; not only others this purely but yourself also. Your entire influence to your own growth is the utilization of the complete powers of your own accepted personality and living in pure faith and devotion of yourself and of God.

The devotion you exercise on the behalf of the great, the good, the true and the noble does not come without hardship or lessons. Effort is required when you ask for clarification of a spiritual vision or insight. The intellectual side argues against being removed from surviving among nonspiritual energies of sequential realities; just as the slothful animal way of thinking objects against the effort needed to fight with the necessity of problem solving.

Problems can arise within living spiritually when you are faced with the task of unifying your inner powers of your character in regards to love, health, mental and emotional efficiency. The goal to happiness occurs when the unification of the physical, mental and spirit are complete. Observe the full understanding what it means at the highest state of happiness. The highest state of happiness dear ones is intimately linked with your spiritual progress and growth. You will find dear ones that your spiritual growth which also leads to personal growth and development will bring lasting joy, peace which forwards all understanding that is needed.

Dear ones, your spiritual life speak of the presence of things; the mind discovers the existence of meanings; but your spirituality will experience a revelation of the truest of values of that not only resonate you but gives you direction and purpose. Living within the truth of your values and of your ever-loving unconditional heart brings forth the highest love of God into your unselfish self. If you can love your fellow neighbour or person, this must mean you have discovered what is of value to them. You can best figure someone’s values when you discover their motivation. Just as when someone irritates you, and causes you to have feelings of resentment, it is best to sympathetically try to discern their viewpoint and discover their reasons for the offensive behaviour. Once you come to an understanding you will become more tolerant and this tolerance will grow into acceptance, friendship and love.

Values are integrated into your very core dear ones. They can change as you change. Do not scoff the values that bring you deep comfort. Yes, you can adopt new ideals and incorporate them into your own set of beliefs and this is encouraged. There is much each of you have to offer each other just from what is of meaning and value to you. Being God-Like in your consciousness and adopting this persona into your everyday living dissolves the need to ridicule others for what is of value to them. Your acceptance and love of others unconditionally will appreciate what is being said. You do not have to find resonation of the content being shared because each of you is so diverse, respect and gratitude will bring much comfort and contentment dear ones. Learning to get along and coexist will become easier when defensive barriers come down and more often and love is absorbed and shared on a global scale. Love dear ones, love everyone and love yourself with equal unconditional love. Each of you stems from the same Supreme Father, and He never chooses one over the other. His love is always bestowed upon each of you in equal amounts of brilliant light, love and compassion.

Today’s transmission was pleasantly enjoyed. I look forward to our next visit in a few days. Value yourselves with divine love and let your heart guide you dear ones. I have so much appreciation and love for you. Your journey will take you far if you allow it; embrace each step with thankfulness, as I embrace you with my cosmic presence.

I AM Melchizedek
through Julie Miller

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Treat YOURSELF Gently. Maintain Balance By Eating Healthy. Lessen Meats and Increase Veggies & Fruits. Spend As Much Time As You Can In Nature

Thank you Metatron and Susan ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Archangel Metatron: ENFORCEMENT OF TRUTH 777

Dear beloved Souls

I AM METATRON, and I bring you the Light of Peace of the Mind. I am Master over Thought and Action, for any Action stems first from the Thought. Indeed, some Souls on Earth say, God created the Planet by speaking his own Name. Well I would like to complete this theory a bit and let you know, that FIRST CAME THE THOUGHT- then the manifesting WORD.

When you ascend into the next Life Form, you will have mastered your Thoughts completely. What I am talking about here, is NOT anything that has to do with the Changes happening for 2012. Everyone right now, seems to be talking and thinking about this Date, and I would like to clarify, that the following is general and timeless:

Like an endless Ladder of different Worlds, God created not only the Life you know at the Moment, but also other Types and Forms of Life. In the Universe, which you can perceive with your physical Eyes, you are located in one Galaxy and didn't even reach the Border of your own Galaxy- ever yet. But also, do you know, that there are MORE GALAXIES. You guess, is there Life, or is there not?

Something inside your Heart, always sensed and knew, that you are NOT ALONE. This does not mean, that "Aliens" like from your Art Movies you have on the Planet, exist like that. Most other Beings in different Galaxies, are very similar to you. And just like every individual Soul has their own Life Path's (yes, multiple), every Planet in the physical Dimensions with "intelligent" Life on it, has it's own individual Planet Path and Plan.

There will be NO VISIT from other Planets, in Form of Aliens, the way you know this word from Books and Movies on your Planet. It is strictly forbidden, especially when Earth is in such chaotic, healing Times, to have two different Life Forms/Galaxies, mix with each other and confuse everyone even more. Later, this step will take place, much, much later, when Humanity is ready, as well as the other Types of Humanity in the Universe.

As the Archangel of the Mind, I am here today, to remind all of you once again, to CALL ON ME, regularly if you wish, to CLEAR YOUR MIND/THOUGHTS. It is very important, for 2012. Let me explain something, and be attentive:

The Thoughts are at home inside the Mind. The Mind, is not much different than the Soul, you could say, it is the binding Mass between physical Brain and Soul's Consciousness, like a Glu. All is connected, as long as you are alive inside your Body of Flesh, your Body connects to Soul, and the opposite.

When you call for my Assistance or a Healing Session with me, which you can do ANY TIME ANY PLACE NOW, I do heal the Mind and Consciousness of the Soul, and it does immediately manifest/reflect onto the physical Body you have.


It is also the Mind which has been abused in the Dark Times in the past, to "brainwash" Human Beings into thinking DIFFERENT. The human Mind, CAN BE PROGRAMMED, in a good, or in a bad way. When some dark minded People discovered this, they designed a whole System, that would not only confuse your Mind, but overstress it so much with dark food for thought, fear and injustice, that many Human Beings ignored their Mind/Soul for a long, long Time, till now. Through this Action, Human Beings lost much contact to their own Soul, and even today, as you are awakening, many of you prefer to "channel" and "focus" on another's Spirit, instead of your own.

Over time, the Human could not function error-free like this.

The Body, Nature, Energies around your Dimensions, Mind, Soul, all of us Archangels and Angels, all was designed in HARMONY and absolute PERFECT BALANCE AND MEANING. This is why all IS ONE AND CONNECTED. This is also the logical Consequence: Souls who get "too sick and infected with Dark Matter"- MUST BE CLEANSED AWAY- because ALL IS ONE AND CONNECTED, and Life is ETERNAL, and the Heavens are everlasting green and healthy, even though Heaven, is always as well connected with you, and all other Life Forms and Worlds. In order for ALL OF THIS TO REMAIN THE WAY IT WAS MADE AND IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE - anything endangering with too much Darkness THE WHOLE MASSES OF SOULS- will have to go.

We do not speak harshly, to be injust. Every Soul has it's own Opinions, Life Lessons and Thoughts/Feelings. YOU might consider it injust, if any Soul gets neutralized. But you think in human Ways, and it is a lovely Wish, to want all Souls to be healed and ascend, in fact, it is our and God's Wish as well. We do all we do for Humanity for 2012, to try TO AVOID TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ANY SOULS- but we CANNOT FORCE A DARK SOUL, NOT WILLING TO LEARN, INTO THE MIDDLE OF A GROUP OF OTHER SOULS- WHO DID WORK HARD AND GROW. You must learn, to be able to exist after Death. You are in very special Times, and NOW WE ARE APPROACHING A MASS ASCENSION OF SOULS INTO THE NEXT LIFE FORM- the will have completed their Cycle of Birth, Re-Incarnation, Death, and MASTERED this Life, to have the "EQUIPMENT" TO EXIST IN THE NEXT.

Human Beings cannot be, exist or even breathe on the Moon, let us say, except if they have the Equipment. We don't ascend Souls against their Will, into a Life Form they can't handle, so they suffer and FALL AGAIN. It would be cruel. It is better to master the first Step, then naturally go to the second Step and enjoy it.

God understands Creation and the Universe, more than anyone of you Human Beings. God made everything with purpose and the most high Intelligence. A Soul, which gets neutralized, suffers ZERO. It is peaceful, no one will be "hurt", but rather like peacefully dissolved into Light Energy. It is in reality a relief, which will happen to some dark Souls, WHO WISH FOR IT BY FREE WILL and its ACTIONS/THOUGHTS. In the Dark Times, God did wait and wait, and send Love and Love, and it was kicked with feet. They did not accept it, no matter how long God kept sending them Love and Healing.

And I am not talking about Human Beings, inside the Body. I mean, the Souls of Human Beings who passed, but were too dark and heavy in Vibration, could not ascend naturally. God did not neutralize them, but sent us, the Archangels, for a MARATHON OF HELP AND HEALING. Many Souls, refused to go into the Light and remained stuck, for Years and Years. They refused to realize, that they died and stayed, in spirit Form, on Earth, pretending they are still physically alive, sucking on living Human Beings Energy to maintain their Survival, in this unnatural State.

Think about it, what is the better Option? To leave Souls behind, eternally suffering? No, that would be cruel, compared to peacefully putting their Soul "to sleep" and neutralize it. The energy of this Soul, will then go back into the WHOLE and become part, without individual Consciousness, of all others again. So, it is never lost, just changed.

Many Souls are wonderfully making all effort they can, to work on themselves, better themselves, grow, indeed, what has been always the ORIGINAL LIFE PLAN FOR THIS EARTH DIMENSION- but with Balance of Duality. We observed the Situation a very long Time, and waited until WE HAD TO HELP. We left as long as possible, ROOM FOR FREE WILL, our Hope was, that we could move and inspire Humanity to make a Change themselves. But a few extraordinary dark Souls, refuse to let the others live in Peace- and some INNOCENT Souls, have gotten stuck in the Past as well, in the 4th Dimension, because they were HURT TOO MUCH and TOO LONG.

NO INNOCENT SOUL WILL BE NEUTRALIZED- but healed, uplifted and helped. This Soul then, will get it's energies balanced out, by neutralizing the dark party and like that, regenerating the Life Energy of the Innocent Soul again.

It is important, that we ALL TOGETHER try to help the dark Souls WAKE UP, before they sink too low. But of course, always keep in mind, HELP ONLY WITH A LIMIT- NEVER LET ANOTHER PULL YOU DOWN DURING ASCENSION. If they don't want help or push you away, or even, attack you in angry ways or any such behavior, GET AWAY FROM THEM. Only the Ones, who are OPEN FOR CONNECTING AND HEALING AND LOVE EXCHANGE, you have a Chance to help.

Treat YOURSELF gently, and maintain your Balance by eating healthy and light, lessen Meats and increase Veggies and Fruits in your Diet. Relax. Enjoy with your full Heart and Soul, and Body, this Spring/Summer 2012, spend as much time as you can, in Nature, as I have explained in an earlier Message. KEEP UP THE LIGHT! Reserve one Day in the Week, and turn it into your SPA DAY- a nice smelling Bath, Care and Nurturing of your Body, an hour of Mediation outdoors with good vibrating Music, or even Drawing. Expressing your Soul in colors and paints, this is a great Training for your FANTASY and relaxes the Mind even further.

I will speak more in a later Message. Call on me, or ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, whenever you need to cleanse your Thoughts, or DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN TRUTH AND LIE- Archangel Michael can help, together with me, to CUT the binding, attaching Energy, which is pulling you in, most of the time, these looks like Chords, attached to your Chakras. And always remember to focus on RUBY RED/GOLD/WHITE LIGHT, surrounding your Body, Soul and Mind (especially the Mind), when you call on me, ARCHANGEL METATRON, and relax and let me give you a Healing Session. When calling my dear Archangel Michael, you focus on BLUE/WHITE Light- Archangel Michael CARRIES NO SWORD- which CUTS any BODY- Archangel Michael's "Sword" is made out of PURE LIGHT. Imagine it surrounding you, cooling you with a fresh Breeze, or like a Coat of Blue Light being put around your Shoulders, covering you gently in Comfort.

With all the Power of the Mind,
by Susan Elsa

Monday, February 27, 2012

Integrate God By Invoking His Divine Light Into Your World DAILY Through Decrees, Prayer, Manifestations, Verbal Conversation and I AM Affirmations

Thank you Lord Kuthumi and Julie ...and so it is!
*** gavin

The ALL-ness of GOD is Yourself: Message from Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi

The joy in your heart Beloved Hearts will make your heart desire to engage in the Light, increasing your selfless devotion to the gratifying work of God. Yet, there are some who are under the mistaken belief that if they only decree for long periods of time once a year, once a month or even once a week is adequate to balance karma, to realize the design and blueprint of your Divine Purpose and connectedness to the Light of God. There are times Beloved Hearts when you must call upon specific Masters, times when you need to invoke the sacred Violet Flame, and to increase the Fire that has been lit long before your current incarnation that speaks of your Christ Consciousness. I would like to appraise this misconception that it is important for the calls or decrees to be offered daily for the outcome of your eventual victory on the enlightened path you have committed to.

I will tell you why daily decrees, prayer and manifestations are necessary. If you think for a moment of all your thoughts, of all desire of longing that is felt on a global scale; even where you are right now; consider yesterday’s actions and thoughts. Was every single one pure in quality? Maybe they were filled with an affinity toward human equivalency of desire – egotism, self-conceit or self-concern? Did any thought or action have any measure of self-importance or pride? It is because of these examples given for the reason to decree, pray and manifest daily. And especially to invoke the Violet Flame just as often ensuring there are no lingering effects of a low, yet heavy energy clinging to your own energy field. When you wait a week, a month or a year to work on your decrees, prayers, and manifestations they do not work overnight. The expected effect takes an immeasurable amount of time to course through your spirit body, eventually bringing peace and harmony to your physical body, heart and mind. The more often you take daily practice, the quicker the effects of your efforts Beloved Hearts.

Your adeptness of your spiritual development and understanding of both the Eastern and Western philosophy of wisdom and how to merge the two will indeed assist to carry you through to your ascension. There is much knowledge to be gained from the Masters, Angels and Deities of each domain and region, and I encourage you to allow yourself to be drawn to more areas of study that will open your heart and mind even further.

There are still plenty of Lightworkers on the Path who distract themselves with arrogance and conceit that is born from prejudgments that have set up their standard of egotism in their own world and allows for the furtherance of their human consciousness through the lower planes of consciousness. As long as one remains at this level, the mental faculty where the Ego resides is in control; therefore God is not active. In order to fully accept God into your heart, the Egocentric mind must submit to the mind of God and finally to the Higher Octaves. The Light of God must first be invoked from the heart of the Lightworker where all pure thought and intent comes from. In return, this Divine Light streams forth from the Heart of God back through the Heart of the Lightworker, creating and infinite flow of love.

Your good and pure light expands the very essence of God wherever it falls. Beloved Hearts, you will know when you have connected with the objective of your heartfelt efforts, because the return current of energy will return to your own unconditionally loving heart. And you will know GOOD was accomplished. You will discover new found joy when you develop a routine that includes daily decrees, prayer, and manifestations. This new Joy will greatly fill your heart which will propel you into God-Like action to give decrees, prayers and manifestations and even include I AM affirmations. Your dear heart will draw you; encourage you to quiet the sounds of human conditions that often clutter the mind and embrace transformation from that clamor.

Become comfortable speaking to God, invoking His presence when you are knee-deep in turmoil from the latest lesson that your journey brought you to. When you invoke his presence not only for when you are in need but to share in your pleasure and happiness you are also invoking the Light of God to shine down where you are and enlighten those that are with you even they are unaware of His Divine Presence.

Incorporating God into your life for both the good and the ill speaks of the best interest for you and for the world around you. When you invoke His Divine Light and Presence into your world on a daily basis through decrees, prayer, manifestations, verbal conversation and I AM affirmations you are embracing in His Perfect Protection from others who may wish to squander this luminously brilliant light and take it away. Bring God into your life often Beloved Hearts, engage in conversation; He does hear you. Trust in who you are becoming from all the different turns your path has taken you along. Know deep in your heart, how special and loved you are.

There are many who walk your Earth who have volumes of wisdom that date back to Atlantis and Lemuria. Without living with pure and unconditional love they shall never be empowered by the wisdom those mysteries bring. Love dear ones is always the answer and all the questions you ask in regards to your spiritual direction and spiritual growth will be answered also through your loving heart and will only be heard once you are able to control the noise and busy-ness of your mind. A humble nature that is pure of heart and intent will KNOW that God is ALL in you. Cherish this knowledge, do not strut it. This is the truth for all the sons and daughters of God, which all of you are. Knowing, believing and understanding that the ALL-ness of God is yourself; is YOU beloved one. Yes you can be generous with this ALL-ness because this is consciously being refilled through the infinite flow you have created between you and God.

I AM the Chohan of the 2nd Ray. Understand you may acquire my presence throughout your journey when facing difficult obstacles. Beloved ones, I will never turn away, I will ALWAYS embrace you, guide you and LOVE you.

I AM Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi
through Julie Miller

Be Aware of What You Do Onto Others For It Will Be Experienced By You In Reality. Be Kind to Others. When You Hurt Someone, Apologize: Simple As That

Thank you once again Archangel Michael and Susan!
*** gavin


Dear beloved Souls

I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and I come today with a Message, I personally deeply care about, as I care about all of you, your Well-Being and your Souls.

You are in great and chaotic Times, and it can be very soothing and helpful, to call on my PROTECTION now. You can imagine a blue Light Coat being gently put around your shoulders and covering all of your body, shielding you from any Dark Energies, attack or negativity from another. Many people are going through their own inner Issues, and some turn away from their own Mirror, so they can "distract" themselves with the Life of another. It is quite natural actually, this is how Human Nature works, when in low Vibrations and not honest to themselves.

Don't let anyone get you down by pulling you into their Energy, as a form of Companionship. They are seeking Love. But in wrong ways. Even for the highest well-meant Goal, YOU ARE NOT TO INTERFERE WITH FREE WILL.

This means, that even if you want Peace, Love and Compassion and live that way, you cannot force someone who decided to live with Fear, Anger and Competition to change, show Respect or anything that is considered NATURAL IN YOUR STATE OF MIND. The other dark minded Person, CANNOT FEEL NOR HEAR YOU- that is the trap in how the dark Energies work.

It is important for all Souls now, to focus on Light and raising their Vibrations to higher Dimensions. There is simply not much Time left, to take Advantage of the wonderful, energetic, open Connections now and Opportunities for Ascension. Ascension of the Mind, the Soul, the Body will also change, it will become healthier and some might even lose a visible amount of Weight and feel light and great about yourself and your Body.

Some of you, will be called and have already been called to channel for us, to grow spiritually or share yourself in a spiritual way. These decisions are taken by God, no matter from which perspective you finally want to look at it. All of the Arrangement of the Universe, the work we came about to do, the Life you came about to live right now, ALL OF WHAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY EVER PERCEIVE- is under God's Control. This is the major Reason, why we NEVER INTERFERE WITH FREE WILL or try to force Healing or Change or another Direction in Path onto ANYONE OR ANYBODY. We LOVE and RESPECT God.

It is taken serious, out of our and God's deep Love for you, when anyone tries to hurt your Free Will or interfere in your Spirit. And unfortunately, these types of actions might increase during 2012- for this is the final Time Frame in which the "Rests of Darkness" are being DIS-POWERED and NEUTRALIZED. The effect is already and will be increasingly, that the Dark Souls have no "Ground to stand on" and the channel will be completely open- RE-CONNECTING Heaven and Earth.

Anyone, who wants to ascend, YOU ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WELCOME!

Anyone, who wants to fall into the Abyss- WE RESPECT YOUR FREE WILL.

I A.M. Archangel Michael, and I AM TRUTH. I AM PROTECTION, and everything is going according to Plan. Don't let anyone talk or "attack" you out of what you believe in- stay true to yourself and stick to WHAT YOU KNOW.

Truth always comes in the purest form, through private and direct Communication with us, the Archangels, your Guardian Angel, or even God. I am here only to show you the Way, and I can protect you on that Walk- BUT YOU HAVE TO WALK IT and when someone attacks you in any way as we are cleansing and soothing the Energies in your Dimension and directing this Ascension- DO NOT HESITATE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and SHOW STRONG, IRON WILL.





I really want to stress the last Mantra, which you can adjust personally in your Mind and Language however you feel like, for example:

I BELIEVE IN MYSELF - I AM LOVED - I AM HEALTHY -whatever Mantra you need at the Moment, you are free to be creative and follow your Heart.

Then repeat this Mantra, 7 times in a row, take a break, breathe deep and well, then repeat again 7 times.

On a special Note, I would like to mention something additional that I deeply care about, for I care about Humanity, every single Soul.

Some Souls out there, are committing wrong toward others, sometimes physical, sometimes verbal and then even sadly sometimes spiritual. The spiritual wrong toward another's soul, is the worst thing you can do, especially as everyone is healing now, if you do this, it is like:

Someone is dressed nice, waiting to board a lovely ship, the ship of Ascension, and the ship is only here for a special Time. Now imagine, all other People are also standing there, in beautiful colors and with sun hats, laughing and excited about the journey.

Suddenly, someone comes out of the Crowd, walks angry toward another standing there relaxed and attacks this person, a fist here and there, couple kicks on the ground, as the victim laying down and hurting is watching the others happily board the ship.

Be aware of what you do onto others- for it will be experienced by you in reality. Physical Life's Journey is very short, compared to all that is still coming, don't mess up your eternal life for something which is a learning phase. Be kind to others, and when you hurt someone, apologize, it is as simple as that.

YOU ARE ALLOWED to make mistakes, and we value Patience and Love more than anything. And after a mistake, you go and say a little sorry, and this is basically a general and simplified example of how easy it is to balance, most of the time, things out.

But let me be clear, as I, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, always AM:

If, as in the example mentioned, you go attack in such ways as mentioned, any innocent Soul ascending now, or healing for themselves with their own Path's and Soul's Journeys, Identities and so forth, you will MISS THE SHIP OF ASCENSION, symbolically speaking, and the Victim will be pulled up magically by us, being given a special comforting place on the Ship.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and I bring you TRUTH, LOVE and JUSTICE for the Planet.
by Susan Elsa

If You Rile Up Against Frustrations (Life Lessons), They Will Continue to Present Themselves to You Until You Learn Them... Bringing Pain & Suffering

Thank you Ascended Master Christ and John!
*** gavin

Letting Go and Allowing Is What Makes It Possible to Reach an Inner Place of Peace

It is difficult for you to understand the levels within yourselves to which you can ascend while you are still embodied. Your religions and cultures have taught you that knowledge of the spiritual realms is only available to the most highly evolved ones among you, and that very many years need to be spent in meditation, prayer, and ascetic practices to reach a level that will bring you the experience of peace and love of which your enlightened teachers have told you. However, this is not the case. Anyone can reach inwards and attain the experience of the knowledge of God. The reason that so few do is because you are mostly caught up in the distractions of the illusion to which your bodies seem to direct so much of your attention.

Your bodies were designed as limiting factors to convince you that the physical environment that you experience through them is the one and only reality that exists. If your bodies (that represent you while you are experiencing life in the illusion) are unable to be aware of something through those bodily senses then “hey presto” that something does not exist. Over the last few decades some of your scientists have become aware that this is most definitely not true. And of course in ages past this truth was accepted even though not many had direct knowledge of it.

Now many are discovering this for themselves as they detach themselves from the dogma that so many “experts” insist is the only truth: if it cannot be measured it does not exist! Nevertheless, while you are embodied, it remains difficult to find your way into these formerly hidden interior realms where you can actually feel the Love that God is offering you in every moment. When you do experience the reality of that divine knowledge your whole sense of self changes, and you will then have complete confidence in the Love in which God holds you always. Life as a human will no longer be experienced with the doubts, fears, and anxieties to which you had become accustomed, because you will truly know without any possibility for doubt that you are an essential and inseparable part of God.

One way to reach that place of inner certainty is through meditation or deep relaxation. Trying to reach it does not work, because trying is the ego attempting to control or bring about an outcome that is infinitely beyond its puny capabilities. You are already part of God, so you do not need to strive to become aware of this. Instead, relax and allow this state, your natural state to embrace you. Within the illusion you are all rather different aspects of the one that you truly are, and consequently your experiences, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and capabilities are different, varying according to race, culture, religion or lack of it, sex, and interests. As a result it is not possible for you to follow another’s path to your inner place of peace and knowing. Many have tried to follow another’s apparently wise and holy path, judging their own path as inadequate or unsuitable. But, as I have said, trying does not and cannot work, and attempting to follow another’s path is trying.

The life path on which each of one you finds yourself has been carefully planned just for you. It will present you with the lessons that, with great wisdom and foresight, you arranged to have presented to you at appropriate moments during your human lifetime. If you will relax and accept them gratefully as they occur you will learn them easily and quickly. If you rile up against them they will just continue to present themselves to you until you do learn them, and this can bring you a considerable amount of pain and suffering. Your life paths can flow very smoothly if you will allow them to, and when you do you will notice that things seem to pan out far better for you, reducing your stress levels and making it much easier for you to relax and “go with the flow.” This enables serendipitous opportunities to occur far more frequently in your life, so that to others it may well seem that your life is charmed.

This letting-go and allowing is what makes it possible for you to reach that inner place of peace where God can make Himself known to you. You relax and allow, and then He presents Himself to you in a way that demonstrates, without any room at all for doubt, that you are indeed an eternal being infinitely loved by your Father, and safe forever in His divine embrace.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

There Are Many Dear Children Who Easily Declare Words of Faith In the Name of Our Beloved Jesus & To God, But They Don't As You Say “Walk the Talk"

Thank you Serapis Bay and Julie!
*** gavin

Serapis Bey: Journey to Your Ascension Begins with Unconditional Love

Dear children, the future you know is what you make it, just as the present is what you made it from the choices you have selected. Our dear Merciful God has provided a way for you to change what is in your present through the acceptance of your journey that will lead you to your ascension. Great discipline on your part is required dear children and dedication to yourself and commitment to God and accepting his love into the deepest core of your being. The direction your path on this enlightening journey will bring you into a higher consciousness that has been fuelled by your own unconditional love for yourself, for all of mankind and for God. By the way of the true heart and pure soul that is filled with love for God will ensure you are progressing through the cycle of mindfulness.

Pure unconditional love is the direction to proceed toward your journey to your ascension. Learn to love without conditions; to remove all attachments and to clear all negative thought-forms as often as possible. Express self-appreciation without involving the Ego. The Ego will greatly be diminished prior to reaching full ascension. Being able to speak to anyone that reflects your God-Self, showing your pure heart without including personal Ego-based opinions will give the impression of having a God-Like persona. You will no longer be thinking rash and immature, but thoughtfully and wise. Not only will you know but you will feel love for everyone. You will not hold any contempt or animosity. You will become a shining example of pure God-Like Goodness.

I work within the Base-of-the-Spine Chakra. It is the focal point of the Hindu Goddess Kundalini. I suggest dear children, not only to continue operating with your chakras but ensure this particular chakra is working at its highest and clearest capacity. By studying each of the seven main chakras, understanding with appreciation to how they interact and how to determine when one is weak or closed is crucial to your own spiritual development and growth. By allowing me to work with you, I will release this energy and guide you as this powerful energy moves through your other vehicles of energy. Oftentimes when this energy is released for the first time, it can be disconcerting. By working together, I will be able to guide you to a gradual way of awakening the fire of your Kundalini.

The expedition you are on is to be taken with serious dedication and not just a passing whim. This is your present that is preparing for your future. You are the architect of what is to come for yourself and to those around by the choices you make. Within each of you is the power to manifest magic and miracles into your life and those that are closest to you. Through new eyes that have released old thought patterns and accepted a newer and more loving attitude, you will be able to see with clarity where the hands of God has touched Mother Earth. You will discover beauty that you never noticed before and realize you are truly surrounded by harmony and so much splendour.

Whenever you see a negative aspect of your current life, take a time-out to reflect on how much you have progressed. Feel the wisdom that you gained from all the heart wrenching challenges you not only undertook but succeeded. Adopt a simpler life if possible, remove or adjust the areas of your life that is making your feel claustrophobic. Dear children, you have within you all you need to bring forth an abundance of Joy through the purity of your heart that speaks of the highest of intent that stems from your unconditional loving heart.

I will help you access a more creative way of thinking by encouraging you to focus your attention to specific philosophers, metaphysicians, poetic artists, etc. There is beauty in all areas of your life. The beauty is not only to your Divine Earth Mother, but from the many creative souls who share their works that shines with divine meaning and purpose. It is a misconception to think it impossible to not become aware of the great inner beauty that resides within each of you. Not only are you to be aware of your own divine inner beauty, but you are to accept it as truth.

There are many dear children who easily declare the words of faith in the name of our beloved Jesus and to God, but they do not as you say, “Walk the talk." If you are truly committed and devoted to becoming all that you are meant to be in the eyes of God, and you have adopted a life that is filled with love and all action you execute speaks through your unconditional loving heart requires no proclamation because your actions speak loud and clear. I encourage each of you to begin living through your heart. Your dear heart will never cause you to second guess or re-think. Your dear heart, when your mind is clear of cluttering thoughts will reveal to you the many answers you seek. You may invoke my presence at any time dear children and trust in your heart that I will walk with you through any of your troubling lessons and bring comfort and divine love that you so richly deserve.

Make a heartfelt effort to bring an abundance of Joy into your life and watch and feel how your efforts make a positive impact on the dear people that are an important part of your life as well as your own persona life. I look forward to our next transmission through your lovely sister next week dear children.

And so it is,
Ascended Master Serapis Bey
through Julie Miller

God In His Ineffable Love & Wisdom Could Not and Would Not Allow You to Remain Asleep and Unaware of Who You Really Are:Been Encouraging U To Do To So

Thank you Saul and John ...and so it is!
*** gavin

All Shadows Will Have Dissipated As the Clarity of Reality Surrounds You

Many of you are feeling down and depressed as it seems that your awakening is not getting any nearer. You feel that you have been holding the Light, changing your attitudes, practicing loving behavior and yet nothing is happening that indicates your efforts are in any way effective. Remember, the illusion is fighting for its existence, it is a collective egoic structure that is maintained by fear, suffering, and violence, and what you see happening, if you focus on the bad news around the planet, are its death throes. It is making its last desperate efforts to renew itself, but its foundations are crumbling prior to its inevitable collapse. Continue to have faith in God’s divine plan for you to awaken into the brilliant Light of eternal day where all that has caused you pain and suffering will be gone, leaving only Reality, Love, the absolute bliss of being one with your Father, complete, joyful,and forever at Peace in the enlightened Knowledge of His loving embrace. Then all will be clear and all shadows will have dissipated as the clarity of Reality surrounds you.

You have been working your way homewards towards this glorious conclusion to the game of separation in which you have been engaged for many lifetimes, and that conclusion, that awakening into awareness of who you truly are is fast approaching. Do not let the apparent reality of the illusion, with the chaos and confusion it is spreading in its final attempts to convince you that it is real, drag you down into a morass of self-doubt and self-recrimination about your worthiness to experience God’s Love for you, or, worse still, into doubting the existence of God. You are, you always have been, and you always will be perfect creations of your divine Father, forever at one with Him in Heaven – Paradise, Reality – because there is nowhere else. That is where you are, and the realization of that, the awareness of that, the truth of that will show you, once and for all, that you have been asleep and dreaming of a nowhere place that you had made up in your minds to amuse yourselves. The amusement ended, and since then you have been endeavoring to awaken, and the moment for that to happen is at hand.

God in His ineffable Love and Wisdom could not and would not allow you to remain asleep and unaware of who you really are, which is why He provided you with all that you need to awaken, and why He has been actively encouraging you to do so since you first entered that unreal state. He knows you want to wake up, He knows you have undergone the very convincing but completely unreal experience of intense suffering, and He wants only for you to release yourselves from that nightmare by embracing one another in the Love that is your true state of being. Love is infinite, utterly complete in and of Itself, and within It nothing that is unloving can possibly be present. Your awakening is a process of letting go of anything that is incompatible with that divine state, and you have been working towards it for what seems like an interminable length of time.

The point at which you started to realize the insanity of behaving unlovingly was the moment when it became possible for you to consider letting go of the illusion, because it became immediately apparent that what you were experiencing so vividly could only be unreal. Nevertheless, you were reluctant to disengage from the behaviors that had become endemic as you sought safety, acceptance, and love in that strange illusory environment from which they had been excluded.

Those very behaviors you thought would protect you were, and continue to be, the ties that bind you to the illusion, because, as you have often been reminded, anything unloving cannot be present in the state of Love. You have been reluctant to release them because of the intense sense of insecurity with which the illusion presents you, and because as you look around you see intense suffering from which you wish to be separated. But separation is suffering, it is the delusion that separation from others provides you with safety and security from attack, and enables you to attack others to keep yourselves safe. As all are one to attack anyone is to attack yourselves.

Your awakening process continues to move rapidly forwards because your awareness of this truth is intensifying and spreading, and more and more of you are intending to cooperate in loving behaviors that will enable you to release that fearful need to be separate. It seems to many of you that you have one foot in Reality and one in the illusion – you believe that there is only oneness, that separation is an illusion, and yet you are still experiencing separation. However, this concept is in itself a great step forwards. And with each step forwards you increase your acceleration towards your inevitable arrival at your heavenly destination. Just continue holding your Light on high; doing so reminds you of your divine heritage and strengthens your intent to awaken, and this will assist and encourage others to do the same. It is an acceptance of the reality of your oneness and it helps to further dissipate the sense of separation that binds you to the illusion. The bindings that remain are far fewer then ever before, and are now close to breaking. You know this, so relax into the certainty of your impending awakening.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

As Smoke Rises, Imagine Spirit of LION Coming From Smoke: Big Footsteps of LION Stepping on Every Dark Energy, Powerfully Eating Everything Negative

Thank you Bast and Susan!
*** gavin


Dear beloved Souls of the Human Race,

I am here to send you a Message, as a representative of all Cats, naturally, as well as all other Animals and Animal Spirits.

A while ago, we used to live closer together with the Human Race. We would not only be Pets and Farm Animals, performing physical work, but also in a clearer empathic communication. For us, nothing changed.

Since the most ancient Times of this Planet you inhabit at the Moment, we have heard your Thoughts as well as felt your Hearts. This is one of the main reasons why your Media always represents so-called “Witches”, always having a cat around. Of course, I must say all these stories are twisted and do not represent the original Truth. Spiritual People in general, would keep Cats around as a form of a spiritual Security System, because Cats DO NOT HAVE THE VEIL IN BETWEEN- THEY SEE LIFE AND EVERY BEING, GOOD AND BAD IN THE OTHER DIMENSIONS. They can warn their beloved Human, of any approaching Danger/Negativity and more.

This is fun, for me, to be speaking to you, I haven’t spoken to you this direct for a very long time. I am fear-less, and sometimes I do like to provoke to challenge you, in productive, fun ways. As one of the very, very few if not only Pet of all Animals, who usually are kept inside the Homes of Human Beings today, I have kept my independence, did you notice?

Special Doors and Stairways of Wood are made for Cats. They go in and out, however they like. Often, when you feel sad, your Cat comes up to you, cuddling you until you feel better. Other times, Cats don’t like to be touched nor played with and want to be left alone, and they get what they want. Most other Animals, are kept on a Leash or in a Cage, which brings me to the next important Point I would like to mention:

Always make sure to treat your Pet right. If it has to be a cage, make it a big one. If it has to be a leash, hold it gently. It is clear, that the way the World works right now, Animals are definitely more in danger, if you would let them free. Around the corner, a car might hit them, in the same time polluting the air parallel as well. The Animals don’t mind, if you keep them in a controlled space, most Human Beings are lovely to their Pets and REALLY love them deeply. Your Animal feels that and knows that, without speaking your verbal Language.

When it comes to the Wild Animals, outdoors and free, well, they aren’t so free at the Moment. When Human Beings create Technology, which is bad for their Health, and pollution, which is bad for their Health, it is naturally also bad for our Health. But compared to Humans, Animals do not go to a Doctor to have CHEMICAL MEDICINE prescribed. We endure it and suffer heavily, when Nature gets slowly “poisoned”.

Everything on the Planet has meaning. The Trees are there for a Reason! The Animals are there for a reason! Even the Seasons, are there for a Reason, just like Rain and Sunshine. When the balance becomes upset, everything on and around the Earth feels it. Animals have still a pure Connection to Nature, and the Balance of Life- they can help you remember how to live in HARMONY WITH NATURE and ANIMALS.

It is important, for the Transition Time after 2012, that as many of you as possible, re-connect to the Animals and become Friends for Life more than ever. We all learn constantly from each other, even if we are of different Species, in some way. On the other hand, everything that exists, is ONE anyways. This Rule of One, means, we are connected, and go through the Journey’s all together, no one is ever really alone.

The Animal Kingdom can help you then again, to re-connect to Nature, to expand and expand your connecting and empathic abilities. Open your mind. Animals have Emotions as well, and Soul. Any living Being God created, walking around, jumping around, with Legs and/or Arms and especially, EYES, has SOUL.

Cats are very much like Lions, in spirit. We come from a very old World, one of the oldest indeed. That is why we also have strong Protection qualities, not only can we perceive clearly the visible and invisible, but we can defend you against a bad Spirit on a spiritual Level. Like a Lion/Lioness.

Now I would like to explain a specific Cleansing Meditation, which you can perform to strengthen your Energy for the coming Times...

Incense Burning:

Take original Egyptian Musk, one piece.

Add to it Sandalwood, two pieces.

Then, last, add a few dried sage leafs.

As the Smoke starts rising, imagine the Spirit of the LION coming out of this Smoke, and the big, strong Footsteps of the LION, stepping on every dark Energy, powerfully eating everything negative in your House and around it. Keep this Meditation close to your Mind, it is very, very ancient and strong.

When you finish and feel all negativity has been eating, swallowed and destroyed by the powerful, majestic LION, thank him for his Help, send him/her Love if you like, and open Windows to allow fresh Air in, to “brush” the last bit of Rests and Smoke out of the House, rest assured and KNOW IN YOUR MIND: All Negativity has left me.

I will speak more at a later time, and don’t forget to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! Be proud and walk proud like a Cat, and always know, that you deserve RESPECT and LOVE. You are beautiful, I am beautiful, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

by IsIs-Susan Elsa

If You Never Ate An Apple, I Cannot Give You My Experience of Its Taste & Fresh Juice, Its Color & Shape, Mild Sweet Smell: You Must TRY IT to KNOW

Thank you Merddyn and Susan for this beautiful reminder of the energetic dynamics between man & woman.

And so it is!
*** gavin

Merddyn (Merlin): 2012 Message

Greetings dear beloved Ones!

Usually, I am not to be disturbed in my Peace in the Afterlife, but this is an extraordinary Time on Earth and I speak to you today a few words. Surprise!

All of your Dreams, especially, the good, wonderful Ones, are REAL. The fantasies you had when you were children, is more real than you would expect. The Druids always started teaching their Children at a very small age, about the Knowledge of the Tree.

My Name was Merddyn on Earth, but a more famous and known Name you might recognize correctly and associate with me, is Merlin, the Druid.

We are in a Time, I personally have envisioned coming, when I was living in my human Body. I knew, we all knew, the Time would come, when the Light wins over the Shadow. Shadow should not be underestimated and can be very strong, I cannot lie to you, my dear Ones.

The Druids were worried back in our Time already, that much Truth would be locked away and some even lost. We rarely kept our Knowledge in Writing, and in the last Phase of the Druids, we did not note anything at all, we carried the Knowledge to each other by
Word only. Luckily we did so, and the Knowledge stayed safe.

It wasn’t enough. There came a Time, when many of us were being hunted down, and so we took the Knowledge into Spirit. Now, this Knowledge, is still accessible, but not through physical, only through the spiritual and only for the chosen few, mostly Druids of our own Circles, incarnated once again to bring the Knowledge back- starting from 2012.

If only you could see through my Eyes! I recall walking through the Forests and sensing every Tree, smelling every note of smell, and putting my hands on beautifully rounded stones by the water, which were warm from the Sun’s warmth. I could feel how they “tanked” light-energy from the Sun. It was one of many beautiful Days, of my Life on Earth, where I daily connected to Nature.
To have Light in your Soul, helps you walk faster, light and arrive faster.

To be living, in the Embrace of all the Magic surrounding you, Mother Nature, Friends, Family and loved Ones, is a great feeling and way of life.

Some truths are not easy to face. I have seen many druid students give up, or run away, because they could not finish the teachings of druidism, they didn’t find enough courage or strength, to face their biggest fears. It is a daring challenge and definitely not easy, but all the effort is worth it.

To be a druid means just that. To become a real Druid, one must master full of Knowledge of Nature and it’s laws, Spirit and it’s laws as well as finally master yourself.

Whoever masters THE SELF, masters everything else.

Men are different in energy than women. Women are like the Moon, while Men are like the Sun. A Druid would most live without having physical contact with a woman, sensually speaking. A man gets weaker, and especially his spiritual energy, when he GIVES his energy to the woman.

The Witches of Avalon, is how you call them today, which could be also called the female Druids, had the complete opposite situation. To become a full Master, they would perform sensual acts in celebrative Form. Because it gives the woman power over the man, energetically. Specifically, women who know to use the energy in purpose in such way.

This was only in our Circles due to us fully dedicating ourselves to spiritual Growth, and opening up our full potential, so losing any energy or being distracted by passion and focus on desire, would weaken us for our high goals of full self-mastery. Mastery of spiritual matter was for us like weight-lifting today- we focused our energy to be as strong as possible.

Love, is a different topic. When two love each other for real, it is a balanced act.

I am only mentioning this specific point, to clarify how energy works between men and women. It is a very intense energetic act, most are unaware of today on Earth, and one shouldn’t go around merging physically without love, trust and the true feeling of being Soulmates. For women, it can even “infect” their spirit and aura, if the man has a bad energy or spirit sitting in his aura, for he gives energy from himself to the woman during such act. And a man can literally be drained of his life energy, if merging with a very dark minded woman. Think about it and let your Heart lead you, and your Spirit, not your Body.

I could say many, many more important Teachings in this Message, and go on and on, but this is how you “learn” today.

We Druids always believed Knowledge CANNOT be told nor shared via telling or teaching directly. Even so, you should never even take on another’s path of Learning. Knowledge can only be attained THROUGH EXPERIENCE.

A Druid Teacher would only give Inspiration, point toward the right Direction his student, but then the student must walk the Path individually and experience for himself/herself to really understand the Lesson at hand.

If you never ate an apple, I cannot give you my experience of its taste and fresh juice, its color and shape, mild sweet smell, no matter how I would try. I can tell you a story about apples, but you must TRY IT to KNOW what I know.

Discover yourself- and you will discover a whole World.

Your Merddyn
by Susan Elsa

Move Firmly Into the Light & Live It Being Compassionate & Loving Where All Life Is Concerned. Not Difficult As You Think: Many Do It w/o Any Thought

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike ...and so it is!
*** gavin

You are witnessing the beginning of the end of all that has held you back, so that you can take the quantum leap forward that comes with Ascension. It has taken a long time to get to this exact moment, to enjoy the success of all ours and your endeavours. It was inevitable regardless of what the dark Ones did to stop our progress, and in the end they laid themselves open to defeat because of their immense greed and arrogance. Not even money can buy them their way out of the collapse of their empire, which is now about to come apart. It obviously has not gone unnoticed, and it is giving confidence to people who have stories to tell that will reveal the truth. Changes have suddenly started to speed up, and you can expect them to continue from hereon. Sometimes you might pinch yourself to make sure it is really happening, as they will take your breath away. Always look for the positive aspects of change, which are often more in the way of "clearing the decks" ready for the new to come in.

Now that the sorting out of people who are not fit to serve you has begun, it will extend to all areas of life. Politicians are by and large unreliable and prone to break their oath to serve you the people. They are already under scrutiny and will soon be subject to removal where they have committed criminal acts. Provisional governments will be put in place where necessary, and control will be given to those who have proved worthy of such responsibility. We do not expect much resistance to the changes, as we have the absolute proof we need to go ahead and there can be no argument about it. If necessary, we can go back in time to prove a point, so you will realise why we can be so confident. It means that we do not have to resort to force to accomplish our goals.

The financial situation is still very fluid, but lurches from one problem to another. Whatever is done there will no way of returning to the old ways, and certain currencies will collapse forcing changes that will be welcomed. It will all be part of the end of old systems that allowed much fraudulent activity, and obscene profits made. Profit is not as you might say "a dirty word", but it should reflect a fair reward for services given. A small number of people have acquired most of the wealth of the world, leaving millions poor and many on less than survival wages. Do not doubt for one moment that it will remain as such because abundance is coming, and the standards of living will be greatly increased. Sharing will be the order of the day, and with ever increasing levels of consciousness people will easily change their approach to one another. Deep within you are loving Beings, that will quickly sweep away the present dogmas, and false differences that have been keeping you apart.

See everyone as like yourself and accept that it should not be any different, as you all originally came from the Source of All That Is. Each of you have had many lives living according to different creeds and religious orders. You have moved between many different cultures, and that has been part of your necessary experience to bring you back into the Light. It is best to acknowledge the beauty that lies in the differences, that lead to so many varied experiences that are the building bricks of your consciousness. Indeed, you might consider that there would be no point in living with duality unless it presented you with all manner of challenges for your growth.

Over millennia of time Humans have created so much anger and hatred amongst themselves, that subconsciousness memories of the reasons are still very much held by them. This has led to racial tension and the cabal have played upon it to keep you at one another's throats. Often the black man has been looked upon as a lesser Being and as illiterate, yet that was intended by the dark Ones as they deliberately denied him real educational opportunities. They knew that it would make them more easier to take into slavery, and for hundreds of years exploited that situation. Your enthusiasm for sports has however partly overcome the problem, as you have what you call "an equal playing field" where the black man has excelled in them. It has helped people to accept the rights of all races to be treated equally.

Even in this closing period of duality everyone can still learn a lot, as the circumstances will still throw up challenges to test your resolve to be as one who is living the Light. With so many revelations coming out you need to be on your guard, as it would be only too easy to be judgmental. By all means speak about matters, but do it from an impersonal angle without empowering it with your emotional energy. Remember as we have informed you on a number of times, you do not know another souls life plan or why they have chosen their experiences. In the higher Spirit worlds souls are of a vibration that gives no energy to judgement or condemnation, they hold the love vibration and it is not in their way of thinking.

Dear Ones, you have gone through a lot throughout the cycle of duality, and it is now time to rise above it and dissolve any links you have with it. Move firmly into the Light and live it by being compassionate and loving where all life is concerned. It is not as difficult as you may think, and many of you do it without really giving it any thought. When it becomes second nature to you, you will know you are well on the way to completion and Ascension. You will become more like the Being you were, before you stepped down into the lower vibrations. That should feel natural to you as it is your true state of being, as a spiritual Being. As such you may find that you experience a lightness as though you are walking on air, and a peace and calmness that is bliss.

The Galactic Federation draws closer and is in readiness to allow more sightings of their craft. Certain events indicate that you are rapidly growing more accepting of our presence, and are encouraged by seeing our craft. Before very long, we will be everywhere and sightings will become commonplace. We will be coming and going with the business of helping you with the advent of new technologies, that will lift your standard of life and remove long lasting problems. We wish you to be happy and at peace before you reach the important point and wonderful conclusion to duality this year.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius bidding you every happiness and joy.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Investigate the Evidence Which Lord James of Blackheath Brought Before the House of Lords on February 16: $16 Trillion Missing From American People

Thank you Nathan, Stephen, Lord James, and 2012 Scenario!
*** gavin

Missing $16 Trillion: New Petition on

Thanks to Nathan.

A petition calling for an immediate public investigation into the missing $16 Trillion that Lord James of Blackheath raised in the British House of Lords on February 16, has just been listed on the White House site.

Here’s the full link:

This is the petition in full:

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Investigate the Federal Reserve’s activity and the missing 16 trillion dollars spent without congressional approval.

Begin a public investigation into the evidence Lord James of Blackheath brought before the House of Lords on February 16, 2012. 16 trillion dollars is missing from the American people as well as from various other countries around the world. Prove to us you want an honest government and take the lead by investigating these allegations immediately. To watch the actual clip of Lord James in Parliament, please go to this address:

As usual 25,000 signatures are required to get this moving.
Deadline is March 25, 2012

Posted by Stephen Cook.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

When An Opponent Comes Along With More Strength, More Momentum, and a Vastly Bigger Brain, a Dinosaur Can Be a Pathetic Figure ...As Cabal Has Become

Thank you SaLuSa, Matthew, Steve, Pat and BZ!
*** gavin

Nimble Mammals – 1; Brainless Dinosaurs – 0
Posted by BZ Riger

Looking over David DeGraw’s article, “Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite,” which Pat published yesterday, (1) I’m struck by two things.

In discussing them, I have to acknowledge I don’t claim deep understanding or awareness of financial matters or indeed some of the other matters I’ll refer to tangentially. What I wish to relay more is just my sense of things.

The more I read about the cabal’s forward motion in any area – finances, police, military, UFO cover-up, pharmaceuticals, pandemics, whatever – a few things seem to leap out at me.

One is the supreme confidence the cabal appears to have had that they’d succeed in taking power from the people and enforcing the “New World Order.” That regime would see the elite dominate global society and the rest of us “useless eaters” die or serve them.

A second is the lock-step, dinosaurian manner in which the cabal seems to move. It lacks a brake or reverse gear. Its answer to every dilemma is to press ahead and more or less overcome resistance by its sheer weight and momentum.

When it genuinely meets opposition that it cannot overcome, it possesses no Plan B and almost shreds itself crashing into the barricades put up against it, taking everyone of its own kind down with it, which is just what DeGraw is pointing at.

We tend to look at matters in a linear, compartmentalized manner so for instance we often examine financial events as if they go on in a vacuum. But I remember listening to a George Green video once in which Green was attending a party of the Illuminati and said that there was every kind of notable there – politicians, financiers, big corporate players, superstars, leaders in all fields of endeavors. I think we tend to forget that the people behind the New World Order’s agenda covered the entire spectrum of social, financial, business, medical, educational, and other leadership. And I think we also forget that they believed what they were up to could not fail.

This is not that George Green video, but it’ll serve to give a pretty good picture of the elite’s intentions for all of us.

The New World Order had the military behind them, the police, government agencies and indeed the government itself. Their legislative program was the only one in town. They vied for spots at the various deep underground military bunkers, Green said, and knew about the depopulation agenda and the plan for a nuclear World War III to bring the world’s population down from 7 billion to 500,000.

Did I hear someone draw back in surprise? Let me cite SaLuSa and Matthew about that agenda:

SaLuSa: “There is truth in the claims that the dark Ones have always planned to drastically reduce the population numbers, but they have been severely set back through our actions.” (2)

Matthew Ward: “Evidence of this new flu effort and other Illuminati activities to drastically reduce the population is being amassed and eventually will completely eliminate that dark group’s long control through fear, ignorance and economic slavery.” (3)

MW: “Depopulation by any means is an Illuminati goal.” (4)

MW: “All of that theft — that is exactly what it has been, and on a mind-boggling scale — has been completely in accordance with the Illuminati’s generations-old plan to attain global domination by creating and spreading impoverishment, devastation, and death of the masses who are not needed to serve their sinister purposes.” (5)

MW: “[9/11’s] even deeper purpose than controlling oil resources in the Mideast, … is to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples.” (6)

As far as the elite were concerned, they had the bases pretty well covered and plutocracy would rule. This confidence in their ability to master the planet oozes out of a report from Citigroup issued on March 6, 2005, entitled Equity Strategy. Revisiting Plutonomy: The Rich Getting Richer. That report says in part:

“Our thesis is that the rich are the dominant drivers of demand in many economies around the world (the US, UK, Canada and Australia). These economies have seen the rich take an increasing share of income and wealth over the last 20 years, to the extent that the rich now dominate income, wealth and spending in these countries.

“Asset booms, a rising profit share and favourable treatment by market-friendly governments have allowed the rich to prosper and become a greater share of the economy in the plutonomy countries.

“Also, new media dissemination technologies like internet downloading, cable and satellite TV have disproportionately increased the audiences, and hence gains to “superstars” – think golf, soccer and baseball players, music/TV and movie icons, fashion models, designers, celebrity chefs, etc.

“These ‘content’ providers, the tech whizzes who own the pipes and distribution, the lawyers and bankers who intermediate globalization and productivity, the CEOs who lead the charge in converting globalization and technology to increase the profit share of the economy at the expense of labor, all contribute to plutonomy.” (7)

This concentration and centralization of wealth, I believe, was intended to funnel it to an ever decreasing number of hands. What the “superstars” and others did not realize, in my opinion, was that they too, like everyone else, were intended simply to be the intermediate holders of society’s wealth before it was also skimmed from them and found its true home with the very small circle of Illuminati megarich.

And then, for reasons known to us but to few others, the whole scene began to come crashing down.

I say “known to us but few others” not because the information is private, not because we too are some kind of elite, but because few others would or do believe the story that is being told by such sources as Matthew Ward, SaLuSa, Wanderer of the Skies, and the many other galactic and spirit sources who reveal exactly what’s going on in our world. At some point, after Disclosure, everyone will know and very many more people will buy what’s being said. But I don’t think we’re at that place now.

But the galactics, the spirit hierarchy, and their Earth allies have been hard at work for decades, bottling up the elite, using space technology to deprive them of their funds, removing their nuclear weapons, and defeating their attempts to stampede society with false-flag operations and weather warfare. I don’t want to run through the whole story here because it’s been told in many other places, (8) but let me just quote one example, from Matthew Ward, of the way the Company of Light worked to defeat Illuminati aims.

“ET technology will be directed at electronic issues wherein money movement will not go the way the dark forces intend and undetectable glitches in their communication efforts will create confusion and errors. I am not speaking ‘out of school’ here as the dark forces are aware that this has started happening and they cannot locate the origins or detect and correct the flaws. This adds to their fear that they are losing control and their activities will become even more clumsy and obvious until all is ‘brought to light.’” (9)

I’d say that’s a pretty good statement about exactly what David DeGraw is getting at but probably doesn’t know about.

In the beginning, the cabal, through the use of blackmail, intimidation, assassination, and similar measures, worked their way into a position where no force could stand against them. They controlled the government, the press, the police, the courts and every other significant social institution. And, because they thought they were unstoppable, they became narrower and narrower in focus and more and more complacent in action.

Now we see them unable to manoeuver, unable to cover up their atrocities, unable to stop the investigations which Pat has shown are starting to really gear up.

A dinosaur is a fearsome adversary as long as strength and momentum are what determine the issue. But when an opponent comes along with more strength, more momentum, and a vastly bigger brain, a dinosaur can be a pathetic figure. And the cabal has become just such a pathetic figure in the face of the combined efforts of the Company of Light.

I think its ultimate fate will look a lot like Judgment at Nuremburg, where once-feared criminals will try to hide behind arguments like “just following orders” and blame everyone else but themselves. Deprived of their high-priced lawyers and ad agencies, their actual pleas and explanations will evoke only pity.

But until the day when they’re totally removed from power, expect them to keep blundering along, out of the hubris of the once mighty that more of the same will produce victory – as it always had in the past. We’re the little mammals that survived the ponderous dinosaurs, small but nimble. Pity the poor monstrosities as everything they worked so hard for collapses around them. They’d even decided to bring this world down in a nuclear conflagration and escape to Mars if need be. Now none of that’ll occur. Instead they face the ultimate humiliation of trading places with their victims and their undoing will be too pathetic to watch.
by Steve Beckow

Please visit original website to click on links to read articles listed below

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Ch. 3. Recent Times
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Ch. 7. Economic Meltdown
Ch. 8. Remaining Work

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(9) Matthew’s Message, July 16, 2004.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Those Who've Remained w/Closed Eyes & Ears About Ascension Will Be the Ones Confused and Even Frightened Of the Changes For Which They've Not Prepared

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike for reminding ALL of us will Ascend ...but ONLY when each individual is ready, as evidenced by everyone's own Freewill!

And so it is.
*** gavin

You hunger for the truth as you come to realize that for eons of time it has been kept from you, and that much you view as your history has been fabricated to suit the aims of those involved. Perhaps the most important omission is evidence of our visitations to Earth, and the contacts we have made. However, through archaeology for those who eyes to see, there is evidence going back thousands of years. Some of it is undeniable, even to the point of showing that craft were in your skies long before you took to the air. If it had already been accepted that we were constant visitors to your Earth, and had meaningful contacts when we imparted knowledge to you, it would have been so much easier to make Disclosure. In fact, in some ways it might not have even been necessary to do it at all, as our link to you would have been understood, and our visits would have already been openly taking place.

So it is now left to our Allies to create such pressure on your Government, that they will ultimately have to give in to your request for the truth to be acknowledged where we are concerned. Both your Government and Military are well aware that in one way or another, our presence will soon be made known if only because we are in conflict with those who refuse to make peace, and instead create war. It can commence as soon as the media decide to allow the truth to be put into print, and that outright lies and false information are rejected. There are some moves towards such changes but it is not fast enough for us, so strong pressure will be applied until the breakthrough occurs. We along with you have waited patiently for a long time to see the dark Ones move aside and allow the New Age to begin. The Galactic Federation will consider direct action if the impasse remains much longer. They know that we have already done it where their underground bases are concerned, and that we mean business when we decide to act. Furthermore, they do not have the means to thwart our plans any longer, as the Light is formidable when used for the good of all.

Like you, we want to see quick progress and not continual delays, and we intend to make sure things begin to happen that everyone will be aware of. There is much in progress and it is creating openings for our allies, and we are encouraging them to step in and take them. Be assured that results are going to come to your notice, and it will be the time when you will absolutely know the countdown to Ascension has started. That you have a date for the completion of this cycle is wonderful, as it means you have something to set your sights upon as you count the days that remain. The people that front the freedom movements that press for release from the old ways of dictatorship, are really the pioneers that have set the scene for even greater achievements. All changes have to commence somewhere and sometime, and from small beginnings the Light shall take over from the dark and deliver the promises made to you.

Sit tight yet not in tension as all is well and you will find that all of a sudden a whole series of events will take place, clearly showing you that your expectations are being fulfilled. We protect you and Mother Earth and have done so for millennia of time, and shall continue to do so. It will be more obvious when we can finally meet with you openly, and when we can it should be a most enjoyable change of direction for you. To know that you are finally safe from the attentions of the last cabal will bring a rush of joy and excitement, and a great time acting out the final plan for your Ascension. For some time now whether or not you have personally realized it, your consciousness levels have grown and that process is speeding up until you acquire full consciousness. It is another area of development that we shall help you with as soon as it is possible.

When you think of what is planned for you, we hope it lifts up your hearts and you spread the feeling of happiness it should bring you. Naturally those souls that have remained with closed eyes and ears where Ascension is concerned, will be the ones confused and even frightened of the changes for which they have not made preparations. They deserve the same attention and help as anyone else, so they may also leave duality on Earth in the knowledge of where their future lies. This experience will achieve much in time, as it will remain in their subconscious memory until it can serve them again. They certainly will not have to start at the bottom of the ladder again. Like any other soul they will progress because it is impossible to stand still, as even if it is not perceptible, everything is in state of change and is the one constant in the Universe.

In the future you will have much more knowledge and understanding of the Universal Laws, and with full consciousness you will have no problem in adhering to them. It can all be summed up by living from a point of Unconditional Love, and although a great challenge in your present circumstances it will become easier as you ascend. Dear Ones try to live to your highest understanding of what it is to be an ascended being, and you will soon find out how far you have progressed. Bear in mind All Is One and that should help you overcome most difficulties you are likely to encounter. We say that because many you of you have been brought up to think of people, in little boxes that have labels on them rather than see one complete Human Family. You are not expected to reach perfection now, indeed that would be extremely difficult until you reach a much higher level of consciousness.

For those of you who like to keep abreast of what the different sources are reporting, you might have noticed there is slowly a convergence of information taking place. That is a sure sign the time lines are beginning to come together, but you will still find some that are more extreme than others. Those who uphold religious beliefs tend to be on their own, as they feel bound by the apocalyptic prophesies of their ancient teachings. Many are no longer applicable as they were given at a time when they seemed possible, but events since have changed the outcome. This year will sorely test their beliefs, but obviously like anyone else they have a future of their own creation.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and give you my Love to help you on your way.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Is You That Must Change the Way Of Your Thinking and Adopt a Newer Way That Is Of the Greatest of Good For Yourself & For Those Within Your Circle

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
*** gavin

El Morya: Be GRACIOUS To Yourself

It was my profound love that propelled me during each and every incarnation I embodied on Earth that maintained my DEVOTION to God. If you have an open heart and are willing to connect to my energy, I will show you, guide you to aligning your own will to that of God’s. This divine will is a prevailing stream of energy that is continuous and infinite. It is a challenging undertaking dear children. One that requires a mature heart that is ready. Each of you will know from a deep understanding of yourself through the many challenges you have already progressed through. You will know of your own readiness and level of commitment. Each step of your journey you take when you are ready to move on. You do not jump into something without knowing what the prerequisites are. I understand your eagerness to learn everything that is presented. Follow your heart and your guides and trust yourself with full wholehearted belief that you are where you are meant to be and that you will progressively move forward only when it's time to.

When a dear child is ready to accept such a full commitment of devotion to God and to their own spiritual achievement that brings about full Christ Consciousness, that child has been able to accept themselves as being perfect just the way they are. The child who is ready for such a commitment has been able to forgive themselves and all others who have done wrong towards them. Yes there is a lot of work involved, but this work delivers a great reward – peace and harmony that affects every aspect of the personal life and daily interactions.

Part of this readiness is knowing how to use the power each of you is empowered with. This power I speak of is not of muscular strength, but the power that is holding strength, and courage inside your spiritual heart. Whenever there has been a chaotic moment in your life, it is this power you have reached for that helped move you forward and into smoother times. And it is this power that fills you with determination when finalizing a project or something that is required from you. Many assume it’s the pressure of a job that does this and yes in a way this is true, but seriously children it is your INNER-POWER that aids to your success; the belief that you will. This power is to be appreciated with your own unconditional love. Respect yourself and all the goodness that is contained inside each of you.

Understanding the proper use of speech can be the hardest part for many chelas to overcome and perfect. Just when you think your speech is adequate, I ask you to take a look at your speech and your actions. When you think, do you think of each person deserving of God’s love and your own love? Is there any animosity in your thinking of others? When you speak or write, do you do either that shows or indicates your purest of intent from your dear heart? I know many try to speak in kind, and act with love in their actions, and they do terrific until they become pressed by a challenging interaction that lowers their own energy and before-you-know-it a verbal conflict erupts; unsavory words get spoken and feelings are possibly hurt or worse. I ask of you to observe your reactions and take note when you feel you are becoming heated and overly emotional. Take a step back and think with your heart how else you can solve a situation without using profanity in thought or in speech. Remove yourself from the conflicting situation if possible and find a quiet place to bring calm back into your mind and reflect what had gone wrong. Each situation presents many opportunities to learn and grow. A negative situation does not have to remain negative. You HAVE the power of changing the outcome from what you choose and decide what is next.

Dear chelas, learning to speak with GOD-LIKED-NESS in all your actions, thoughts, feelings, writing and spoken word will take time to adjust to. Give yourself rewards when you recognize you passed through a lesson and kept your composure. Allowing yourself to become overly emotional does not help resolve any conflict; only adds additional discord to all that is involved. I can assist any one with this attribute and I will guide any chela who is trying to master and perfect their virtues. I AM the master of the Throat Chakra. Through my gentle, yet direct guidance I will show you methods and techniques that will enhance your verbal communications that can be used and implemented with all other virtuous acts of God.

You are never hopeless dear ones. I have so much hope for you. I know you will succeed in all you put your heart into. It is you that must change the way of your thinking and adopt a newer way that is of the greatest of good for yourself and those that are within your personal boundaries. When you are ready to commit completely to the devotion of God and to yourself to becoming everything you are meant to and deserve; a world of wisdom and faith in divine will interweave into your consciousness. You are already great. All that you have achieved was from your efforts, no one else’s. Many chelas pass this RECOGNITION off to others, mentioning they would not have succeeded without their help and support. Support is wonderful and needed for many challenges that you will undertake, but the work that was completed, was completed by you. Every challenge you endured was from your own sweat and effort. It is good to be gracious of those who have supported you; just remember to Be Gracious of yourself. Of all people that are to be commended first is yourself. By following the teachings and directions I will guide you to, you will become aligned and united with your own Higher-Self. By following your divine will, you will be led to knowing your inner blueprint of your soul and you will understand your unique divine mission.

Each of you will resume your unity, your Oneness with God in your own time. Do not think you must accomplish so much within a set time period. Time is irrelevant to us of the divine. Gauge your progressions through your intuition. Trust with your heart and not with the second-guessing Ego that you are on the right track. Success is already written for you, and you will achieve. KNOW and BELIEVE this to be true. As we begin to finish our discussion, feel the intense love I have for each and every one of you.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, El Morya
through Julie Miller

We Know Many Of You Are In Difficult Situations Now, We Know Much Doubt Goes Around. You Must Stand Strong In Front Of All Attacks on Your Light

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura!
*** gavin

Private Message SaLuSa to Me: Light Quotient

Laura: Please read all channeled messages with discernment, all messages can be interfered with by the channelers’ mind or by lower dimension entities.

There is a great deal of concern at the moment within the great human soul. Those of you who are awakening, are beginning to realize how easy it is to be one. There are literally no barriers between you by now. You are all within each other’s reach no matter what the distance is. The internet has made it possible for many of you to come together, but also as Ascended Beings, you are beginning to become aware of your own place and role within the universe. You are exploring new possibilities for you individually and also collectively, as part of the bigger picture. You are also beginning to realize the implications of your coming together at this time.

The presently seemingly unrest represents the wind of freedom blowing among you. As you are beginning to realize your responsibilities as an awaken civilizations, you are also becoming aware of your past mistake, and are repairing them now. These are the times for looking deep within and take what you need to spread what you have found inside of you. Look inside of your soul regularly throughout your day. The light found inside you is part of the God Creator. You are also part of it; as such your possibilities are limitless.

Many of you are now looking for answers; you are looking for spiritual answers as well as practical answers. This is an encouraging moment, as we see you gather momentum. Be present in your own life and body with every step you take. Forgiveness of others starts with yourself, therefore learn and forgive your past mistakes. In fact there are no such things as mistakes, these are just experiences you needed in order to further your knowledge. This is the time for healing and for light to penetrate within your body, in order to guide you on your daily path. Throughout your day, the quotient of light varies, this in turn manifests itself as you having various energy levels. These levels can also be seen as various facets of your self, various attitudes, moods, and personalities.

What is required now, is that you see the level of light vary each and every day, each and every hour. Experience your life force within your body, within your bones. Allow for peace to guide your steps, your life, allow for the light to go within. We know many of you are in difficult situations now, we know much doubt goes around, much fear. You must stand strong in front of all attacks on your light, see it for what attacks are. Attacks are an intimidation aiming at placing you into fear mode, and locking you there until you are able to emerge and be yourself again.

This is a time when you will need much inner strength, much love and compassion for your being and for those around you. Many people will continue to function in the fear mode for a few more months, until the Earth light quotient will reach critical mass and touch all your hearts at once.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you all my love.

Thank you, SaLuSa
by Laura Tyco