Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Each of You Holds Perfect Wisdom, Power and Love. It Is Your Responsibility to Discover Each One, Where It Fits w/You & What Changes Toward Oneness

Thank you Melchizedek and Julie!
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Melchizedek February 12 – 19

We meet again on another blissful and blessed Sunday through our dear vessel. I am eager to begin as there is much to discuss.

The spiritual journey you are on will bring you through many sensations that will affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. No matter where you are on your journey, when you tap into my energy you are not tapping into just one specific aspect of me that works with one area; you are connecting with me on a whole an enormity of energy.

Each aspect requires mastery and perfection of the four areas I have mentioned. Balance is required and it will occur. Your emotional state is one that is often a struggle because that is where your Ego resides and dictates to you how you think you should be. It is the cause for you to second guess any of your decisions. Your Ego is trying to protect you from something that has the potential of a risk, yet at the same time this protection also prevents you from progressing forward. Tackle your emotional state and how you feel will soon change to a more open and loving extension of God. Through the love of God and from learning to love yourself and to live through your heart, your Ego will shrink and what emerges is a child of God that is more confident and sure of themselves.

Work on one area at a time. To gain full benefit of the attention you are to give yourself towards the spiritual development you wish to achieve and your eventual ascension; you must commit completely to the magnitude of your journey. Your journey is no game, but it can be enjoyable when you can detach yourself from emotional outbursts and reactions that are a product of your Ego still in control. Once you are able to master your Emotional State, you will be able to flow through the perfection of your physical body, mental state and spiritual state.

During the many times you find yourself transforming, pay attention to what you body is experiencing. Through each transformation there are physical symptoms your body will incur. Embrace each one and allow the sensation to happen, do not fight it out of fear. If at any time you become fearful due to a transformation reach into your hearts where the purity of your soul lives, and love yourself. Calm your mind and reassure yourself that you are simply progressing and becoming what you are meant to in accordance to your Divine Plan. After you progress through each stage, you will begin to understand bit-by-bit what the plan includes. Any questions you have of yourself and of your purpose can be answered through your heart dear ones. Within each of you is a vast supply of knowledge just waiting to be accessed. When you meditate, meditate on a specific area that you wish for answers or further information or clarity. Understand not all answers come immediately as we of the Divine do not have the same concept of Time as you do. Be patient dear ones and the answers you seek will be revealed to you.

When you call upon my energy, I will help you understand and help you connect with your subconscious and access what it is you need to know for where you are at in your journey. You will grasp the spiritual principles of your foundations and how they will work for each of you. You will build upon these foundations and make them stronger. Your spiritual foundations in-case you have forgotten is the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Power, Wisdom and Love. This is known as the Threefold Flame and it’s your spiritual foundation and base of all that holds true to you.

The skills you currently have regardless if they are clairvoyant, organizing, multitasking, seer, etc.; will be needed for your own personal ascension and to assist supporting Mother Earth and other fellow light workers and people alike by raising vibrational frequencies in order to bring a unified wholeness to yourself and with the ultimate source, God. With information that was hidden for so long finally becoming accessible, each of you holds the potential of this possibility. And many of you have been aiding and supporting Mother Earth and the many people that inhabit above her. Each of you are children of Light; of God and no matter where you sit on your journey or the ascension ladder you are needed. Allow your guides to direct you to further learning that will bring you to what it is that will aid in your own mastery and ascension completeness.

Each of you holds perfect wisdom, power and love. It is your responsibility to discover each one and where it fits with you and what changes you are to make to bring the Oneness into fruition. There is nothing limiting about you, you have infinite love for yourself and for all others and this pure love will be your answer for everything dear ones. As you find balance with the trinity of the Threefold Flame you will discover harmony within every aspect of your being. You will see how each part of the Flame supports and enhances each other in perfection. It is important that not one is stronger than the other. Pay attention dear to your body and what it is telling you dear ones and flow through the love that streams through the Threefold Flame that comes from God and is meant to fill you completely; heart, body and soul. You will find salvation in this trinity and in the perfect love that is derived from within your own heart. Reawaken your bond with God, you connection to Him was never truly lost. Allow the love that is in your heart that shines so brilliantly to be a comfort to those that require your selfless service that is forever supported by God.

Reach out dear ones to others as I reach to you when you are in need of support and aid. When you reach to the many dear souls that require your selfless and unconditional compassion and support, I too will be reaching to you, supporting and comforting you.

I AM Melchizedek
through Julie Miller


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