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It Is You That Must Change the Way Of Your Thinking and Adopt a Newer Way That Is Of the Greatest of Good For Yourself & For Those Within Your Circle

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
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El Morya: Be GRACIOUS To Yourself

It was my profound love that propelled me during each and every incarnation I embodied on Earth that maintained my DEVOTION to God. If you have an open heart and are willing to connect to my energy, I will show you, guide you to aligning your own will to that of God’s. This divine will is a prevailing stream of energy that is continuous and infinite. It is a challenging undertaking dear children. One that requires a mature heart that is ready. Each of you will know from a deep understanding of yourself through the many challenges you have already progressed through. You will know of your own readiness and level of commitment. Each step of your journey you take when you are ready to move on. You do not jump into something without knowing what the prerequisites are. I understand your eagerness to learn everything that is presented. Follow your heart and your guides and trust yourself with full wholehearted belief that you are where you are meant to be and that you will progressively move forward only when it's time to.

When a dear child is ready to accept such a full commitment of devotion to God and to their own spiritual achievement that brings about full Christ Consciousness, that child has been able to accept themselves as being perfect just the way they are. The child who is ready for such a commitment has been able to forgive themselves and all others who have done wrong towards them. Yes there is a lot of work involved, but this work delivers a great reward – peace and harmony that affects every aspect of the personal life and daily interactions.

Part of this readiness is knowing how to use the power each of you is empowered with. This power I speak of is not of muscular strength, but the power that is holding strength, and courage inside your spiritual heart. Whenever there has been a chaotic moment in your life, it is this power you have reached for that helped move you forward and into smoother times. And it is this power that fills you with determination when finalizing a project or something that is required from you. Many assume it’s the pressure of a job that does this and yes in a way this is true, but seriously children it is your INNER-POWER that aids to your success; the belief that you will. This power is to be appreciated with your own unconditional love. Respect yourself and all the goodness that is contained inside each of you.

Understanding the proper use of speech can be the hardest part for many chelas to overcome and perfect. Just when you think your speech is adequate, I ask you to take a look at your speech and your actions. When you think, do you think of each person deserving of God’s love and your own love? Is there any animosity in your thinking of others? When you speak or write, do you do either that shows or indicates your purest of intent from your dear heart? I know many try to speak in kind, and act with love in their actions, and they do terrific until they become pressed by a challenging interaction that lowers their own energy and before-you-know-it a verbal conflict erupts; unsavory words get spoken and feelings are possibly hurt or worse. I ask of you to observe your reactions and take note when you feel you are becoming heated and overly emotional. Take a step back and think with your heart how else you can solve a situation without using profanity in thought or in speech. Remove yourself from the conflicting situation if possible and find a quiet place to bring calm back into your mind and reflect what had gone wrong. Each situation presents many opportunities to learn and grow. A negative situation does not have to remain negative. You HAVE the power of changing the outcome from what you choose and decide what is next.

Dear chelas, learning to speak with GOD-LIKED-NESS in all your actions, thoughts, feelings, writing and spoken word will take time to adjust to. Give yourself rewards when you recognize you passed through a lesson and kept your composure. Allowing yourself to become overly emotional does not help resolve any conflict; only adds additional discord to all that is involved. I can assist any one with this attribute and I will guide any chela who is trying to master and perfect their virtues. I AM the master of the Throat Chakra. Through my gentle, yet direct guidance I will show you methods and techniques that will enhance your verbal communications that can be used and implemented with all other virtuous acts of God.

You are never hopeless dear ones. I have so much hope for you. I know you will succeed in all you put your heart into. It is you that must change the way of your thinking and adopt a newer way that is of the greatest of good for yourself and those that are within your personal boundaries. When you are ready to commit completely to the devotion of God and to yourself to becoming everything you are meant to and deserve; a world of wisdom and faith in divine will interweave into your consciousness. You are already great. All that you have achieved was from your efforts, no one else’s. Many chelas pass this RECOGNITION off to others, mentioning they would not have succeeded without their help and support. Support is wonderful and needed for many challenges that you will undertake, but the work that was completed, was completed by you. Every challenge you endured was from your own sweat and effort. It is good to be gracious of those who have supported you; just remember to Be Gracious of yourself. Of all people that are to be commended first is yourself. By following the teachings and directions I will guide you to, you will become aligned and united with your own Higher-Self. By following your divine will, you will be led to knowing your inner blueprint of your soul and you will understand your unique divine mission.

Each of you will resume your unity, your Oneness with God in your own time. Do not think you must accomplish so much within a set time period. Time is irrelevant to us of the divine. Gauge your progressions through your intuition. Trust with your heart and not with the second-guessing Ego that you are on the right track. Success is already written for you, and you will achieve. KNOW and BELIEVE this to be true. As we begin to finish our discussion, feel the intense love I have for each and every one of you.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, El Morya
through Julie Miller

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