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The Forces & Beings Behind Great Religions Of the World Are Not Mythological, Not Historical Artifacts Buried Away In Scrolls: Been Here All Along!

Thank you to David and your Guides ...and so it is!
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DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny

Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets' expectations.

[PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]


Whether we like it or not, everyone is now being confronted with evidence that the world is being controlled by powerful, occult, negative forces behind the scenes.

In my full-length e-book entitled Financial Tyranny, I shared everything I have gathered on this controversial subject -- since I first found out about it in 1992.

If you have already read Financial Tyranny, the full scope of the problem we now face will be much more apparent as you enter into this investigation. Some of it will become clear as you read this first section.

This is the sequel to Financial Tyranny -- where we talk about the "good side".


Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been "vetted out" for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.

A highly secretive, highly coordinated operation -- working for the good of humanity -- is about to make its move.
The Pentagon "good guys" are now in full political and logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance -- to bring the perpetrators to justice and free our planet.

The security around this enormous operation has been vast. Even those who will be affected by it -- and arrested -- have no idea of the staggering scope of what is about to be revealed before the eyes of the public.

Very recently I had four hours of verbal discussion with a new, public, high-level whistleblower regarding these imminent mass arrests.

We are set to record an interview at 6PM Pacific time for public release on this website -- within hours of when this first section should be posted. I will post-produce and release this interview as soon as possible.

I fully confirmed this man's bonafides and his testimony with one of my top insiders, who I brought into the discussion.

Dozens of specific points, not available in any public form, were authenticated in this vetting-out process.


We now know that the plan for mass arrests has been very actively in the works for at least 33 years. A five-inch thick briefing document was presented to our new contact in 1979 that outlined the whole plan.

A staggering wealth of irrefutable evidence is backing this plan, including over 22 eighteen-wheeler truckloads' worth of documents that have long since been scanned and secured in multiple locations.

We were told that one single file-box of documents like this was strong enough to bring down the former Italian government, as you see here:
Prosecutors demand 5-year sentence for Berlusconi over witness tampering

Prosecutors have demanded a five-year prison sentence for former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi in his trial on corruption charges.

Prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale asked the court on Wednesday to find the former PM guilty of having paid a British lawyer $600,000 to lie in other trials.

Those proceedings involve charges of tax evasion and false accounting during Berlusconi’s business career.

Other cases pending against him in the Milan courts include a trial on charges of having paid for sex with an underage prostitute. Berlusconi stepped down as the Premier in November last year.


The people who are about to do this are well aware of every concern you have -- as an informed reader of truth websites and materials.

Martial law will NOT be declared when this happens.

The military will NOT take control of the government.

Innocent civilians will NOT be imprisoned or harmed in any way.

Any troops who attempt to carry out unlawful orders of this sort, on behalf of the "bad guys," will be outnumbered and resisted.

Every effort will be made to focus on eliminating the problem -- and immediately returning the power to the people in an orderly fashion.

New elections will need to be organized, considering that many, if not most politicians in the United States could be found culpable -- either directly or through failure to have taken action.

This alliance intends to break out free energy and many other technologies that were stolen from us. The fossil fuel economy ensured that occult global control and the systematic killing of our planet would continue.


We now know that 90 percent of the US military are aware of this plan in some form -- and at least 60 percent are in support of it. Many more federal marshals, police, active and retired military, and civilians will help out once they realize what is happening.

Our warriors pledged their lives to protect us. The world is not in a cartoon war between "good" and "evil", with everyone in government, corporations, media and military on the "dark" side.

Our brave and valiant soldiers have taken an oath: To protect the Constitution of the United States, and its people, against all enemies -- foreign AND domestic.

They did not pledge their lives -- their blood -- to keep a handful of sociopathic, genocidal bankers in control of the planet, its people and its resources.

We all have to live here. And if your superiors are systematically killing the planet, they are not superior.

They are similar to a massive infection that must be treated with powerful antibiotics -- before it destroys the host.

Everyone has seen enough Illuminati movies by now to know that if you work for these people, no matter how high up or important you think you may be, they will undoubtedly betray you.


Many, many top generals left active duty, since Bush I, because they realized what was happening -- but they certainly did not retire.

We all owe them a significant debt of gratitude.

Everything is now coming to a head -- very rapidly.

The signs may be mysterious, but they are increasingly obvious.

We will review some of them in this investigation.


I do understand the difficulty of believing that such a massive, coordinated maneuver would even be possible.

If you speak to real military people, and truly understand the role they chose to fulfill, the bigger question is: "How could they NOT do something like this?"

How could they stand by and do nothing while the entire planet itself -- and all life on it -- is being destroyed?

If a mother and child are being tortured to death in front of you, and you have the means to stop it, would you just stand there and watch?

Unless you are a sociopath, you would do something. And most people -- including our military personnel -- are not sociopaths. That number is only estimated to be 1 in 100 people, as we will see later on.


Nonetheless, the scope of the negative side is so vast that it seemed impossible to be defeated -- or even resisted.

If our planet was a strictly 'closed' system with no outside players and no higher spiritual forces involved, I would definitely have to agree that this plan is so well-thought out, so massive, systemic and vast that it would be nearly impossible to defeat.

However, Divine Intervention -- not a fantasy, but very real and very tangible assistance -- is insuring that our movement into true freedom and peace will occur... with the absolute minimum amount of damage possible.

Dozens of ancient cultures featured the same prophecies about the times we are now in. These prophecies all directed our attention to a 26,000-year cycle in the Earth's axis as being the key issue to study.

As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations, the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian astronomy, Greek astronomy and Hindu astronomy all triangulated on the period of 2012-2014 as the end of the cycle -- ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

[Technically, the Hindus are the only ones to have mentioned 2014, by tying it to a rare conjunction involving Jupiter.]

The oldest, original prophecies were not doom and gloom oriented at all. They indicated that although we would go through difficulties, like we've already been seeing, the end results would be extremely positive.


Top insiders have now confirmed that everyone in the Pentagon is now aware that some form of Divine Intervention is happening -- regardless of what side they are on.

Most of them do not know who is responsible. Even the "bad guys" are now saying it could be "Angels or Aliens" doing this stuff.

No one on Earth has the technology to do the things they are now seeing -- regardless of how classified that technology may be.

It is utterly astonishing that even the "bad guys" are now acknowledging this may be an angelic intervention.

Very few people have dared to break ranks and reveal what is happening, as this information is considered very highly classified.

They know that speaking out could get them, and their families, tortured and killed.

I have decided to personally take the risks involved in order to help alleviate fear -- and help you understand what is happening.


Divine Intervention is very real.

You may be surprised to discover how extensive the intervention has now become -- and how far back in time the trail of evidence goes.

The forces behind the great religions of the world are not mythological. They are not historical artifacts buried away in scrolls and texts fewer and fewer people bother to read.

They've been here all along. They have openly walked among us in every ancient culture -- and were highly revered.

They have their own rules, their own governing bodies, and their own code of ethics.

They have avoided appearing in any obvious, worldwide, public fashion for well over 1000 years now.

Nonetheless, they have been thoroughly involved this entire time -- guiding and steering our evolution.

This critical step allowed us to become "modern," and to give us the opportunity to forget they ever really existed -- even as they continued to guide our development, behind the scenes.

And now -- very recently -- the rules have changed... and they are being permitted to do much, much more to help the Earth and its people evolve into a higher state of consciousness....
by David Wilcock

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Look Beyond Outer Body: Why You're Encouraged to Put Aside Judgment, and Try To See the Beauty & Love In All Souls..."But For the Grace of God Go I."

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike!
*** gavin

It cannot be but a short time before the many activities that are being carried out to advance you, come to your attention. The extent to which our allies are involved will force the issues to be considered by the media. It might take a little longer before our presence is reported, but whatever steps are taken to prevent it will be futile. The first reactions will bring out all kinds of responses, but those who cast doubt or reject us will soon be overshadowed through acceptance by the majority of the people. It will not take long at all for the realization to sink in that we are here to help you, and that includes removing all those who have usurped their authority and responsibility to you for many years. It is the end of the Illuminati already seriously weakened by losing much of their control over you.

You will know by now that we are fully engaged in keeping peace on the planet, although we cannot stop every confrontation. Peace will come to you when the big powers stop interfering in other countries affairs. For too long they have plotted and manipulated circumstances that have forced countries to sell out their commodities. The result has been that much of the wealth generated that should have helped its inhabitants, has been taken out of the country. These problems will all be put right, with the raising up of people's living standards and introduction to new technologies. In the poorer countries a big problem has been the lack of medical attention and adequate facilities, but that will be quickly overcome. The use of drugs will become unnecessary, as we will use natural methods through technologies that will be new to you. No challenge will be too much for us to deal with, and the changes will be seen very quickly.

We know that people are already anxious to find out what will happen, but we ask that you wait until we can fully present ourselves. We wish to reach out to everyone and ensure you quickly understand what is required of you. Have no fear, as all will given in good time, and also opportunities to meet with us to sort out any queries. For a time there will be continuous broadcasts to update you on progress being made. There are exciting times coming up and it will spread around the world once the future is understood. Freedom is something few have really experienced yet it shall engulf you all before Ascension takes place.

The future is golden and is in fact a Golden Age, and that fact alone should give you an indication of what to look forward to. Living in perfection and having the ability to create at will, will be a new experience and by then you should have acquired a higher level of consciousness and understanding that will prevent misuse of your powers. As you can see, a great leap forward is to occur and to say the least you will be absolutely different to what you are now. An extended life period of your choosing will be something new, and gives you more than ample time to fully experience it. In fact you will be able to literally "swap" bodies if it is necessary to ensure completion. These are all areas that you will eventually understand, and remember that you will have a greatly enhanced degree of consciousness.

Duality has given you immense strength to handle the most arduous and difficult challenges. So Dear Ones, we believe that you can sail through the remaining months to Ascension. You have been prepared to know what to expect, and whatever inconvenience you experience it will be followed by an on going period of peace and tranquility. Naturally we are forging ahead with our roles in the present exchanges with us and our allies, against the dark Ones as they retreat and find us ready to foil any attempt to cause trouble. We are very much in the role of Galactic Policemen but we abide by the Universal Laws, and our ways are peaceful but forceful if we have to exert our authority. Even those who oppose us are still part of the whole, and treated with respect for the Light they carry. No soul is beyond redemption, and in the ultimate it is love that brings about changes that awaken them once again.

Clearly you must look beyond the outer body as you view your fellow man, and keep in mind that all souls originate from the Source. All of you have experienced the extremes of duality, and it is as well that you bear in mind a very apt saying "but for the Grace of God go I." It is why you are encouraged to put aside judgment, and try to see the beauty and love in all souls. All will eventually become enlightened once again no matter how long it takes, but then time is of no consequence outside of your dimension as it does not exist. Whilst on Earth in duality "no time" is an unimaginable idea, but perhaps you can grasp that all is in the Now. That makes your travels extremely interesting, as you can go back into the past, and for those of you who have a decisive pull towards particular historical times, what better than to be able visit them. It is also possible to travel different time lines into the future, which your Time Travelers have experienced.

Bit by bit you are adjusting to the new life ahead, and you choose where it leads you to continue you evolution. Be assured you do have spiritual helpers to give you advice as to what is best for your progress. You have never been without such help, and if you struggle now do not hesitate to put out your thoughts to them, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. However, you cannot dictate exactly how it is to work out, as it must be for your best good and you may not know exactly what that is. After Ascension you get to know those souls who have traveled with you through duality. They may not all stay with you as your needs will undoubtedly change, as your future life will possibly be more defined as to the direction you want to go in.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and must mention yet again how time is speeding up, a sure sign that you are uplifting much more quickly into the Light. Many can already relate to a new feeling of being relaxed and unaffected by what is going on around them. That feeling of calmness will spread, and the much dreaded fear factor will cease to have the same affect. Well done to those who have achieved such levels, and my love to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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The Fact You Can Indeed Reach In to Other Realities and Connect With Beings Who Exist In Such Realities Has Been Cast Aside From Public Knowledge

Thank you Collective Guides and Wes!
*** gavin

Wes Annac and his Collective Guides: On Manifestation Efforts to bring Forth Disclosure

Today, our Collective Guides and I would like to take a further look at how what we feel and think Creates the reality around us and how this relates to the manifestation of disclosure and so many other things that we have been hearing about from channeled sources for some time. This is a subject that has been touched on by myself and many others, and it is an important subject to continue to bring up so that it is soaked in and understood that we are the Creators and determiners of our reality.

We have heard of Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction and as we have heard before, the Law of Attraction is in effect much more frequently and instantly upon ascending into the higher realms of ‘full’ consciousness.

Collective Guides: As your concept of time begins to speed up in accordance with your continual Life paths, the manifestation efforts on your part begin to come to you in an easier and more periodical flow. The events that are to manifest in accordance with your thoughts and feelings begin to follow looser and faster cycles of manifestation, and this happening increases as you further yourselves on your ascension paths.

Indeed, here in the higher realms the various Laws of Attraction which many of you have come to recognize are in play every single moment of our existence, and the slowed pace of your manifestations on the part of humanity with the physical experience is because you are existing in dense realms and feeling denser emotions, and as such the Creations being brought through you are themselves dense and they manifest at a slower pace than that of the Lighted manifestations and feelings experienced and Created here in the higher realms.

In the higher realms, everything is continual and constant and each and every emotion and feeling garnered is returned back to us instantly upon a Creation of our own making, design and manifesting. It is a process that one becomes quite accustomed to and skilled at upon learning such things in the higher realms. The experiences of Earth are manifesting at a faster pace now because your concept of time and resulting windows of time between manifestations is speeding up as such concepts continue to fade away and have little relevance to your soon-coming higher dimensional experience.

With the information shared by our Guides here, it seems that as we continue on our ascension ladder and move ever-upwards, our concept of time fades and with it fades the waiting periods between our manifestations. It would stand to reason that with the energies being brought in at this time, our manifestations are indeed coming back to us in increasing speed and this is something that I have certainly noticed recently.

I remember when I started to notice the manifestations and thoughts of mine beginning to manifest in my reality right before my eyes. I would make efforts to think of a certain specific song or person, and the thoughts given in such scenarios have nearly every time come back to me in some special way that really got my attention.

We are of course reaching increasingly high and pure strides along our paths at this point, and are being aided by the coming online of various energy gates established in Earth’s skies. As we are reaching such revolutionary points in our collective and individual evolution, it should stand to reason that the best thing we can do at this current point is to collectively throw all of our visualization and manifestation energies into the manifesting of disclosure and our attaining of the resulting freedoms that we have been promised. I have touched on this subject in earlier articles, because I truly feel that this is very important at this time.

Collective Guides: Individually, you all hold so very much power as the Supreme Creators of your reality. Much of the power you are granted along your individual Life path is in the form of Creations that manifest in your own Lives in accordance with your Life plans.

The collective manifestation powers that you have do indeed far exceed what you would expect them to, and this falls in line with the fact that this is your hologram and your illusion to morph and change as you so please, and one of the big reasons that many events have not yet come to fruition is because of an unwillingness on the part of the majority of humanity to find and perform the energetic healing work needed in their own Lives and in their collective conscious experience to ensure that they have received the assistance along their Life paths required to be clear and pure enough in themselves to bring through the clear manifestation energies that you are beginning to bring through without realizing you are doing so.

The distorted Creations on the part of humanity have manifested because you have not realized this power that you hold within and while your manifestations have again been very dense and slow-moving, they have manifested through each and every emotion and feeling that you have. Collectively, as you know there has been so very much density manifested on Gaia’s surface without you dear beautiful souls even realizing you were doing so.

It does seem that from across the veil we are being given not only much assistance along our Life paths, but much encouragement from our extraterrestrial and ascended sources to take charge of our Creation and begin to manifest that which we truly desire, which in the case of many would be the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and resulting freedoms among many, many other things.

We are being told continually that individually and collectively, we hold this power to bring through manifestations and Creations that we truly desire and want in our Lives rather than the manifestations we have been collectively bringing through that have made us unhappy and resulted in the collective incarnation of the souls known as the Illuminati.

Our ascended sources want to push the barrier of complacency and the ‘heard it all before’ attitudes that have been developed in many cases, to really let us know not just with our minds, but to feel with our hearts all of the truths they have been sharing with us, the most important ones being the powers of our Creation that we all hold.

So ok, we’ve realized that we hold this power within and that while it is strong individually, it is much stronger collectively. What can we do in this very moment of NOW to harness this manifestation ability and put it to good use? How can we bring this power through ourselves and use it to its and our full potential?

And what about those of us who still find ourselves alone in our higher dimensional beliefs and knowledge? Who will such souls share their collective abilities with?

I guess it should be reminded that we do indeed possess individual Creative power, and even if we do not have anyone with us in the physical to share this ability with, we can not only still harness it in ourselves but we can also reach into the etheric to join with the many other awakened souls incarnate who are performing such energy work, as well as sustain a connection with the multiple ascended beings assisting Earth by themselves aiding in such energy work.

Collective Guides: Many of the higher dimensional and etheric abilities you hold within yourselves are not expressed and brought through properly because again, you have not realized your powers in holding such Creation and manifestation abilities. You have not known or heard of in many past Lives the concept of the higher realms of consciousness which we speak of, and while the concept of underworlds and spirit planes after death were very relevant in many cultures in your history, the actual concept of ascension and the many resulting revolutionary revelations that come along with your ascension have not been known by the majority of unawakened souls on your world.

The fact that you can indeed reach in to other realities and connect with beings who exist in such realities has been cast aside from the public knowledge in not just your current culture, but in so very many other cultures as well. The connection with the ‘Gods’ and with souls who do not exist in the psychic realms were in many cases left to the more royal and famous souls of any given civilization, as idol worship on the part of the general public of such civilizations saw that the elite’s establishment was very pumped-up, respected and they were the only souls granted the special privileges of speaking outside of the natural physical paradigms established in many cultures.

Of course, upon your discovery of the higher realms as well as your ability to bring the energies of the higher realms through, you will discover not just ascended souls who are assisting you and watching over you on your Life path, but you will also find your fellow awakening starseeds and awakening Earth natives incarnate on your world at this time, who are themselves discovering the energies of the higher realms and resulting communications and interactions with such energies at such a pure pace and fast rate.

As you discover your connection with your fellow awakening souls on Earth which in many cases are validated and sustained in the dreamscape, you will begin to realize that you have all been leaving energetic imprints of the Logos energy that is you, with every soul you interact with on your internet or elsewhere.

Many of you dear souls have forged new relationships and remembered past flames and Loves from past Lives over meeting your fellow awakening souls on the internet, and believe us dear souls these meetings did not just start with your internet.

You all meet up in the astral realms while your bodies lie sleeping, and help each other to plan out your Life events and various experiences to be had. The many of you who feel close with each other but do not feel that you have ever physically ‘met’ another, have indeed met these souls in much more real and concrete ways than in the psychical as you have again, all been meeting up and holding meetings in the astral realms of Earth.

As such, in these meetings you discuss the Life paths of each soul involved in these meetings and how they are to fit in with the overall plan for ascension. You arrange for you to meet each other in the physical in various different ways, but in every case a connection and remembrance is formed and sustained in both souls, and this is how very many souls who are close in spirit and in their natures have reignited their Loving bonds that have been maintained throughout many Lives in the lower dimensions and indeed, even before such Lives.

This is the Law of Attraction at work dear sols, because you are always lead back to souls who you have been close with over your lower dimensional experiences and again, even before such experiences.

Based on what our Guides have said here, it would make sense that as we find and sustain these connections with each other, we can naturally begin to use our collective manifestation powers for the good on Earth.

So many of us have met over the internet or otherwise, and through every encounter with every fellow awakening soul that we have all experienced especially as of late, there are always the few main themes that we all share and have in common.

These themes are that we are all awakening to the Love that surrounds us, we have all awoken to such Love and to the manipulation and collective fog that has been placed over the eyes of the general public of this world, and we are all looking for many other souls who are also awakening to share all that we know and feel with, for many of us do indeed feel alone with what we know and feel inside of ourselves.

I think that in the physical, we should all start planning meet-ups in the astral realms to be felt and experienced while our bodies lay sleeping. This model is one that has been presented by some very good friends of mine, and these incarnate souls have been planning and scheduling such meetings and having very strong positive remembrances and results.

Such souls are performing truly revolutionary work, and I think that we should all take this model and use it to its full potential. We have been told seemingly endlessly by our ascended sources that we all sustain a connection with each other through the collective consciousness of Earth as well as through knowing each other before our endeavors on Earth, so why not take this connection and use it to the advantage of the Light and to the advantage of manifesting all that we have wished to take place?

I think that if we truly began to utilize the mass potential we have to collectively Create and bring into manifestation the changes we have wished to see, the results will be so very positive. Complacency can and has gone a long way in stopping us from utilizing our collective potential and realizing the connection we have each other and how we can use it to manifest disclosure among many other things, but if we can transcend complacency on a collective and individual level we can again, work together to manifest all of the changes that we know are to come to fruition.

Collective Guides: It should be expressed dear souls that at the rate in which you are awakening now and at the speed in which your Lighted manifestations are now coming through you, the manifestation of all that you have wished to see is truly not far off, and the energies that you bring through yourselves have not been the only energies that may bring forth these outcomes.

Indeed, as you have heard before, the year you are currently experiencing has been predicted many times in your history to be a time of mass changes and of turmoil and resulting freedom and ascension. Deep within yourselves, you have known that all you have heard about is going to come to fruition. You have known that you would be reunited with your star families in the end, and you have known that you would forge and sustain the long and lasting connection with each other that would see you ascend back to the realms of pure Love in which you Created the illusory realities of separation that you have experienced for so very long from.

You have known that your illusion was going to burst at some point, and even the souls who are in opposition to the Lighted changes being enacted have known that such changes were to take place deep within themselves. As long as things continue at the pace they are, the manifestations being bought through every moment by so many awakening souls will result in all that you have wished to see happen.

While this is so, in this infinite moment of Now you can all make the collective and individual choice to speed up the manifestation of these events by integrating and absorbing the advice and methods given by us and our scribe alike on this night. This is something that you truly can do dear souls, and this is indeed a crucial test for you as a collective at this time.

We implore you to make your efforts to connect with each other in the psychical and in the astral and as always, a refined and practiced meditation will aide you greatly in doing this. Keep your channels clear dear souls, for you will want to remember the marvelous dreamscape contacts you will be making.

Thank you to my Collective Guides.
Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC


Once We're Confident Our Presence Is Well Received By the Vast Majority of the Earth’s Population... We Will Make Un/Official Contacts With You

Thank you Sfhs and Laura ...and so it is!
*** gavin

On Decloaking, Disclosure, Abundance and Ascension

Laura: Good day Sfhs, I believe you would like to share a new message.

: Yes a new message for your readers today, Laura. Times and preparations for great changes are in plain sight. The arrests are speeding up the system’s collapse. People have disbelief in an unfair system, with a different set of rules depending on your social class and your name. These times when one is judged by the colour of one’s skin, by one’s position in society or by one’s bank balance is over. Over. Over. The great inner revolution taking place at a soul level for each and everyone of you, will eventually spread and amplify to the entire population.

The days of hiding behind lies are over, all is now brought into the light. With this process the shift in consciousness will also take place also.

Laura: one of my readers was asking if there would be Disclosure and mass landings before Ascension, and if Galactic beings will be allowed to help us with cleansing Mother Earth and our finance system, or new technology for us?

: These are always a difficult questions to address in public. But I will try to give it my best here. There is a threshold, a point of no return, a point that human society must reach alone, without direct help from us. I am afraid you will have to do most of the clearing work, as part of clearing your final karma and setting things right on your own planet first. The help we are allowed to provide until such time needs to be discreet.

When you, as a collective Human Consciousness, will reach that precise point, sometimes call the Zero Point, your way into Ascension will be more than assured. Your level of consciousness will be more or less equal to ours, and we will then begin our talks with your legal and free governments. So there is still work to be done until the vast majority of governments will be run by balanced people. Perhaps politicians will at this stage be no longer needed, but a different system of self governance will also be needed.

You may believe it will take years for this to pass, but just look at how fast all have been set into motion regarding the corrupt banking system. Is it possible for you to believe the same cleansing will take place in the political arena in an equally short period of time?

Once we are fully confident our presence will be well received by the vast majority of the Earth’s population, and your level of consciousness will be such, that we will be working as equals among you, we will make official and unofficial contacts with many of you.

Bare in mind that Disclosure, Mass decloaking, Abundance and Ascension will take place in a very short period of time between one another.

Blessings from Sfhs
by Laura Tyco

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Important Feature of Incarnation Is When You Review Your Lives, They Are Seen & Experienced Exactly As They Happened: No Place For Distortion

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike!
*** gavin

The news about the changes is travelling more quickly around the world, and that pleases us as those with enquiring minds are seeking the answers as to what is happening. Some fear the meaning behind them, but others sense that something major and exciting is happening to the world. Fortunately the truth is being spread far and wide, and we are in gratitude to those of you who are at the forefront endeavoring to reach as many people as possible. When disclosure takes place, it will make our task so much easier if they have already been primed as to what to expect. Time is speeding by at such a fast rate, everything is being hurried along, and very soon you can expect some major announcements.

Mankind has had adequate time to start paying attention to the many messages given, that are intended to pave the way for the greater revelations. The ones in the slow lane will have to witness much that will be a great shock to their mindset, but we must get moving. There is no more time to wait until a greater percentage of you are understanding of what is about to happen. That will of course change dramatically, when the media are released from the constraints placed upon them by the dark Ones. Truth has been a rare commodity in the past, but as the controls are removed it will come back in full force. Even those who profess to be aware are even so going to be surprised at the full extent of lies and disinformation, that has been dished up as the truth in the past. It goes well beyond what you would imagine, and will reveal the extent to which you have been controlled.

Returning your freedom is paramount in our minds, and we will remove all those controls that have been used to keep you in your place. Those responsible will at some stage answer for their crimes against Humanity, so we ask you not to concern yourselves too much with what will happen to them. It is more important to concentrate on your own needs and preparation for Ascension. Live to your highest concept of one who is able to give Unconditional Love, spare judgment and instead generously show compassion. Do your best and you will master the ways of being the Master that you really are.

By anyone's measure you do not now have long to go before you experience the benefits of the changes that are about to materialize. We of the Galactic Federation shall oversee them, and ensure that their implementation shall take place smoothly and efficiently to the benefit of everyone. Release from financial constraints and illegal taxes, will free you from the burden they place upon every person. Yes, you still have to pay your way for the services of others, but with the coming of abundance that will not be a problem. In short time you will advance to a level that you should have already reached, but for the deliberate interference of the Illuminati and their minions. From thereon Ascension will take you even further until money itself will no longer be necessary.

Let go of any ties you have to the present period so that you can make allowances for the new way of life that is taking over. Be prepared and know that it will not be fully experienced until you rise up, and then another phase will commence as you take your place as a Galactic Being. Your evolution is going to take some massive steps forward, and return you to where you came from as a fully conscious Being. By then you will have merged with your Higher Self and be of the Christ Consciousness. At present that must seem a long way off, but be assured that it is your destiny as you travel through the higher realms. Thereafter you will be able to travel anywhere in the Creator's Kingdoms.

Meanwhile we are most active at this time as you might expect, and are keen for some positive signs to be passed onto you with regards to the removal of those who have formed the top echelon of the Illuminati. They have felt untouchable in the past but now feel so vulnerable as their castle walls have been destroyed, and they have nowhere to hide that we are not aware of. We will also take away their assets almost certainly gained by illegal dealing or outright criminal activity. They will be given back to those who rightfully own them, and go a long way to overcoming the many needs of the people.

President Obama is still a key figure in the coming changes, and shall lead the mission to bring peace to the world. Those who play at wars will have to find another way of amusing themselves, and we will put their military to good use by instead serving the people. As you know there is plenty to do in making good the damage to Mother Earth, and ensuring that the most needy quickly have a proper standard of living. That is the least that people can expect, and it will be added to as soon as new technologies are used to make life easier. War has been written into the history books as it truly took place, and the truth of who was behind them. Everything that has ever happened is recorded in the Hall of Records, and will if necessary be used to illustrate the truth for you.

One important feature of incarnation is that when you review your lives, they are seen and experienced exactly as they happened. There is no place for distortion of the facts or denial of the truth, it is there for all to see. Those who felt they "got away with it" on Earth will get a shock to know that it is not the case, so no lies or laying the blame elsewhere will be accepted. If this was not so, some souls would escape their responsibility as they have done on Earth. The truth allows a careful consideration of your actions and importantly your intentions. That way the need for certain lessons to prevent a recurrence can be arranged, that should give the soul an opportunity to prove they can live from a higher level of understanding. Dear Ones, no one wants to see you fail, and that is why you are given every chance to succeed where you previously have not done so.

Feel the changes being brought about by the higher energies that are being grounded upon Earth, and add your own by spreading your Light as far as possible. As the days are passing, you are becoming more powerful and have much stronger powers of creation, use them wisely for the good of All.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

Communication Is Key: We've Asked Galactic Federation To Make Itself Fully Known To You After Disclosure Is Announced & Asked Agarthans to Do Likewise

"We, the Ascended Masters, intend to appear and heal and bless all of you even before the mass landings. We sincerely ask for your feelings on these matters as the time has come to change how you interact with Heaven. You are each a sacred physical angel. You need to learn about your divine lineage and the sacred Orders you are a part of. Ponder on these matters, as Heaven is now returning in force to your world!"

Thank you SH, GFL and Sheldan ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Dratzo! We return! The time for the great shift in consciousness draws close. Your dark cabal faces a dilemma that gets harder by the day for it to handle, and we are ready to act as divine executors on behalf of the sacred secret societies appointed by the Ascended Masters. In short, an immense transformation of your reality is ready to begin. A number of key monetary programs are being prepared for global distribution, and relevant components of our various first-contact teams are in place to protect what is to be the initial foray into abundance for your world. This project kicks off a whole slew of activities that will set your reality on a path toward the Light! The Ascended Masters are setting up the new financial system as quickly as possible, and already the nations of the East are being groomed to accept this new system which ends the long financial dominance of the West, giving them true fiscal equality. Simultaneously, the bridging needed for the new governments is being brought into being by the numerous sacred societies founded in Europe centuries ago.

These European sacred societies are concentrating on the best way to remove the dark-centered governments which have kept your globe destabilized by the threat of nuclear war ever since the splitting of the atom in the 1940s. In addition, these same governments have invaded many nations throughout your world in order to maintain the fear and gross manipulation long employed by the Anunnaki and their many Earth-bound minions. The immense arrogance of the dark's strategy developed into tunnel vision, which over the last decade opened a way for the sacred societies to reveal a new and wondrous reality to you. This moment in your history also coincides with the many decrees of Heaven for your realm. These sacred edicts invited us to come here to carefully oversee a unique series of transformations, which is why we here above you in huge numbers to ensure that these decrees are carried out. As a result, the dark is no longer in charge of this world, and Earth humans dedicated to the Light have reached the prophesied point of success.

The work of the Light has brought you to the moment when a great prosperity is to sweep through your societies. This prosperity heralds a series of governmental changes which will enact, among many things, the legal basis of your freedom and individual sovereignty, accompanied by an official proclamation of this. It is a historic moment. For the first time since you were permitted to enter limited consciousness, you are to be acknowledged as worthy Beings by your former 'masters.' At a stroke you become their equal, able to wield justice and appropriate retribution for their crimes against you and your ancestors. This time is when the present reality collapses and is transformed into a vehicle capable of conveying you back to the very threshold of full consciousness. Our responsibility is to take you from that doorway through to your final transformation, which will allow you to take your place once again among your many spiritual and space families. This will be a moment of long-awaited celebration for us all!

In anticipation of bringing your planet and yourselves back into the Light and into full consciousness, we are increasing the sightings of our craft in your skies; they are making themselves more noticeable to you by decloaking in broad daylight and by being more dramatic in your night skies. Our message is, You are not alone! Further, Mother Earth is accelerating her transformation into a unified, 5-D-reality Being. In the eyes of your geologists and atmospheric scientists, the latest geological indices seem to point to the potential for worldwide catastrophe, but such is not the case. Mother Earth is indeed drastically altering her weather patterns by changing the jet streams that create the global climate; also, unusual heating and cooling states are changing the very nature of the Conveyor Belt that mixes the waters of your oceans, and this too influences your weather patterns. However, this is part of a positive process that will eventually bring together the waters and atmosphere of the surface with those of Inner Earth.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with an update of what is currently happening on your world. Presently, we are moving through the final days of the ultimatum that is forcing the dark cabal and its die-hard adherents to resign their public and ministerial offices. These coming official 'resignations' will signal the start of the process of a vast conveyance of power from the dark cabal to the agents of the Light. This process also parallels an immense transfer of money throughout your world. During this time, many banks will change hands from the cabal to delegates of the Light. In charge of these complex transactions are various elements of our secret sacred societies. In effect, a new financial system will rise up out of this change in bank ownership and it will be based on new gold-backed currencies. Once these proceedings are complete, the new governments will make their broadcasts.

The new governance in many nations will be secured by the power of the Light, the Agarthans, and the first-contact team. We are committed to ensuring that the holy edicts of Heaven are manifested here on Earth. All this is being done in order to set you free, and to move you through the next phases of your path to full consciousness. We are monitoring everything as these things come down the pike, as this massive transition is designed to be swift and benign to all life. For ages we have discussed within our holy communion how best to create this new reality; above all we dearly desire to present these things in a manner that is comprehensible and acceptable to you, and that truly serves the greater good. The divine purpose of our undertaking is to give you the opportunity to be free and sovereign. Much knowledge needs to be imparted to you during the coming months in order to reassure you and to retain your sacred trust.

Communication remains the key to everything we do, and so we have been careful to cover all the bases to keep you informed. We have asked the Galactic Federation to make itself fully known to you after disclosure is announced, and have asked the Agarthans to do likewise. Each of you needs to acquire full knowledge of what is happening and why, and where it is all headed. It is equally important for us to have feedback from you regarding this sudden flurry of events to hit your societies. We, the Ascended Masters, intend to appear and heal and bless all of you even before the mass landings. We sincerely ask for your feelings on these matters as the time has come to change how you interact with Heaven. You are each a sacred physical angel. You need to learn about your divine lineage and the sacred Orders you are a part of. Ponder on these matters, as Heaven is now returning in force to your world!

Today, we brought you another message. We are providing them to keep you informed as best we can about the events of the day from our perspective. We ask that you use this information to help others as well as yourselves to better understand what is now ready to happen across your world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
by Sheldan Nidle

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Energy of Change: A Lighted Energy Being Laid In Each and Every City and Area of Dear Gaia’s Surface That Such Protests Are & Will Be Occurring In

Thank you SanJAsKa and Wes ...and so it is!
*** gavin

SanJAsKa: Many Souls are Awakening to the Realities of Ascension

As all of the pieces of your beautiful Divine puzzle begin to come together and fit into your overall Life and ascension plans, the power that you hold within is increasing exponentially in terms of how pure it is and how easily you will be noticing it.

The power that you hold within yourselves has been felt by so very many dear souls over so long in the lower dimensions, and now that power is increasing to the point where your beautiful manifestation efforts will be getting not just your attention, but the attention of so many others.

We implore you to focus on your roles as the Supreme Creators of your reality. You make the decisions as to what manifests on Earth and while at times you can feel like you have been dealt a losing hand so to speak, each and every thing that happens to you is acting in accordance with your Life plans and with which karmic events are and are not meant to manifest in your Lives at this current point.

Some of the events you are given are meant to open your eyes and make you see the motive behind [such events], and some events that happen which do not seem to be in the best interest of the soul experiencing them are in fact happening for not only karmic reasons but for reasons of keeping you on an easier and less harmful [to your Life Plan] path.

There has been much density that you have been exposed to but more recently, the densities you have felt have been diluted a bit so that what you are experiencing can allow for the Light to emerge in each and every situation. The Light is emerging out of everything at this current point, and the difficult and stressful events that you feel and experience are to be a part of this as well.

Whenever something seemingly negative is happening to you or whenever you find yourselves in stressful situations, try to see the humor behind what may be happening to you for indeed, there is more humor involved in your daily endeavors than you think.

Humor is a foundational energy of Joy, and Joy is a foundational energy of Love. Can you feel the connection, dear souls? This is why humor is employed here in the higher dimensions so very much, because humor makes us happy! And as you would imagine dear souls, we quite enjoy being happy!

Many events that you would not expect to find humor in will be manifesting themselves along with the humor that you would not have expected to find within such events.

The point of such humor behind seemingly negative events is to get you to choose the energies of such humor and Joy over the stressful energies that would otherwise be invading your spirit complex and aiding to close up your chakras.

Continue in your beautiful Lighted efforts to bring as much Love through yourselves to assist in Gaia’s ascension as you can for indeed, as the surface of Gaia ascends you all ascend in leaps and bounds accordingly.

Much confusion has been garnered over the actual process of ascension and what actually happens to your bodies and spirits along the cycles that we have spoken of, and much of this confusion results from the fact that ascension is still quite an unknown event to the majority of souls on your world.

Indeed, very many souls are awakening to the realities of ascension at this point but it has not always been this way and for the most part, the knowledge and information of ascension has been deliberately suppressed on your world by the very souls who think that they are the only ones worthy of such ascension.

Humor can be employed when looking upon the situation of the Illuminati as well, as indeed it is quite ironic that they have branded themselves the only souls worthy to ascend and yet for the most part, they will be the exact souls who will not ascend this time around and who will instead spend many, many Lives living out their karma for all that they have done to your beautiful world and to you all.

The knowledge of ascension has been suppressed on your world because the dark on your world did not want you dear beautiful souls to know that there are realities and planes of consciousness to experience past your basic physical reality that so many of you have grown used to. They wanted you all to look for harmful ways to escape your reality and perceived sobriety, and to achieve this goal they have introduced intoxicants to the majority on your world that are so very unhealthy and in many cases deadly.

Indeed, the majority of drugs and alcoholic drinks on your world were and are meant to give one a different state of consciousness while hurting one’s body in so very many ways, many of which you have not even been informed of with your mainstream science.

The harm caused by these in many cases affect one’s spirit and serve to take one off of one’s Life Path and onto a path of addiction and suffering, and this is what is meant to happen with the various lower dimensional intoxicants that for the most part, are readily available on your world.

As long as humanity is kept in ignorance of the higher states of consciousness that exist all around you and are easily accessible by you, you will think that the reality you are experiencing is the only one and thus, will make no efforts to find a higher state of consciousness as a higher state of consciousness is not perceived to exist by the majority of humanity.

Even the plants and aides that are meant to give one the perception of higher states of consciousness, have in many cases been distorted by your dark to fit in with their agenda of a simple stimulation of the senses.

Meditation has been very important in your endeavors in finding higher states of consciousness, and indeed if everyone on your world were to meditate and make the effort to feel higher states of consciousness for yourselves, the Lighted energies being manifested would far outweigh any lower energies that have been felt and experienced on Gaia’s surface.

You can feel in your spirit complexes what carries the energy of Love and what carries the familiar and old, dense energy that you have more than grown used to throughout so very many Lives in the lower dimensions.

We know that you will be able to discern accordingly which substances and choices on your part will expose you to lower states of consciousness that you are currently growing away from.

Meditation is greatly recommended for when you do so you are finding for yourself the energies of the higher realms without the perceived need to indulge in any type of substance to find such energies.

Indeed, the pure realms of consciousness you are to experience are in fact the opposite [experience] of what you would term sobriety, as the regular third dimensional limits that you experience during your Lives on Earth are indeed easily transcend-able and one does not need any type of substance to feel the energies of the higher realms as especially now, such energies are being made available to you in increasingly pure strides.

The ‘ignorance’ of the higher realms that has been deliberately perpetrated on your world is indeed not the fault of humanity, but the fault of the elite souls on your world who have taken to deliberately misinforming humanity of so very many things through the positions of influence and power that such souls have gained.

In many cases, if something revolutionary happens on the surface of your world that sees potential and a possibility for the manifestation of anything outside the paradigms of humanities current understanding, there are usually the few influential people who will publicly come out against such things and you have seen this so very many times with the ‘Occupy’ movement.

Of course, Lighted souls who are also famous and in the public arenas at this time have shown unending support for the Occupy movement, and we would recommend you put your support into this movement as well for beyond the surface protesting and demanding of accountability for the benefit of humanity, there is an energy of change; a Lighted energy that is being laid in each and every city and area of dear Gaia’s surface that such protests are and will be occurring in.

With each and every Lighted endeavor that each and every one of you lay out for yourselves to perform and experience, there will be those souls who speak up against the actions you are taking. Plenty of souls on dear Gaia would rather continue the old paradigms of illusory limitation forever than be exposed to revelations, truths and changes that expose them to higher and more pure states of consciousness and knowledge.

Many of the souls who are harsh and judgmental toward the souls protesting injustice and in general, toward any souls who make an honest effort to ‘fight’ for real truth and accountability, are themselves feeling quite unhappy with their own limitations which they have placed before themselves.

Rather than realizing such illusory limits and working to transcend them and progress along these souls’ Life paths, they instead take to berating and belittling the efforts of others in an attempt to hide themselves from the paradigms of consciousness and intelligence that such souls are not yet ready to be used to.

You are all realizing slowly but surely the illusory constructs and limitations that you have put over yourselves to be experienced in many Lives and finally transcended in these Lives you are all currently undergoing.

There are souls who will not choose to ascend this time around and who will rather continue their lower dimensional experiences on other planets that are being terra-formed at this time, but those of you who are awakening are taking the energies you have been feeling, and radiating them through yourselves and these actions that you have all been performing are and have been aiding in this entire beautiful event exponentially.

As you make these efforts, naturally the exposure and diminishing influence of the Illuminati is aided as it always is. The wonderful thing about this entire event is that now, millions upon millions of souls on Gaia’s surface have awakened and laid the foundational energies for the exposure of the Illuminati and your resulting freedoms and ascension as a collective consciousness.

The Illuminati continue on and make their threats as usual, but for the most part the purity of the collective consciousness of humanity which has been shown to them, has let them know that they are in no positions of influence to decide what manifests on Earth anymore. This has been quite a difficult realization for them to come to, and we have offered advice and guidance to these souls which has of course been rejected quite harshly.

They themselves do not want to feel the energies of the higher realms or the energies of us ascended souls in our full purity, and even though they do not wish to feel such things they still assumed that they would ascend into higher states of consciousness, the energies of which they continually deny each and every moment.

They deny these feelings in favor of the usual anger and lower vibration-producing hate, and such energies are drawing these souls closer and closer to the realms of fourth density-negative that they have been getting their hateful energies which they feed off of, from.

The densities that are manifestations on the surface of Earth are fed to the realms and voids of fourth density-negative, and using their own ‘brands’ of dark-energy manipulation, the heads of the Illuminati have forged an unnatural connection; a wormhole of sorts, with the realms of fourth density-negative where they feed off of the lower energies that are manifested on the surface of Earth.

Many of the rituals that have been discussed [on the internet] that the Illuminati perform involve sending themselves and their children to the realms of fourth density-negative.

They have been conned into believing that fourth density-negative is their natural land in which they were Created, and they have been taught to believe that the more energy they give to the realms of fourth density-negative and the more dense emotions they are able to squeeze out of souls on Earth to feed fourth density-negative, the more of a heaven will open up in such lower vibratory realms and see them ascend into Light body forms, and this belief simply is not so.

Indeed, they will be drawn to the lands of fourth density-negative where they have so wished to go, but they will not experience anything close to heaven and their experiences will be as close to ‘hell’ as your religious constructs have defined such a place.

These souls have forced their young to feel and inhabit the realms of fourth density-negative, and one of the many lessons the Illuminati heads will undergo in such lands is seeing the torture and illusory ‘training’ they have forced onto the younger souls of their families who in many cases, are Angles who have incarnated into such families to bring Lighted energies and real change to the surface of Earth from the deepest and darkest depths of Her collective consciousness.

Upon your exposure to the existence of the Illuminati and all that they have done to your world, the existence of many Angels incarnated into their families will be known as well, and the souls in such families who are the ‘heads’ in charge and who have manifested the most hate and death on Gaia’s surface will be pointed out.

Those souls who are innocent and in many cases incarnated into such families for Lighted purposes will also be ‘exposed’ [for their true Lighted purpose] and humanity will be let know just what each and every soul in the Illuminati has done, and the lower actions committed by the bodies of the Angles who have incarnated into such families will be explained as not having been perpetrated by the actual souls in question.

What we mean by this is that the heads of the Illuminati have many times and still continue to ‘give up’ so to speak the bodies of their young to lower astral beings who take over and possess such bodies as a part of the Illuminati’s many rituals.

What then happens is that the lower astral beings use the body of the souls in question to commit murderous and truly heart-wrenching acts to whomever is the target of such heinous acts, in hope that the karma will stay attached to the body and thus, to the souls inhabiting the child or adult body in question.

Therefore, the bodies of many children and adults in these families have been used for such horrible things but the souls, the very essence that make up these beautiful people do not experience the karma, because they themselves have not committed such acts but were instead forced to feel the intensity of such acts as if they themselves committed them, when they did not.

Indeed, all we have to explain to you regarding this and so many other things will be quite complex and intricate, and we have barely come to a full discussion about even what we have discussed with you on this night because each subject that we have discussed with you goes so very much deeper than the energy levels of our scribe will permit us to share.

As always dear souls, we continue to guide you to keep on the Lighted paths you are manifesting for yourselves and following, and know that all truly is as it should be and you are feeling your continual ascension in wonderful leaps and bounds now. You will not have much longer of a wait, and the freedom that you have been waiting for and growing toward every moment of your experience is to burst through quite intensely, and you will be glad you waited!

Thank you to SanJAsKa
by Wes

A Look At the Pentagon Budget For This Upcoming Year Shows They Have Dedicated Plenty of Resources to Financing Reserve Troop Units Inside the US

Thank you Benjamin ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Over 200 Senior Bankers Arrested Last Week As New Financial System Goes Online

The new financial system is online now and abundant financing is either already or soon to be made available, according to dragon family representatives. The final take down of the criminal cabal has also begun in earnest with over 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned last week alone, these sources say. Japan is also now doing the final paperwork needed to set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion or about 200 times what the World Bank lends every year, according to Japanese government sources. There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources. The arrest of some very high profile individuals is imminent.

The general structure of the financial cabal and its top leaders has also now been mapped to some extent. For example, the Rothschild family dynasty leaders have been identified. The Swiss branch of the family is run by David de Rothschild in Geneva, the French branch by Guy de Rothschild, the German branch by Rothschild family member and Hitler daughter Angelina Merkel and the British branch by Evelyn de Rothschild.

In the US, JP Morgan is a Rothschild front.

The Rockefeller family syndicate uses Goldman Sachs and Citibank as its major financial fronts. Bank of America is a front for the Italian black nobility behind the Vatican and the mafia, run in part by Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former black pope. Pope malevolent the 16th is also a senior member of this satanic group.

The Nazi faction is run by Fuhrer George Bush Senior with Ben Bernanke acting as Deputy Fuhrer. Their chemical and pharmaceutical mass murder division is run by the Du Pont family.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is now in Africa forcing families at gunpoint to accept the sterilization by vaccine of their daughters. In North America, Japan and elsewhere the mass sterilization by vaccine is taking place under the guise of protecting girls against cervical cancer. Message to Bill Gates: your company and foundation are going to be confiscated and you are going to spend the rest of your life making restitution.

The United States government has been so compromised by these and other cabal families and their foundation fronts that the upcoming US Presidential “election,” is nothing more than a power struggle between the Chicago mob and their front man Mitt Romney versus the Bush Texas illegal drug mafia and their guy Jeb Bush.

Hopefully the new financial system, once it is fully implemented, will pull the plug on the entire farcical show and Americans will be able to choose their own leaders based on true information provided by free media. For now though, electronically rigged elections and corporate propaganda provide sham democracy for dumbed down and drugged up Americans.

However, a look at the pentagon budget for this upcoming year shows they have dedicated plenty of resources to financing reserve troop units inside the United States. This does not mean they are preparing to put average Americans into FEMA camps as feared by many. To the contrary, they are preparing for a mass round up of cabal agents and proxies, according to pentagon and CIA sources.

There was a clear indication of change on March 20th, when instead of having the cabal scheduled earthquake hit Tokyo, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit Oaxaca, Mexico exactly when President Obama’s daughter was vacationing there. Furthermore, this earthquake was advertised in advance through pamphlets distributed locally. This is a clear sign the bad guys no longer play the HAARP.

Another sign of change was the public rebuke of Obama, Clinton and cabal controlled media outlets when the official Chinese government news site, Xinhua stated that North Korea was not on the agenda of the 50 nation nuclear security summit taking place in Soeul [Seoul], Korea this week. The cabal propaganda media has been carrying a fake story about nuclear danger from North Korea even though that country has already announced it will cease nuclear weapons development.

The secret agenda behind this 50 nation summit is an attempt to steal 200 tons of gold that is in South Korean warehouses. That theft is not going to be allowed to go ahead so the cabalists will leave the summit empty handed.

There was also plenty of speculation about a coup d’etat in China last week. All that happened was that a Maoist cabal agent Bo Xilai was removed from power after one of his henchmen was discovered taking instructions from the US consulate in Chongqing, according to MI6 sources. China is still on course for a stable and harmonious regime change-over later this year, according to White Dragon Society sources. The talk of a Maoist coup d’etat was wishful cabalist thinking fanned by cabalist media outlets.

Speaking about fake stories, the “White Hats” group on the internet, consisting of Bush agent Mike Cotrell and Hawaii resident Danny Gammage, has been spewing out laughable libel (such as this writer is a clone).

More damagingly, they managed to fool Lord Blackheath of the UK Upper House of Parliament with a fake story about $15 trillion that he raised in Parliamentary session. The House of Lords is now going to summon a White Dragon Society ally to testify about what is really going on in the financial wars.

The London financial district is headed for further purges and the talk is that Lord Sassoon is headed for a big fall. The investigation may even extend to the UK Royal family, European CIA sources say.

In Japan, meanwhile, the status quo is expected to remain on hold until the March 31st end of the fiscal year because of overwhelming workloads in the bureaucracy and the parliament. After March 31st, there will be concrete negotiations taking place involving the Finance Ministry, Bank of Japan, Prime Minister’s office and Royal Household Agency aimed at setting up a new international economic planning agency.

The Japanese self-defense forces and bureaucracy are also planning a major purge of cabalist puppets in the Japanese Parliament, banks, corporations and media.

Overall, things are looking very good. However, unless we see these senior cabalists on world TV confessing to their crimes, we must not be complacent. Until this financial war is over, keep your powder dry and stay alert.
by Benjamin Fulford

Monday, March 26, 2012

Humility Centered Within Ego Is Humiliation, But You Can Be Both Humble & Powerful: When Humility Emanates From Soul’s Awareness of Divine Within

"The humble are the most powerful among you. They do not fear losing power, they are not arrogant or controlling, they do not need to dominate because their ego is balanced with spirit. The master accepts humility within the context of receiving guidance from spirit, seeking enlightenment and surrendering human will to divine Will."

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer!
*** gavin

On Being Humble

The quality of humility is necessary for mastery and allows your humanity to ascend into its divinity. It is by being humble you allow your soul’s voice to guide your life journey and enable the Source connection that is necessary to move beyond the third dimension here on Earth. Yet this is such a misunderstood principle, and you feel if you are humble then you must acknowledge your imperfection and unworthiness, deny your power and wait for guidance instead of moving forward through intention. The ego limits the expression of humility which it perceives as being the final step in its destruction. For the ego, to be humble is to be denied its power.

Humility that is centered within the ego becomes humiliation, where the ego is limited or eliminated. The ego is a necessary component of your wholeness in body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is not possible to limit one of your aspects and still be whole. The ego needs to participate in your life journey but in balance with spirit and not ahead of or behind it. If the ego is not given its voice it will challenge humility and become arrogant. It is possible to be both humble and powerful, when humility emanates from the soul’s awareness of the divine within.

When the ego is in its arrogance energy, it seeks to dominate and control. In this aspect, it acts FROM its power instead of BEING IN its power. It takes over and becomes demanding, instead of being in the flow and commanding within intention that is balanced with spirit. The ego’s definition of humility is to be humbled, to be cast down, set apart, limited and humiliated. It is the ego’s fear of being separated from its identity that allows it to insist on being the leading voice and presence in your reality. And as you acknowledge and accept your power, you give the ego an equal voice in your life’s unfolding journey, that is balanced with spirit and fully in the divine ego/spirit partnership. Then humility can be applied and the ego understands that by being humble it surrenders to spirit.

The humble are the most powerful among you. They do not fear losing power, they are not arrogant or controlling, they do not need to dominate because their ego is balanced with spirit. The master accepts humility within the context of receiving guidance from spirit, seeking enlightenment and surrendering human will to divine Will. Being humble affirms your power and transforms your path as you embrace the unlimited potential of your highest aspects. When you know that your greatest power emanates from humility, from being humble and surrendering to divine Will, your life path unfolds to express ideas and potential the ego cannot begin to imagine. Be humble, surrender to divine Will, allow the ego to find peace in spirit and your humility will help you create the powerful reality, abundant blessings, love and joy that is your soul’s gift to you.
by Jennifer Hoffman

Get Ready to Enjoy Yourselves: Celebrations Will Be Order Of the Day, and Believe Us When We Say We Shall Organize Some Memorable Events & Take Part

"Our priority at present is stopping the warring factions from coming to blows, and we have no doubt that we can prevent any attempts at starting another war. You will be appalled and no doubt angry, when you learn of how many times the dark Ones have tried to start another one in the Middle East. We will not dwell upon such unpleasant things, but you need to know who has worked against you over many, many years, often in the guise of working for you."

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike ...and so it is!
*** gavin

In some ways we would say that our mission nears completion, as we approach a time when all of the work put in to release you from the control of the Illuminati is showing results. It is for you the end of the cycle of duality, and for us simply the means of clearing the way for the commencement of a new cycle. It will be a new beginning and follow a continuation of the raising up of your consciousness levels, to allow you to ascend to even higher levels. We too will be sharing those times with you and are very much a part of your future. We are assisting you to eventually become Galactic Beings, and that will be by you rightfully reclaiming your place with us.

What you have now is not your true reality, but one you have created over millennia of time since you dropped down from the higher dimensions. Not a single soul was forced to do so, and each and every one of you freely volunteered for the experience. You did so with complete faith knowing that however much you strayed from the Light, there would be a time when you would be called back and helped to do so. That time is of course now, and in a short time you will know for certainty that you are firmly on the path to Ascension, and that nothing can stand in its way or delay it. Can you not sense the difference already in the energies around you, as they have become more of the Light and so uplifting. Those of fear have been subdued, and when you obtain confirmation of the extent of the arrests and resignations of the dark Ones, that will also help you to live more peacefully.

The freedom that has been denied you for so long is returning, and you will be in no doubt that the old paradigm has been destroyed. The new one is already taking its place and bringing you a new hope and belief in a wonderful future. Some of you have glimpsed it and it has inspired you and changed your outlook on life. It is so different to what you have now that words seem inadequate to describe it, and one notable aspect is the feeling of love that comes at you from all directions. If you have ever experienced such an energy it is likely to have only been a momentary experience, whereas in the higher dimensions it is continually present. You have an expression that "it is love that makes the world go around" and you do not realize how true it is. Indeed it is the lack of love that has torn your Earth apart and made you feel detached from your godself. Love energy is the most powerful one of all, and could change your circumstances in a flash if you were all able to come together in this way. Many of you have experienced what love can do, particularly where it is used to heal. It can transmute the lower vibrations, and that is why you are often asked to send love to those who are of the dark Cabal.

Think upon these things and when you feel that you want to help Mankind, send out love to those who are clearly in need. The results may not be instantaneous but be assured that it helps even if they take time to be seen. The Light can be built upon such as when you use it to protect yourself. If you are not already a beacon of Light, practice seeing yourself as one and you will surely create it around you. You will also find that you will attract other souls of a like kind, as they will sense your higher vibrations. Imagine if everyone around you was of the Light, and you will begin to get a feel of what it is like to be in the higher dimensions. Do not limit your expectations as to what Ascension means to you, as it will set you free from all of the conflicts and problems that beset you now on Earth. In the future you will want for absolutely nothing, and you will find that the Creator has provided for you in every conceivable way.

So Dear Ones, be determined to ride out whatever comes your way between now and Ascension. Do not let anything get you down as whatever happens it will be short lived. If you suffer losses they will be more than made up to you, and remember that you cannot take anything with you into the higher vibrations unless it is compatible with them. That is why no soul can force its way into them, and will automatically find itself at its correct and corresponding level. Understand that you all progress at your own speed, and have had equal opportunities to choose the path to Ascension. So please do not upset yourself should a near loved one choose differently to you, and honor their freewill choice. Loved ones are never far away, and you will always be able to meet again.

Get ready to enjoy yourselves and feel free to express your feelings, as once the changes come out and you see the benefits you will be ecstatic. Celebrations will be the order of the day, and believe us when we say that we shall organize some memorable events and take part in them. Joy and happiness are getting nearer and will carry you all of the way to Ascension. There are difficult periods still to go through, but nothing will last very long and if it creates new needs we will be on hand to help you. We already work behind the scenes and will be pleased when our activities can be more open. Our priority at present is stopping the warring factions from coming to blows, and we have no doubt that we can prevent any attempts at starting another war. You will be appalled and no doubt angry, when you learn of how many times the dark Ones have tried to start another one in the Middle East. We will not dwell upon such unpleasant things, but you need to know who has worked against you over many, many years, often in the guise of working for you.

We continue to closely monitor Mother Earth as there are physical changes happening, and some areas are more prone to them than others. We are not allowed to stop those that are necessary, but will do all we can to alleviate any harm to you and keep extensive damage to a minimum. Conditions could well have been horrendous if the dark Ones had their way, but we have stopped their plans to induce catastrophes to reduce the population of Earth. We know many of you cannot comprehend that anyone could fall to that extent, but with the almost total loss of Light such souls have lost any feelings of compassion.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who have given a hand in spreading not just these, but many messages from sources of Light. They have uplifted so many people, and prepared them for Ascension. God bless you all.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your Purpose Is Not Hiding From You. Seek Within Dear Ones and Seek With An Open Heart With No Clouds and No Ego That Would Cause Nagging Self-doubt

"Many of you who know me are aware that I work within the Base Chakra. It is very important to be fully grounded in order to live your life and follow the path that has been laid out for you in the most efficient way. It is understood that many dear children of God are unaware of their divine plan. Each part of your plan is exposed or given to you in steps and stages according to your readiness. None of you are in the middle of nowhere or without clarity of who you TRULY are. When you ask, “What is my own personal and unique divine plan?” listen dear ones to your heart. Look at all your achievements that are derived from your own perseverance. Some dear ones discover their purpose through verbalizing I AM statements or affirmations.... In time you will come to trust in your intuition and believe in yourself more and more. And I and other Masters, angels and guides will be right there alongside you cheering you towards your own individual spiritual victory that will deeply effect your personal growth and living."

Thank you Serapis Bay and Julie ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Shedding Low Density Vibrations is Healing for YOUR Body, Mind and Soul

Welcome beloved children of God. A most patient Master I have been, waiting for our child to be well enough to receive our needed messages. It pleases me beyond any conceivable measure to be speaking through her and to all of you.

Dearest children of God, you have been dealing with two energetic shifts existing on your planet, thus amplifying the earthly pulsation and the westernizing of momentums and energy. The intense transformation brings new energies and situations that far outweigh anything dealt with prior.

When I say the planet is more westernized it is because of the shift making the energies more widespread on the Western side of the planet. The Western energies produce extraordinary tribulations as they move much faster and are more intense than the Eastern energies.

It would not matter dear children, either change by itself would have caused colossal adjustment. These trials require you to live into the prospectiveness of the Ascended Masters energies. Dear children, many of the fundamental healing and mindfulness theories have come from the East and are exceptional fundamentals to build on. But with the East changing so rapidly and with your lives speeding up due to the changes of the Earth and its axis, you are finding it problematic to meditate for hours on any given day to achieve higher enlightenment.

This has not gone unnoticed by us. Since the strong energies on your planet are Western, restorative methods and spiritual practices are in order for them to be most effective in quick healing are significantly furthered when sided-up with Western Energies. There is a determination to work and understand these energies and sharing of information is crucial for all to gain control and mastery of the changes that have been affecting you; body mind and soul. And through the sharing dear children, techniques can also be shared and adapted for personal choice and preference that can propel each of you from the denseness into the Light of Love much quicker.

Transformational dynamic energy release is a modern manifestation of healing from the ancient times of my existence in Egypt. This technique aids in the fight of the effects of the surrounding environment that has impacted your own growth and spirituality. Dear children, as many have been witnessing of late there are many new teachings that has not been on your planet before. These new teachings have been sent dear children by your own Heavenly Father to assist in your own spiritual path that will lead to your personal ascension.

Your ascension is not just your skill to raise your perception and consciousness, but also to raise your physical energy vibration to a higher level. Progress in reaching ascension is dimmed by immense density that has blanketed the planet and the people. The density I speak of is what is alive in all cities. It is the people who live in fear, live in pain or sorrow, dear children and people living with disease, and anger. There is rage on the highways and roads, more people living in poverty and a great unhappiness that has led many dear souls into addictions of various kinds and trends that reek of low vibration. This dear children is the density I am speaking of.

You must learn to love yourself dear children with the utmost purest of love; a love that comes from the most central core of your being. It is not in the pit of your stomach, but in your hearts dear ones. Love and love always unconditionally will bring you out of the lower vibrations and densities and into the loving light of your heart and of God’s waiting embrace. It is your destiny dear children to ascend and to everlastingly live your daily lives in higher vibration bodies that are unaffected to disease, in higher levels of consciousness with levels of observation and functioning with all your senses. Yes dear children it is also your destiny to be enlightened, to blend and merge your soul with your ego and to live out each and every day in greater dimensional phases and in constant communication and involvement of God and in a continual state of unconditional love.

By adopting a more loving way into your life, you will move into higher levels of consciousness and vibrations. You will receive many moments of blessings and clarity. Love is the beginning of your healing and Love is the beginning of your journey to your ascension. You dear children are filled with all you need to bring you to your own ascension. Make the changes and choose wisely dear ones. With the Masters supporting and guiding you with only a call for direction and God always with you from the inside, blazing you with His Almighty Light, you have the Power, the inner-strength and ability to reach your full spiritual and divine purpose in this lifetime and in lifetimes to come.

I mentioned changes must be made and they do get made from choices you make. I will be there with you, with each of you during any of your ascension trials and tribulations. I will guide you through creative ways that will help you understand what you are experiencing. One step at a time, by working together we will move through the fogginess of uncertainty, and discover the bridge that will lead you to the loving arms of God. Wakening not only the need to converse with God but the joy of communicating with God on a complete and whole level, not experienced before.

Once removed from the low density vibrations you will see a noticeable change in yourself. You may find yourself walking LIGHTER, facial features appear softer. Even during intense situations, there will be a deeper calm not noticed before. You will embrace these changes and love yourself even more, in turn creating more love that will over flow and spill over to the next person in gestures of compassion, kindness and patience. Working together we will release this heavy energy and clear your auric field.

One great and effective way of aiding your recovery from the heavy low density vibrations and energy is the invocation of the Violet Flame. Do not only use this flame once in a while, use it daily. It is most effective when used on a daily basis. It is there for you dear ones, have perfect faith in its healing abilities to restore your chakras and auric field back into perfect working vitality.

Many of you who know me are aware that I work within the Base Chakra. It is very important to be fully grounded in order to live your life and follow the path that has been laid out for you in the most efficient way. It is understood that many dear children of God are unaware of their divine plan. Each part of your plan is exposed or given to you in steps and stages according to your readiness. None of you are in the middle of nowhere or without clarity of who you TRULY are. When you ask, “What is my own personal and unique divine plan?” listen dear ones to your heart. Look at all your achievements that are derived from your own perseverance. Some dear ones discover their purpose through verbalizing I AM statements or affirmations. What your purpose is right now is not hiding from you. Seek within dear ones and seek with an open heart with no clouds and no Ego that will cause nagging self-doubt. In time you will come to trust in your intuition and believe in yourself more and more. And I and other Masters, angels and guides will be right there alongside you cheering you towards your own individual spiritual victory that will deeply effect your personal growth and living.

My love for each dear child of God is as endless as Time. The peace you are in search of is already within your grasp. Embrace the compassion that fills your heart and share it with the world.

And so it is,
Ascended Master Serapis Bey
through Julie Miller

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sharing Communicates Truth: The Truth Heals. And the Very Purpose of Life Is to Discover Our True Identity & That True Identity, It Turns Out, Is God

Thank you SaLuSa, GFL, Blossom, Greg and Steve!
*** gavin

As Our Projects Begin…

Various spokespeople for the Galactic Federation are telling is that our time to serve is either here or will arrive soon. SaLuSa representing the Galactic Federation had this to say on the subject on March 9, 2012:

It is as you might say a time when it is all hands on deck, as you enter a period when changes will take place in rapid succession. For many reasons, those who are Lightworkers will be called upon to involve themselves in many tasks, that they have prepared for over many lives.” (1)

The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles said much the same on March 15:

We will recruit as many of you as needed to assist in these great tasks, and your training sessions will also move ahead at a brisk pace. This is why we ask you to remain sharp and remain focused. It will be soon that you will be called upon in service, and you will be expected to bring your best with you and reach your greatest potential as a member of the Galactic Federation of Light.” (2)

The GF through Blossom essentially agreed on March 19:

Before you came to this planet … before you even moved into the human status … you agreed to assist in this very time you are in NOW … to change the state of the situation . Each of you, en masse, understood what would need to be done at the appointed time. Each one of you will recall your position when it is necessary.” (3)

Of course there’ll be many who are not lightworkers, but lightholders, and for them these messages may not apply. Both roles are important. A lightworker feels a desire to serve; a lightholder feels a desire to potentiate, actualize, or realize. My understanding is that people will know who has chosen which path.

If the call to serve doesn’t resonate with you, by all means pass it by. Each of us must follow the path of his or her own dharma so I speak at the moment only to lightworkers.

Blogsites are multiplying as we lightworkers get the word out. Radio shows are opening. Videos are being produced. I haven’t heard of any TV shows since Alfred Webre began his but those too may commence at some point, as may meet-ups, lectures, and conferences. (There may not be time for movies except perhaps like Thrive.) But what I wanted to discuss here are some things to expect and consider as we begin our projects.

The first thing I wanted to mention is that teams and groups may find their projects going through stages or phases and the three most important phases to consider at this point are (1) the honeymoon, (2) the tug-of-war, and (3) the coalescence.

In the honeymoon, the team has just committed itself and marvels at the prospect of cooperation before them. All seems possible. The future looks bright. The team begins as a marriage might, with the highest expectations of smooth sailing and a successful partnership and conclusion.

And then “harsh reality” may set in in the tug-of-war phase. Here, the first disagreements occur and people realize that they may indeed have different means and ends. People may be committed to their own vision of the project and others may be equally committed to theirs, the two of them being perhaps different, perhaps divergent.

Shock occurs as people realize that all may not be smooth sailing. People begin to resort to their winning ways, bargaining, posturing, push and pull, and all the other moves that people make to try to get their way.

If increasing resistance is met, people may begin to share amongst each other, gossiping and complaining about others in an effort to gain a sympathetic ear or even allies. Groups start polarizing and may even fall apart at this stage. Many groups don’t reach the coalescence stage. Many wonderful projects founder here and leave no trace. A good idea, a flash in the pan, an idea before its time.

At this stage, it’s necessary to stop the gossiping in sidebar discussions. Sidebars bleed the energy off and prevent resolution. Stopping them calls for commitment on one’s own part not to gossip and not to collude with others who wish to. It takes resolve to funnel the disagreements back into the group where they can be addressed and completed. And once they’re funneled back in, then the group itself, or mediators within the group, need to assist those having disagreements to see their way through. And that’s where the two most important tools that promote coalescence come into play.

The two most nurturing, practical and empowering tools any group has to get itself through the tug-of-war phase and into coalescence are sharing and listening.

What is sharing? Sharing is a form of communication in which an individual reveals him or herself. I don’t mean sharing as in “share and share alike.” I mean it rather as in telling another who we are in the matter under discussion.

There again however, I don’t mean it as in telling another what we like and don’t like or talking to get strokes or be affirmed. I mean it as in sharing what is basic for us, essential, the ground we stand on, our principles, our commitments, and, equally important, our feelings.

Sharing means openness, transparency, vulnerability. Many people feel acute discomfort about sharing how they truthfully feel. Those who do experience connection and immense relief. Those who don’t, experience increasing isolation and stress. What we refuse to share owns us and runs us so sharing these things releases us and reconnects us with the group.

Most often what we don’t disclose to another, and what constitutes THE missing piece for them, is how we feel. How something sits with us, how it impacts us, how it resonates is what is lacking in most other people’s knowledge of us and is the piece which, known, allows them, and in fact attracts them, to relate to us from a position of comfort and compassion.

If we favor withholding, we usually do so because we’re up against our history of having been hurt by others, disappointed, rejected, abandoned, etc. But without sharing how we feel, people may feel they don’t know us and need to guard themselves against us. They may be suspicious of those who won’t disclose.

What is it about sharing that heals, attracts, and nourishes? The most important aspect of it for me is that sharing communicates the truth, responsibly and harmlessly. The truth heals. The truth is what all of us, all life forms, seek. We are here on this Earth to know the truth about ourselves. The very purpose of life is to discover our true identity and that true identity, it turns out, is God. When one of us discovers the truth about ourselves in a moment of enlightenment, God meets God. That is the moment for which all of life was created.

The way God designed life, to the best of my knowledge, is that deception binds but the truth sets us free. The more lies we tell, the more our stress increases and our awareness decreases. The more truth we share, the more our stress decreases and our awareness increases. Or so it seems.

Sharing is the great leveller, the great equalizer. All shares are born equal. The millionaire’s share is as valid as the pauper’s share. How many times have I seen a person cop to the fact that, though all other circumstances in their life may be unequal, the share of one is precisely equal to the share of all the others. Perhaps one has to participate in a group to really see this. It becomes instantly visible the minute the people in a group begin to share (and they usually don’t begin to share right away).

A share is verifiable only by me. No one else knows what is true for me and I know only by submitting my share to my inner voice. If I’m telling the truth, I’ll be set free from tension and resistance; if I’m not telling the truth, tension and resistance will grow. In this sense, sharing the truth is foolproof. One cannot fool the inner voice. One cannot fool the divine plan. Events in life have been arranged such that the truth will set us free and only the truth. Money will not. Attractiveness will not. Power will not. Only the truth brings release.

I can tell whether I shared the truth by seeing whether I feel increasing or decreasing relief. No release, I have not shared the truth. Time to try again. Time to see what I’m withholding and share that. Increasing relief? Good. I’m on the right track.

But of equal importance to a deep and open share is focused and committed listening – the second tool a group has to move through the tug-of-war phase. A share with no listener is like a tree falling in the forest that no one hears. It may as well not have happened. Why a share without a listener is nowhere near as effective as a share with a razor-sharp, committed listener is not easily known to me. I do know that my own effectiveness in sharing goes down by an order-of-magnitude when I see that the other is not listening. I know well that feeling of being let down and almost giving up.

Most people don’t listen, whatever it is they think they’re doing. Mostly they’re framing their next share or talking to themselves for other reasons. They simply pretend to share by aiming their face at the speaker or remaining silent until the first moment when they can cut back in and take the speaker’s turn.

Committed listening has a multiplier effect on deep sharing. Each element of a share that is fully heard almost seems to disappear as an item and yield place to the next element as if listening were the match and each share was a particle in a trail of gunpowder. Most people when they have this depth of listening eventually reach the explosive Aha! moment: they see what it is that’s driving them, eluding them, or tying them up in knots.

The Aha! is veritably the explosion that occurs when the fire passes along the length of the gunpowder trail – guaranteed to happen and only a question of time. That’s how I see it after years of observation.

I endeavor to listen to every word and recreate the emotion with which it’s said, re-experience whatever the speaker is experiencing, and, without being intrusive, mirror back that I am listening and following each sentence. I look upon each sentence as a potential chapter heading, to be unravelled if necessary. I intend to know the truth of whatever I need to know, however long it takes.

I allow a person to say their whole story once straight through, with minimal interruption, so they get a sense of the sum of events. Then I ask them how they feel about what they’ve just said and allow them to tell the story again at a feeling level. We then cycle through a third time to see if any events or any energy remains.

When they reach their Aha! moment, usually all they want to do is get off the phone or out the door and report what they saw to their loved ones. I don’t require them to go back into their story after that. That usually only re-triggers the issue or upset.

In a group, the tug-of-war communication may be between two people with disagreements. In that case, one speaker may wish to talk to the other person the disagreement is with or to a mediator with the other person listening in. The mediator would want to know what happened, what it represents to the speaker, how they feel about it, what earlier incident it reminds the speaker of, how they felt then, what they see now, and what they’d like to see happen. Sharing works best without interruption except for periodic indications that the speaker is being heard, followed, and understood. Then the other person gets a chance.

It may be necessary to cycle through both people one more time. It may be that no agreement is reached. Perhaps a third avenue of proceeding is agreed upon rather than the way preferred by either party. But usually simply fully expressing the issues that are there is enough to bring a meeting of the minds or an agreement to disagree, amicably.

Interestingly, once the issues have been shared and heard, and both people are no longer immersed in all the issues, the resentment and stuckness seems to evaporate and both parties find themselves back at the status quo ante, which usually is the last point of agreement. It can sometimes be a shortcut to ask both parties to simply go back to the last point of agreement. As trust and relationship is built, it becomes easier and easier just to take that short cut.

Deep sharing and committed listening are the two most valuable tools to get a team through the tug-of-war phase and into the coalescence phase. All that is basically human seems visible in or arises from the ability of one person to share with another and be heard. I’m not sure why such a great deal rests upon unimpeded and open communication but it seems that it does. There appears to be very little that cannot be gotten through by deep sharing and committed listening.

Finally we reach the coalescence phase when people feel they trust and understand each other. Cooperation is now possible. When issues arise, people fall back on their love and regard for each other and don’t want to press their issues. Instead they either let them go for the good of the team or work them through themselves or in concert with their team mates. In this phase people love to share and listen, equally. Times together can be rich and rewarding.

They freely share the impact of each other’s plans or actions on them or on the team, as they see it. They look for solutions. They share power. They come forward when needed and move into the background when not needed. In the coalescence phase, people do what works and what they do works, as Werner Erhard said many years ago.

The team works as a team and succeeds in what they do. Less needs to be said and all conversations are deep shares and committed listening. The team is interested in little else. It isn’t that a coalesced team sees no more issues; it’s more that they’ve built a bond on a firm foundation and can weather the issues that arise.

Good luck with your projects as we leave the part of 2012 that had most to do with us as individuals and enter the part that seems to have more to do with us as teams.


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