Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Judge Others For Their TRUTH, Be It Negative or Positive, KNOW YOUR TRUTH & Continue Forth In the Highest Vibration You Can Reach…In EVERY Moment

Thank you Blossom and Steve!
*** gavin

Sir Steve Beckow! Blossom on Steve's failed space Jaunt

Ok , my twopence worth … One small step for man … One Giant leap for mankind!

MAN-KIND … and this is what we are … Loving, Kind souls of Light and that is what we shall continue to be … no matter what we are confronted with. We will not succumb to the naysayers and those who wish us ill … We WILL however shine our Light stronger and brighter than ever in the knowledge that there are souls on Earth such as Sir Steve Beckow … who are prepared to take their honour and integrity to the very edge of the cliff and indeed then TRUST and jump off … in the name of Love and Truth!

Did he fly? Yes, in the eyes of those who understand. For it is not in the ‘happening’ or the ‘non happening’ it is in the ‘doing of’ and recognising the energy that the event caused. Look around you folks … did we Lighten up the planet with excitement once again? YES WE DID. Because of the KNOWING in our very hearts that IT WAS POSSIBLE!

Oct 14th did the same. So many consider it to be a failure … a no show … not me … Knowing what I know … it changed the vibration of the planet and woke many … as indeed news of this trip did … so should it be anyone’s Truth that this was all ‘the darks ‘doing … whoo hoo , THE LIGHT won again!!

How many of us had bags packed and waiting … I did! PROUD TO ADMIT IT! I had such fun as I ‘lightly packed’ … yet oh! … How would I survive ten days without my hairdryer, especially with that press call at the end of it!


I was ready … I had so much excitement in my inbox from those who I was going to meet, after only being in contact with them via email … oh my oh my , it was fabulous!!

Did I have doubts?? Der!!! OF COURSE … I AM HUMAN … yet as much as HUMANLY POSSIBLE I chose to remain in the Highest Vibration about the trip … I had NO DOUBTS it COULD happen … yet ,there were times I had doubts that it WOULD … and when I did … I changed my vibe … simple as that!

Memories of FEELINGS of Oct 14th 2008 presented themselves … more so in empathy for Steve … in fact he did write to me saying ‘now he knew how I felt on Oct 13th!’… And even THEN for me … members of family and close friends had NO doubts … it was me looking up at the stars at night saying ‘ You’d better ****** show up!’

Truth is …would I turn back time if I could and NOT have sent the message out? NOPE SIREE BOB! I did what I came here to do, simple as that … and Steve has done the same. The depths to which this ‘fearless’ act shall reach as time continues will become apparent … and IT’S ALL GOOD!

That’s the marvellous thing … we who KNOW … KNOW that this really doesn’t matter on another level. It’s just part of the elevation plan! WE KNOW THAT deep inside.

For those who struggle with that … think about it … If you are down and confused and angry about it … what is it that you need to look at? Certainly not Steve and his position in all of this … and indeed not Linda. To me without question … both these souls’ intentions are for the good of all. They have bravely laid themselves open to all this … with nothing other than the intent of serving humanity … so to those who choose to slag them off, I suggest you do some serious soul searching as to why you are FEELING the way you do.

I am so happy that Steve is FEELING so detached from it. Yet more proof of his enlightened Being.

OUR JOB HERE IS TO BE LOVE AND LIGHT! That’s it … how hard do you want to make it?

From what I gather there is so much that we are ‘not in a position‘ to understand … when we are in a different position … we will .

So until then … Let’s get a grip … CONTINUE DOING WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO.

What YOU CHOOSE to consider to be TRUTH on the ‘TRIP TO THE STARS’ is your Divine right … Don’t be influenced by ANYONE’S thoughts on the matter OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. And when YOU KNOW YOUR TRUTH about it, or indeed ANYTHING … then be happy … whatever ‘your take’ on it maybe.

Do not judge others for their TRUTH on it , be it negative or positive … just KNOW YOUR TRUTH and continue forth in the Highest Vibration you can reach … in THIS moment … and in EVERY moment … keep your LOVING vibe high, so High it LIGHTS UP the skies!

There can be no plight nor fight for the Light. You are of it … you are in it … it really comes down to how high or low you choose to have your dimmer switch.

I simply cannot leave without saying:

MR STEVE BECKOW … THANK YOU … for all you have done, are doing and shall continue to do. You are one of the finest examples of how a human BEing should BE.

I cannot keep up with all that is being said and written about this topic but please let us not forget Linda Dillon. Her Being could certainly use some Golden Rays at this time too.


Our planet without doubt is beautiful … yet there are plenty of humans that clearly need some working on! How can we do that? …

GOLDEN RAYS people … send out those GOLDEN RAYS …
with lashings and lashings of
Love Light and Laughter to accompany it.
Blossom xxx

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