Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Hone and Develop Our Inner Awareness By Going Within Our Energy Field, Practicing, Re-Membering, Experiencing From Our Higher/Inner Sensory System

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Evolving Beyond Our Five Senses to Be the New Human

In this most recent time phase of human experience, we have been very outwardly focused, relying almost entirely on our five senses.

Our higher awareness never left us.

The patterns we've developed over the past ten thousand years are quite rigid yet they must be broken to evolve humanity, starting with ourselves. The higher frequencies now returning into/onto this planet at this time actually help us to re-member; re-member who we Are, why we are here and what we can we be. Our higher (we would say inner) awareness is a vital component to creating and residing in a reality beyond the 3D.

We hone and develop our inner awareness by going within our energy field, practicing, re-membering, experiencing from our higher/inner sensory system. We access rejuvenation, wisdom, insights, peace, love and joy, all from with-In our energy field.

Humanity's methods of learning have also been outwardly focused. Hence, we look outside ourselves for insights on how to go within. Notice the paradox? Accessing your Divine With-In is ideally discovered by making time for it, experimenting and discovering a process that works for you. Disconnecting from the five senses, going into the magical levels of our Core essence, allowing the higher/inner senses to engage and re-connect with our conscious awareness... Releasing our attachment on the five sensory experience, trusting Our ability to use our higher awareness systems, allowing it to be as real as the five sensory 3D experience. Allowing it to be real without facts, figures, or physical "proof". Can we really do this? That is your decision. For me yes, every moment since I re-membered, honing and further developing by using my higher sensory system in all aspects of my human experience. To evolve from our Dark Age experience, this is integral, this is critical. It takes some practice, yet the rewards are rich, and necessary for continuing to truly expand our consciousnesss and shift out of a learning phase into our re-membering phase of experience, tapping into the Mastery we already Are, bringing in to our Earthly planes the New Human, us.


Jill Renee Feeler
Member of the Guardian Council of the Golden Ray

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