Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Knew that What you were to Experience would be Anything but a Bed of Roses by John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!
Jesus postingAs I, and all the other channels, keep advising you all is proceeding as divinely planned. The Divine Plan is always followed, precisely. It often does not seem like that to you, buried in the illusion as you are, and experiencing all the stress, conflicts, and disappointments that the illusion is so good at providing for you.
You all chose to be on Earth at this moment in Her history, the moment when Her amazing spiritual Awakening would occur, because you all, without exception, wished to assist most powerfully in the Awakening process, and to be present to enjoy it as it happened.
When you made that decision, you knew that what you were to experience would be anything but a bed of roses, nevertheless you decided to enter the illusion once more to assist all the apparently lost souls, who remain unaware and uninterested in a spiritual Awakening let alone in spiritual evolution, into a much higher state of consciousness.
You also knew, before you made that courageous and daunting decision, that you could not fail to fulfill your individual tasks in this momentous undertaking – helping all of humanity to move into a much higher and far more fulfilling state of consciousness where you all could and would once more access awareness of your Divine nature as essential parts of the One, the Source: God.
All sentient beings are inseparable aspects of the One, and the fact that untold numbers are unaware of their Divine heritage is due to the incredibly real-seeming illusory environment that you chose to build and inhabit upon your Earth School. Within it, you do experience intense pain and suffering, and what you experience would be utterly unconscionable if it were real. It is not. But until you Awaken, that will not be apparent.
Those of you who follow the spiritual channels, blogs, pod-casts, and alternate news sites, while also contributing to them, do have your work cut out to maintain your faith in God’s Love for you all as you witness, with heartfelt compassion, the intense suffering that so many are undergoing, and in which many of you are also personally partaking.
God does not want or require sacrifice from anyone. He desires only that you live in eternal joy. At the deepest levels of your Being you know this, and have always known this.
However, you have free will, and will always have it, as Love does not impose, confine, or limit in any way. You are Love, eternally free, and you have used that freedom, that free will, and built the current illusion on Earth to experience separation and individuality. In doing so, you provided yourselves with the space in which to experience what seems to you to be an incredibly fearful state of total desertion and abandonment.
When you made that choice freely and enthusiastically, you had absolutely no idea where it might lead you, and now here you are in an environment in which distrust, deceit, betrayal, conflict, and suffering have become endemic. BUT, due to God’s eternal Love for you, and due to the fact that there is nothing outside of Him, what you are presently experiencing remains, as it always was, an unreal dream or nightmare.
Now it is about to fade away as the Love from which you were all created expands through each one of you, enveloping all, and moving you all inevitably forward into the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day, where shadows like the illusion are not supported and cannot survive.
You all want out of the illusion! And so do all the billions of apparently lost souls who are unaware that it is an illusion and are seemingly ensnared within it. Their desire is for freedom, security, and abundance, but that is only available outside the illusion, at Home in the Presence of God. That is where you are going . . . Home. You are powerful Beings – you are Divine Beings, so how could you possibly not be powerful when you were created by your Father and lovingly gifted with everything that He has.
That being the case, then your intent and your collective decision to Awaken ensures that nothing can prevent it. Focus your attention on the certainty that you are to Awaken, and intend to be open to receive and accept the abundant energy of the current of Love that is gently and inexorably sweeping you homewards.
Because you are all Divine Beings, at One with your Father, then your will must be in complete alignment with His, no other will is possible. And, as you have been told so often, His Will is that you experience eternal joy, therefore your only option is to Awaken into His divine Reality. Live expectantly knowing that you will, and by so doing reduce the stress and anxiety that your long journey has been causing you.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by JohnSmallman2. Wordpress.com

Monday, April 28, 2014

1 Ix, 17 Kank'in, 10 Caban by Galactic Federation of Light, Spiritual Hierarchy and Sheldan Nidle

Thank you GFL, SH and Sheldan!

Dratzo! Events continue to happen behind the scenes! A number of key edicts were signed and then summarily ignored by the dark these past couple of weeks. This ultimately is a grand faux pas for the dark. It has only intensified the need to legally or otherwise push this dark cabal from power in a number of major nations. Implementing N.E.S.A.R.A. is now a major priority for the various coalitions that are moving to free humanity from their grasp. This is occurring, as the dark remains able to provide its major minions with a seemingly endless degree of wealth. This wealth is wrapped in the pain and suffering of most of your populations. We are constantly disgusted by what is happening. Yet this new focus, with our assistance, can now lead you to a swift victory. Many actions are afoot, and we expect visible results to manifest quickly. Timed events are now progressing through a number of meetings that we held with our earthly allies. The dark's arrogance is to cost them dearly and cause their defeat. Their demise is to lead to new governance and a new financial system tied into a great prosperity for all.

   What the ancient families and the many secret sacred societies realize is that a special bond, broken by the heinous deeds of Atlantis, needs to be restored. The Anunnaki carried on with their policies over the past 13 millennia. The bond between Agartha, Earth's surface humanity, and the Galactic Federation requires a most public restoration. This event is really to be the seed that births a new solar-system-wide star nation. Those who are currently finishing off the dark cabal understand this and are working with our liaisons to make this an open reality. What is next for you is not just a new monetary system. It is, in fact, the foundation for a series of reunions that are to return you to a number of noble truths. The most important of these is your off-world origins and your relationship with your galactic human family. Next, there is your connection to all life in physicality. We are all, in essence, physical angels. We possess a mutual responsibility to unfold the divine plan here and throughout physicality! 

   Various responsibilities were abandoned by the dark when they plunged you into the travails of limited consciousness... the pinnacle being the Fall of Atlantis. This scurrilous act was the precursor to all that you encountered over the past 13 millennia. We watched as these dark ones worked carefully with their allies in the Anchara continuum to continue to deny you your natural sovereignty and work deviously to turn you into a slave race. This abomination is to end now! You are in reality being returned step-by-step to your former Fully Conscious state. We are here to assist in this special process and to permit you to once again work in harmony with Gaia and the rest of the planets that surround your great Sun! This star nation is truly to be a most incredible and welcome member of the Galactic Federation of Light. You are the key to a galactic peace and to a grand union that is to encompass all sentient beings residing in this galaxy.  In this context, you are in fact the prophesized lynchpin for the next series of epochs that comprise our mutual histories.

   Your Ascended Masters of your various religions live in harmony in Agartha and are the forerunners for what is now occurring. You need to visualize Gaia and Her many sister worlds as living beings who possess special qualities given them by the Creator. We have a sacred duty to protect and sustain a wide variety of eco-systems on these planets. Moreover, we require a special relationship with the Sun and these interrelated realms. Each world shares a great unity with Her sisters. Our mission is to use our time on these worlds to make them well and to sustain an interlocked, diverse and wondrous series of eco-systems. Each star nation sees this as a primary shared duty. We discuss this with each other and work to spread the energies of the Divine throughout this galaxy. We are blessed, and intend to bless each part of this galaxy with our sacred works. These deeds aid us in gaining a better understanding of how physicality was born and how we can assist in its effortless expansion. We are special WayShowers and unfolders of the Divine plan.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Much is happening around this globe! At present, our blessed associates are freeing you from the clutches of the dark cabal's intent to start some type of a major conflagration. These efforts are doomed to failure. The global reset of the world's currency is now occurring along with the growing Announcements of many nations to move toward a precious metal currency. Hence, international banking is slipping from their grasp as new and strict banking regulations come into effect. These are mere preliminaries to what lies directly ahead. N.E.S.A.R.A. is to be implemented shortly. Associates have made great inroads with a series of secret meetings between themselves and a group consisting of the ancient families and those who are recipients of vast depositories of gold, silver and precious stones. Their purpose is to legally overthrow those who now control many of the world's governments. 

   Your world stands on the brink of a new reality. The change in currencies and the new banking system are just the beginning of a pathway that is leading to N.E.S.A.R.A. This development is to free you from the last attempt by the cabal to stay in power. While all of this is happening, Heaven is preparing to give you a higher set of gold and silver cords. These are to invoke in you a degree of increased bouts with headaches accompanied by a general queasiness and a feeling that you are shaking inside. These symptoms are to abate as you become more accustomed to a higher energy field flowing throughout your body. These alterations are to prepare you for the coming of your Galactic Federation mentors. With these transformations in place, you are ready to have them interact with you on a daily basis.

   This time is one for healing and for an acceptance that the moment for great changes has arrived. The Heavens are strongly proclaiming your spiritual and physical liberation from the lies and manipulations of the dark ones. Heaven is decreeing that you are now to start the path to your physical Ascension. This is why you are seeing events that are gathering momentum for a final event that is to gently allow you to enter a new reality filled with prosperity, new governance, and the instruction by us of various truths that are to set the stage for a wondrous Reunion with your spiritual and space families. We are your heavenly shepherds. We gather forth the vast flocks of humanity and steer you onto a path that is to allow you a return to Full Consciousness. It is then that we can fully instruct you on your great heavenly responsibilities. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   Today, we continued our ongoing message and informed you of what is now occurring globally. These events, as they manifest, are to permit you to veer away from the vile manipulations of the dark cabal. Much good news is given. Nonetheless, each is to happen in a timely and fruitful manner! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
by GFL, SH and Sheldan Nidle


Montague Keen - April 27, 2014

Thank you Monty and Veronica!

Veronica had sad news this morning. A lady who has been a very dear friend for 34 years is not well at all. This is very upsetting for her. Please send love and light to her friend.

The Cabal is becoming careless. Its activities are becoming more obvious to those of you who are awake. All that was masked and hidden from view, you must now research and act upon. I ensured that Veronica watched the YouTube video, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK by Rosa Koire, to ensure that she could see clearly what was being done to take control of Planet Earth. What they are doing they dress up in language that suggests that it is all for your benefit. They want to take everything from you and leave you helpless and hopeless.

Are you going to allow this to happen without standing up for your inalienable rights? Those who are SELLING you the Green Agenda are implementing Agenda 21. They are using all sorts of camouflage in order to fool you and confuse you, and lull you into a false sense of security.

You are intelligent beings of light who are now stepping into the light. You are refusing to behave like sheep which are easily led. They have hidden Agenda 21 in so many different guises in an attempt to fool you. You must understand that they will never, ever, do anything that would benefit you. They do not want you but they do want what you have!

They want control of your world, with just a few of you alive, to be their slaves. You do not have time to waste. You must remember that together, you are strong. Many of those in the ARMY are beginning to recognise that they are just killing machines, carrying out Agenda 21. Some of these soldiers are now refusing to kill again. This fact, alone, is a great step forward.

I implore you to keep up the meditations on the obelisks and ley lines. You are seeing the results, though some may not be fully aware of this as yet. You are releasing the Earth's energies; restoring your planet to the light. Every effort, no matter how small, is important and necessary.

The 1st May, BELTAINE, is a day on which to redouble your efforts, as the Cabal will be using its energies against you. Simply return to them, what they are sending to you. I told you that 2014 is a most important year. The next few months are extremely important, so please put as much effort as possible into your meditations. Forget race or religion: you are the human race, struggling for your survival. Together, we will ensure that your planet will survive the attacks of the Cabal. It is important that you do not accept anything at face value, no matter how it is dressed up to fool you. It is not in the Cabal's interest to help you in any way at all.

They entrap those whose mission it is to release humanity from bondage. I ask that you send love and light to one individual who is being manipulated and controlled at this time in order to try to prevent him completing his mission. Every method is being used against him: mind control, sleep deprivation, opiates in food, etc. He is going through a terrible ordeal and he needs your help to enable him to release himself from this trap.

Yet again, I remind you that nothing is as it seems. Keep this in mind and it will help you to see through the propaganda that is designed and used to entrap you. The advertising world is run by the Cabal and its purpose is to deceive you into believing that you cannot live without their products. The most heavily promoted products are the ones that will do you the most harm. Everything that would actually benefit you, is removed and controlled. They are systematically destroying your planet and many of you are assisting them. But no career is worth the destruction of all that is necessary for Man to survive. The bottom line is that you are killing your own race, and yourself as well. Can you look at your reflection in the mirror and say, "I never did anything that would endanger humanity or my planet". You are living in treacherous times. You have everything to lose unless you take positive action. We, in Spirit, are doing our utmost to help you through this, but we need your input. Together, we can do it.

It takes courage to stand up for truth and justice and to refuse to be bought off by false promises or the prospect of an easy life. Refuse to poison your fellow man with fluoride which is added to the water supply. Refuse all products that contain it. Check all foods for the poisons which have been added, often under several different names, in an attempt to confuse you. They change the names of additives which they know can cause illness and distress. Remember, there are no SIDE EFFECTS; in reality, there are only EFFECTS.

All factions of the Cabal are now fighting amongst themselves. They are fighting for their survival. This is when they will make mistakes, so please be observant at all times. There is no honour among thieves. Look behind the public facade and see the true picture. This infighting has taken them by surprise. They were not prepared.

All the stargates on your planet are heavily guarded by the most evil REPTILIANS. You need the help of very powerful psychics to remove them. But you can also use your minds to accomplish this. Your ley line work will disturb them, so direct your energies to the stargates and consciously free them. Remove the reptilians. Use the POWER OF LOVE to connect with the stargates, as the reptilians cannot survive in an atmosphere of love. It is only your fear and stress that makes them seem powerful.


What are you waiting for?
Wake up to the power of your minds: use them to restore peace, health and happiness to your world.

Many return to Earth with missions to fulfill. They are often lured off course, and this is confusing; for despite the change in their path, you still want to believe in them. However, there is nothing to say that they will not return to the honest path. They have FREE WILL. So check to see whether a person is on the right path or not.

Fear is a weapon of the Cabal. Some people become so fearful that they are too scared to go against the Cabal, or they become infatuated by material gain. Things change from day to day. Those within the Cabal are experts at controlling people and they have had many years of experience.

Concentrate on Rome, as the collapse of the Vatican will bring down all that is corrupt in your world. The face they show you, bears no resemblance to what is actually happening or to what they are planning. Do not be fooled by their carefully selected words which they hope will lure you into submission. For words is all they are. They have no substance and they are not to be trusted. One day soon, you will look back in wonder at what you have achieved by working together and acting as one. You will see that you were able to restore the Earth's energies to humanity.

Be kind to yourself, my dear. We need you to keep your strength up.

I wish to thank all who support our work. We are a great team.
With my love, always. Your adoring, Monty.

The Office of Poofness: April 27, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!
poof 1Greetings and Salutation:
Poof said: 
You are asking about what the plans are for handling the vast corruption that has occurred… Let me tell you they are complicated and they are afoot right now. The changes that are coming are those I told you about years ago. The plans have been a long time maturing but they do know what they are doing and they have found the resources to make a major shift in the balance of power… The “family” as they are called, the old timers, and the ones who have been groomed have heard the call and are ready to step in. You do not want a revolution on your hands, not at all.
You do not want to have the powers to come raining down on your heads. You want to be subtle and truthful that is a good thing. Just believe and do what you are instructed to do. Be discreet and do not stir the pot with name calling and accusations. Pay attention to your own needs, do what’ s best for all concerned.
I am telling you that the whole thing is materializing and no one needs to stir any pots, make any waves, or do anything that will cause consternation. That part is done. You have been put in readiness for this to finally occur.  The quiet before the storm is right now. Be at peace with that.  -Poof
ZAP says:
Hi all,
Over the last months, many events have occurred. The timing of these events remain largely secret, and information is allowed to come out a bit after the fact for security reasons.
All the events spoken of in my writings has occurred, and a few more items will be done before everything is released to the public. The May 15 timeline for public RV announcements is one item that stands out.
It is at this point when all the pieces are to come to a point and our humanity begins to see tangible results of the events that have occurred.
The reports of the RV and confirmation thereof still keep coming in, as well as the reports of money movement, so that is a given fact right now.
Q: Dear Susan and Zap, Blessings to you both. I was concerned when I read today s post. The following text I copied below was posted verbatim over one week ago by the White Hats Auxiliary, and according to my notes from my own intel this last Thursday BIS event was back some three or so weeks ago. Yet it is written as if these events just occurred. The only thing different is talk of the historic downloads, yet I am speaking directly to the man who does those downloads for the historic A/O accounts which I have spoken to you about. Seems to me the system is trying to circumvent and try to break the codes which I have been assured they will not be able to. I also am party to a large Q bond and several small ones, yet no purple bacon has landed on my plate or have I been notified of any purple pigs on the radar. What say you to these things? – SMDW
ZAP – Pretty accurate. Although the sequence was set for the releases at the BIS level, the conclusion was as stated. Takes a bit of time to get everything out, especially with the roadblocks. In respect to the S2S, certain accounts were opened for this purpose, and the security is monumental. It is true that the other side is desperately trying to break codes, access accounts, and steal as much as they can, but they will not be able to this time. Even the doctor who is sitting in a plush chair and has tried to steal a chip. There is much behind that I cannot talk about, and have to do a bit of skating still. Wait for the bacon. It is coming.
Q: This for ZAP “the all knowing”, I have been with Poof since the 80′s that is a lot of years and I have contributed to his questions and made donations to keep it going. Your recent posts are unreal… There are no change announcements on the media channels, and that is the essence of the game…There are no TRN announced. So what is wrong with your prediction…It is all wrong.
ZAP – The public announcements come after the internal stuff is done at all times. So although you will not find anything official, you may find the occasional snippet here and there that will point you in the right direction.
I want to believe in all you are saying, but it is difficult since you have not backed with REAL announcements. So what is going on? Are you just stringing us along?
Wait for it. Remember am not here to make money off you by posting. I am here to give a reasonable picture of the current landscape, and my information does come from the very highest levels that are doing these events.
Please I would like for your followers a specific announcement that is not backed by failed announcements by the press. I realize that this is a battle but who is winning?
ZAP – Soon, all this will be public. In the meantime, relax a bit. I do understand the frustrations.
ZAP – I am inserting (a post) from Rumor Mill News that it seems to be true.
Reader A writes: Re: *** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** /….
Hobie, As usual, the Gurus go on and on with predictions, and nonsensical translations of Iraqi news, and it’s just the same old, same old. Nothing changes, none of the predictions come to pass, and the same “IMHO” go unfulfilled. Even Tony, whom I believed was one of the most credible of the Gurus, is sounding like a broken record. The callers ask the same questions over and over and over.
ZAP – Sure. No news means a holding pattern. Not much to say.
The only thing that I find true is that the currency dealers are still selling Dinars for $980 per million, or thereabouts. If there was any chance of an RV happening soon, I’ll bet the sales of the large denomination would cease quickly.
ZAP – Very soon yes.
The Nazi Bush Family grabbed trillions of dinars during the gulf war, and I suspect are selling them to us gullible “wannaberich” folks.
ZAP – Perhaps the stuff being sold out there is part of the Fench print runs.
Therefore, I don’t look for any RV any time soon, nor the much-ballyhooed GCR. The so-called gold backed TRN’s “have been in the banks” for months, and still not being distributed. I think that’s another myth. And that’s MY opinion.
ZAP – TRN is in limited circulation in Europe. The rest is underway and chugging along. The RV was already signed into existence on April 22, and that is why funds movements have occurred. And that s my opinion based on the facts i have been provided. By the way, if I was all knowing, then I would have known to watch my breakfast eggs so they would not become hard cakes because of the calls I get. Sigh.
Q: I am sorry for anyone struggling financially but to continue to put out this newsletter is a tragedy. it is filled with false hopes and to my knowledge anything in the newsletter has ever occurred. I realize you are putting out possibilities but to feed people such drivel and false hope when so much hope is needed is almost a crime. I pray that this newsletter ceases to exist for the good of all. – WZ
ZAP – Is it? I would disagree. Hope is important to all of us, including me. I speak not to drivel and false hopes, but I am supremely frustrated by the delays. The only thing that alleviates that is knowing all is perfect anyways, and that shortly, our humanity will breathe. You will too. The info and various other intel I receive is accurate I have found, so I have faith.
Q: There is still just so much good news from Iraq and IMF…I believe we are in the final round of a fight and there is a countdown.  I know for a fact there is a time table involved with this process. I am hearing they will strictly adhere to this table.  There is an end date and the date is fast approaching. The GOI and CBI are stalling for time. They are ready and have been ready now for a very long time to RV their currency and get it announced internationally There has been great progress made, especially in the last week however I know there is now still an involved entity being given instructions to hold this up. They have verbally and on paper agreed to all changes but still find reasons not to fully implement and complete the RV process.  They have been given instructions by the IMF multiple times in the recent 72 hours to activate and let this RV go, however they continue to stall.
ZAP – RV is done though, but the key elements that will allow the public announcement are not complete yet.
This group of people I will call this ‘elite entity’ do not want this RV to happen since they are making billions every time it is delayed. Everything is about dollars and cents with these people and the power money holds. So the changes that are coming (that are inevitable) is not in line with their past structure of power and influence. They have verbally and on paper agreed to all changes but still find reasons not to fully implement and complete the RV process. We know this for fact since they control the rollout process to the exchanges and the activation at the USA banks. This is about certain very wealthy families and their power over the government and politics of the USA. It is about you researching and learning who these individuals are and which political leaders allow themselves to be puppets for their worldly objectives.
ZAP – Bang on the button again. However, when the dust settles, there will be a reckoning.
Q: Dear Sir, It is being summarized on the internet, that there is a group of individuals who have been fighting the revaluation process of the IQD.  They appear to be certain very wealthy families, and their power over the government and politics of the USA, is holding things back, as they do not want this RV to happen, since they are making billions every time it is delayed.
ZAP – Yes
They have verbally and on paper agreed to all changes but still find reasons not to fully implement and complete the RV process. We know this for fact since they control the rollout process to the exchanges and the activation at the USA banks. They have been given instructions by the IMF multiple times in the recent 72 hours (Tuesday through Thursday of this past week) to activate and let this RV go, however they continue to stall. My questions are:  would you care to comment on this, if you are finding this to be true, and if so, is there something the Elders can do to step in and work around this rouge group, or are we at their mercy? – MS
 ZAP – Same info as the (Intel provider Mountain) Goat, but to answer the last question, the elders are working long hours to get this all done for us, and the fight is quite strong. Know that they are doing all that they can to ensure our humanity benefits. We are definitely not at the cabal s mercy now.
Q: Greetings Susan, I look forward to your reports every week and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done, now and before your loving and honorable husband passed.  My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I have heard there is a web site or email wherein a recipient can forward their plans for helping humanity after public announcements are made.  My plan is to open a cancer/disease clinic using only alternative natural healing methods in the twin cities area of Minnesota.  I’ve had too many family and friends suffer thru this to let one more pass from this easily curable disease. Any information on who, what, when and where I can sign up would be greatly appreciated. Blessings to you and the staff, KD
ZAP – Hi KD. Glad to give a helping hand on this. Susan will respond to you and give you the email where you can submit.
CADMIC:  Intel from Canadian Bond Trader/Chinese Elders Intel from today: 4-25-14 (April 25)
“The funds have been moving today. The paymasters have funds, and are preparing for distribution. The week has been quite intense as the new infrastructure takes form and substance to achieve the beginning week goals of the Releases. Compliance teams comprised of a small army of lawyers are verifying everything and ensuring the transaction is done perfectly. Funds destined to the payees are prepared, and the process of final compliance checks and wire transfers right after, will continue for some weeks as there are many transfers.
“The RV of the dinar has caused a news blackout at the moment in Reno. This was expected. Based on all the confirmations of funds flow, transaction payments, and intelligence received from all sources, we are now preparing for the initial Project fundings to begin as early as next week. The funding capability of the Trusts and Foundations involved will be sufficient for the complete Project scope of work.
“The official start date for many Projects is now scheduled for May 15, 2014. All ******* members are advised to prepare for the changeover to the Project side.”
ZAP – That is pretty well bang on the button as well. Seems all fingers are pointing in the right direction.
Q: ZAP, I need your opinion on the role one of the World Leaders will play after the GCR and all other blessings have been received.
 ZAP – They will all get naked and dance around the fire.
I must remind you that I seek YOUR OPINION ONLY in your reply.  Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has been extremely active, even though the United States and the EU will impose new sanctions as early as tomorrow on Russian Companies and individuals close to President Vladimir Putin over the escalating crisis in Ukraine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported today. So, once again, in your opinion, what role, if any, will Pres. Putin play? Thank you for your tireless effort to save Mother Earth….GH
ZAP – He will take pictures of the dancers.
The sanctions you talk about are in direct contrast to the request by Putin for sanctions against the USA immediately after in respect of the covert support they gave to overthrow the Ukrainian government, and put that guy in power to go against Putin. This was during the Olympics which prevented him from taking action as that would have been a publicity nightmare, so he waited until the Olympics were over. Says a lot of the man and his thoughts. Remember, Russia has a treaty with Ukraine to help in times of strife, and works to the benefit of both countries and has been a great stabilizing and working force to both peoples. Why Ukrainians have no issues with Putin really, but do have issues with the guy in power now (they know what he did to them before).
The overthrow of the Ukrainian government was grounds for him to ask for similar sanctions, but did we hear about that in the news? Nope. Putin is defending his country from being torn apart by the cabal. They tried to destroy the Russian currency with their toxic instruments and currency manipulations a while back, which resulted in Putin issuing arrest warrants for cabal members. I understand bush was on that list of all things imagine that. I do not think that news made any headlines in North America though.
But, when the GCR (global currency reset) is done, I think we will find Putin to be one of the stabilizing forces in the world, as his focus has been on ensuring his country is one of the leading edge countries as far as support, reforms and reconstruction projects are concerned and that is a mouthful. I would not be concerned otherwise in any fashion.
So, bottom line is that we are still waiting. Fun, isn’t it? However, all is in progress and despite the news blackouts and lack of detail information, all is moving forward to its inevitable conclusion – and this is not a matter of months or years, but days and weeks.
And yes, the purple pigs have come to roost here and there (now that’s a picture in my head: roosting flying purple pigs), and have dropped their loads into select accounts. Some have been paid, and the rest will be. It is all good.
I have, and will pass on select info to Susan so she knows where we are at every day, since we are so close.

Intensify Your Intent and Determination to Awaken! by John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!
Jesus postingDespite your doubts and anxieties, the moment for your grand awakening draws ever closer. It seems that we have been telling you this for years, and we have, but it is still true, and thus we keep on reminding you, reinforcing the idea of its imminence, because it is your collective intent and will that is about to bring it on.
You have made the collective intent to awaken, but there is much foot dragging among you due to anxiety about what your awakening actually means, and because you are accustomed to the illusion and are familiar with all the problems with which it constantly presents you. Many also fear that the conveniences to which you have become accustomed over the last sixty or seventy years will no longer be available due to energy shortages as you use up the Earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate.
One aspect of the illusion is a strong aversion to change because change has often brought confusion, pain, and suffering, and so you choose to move ahead cautiously because impetuosity has so often led to conflict and war, and even now many of you are concerned about the possibility of a new war in the Ukraine.
Intensify your intent and determination to awaken! Doing so strengthens and enlarges the individual fields of Love that extends around each one of you, and, as you well know, Love is the solution to every issue with which you have to deal. But one of the major problems is that most of the time you do not believe it! And yet you can see clearly that anything that is in opposition to Love can never succeed in solving any of your multitudinous, and presently seemingly insoluble, problems.
Please remember that you are all Beings of Love. There are no exceptions! And yes, many are behaving unlovingly, which is due to fear and lack of trust. But maintaining those attitudes only accentuates that fear and lack of trust. All your channeled sources, all your mystics and all your wise spiritual advisers keep telling you that in the face of attack do not defend yourselves.
Because you are Beings of Love, Love is what you seek. But ingrained fears and anxieties as a result of previous conflicts tend to encourage you to approach each new meeting or interaction with suspicion and even hostility. If you would let go of those fears and approach each situation with loving intent you would be amazed at the calming effect that you have on all involved, especially as more than you had hoped for is achieved.
However, many people are permanently on the defensive and are thus enveloping themselves in energy fields of distrust that threaten violence, and this is felt by those with whom they interact. What this demonstrates is that defence is a form of attack, or an unwise reaction to an expected attack, or is even of itself a preemptive attack driven by fear that merely increases the tensions people experience as they meet and prepare to interact. Nearly all of you have experienced these kinds of tensions, they are never comfortable, and often lead to tears.
What you so often focus your attention on are your personal worries and concerns, and by focusing on them you attract them to you, and in doing so you upset the loving balance that stabilizes your individual energy fields. So focus instead on Love! If you do you will find your lives changing for the better, and an aura of peace and stability will envelop you, and will be felt by others as they engage with your now loving energy field.
Your energy fields are very powerful, but due to the limitations that your bodies impose upon you very few of you can actually sense or see them, and so you remain unaware of the power that you possess and project in every moment. You are effectively working in the dark! (Pun intended.)
Those who can sense and/or see these energy fields have talked about them, described them, written about them, and used them for healing, but generally unless you personally experience these energies it is very difficult for you to accept that they exist. Your science has made considerable progress in this area recently, but for most people it is as alien a field as electronics, computer technology, or nuclear physics. What you cannot see or understand you tend to ignore.
This is changing as the new generation, basically those under 35 years of age, are beginning to extend their boundaries of awareness and feel the energies about which many have talked and written but which few have felt. This growing awareness is one of the reasons why so many are now accepting the fact that everything is interconnected, nothing is isolated, alone, or totally unaware of the whole. Therefore every thought, word, or action affects the whole.
This new awareness of the interconnectedness of everything has been developing slowly for the last two or three centuries, and has become increasingly noticeable in the last fifty years or so. Growing knowledge about ecology, global warming, and the need to respect the planet that allows human existence to continue, has led to movements and organizations forming to encourage and then insist on individuals taking responsibility for their behavior and life choices.
It can easily be seen that your planet can provide abundantly for all of you if you behave with wisdom and restraint instead of continuing with the greedy and rapacious activities born of your industrial revolution and the unrestrained operations of the multinational corporations that this has spawned.
Your technological abilities have, of late, grown far, far faster than your wisdom and intelligence. That is now changing as the younger and wiser among you move into positions of authority in order to bring about the changes essential to humanity’s continued survival and well-being on the planet.
Change is happening very rapidly now, and very few of you remain unaware at least of that. The collective choice and decision to awaken has been made and cannot be reversed. Your task is to hold that intent, to hold your ever brightening Light on high so that all may see it, and you do this by being loving in everything you think, say, or do. It does not mean going out proselytizing, telling people that they are wrong, that they need to clean up their acts, it means simply demonstrating Love by your words and behaviors, and by the thoughts you share.
It is very simple, but can seem a little frightening if you have seen yourself as a quiet, spiritual person leading a quiet and maybe almost solitary life. Truly, many of you have found yourselves rather alone as you have followed your spiritual paths, and now you have to be ready to move forward into the brightness of the Light that you have been carrying so steadily for so long.
Daily meditation is an essential aspect of your lives, now even more than ever, so do not let even one day pass without engaging in it. And as you do ask for help, ask for a love squeeze, and settle into the peace and joy that it will bring you, knowing that you are most successfully doing precisely what you came on Earth to do.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by JohnSmallman2. Wordpress.com

Friday, April 25, 2014

If you are having difficulty with forgiveness ask for help and for clarity by John Smallman: "Frequently clarity is lacking in one’s perceptions when a desire to withhold or refuse forgiveness is experienced... Clarity will show you this now by reminding you of your true nature --you are a being of Love who is One with God-- and you will be able to relax into forgiveness, whereupon you will find an inner peace that maybe you have never before experienced or have long since forgotten."

Thank you Saul and John!

To leave the illusion behind is humanity’s divine destiny because humanity’s destiny is divine. It has ensnared, enslaved, and entranced you all for far too long, and your unwillingness to release yourselves from it is ALL that holds you within it. You have the power and the capability to do so because you are divine beings, and because it is your will and God’s, you will release yourselves.

Nevertheless, you are conflicted within yourselves by the intriguing but fanciful opportunities with which it tempts you, and by your desire to find the real meaning in life, a meaning that overwhelms and shatters the unreal dreams that seem to be your constant companions:  Wealth, security, a lover, and a beautiful environment in which to enjoy them. But the dreams seem so real! This is because you are very powerful beings, and you have made them seem very real ...so real that they hid and continue to hide Reality from you, as was your original intent. Hence this intense inner conflict and your endless confusion. 

However, your divine Father knew that your infatuation with your unreal environment would not last, and that it would bring you untold pain and suffering, so --at the moment that you built the lower vibrations of the illusion upon your Earth School by imagining it within your brilliant mind-- He instantly provided everything you needed to release yourselves from it and return Home. What He provided was the inextinguishable inner flame of His Love that calls to you constantly to Awaken.

It is that inner flame that has you questioning the meaning of life and which also makes it very apparent that the meaning that you have been seeking --security, survival, wealth, and power over others-- is insane not only because of its divisive nature but also because you are seeking for it within the illusion. And that insanity terrifies you, everyone is untrustworthy! Therefore you must constantly protect yourselves, so you build armies and weapons that you then are unable to resist using, further adding to your pain and suffering.

However, you have become exhausted by the trials and tribulations with which the illusion endlessly presents you, and you are becoming aware, more and more of you daily, that the only way to resolve your issues, your differences, your conflicts is through intelligent and harmonious cooperation. When you do that, you listen to one another without judgment, allowing each to be themselves instead of attempting to change them into the kind of person you think --in your almost total lack of wisdom-- that they should be. Then realization dawns that truly there are no differences, you all want only “the peace that passeth all understanding.” And that of course is Love, the divine energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.

It is a state from which you have never departed because there is nowhere else, but you have imagined and clung tenaciously to an illusory state of the lower vibrations of the Earth School, and you are now in the process of releasing your hold on it, of allowing yourselves to see that it is unreal, a sham. You have a saying: “If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.” Throughout the eons of the illusion’s enticing siren song to you, you have been chasing within it for something that has seemed to good to be true --safety, security, abundance, and bliss-- but how could that possibly be found within an illusion, especially one in which betrayal and deceit are endemic?

Forgiveness is the way out ...of yourselves for being so misled and misguided by it, and of others for their apparent betrayals of you. In Reality there is only Love, and anything in conflict with or opposition to It is unreal. However, you do need to forgive. One of your wise elder statesmen (Nelson Mandela) remarked that resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies. So, until you start forgiving and releasing any judgments or resentments, you are just consuming poison and making yourselves truly miserable, possibly even making yourselves extremely ill. And, as most of you are probably well aware, modern psychology suggests that to be able to forgive is essential for your general health and well-being.

If you are having difficulty with forgiveness, due to pain inflicted upon you, unjust judgments made against you, or for any other reason, then when you enter your quiet inner space ask for help and for clarity. Frequently clarity is lacking in one’s perceptions when a desire to withhold or refuse forgiveness is experienced. Remember, all the experiences undergone in your physical bodies are aspects of the illusion; the suffering that is undergone is illusory because you are all asleep and dreaming. When you awaken into Reality all pain, all suffering, all injustice, all betrayal will have dissolved because they are part of that illusory dream. Clarity will show you this now by reminding you of your true nature --you are a being of Love who is One with God-- and you will be able to relax into forgiveness, whereupon you will find an inner peace that maybe you have never before experienced or have long since forgotten.

In the spiritual realms we are constantly at your service, you have only to call on us with sincerity and we will show you the way to embrace forgiveness with love and compassion for the one you wish or need to forgive --yourself or others-- thus leading you into a state where the stress of resentment that was confining and controlling you just dissolves. We are here for you in every moment, and we want only to see you Awaken into the eternal joy that is your natural state. We know that forgiveness is the quickest way for you to release your hold on the illusion because it cuts through all the other ties and bindings so that there is nothing else to prevent you from sinking happily into God’s loving Embrace.

So call on us and tell us that you sincerely want to embrace forgiveness, and instantly you will feel the warmth and acceptance of the field of Love that at all times envelops you. It will confirm for you that you are indeed a being of Love who was momentarily lost in the fog of the illusion, a fog that is now dispersing and allowing you glimpses of the brilliance that awaits your inevitable Awakening.
With so very much love, Saul.

by JohnSmallman. Wordpress.com

SaLuSa, April 25, 2014: The more you open up your consciousness to consider other possibilities, the quicker you will increase your vibrational level. At present, you live in what could be termed a dream world (the illusion), one that all souls have helped to create. It will not be until you have raised your present consciousness levels that you will again become the free Spirit that you really are. However, as with all experiences, it expands your consciousness levels and that will ultimately carry you forward. We look at you with complete admiration and love, as we see souls that have willingly taken on the lower vibrations of duality on the Earth School knowing that it could pull them down. Yet, you have boldly taken up the challenge, knowing that you are never left totally alone to find your way back to the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike!

Although matters on Earth are still in a state of change, the outcome will not lead to worse situations. We are thinking primarily of the confrontation taking place in the Ukraine. Not so many years ago, it would most likely have lead to a state of war. Due to the change in consciousness levels and the higher vibrations reaching you, solutions are sought that focus on a peaceful conclusion. Peace will soon come to Earth and you will be able to focus on rebuilding peaceful relations between countries. Over a period of time, most countries have become a mix of different races and cultures, and it is already greatly helping your civilisation to live in peace and harmony.

Around the world, the last acts of separation are being played out and once the dark Ones are removed, life will become more peaceful and rewarding. There are younger generations who are more evolved and waiting their chance to bring in new ideas for a more joyous living. The time is arriving when leaders will come forward to replace the dark Ones whose days are numbered. Such souls have experience that they can call upon that would ensure Humanity takes a great step forward into the New Age. There have been times in your history when peace has enabled much progress to be achieved. However, such periods have been a pale reflection of what the Golden Age will bring to you. They will return and you will have what has been referred to as the “1000 years of peace.”

Most souls have reincarnated many times on Earth to experience duality. Some are still experiencing what is to them a higher level of consciousness, whilst others are simply raising theirs to a level previously reached. Souls on Earth are a mix of those at so many different stages of evolution. However, as you progress away from Earth, the different levels of consciousness are clearly defined, and souls of a lower level of vibration cannot normally enter those that are higher. The exception is when they are accompanied by a Higher Soul who will share his/her level of vibration with them. You will have so much to discover and learn anew, and it will be exciting times. Until you reach the higher level of consciousness, you are very limited as to how far you can go. It is your present level that keeps you in a state of limited consciousness.

The more you open up your consciousness to consider other possibilities, the quicker you will increase your vibrational level. At present, you live in what could be termed a dream world (the illusion), one that all souls have helped to create. It will not be until you have raised your present consciousness levels that you will again become the free Spirit that you really are. However, as with all experiences, it expands your consciousness levels and that will ultimately carry you forward. We look at you with complete admiration and love, as we see souls that have willingly taken on the lower vibrations of duality on the Earth School knowing that it could pull them down. Yet, you have boldly taken up the challenge, knowing that you are never left totally alone to find your way back to the Light.

As souls that are moving out of the lower dimensions, you are adding invaluable experience to your total knowledge. Somewhere in the very near future, it will enable you to help other souls, who can learn through your experiences. Whether you have lived or served the Light or dark makes no difference, as you will have a wealth of experience to offer others also on the path of evolution. We have often made the point that you are All One, and it is true that what each of you do effects the whole. As a collective of souls, you help each other to progress, because as you do so the whole of Humanity moves forward.

Consider that as a result of your many lives upon Earth, you have acquired knowledge and experience of many different cultures. At a subconscious level, it affects your present day living, and should make you more tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Many are living with a limited --if not false-- understanding of the Truth. It will come out very soon, and perhaps knowing that you are more than just your physical body will be found to be a profound and revealing statement. You are glorious Beings of Light that are in an advanced state of being, and in the future will be able to “think yourself” into whatever form you desire to further your evolution. With it, comes the freedom to travel where and when you desire.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and always pleased to make this contact with you. It has been a long and hard road for all of you, but that is now changing for the good. I leave you with my Love and Blessings.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

US to Consider Clemency Requests from Thousands of Prisoners

Thank you Sari and Washington Post!
US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a plan to consider clemency from thousands of inmates serving time for drug offences. Photo: AFP
US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a plan to consider clemency from thousands of inmates serving time for drug offences. 
Photo: AFP

Stephen Cook/GOLDEN AGE GAIA: For decades the cabal has held the reigns of the hugely profitable drug trade. Is this another way of cobbling the cabal of its illegal market while providing clemency to those lower down the drug trafficking ladder at the same time?  Just a thought…

Washington: The Obama administration is beginning an aggressive new effort to foster equity in criminal sentencing by considering clemency requests from as many as thousands of federal inmates serving time for drug offences, officials said.

The initiative, which amounts to an unprecedented campaign to free non-violent offenders, will begin immediately and continue over the next two years, officials said on Monday. The Justice Department said it expects to reassign dozens of lawyers to its understaffed pardons office to handle the requests from inmates.

”The White House has indicated it wants to consider additional clemency applications, to restore a degree of justice, fairness and proportionality for deserving individuals who do not pose a threat to public safety,” Attorney General Eric Holder said on Monday.

”The Justice Department is committed to recommending as many qualified applicants as possible for reduced sentences.”

Mr Holder announced a series of initiatives to tackle disparities in criminal penalties, beginning in August, when he said that low-level, non-violent drug offenders with no connection to gangs or large-scale drug organisations would not be charged with offences that call for severe mandatory sentences. He has travelled across the country to highlight community programs in which non-violent offenders have received substance-abuse treatment and other assistance instead of long prison sentences.

Underlying the initiatives is the belief by top Justice Department officials that the most severe penalties should be reserved for serious, high-level or violent drug traffickers. On April 10, after an endorsement from Mr Holder, the US Sentencing Commission – the independent agency that sets sentencing policies for federal judges – voted to revise its guidelines to reduce sentences for defendants in most of the nation’s drug cases.

In the meantime, however, thousands of inmates are still serving federally mandated sentences that imposed strict penalties for the possession of crack cocaine. The Fair Sentencing Act, which President Barack Obama signed in 2010, reduced the disparity between convictions for crack and powder cocaine, and Mr Obama has called sentences passed under the older guidelines ”unduly harsh”. The law also eliminated the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for the simple possession of crack cocaine.

”There are still too many people in federal prison who were sentenced under the old regime – and who, as a result, will have to spend far more time in prison than they would if sentenced today for exactly the same crime,” Mr Holder said. ”This is simply not right.”

For about two decades, severe sentences were imposed on offenders convicted of trafficking or possession with intent to traffic crack cocaine in the belief that the substance was more addictive than powder cocaine, inexpensive and linked to violent crime. But in 2002, the sentencing panel found that sentencing guidelines were based on misperceptions about the relative dangers of crack cocaine compared with other drugs. The commission also found that the disparity had created a racial imbalance in which harsh sentences had been disproportionately imposed on minorities, particularly African-Americans.

In December, Mr Obama commuted the sentences of eight inmates serving long prison terms for crack-cocaine convictions handed down before the 2010 law was passed. Six of the eight were serving life sentences, including two who had not previously been convicted. Each of the eight had served more than 15 years for a crack-cocaine offence.
By Sari Horwitz,
Washington Post  – April 22, 2014

– http://tinyurl.com/l5p4dvv

The Office of Poofness: April 21-22

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: I feel that much of this was written a couple of days ago, over the Easter break,  and then sat on, waiting for ‘something’ to publicly happen…

Greetings and Salutations:
Poof said:
Well, we are in the final days of Holy Week throughout Christendom– the week that is well known for the crucifixion event, for the dark hours that followed— and then the light that burst forth, not on Saturday, considered a holy day, but on Sunday, the first day of the week. And isn’t that the way life works? Things don’t happen when we think they should, or if they should— they happen when the time is right. That, ironically, is the system we are operating under when we sit on the sidelines awaiting the good that has been promised for so many moons. Just know that all is continuing along the path toward manifestation and toward your being a recipient of good that can make a difference in the world. Make your plans. It’s been said he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Those are wise words. What gladdens your soul and what heals your heart. Think about that. – Poof
Please know that… the Easter gifts you receive come with a million more blessings than dollars. The nice thing about blessings is that the giver can give them so easily, and the receiver can denominate them in any desired form, which means YOU get to decide what forms the millionaire blessings take – eggs, bread, money, joy, health of mind and body, peace, energy, life, love…and on and on.

Be generous in claiming and appreciating your good. There is NO limit on anything because it’s impossible to put human restrictions on spiritual blessings. Something we, might do well to keep in mind is that this prosperity business is a harmonious blending of invisible spiritual substance interacting with virtually invisible molecular units to become visible, tangible, material forms of God’s goodness. Our prosperity happens first in mind (what’s outside was first in mind) and the most powerful mind action that summons, welcomes, and delights in prosperity is simply giving thanks for it. Happy Easter! Happy Everyday!” – Susan

ZAP Says:
Hi all,
The purple pigs have taken off in a big way officially.
The RV that came Monday (the quiet one, not the public one) followed the IMF’s Saturday pledges that: “The 188-nation International Monetary Fund concluded talks Saturday with pledges to work toward faster growth that will alleviate still-high unemployment. Managing Director Christine Lagarde told reporters that the world had gone through a lengthy economic “disaster” and now was moving through a period of strengthening growth.”
As I said, the Reset is here.

Last Thursday, the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) made the first payment of funds to governments and organizations. On Friday, the USA signed into effect the entry of the new United States dollar, the TRN (the Treasury Reserve Note, backed by gold according to the Basel III regulations compliance). The major transactions were effected on Saturday. This continued Monday and will continue this week while the new system is learned.

The TRN was in limited circulation in select banks and regions on Monday.
The funds are moving down the various levels, and are being sent by the paymasters to pay on various transactions. Hong Kong is ahead in this process because they do not rely on the issuance of TRN and they can still work in USD. However platforms must wait for their conversion to TRN. The banking system needs a week to fit the new system to be efficient and meet all the Basel III agreements and requirements.

In the future, all transactions must be approved in compliance to Basel III protocols by an official that will verify it, and make the appropriate adjustments to be in compliance to the regulations. Selected platforms will have a fulltime (Basel III) compliance officer assigned to them for this purpose.

Payments scheduled for completed and selected new transactions will be made, with the majority of such wire transfers to be effected after the Easter holidays.
It is expected that the RV and Global Reset will be announced this month, and a tentative date of April 22 (Stephen: which is today, and there’s nothing publicly visible yet) has been marked for the public announcement.
Firmer knowledge of this event will be forthcoming (as) soon as progress is made.

The release of the global matrix funds for our humanity by the Chinese family are scheduled for around the same time, or shortly after. This release is massive, as expected, and will fuel the reconstruction projects for decades.
The heritage accounts from where the funds are originating from are being opened and resolved. These accounts require a special settlement process, and many have already been done, with many more scheduled. All such accounts not settled by the announcement date will be closed and made unusable.
Regardless of the funds brought forward into the economies through the bond settlement process, the global matrix funds are the key to the reconstruction projects, and are far greater than the total sum of all bond settlements.

This release will be well-documented and a formal ceremony will take place with the signing of the agreements. The date and location of this ceremony is secret at the moment, and we will post this information if allowed. The net result of all the activities regarding the RV, Global Reset, the TRN and other important items on the global “to-do” list will have our humanity breathing again, and is the culmination of hundreds of years of preparation.

This is often times called the “Divine Plan” for humanity, and is documented in the family records dating back these hundreds of years. These records are sometimes referred to as the prophecies. Thus far, the prophecies we have been apprised of before the event occurred over the last decade have all come to pass accurately, so we have good confidence in the events in the next weeks that are to unfold.

Q&A (edited)
Q: Dear Susan, Zap, and whoever else these emails go to… The link above (not included) talks about a private exchange for dong. Apparently the idea is to “avoid/beat the crowds” and also to “get a higher rate” via the private exchange.
ZAP – There are precious few opportunities left to get the higher private placement prices for the dinar and the dong, as the system is now shut/shutting down in preparation of the RV and reset.

When I listened to details about this, which as I recall, includes having to sign some kind of “lots of pages” contract, my own “get” was that this was not mine to take part in. My gut said, “Stay away from “deals” that somehow say you can get more $ by “private exchanges” and signing multi-page contracts.” Something feels “off” about all this.
ZAP – Not really just last minute opportunities, but be careful you go to the right place.

As you always end the updates, BE GOOD, BE LEGAL, TELL TRUTH … this just does not fit (for me).
ZAP – I understand. However, the opportunities i have seen are correct. Scrutinize paperwork and ask hard questions.
If you have a “take” on this, I’d be grateful to know what it is. No need to direct email… if you want just answer in your weekly update. Thank you all so much for your information and work FOR this Planet. Aloha
ZAP – (You are) Very welcome. Wish I could give better directions here.

Q: Dear Zap and Susan, ZAP wrote on April 13th that “Yesterday the deadline for all submissions of Dinar was announced, and today they are mopping up the last entries.” Does that mean the exchanges are happening how and about to end? How do “the People” find out about making the Dinar exchanges? Please help — let it be known. TNT Tony has no 800 numbers. He also wrote that “The discount against the old USD will be about 45% (1 USD = 45% of the new TRN), …” So, that means 1 USD = .45 TRN, then it takes 2.22 USD to equal 1 TRN, so with the digital and physical conversions — 100 old USDs will get you 45 new TRNs. So all retail stores will have to reprice all price tags over time, but add an adjustment factor in their computer systems immediately when the change occurs.
ZAP – Actually, it will be $0.55 USD = $1 TRN (sorry, I wrote it will be the other way around). Yes, the stores will either re-price or have the registers do automatic conversions.

This will be the changing the old corporate US currency (FRNs) to the new Republic USA currency (TRNs). Will Americans feel less purchasing power with their own domestic goods and services? With the new global exchange rates, imports and traveling abroad will definitely be much more expensive for Americans, since other currencies will become stronger.
ZAP – The TRN will be in keeping with all other currencies as it too will be metal backed, so no really big difference if there is, then it will dip, then recover and stabilize.

The reason Congress will not sign off on the 2010 IMF Reforms is because that will be “political suicide” for them. They do not want to be associated with the US Dollar being devalued and the new global exchange rates being implemented. The American public will go crazy with prices going up. Many Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck with this economy.
ZAP – That is not the reason, attractive as that explanation may be. If they sign, the changes will be upon the us as well, and the truth will come out. That is why the big hesitation.

This will make a more level “playing field” for all people of the world, as opposed to the previously privileged Americans getting so much for so little. People will earn more fair wages around the world, rather than being exploited. Correct?
ZAP – That is the essence of the overall plan: peace, joy and prosperity poverty will disappear.

I have been to Brazil and can see the difference. Their business class is similar to our middle class, their working class is like our poorer class, and their poor class is like our homeless. But, their political class is like our political class, with all the public-paid perks. Best wishes, – JM
ZAP – Unfortunately that is the case in most areas there is too much corruption.

Q: I have been a loyal fan of Poof reports since the 80′have contributed to phone calls and send money and I am not rich, but I’m frustrated since nothing seems to happen, I would like to have Zap answer the few questions.
ZAP – Sometimes I wish the dial in service was still working.

Attached is an insert from Casper that indicates nothing is happening. And apparently he’s right because there is no treasure or new Treasury bill announcement anywhere in the world. There is no closure of the IRS and everything seems “normal”.
ZAP – And the ghostly one knows all of course. (Stephen: obviously this is a sarcastic retort)

Quote of the Casper Report:
” We contacted and spoke with four Exchangers of Dinar. Three said their Dinar comes from the CBI of course, but there is a middle person . The fourth said he is getting his Dinar from Treasury. If the Dinar being sold to the public worldwide and especially in the U.S. is provided by Treasury and/or Bush, then the R.V. is a government sponsored Ponzi Scheme with Lew playing middle man. Our very first update on this R.V. subject 18 or more months ago quoted our sources as saying exactly that. If true they must have raised hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars by now for the purpose of retaining their fraudulent financial playpen and maintaining themselves in power. WE do not wish to be right about this but neither are WE inclined to bury our heads in the sand or to depend upon information coming from the residence of Satan himself. Why would the U.S., or anyone for that matter, be selling unlimited amounts of Dinar to the public at 1166/1 then buying it back soon (exchanging) at $30.00 to one or even $3.00 to one??”
ZAP – And we still maintain that the TRN is here and in limited circulation, because we know of several people that we know that have received the TRN at a bank. Some in the USA, and lately, a couple of days ago, a friend walked into Deutsche Bank, and got TRN. Weird bill, too, he said. Does not look anything like the USD. So we are pretty sure that we are correct.

Casper: “From time to time the NESARA web-site has posted intel regarding the demise of the Corporation and our return to the Constitution rather than our being ruled by Corporate Puppets, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and Presidential Executive Orders and, once again issuing our own Sovereign Gold Backed Currency on which we do not pay 500 Billion dollars a year in interest to the privately owned Fed Res banking Cartel. This is what we should be praying for night and day.”
ZAP – That part is almost over. The gold was done to back the TRN, and that is many trillion worth of backing. Relax a bit.

Casper : ”This non-update update is longer than anticipated already so let’s go back to watching the play by play reporting of the Gurus and hope they will be able to spit the hooks intentionally inserted into their mouths by those whose lies are responsible for so many damaged lives over the years.”
ZAP – So far all information i have been privileged to has been accurate. No hooks here to spit.

I am hopeful that the Casper report is untrue, but the reality tells me it is true, there is no treasure Reserve gold backed, no new Money treasury bills, and no bank realignment with Basil III..
ZAP – The ghostly one is pretty good on the overall, but the devil is in the detail, right?

So what is the truth. If there are no announcements, there is no truth, anybody can say anything they like.
ZAP – The truth is hidden at the moment for good reason. Mostly security issues as the sides were at war.

Thanks for your memories – A
ZAP – Hope that helps a bit. Today/tomorrow is the beginning. And this next one is pleasantly surprising.

(Stephen: As the question from ‘A’ appears to have ended above, I’m sure who or what is being quoted here. It may still be part of Casper’s report, but that is not clear)

Today, on one aspect, we saw real movement this morning involving a certain Chinese Elders overdue deal now moving with new hope. From that, once it does clear, the Good US Patriots working closely with us, will be working as part of a Global collective of like minds, to help turn this Tramp Ship of State around. Over the next few days we will issue a major global report to give you a comprehensive understanding of the multi facet issues we deal with hourly, to help you all understand the complex dynamics involved seeking resolution, and many issues to debate. Some truths will affect many. But hopefully open minds. Keep faith in what’s emerging here.”
ZAP – Since it is beginning now, the information flow will increase, and my little voice here will be drowned by the sheer volume of information coming out cleanly. Very good…

…Quote (attributed to) John MacHaffie (NESARA News):
“The admiral and his group did exchange yesterday, Sunday around 8:00 pm in Reno. He activated the funding for the Republic Treasury. Prosperity packages P&F letters (Penalties & Fines) were sent out Saturday. 70% are required to be delivered with rec’d proof before the announcements and RV can be made. It has been confirmed that the republic has been live since Thursday, April 17th. Active and awaiting the RV. Announcements for RV, gold currency and Republic was scheduled for Easter Sunday, 4/20/14 (April 20) after 7:00 pm EST (USA) but now awaiting the 70% delivery criteria as mentioned above. Public exchanging is expected (and hoped) for this Monday or Tuesday. (Stephen: This being April 21/22 – but, again, yet to happen)”

ZAP – Yay team. Pretty well it. All informations coming in say the same thing over and over from the highest levels down. Today/tomorrow, the releases begin and humanity changes.

And the pigs keep flying. Hypersonic almost attained. Yippee!
I’m going to miss answering the gamut of vegetables I did a while back. People with the intelligence of a parsnip were my favorite.
Have much, much fun this week and rejoice.

In love and light
In our service

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