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Being God-Like In Your Consciousness and Adopting This Persona Into Everyday Living Dissolves the Need to Ridicule Others For What Is Of Value to Them

Thank you Melchizedek and Julie!
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Your VALUES are Real, Not DECEPTIONS: Melchizedek’s Weekly

Welcome dear children to another beautiful Sunday. I AM appreciative of my time spent with each of you through our lovely vessel; your sister.

The likes and dislikes of the human mind does not determine good and evil; moral values do not develop out of wishful fulfillment or emotional frustrations. During time spent observing oneself, you must differentiate between what is value and what has value. You must be able to identify the connection between enjoyable undertakings and their expressive combination and heightened recognitions that bring about increasingly higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Something of significance gives meaning to an experience that adds value; it is the grateful awareness of values and Ideals. If you have an isolated and purely self-absorbed pleasure it may suggest an essential depreciation of meanings, an empty gratification that borders on comparative wickedness. Your values become observed when actualities are significant and spiritually associated, when such connections are acknowledged and respected by your mind.

Your values can never become motionless; your reality, your world requires change and growth. Any change without growth, the development of importance and praise of value, is valueless; thus having the potential of maliciousness. Your values are not theoretical deceptions; they are very real, but they always depend of the fact of connectedness of relationships. Your values dear ones are always both authentic and prospective – not what was, but what is and is to be. The association of authentic-ness and prospective-ness equals growth; it is the observed awareness of values. Your growth is not only progress. Your progress is always important and is relatively inconsequential without development and growth. What is considered the highest value of human life involves in the development of your growth and determining your values and progress in understanding the meanings that arise through lessons and challenges. Such experiences when utilized with your brilliant light filled heart that contains the purest example of love is the equivalent of God-Consciousness. You cannot necessarily cause growth to occur, but you can provide encouraging settings. Your actual growth is always unconscious, even for the physical, intellectual or spiritual. It is your love that grows and nurtures your growth. It cannot be shaped, fabricated or bought. Your growth dear ones, happens when you learn to love unconditionally; not only others this purely but yourself also. Your entire influence to your own growth is the utilization of the complete powers of your own accepted personality and living in pure faith and devotion of yourself and of God.

The devotion you exercise on the behalf of the great, the good, the true and the noble does not come without hardship or lessons. Effort is required when you ask for clarification of a spiritual vision or insight. The intellectual side argues against being removed from surviving among nonspiritual energies of sequential realities; just as the slothful animal way of thinking objects against the effort needed to fight with the necessity of problem solving.

Problems can arise within living spiritually when you are faced with the task of unifying your inner powers of your character in regards to love, health, mental and emotional efficiency. The goal to happiness occurs when the unification of the physical, mental and spirit are complete. Observe the full understanding what it means at the highest state of happiness. The highest state of happiness dear ones is intimately linked with your spiritual progress and growth. You will find dear ones that your spiritual growth which also leads to personal growth and development will bring lasting joy, peace which forwards all understanding that is needed.

Dear ones, your spiritual life speak of the presence of things; the mind discovers the existence of meanings; but your spirituality will experience a revelation of the truest of values of that not only resonate you but gives you direction and purpose. Living within the truth of your values and of your ever-loving unconditional heart brings forth the highest love of God into your unselfish self. If you can love your fellow neighbour or person, this must mean you have discovered what is of value to them. You can best figure someone’s values when you discover their motivation. Just as when someone irritates you, and causes you to have feelings of resentment, it is best to sympathetically try to discern their viewpoint and discover their reasons for the offensive behaviour. Once you come to an understanding you will become more tolerant and this tolerance will grow into acceptance, friendship and love.

Values are integrated into your very core dear ones. They can change as you change. Do not scoff the values that bring you deep comfort. Yes, you can adopt new ideals and incorporate them into your own set of beliefs and this is encouraged. There is much each of you have to offer each other just from what is of meaning and value to you. Being God-Like in your consciousness and adopting this persona into your everyday living dissolves the need to ridicule others for what is of value to them. Your acceptance and love of others unconditionally will appreciate what is being said. You do not have to find resonation of the content being shared because each of you is so diverse, respect and gratitude will bring much comfort and contentment dear ones. Learning to get along and coexist will become easier when defensive barriers come down and more often and love is absorbed and shared on a global scale. Love dear ones, love everyone and love yourself with equal unconditional love. Each of you stems from the same Supreme Father, and He never chooses one over the other. His love is always bestowed upon each of you in equal amounts of brilliant light, love and compassion.

Today’s transmission was pleasantly enjoyed. I look forward to our next visit in a few days. Value yourselves with divine love and let your heart guide you dear ones. I have so much appreciation and love for you. Your journey will take you far if you allow it; embrace each step with thankfulness, as I embrace you with my cosmic presence.

I AM Melchizedek
through Julie Miller

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