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Such Outrageous, Obvious Ritual Showcase of Super Bowl Symbolism Strongly Argues the Cabal Know They've Run Out of Time:The Truth Is About to Come Out

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At last -- the final four sections of our epic investigation into Financial Tyranny. Get the overview of what we have learned, with stunning new information that paves the way for an end to Financial Tyranny -- once and for all.

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SECTION SEVEN: The Evidence is Irrefutable


Before we feature our exclusive interviews with the key players in the lawsuit that could defeat Financial Tyranny, let's step back and look at the Big Picture.

We now have a compelling storyline of Financial Tyranny, dating back to 1776 with the publishing of Smith's The Wealth of Nations -- and the founding of the Illuminati in Bavaria.

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We have scientific evidence that a monopoly of 1,318 corporations, headed by the Federal Reserve banks, is now earning 80 percent of the world's wealth. This 'core' is in turn being run by a "super-entity" of 147 corporations, most of which are financial institutions.

The top corporations in the "super-entity" are the Federal Reserve banks -- and they created 26 to 29 Trillion dollars in bailouts for their own companies from 2007 to 2010.

The Rothschilds admitted in their own 1962 biography that Mayer Amschel's five sons "conquered the world more thoroughly, cunningly and lastingly than any Caesar before or Hitler after them."

Nathan Rothschild destroyed the British economy by making the entire market think Napoleon had defeated them. In one single day of trading, he was able to increase his net wealth by 6500 times -- and did what Napoleon could not.

Rothschild conquered Great Britain.


We gave links to multiple books full of information -- now free to read online -- proving there was a government-led uprising against the Illuminati in 1784... and a massive worldwide revolt against Freemasonry beginning after William Morgan's murder in 1826.

Freemasons openly bragged about controlling the media, the police, the judiciary, the financial system and the government. 45,000 out of 50,000 Masons in the United States -- 90 percent -- all quit once the scandal broke, and were treated as heroes.

I believe there is abundant evidence that we are right on the threshold of another historical event like this -- only of significantly greater magnitude.

We have also thoroughly documented how the global media is in the hands of a very small number of corporations.

We gave compelling evidence that its content is controlled through Operation Mockingbird, which was implemented in the dawning years of the CIA.

To continue reading the final sections, click here for SECTION SEVEN.

SECTION EIGHT: The Interviews

SECTION NINE: Closing the Doors -- Cease and Desist


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