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Karen Hudes, World Bank Whisteblower – New Interview “Their Game Is Up!”

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posted Stephen Cook /Golden Age Gaia
Karen Hudes is the World Bank Whistleblower and lawyer who has insider intel about what’s been going on and is going on and is about to happen…
In this revealing interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog published on August 27, 2013, she gives her view on the current situation around the world. She says it’s this is not a fight about money, but survival of the planet.
“We’re dealing with whether we can continue as humanity and have an earth or whether we blow ourselves up. . . . whether we love each other enough to save the world, or we all go to hell in a hand basket,” says Hudes.

“We are being bamboozled!”
She also talks about what she believes is really happening in Syria and why…
You may not agree with everything she’s saying – especially about President Obama supposedly being ‘an actor’ (although this could relate to him being a Lightworker and ‘acting out’ certain public responses, while doing the hard work behind the scenes) but she’s certainly ‘ on the money’ in terms of her determination to stop ‘the crooks’ robbing us.

We and so many others, along with you Awakened Souls scattered about in various different places on your Earth, have been working fruitfully behind the scenes on your return to full consciousness and on the Awakening of your collective in time for the most potent events related to your Ascension. You’re beginning to reach heightened energies that will allow for the presence of such energetic events, and in the face of the vastly-purer energies you’re entering into and the metaphysical events they’ll cause that humanity will be dazzled to witness, we ask the LightWorkers to continue their energy work as much as possible. There’s so very much for you to experience that’ll help initiate you into the higher dimensions as a collective, and we trust in the LightWorkers and in humanity as a collective’s ability to put an end to separation and hatred and see your populace feed into the pure energies of harmony and Love that will lead you onward.

Thank you Hathors and Wes!

Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels

wes_bluetreeThe minds and hearts of the awakening humanity are expanding more rapidly than we could possibly communicate, though of course, despite the rapid nature of your ascension it’s still a progressive and steady one that sees you grow and learn in increments, which have been discussed by other sources.
We are excited at the prospect of beginning to communicate with you much more directly as you open up and expand your channels to the incredible heights many of you are learning to, and we can say with happiness that your ability to bring through our impressions will only increase as much as your ability to perceive of and understand us and the realms we exist in.
We’re so very excited for humanity to open up to the reality of our existence and our immense desire to reconnect with you in very direct ways, because we all, as a united body of assistance for the Earth, have so very much to offer you.
It’s important to be opened up to the idea of our existence if you wish for an uninhibited connection to be found with us, because we’ll only funnel our impressions to those who willingly ask for them.
We seek not to overwhelm humanity or the awakening Lightworker public in any way, and if any soul becomes uncomfortable with absorbing our impressions or channeling our energies through and makes such discomfort clear, we’ll happily detach our energies from theirs and eventually greet them again after your Earth has ascended.
Acceleration of Karma
Your populace specifically is in need of collective ascension, and Gaia has existed in the fifth dimension for quite a long amount of your concept of time. Each of you can make active attempts to connect with and feel the energies of the fifth-dimensional Earth you’re building and growing toward in every moment.
The veils between you and the higher dimensions continue to be torn down with each alignment you pass through, and as we give this message at the end of the month of August, humanity still has many important celestial alignments and configurations to pass through that’ll see your power truly unhindered.
Dear scribe, we note the “thousands of tiny personal revolutions” as you’ve termed them, that you’ve been receiving in the past few days of your time. We ask you to expect many more unfolding aspects of yourselves to be made known, and the overhaul many of you are experiencing will continue until you find yourselves glimmering examples of spiritual beings who’ve done the most difficult Life-path work.
You’re reaching the end of your karmic contract individually and collectively, and this means that karma will accelerate exponentially for you, dear souls.
We note that some of you feel yourselves to be experiencing nearly instant karmic reactions to what you sew for yourselves to experience, and specifically, the negative karma you manifest is being sent back to you with much more rapidity than it previously has.
This is because of your aforementioned closing karmic contract, and because it’s essential for you to experience and transmute any bit of remaining residue accumulated from your dense Earthly experiences and the effects they can have upon you at times.
Recognizing the density prevalent on your Earth is important to understanding why some of you feel your mood or vibration to be dragged down at times. It’s important to remember that you’re transmuting the dense energies given out by the collective as a whole, and when you can remember this you can find equilibrium in the face of a bad mood or a low vibration seeming not to want to leave you.
Balance and Collective Energy-Transmutation
You’re pioneers of bringing the Light energies through and expressing them for your collective to benefit from, and you’ve recently taken on the much greater task of transmuting the dense energy of others in massive ways.
To be quite truthful, the effect this has had on the Lightworker pubic has been much less detrimental than it could’ve been and you’ve largely been able to maintain your balance and continue to find the Light energies despite the heavier weight that’s been added to the backs of many of you.
Those of you who specifically signed up for transmuting the collective’s dense energies have been given the bulk of difficult energy to process and transmute nearly every day, though your Lives are planned-out in a way that makes allowance for the fact that energetically, you simply need to rest at times.
You’re coming to find an uninhibited line of connection to the higher dimensions, and the more you make your efforts to perceive of the higher realms and connect with us souls happily existing here, the more fulfilled your experiences will begin to become.
You’ll find your hearts opening and expanding in an exponentially-rapid manner, and you’ll find your experiences lighten up as your wholeness with the existence around you grows to unprecedented heights.
This is all being Divinely guided and led, and your deepened perception of the metaphysical realms has always been meant to herald a collective establishment of a society in alignment with the ideal of each citizen.
The pure Light energies many of you are unlocking within naturally lead one to question everything that’s been hidden, and the prevalent corruption and tyranny present in your government and financial institutions among many others will be fully exposed because such exposure is an ordained facet of humanity’s growth into purer fourth-dimensional planes.
Our Main Task is to Serve You
The fourth dimension will herald exposure of everything that’s been hidden for darkly-inclined reasons, and while there could be some difficulty along the way of surfacing such exposure on an individual and collective level, the result will be humanity’s building of a full-on Galactic society, built by and for each one of you.
Your restoration into full consciousness is being brought about by you, but the Company of Heaven has and will continue to assist you as we wish for you to reach the states of consciousness we’ve been able to.
Our main task is to serve you, the awakening humanity, and to help you serve the rest of your populace who will become open to the existence of the spiritual realms and the activities of those who’ve used money and power to keep you in the dark for generations.
Exposure will come about, and will largely be driven by the actions of the awakening public.
Already, so many souls have stepped to the forefront of the collective consciousness to offer revelations concerning the cabals, and we ask you to continue paying attention to exposures regarding the surveillance activities of the American NSA, the British GCHQ and the spy agencies of plenty of other countries; some of which haven’t yet had their activities exposed.
An entire, strong network of lies and half-truths has been fashioned around your society, and those who’ve suppressed your history will be held accountable for what they’ve done as humanity is subsequently informed of what they’ve suppressed.
A great sense of liberation and freedom will result, and prosperity will flow like water to every nation, every family and every person. Humanity will find the importance of establishing widespread unity, and the harmony you’ll breed and spread will see you easily and happily working together to bring your planet into the Light in every way.
The re-engineering of your cities will perhaps be the biggest feat for you to perform, but you’ll be assisted by your personal and collective drive to enact widespread and positive change on your world. You’ll also be assisted with technologies given by us and others, and the widespread disclosures you’ll be given regarding such technologies will see you able to understand and utilize them.
Cabal Exposure: A Collective Clearing-Event
Humanity will be able to fully utilize the potential of the technologies we’ll offer, and will be able to benefit incredibly from the inspiration you gain to help build a new world.
There could be some catalytic difficulty along the way of exposing the darkness that’s laid dormant in your collective consciousness, and beyond the transmutation of much of humanity’s dense energy, exposure of the dark’s activities will serve as an immense clearing event for your collective.
So very much will be revealed that you wouldn’t perhaps expect, and we ask you with Love to brace yourselves for much greater and more flowing insights and revelations than you’ve been given thus far.
The Light energies have largely made their way back to your planet, and the exposures coming about as a result have truly only begun and could leave humanity quite overwhelmed and even exhausted at times. Each bit of work you perform will be for the greater good of your collective, and those of you who are particularly keen on spreading peace and unity will pioneer helping your collective to do just that.
It could be difficult for some to establish unity and peace with those they’ve perceived themselves to be different from, but in the end, humanity will have come together despite everything that’s been played upon in your culture that teaches you to think you’re separate or different from each other in any way.
Indeed you’re not, and we know that an ever-increasing number of Earthy souls can feel this.
Unity, prosperity, abundance and wellbeing will be established for every soul on your planet, and you’ll find yourselves very fulfilled and satisfied with yourselves and the experiences you’ll have from here on out.
Those of you working already at the forefront of the Lightworker consciousness will perhaps expand your roles even more than you already have, and we anticipate many stepping up in the time ahead to help inform your collective about specific facets of your evolution into full consciousness.
Working Fruitfully Behind the Scenes
Your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.
A certain quotient much be reached before the collective energies can resonate with the frequency of the fifth-dimensional energies you’ll be constantly absorbing and assimilating to Create the reality you’ll find around you, and at present, the collective is still largely feeding into the mechanisms of separation and unawareness that would only keep you situated upon a lower vibration forever if allotted.

We and so many others, along with you Awakened Souls scattered about in various different places on your Earth, have been working fruitfully behind the scenes on your return to full consciousness and on the Awakening of your collective in time for the most potent events related to your Ascension.
You’re beginning to reach heightened energies that will allow for the presence of such energetic events, and in the face of the vastly-purer energies you’re entering into and the metaphysical events they’ll cause that humanity will be dazzled to witness, we ask the LightWorkers to continue their energy work as much as possible.
There’s so very much for you to experience that’ll help initiate you into the higher dimensions as a collective, and we trust in the LightWorkers and in humanity as a collective’s ability to put an end to separation and hatred and see your populace feed into the pure energies of harmony and Love that will lead you onward.
We ask for you to enjoy the journey and seek the destination in healthy and balanced manners. Understand that you’re growing back toward the higher dimensions in every sense, and that you don’t have to be separated from these realms or from us as many of you tend to convince yourselves you are.
Nothing about your existence on the Earth says you have to deny the higher dimensions or otherwise not perceive of them; only you allow yourselves to believe that the veils between your world and the higher dimensions are too thick.
Understanding Channeled Communications
Indeed they’re not, and at this stage they can be practically seen through as ever-more souls embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with them.
The higher dimensions and the existence of us souls in these dimensions will be widely disclosed on your world in the time ahead, and the communications we’ve been offering for so long will come to be understood by your collective as aspects of the assistance we wish to give you along your ascension.
Messages from us and many others published to your internet that have only been viewed by a certain segment of the Lightworker public will be opened up to, as it’s understood that we very actively communicate with humanity in an effort to reach you and help you grow back toward our realms.
Previous ridicule or mock will give way to open-minded understandings about the reality of the assistance we’ve given for so long.
Indeed, we’re not lower-oriented beings looking to gain humanity’s energy by fixating you on us or our communications. If the messages of any channeled being don’t resonate for any reason, we wholeheartedly recommend seeking what works best for you as an individual and fashioning the purest connection to your inner-realms that you can fashion.
Every one of you can open up and channel brimming communications from the higher dimensions, and upon allowing yourselves to believe that this contact can indeed be real, you’ll find excited contact from us or from whoever you wish to open up to.
As examples of the diversity one can pick up on when becoming open to a higher-dimensional connection, we’d like to go against the usual flow of our messages to allow two different collectives to come in and offer short condolences.
The Ascended Masters Speak
Greetings, my dear children, I am Jeshua speaking for the Ascended Master collective. We and so many others have been watching and listening as the dear Hathors have given their words and impressions, and we too seek to let you know that we are and have always been here, waiting for you to open up to us in any way you can.
We’re all here for you, dearest souls, and many of us have went as far as to incarnate on your Earth in many different lifetimes to reach your collective.
Why, then, would we choose not to communicate with you from the spiritual realms? We’ve done absolutely everything we can to reach humanity and to help you understand the reality of your existence, and in doing so, we’ve become very close with you.
We wish you to know that we’re not going anywhere, and your ability to pick up on us will continue to increase.
The Pleiadians Speak
With Loving thanks to Jeshua, I am SanJAsKa speaking for the Pleiadian High Council, the Council of Nine and our General Council.
You’re (currently) speaking with millions of Pleiadian souls, and I am representing them as we seek to let you know of the Love we possess for you, as well as your ability to pick up on our impressions and those of every soul and collective in the higher dimensions.
Your ability to reach the higher dimensions and various ascended entities and collectives is much stronger than you’ve been led to believe, and you’ll find yourselves able to pick up on and understand much deeper and more intricate impressions as you broaden your telepathic abilities.
Continue to practice channeling the higher dimensions and the pure energies you’re being given in any way you wish, because we too will remain here for every one of you.
The Hathors Conclude
With thanks to the Pleiadians and the Ascended Masters, we express that there are so many more collectives you can pick up on. We’ll conclude this communication at this point so as not to tire out our scribe, with the reminder that your perception of the realms of full consciousness can only be affirmed by you.
Some may attempt to discredit one’s perception of the higher dimensions or the many wondrous things that can result, but you’ve each incarnated with the knowledge of your personal Godhood and Divinity, and can shine in any and every moment.
Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes, as well as the Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia
(Personal Revolution, by Ziggy Marley:
Thank you Christ and John!

Who You Truly Are is of an Order of Magnificence that is Impossible to Describe Adequately

Jesus postingHere in the spiritual realms, from which, in truth, you are not and never have been separated, we who are awake and watching over you as you sleep are sending you Love in a constant stream, or more aptly like a river in full flood. We are encouraging you to wake up and join in the fun that is going on all round you, because we do not like to see you missing any of it, even for the brief moment that you have chosen to spend in your illusory dreamworld.
Waking up is not hard, and with our encouragement you will make the choice to do so. In fact, you have already made that choice; you are just having difficulty collectively in choosing the most appropriate moment – the moment when you drop all those defensive walls that are protecting your fears, and allow Love to pour in and sweep them away, awakening you into your natural state of fully conscious, alive awareness.
Fear is an aspect of the illusion that has strengthened over the eons as you became more unaccepting of those whom you considered different from yourselves – those who did not “belong” to your tribe, village, church, race – an ever-expanding selection of identifying features that you used to define others as either friends or enemies. And enemies could, at any moment, attack and destroy you, or so it seemed, leading to your underlying sense of fear. Not too much has changed: you still choose mainly to see threats or enemies rather than just differences when you observe strangers.
Nevertheless, great progress has been made in recent decades to change this mindset, and there is still much more to do. However, the progress that has already been made has paved the way for the enormous changes that are still needed and that are being pointed out by newly formed organizations of caring and compassionate Wayshowers.
Change is in the air and many are looking ahead with excited anticipation as they foresee the old unloving attitudes being replaced by new ones that will understand and integrate your worldwide, multicultural societies into one grand and loving community, replacing the divisive and separatist beliefs that have for so long brought such extensive pain and suffering to humanity, so that all may know themselves to be welcome, accepted, and essential parts of the larger whole, as they truly are.
Who you truly are is of an order of magnificence that is impossible to describe adequately for you as you continue dozing in the illusion. It has to be consciously present in your awareness as the knowing of your true, eternal, and Divine identity as one with God, with Reality, and therefore with every conscious entity, because there are none who are not of God – eternally one with Him in the glory that is existence. You have been told this Divine Truth many, many times, but for you to really resonate with it, make it your own, you have to be awake, and that is what this ongoing exercise of coming to wakefulness is all about – remembering who you are!
It is a Truth that was hidden from you because of your collective choice, and you are now, collectively, in the process of reversing that choice because you have made the momentous decision to see, to understand, and to know Reality once more, thereby allowing the illusion to crumble away, taking with it all your fears and anxieties – unreal concepts that you invented to amuse yourselves.
Engaging full-time with Love is the way to accelerate the disintegration of the illusion. Make a point of reminding yourselves regularly throughout your daily lives that you are one with God, that you are therefore perfect Beings of Love. Love contains all that exists and continues to expand eternally, and you partake in that activity by engaging with It and sharing It unconditionally. So do it constantly, by making the intent to do so at the commencement of every day, and again as you lie down at night to sleep.
Your participation is lovingly sought, and is also essential. Consciously take part in the awakening process, as you most strongly intended to do when you made the choice and the decision, with the assistance of your wise and loving mentors in the spiritual realms, to incarnate as humans in these closing moments of the illusory experience. You have limitless assistance to keep strengthening your intent to be Love in action by consciously choosing Love rather than fear whenever a choice is demanded of you, and thereby demonstrating your commitment to bring humanity home with you to Reality, to the awareness of your oneness with God who is Love.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by JohnSmallman2.

WOW ...what can be said for this kind of stuff? What can be said for these people? ... I guess people do ANYTHING for money when desperate enough, huh?!

This video highlights latest Computer Graphics which manipulate our perspective and understanding of world events, such as the most current in Syria!!

Thank you whistleblowers!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Take some time for yourself when you are going through the process of making significant changes. Learn why you have changed over the years. Realize and remember the impacts that have brought you to some of ways that describe you – be objective and honest with yourself, don’t bring colourful or exaggerated adjectives while looking back at your changes. See how you have grown and developed in mind, body, heart and spirit. Are you handling yourself better now? And if you are, what are the factors that have brought you into a deeper understanding of what it is you need for a richer and more fulfilling life that demonstrates balance and happiness?

Thank you Melchizedek and Julie!

Always be True to Yourself
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ August 25 – September 01, 2013

Achieving whole balance and personal happiness in all areas of your life is not necessarily dependant on your ability to earn more money. We are positive that you realize there are much greater things that can impact your whole life and well-being that have nothing to do with material gains. 
There is so much that makes up who you are, from your upbringing, experiences, natural-born personality, etc., all give effect to what it means for you to be truly happy and live a whole and balanced life. Because of your experiences and never-ending learning, you are forever changing and adapting to newer ways of being and living – change is a constant part of your existence. There are many areas which over time many of you may have chosen to ignore or to give your attention and those areas, situations that are large and cumbersome eventually come back, sometimes seemingly bigger reminding you, you have work to do, some sorting out that is essential to your progression forward. 
We understand how hard it can be to manage every situation that crosses your path plus all the challenges in and around your personal life. You try very hard to sort out what is considered to be worthy of your pursuit to what can be done later. Balancing life is a constant challenge that never goes away no matter how hard many wish it would. We often see many dear souls watching what others are doing, not just out of curiosity but out of envy and they are taking mental notes on how to be like them because these other people have developed a way to be successful at something. Dear ones, you must choose what is right for you; learn what it is that will help bring balance and happiness into your life. Copying what another is doing for their life, will not make you happy because it’s someone else’s way not yours. Definitely another person’s way of life can motivate and inspire you to do better, but you must find your niche, what makes you feel good by listening to your heart and trusting yourself to make better choices that bring happiness and balance into all areas of your life. 
It is important dear ones to listen to the reminders that prompt you that there are issues still required for you to look after. You know very well some issues and situations cannot be left ignored for long. They have a way of creeping back into your present creating imbalance and unhappiness. When an unpleasant situation presents itself, deal with it right away, don’t sweep it under the rug and wish it away. Work through the difficult situation and learn from it, be grateful for the lesson it brings and then move on with a clear conscience that will help you feel more in control of yourself and promote an increased flow of happiness and the calm feeling of being balanced. 
There are many naysayers among you that find it incredible difficult if not impossible to attain a happy and balanced life, but truly dear ones such a life is attainable. To attain a balanced life that is rich with happiness it is essential for its development that you know your authentic self and all the causes of your well-being. Achieving balance dear ones does require planning, action steps that are truthfully designed to assist in the process of increasing your level of happiness and to maintain balance even while making changes and dealing with challenges. 
When it comes to creating the action steps for you to achieve whole balance and happiness, remember and understand achieving balance will be different from person-to-person. What is good for you may not be the same for another. Focus on what is good for you, what it is that makes your heart the happiest and work with that. Achieving balance can be a complex process or it can be simple and it all depends on your situation and where you are in life. 
There are many dear souls that focus primarily on creating a work-life balance where harmony is present in both places working together yet separately. Yet there are many others that are aiming to reach personal and emotional fulfillment, or reaching inner calm and contentment. There are many choices where balance can bring improvement to your life and you are the one who determines which areas require your focus, what needs balance the most, how much energy are you willing to apply, is it overall balance or just certain areas…choices dear ones never leave, they are a part of you even while choosing how to balance and bring more happiness into your life requires you to choose and this choosing requires you to be conscious and aware of what it is you truly wish to gain. 
Think about it dear ones, what is it that is in your life now that makes you feel balanced and happy? Your answers are clues that will help you understand what true happiness really means to you and what makes you happy is where you will also find the focus to bring balance into the rest of your life. 
As we talked about earlier, what makes a person happy and balanced will differ from one person to the next. And as you grow and mature your ideas of what happiness is and what it means to live a balanced life also changes. Sometimes because of busy lifestyles and work demands some areas become neglected and the areas that were pushed back eventually rise up when you least expect them. But by working through each situation, even the ones that you have forgotten will help bring new changes into your life and you create ways on how to bring balance from the new changes you have just made. Sometimes dear ones you have to let go of certain ideas that appealed to you when you were in your youth but, as a mature adult you discover and find different methods and ways of living is much more appealing. There is no right or wrong way, just a better way that fits you because you are the one making the choices that will bring balance and happiness into your whole life because you can’t truly focus on one area and not expect your new achieved balance and happiness to not bring affect into other areas. No matter how many different things or parts create who you are, all is connected to the other and when you bring balance into one place, it is felt in another and if balance is not felt in one place you become encouraged and empowered to bring more balance to the places that are feeling out-of-place and because you like the feeling of being wholly balanced, it brings about a steady flow of peace and overall happiness and it does feel good. 
Take some time for yourself when you are going through the process of making significant changes. Learn why you have changed over the years. Realize and remember the impacts that have brought you to some of ways that describe you – be objective and honest with yourself, don’t bring colourful or exaggerated adjectives while looking back at your changes. See how you have grown and developed in mind, body, heart and spirit. Are you handling yourself better now? And if you are, what are the factors that have brought you into a deeper understanding of what it is you need for a richer and more fulfilling life that demonstrates balance and happiness? 
Many times, dear souls suppress their natural-born preferences and personality because of social pressure and society. They end up doing work they dislike and give up their dreams that also hold their potential to demonstrate their true talents and strengths. Some dear souls remain in this tight grip of a lifestyle their entire life, yet there are others that find a way to break away from what is hindering their spirit and true self and they begin to live without falsifying their life any longer. No matter when the need to change hits you, it will have an impact on your whole life because you are upsetting what you have learned, what you have done up to that moment and stopped. You then come in with fresh new changes that turn what you have done upside down or at least a completely different direction. Many dear souls have met opposition but continued to persevere forward following their heart and soul to what happiness and balance is truly for them and they meet and bring into actual reality. 
It is essential and vital that you are always true to yourself. Only you know you best. Don’t deny yourself the peaceful life you are meant to have. Be honest with yourself, learn who you are and ask others that are non-biased for occasional feedback, learn from what they see and try learning from your mirror. What you see from your mirror beyond the nicely groomed hair or make-up is your true self. Get to know this person. Become aware of your whole self and discover what it is you need to let go and what you can do to improve or correct factors that will enhance your overall balance with life and produce a happier and more peaceful you. Strive for what makes you happy; believe that you reach the goals that your actions steps are helping you to reach. Follow your own path, not the path of another dear soul, what is meant for you is yours, not theirs. 
Never forget dear ones achieving balance and happiness that will affect your life and touch other dear souls that are close to you is personal and individual. This is your journey, do what is right for you. Allow your life to influence you to make different choices that are positive, strong and uplifting. We know you have the ability to bring balance and happiness into your life, and we want you to not only know this but to believe in this fact as well. 
I AM Melchizedek 

through Julie Miller

More corrupt individuals coming to the Light of day for all to see....

Thank you BBC News and Stephen Cook!

US Bank Chief Pleads Guilty to Using Bailout Cash to Buy Home

Mr Woods had said the money was needed prop up a "bleeding patient".
Mr Woods had said the money was needed prop up a “bleeding patient”.
Thanks to John
A US bank chairman has pleaded guilty to using bailout money given to rescue his firm to buy himself a luxury home.
Darryl Woods used $381,000 (£245,000) of the $1m given to his Mainstreet Bank to buy the Florida waterfront property.
Following the US housing collapse and financial crash, Mainstreet needed to be propped up with taxpayers’ money.
US district attorney Tammy Dickinson said: “At a time when many Americans were losing their homes, he was siphoning off public funds.”
Bailout money was given to Mainstreet under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) established after the US financial crash.
Mr Woods had previously written to TARP regulators describing Mainstreet as a small community bank and saying the funds “will provide vitally needed infusions to a bleeding patient”.
His wrongdoing was uncovered when regulators began examining how the money was used.
To date, some 140 criminal cases have been filed against individuals alleged to have misused funds.
From BBC News – August 27, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank you GFL, SH and Sheldan!

Dratzo! We come today with much to tell you! Your world continues to be a covert battlefield, with the dark cabal's minions hanging on grimly despite the ground being gained every day by the forces of the Light. This protracted operation is somewhat discouraging to those who have committed themselves to the Light and its ultimately inevitable victory. The dark retains control of most of the international monetary system that in any way deals with the US Federal Reserve and its numerous banking allies, although this grip is no longer what it once was. However, the Federal Reserve and its criminal, destructive practices is facing its nemesis: A key moment is approaching when this ill-intentioned and bankrupt banking fraternity will be required to make a payment in actual gold bullion which it does not possess. This default is to give the forces of Light the opportunity to defrock the Federal Reserve of its powers and force a public bankruptcy and legal takeover of this highly illegal entity. This event is shortly to manifest. The fall of the Federal Reserve signals the demise of the current de facto US regime.

   In concert with this, a number of legal enforcement agencies are encircling various components of the US government and are anxiously awaiting the final set of documents authorizing the removal of what was once considered to be a truly omnipotent instrument of the dark. The movers and shakers in the economy who have long provided the resources to maintain the present government have either deserted the obviously sinking ship or are preparing to do so, throwing the dark cabal into an ever-deepening chasm of desperation. The conundrum for the dark is to find a way to save itself from imminent catastrophe without setting in motion events that would demolish their self-serving powerbase. The true fragility of the US government is hidden behind a carefully woven tapestry of dark-controlled media spin, purporting to show 'business as usual' in all sectors of government and finance, but behind this facade lies a regime whose top members have international arrest warrants hanging over their heads. These warrants now only need the signature of a judge to take effect. And so we sit in abeyance, knowing that a process is underway which will shortly permit a whole new reality to arise.

   As you can see, your world sits on the brink of transformation, which will not only bring in wholly new governance and redress the global balance of power; It is designed to utterly transform how your reality functions. A vast prosperity machine is ready now to manifest and lies at the heart of a complete makeover of your global banking and monetary systems. This, in turn, changes the very basis of global governance. You are to witness the downfall of the dark ones and the rise of de jure governance which restores your innate liberties and rights. These civic and spiritual requisites in truth enact what was intended to happen in the revolutions of the late 18th century; in effect, you are living through the completion of the revolution that was born in England and which rose to adulthood in the fields and townships of colonial America. These noble ideas have since traveled the globe and are presently maturing in this most-needed 'quiet revolution' of the early 21st century. But as befits this space-faring millennium, this revolution will expand to include your graduation to the next techno-spiritual level, beginning with the introduction of your spiritual and space families.

   This means that the quarantine placed around you at the fall of Atlantis (nearly 13,000 years ago) is to end, signaling your return to the level of wisdom of your fully conscious ancestors. Long ago in Lemuria, it was envisioned that you would become the guardian race for Gaia. But events conspired to arrange a detour for this lofty goal and the Anunnaki were allowed, for a predetermined time, to substitute this stewardship with the hijacking of Gaia's human population and the total ravaging of your world. This situation is now to be restored to its original intent. Our task is to reunite you with your Lemurian brethren who relocated to Inner Earth Agartha, and together you are to birth a new world! This will redress a lot of the damage to near-pristine levels and in this condition, She can begin to prepare Herself to reconfigure Her 3-D surface. This is when Her beloved surface humanity will go through their own DNA restoration as you are to change in conjunction with Her. This is when you will go to your Inner Earth residences, which house your individual Light Chambers, and you and Gaia, together, will transform into your fully conscious Selves!

   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with some very interesting news. The preliminary negotiations between the Light's legal teams and their dark counterparts are finished, and this ongoing struggle has entered a very critical stage. The documents authorizing the arrest and removal of top-level government personnel are issued and require only signatures. This is to happen shortly. The cabal's last desperate stratagems will fail, thus precipitating its defeat. The new hard currencies to be issued are at their global distribution points, and so the age of fiat money and the fiscal abuse that it inspires comes to a close. We are entering a time when prosperity for all is to be the norm and the old ways are to become horror stories, loved by none! You will see the renewal of all your stolen rights and papered-over innate freedoms which have long been grossly abused or denied you outright! Let us in Love celebrate this well-earned, miraculous turn of events!

   Our primary mission is to guide humanity and teach you the hidden knowledge and wisdom which the dark has for so long kept from you. Step one is to begin a series of lessons showing you how each of us was introduced to the prime truths of Creation. These lessons will erase the falsehoods and voids which were placed into your major philosophical texts by the Anunnaki and their global minions. This first step will reacquaint you with the concept that each of you is a being of Light. Every living Soul has an innate knowledge of the energies that go into their makeup. Over the dark eons, you were browbeaten by doctrine that exhorted you to give up your innate power voluntarily to another. Now you are to cast off this profane creed and learn how to develop your God-given abilities and use them cooperatively among yourselves to solve creatively any problems that might come up, remembering at all times that you are all One; Each one, divine aspects of the living spark of everlasting Life!

   Prepare yourselves, for much is ready to happen! A profusion of events is to spring out suddenly from all directions and these events will transform your lives in many different ways. The part that we, understandably, are most interested in is the considerable spiritual training that you require. This can only take place in an atmosphere of freedom and ease, where we can easily manifest and provide the free and open teaching and supervision that you demand. Your Galactic Federation mentors will also prove to be very helpful but there are certain spiritual matters that fall into our particular areas of expertise. It is our job to move you away from centuries of dogma into the pure, spiritual bliss of divine truth. Ensconced in this heavenly Light, you are prepared for the ways of full consciousness. You are breathing in the clean air of Heaven and beholding the beauty of the Creator's awesome Brilliance!

   Today, we tried to give you a glimpse of what is hard to put into words. The last horrible days of the dark's immense treacheries are nearly over. Glance around you and perceive the truth of what is about to occur. A new dawn and a new day is coming over the horizon. Above all, be proud of what you, collectively, have accomplished. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

by GFL, SH and Sheldan Nidle

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thank you Archeia Lady Patience and Julie!

Face your Situations with Patience
Message from Archeia Lady Patience

Beautiful Bright Hearts, there is so much for you to learn from patience that will add and create even more character, lift your life and increase the level of happiness within all aspects of your precious lives. 

It is understood dear ones how difficult it can be to wait for anything. Children of various ages realize this and know this as well as the adults. The world which you live runs on fast, everything is moving fast. Even your food can be fast. All the new and improved ways of living has taken on a fast way of living, where waiting for something is becoming novel and unappreciated. Many dear souls are physical affected by their inability to patiently wait for anything, blood pressure rises during line ups; stress is increased over matters that are simple because impatience has encouraging them to move at a faster pace. 

Comprehend Beautiful Bright Hearts that true patience is your ability to put all your desires on the backburner for an uncertain amount of time. Being able to wait patiently is precious and it is also a rare virtue but it is one that can be improved. You are become so used to getting your way, the very idea of having to slow down, to wait or to become a bit more accommodating gives you an unpleasant feeling because you have forgotten what it means to be patient. 

God has been merciful and patient with you during each and every turn in your life. He understands; He is endlessly compassionate and infinitely loving. When you apply more patience in all the many facets of your life a purifying process begins to polish your level of understanding, makes your happiness more profound, it encourages you to focus more and brings renewed hope and offers peace as a reward. 

If you are parents or caregivers of young children, you know it would be unwise to give into every desire of the children that are in your care. They would not learn to understand what it means to be patient or appreciate the lessons that come with patience. Understandably children are not the only dear souls that require instant gratification, that require to be spoiled with material gifts and attention. Maturity comes to all, young and old by learning to wait. 

Come to understand the value of patience and that it is much more than waiting for something, anything to happen. Within the time that you are waiting is an opportunity to learn. What it is for you to learn is up to you, but the opportunity exists within the waiting period that you are presented with and it isn’t nothing because there is always something to learn. As you increase your level of patience you also come to the understanding of the necessity of effort. In order to see a job or task through you must apply effort and not allow yourself to get discouraged if the outcome seems longer to reach. Be patient, keep applying your deep hearted effort and you will have your desired outcome. Remember dear ones; all things come to be when it’s time. Not everything can be rushed. 

When you grasp what it means to be patient and the importance of applying more patience in more areas of your life, you will also come to realize being patient is not a passive choice and it is never considered a failing. When you apply patience you are demonstrating endurance, the ability to bear difficulties with great strength even if there is a little feeling of fear, the love that is in your heart encourages you to keep going, to try a little harder and be a bit more patience. And it is known Beautiful Bright Hearts that every time you have applied true hearted patience you have always endured, always succeeded and you have learned so much during that time. What you have learned about yourself is incredible, and what you learn of others especially those closest to you is equally important and all together empowering you with deeper knowledge on a whole that eventually becomes wisdom as you learn to apply what you have learned with patience. 

When impatience is being demonstrated, regardless if it is you or another dear soul what you are seeing is a clear indication of selfishness – a characteristic that describes someone as being self-absorbed. There are many dear souls that have a need where they must be the center of all the attention. This kind of behaviour does not demonstrate pure compassion or unconditional love. There is no learning here, what often occurs is a block of energy, they become stagnant because they are too absorbed with their own wants and desires that they often forget other people have feelings and needs as well that are equally important and worthy of respect. 

God is always patient. He loves each of you. He knows the learning each of you must do and He knows you will come to understand the value of patience and you will learn this by experiences that require patience. He does not pass judgment or criticize if your learning is slow. The one who passes criticism or negative judgments is you dear ones. Learn to be more tolerant and patience with those around you and with yourself. Come to the conclusion that the other dear souls that are a part of your life, regardless how big or small that part is are also learning. And all this learning is done through mistakes and all mistakes are opportunities to bring improvements, change and new ways of living and being. Show a little compassion and through your compassion patience will show its beautiful head. As you are learning Beautiful Bright Hearts to interact with others with more patience, don’t give up on them and never give up on yourself. 

There are several times in your life where you called upon God for guidance. Know Beautiful Bright Hearts God always answers, yet sometimes His answers are not given as quickly as you may have hoped. Remember His answers always come in time and through ways that are recognizable by you. Sometimes it will take a few minutes, or a couple days to receive His answer but other times it has taken a few years. Through the time you are waiting, He has given you a gift and that gift is time to learn more of yourself and of others – the time to develop deeper wisdom based on actual experience and that gift Beautiful Bright Hearts is also His blessing to you while patiently waiting for His divine response. Blessings come in many guises and through each blessing that is realized, patience always played an important part. 

We know it can be difficult to see where God has already laid a helpful hand during your earlier experiences. Try reflecting back to situations that you have passed and realize that each experience included essential learning blocks that helped to form and create the very foundations of your character that is with you now. You character has changed, and it always changes and it changes when you change. Sometimes the change is slight, but it is still there and with your patience more changes will come that will increase your understanding and happiness. 

The virtue of patience Beautiful Bright Hearts is also very healing and liberating. It has the ability to heal you at the soul level which will touch others with a higher level of kindness that demonstrates you have unlocked the divine treasure of self-knowledge, understanding and you have learned how to transform yourself into being a more patient person that demonstrates God’s presence actively working lovingly through you during each instance of your life. 

When you practice patience, you are telling in quiet yet loud energetic volumes that you are not quitting, that you are staying with your current task until it’s completed and you are applying your whole effort to see it through that will bring the results you have been working towards. In addition, when you are practicing patience you are respectfully withholding your angry outbursts and resisting the temptation to lash out with unkind words. You do this Beautiful Bright Hearts because you know getting heated or angry does not help you achieve any outcome you are hoping to reach. Face your situation, regardless if you are working alone or with others with courage, grace and faith. Everything you do that has any amount of challenge all carries a lesson and through these lessons the patience you apply will help to lift your life, intensify your happiness and nurture your character. Don’t be afraid of becoming more patient, embrace this virtue and make it a part of you in all areas that you are part of – see this as a strength that will help you overcome the hardest of situations that will bring you to peace and happiness with others and most importantly with yourself. 

I AM Archeia Lady Patience 
through Julie Miller

Indeed, so much has been hidden from humanity’s understanding, but your unknowing of the truth of your existence has always been meant to be temporary. There are many Earthly souls who are and will perhaps remain comfortable in the Earthly vibration; who enjoy your society as it stands right now despite the nature to which humanity has experienced a severe and continual violation of your rights. The general populace has been used for mass experimentation and slavery on the part of your cabals, and their actions in fashioning a society of “worker bees” bent on serving them in every way will be unraveled before their eyes in front of all of humanity. Every person will come to understand what the cabals have done on your world and to your populace, and it’s for this reason that we remind you each of the importance of collective forgiveness of the cabals when the most disturbing revelations concerning their actions begin to surface.

Thank you Jeshua, Ascended Masters and Wes!

Jeshua and the Ascended Masters via Wes Annac: Spiritual Liberation Will Help You Create Heaven on Earth

With the brimming Love of the entirety of our collective of Masters, I am Jeshua.
At this time, we wish to communicate the importance of treating every facet of consciousness around you with the ordained respect you wish to be shown. In the time ahead, humanity will come to understand the importance of connecting with the plant and animal kingdoms and allowing them the same rights humans expect to be able to enjoy.
This may seem to be an outrageous idea to some who don’t understand the brimming consciousness of the animals and plants, but animals and plants are conscious beings who experience many of the same Earthly feelings and emotions as you dear humans do.
Plants and animals experience fear; joy; happiness; Love; these are all qualities that are experienced not only by humans, but by every facet of consciousness around you.
It’s very important for humanity to recognize the sentient consciousness of animals and plants, and when you can find an uninhibited understanding of and respect for these souls, the unity so many wish to see established will be aided marvelously.
Your expanding perceptions are leading you toward the realms of full consciousness you’ve come to the Earth from, and your return to full consciousness has always been an inevitable feat.
Plentiful Collectives Stationed Near your Earth
Despite the extreme nature to which you’ve incarnated under the lower-dimensional spell of illusion and convinced yourselves you were limited or finite beings, you’ve found your ways back to a supreme understanding of your God-essence and of the pure realms of consciousness that Create and sustain your realities and keep your existence in place in the specific frame of consciousness you exist in.
There are plentiful collectives stationed in the higher dimensions very near to your physical realms and monitoring events taking place on your Earth in every moment, and while events on your Earth could seem to be of a dire or distressful nature, we reiterate that you are and have always been kept safe and protected.
The souls who would keep humanity back forever if allotted have attempted large and small-scale disasters and tragedies many times in the past and while they’ve been successful a few of those times, for the most part their plans have been thwarted nearly from the get-go.
If you could see just how many plans the cabals have made and had thwarted by the Company of Heaven because they fell grossly outside of your collective freewill wishes and desires, than you’d understand when we say that the majority of such plans have failed.
Your cabals previously thought themselves able to solely run your world because of the extent to which your planet was quarantined, but your collective freewill hasn’t stopped the Company of Heaven from intervening in smaller ways and seeing to it that the playing field is fair as you go about your collective ascension.
It’s important for your populace to reach the point of collective ascension, because of the importance of your ascension to that of the Universe. The Universe is ascending along with the Earth, and the various planets that’ll be uplifted because of the Earth’s ascension will themselves inspire and uplift other planets and civilizations to find evolution and aid in the Universal ascension.
Informing Humanity about the Universal Ascension
The Universal ascension is a much bigger event than has yet been hinted at by the majority of channels, and for quite a while, the protocol was to first have you focus upon your Earthly ascension and bring it about before we introduced the most intricate discussions regarding the Universal ascension.
Though this is still largely our plan in many respects as humanity still has a ways to go in regards to building a Galactic society and matching your planetary vibrations with those of the fifth dimension, one many notice in the time ahead that discussion of the ascension of your Universe will have picked up, because you’re being led to greater understandings about the events taking place.
Your personal evolution is more important to focus on in this moment, and when one can find a full and uninhibited connection with one’s inner-realms, any worries or fears concerning one’s perceived separation from the spiritual realms will simply fade.
Each of you has the full ability and opportunity to maintain the strongest and purest connections to the higher dimensions in every moment, and if this message sounds repetitive, we ask you to ready yourselves for many more repeats.
We say this in this manner because our aim is indeed to continually express the importance of actively searching within to find one’s validations of one’s personal ascension and the realms of spirit, and our desire is bred from our knowledge that upon fashioning real and pure connections yourselves, you’ll enjoy your experiences more than we could express with Earthly words.
A Staggering Amount of Service to Humanity
We know that upon getting to know one’s inner realms, the amount of service to the Light and to humanity one will be able to perform is staggering. We understand that the level of joy and bliss you’ll be able to attain will be nothing like anything you’ve experienced in your Earthly Lives, and we know that you’ll be forever grateful you’d made the initial efforts to fashion an inner-connection.
We don’t exaggerate when we say that glorious realms and frames of consciousness await your perception of them.
The most blissful of feelings and energies await your rediscovery of them, and when encompassing oneself fully in the constant bliss prevalent all around (in the higher dimensions), one will realize that everything truly is Love; that the greatest feelings man has ever felt are magnified in the higher dimensions; and that there truly is never anything to worry or be in concern about.
Above anything else, this is the ultimate message we’ve always wished to impart unto you. If you could leave our communications with the understanding that you’re Divine Godsparks of full consciousness and that there’s never anything for you to be worried or in concern of, than we’ve done our jobs well.
This is because we want you to feel what we feel and know what we know. We want you to gain the deepened perception of the reality around you that we’ve been able to gain, and we want you to feel the blissful energies and perceptions accompanying a higher-dimensional experience.
Many of you are perceiving of the higher dimensions in unprecedented ways from your current Earthly perspective, and in doing so, you’re Creating a tidal wave of energetic change and transmutation for your entire collective to benefit from.
You’re uplifting the Earthly populace in every moment with the Lighted energies you choose to bring through, and while the energetic “controllers” have thought themselves able to keep a grip on the pure energies being given by the awakening Lightworker public, we’re happy to report that the number of Lightworkers giving their pure energy completely unhindered is growing in every moment.
This has been the Divine plan all along, as every soul is meant to perform the most brimming and pure of Lightwork for the Earth and for your populace.
Healing Energetic Wounds
The Lightworker public has been instrumental in transmuting the bulk of dense energy prevalent and fed in your collective consciousness, and many of you have taken personal sacrifices in allowing the dense energy of others to come through your temples and be transmuted.
Some of you have accumulated energetic or emotional “scars” that are completely temporary and able to be (healed), and we mention this to offer a visualization for those of you who feel that the continual transmutations have been “getting to you” or affecting you in unintended ways.
We ask for you to imagine yourselves in a very small space; a small room or closet of sorts. We ask for you to enjoy the small nature of the space around you, and use your ordained visualization abilities to shine your beautiful Light throughout every facet of this small room (illuminate it).
As you shine your Light out from within, make an affirmation that Source is with you in all ways and in every moment. Visual and feel your aura, and for those of you who’ve accumulated particularly heavy scars as a result of your selfless efforts in transmuting the collective dense energy, imagine those scars as black spots in your auric fields.
Affirm that the purest energy of Source be added to the personal Light you’re already giving out, and affirm that the energy you’re bringing through heals the pains you’ve accumulated.
Watch and feel as the pure energy coming through your temples transmutes and heals your energetic and emotional wounds, and feel a grand entrance of ever-purer Light into your temples as you thank Source for assisting you in cleansing and healing your accumulated scars.
Reaching Expanded Perceptions
You can perform this visualization or others similar to it in any moment you feel your work is weighing on you heavily or becoming too much, and we’ll forever be with you to help you in such times.
Continuing to practice modesty and equilibrium in any and every moment will help you assimilate ever-purer energies in the clearest possible manner. Balance will remain an important factor as you embrace purer states of consciousness, and in the fifth dimension, you’ll learn to balance out your respective third and fourth-dimensional experiences.
The purpose of entering a purer dimension is for you to reach expanded perceptions of the Creation around you.
When animals grow from second to third-dimensional consciousness and practice inhabiting human bodies in the astral realms before making incarnations as humans, they undergo a difficult process of balancing out the newer perceptions they’ve ascended into and the “older” ones they’ve been used to for so long.
Likewise, as you embrace the fourth dimension as individuals and as a collective, so will you come to reach elevated states of consciousness and intellectual understanding that will see you feel and know much more about your reality and specifically, about the energetic and spiritual nature of your reality, than you’d expect.
We should mention that complex mathematic and scientific formulas are involved in Creating and sustaining your reality, but for the most part, (Love) energy is the driving force behind the conscious experiences you undergo in every moment.
Love is poured into your reality in every moment, as Love is the energy formulating your reality.
Love is the energy that vibrates at a certain dense frequency and slow pace, keeping you within its temporary perceptual and physical confines. Love is the conscious energy existing in various different bodies as humans, animals and plants (and much more). Simply put; Love is everything.
This is a very basic ideal that likely every soul absorbing this communication already knows, but at the same time, it’s a complex and intricate ideal that you’ll come to understand in all of its complexity as your personal perceptions grow.
Your perceptions will continue to grow until you reach states of consciousness that see you fully understand the great mysteries of your existence.

Releasing Suppressed Truth
Your reason for being on the Earth and for existing at will become very clear to you, and people who’ve wondered about the existence of extraterrestrials will be able to take solace in the fact that they not only exist, but are benevolent and spiritual and have been assisting your Earth from behind the scenes for a very long time.
Souls who’ve wondered about humanity’s past will come to understand the truths of your various advanced civilizations, and truths regarding the suppression of your history will come forth as they justly should.
Indeed, so much has been hidden from humanity’s understanding, but your unknowing of the truth of your existence has always been meant to be temporary.
There are many Earthly souls who are and will perhaps remain comfortable in the Earthly vibration; who enjoy your society as it stands right now despite the nature to which humanity has experienced a severe and continual violation of your rights.
The general populace has been used for mass experimentation and slavery on the part of your cabals, and their actions in fashioning a society of “worker bees” bent on serving them in every way will be unraveled before their eyes in front of all of humanity.
Every person will come to understand what the cabals have done on your world and to your populace, and it’s for this reason that we remind you each of the importance of collective forgiveness of the cabals when the most disturbing revelations concerning their actions begin to surface.
Disclosure will Expand the Minds of the Populace
The actions of the cabals that you’ll learn about will open humanity’s general perception exponentially, and will see humanity more easily able to take in many of the wondrous but paradigm-expanding metaphysical truths you’ll come to understand.
You’ll be able to understand the spiritual truths that’ll be had for you, having been expanded and opened up by learning about the actions of the cabals.
In learning of the cabals’ actions, a crafted and instated paradigm of unknowing and unconsciousness will be broken in your Earthly populace and many of you reading this may task yourselves with helping calm those around you who could take to vengeful or angry mindsets when learning of the cabals’ activities.
Many of you will be tasked with helping to calm the Earthly populace upon learning the worst of what’s been done to your collective, and your influence on the collective consciousness will strongly help souls who could’ve otherwise taken to violence or anger to be calm in the time of humanity’s initial awakening.
The fact that abundance will be a widespread established factor by the time humanity begins to learn many of the truths that have been hidden from you should assist your collective in “taking” such revelations, but ultimately, it’ll be up to humanity and to the awakening Lightworker public not to fall into the same vengeful or hateful states of consciousness that have fed your cabals and those in the lower astral realms for so long.
As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that even the cabals could come to find the Light and assist your planet in ascending after their actions in attempting to hold your populace back are justly exposed and forgiven on a massive level.
To forgive individuals who’ve hurt your collective as exponentially as the cabals have will be to break the old paradigm indeed, and we trust in the ability of your collective to break the mold and find and feel the purest of forgiveness as you greet the purer states of consciousness of heaven.
Heaven can be seen, felt and picked up on by every one of you in this moment, and while plenty of religious souls would see heaven as a nearly-physical place to be attained by following a strict set of rules and guidelines, we say that your personal and spiritual liberation will help you Create heaven upon the Earth.
Thank you to Jeshua and the Ascended Masters.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia