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If You Never Ate An Apple, I Cannot Give You My Experience of Its Taste & Fresh Juice, Its Color & Shape, Mild Sweet Smell: You Must TRY IT to KNOW

Thank you Merddyn and Susan for this beautiful reminder of the energetic dynamics between man & woman.

And so it is!
*** gavin

Merddyn (Merlin): 2012 Message

Greetings dear beloved Ones!

Usually, I am not to be disturbed in my Peace in the Afterlife, but this is an extraordinary Time on Earth and I speak to you today a few words. Surprise!

All of your Dreams, especially, the good, wonderful Ones, are REAL. The fantasies you had when you were children, is more real than you would expect. The Druids always started teaching their Children at a very small age, about the Knowledge of the Tree.

My Name was Merddyn on Earth, but a more famous and known Name you might recognize correctly and associate with me, is Merlin, the Druid.

We are in a Time, I personally have envisioned coming, when I was living in my human Body. I knew, we all knew, the Time would come, when the Light wins over the Shadow. Shadow should not be underestimated and can be very strong, I cannot lie to you, my dear Ones.

The Druids were worried back in our Time already, that much Truth would be locked away and some even lost. We rarely kept our Knowledge in Writing, and in the last Phase of the Druids, we did not note anything at all, we carried the Knowledge to each other by
Word only. Luckily we did so, and the Knowledge stayed safe.

It wasn’t enough. There came a Time, when many of us were being hunted down, and so we took the Knowledge into Spirit. Now, this Knowledge, is still accessible, but not through physical, only through the spiritual and only for the chosen few, mostly Druids of our own Circles, incarnated once again to bring the Knowledge back- starting from 2012.

If only you could see through my Eyes! I recall walking through the Forests and sensing every Tree, smelling every note of smell, and putting my hands on beautifully rounded stones by the water, which were warm from the Sun’s warmth. I could feel how they “tanked” light-energy from the Sun. It was one of many beautiful Days, of my Life on Earth, where I daily connected to Nature.
To have Light in your Soul, helps you walk faster, light and arrive faster.

To be living, in the Embrace of all the Magic surrounding you, Mother Nature, Friends, Family and loved Ones, is a great feeling and way of life.

Some truths are not easy to face. I have seen many druid students give up, or run away, because they could not finish the teachings of druidism, they didn’t find enough courage or strength, to face their biggest fears. It is a daring challenge and definitely not easy, but all the effort is worth it.

To be a druid means just that. To become a real Druid, one must master full of Knowledge of Nature and it’s laws, Spirit and it’s laws as well as finally master yourself.

Whoever masters THE SELF, masters everything else.

Men are different in energy than women. Women are like the Moon, while Men are like the Sun. A Druid would most live without having physical contact with a woman, sensually speaking. A man gets weaker, and especially his spiritual energy, when he GIVES his energy to the woman.

The Witches of Avalon, is how you call them today, which could be also called the female Druids, had the complete opposite situation. To become a full Master, they would perform sensual acts in celebrative Form. Because it gives the woman power over the man, energetically. Specifically, women who know to use the energy in purpose in such way.

This was only in our Circles due to us fully dedicating ourselves to spiritual Growth, and opening up our full potential, so losing any energy or being distracted by passion and focus on desire, would weaken us for our high goals of full self-mastery. Mastery of spiritual matter was for us like weight-lifting today- we focused our energy to be as strong as possible.

Love, is a different topic. When two love each other for real, it is a balanced act.

I am only mentioning this specific point, to clarify how energy works between men and women. It is a very intense energetic act, most are unaware of today on Earth, and one shouldn’t go around merging physically without love, trust and the true feeling of being Soulmates. For women, it can even “infect” their spirit and aura, if the man has a bad energy or spirit sitting in his aura, for he gives energy from himself to the woman during such act. And a man can literally be drained of his life energy, if merging with a very dark minded woman. Think about it and let your Heart lead you, and your Spirit, not your Body.

I could say many, many more important Teachings in this Message, and go on and on, but this is how you “learn” today.

We Druids always believed Knowledge CANNOT be told nor shared via telling or teaching directly. Even so, you should never even take on another’s path of Learning. Knowledge can only be attained THROUGH EXPERIENCE.

A Druid Teacher would only give Inspiration, point toward the right Direction his student, but then the student must walk the Path individually and experience for himself/herself to really understand the Lesson at hand.

If you never ate an apple, I cannot give you my experience of its taste and fresh juice, its color and shape, mild sweet smell, no matter how I would try. I can tell you a story about apples, but you must TRY IT to KNOW what I know.

Discover yourself- and you will discover a whole World.

Your Merddyn
by Susan Elsa

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