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There Are Seven Rays For Each of the Seven Main Chakras. It Is Strongly Recommended You Learn of Each Chakra In Order to Master Each One

Thank you Serapis Bay and Julie!
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Serapis Bey: Determined Excellence Fueled by LOVE

Always a pleasure to converse through our lovely vessel that has accepted to receive me today in order to speak to all of you.

Determination has been a part of your existence for every life time regardless of what you were doing, just as determination is crucial to all the successes you have achieved so far and the goals you have mindfully set for yourself. Determination though is not the only factor to your success that has a major role in your personal growth and your spiritual development. You strive for excellence in all you do. And the excellence you strive is to be appreciated by you first and foremost before all others. The joy that is delivered from the achievement earned through your efforts will lift your spirits to higher depths because all that you have been striving for included the strength and courage that is alive inside your spiritual heart.

The journey you have embarked on is filled with wondrous experiences that will enrich your mind, body and soul with great wisdom. All that you seek in regards to your spiritual growth and where are to go is within your dear heart. And with the guidance from your past on loved ones, guides, angels and other spiritual beings who aid you for the highest of good, you will be directed to sources, material that will continue your learning from other Masters and beloved souls that selflessly offer themselves to you to enrich you further. You must be disciplined not only in spirit but in the heart and mind also. The journey to pure enlightenment with God is not to be taken lightly. There are many trials and tribulations that will cross your path that will forward you along the path of your journey when you complete each lesson from each trial and difficulties. Each lesson that presents itself is to gracefully welcomed with love instead of boredom or with frustration. The calmer you can accept the lesson, the quicker you will pass through and with less grief and discord.

Through each and every step you take, take it with Hope. Just when you feel you are ready to give up, after rigorously fighting to maintain your strength and composure; Hope will come to you and whisper in your heart to try a little more. I have seen so many dear souls give up on a goal when the next step if they would have continued was the success they were aiming for. Patience is needed in every aspect of life and is greatly needed when working through your challenging lessons. Once the lesson has passed and you completely understand its purpose, be thankful for the lesson and notice what you have learned. Make a journal using I AM statements stating how the lesson has effected your growth as a person and a child of Light. There are many positive adjectives you can use dear ones. I look forward to hearing them each and every time. When you hear your voice speaking so assertively and with self-love telling of your achievements that you notice on your own accord, it fills my heart with incredible joy and it is empowering for you.

Through your sometimes arduous journey you are discovering healthier life styles and learning not to indulge in activities that reek with low energy negativity. It is important to maintain a healthy physical body as much as you can. Self-care is not being selfish. When you care for yourself by eating properly, getting adequate sleep, hydrating your body with pure water and fluids, you are showing love for yourself. And depending on what you do for an occupation or what you are involved in with your spiritual work, you may be required to refuel more often. Take heed to your body’s signals. Your physical health does have an impact on your spiritual health dear ones.

Over time you will gain mastery of your thoughts and learn how to live with love in all of your actions all the time. Great change is apparent for all children of God, but each of you must be ready for each interval and you are the ones directing how fast and where you wish to go. We of the divine will guide you with love every time you ask for support. When you are ready, I will aid you in developing mastery over your chakras and primarily the base chakra. Once you gain mastery of your base chakra I will help you safely and gradually raise the Kundalini fire that is stored within this chakra. There are Seven Rays for each of the seven main chakras; it is recommended you learn of each chakra in order to master each one through that Master and raise the Kundalini for each of the seven main chakras.

I eagerly encourage each of you to continue learning, continue not only trying to understand but actually achieving understanding of the many different principles you will discover as you maneuvre your way through many texts that have perked your interest. And note the areas you are studying is by no accident. You follow what resonates with your heart and soul; you are drawn to what pulls you and drives you with a thirst to devour knowledge at incredible speed. You will continue doing this and there will be times when it seems there is nothing left to learn or you might find a time when you are fatigued from all the reading. Then there is time for solitude and reflection, to absorb all that you have read, all that you have learned from the many articles, books and other written sources. Even with the information you receive through dreams and visions, you must be able to completely understand what it is you are seeing and what it could possibly mean. And with dreams and visions, keep an open mind. What you see is a possibility; to make what you saw reality is up to you from your choices and effort.

I am preparing to close dear ones. My time today through your sister has been incredible. As I kiss her farewell, I shower upon each of you my everlasting love and brilliant diamond light to warm you through the darkest of days and let you know you are surrounded by love. It pleases me to announce that I will be returning through this child in a few days to begin a weekly message.

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey
through Julie Miller

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