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Part of the Reason Your World Has Been in Such Chaos: You've Continually Fed the Energies of Separation and Turned Away From the True Ways of Unity

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Wes Annac and his Collective Guides: On Reality and Illusion

Let us think for a moment about the fundamental nature in which we are all connected, energetically with every aspect of Creation around us. This basic underlying theme has been the foundation of many religions, and is in fact the foundation of the modern ‘New Age’ type of theory. It is easy to simply say, ‘we are all one’ and perhaps for some it is said but not really understood fully or believed, as a cliché.

However, even if this term and what it implies seem for some to be illusory or the fake mental creation of wishful thinkers alone, when understood from an energetic standpoint it becomes abundantly clear that indeed, we are one with everything and everybody around us.

[Collective Guides] Take some precious time, dear souls, to transcend the daily and moment-by-moment distractions that serve to take your minds and hearts away from all of the abundant Creation that is around you, intertwined with your own being. You have now begun to find ways to transcend illusion and all of its distractions, and as such you are beginning to realize in all of its splendor, the interconnectedness of all Life around you.

We are constantly sending energetic signals on certain planes of frequency, to each and every last atom of Creation which also maintains an energetic vibration of its own. Imagine the implications of this; because we are not just connected through what can be called the ‘Source Field’ to every person around us, we are connected with every animal, inanimate object, and anything we encounter while Living with, in this illusory matrix. Of course, we do not notice this intertwining of all Life because of the densities and distractions which serve to hold us back and weigh us down, as well as block our perception and memory of this advanced interlocking of Life.

This is why it is important to take a real, vested interest in meditation, as simply taking that quiet time and finding your center, no matter how difficult it is at first and believe me I know it is difficult, will help you begin to outgrow and break the programing that has been running in all of our minds through hundreds of lifetimes in the lower dimensions. We begin to perceive something higher, something more pure than the reality we have been so convinced of as we ran this program.

For some people, the use of natural plants and herbs has helped them to break the spell of illusion, but for some, what can be seen as ‘mind altering substances’ will only make the lower vibrational shell thicker, so to speak. The most pure way to begin to break the spell, the mind-instated program of illusion would in my opinion be to begin meditation.

[Collective Guides} The ways in which you have brought yourselves away from the convincing densities of the lower vibrations, have varied with each and every one of you. No matter how you found yourselves in this position you are now in, it was always meant to work out as your Lifetimes are fitting perfectly into the Divine plan.

You were always meant to awaken in this time from the false program of illusion and suffering, as you have found numerous ways to do so and all of them are honored, and you are Loved eternally for all that you have ever done whilst inhabiting the lower dimensions. We welcome you back home now, as you shed and integrate more of your etheric densities and begin to reunite with the realms which are your true home, your true entitled space of existing.

As one breaks this program more and more from within themselves, a gradual bringing-out of said soul’s higher self is set in motion. This awakening comes in cycles and layers, and as more [in many cases] difficult lessons are learned, the layers are integrated and a further awakening and emerging of one’s higher self comes forward. Many of us are in the middle of this process in this very moment, and the middle is the peak point of this process, that is, the most intense and difficult.

However the difficulties may affect us, as our higher selves begin to make their presence within our temples very established and known, we are let more and more ‘in the loop’ so to speak of the way this reality truly works, how we all maintain a Supreme, Loving energetic connection with each other, a connection that is so very strong, there are [as of yet] unseen and unknown parts of ourselves who are communicating with each other just as we communicate in the physical, only on a much more deep and intimate level.

Other things which are unknown to the majority of humanity but become knowingly available once one is well traveled on their ascension paths, are the methods in which this world, dear Earth, has been controlled by the very tight and well thought-out grip of the minions of former negative extraterrestrial races which themselves wished to rule over this world, and in many cases did while masquerading as ‘gods’. These minions were given crudely distorted Universal Laws, rules and prophecies to follow by their Annunaki Overlords. These souls are in control of the majority of the world’s largest, most powerful and most influential corporations no matter which avenue one wishes to look in.

Many of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world are themselves interlocked, and under the tight grip of these few rich and influential families, who follow the false doctrines which were given to them, even though they have been informed time and time again that their quest for a one world government, depopulation and enslavement of the survivors was not to come to pass, that instead the only other scenario, the true scenario they were presented with through their various ‘classified’ experiments which is the rising in consciousness and awakening of humanity, is what will be happening and is in fact what is already happening, as millions of souls are awakening to these truths in very real ways.

The reason I speak of these souls, is to bring to light that through their control of the world’s corporations, they have sold a certain way of thinking and behaving, a bit of mental programming, to the souls of certain prosperous countries for centuries. Through culture and societal expectations, theories which are considered to be too ‘out of the box’ are not even allowed to be considered in what would be called ‘serious discussion’.

One cannot present the fact that we are all energetically connected to an unawakened soul, as they would more than likely be more concerned about the next video game coming out, or the next party to go to, or their next day at work. The distractions from Universal Truths go on and on.

In many countries of this world, outright war and poverty is being wrought in a massive, widespread scale, and many of the more prosperous countries are taught not to care or be in any way concerned for anybody but themselves or their families. Separation is taught and played upon fiercely.

[Collective Guides] As you awaken from the false matrix of what has been deemed real by those around you, you will naturally begin to feel the Supreme connection with all Life around you. You will look back upon your earthly lives and in many cases, even those of you who were especially prone to judgment and seeing oneself as separate from others, you will see how backwards to the truth that actually is. And yet, you will still know, feel and realize that that truly was your reality at that time.

While convinced of the lower dimensions of illusion, you are truly in a reality of your own Creation. While this reality is false especially when looked upon from a higher dimensional point of view, while inhabiting such realms it is entirely real for you. We in the higher realms do in fact have trouble fully fathoming the perspective of you on Earth. Our vibrations are simply not compatible with the lower vibrations.

I am glad that my/our guides brought up the issue of how real-seeming our realities really are. I have noticed and been a part of many verbal arguments and disagreements, and upon review have noticed that the underlying theme, the underlying problem which caused the disagreements, is almost always a full belief in one’s own reality from both parties, and it is a theme of not noticing or even fathoming the reality of the other party. What you believe is what you believe in whatever matter you may be fighting about, and since our Creation powers are that real, we are fully convinced of our dualistic side in an issue.

Where the illusion comes in and is kicked to full gear, is when we cannot fathom the reality of another. As we realize that we have been completely convinced of our own reality, we must realize that those around us are also completely lost in and convinced of their own version of reality. None of us, no two souls on Earth are experiencing the same reality. We are all in different multiple universes so to speak, even while we exist with our fellow souls on Earth who are themselves, existing in their own universe, their own reality.

The foundations which make up our individual unique realities are our own beliefs, our moment by moment thoughts and expectations. What we give out to the Source Field of Creation, we are given back to manifest in our own Lives. Your reality may be extremely different than even one close to you, and as such, disagreements are caused when both parties are too convinced of and immersed in their own reality-Creating beliefs and feelings.

Emotion and feelings drive our Creation powers exponentially, which is why much of the cultural conditioning is around cutting off one’s connection to one’s own emotions, feelings and perception of the energies of the higher realms.

[Collective Guides] You are all beautiful and unique souls. We admire your Creations which in many cases you unknowingly manifest in your Lives, through your thoughts. We have noticed that many of you have began to notice the synchronicities occurring in your Lives, and by this we do not just mean with numbers dear souls. We have watched with glee when you thought of something, and then knowingly had it manifest in your Lives and in many cases, in record amounts of what you know as time. We are watching you notice and enjoy these synchronicities, these ‘flash points’ when you notice that your Creation did indeed manifest.

You have been Creating and manifesting your whole adventure through the lower realms, and indeed even before this venture you were all wonderful Creators and Gods in your own respects. Behind and within the lower dimensional shell that you are breaking through, moment-by-moment and choice-by-choice, you exist as a pure Master of your reality, a pure Master of the higher energies that you are now balancing and learning to keep stable while integrating and absorbing.

I think I would like to go ahead and wrap up this discussion by discussing one final subject, that is that we possess higher dimensional powers to Create not only on an individual level, but on a collective level and on this collective level of manifestation, what we are able to do is increased exponentially. If we were able to align with each other on a massive collective level, meditate and visualize a better world, amazing things can and will happen.

We are kept separated from each other on purpose, through our cultural beliefs and what is taken as a given, because were we to unite, those souls who benefit and profit from separation would find themselves outnumbered with souls on this world who will have united for a peaceful and Loving intent. I think it can be safely said that the majority of this world’s population do want world peace, abundance and prosperity, but for the most part laziness, contentedness, not caring and pretty much hiding oneself from the reality that is the unbalanced and broken state of our world, is prevalent and runs rampant in most of the world.

It has been said that if all on Earth participated in a worldwide meditation or some other form of uniting us all, we could ‘move mountains’ so to speak. We would have enormous power, and that is what those who are currently in power are afraid of. They know that all of Creation is connected and such a connection can be easily remembered and mended on a worldwide scale, though they use the easy tools of denial, anger and hate to convince themselves that they are somehow better than the majority of the world, because they have been given fear-based prophecies in which they wished to inact.

They know that we can unite and that when we do, the natural underlying energies of the higher realms will serve to aid us greatly in uniting on a massive collective level, if only we all made the true and honest intent for it to be so. Once we unite in the physical, we bring back to light a bond that already exists, which is so very strong that it can never be destroyed with a fear tactic, a threat or a bullet. This is what they are afraid of. They do not want us to unite; they want us to stay separated from each other in any way that can possibly occur.

[Collective Guides] We make the call now for you to let the illusion-based labels, assumptions and opinions fall away from yourselves, no matter what the situation is and who is involved. We make the call now for you to all see yourselves as One, for you are indeed one true entity, one true God experiencing itself. You are all coming together now, in the Lightworker community and abroad, slowly but surely and you are reaching many final duality-based lessons to go through on collective scale.

When the time is right, Earth as a collective will be faced with some very illusion-defying situations and world events, and it will become clear the coming together of humanity is indeed needed on a massive, collective planetary level. This is part of the reason your world has been in such chaos, because you have continually fed the energies of separation and turned away from the true ways of unity.

As your world is reaching a very critical tipping point, your history is about to change exponentially, in profound and dramatic ways that will require completely the coming together and uniting of humanity. Your Grand Reunions cannot be stalled any longer! When we say Grand Reunion, we do not mean with your extraterrestrial brethren and sistren. That will occur in due time, when you are truly ready as a collective.

No dear souls, we talk of your personal uniting with your higher selves and those parts of yourselves you have kept hidden away from so long, as well as the collective coming together of humanity as you all individually and collectively find for yourselves the higher energies of Love and acceptance of all.

You will know and realize through this artificial matrix which you are indeed Creating and maintaining in the higher realms, you all maintain a steady energetic connection with each other. It is a connection of mental thought, but also of feeling and of Love. This connection exists even right now and is being maintained at all times by each and every one of you, and in due time you will in your own ways rediscover these so-far hidden realities, and you will realize this connection for yourselves as well as the methods that a severance from this connection have been enforced.

Until next time dear souls, we of the higher realms and Wesley alike Love and care for you all so very much. We are excited for your Grand Reunion with yourselves and with each other, and we are working behind the scenes quite a bit to see this Grand Reunion come about. We will be with you for this Reunion, dear souls!!!

Thank you to my and our Collective Guides.
by Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

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