Monday, February 27, 2012

Be Aware of What You Do Onto Others For It Will Be Experienced By You In Reality. Be Kind to Others. When You Hurt Someone, Apologize: Simple As That

Thank you once again Archangel Michael and Susan!
*** gavin


Dear beloved Souls

I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and I come today with a Message, I personally deeply care about, as I care about all of you, your Well-Being and your Souls.

You are in great and chaotic Times, and it can be very soothing and helpful, to call on my PROTECTION now. You can imagine a blue Light Coat being gently put around your shoulders and covering all of your body, shielding you from any Dark Energies, attack or negativity from another. Many people are going through their own inner Issues, and some turn away from their own Mirror, so they can "distract" themselves with the Life of another. It is quite natural actually, this is how Human Nature works, when in low Vibrations and not honest to themselves.

Don't let anyone get you down by pulling you into their Energy, as a form of Companionship. They are seeking Love. But in wrong ways. Even for the highest well-meant Goal, YOU ARE NOT TO INTERFERE WITH FREE WILL.

This means, that even if you want Peace, Love and Compassion and live that way, you cannot force someone who decided to live with Fear, Anger and Competition to change, show Respect or anything that is considered NATURAL IN YOUR STATE OF MIND. The other dark minded Person, CANNOT FEEL NOR HEAR YOU- that is the trap in how the dark Energies work.

It is important for all Souls now, to focus on Light and raising their Vibrations to higher Dimensions. There is simply not much Time left, to take Advantage of the wonderful, energetic, open Connections now and Opportunities for Ascension. Ascension of the Mind, the Soul, the Body will also change, it will become healthier and some might even lose a visible amount of Weight and feel light and great about yourself and your Body.

Some of you, will be called and have already been called to channel for us, to grow spiritually or share yourself in a spiritual way. These decisions are taken by God, no matter from which perspective you finally want to look at it. All of the Arrangement of the Universe, the work we came about to do, the Life you came about to live right now, ALL OF WHAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY EVER PERCEIVE- is under God's Control. This is the major Reason, why we NEVER INTERFERE WITH FREE WILL or try to force Healing or Change or another Direction in Path onto ANYONE OR ANYBODY. We LOVE and RESPECT God.

It is taken serious, out of our and God's deep Love for you, when anyone tries to hurt your Free Will or interfere in your Spirit. And unfortunately, these types of actions might increase during 2012- for this is the final Time Frame in which the "Rests of Darkness" are being DIS-POWERED and NEUTRALIZED. The effect is already and will be increasingly, that the Dark Souls have no "Ground to stand on" and the channel will be completely open- RE-CONNECTING Heaven and Earth.

Anyone, who wants to ascend, YOU ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WELCOME!

Anyone, who wants to fall into the Abyss- WE RESPECT YOUR FREE WILL.

I A.M. Archangel Michael, and I AM TRUTH. I AM PROTECTION, and everything is going according to Plan. Don't let anyone talk or "attack" you out of what you believe in- stay true to yourself and stick to WHAT YOU KNOW.

Truth always comes in the purest form, through private and direct Communication with us, the Archangels, your Guardian Angel, or even God. I am here only to show you the Way, and I can protect you on that Walk- BUT YOU HAVE TO WALK IT and when someone attacks you in any way as we are cleansing and soothing the Energies in your Dimension and directing this Ascension- DO NOT HESITATE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and SHOW STRONG, IRON WILL.





I really want to stress the last Mantra, which you can adjust personally in your Mind and Language however you feel like, for example:

I BELIEVE IN MYSELF - I AM LOVED - I AM HEALTHY -whatever Mantra you need at the Moment, you are free to be creative and follow your Heart.

Then repeat this Mantra, 7 times in a row, take a break, breathe deep and well, then repeat again 7 times.

On a special Note, I would like to mention something additional that I deeply care about, for I care about Humanity, every single Soul.

Some Souls out there, are committing wrong toward others, sometimes physical, sometimes verbal and then even sadly sometimes spiritual. The spiritual wrong toward another's soul, is the worst thing you can do, especially as everyone is healing now, if you do this, it is like:

Someone is dressed nice, waiting to board a lovely ship, the ship of Ascension, and the ship is only here for a special Time. Now imagine, all other People are also standing there, in beautiful colors and with sun hats, laughing and excited about the journey.

Suddenly, someone comes out of the Crowd, walks angry toward another standing there relaxed and attacks this person, a fist here and there, couple kicks on the ground, as the victim laying down and hurting is watching the others happily board the ship.

Be aware of what you do onto others- for it will be experienced by you in reality. Physical Life's Journey is very short, compared to all that is still coming, don't mess up your eternal life for something which is a learning phase. Be kind to others, and when you hurt someone, apologize, it is as simple as that.

YOU ARE ALLOWED to make mistakes, and we value Patience and Love more than anything. And after a mistake, you go and say a little sorry, and this is basically a general and simplified example of how easy it is to balance, most of the time, things out.

But let me be clear, as I, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, always AM:

If, as in the example mentioned, you go attack in such ways as mentioned, any innocent Soul ascending now, or healing for themselves with their own Path's and Soul's Journeys, Identities and so forth, you will MISS THE SHIP OF ASCENSION, symbolically speaking, and the Victim will be pulled up magically by us, being given a special comforting place on the Ship.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and I bring you TRUTH, LOVE and JUSTICE for the Planet.
by Susan Elsa

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