Thursday, February 16, 2012

When You Have Complete Balance Of the Inner Sanctum of Your Heart and All That You Are: You Will Feel Your Inner Power Grow & Magnify

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
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Ascended Master El Morya: The REALITY of God in Action is Through You

Last Tuesday was dearly missed by other circumstances that became a pertinent priority to our dear vessel. I AM greatly happy to speaking to all of you again. As always, there is so much to discuss.

The energy you gather now, you have also gathered throughout your many lifetimes that have been preparing you for your eventual ascension. The virtues and your capabilities are stored within your body and are accessed through your heart. When you heart is opened fully, and wide accepting God into your heart and into your life and you have mastered the trinity of your foundation; your heart will guide you your activation of your I AM presence. By listening to your guides, whomever they be; you will follow directions on a course to collect wisdom of the many ascended masters and learn from each and every one of them. You will reach your ascension when you are completely ready. Do not rush dear ones, enjoy your journey.

With the good energy you are gathering, the wisdom you are gaining you will acquire the need for the use of the Violet Flame. You already know this flame is incredibly nurturing, yet many only access it when they are clearing from a past event that was difficult and are letting go of it. The Violet Flame is able to be used as often as you require it. Meditating on the Violet Flame daily allows the flame to transmute any negative energy or disharmony from your spirit body at a quicker rate, rather than allowing the discord to collect and become heavy and weary. Let the Violet Flame dissolve all negative thought forms until it’s no longer present. You are a child of the Light; the Violet Flame progressively frees your spirit that also relieves your heart, mind and physical body.

When the Violet Flame is not invoked, more panic and havoc is released and the individual must deal with more unsettling harmful energies and easily can create illnesses that could have been prevented. No matter where you are on your ascension or your spiritual development, this is a time to stand tall and help those you can. Educate gently regarding the use of the Violet Flame. Walk through by example how to invoke the Flame into their existence. Instruction of the Flame can be done to all that you are in contact with that wish to learn. You cannot force any teaching. When a person is ready to learn, all fear of the unknown is given to the Universe. Teach with Love that is brimming unconditionally from your dear hearts. Be kind and supportive. You learn from sharing and while you are able to teach something you know well, you are also learning. Within the gift of teaching is an opportunity to learn all in itself. Lessons surround you dear ones, they do not only come when there is s difficult moment; they are there.

It does not matter if you are newly awakened or have been travelling on your journey for a very long time, you have the capability of bringing comfort to those who are trying and concerned of their efforts. The Violet Flame is not the only flame I work with. I also work within the Blue Flame; this is the Will of God and is it for your ability to drive into Action the Love of God that is guided by the Wisdom of Illumination so you may possibly have the fullness of your Christ-Self in Action. The Reality of God in Action through you dear ones, is when you are fully able to speak, think, act, feel as God in every action you do, every single day. When you have complete balance of the inner sanctum of your heart and all that you are; you will feel your inner-power grow and magnify.

I have walked beside many of you when I have been called. Some do not call my name, they merely ask for deliverance and guidance and I support them as they move through the catastrophe that would be prevailing. You are never alone dear ones. I know it sometimes seems you are. Allow yourself to feel, smell and touch; open your senses wide and relax them and you will soon become aware of the many spiritual beings who are close to you. Just as I embrace our vessel here and I know she can feel me, I am also reaching to each of you individually and embracing you. You are deeply loved. We of the Divine know your journey has had its joys and lows, but through it all you are creating and developing your perfection. And only you can do this. With all the angels and guides, it is you who makes the final choice in any given situation. No matter the decision or detour you take, it is you who is responsible. You are indeed loved in every action you employ. Through your own means of understanding you will always succeed.

I AM feeling great joy being here, conversing with all of you. We are preparing to close until the next time I speak through this dear child. Know with absolute certainty that you are loved immeasurably by me and by God.

And so it is,
Ascended Master El Morya
through Julie Miller

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