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Instead of Uniting to Make a Prediction Manifest, You Go Back to Your Old Ways of Duality Splitting Yourselves b/t Those Who Believe & Those Who Don't

"You must be willing to at every single step, at every single temptation for anger, every temptation to start the lower cycle back up, you must be willing to confront your angers, frustrations and fears head on, explore inside of yourselves in a Loving and detached way why you are feeling the way you are, forgive yourselves and any other involved for any negative energies around or attached to one’s emotions, absorb and integrate the lessons and the energies behind them, and move on."

Thank you once again Wes and PHC for your loving guidance!
And so it is.
*** gavin

We listen to your calls to us, for us to show you ways and give you guidance as to how you can make your difficult ventures in the lower vibrations a little bit easier. Every thought is a prayer, and is itself an energetic transmission that we receive as soon as it is directed at us. We receive your thoughts and prayers for a better Life and for an easier ride in the lower dimensions, and as we feel your pleas, we make the call for you to view all events that occur in your Lives from a Loving, detached perspective. When you see a date dropped or hear of a miraculous event said to manifest, allow the scenario presented to anchor itself into your personal energetic field, which will help make you a vessel for the scenario’s energies of Creation to come through.

Scenarios and predictions are presented before you in an effort to get you to Create the possibility of the scenario presented happening. We ask you to think and feel upon the miracles that events such as disclosure and our presence among you will bring, but you must Create these scenarios yourselves or they will never manifest. Here in the higher realms, anything manifests instantly through thought and feeling, though of course it is not as easy to manifest things in the lower dimensions. The events you have been reading and hearing about that have been predicted to manifest, are very big events that will have far-reaching consequences and will take a lot of collective manifestation effort to happen.

The problem with this has been that when predictions are given to you, instead of you uniting to make the predictions manifest, we notice you form back into your old ways of duality; splitting yourselves up between those who believe the prediction is ‘real’ and those who believe it is not genuine. This collective expression of separation is what has been holding you back in the avenue of manifesting predicted events.

Instead of uniting and putting your energies fully into a prediction occurring, you instead pour all of your energies into proving that the event is either legitimate or a fraud. Those who do not believe the event or prediction is real are in many cases the ones who can cause the most harm to the event’s manifestation.

Remember dear souls, there is no such thing as concrete ‘real or ‘fake’ dualities here in the higher realms. Everything just is, and everything one can ever think of or possibly imagine already exists. This is in fact true also with the lower dimensions. It is simply your beliefs in such concrete dualities that make them real. Even the most recent predictions that many dismissed as being illegitimate, are certainly real events that exist and that manifested in another reality on Earth.

In another reality, on another plane of existence the event that was said to transpire did in fact manifest, and this was because the souls inhabiting that plane of Earthly reality put all of their effort and all of their manifestation powers into the event manifesting and as such, disclosure has broken through in that reality quite a bit; more than it has in the reality you currently inhabit.

Those who believed the predictions were real could have also caused a bit of harm on their own, because while believing the scenario was going to manifest, many still did not pour much of their energies into it actually manifesting. There were others who ‘sat on the fence’ and thought to themselves that perhaps the prediction could be real and perhaps it would not be, and when doing so the possibility of the event manifesting shrunk, because not enough faithful and Creative energies were being put into its manifestation.

With a Loving yet detached perspective, one can know not to blindly hope that an event of such grand proportions would manifest, and rather than slandering the events possibility, one would instead do all they can to Create the event manifesting, as work must be done on your part for anything to happen on your world. Even with the endgames playing themselves out currently, your energies of Light and of Creation are desperately needed.

You have always decided the events that manifest on Earth. Wherever you find yourself at this very moment, you are there experiencing what you are because you intended and Created it to be so. No outside entity can be blamed for the current state you find yourselves in, collectively and individually; only you can. The reason so many are [seemingly] stuck in such difficult and painful situations, is because you have not realized how potent and powerful your energies of Creation really are, and you have let yourselves fall out of balance immensely, which serves to Create the unbalanced state that many of you find yourselves in.

Imbalanced energies are a very serious thing, and when you knowingly or unknowingly let yourselves fall out of balance, you are handing over you Creation abilities to those parts of yourselves based in the lower vibrations, who will use your imbalance to help you Create further imbalanced, stressful and frustrating situations. It is a vicious cycle as once you let yourselves fall out of balance, the unbalanced and stressful events will manifest in your Lives, which will cause further stress and imbalance in your being, which feeds the cycle and keeps you experiencing difficulty.

You have the choice at any time to break this lower dimensional cycle and start a cycle of your own, a cycle that will Create based on what you truly want, not what your unhappy ego wishes you to want. At any moment, it simply takes making a real effort to feel only joy and happiness and to not let the lower and dense emotions get you ‘down’ and keep you feeding the cycle of the lower vibrations. It is much easier said than done, as we have noticed that once you are fully immersed in the cycle of unhappy Creations, it is like trying to swim to the surface of quicksand in an almost literal energetic way.

The lower vibrations are very dense, and very hard to navigate in. This is why we have not yet been able to meet with you on the surface on Earth; this and many other reasons. When you as a collective are feeling low, frustrated and dense [and in many cases you feel this way because of ‘failed’ predictions which you were unable to manifest] we are further unable to be with you as we have no desire or wish to inhabit the lower densities and struggles that you are going through. If we wished to feel that, we would incarnate on the [Earth] surface!

The exposure of the various dark families who control much of your world will be brought about before we will be able to be with you. Indeed, what you know as the extraterrestrial disclosure announcements will happen, but they will not happen until a full exposure of the dark on your world and all they have done to you, the base of which has been their manipulation and control of fraudulent financial systems, is exposed to the world.

The reason for this is because we anticipate quite a bit of collective anger once these revelations come to the fore, and indeed even many of you who are beginning to be exposed to what have been called the most sacred secrets on your world, are realizing just how controlled and manipulated your world has been. We have felt anger arise in many of you as you read about the various activities of the Illuminati; imagine such anger on a worldwide level.

Many are going to be upset, and we anticipate a bit of a rough period on the surface of Earth as far as anger at [much of] the upper class and those who have ‘run things’ will go. Do not fear, ever, dear souls, because following this brief period of collective realization and then anger, will come the more deeply-hidden revelations and the revelations that many on your world would currently never believe. Included in such revelations will be our existence and presence around your world for longer than your recorded history. All of the ‘secrets’ of Atlantis, Lemuria and the various other advanced societies that existed before your recorded time will be disclosed, and you will be let know of your true history. When we say this, we mean it in ways that you cannot currently grasp fully.

The souls involved in exposing the Illuminati families are souls who do in fact know the entire, complete and true history of Earth and Her peoples, dating back to times way before the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. Some souls who are our allies are themselves the [direct] descendants of extraterrestrials, and are able to take on Lives that extend the average body’s lifetime. What we are saying is that many of our allies in the Lighted families are themselves ‘extraterrestrials’, and Live much, much longer than the average person on Earth.

Some may see the revelation that there are extraterrestrials Living on your world as quite a shock, and we understand why this is so but we must inform you that you are all ‘extraterrestrials’. Indeed, there are souls who are native to Earth, but the DNA matrix of the general population contains the DNA of what you would brand ‘extraterrestrials’. A few of your races were genetically engineered when Created and are not the product of natural physical evolution. However, your souls are 100% organic so to speak, and your ascension processes and spiritual as well as physical evolutions are carried within the universal DNA of your souls, and your bodies make a copy of this encoded DNA when your souls inhabit [them]. Your bodies respond to the upgrades of energy being sent through the newly-activated and brought online DNA strands of the soul.

Obviously, the process is much more complicated and complex than that but we can sense our scribe’s energy levels getting low and so we will leave you with one final package of information to ponder. Imagine if right now, you were able to travel deep within yourself, find those aspects of yourself that are based solely in peace and inner-harmony, and bring such peaceful aspects of yourselves out, to the surface you.

Imagine if you could truly find it in yourselves to completely break the chains of duality and of the lower dimensions. It will not be easy, but it is absolutely possible and is in fact what you have been working on with your ascension processes. You have been working on finding Love, true and pure Love and to do so, you must be willing and able to completely cut off the cycle of the lower dimensions, which will stay ongoing in you if you let them.

You must be willing to at every single step, at every single temptation for anger, every temptation to start the lower cycle back up, you must be willing to confront your angers, frustrations and fears head on, explore inside of yourselves in a Loving and detached way why you are feeling the way you are, forgive yourselves and any other involved for any negative energies around or attached to one’s emotions, absorb and integrate the lessons and the energies behind them, and move on.

This will start in yourselves a whole new cycle, a cycle of such high and Lighted proportions that if kept to and kept fed with Loving, happy and united energies, you would find your Lives getting easier and easier and indeed, more joyful and fun to Live.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council

by Wes Annac

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