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US Couple Find $10 Million in Gold Coins While Walking Their Dog ...What a wonderful story!!

Thank you AP for reminding us that luck and good fortune stills exists out there!
A can containing valuable 19th-century gold coins as it was found by a California couple. Photograph: Reuters
A can containing valuable 19th-century gold coins as it was found by a California couple. Photograph: Reuters
Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: So, you just never know from where – and when – abundance can come!
A California couple out walking their dog have stumbled across a buried hoard of rare mint-condition gold coins said to be worth up to US$10m.
Nearly all of the 1,427 coins dating from 1847 to 1894 were in uncirculated mint condition, said David Hall, co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, which authenticated them.
The face value of the gold pieces adds up to about $27,000 but some of them are so rare that coin experts say they could fetch nearly $1m each.
“I don’t like to say once in a lifetime for anything but you don’t get an opportunity to handle this kind of material, a treasure like this, ever,” said numismatist Don Kagin, who is representing the finders. “It’s like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”
Kagin and McCarthy would say little about the couple’s property or its ownership history, other than it is in a sprawling hilly area of Gold Country, as the region that was the site of the 1849 Gold Rush is known. The coins were found along a path the couple had walked for years. On the day they found them the woman had bent over to examine an old rusty can revealed by erosion under a tree.
Coin grader David Hall shows a sample from the 'Saddle Ridge Hoard'. Photograph: Reed Saxon/AP
Coin grader David Hall shows a sample from the ‘Saddle Ridge Hoard’. Photograph: Reed Saxon/AP
The coins, in $5, $10 and $20 denominations, were stored more or less in chronological order, McCarthy said, with the 1840s and 1850s pieces going into one canister until it was filed, then new coins going into the next one, and the next one after that. This made it unlikely they were salted away in the ground progressively rather than swooped up all at once in a robbery.
They find was made on a section of the property the couple nicknamed Saddle Ridge, with Kagin dubbing the find the Saddle Ridge Hoard. Most of the coins were minted in San Francisco but one $5 gold piece came from as far away as Georgia.
One of the largest previous finds of gold coins was $1m worth uncovered by construction workers in Jackson, Tennessee, in 1985. More than 400,000 silver dollars were found in the home of a Reno, Nevada, man who died in 1974. They were later sold intact for $7.3m.
Gold coins and ingots said to be worth as much as $130m were recovered in the 1980s from the wreck of the SS Central America. But historians knew roughly where that gold was because the ship went down off the coast of North Carolina during a hurricane in 1857.
Kagin said the pair were remaining anonymous but would be loaning some coins to the American Numismatic Association for its annual show in Atlanta on Thursday before putting most of them up for sale.
From Associated Press in Los Angeles -   February 26, 2014

NASA Kepler Telescope Discovers 715 New Planets: Before too long, our space families will land and then interstellar travel will be as easy as a blink of an eye. And from my understanding, that's EXACTLY how we will travel --or accomplishing anything, for that matter: In the blink of an eye (just like "Eye" Dream of Jeannie --LOL!) ...with the power of our thoughts, we shall manifest any desire we shall have --of course, it will be of the highest vibrations!

Thank you NASA!
This artist’s impression illustrates Kepler-22b, a planet known to comfortably circle in the habitable zone of a sun-like star. Photo: NASA
NASA has announced a torrent of new planet discoveries, hailing a “bonanza” of 715 worlds now known outside the solar system thanks to the Kepler space telescope’s planet-hunting mission.
A new method for verifying potential planets led to the volume of new discoveries from Kepler, which aims to help humans search for other worlds that may be like Earth.
“What we have been able to do with this is strike the mother lode, get a veritable exoplanet bonanza,” said Jack Lissauer, a planetary scientist at NASA.
“We have almost doubled just today the number of planets known to humanity,” he said.
The 715 newly verified planets are orbiting 305 different stars.
The latest announcement brings the number of known planets to between 1500 and 1800, depending on which of the five main extra-solar planet-discovery catalogues is used.
Kepler’s discoveries have bumped the number of known planets beyond the Solar System to 1750.
Kepler's discoveries increase the number of known planets beyond the Solar System to 1750. Photo: NASA
Kepler’s discoveries increase the number of known planets beyond the Solar System to 1750. Photo: NASA
Not much is known about the composition of these distant planets and whether they would truly have the conditions that would support life, such as a rocky surface, water and a distance from their stars that leaves them neither too hot nor too cold.
Four of them are potentially in the habitable zone of their stars and are about the size of Earth, NASA said.
Most of the new discoveries are in “multiple-planet systems much like our own solar system,” and 95 per cent are between the size of Earth and Neptune, which is four times larger than our planet, said the US space agency.
Most are also very close to their stars.
An artist's illustration shows multiple-transiting planet systems, or stars with more than one planet. Photo: NASA
An artist’s illustration shows multiple-transiting planet systems, or stars with more than one planet. Photo: NASA
“The Kepler team continues to amaze and excite us with their planet hunting results,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.
The new method for verifying planets relies on a statistical technique that can be applied to multiple planets at once.
Before, scientists confirmed each planet individually based on recording the number of times it passed in front of its star. Three of these transits were enough to confirm a planet.
The discoveries announced were all initially detected in the first two years of Kepler’s observations, from 2009 to 2011, and confirmed with the new statistical method.
The Kepler space telescope observes some 150,000 stars, more than 3600 of which are presumed to be planetary candidates.
Until now, 961 of Kepler’s planet candidates had been confirmed.
Kepler was launched in March 2009, and last year lost the use of two of its reaction wheels that helped keep it precisely oriented. Scaled down plans for the telescope, called K2, have been drawn up and submitted to reviewers at NASA.
The latest findings are to be published on March 10 in The Astrophysical Journal.
From AFP – February 27, 2014

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What is the Divine Plan? Parts 1-6 by Wes Annac

What is the Divine Plan? – Part 1
Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

As difficult as it might be for some people to believe, our existence on this planet isn’t a random occurrence. Despite the extent to which random chaos seems to rule the world, everything happens in accordance with a coordinated Divine plan, the result of which will be the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We’re experiencing chaos around our world as a part of the ongoing shakeup that’s preparing us to greet a greater state of consciousness, but nothing that happens is random or meaningless. Everything we experience plays a significant role in the shaping of our future, and in my opinion, there’s no such thing as a “coincidence” as we’ve defined it.

The Divine plan for humanity’s evolution is overseen by spirit, and myriad forces work tirelessly Beyond The Veil to help Awaken us so we can "re-reach" the states of consciousness they delightfully enjoy. We’re being given help to return to the Higher Realms of Consciousness (some refer to It as "Heaven"), and all of the seemingly random things we experience here will ultimately lead us back Home.

It was written into the Divine plan that we’d never be left alone on our journeys, and we’re the only ones stopping ourselves from embracing a greater state of consciousness and connecting with the Spiritual forces who are assisting us.

It’s our Universal right to connect with the legions of spiritual Beings working to help us remember their existence, and we’re fulfilling our sacred destiny by connecting with them and bringing through information and energy that’s intended to uplift the world around us.

The Divine plan entails our connection with greater forces and a resulting enrichment of our lives, and we’re each playing a crucial role in this unfolding plan as we seek spirit in greater ways through our everyday lives.

Everyone will be uplifted in the future we’re creating, and an undistorted spiritual understanding will grace us and answer life’s biggest and most confusing questions. We’ll understand why we’re here; where we go after death; if God, heaven and angels are real; if there’s life on other planets; why there’s so much poverty and destruction.

Waves of Truth will flood the collective consciousness, and the result will be a concerted effort to change the manner in which society functions and make it better and more livable for the people who’ve been kept down and forgotten about the most.

We need to turn our attention to those who’ve been cast out by society, because if any of us fail, we all fail. We’re a solid unit of consciousness that’s comprised of individual identities and personas, and we have to make sure we’re all able to prosper if we want to welcome a positive future.

If we work in alignment with the Divine plan, we’ll see to it that nobody’s left behind or forgotten about. Everyone will be given the chance to experience true prosperity, and division will be replaced with a unified mindset.

The Divine plan is a popular subject among incarnate and spiritual sources, and we’ve been blessed with a wealth of material about humanity’s True purpose and the destiny we’re here to fulfill. Here, we’re going to examine this material and strengthen our understanding of this interesting subject.

Steve Beckow tells us that the Divine plan is for humanity to evolve spiritually:
“As people Awaken to the special nature of these times, I think that many will ask what the point of life is. There will be so much occurring and what occurs will be of such consequence that some will ask us to start at the beginning."

"And where is that beginning? That beginning is the Divine Plan for life. And that Plan can be summarized in two words: Spiritual Evolution. We move from God to God in quest of conscious awareness of our identity as God. We do that so that God may meet God in a moment of our Enlightenment.” (1)

Since the moment we separated from Source, we’ve tried to re-find it in various ways and with various practices. We’ve sought Source endlessly throughout the course of our lower-dimensional experiences, and now, the greater energy we’re being given is helping us diminish the thinning Veil and start rediscovering Source in big ways.

We’re growing closer to Source every day, and as long as we make active and concerted efforts to strengthen our spiritual connection, we’ll learn and grow in greater measures; greater leaps and greater bounds. We’ll achieve bigger feats than we would’ve ever thought possible, and we’ll perceive things that we wouldn’t have been able to open up to before.

Silver Birch tells us that nobody’s left out of the divine plan:
“The divine plan … is an overall one, and encompasses everything and everybody.” (2)

"Source doesn’t forget about anyone, because we all carry its Eternal essence and we’re all destined to evolve back into it. We’re all destined to remember the existence of spirit, and our endless hunger for a greater perception is leading us to see life through an undistorted lens."

"We’re then told that 'The whole purpose [behind Spirit’s activities] is to show that every Being starts the physical course with a spiritual heritage conferred by the act of birth. The life force is the Divine spark, spiritual in nature, which is intended to grow equally with the physical body.'” (2)

The soul grows and gains experience as the physical body ages, and the earth offers one of the best opportunities for rapid growth because of its intensely dualistic nature. Even people who don’t seem to have any good left in them still carry a spark that can never be put out, and the Divine plan entails a reigniting of everyone’s burning flame.

Passion will replace complacency and laziness when the burning flame is reignited, and as we act on the inspiration it offers, we accelerate our spiritual growth.

Continued in Part 2.
by Wes Annac

(1)- Steve Beckow: “The Divine Plan for Life is Spiritual Evolution” at:
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What is the Divine Plan? – Part 2
Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

As Silver Birch tells us below, our companions beyond the veil act in alignment with the divine plan by seeking to help us remember spirit.

“The majority of mankind concerns itself only with physical growth. Some of it is concerned with mental growth and a few are concerned with spiritual growth. The only enduring reality is spirit. If we succeed by a variety of means in making man aware of [the] spiritual nature which is his reality, it transforms the whole of his life.” (1)

Birch continues, “He sees its purpose, is conscious of his origin, becomes aware of his destiny and [lives] his life in the implications of the knowledge which he has received. That very simply is the plan behind all our activities.” (1)

With everything they do, our friends and teachers beyond the veil seek to help us become aware. They want us to remember spirit and the incredible things it has for us, and they want us to know about the intricacy with which our lives are planned out.

All of the assistance we’re given is for the purpose of reintroducing us to spirit.
It feels great to know that we’re given lucrative help to remember the “only enduring reality”, and personally, it makes me want to open up to it more. Let’s allow spirit to pervade us and transform our lives, because it’s been working actively to help us remember it.

We’re then told that our freewill is an essential part of the divine plan.
“There is a plan into which we all fit and that will operate with the consent of your free will.” (2)

In my opinion, this is why we haven’t yet experienced some of the boldest effects of our shift into a greater state of consciousness. Some things would be too overwhelming for most people to experience, and our evolution has to come about in accordance with what we are and aren’t ready to perceive.

We have a lot of wonderful things to experience, but spirit makes sure we’re able to experience them when we’re ready, and not a moment sooner. Freewill is important, even though it seems to have been stifled on earth, and the highest spiritual forces act in accordance with our needs and wishes.

As Birch tells us below, there’s a “serious purpose” that underlies the work being done to help us become aware.

“There is a serious purpose which underlies the whole of our work. I am only one of many ambassadors, part of a vast plan created in a world beyond yours, directed to help those who are ready to be helped.” (1)

I love pondering the idea that trained spiritual forces work as hard as they can for humanity’s benefit, and it’s been said that the conscious seekers on the earth are part of the “vast plan” mentioned above. We’re playing the biggest role by actually being on the earth and helping awaken people, and we’re given as much support as we need.

According to Birch, a divine thread runs through our lives.
“You try to judge eternity by temporal happenings. You see in matter apparent confusion, but you do not realise that a divine thread runs throughout all your lives. There is a divine purpose and plan for all of us.” (2)

Nobody’s exempt from Source’s plan to shed light on the lower vibrations, and even if it takes some people longer to catch up than others, we can rest assured knowing that they’ll always find their way back home. Even though effort’s required to achieve enlightenment, it’s inevitable that we eventually glimpse spirit and work to evolve.

We’re intended to remember the truth of our existence and make progress from there, and the finite powers can’t stop the inevitable. We’re acting in alignment with a higher will, and no force is mightier than Source.

So what exactly is the plan for our evolution? Birch tells us about it, reminding us that as complex as it could seem, it’s actually very simple.

“The plan of life is very simple. You come from spirit, incarnating into matter to obtain the experiences you need to enable you to come to our world equipped for the tasks and the joys that await you. The equipment is obtained in your world. That is where you learn the lessons that prepare you for the life after school.
If you do not learn the lessons, then you are not educated, not ready for what comes next.” (2)

The earth offers an opportunity for rapid soul growth, and I’d imagine this is because of the intense duality it has to offer. The harshness and rapidity of this life apparently serve to accelerate our soul growth, and it’s been said that we can learn lessons in a week on the earth that would’ve taken decades in the spirit realms.

That’s pretty amazing, in my opinion. The purpose of our existence here clearly isn’t to toil in unawareness, assuming that everything’s the product of empty randomness, but to learn the toughest and most important lessons required for us to progress tremendously in the spirit realms.

An aspect of our ongoing soul growth is learning to take responsibility for our actions and the things they cause, as we’re told below.

“All law is part of the one vast law. All works in harmony because all is part of the divine plan. The lesson of it is that men and women throughout the whole world of matter must seek their salvation by working it out in their daily lives, and abandon all the false theology which teaches that it is possible to cast on to others the results and responsibilities of your own actions.” (3)

As hard as it might be, we have to give up the ingrained habit of blaming others for problems or circumstances we’ve caused. We have to learn to live in harmony and balance, even when we’re faced with difficult circumstances, and we have to be strong and work through any issues that present themselves.

This is the way of the new world we’re building. Strength, balance, and harmony will replace weakness, chaos, and the tendency to blame others for our problems, and we’ll stop working against each other in favor of coming together and changing the planet like we’ve always been intended to.

We’re then told about the opportunities to fulfill our destiny that are placed before us every day.

“The divine plan is perfect and you are part of it. You have to fulfil yourself. Opportunities of self-fulfillment are daily provided for you.” (4)

We’re always given the opportunity to do something positive, and even if society doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities for the development and progression of the majority of people, spirit will place things before us that we can take and run with.

by Wes Annac

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What is the Divine Plan? – Part 3
Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Spirit will encourage us to develop our talents and abilities. We’ll be encouraged to pursue things that we’re clearly good at and that we enjoy, and our development will never come to a halt again. In reality, our development really doesn’t ever halt – we simply convince ourselves it does.

Growth is ongoing, in the lower and higher dimensions. Even when we seem to be standing still, we’re growing; learning; moving.

Even our most painful moments contribute to our overall development, as Birch says below.

“In the great universe where harmony is the Law, each one of you contributes to the Plan. The events in your lives, sometimes of bitterness and despair, of pain and misery, all pay their part in preparing the soul for the path that is being trodden.” (1)

Our greatest experiences enable us to see the beauty and vibrancy of the existence we’re headed for, and our lowest experiences strengthen us and, when the time is right, help propel us to the higher realms.

Immense darkness can be a catalyst to the intense experience of light, and everything we go through, however seemingly insignificant, is very important. It’s essential that we gain the deepest experiences and learn some of the toughest lessons the earth has to offer, because we’re here to accelerate our soul growth and that of the rest of the planet.

When does the divine plan start to unfold for us individually? Birch gives us the answer, reminding us that catalysts are sometimes necessary to jar us into awakening.

“[The divine] plan unfolds as you begin to realize you are a part of it. It takes time for realization to dawn. There has to be some crisis, some difficulty, perhaps what is called a tragedy which provides the catalyst for the spirit to become aware of itself. Once that happens, a magnetic link with our world is forged, one that can never be severed.” (2)

Even though every seeker hasn’t experienced intense pain or darkness and the resulting slingshot into the light, this is apparently a common way to evolve. Sometimes, our capacity to understand things in a deeper way has to be expanded by the darkness of the earth, but eventually, we’re able to really embrace the light because of it.

As we’re told below, our helpers in the spirit realms aren’t in any hurry to bring the divine plan about, because it’s proceeding at a good pace already.

“[The divine plan] was devised by evolved spiritual beings in my world. The plan is to liberate spiritually, mentally and physically all those in your world who can be reached as they are ready to be helped. It is a plan for nations and for individuals. It will gradually outwork itself and we are not in a hurry.” (3)

From the perspective of the spirit realms, our evolution is playing out in a more gradual manner than we’re experiencing it here. They have a perspective of timelessness, whereas we’re experiencing time in an increasingly rapid, linear manner, and this perspective enables them to move at a steadier pace.

We experience quite the opposite here – most of us run around frantically, asking ourselves if we’ve done enough for humanity’s evolution at the end of the day. Ultimately, everything is and has always been perfect, including our service to the planetary awakening, but it can be easy to stress if we don’t feel like we’ve played our part.

We’re then told of the individual seeker’s realization of the perfect and orderly nature of existence.

“With an understanding of how the universe is ruled, and with a dismissal of the idea of a partisan God, there does come to the mind a picture of sequence, orderliness, rhythm, harmony and perfect balance. The individual realises that he is part of an infinite scheme, his own life playing its measured part in the divine plan.” (3)

Ultimately, this is what we’re intended to remember – the orderly divinity of this existence and the realms beyond. When we reawaken to this underlying perfection, we start to understand the realms we’re reentering in much greater ways.
Opening up to spirit now will help us reach this understanding, and even though a lot of us consider ourselves ‘conscious’, most of us probably haven’t reached such a state of mastery yet. We’ll reach it in due time, because it’s our destiny to return to the lands we’ve come here from.

It’s our destiny to master the lower-dimensional lessons we’re being given and emerge out into the world as strong spiritual forces, and we’re being called to fulfill this destiny as we’re given a glimpse of the realms we’ll soon return to. Doesn’t it feel great to know that our destiny is to reintroduce heaven to the rest of the planet as we glimpse it ourselves?

The power of spirit far outweighs any force that’d attempt to prevent our mass awakening, as we’re told below.

“Our numbers are small, relatively speaking. But the power behind us is the mightiest in the universe. None can gainsay it, none can overthrow it, none can prevent it from operation. There are no bodies or organizations that can in any way prevent the power of the spirit from its directed plan of bringing enlightenment to the people of your world.” (2)

No matter how hard they might try, the powers that were can’t and won’t prevent the people from awakening. They’ve thought they could curtail humanity’s growth and experience the fruits of heaven themselves, but their distorted philosophies will only lead them to their demise.

The wicked will never outlast the heavenly forces working concertedly to bring everyone back to full consciousness, and try as they might, the light is far more resilient and will forever prevail. The divine plan can’t be interrupted, no matter how much it’s been misinterpreted by self-serving forces with money and power, because it’s decreed by our infinite and all-loving creator.

by Wes Annac

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What is the Divine Plan? – Part 4

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
As the influence of spirit continues to pick up here on earth, what kind of teachings will we be given? In what ways will we change the current manner in which we function? In a beautiful quote, Silver Birch provides an answer to these questions.
“As our teaching grows in your world, it will mean the end of all separateness between people. It will mean the end of national barriers.
It will mean the end of race distinctions, class distinctions, colour distinctions and all the distinctions between churches and chapels, temples, mosques and synagogues, for gradually all will learn that they have a part of the Great Spirit’s truth and that the part enshrined in the heart of every other religion in no way contradicts that portion which is precious to them.” (1)
Every religion offers a glimpse of Source, and in time, petty wars that are caused by religious differences will give way to tolerance and acceptance of the uniqueness of each belief system and the similarities between them.
Spirit’s continual influence on humanity will lighten us up and instill the teachings of Source back into us. The qualities of the heavenly state of consciousness we’re growing into will be understood and acted on much more than they are now, and the desire to come together and run the planet fairly and justly will trump division, hatred and warfare.
Everything that feeds the lower vibrations will be seen through a new, conscious lens by all of humanity, and we’ll reevaluate who we’ve given our trust to in regards to running the planet.
We’re also told that divine order will be bred out of the confusion and chaos we currently experience.
“So, out of the apparent confusion, the divine pattern will take its shape and harmony and peace will come. I tell you these things, so that you can understand part of the great Plan, the part that we who return from the world of spirit play in it, and the part that each one of you must play in it before your earthly course is run.” (1)
Everybody has a sacred role to play, and we’re being called to accept the tasks before us as we reconnect with our guides and gradually anchor a higher vibration onto the planet. If it isn’t clear by now, the forces beyond the veil play a big role in bringing the divine plan about, and they look to us on the earth to play our parts too.
Our guides look to us to do as much as we can while we’re here for the benefit of the planet, and we can accept this responsibility and get to work on projects and creative endeavors that inspire us. What do you feel inspired to do for the planetary evolution today?
We’re each fulfilling the divine plan, and even though we’re given a lot of assistance from beyond the veil, it’s up to us to put the tools we’re being given to use. It’s up to us to prove we can handle the task of awakening this lost planet, and we can use the things we have available to help others become aware. This is our destiny, and it feels good to accept and work toward.
Frances Banks tells us about the appreciation of the divine we gain when we glimpse the divine plan.
“How can we learn to understand, not only people, but more of the great Plan and Pattern for each of us and for humanity?
As I am allowed to witness and to assist those souls who gather here for a space, I gain knowledge and a very partial understanding of that Plan and this brings a deep humility, together with a reverence for the wonder and marvel of the Divine Creative Thought.” (2)
Opening up to Source’s plan for the evolution of its creation must be an indescribably awesome experience, and I’d imagine that understanding it in a purer way, even for a moment, would help us quite a bit on our respective quests to bring it about.
Arthur Ford tells us that everything we experience is pre-planned and that we don’t need to try so hard to avoid stressful situations.
“For things are planned ahead – make no mistake. If earthlings realized how much of it is planned ahead, they would not struggle so strongly to avert certain catastrophes, as they view them, because why worry so much when it’s all laid out in front of you anyway?” (3)
When we get a glimpse of just how coordinated our lives are, we’ll set aside the perceived need to worry or stress about things that we know are taken care of by our higher selves and guides, and we’ll be able to greet everything we face with an understanding of the intricately planned nature of our existence.
There’s no need for us to worry about things that don’t matter in the bigger picture, and the mind thrives when we let it loose by stressing about things of finite unimportance. Vanity isn’t the way to true happiness, and following the woes of the mind will only keep us from the greater feelings and perceptions beyond.
Arthur continues, “Just accept [it] as it comes, remembering always to do the very best that you can to lead productive, helpful lives, and let the future come to you unfeared; for whether it’s part of the divine plan for you or your own mission which you agreed to accomplish when you returned to your physical form, it’s there.
So what is fear? Simply lack of faith in the plan. Be relaxed, available, willing to take what comes and do the best that you can.” (3)
Personally, this quote means a lot to me. Fear is caused from a lack of faith, in ourselves and the divine, and if we lose faith in the divine plan or the spirituality of our existence, stress and fear naturally come through to fill the gap.
Like Bill Hicks said, it only takes a choice between fear and love. Let’s accept and embrace everything that comes our way with the knowledge that we’re never given more than we can handle and that spirit is eternally with us, because we have a lot of revolutionary things to do.
Phillip Gilbert tells us how worthwhile perceiving and working for the divine plan is.
“I can now glimpse the Plan of Creation and its functioning. My tiny brain can’t grasp the whole, but I can perceive dimly the panorama and it is so worthwhile to be in it, part of it, doing one’s job for it.” (4)
Even though I haven’t gotten nearly as much of a glimpse as he probably has, I have to agree with Phillip. Working toward humanity’s evolution and knowing one’s been able to do everything they could for the divine plan feels great to say the least, and I look forward to seeing a motivated humanity change the planet.
I’d love to see the rest of the world feel half of the motivation I and plenty of other seekers feel on any given day. Can you imagine how much a conscious, motivated populace would get done in a year alone?
by Wes Annac
Continued in Part 5 tomorrow.


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What is the Divine Plan? – Part 5

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

A Chinese philosopher speaking through Charlotte Dresser tells us more about perceiving the divine plan from a greater perspective.

“We see so plainly here the moving Power behind all; we see so clearly that the design is planned to make man the culminating figure in the great scheme of things; and we realize so thoroughly the joy and beauty that accompanies man’s progress that we feel we must give thanks for the wondrous things that pertain to it all.” (1)

Perceiving such joy and beauty in such a deep way would probably produce an overwhelming desire to praise Source for the divinity of it all, and even writing about it makes me want to go deep into meditation and give thanks for this incredible existence we’re blessed to live.

Do you not feel blessed, knowing that everything is coordinated with our spiritual development in mind? Does life not seem to take on a different flavor when we integrate this understanding? It certainly does for me, and it’ll be interesting to see how everybody reaches this understanding and what the results will be.

We’re also told that we’ll never really feel or understand spirit or the divine plan until we reach a higher state of consciousness. From the lower vibrations of the earth, we can only receive glimpses of everything that awaits.

“You will hardly be able to fully understand it until you come. In the busy material life the soul usually fails to comprehend the grandeur of the Creator’s great plan.
You may at times think you have glimpses of this plan, but they are reflections only; the full light never reaches you. It is something to feel that there is a Creator; it is a pleasure to imagine there is a plan; but the full significance awaits your arrival on the spirit plane.” (1)

Personally, I’m excited to greet the time when we can all understand the fullness and complexity of the divine plan. It feels great to receive glimpses and tastes of a higher understanding, but I look forward to being able to experience them in a much more uninhibited way. It’ll be liberating to say the least.

We’re blessed to experience the things this planet has to offer, however ‘lower’ or unimportant they may seem, but we haven’t even begun to glimpse the wonderful experiences ahead.

The spirit teacher ‘Elder Brother’ tells us more about our guides’ goal to reawaken us and remind us of the sacred purpose of our existence.

“Yet, even as indeed we may be the Elder Brethren of your human race, and able to view the present traumas of your planet with detachment, still our duty and our joy is to release to your worlds some ray of that Divine Purpose by which all creation moves to its ascendancy.” (2)

Our guides are able to look upon the darkness we experience here with detachment because of their immense desire to help us evolve from it, and they’re able to be with us in our darkest hours to provide a shining light to help us navigate the pain of physicality.

Our guides are here to illuminate the darkness and help us remember the light beyond it, and if we can open up to their guidance now, we can experience all of the benefits of an open spiritual connection. Our guides have worked very hard in accordance with the divine plan, and we can connect with them and thank them for their efforts.

Of course, they aren’t in it for the thanks, but I’m sure they’ll be happy nonetheless.
When we reach the levels our guides are on, we’ll be able to assist in the evolution of waves of lower-dimensional souls and we’ll feel the satisfaction they’re able to. We’ll understand the ‘duty and joy’ of awakening others to the reality of our existence, and we’ll be able to transform the lives of people who haven’t yet traveled the path we’re on.

Edgar Cayce reminds us that the divine plan is much more complex than we yet understand.

“This is not an accidental universe in any way, shape, or form. There is always a plan, although phrases such as ‘life plan’ or ‘life mission’ are often bandied about by people who don’t stop to think about what these expressions mean. They don’t understand the full implications of this kind of planning.

A series of incarnations for anyone on the physical plane is planned out on a scale that doesn’t always relate to the physical personality – if you follow that.…
Generally the plan is of such scope that most people would be stunned if they really understood it.” (3)

As we can see from this quote, we have a lot to learn about the divine plan.
Let’s embrace spirit and the greater realities that wait to be explored, because we’ll help everyone around us understand the plan for our evolution when we do. Embracing spirit will help breed a universal awakening, and it goes without saying that our collective evolution will enable various other parts of the cosmos to find enlightenment.
by Wes Annac

(1)- Fred Rafferty, ed., Charlotte E. Dresser, medium, Life Here and Hereafter. Author’s edition.
Downloaded from, 2 Feb. 2008.
(2)- Helen Greaves, medium, Living Waters. Sudbury, Suffolk: Neville Spearman, 1978.
(3)- Robert Leichtman, The Psychic Perspective. Columbia: Ariel press, 1978.


What is the Divine Plan? – Part 6 – Conclusion
Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Phillip Gilbert tells us about our apparently constant desire to descend and ascend.
“The life-force – what you call creative harmony – ‘spirit’ emanating from the source whose nature is always veiled, must express itself in form, created by thought. And, by expressing itself, it ultimately enriches itself by the return to [it’s] enriched form. So, by intricate processes, spirit constantly takes on form.” (1)

Perhaps we take on lower-dimensional forms as often as we do because we want a challenge. The higher realms will feel more amazing than anything we can imagine from our current perspective, but it seems clear that we’ll always want to learn and grow in the greatest, and sometimes, most challenging ways possible.

Experiencing a dark place like the earth catapults our higher-dimensional growth, and after this challenge, most of us will probably look for the next way to challenge ourselves and serve others.

Mike Swain tells us about the ‘steep mountain of lower-dimensional existence we have to climb before we re-realize Source.

“Life is a steep mountain which we have to surmount before we can return to the Great One.” (2)

After all of the pain; all of the challenges and hard times, the work we put in to re-reach spirit ultimately pays off. Experiences we initially label as negative seem to be unavoidable while we’re here, but how we handle them determines the effect they’ll have on us.

We can climb the mountain as slowly and peacefully as we need to, or we can race up it with enthusiasm, as long as we don’t forget to stop and see the sights along the way. Either way, we’ll inevitably reach the top and remember Source in an undistorted form, so we might as well make our ascent enjoyable.

Why should we let stress and fear bring us down if we know we’ll re-reach a blissful state of consciousness in the end anyway? Why not appease that higher consciousness while we’re here and enrich our lower-dimensional experience? This planet can be great if we let it be, and the choice is entirely ours.

In our final quote, Jim McLean tells us more about the perception of the straightforward nature of life we’ll gain in the realms beyond ours.

“Here we have risen above the craving for superstitious phenomena, mystery and miracles, which still cloud many minds on earth.

We are able to accept the straightforward plan of steady progress, progress according to natural laws controlled and directed by Creative Mind. There is a gradual refinement of mind and matter until states of formlessness become desirable and the soul becomes merged with the unifying Spirit we call God.” (3)

We eventually flow into an understanding of and desire for Source, whether it happens gradually or rapidly. As consciousness grows, superstition will be replaced with an understanding of the beautifully coordinated nature of existence and we’ll be able to work with the natural laws of creation.

We’ll be able to understand the intricate manner in which our individual and collective experiences are planned, and the truth of our existence as individual facets of Source will become much clearer.

Intuition tells me that more seekers will become aware of the divine plan and the coordinated nature of their existence in due time, and for now, I’m happy to have offered a glimpse into this plan with help from the forces who are working to bring it about.

The sources we’ve heard from can only tell us so much about the divine plan and the wonderful things that await, and while we’re here, working toward its achievement, we can recognize the hand spirit plays in the direction our lives take and be thankful for the assistance we’re being given.

We’re fortunate to receive so much enthusiastic assistance in climbing up out of the darkness, and I look forward to learning more about the intricate coordination of our existence and the forces coordinating it.

We have a lot to learn about spirit’s continual effort to help us see the light, and surrendering the physical self to the greater perception we’re gaining will help us learn more than any piece of writing ever will. You’re encouraged to turn within for greater insights about the divine plan, but personally, I’m glad there’s so much material out there about it.

Now that we’re starting to understand it, we can work in its favor and become beacons of light and expressers of a good vibration. It starts with the decision to act on the inspiration this knowledge can provide, and like I mentioned, it feels good to do one’s part.
by Wes Annac – In service to humanity’s evolution.

(1)- Philip Gilbert through Alice Gilbert, medium. Philip in the Spheres. London: Psychic Book Club, n.d.
(2)- Jasper Swain, From My World to Yours: A Young Man’s Account of the Afterlife. New York: Walker, 1977.
(3)- Lesley May, med., Letters from Mother. A Family Biography in Two Worlds. Ed. Edmund Bentley. London: Psychic Press, 1964.


The Office of Poofness: February 24, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1
posted by stephen cook/ goldean age gaia
Greetings and Salutations:
Poof has said: 
Again, as we keep saying, things are progressing.  At every juncture, there are those who drop the ball or don’t believe they are to follow instructions or have higher- ups that question and drain the lakes if you will, in ways that makes it difficult to complete some aspects of the command to float the boats. The glitches are fixed and the obstacles removed only to have more put in the way.
Forget about your not being able to access your prosperity– think about the thousands that are in the same boat and the amount of wealth that is behind it all; and then you will better grasp the bigger picture that means so many fingers are fingering the till and believe it is easier to control in one pile than in the hands of many. If you get that, you will better understand the dilemma that gets crossed up.
We are working through many of these and the financial institutions change instructions, get rules of the road changed, or lobbyists get their grubby ideas mixed in. Rest assured the elders do not plan to let any of that stop them for much longer. Yes, NOT for much longer. And the shift in the balance of power is still an option. Can not say more than that but just watch what you read and give energy to. There’s a lot of disinformation floating and there’s some good and solid data as well. You must use your own discernment. – Poof
From a contributing writer who has chosen to remain Anonymous:
The Federal Fiat Us Dollar Vs The New Treasury Us Dollar
Reading the many comments on different websites, we realize that many remain confused by the difference in the two currencies. The Federal US Dollar (FRN) has nothing to do with the United States of America. The Federal Fiat dollar is owned by a private corporation formed in 1913 on Jeckyl Island by private individuals. The “owners” of said corporation called it the US Dollar to cover up the scam of theft of the American people. If you have not realized this by now, we suggest a crash course into the history of the Federal Reserve.
When, not if, the Global Currency Reset occurs… the world will return to an “asset backed” system. For example, baskets will obtain gold, silver, oil, corn, cotton or whatever resources prove valuable. This will enable each country’s currency to be “pegged” to a new value. These “baskets” will NOT have the country’s’ currency in it, for example – gold, Yuan, British Pound, etc. Right now the “SDR” (Special Drawing Rights) at the IMF is set up with “currencies” and that is not going very well, so that will change also. Each country has an audit of “assets” their country possesses and what it can support for a value to their currency. This “value” is not only gold bars in the vault, but also what is in the ground under their feet.
Back to the United States problem that people do not understand. Right now folks are saying that the US FIAT DOLLAR is going to devalue when the Reset occurs…WHO CARES!!! That is the privately owned fiat dollar, let it go down burning is what I say!!! The “true value” of the crap paper is about 3 cents. That is why a loaf of bread is around $4.00 at the store.*
The USA Treasury will be sending out a NEW US TREASURY currency. If you do not believe this can happen…Research what John F. Kennedy DID in 1963. Google Kennedy Dollar, look at the $5 bill and the $2 bill…what is missing? I’ll give the answer at the end for those too lazy to look it up.
This is how it will play out, so nothing for us to worry about. The Global Reset happens…announcements made that the USA is getting new bill USA TREASURY bills. For those of you that “might” still have fiat cash in your wallet or tucked under your mattress, you will be able to take it to the bank and exchange it for new treasury notes or spend it at the store. When the store makes its deposit, the US Treasury will shred it.
It is my understanding, it will take approximately six months for all fiat bills to be collected from mason jars, mattresses, etc. So far it will be a one to one exchange….no reason to freak out the people of the USA. The FEDS have not printed new fiat $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills since 2009. This is why they have been pushing the “debit” card” to use instead of cash. If everybody suddenly went back to only using CASH…the banks would freak because they do not have that much fiat cash on hand.
The new US Treasury bill will have for example, a TRUE value of let’s say $1.80 value to each $1.00 new bill. So that same loaf of bread sitting at $4.00 fiat right now, will DROP IN PRICE to NEW USA Treasury price of $1.30 for example, or even drop back to 89 cents like it was 30 years ago. As Poof use to tell us all “we will return to 1950′s prices” because the NEW USA Treasury currency “will have a “TRUE” value to it and it will be WAY HIGHER than that crappy fiat paper worth no more than 3 cents!!!
Just understand that the NEW Treasury bills will have a HIGHER value and you will be able to buy more at the store….this is also part of the “leveling the playing field” for us all. We will get more “bang for the buck” finally!!!
As for the old fiat privately owned currency that was called the US Dollar… Let it Burn!!! When it Burns, so will ALL that debt that is in Fiat dollars that has been chained around the neck of the World and the American people for the last 100+ years.*
*Bring On The New USA Treasury Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
I hope this clears up some of the confusion. Cheers (Anonymous)
ZAP says:
Hi all
Upstairs not only has a sense of humor, but loves numbers as well. Chinese, too. It is truly amazing the timing and/or coincidence of the numbers we see every day. You know when you look at a clock somewhere, and it says 1:11 or 4:44 or some combination that has special meaning to you? Well, this is the 38th time I am writing.
The number 38 has particular meaning as it is a real code within the global matrix, the Chinese family, and what it represents. It is interesting that the timing of this 38th time I am writing is just in time for the many global transformation items that are coming up now.

Now for the meat and potatoes.
The new US Treasury Note (USTN) will be coming out in March.
Normal USD notes outside the banking system will be of no value.
All USD in the banking system will be exchanged for the new USTN. At some discount. Big one. But the value of the USTN will be very high, so all good even at 50%.
The RV is staged: first the private placements will be paid on the first round, then the second round will be paid and the dong will be done then.
After the dong, the NKD will be done. (Stephen:  I believe the NKD is the New Kuwait Dollar)
Then the Global RV will be announced.
The New Republic still has to sign off, but they are having issues still as they peel back the layers of corruption and keep finding more rot…but they are plowing through it all and getting it done.
The Global Reset will coincide with the release of the new US Treasury note.
The release of the global funds for the historic bonds has occurred with the release of the funds last week. The various organizations will be distributing these funds in exchange for the bonds on Monday, and the global reconstruction projects will begin.
That is as concise as i can put it, so all we have been waiting for will take place. I do not have the timeline for the PPP or the F&P yet.
I am only tending to pigs these days and they are a handful. The project side is so important to all of us, and that is the singular focus of what we are doing now. The rest of the financial stuff will take care of itself, and we have a big bucket of money to draw from for the project side.
We may find ourselves picking up the pieces of the aftermath, and restoring the environment and the economy. All are welcome to participate. We will help you help others.
Hope this helps get a better grasp of the landscape out there, and the finer details I  cannot speak to openly, sorry, but the macro view is pretty good.
Again, keep thinking about projects and things to do to help us all.

3 Batz, 14 Zac, 10 Caban by Galactic Federation of Light, Spiritual Hierarchy and Sheldan Nidle

Thank you GFL, SH and Sheldan!

Dratzo! We return! Much is happening across your globe. The dark cabal struggles to maintain its power and sees that these efforts are in vain. The Light, now represented by ancient families and numerous sacred secret societies, has come and laid successful claims to the wealth and power of the dark. This legal assault is aided and abetted by us. We come to end this unholy debauchery of the dark and to bring in a new time, filled with prosperity and your liberation from the odious enslavements perpetrated on you by the dark. The Ascended Masters from your multiple religions on your Earth School, acting under the Divine decrees of Heaven, have established the means by which the dark is to surrender to the Light. This process is underway and is reaching its first major milestones. The prime instrument of your enslavement is wealth, and especially that most hideous invention of theirs, "fiat money," which they print at-will without a precious-metal, such as gold, to balance and validate its value.  This insidious invention has created unnecessary inflations and manipulated panics or "crashes" for centuries, including the Great Depression of the 1920s --all man-made to strip you of your wealth and keep you enslaved to debt. Each time, these vile maneuvers greatly enriched the core families of the dark cabal (The Committee of 300, highlighted in image) while creating world events that have further cemented their rising power.
(click on images to zoom in)

   The results of these manipulations led to war, death and division. We are in the midst of ending this old merry-go-round and replacing it with a Divine stability that permits you to clearly see what is real and what is not. As you begin to expand this process to include the wonders that are Gaia and Her amazing eco-systems, you'll discover your True purpose for being on Earth. You are a special Being that is meant to be an ever-Loving intermediary. You have the ability to correct those things that threaten these eco-systems and provide those things that can actually help every Being that resides upon this beautiful blue globe. Moreover, you are on the verge of rediscovering your subterranean brethren. Inner Earth is in actuality a 5th-Dimension realm (click here to learn more regarding our Inner Earth cousins The Agarthans). It is where you are to return and resume the special mantle of being fully conscious humans. The truth of this is now vibrating within every cell of your body. We are here to assist this process and, under Heaven's direction, to transform your current troubled reality.

   This transformation begins with vast alterations to your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and is to end with a spiritual transformation that returns you to Full Consciousness, allowing you to once again reclaim your innate intuitive spiritual and psychic powers. The dark comprehends this. Yet, it cannot bring itself to give up the power that it has controlled for millennia. This power is currently being pried from their hands by the dire situation that this group presently finds itself in. The dark is attempting to find new sources of wealth and somehow wiggle out of its current nightmare. A process is underway that is forcing them to walk down a road that leads to a very high cliff. Lemming-like, they are going to swiftly leap over it into a dangerous abyss. That is when we can install the freedom and prosperity that are your real Destiny. That is when Disclosure with your Galactic Family happens and we can freely land our spaceships across your globe. It will quickly lead to a new reality upon your Earth School and a general re-acquaintance with your spiritual families, Inner Earth families, and space families:  A grand celebration shall be held across this Universe upon your Reunion as your cloak is removed.  Galactic meetings across the Universe can once again fill the seat that is currently reserved for the "human" Being, which at present is vacant.

   Events are occurring even as we speak that are the beginnings of the process we have herein described. To correct this world, we need to force a resetting of the world's currency and quickly follow it with a return to a precious metal-based system. Included in this is a restructuring of how the financial world operates internationally. These positive corrections will be the foundation for the release of the prosperity funds and technologies that will start a reversal of the criminal pollution of your environment by the dark cabal and its numerous minions (as shown in the pyramid photo above). These events herald the moment when your Ascended Masters can at last return to Earth in physical form and freely speak in public on a number of vital points that affect most of your core perceptions. Their lessons will prepare you for our mentors and their talks with you about the Path to Full Consciousness, and the Agarthans will appear and explain who you really are and what is to be expected of you by Heaven.

   Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! Our beloved Mother Gaia is in the midst of great physical changes. She is preparing Her surface realms for the grand redesign (click here to learn more of the Grand Redesign)! The beauty that is soon to manifest blesses humanity. We are now watching as the dark ones resign themselves to the fact that a power shift is presently happening. Money has long been at the core of their ways. Our associates are taking this tool from them. Following this currency shift, there will be a return to precious metal-backed currencies. This is to eliminate the various tricks and schemes used by the dark to manipulate its many currencies, and to just print money out of thin air --literally. There is also a series of new bank regulations that will prevent several "tricks" used daily by the large international banks. These will precede the actual release of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. This new governance will set the stage for the general return of Common Law, which will overturn the ones currently dictating and controlling your lives created by your ill-intent governments.

   While all of this is happening, you are to receive the next steps in your physical transformation to full consciousness. Your main head chakras are to be readied for the introduction of two new chakras. This can cause increased headaches, general blurring of vision, and different degrees of imbalance and nausea. Another set of difficulties can involve general tiredness and greater lapses in memory. These numerous symptoms are to be temporary. Once the various parts involved are set into place, these maladies will gradually disappear. Your brain can then be "rebooted" by your Galactic medical teams (who "upgrade" you, especially during your sleep) so you can experience a greater ability to remember events and work on any mental problem presented to you. We say this to properly ready you for what is about to occur. We are all to give you lessons after new governance is installed!

   These new lessons are fundamentally to correct the blatant lies and mis-information about how your world really operates that dark has fed you over the last few millennia. Full Consciousness is to connect you to Gaia's and humanity's Akashic Records (click here to learn more about the Akashic Records). You require a prior knowledge of what really happened since your present amnesia from the Fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago. Spirit demands that the Truth be known and shared among you. This is one of our many responsibilities to you. You need to be able to assess this realm and decide what is good, relevant, or just needs discarding. We need to establish our evolving collective and prepare you in every way possible for Full Consciousness. In addition, you need to be made aware of Inner Earth Agartha and the coming of your spiritual and space families. This grand reunion is to bless and alter this realm completely... It is to allow you to forge a true galactic society! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

   Today, we expanded on the events of the day! Much is now happening to bring down the dark and its octopus-like entanglement of minions and like-minded institutions they've created to keep themselves in power, so that actions to bring you prosperity and permit new governance can manifest! We indeed live in a time of wondrous and Heaven-inspired events! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
by GFL, SH and Sheldan Nidle.