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The Galactics’ 2 & 4seater Space Vehicles Can Assume Whatever Shape and Be Made To Look Like Cars and Then Shift Into a Space-travelling Configuration

Unfortunately, our planned trip to Sirius, Pleiades etc has been postponed! Fortunately, the Galactics --our brother & sisters from the stars-- has offered three reasons for this re-scheduling, as cited below.

Thank you Archangel Michael, Grener, Linda, Steve.
And so it is!
*** gavin

AAM and Grener on Why the First Plan Didn’t Work and What They Propose Instead

OK, I’ve had a discussion with Archangel Michael and Grener of Ashira through Linda for this past perhaps 40 minutes.

Here is the audiotape of my discussion with Archangel Michael and Grener. The transcript will follow.

Grener has said there were three reasons why the trip could not go forward as planned, but will go forward in smaller groups instead. One was difficulties around the safety of those we leave behind. One was the unmanageableness of a large group. And the third was the fact that many people who were coming still have things to clear if their trip was to be successful.

I think what they want to do is to select from the larger group those people who are ready and bring aboard other people after they’ve had a chance to clear a few more vasanas, as we all will do in the weeks and months ahead. But of course I don’t know for sure. This is just my guess.

At first I asked to have our own small group go and was told that a different group was going, I think, today.

I said that we lightworkers needed some visible, tangible proof to give to others, both colleagues, family and friends, to show that this scenario is true. If we can’t all go at once at this moment and show it’s true, then at least bring back that tangible proof to others.

Archangel Michael said that the small group going today would furnish that proof. But how many times in the past have I been a “nice guy” and allowed someone else to overrule me only to find that the people sent can’t write, or can’t write clearly, or don’t want to share photographs, or don’t want to risk exposing their names. So what looked like a well-laid plan can go completely off the rails. I don’t want that to happen this time.

Even though my inner voice said it would look egotistical for me to say I want to go, I know I can write clearly and well and convey what I see on the ships. And I know I will share my own photographs freely and allow my name to be used. So I know that I will bring back proof that can be distributed freely.

So I pushed hard to be allowed to go on this trip – not necessarily for long, but for just long enough to demonstrate the reality of this whole business which so far we only know on paper.

I asked that this happen as fast as possible so that we don’t lose the momentum and our grip on the ball to the naysayers. Once the flood of recrimination comes in, we may lose the initiative. And they agreed that they would act with despatch.

So I apologize (and Grener apologized as well) to all the people slated to go on the trip who let go of shifts and cancelled appointments and to others who told their loved ones they were going, only to reap the whirlwind in response. We’ll go aboard the ships, just not in the time frame we planned on.

I don’t know how people will be selected. Grener said he knew your schedules and would bring you aboard at a time that would fit into them. No, I don’t get the sense that you have to be on a list to go, but I think you have to have agreed that you want to go.

And the black limousines! The galactics’ two-seater and four-seater space vehicles can assume whatever shape they want and can be made to look like cars and then shift into a space-travelling configuration. So, no, they are not actual “black limousines.”

I will see that the galactics don’t use humorous descriptions like that in the future which people hear, including other galactics, and use to denigrate the effort. When Grener used the phrase “space bikes,” I asked him not to but to give me a generic and neutral term for whatever he was referring to. We’ll have to do that from now on, I fear – avoid humorous descriptions and concentrate on clarity.

I personally am satisfied that if I can be permitted to go up onto the Neptune in a timely fashion and bring back photos, artifacts and other evidence of the reality of the ships and the galactics that I can steer my way through the recrimination that may arise without needing to go off into exile.

The rest you can listen to on the tape or read when Ellen and Ruth have a transcript for us.

by Steve Beckow

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