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There's Nothing ofYou're Learning That Can Be Forced: No Part ofYour Journey Can Be Impressed Unless You're Drawn By Inner Calling to Learn What It Is

Thank you Elohim Apollo and Julie ...and so it is!
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The Answers You Seek Are Within You: Message from Elohim Apollo

There is a clear wanting for direction of one’s purpose in life. And this is understood precious hearts as you have been living within a duality of existence. Slowly the visors you have worn for many lifetimes are being lifted and you are now seeing so much; many truths are beginning to be revealed. And for yourself, you are also revealing many truths that will help shed light on what you once perceived as the truth. Right from birth you have been brought up on certain beliefs and ways of doing simple tasks and of thinking. As you grow and mature you begin to think and discover for yourself. You are finding many of those truths no longer sit well within your heart. You are learning to feel and live through your heart which will also help you learn what is meaningful and truthful for you based on your experiences. Through the vast journey you are on; your life journey that is intertwined with your spiritual journey, you are beginning to understand that you are not limited, but limitless. Within each of you precious hearts is the knowledge and direction you are seeking.

Within your body, the temple of your existence you will find a treasure trove of delights. Within your temple are vehicles that work for you every moment of your day. These are your chakras and they come to you in specific colour and their colour diminishes without proper care and maintenance. Within each vehicle are many nuances that help direct you to a fresh outlook and perception on core values that you resonate with; what is true for you. Also within your temple is your precious heart. Your heart does not cause you to think twice or have doubts. Your heart is where clear thinking stems from and gives you the strength and courage required to accomplish any task that is before you. Deep in your heart is the sacred Threefold Flame. This flame is represented by three plumes of colour and each one is your building blocks to create a firm spiritual foundation. The Threefold Flame that resides inside each of you, in your heart is represented by Power, Wisdom and Love. Power is observed as a blue flame, Wisdom is observed by a gold flame and Love is observed by a pink flame. The trinity of these flames are also the representation of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and each one working together and separately will direct you to understanding its purpose and its function with you. Once the Threefold Flame is fully understood and accepted, you will discover your I AM Presence which has always been with you. Understanding the fundamental principals and building strong spiritual foundations is a must.

All understanding comes from within your own temple of your heart, body and spirit collaborating as one. Your I AM Presence will bring you to a higher state of consciousness precious hearts each and every time you pass through a stage or a challenge that has lessons for you to understand and grow from. And through each stage be aware of your chakras and how they help you manoeuvre through each part. You will receive an inner ‘a-ha’ when you do this that will clarify many unasked questions.

Every aspect of your life precious hearts is a structure on the foundation you are creating and maintaining. When you procrastinate and put off a decision to another day, you prolong the fulfillment of your actual victory. You will find precious hearts if you procrastinate too long, it will take many lifetimes for you to reach the enlightened state of consciousness that will allow you to understand the completeness of who you are and the ability to release that Light onto your own heart that will enable you to fulfill your destiny. Stay focused precious hearts; don’t allow yourself to linger in the procrastination phase too long. When you see yourself prolonging a certain area of your journey respond with love within your I AM Presence and be determined to attain what it is you are working so diligently on.

The journey you are on will indeed be filled with many twists and turns some expected and many unexpected. Each step you take is bringing you closer to your own Oneness with your self and with the Heart of God. It is God that illuminates you so often precious hearts when you find a part of your journey darkened and dreary. His love for each of you is endless. He is the perfect Father and His Presence lives through you. Besides the angels that surround you and your guides that are present when you call; within your heart where the Threefold Flame resides is all the wisdom and knowledge you require. There is no search required for a specific teacher, you are your own teacher and you are filled with a bottomless fountain of knowledge.

Your journey also holds the many answers regarding LOVE. Love does conquer all when it is unconditional. It is the greatest force on Earth. When you begin to understand who you are, you will also begin to see the power and wisdom from that great force. And through the love you receive from God and the many spiritual beings that surround you, you will begin to love yourself. You will understand that self-love is incredibly important before you can purely love any other. When you have reached self-love, you have accepted EVERYTHING there is about you. And once this achieved, you will discover a sense of peace and harmony wash over you like never before experienced. There is nothing you are learning that can be forced; there is not any part of your journey that can be impressed upon unless you are drawn by an inner calling to learn what it is. All that you learn, you do so because of a basic need that comes from within and from your guides telling you this is for you to know. If at all you find yourself feeling coerced into an area you really don’t like or find no resonation, simply leave it. You are your own person. You know what you want to learn and it is you that is in charge of your journey. When you find your journey has brought you to a cross roads and you are uncertain which road to take, ask yourself through your heart and do not second guess the answer. Each time you second guess you have allowed your Ego to take part. Leave your Ego out of the changes that will affect your spiritual life and your personal life.

No matter where you are on your journey, know and understand you are exactly where you are meant to. You may think of your pace is too slow; remember there is a lot of information you are taking in subconsciously as well as consciously. You progress and move forward after every time you clear through a challenging lesson from the acceptance and forgiveness you undertake. And there are some lessons that seem to be over when months later you learn something more that helps to further understand where it fits with you. Keep an open mind precious hearts and an open heart. Allow your sweet beautiful love to flow freely for yourself and for all others as I love each of you completely and without end.

When you find pure unconditional love for yourself and for others, you will discover deep joy, harmony and contentment.

And so it is,
Elohim Apollo
through Julie Miller

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