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If You Rile Up Against Frustrations (Life Lessons), They Will Continue to Present Themselves to You Until You Learn Them... Bringing Pain & Suffering

Thank you Ascended Master Christ and John!
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Letting Go and Allowing Is What Makes It Possible to Reach an Inner Place of Peace

It is difficult for you to understand the levels within yourselves to which you can ascend while you are still embodied. Your religions and cultures have taught you that knowledge of the spiritual realms is only available to the most highly evolved ones among you, and that very many years need to be spent in meditation, prayer, and ascetic practices to reach a level that will bring you the experience of peace and love of which your enlightened teachers have told you. However, this is not the case. Anyone can reach inwards and attain the experience of the knowledge of God. The reason that so few do is because you are mostly caught up in the distractions of the illusion to which your bodies seem to direct so much of your attention.

Your bodies were designed as limiting factors to convince you that the physical environment that you experience through them is the one and only reality that exists. If your bodies (that represent you while you are experiencing life in the illusion) are unable to be aware of something through those bodily senses then “hey presto” that something does not exist. Over the last few decades some of your scientists have become aware that this is most definitely not true. And of course in ages past this truth was accepted even though not many had direct knowledge of it.

Now many are discovering this for themselves as they detach themselves from the dogma that so many “experts” insist is the only truth: if it cannot be measured it does not exist! Nevertheless, while you are embodied, it remains difficult to find your way into these formerly hidden interior realms where you can actually feel the Love that God is offering you in every moment. When you do experience the reality of that divine knowledge your whole sense of self changes, and you will then have complete confidence in the Love in which God holds you always. Life as a human will no longer be experienced with the doubts, fears, and anxieties to which you had become accustomed, because you will truly know without any possibility for doubt that you are an essential and inseparable part of God.

One way to reach that place of inner certainty is through meditation or deep relaxation. Trying to reach it does not work, because trying is the ego attempting to control or bring about an outcome that is infinitely beyond its puny capabilities. You are already part of God, so you do not need to strive to become aware of this. Instead, relax and allow this state, your natural state to embrace you. Within the illusion you are all rather different aspects of the one that you truly are, and consequently your experiences, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and capabilities are different, varying according to race, culture, religion or lack of it, sex, and interests. As a result it is not possible for you to follow another’s path to your inner place of peace and knowing. Many have tried to follow another’s apparently wise and holy path, judging their own path as inadequate or unsuitable. But, as I have said, trying does not and cannot work, and attempting to follow another’s path is trying.

The life path on which each of one you finds yourself has been carefully planned just for you. It will present you with the lessons that, with great wisdom and foresight, you arranged to have presented to you at appropriate moments during your human lifetime. If you will relax and accept them gratefully as they occur you will learn them easily and quickly. If you rile up against them they will just continue to present themselves to you until you do learn them, and this can bring you a considerable amount of pain and suffering. Your life paths can flow very smoothly if you will allow them to, and when you do you will notice that things seem to pan out far better for you, reducing your stress levels and making it much easier for you to relax and “go with the flow.” This enables serendipitous opportunities to occur far more frequently in your life, so that to others it may well seem that your life is charmed.

This letting-go and allowing is what makes it possible for you to reach that inner place of peace where God can make Himself known to you. You relax and allow, and then He presents Himself to you in a way that demonstrates, without any room at all for doubt, that you are indeed an eternal being infinitely loved by your Father, and safe forever in His divine embrace.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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