Sunday, February 5, 2012

No One On Earth Today Is NOT Feeling the Energy Changes That Your Loving Attitudes Are Creating As They Replace Mistrust With Love

Thank you Christ and John!
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And Then All Will Begin Awakening

Here in the spiritual realms we are very busy making the final preparations to greet you as you awaken with ecstatic amazement and realize that at last you are Home. You have been on a very long and tiring journey, and at times it seemed to you that you had entirely lost your way. You had not, and could not, because you are never left alone, abandoned, and without the necessary guidance to help you return to your homeward path. Nevertheless, it did seem that you had, and this caused you much fear and anxiety. When you engage in fear and anxiety it is extremely difficult for you to listen to and hear the guidance that is forever with you.

Your fears and anxieties are now dissolving as you turn to loving behaviors and attitudes to address the issues and problems that your earthly environment seems to present to you in abundance. Love and fear cannot coexist: the latter attempts to block your awareness of the former and encourages you to behave defensively to combat the attacks that it would have you believe are likely to occur at any moment. But finally you have seen through this charade and are discovering the power of love as you engage with it and let go of the fear that has bound you to the illusion.

As you continue to untie the bonds with which you attached yourselves to the illusion, by embracing love and letting go of fear, you will find yourselves feeling ever more upbeat and optimistic about life and all that it offers you. This is because as you loosen those bonds, you are finding yourselves far freer to engage lovingly and trustingly with others who respond in like fashion, sharing and extending the divine energy with which you have all been imbued since the moment of your creation. Until very recently you either held this energy very close to yourselves, sharing it sparingly with only a few friends or family, or were even unaware that you possessed it, whereas now you are indeed opening up to start extending and sharing it indiscriminately with everyone, as does your heavenly Father.

The overall effect of this enormous increase in loving behavior all across the world is to accelerate the rate at which people everywhere are moving towards wakefulness. And of course this energy, which you are now so willingly extending and sharing, strengthens and intensifies as you use it, and discovers and uncovers itself in the most seemingly unexpected places. Soon there will be nowhere on the planet where its effects remain unfelt – and then all will begin awakening. Many of you are definitely feeling the effects of these great changes as you go about your daily lives, and more and more frequently experience kindness and thoughtfulness offered to you by others, often in situations where previously you would have expected irritation, impatience, or even confrontation.

All the loving thoughts, words, and deeds you offer one another meld together to form a great wave of Love that combines with the One with which God has surrounded the planet, uplifting those who remain confused and fearful and encouraging them to reach out for support and find it. There is no one on Earth today who is not feeling the energy changes that your loving attitudes are bringing about as they replace the ones of mistrust and fear that have been prevalent for so long. What you are each achieving individually is truly amazing, and because all your efforts are then joined together the effects of that great wave of Love are irresistible. It will continue to grow, enveloping all in Its warm embrace until no one remains who feels alone, unacceptable, or unworthy of your Father’s eternal Love for you. The only path now open is the one forwards, and as you all follow it the illusion will dissolve and disintegrate behind you. There truly is no going back because there is nowhere to which anyone could or would want to return.

As the moment of your awakening approaches, continue to engage with and embrace the divine Love field encircling Planet Earth, and intend to make It permanently part of yourselves and share It with all with whom you interact in any way at all. By so doing you strengthen the awakening process which you are undergoing and remind yourselves that in truth you are already one with the divine Love field, and always have been – you just forgot that temporarily. Be ready for divine wonders to reveal themselves to you!

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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