Monday, February 27, 2012

There Are Many Dear Children Who Easily Declare Words of Faith In the Name of Our Beloved Jesus & To God, But They Don't As You Say “Walk the Talk"

Thank you Serapis Bay and Julie!
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Serapis Bey: Journey to Your Ascension Begins with Unconditional Love

Dear children, the future you know is what you make it, just as the present is what you made it from the choices you have selected. Our dear Merciful God has provided a way for you to change what is in your present through the acceptance of your journey that will lead you to your ascension. Great discipline on your part is required dear children and dedication to yourself and commitment to God and accepting his love into the deepest core of your being. The direction your path on this enlightening journey will bring you into a higher consciousness that has been fuelled by your own unconditional love for yourself, for all of mankind and for God. By the way of the true heart and pure soul that is filled with love for God will ensure you are progressing through the cycle of mindfulness.

Pure unconditional love is the direction to proceed toward your journey to your ascension. Learn to love without conditions; to remove all attachments and to clear all negative thought-forms as often as possible. Express self-appreciation without involving the Ego. The Ego will greatly be diminished prior to reaching full ascension. Being able to speak to anyone that reflects your God-Self, showing your pure heart without including personal Ego-based opinions will give the impression of having a God-Like persona. You will no longer be thinking rash and immature, but thoughtfully and wise. Not only will you know but you will feel love for everyone. You will not hold any contempt or animosity. You will become a shining example of pure God-Like Goodness.

I work within the Base-of-the-Spine Chakra. It is the focal point of the Hindu Goddess Kundalini. I suggest dear children, not only to continue operating with your chakras but ensure this particular chakra is working at its highest and clearest capacity. By studying each of the seven main chakras, understanding with appreciation to how they interact and how to determine when one is weak or closed is crucial to your own spiritual development and growth. By allowing me to work with you, I will release this energy and guide you as this powerful energy moves through your other vehicles of energy. Oftentimes when this energy is released for the first time, it can be disconcerting. By working together, I will be able to guide you to a gradual way of awakening the fire of your Kundalini.

The expedition you are on is to be taken with serious dedication and not just a passing whim. This is your present that is preparing for your future. You are the architect of what is to come for yourself and to those around by the choices you make. Within each of you is the power to manifest magic and miracles into your life and those that are closest to you. Through new eyes that have released old thought patterns and accepted a newer and more loving attitude, you will be able to see with clarity where the hands of God has touched Mother Earth. You will discover beauty that you never noticed before and realize you are truly surrounded by harmony and so much splendour.

Whenever you see a negative aspect of your current life, take a time-out to reflect on how much you have progressed. Feel the wisdom that you gained from all the heart wrenching challenges you not only undertook but succeeded. Adopt a simpler life if possible, remove or adjust the areas of your life that is making your feel claustrophobic. Dear children, you have within you all you need to bring forth an abundance of Joy through the purity of your heart that speaks of the highest of intent that stems from your unconditional loving heart.

I will help you access a more creative way of thinking by encouraging you to focus your attention to specific philosophers, metaphysicians, poetic artists, etc. There is beauty in all areas of your life. The beauty is not only to your Divine Earth Mother, but from the many creative souls who share their works that shines with divine meaning and purpose. It is a misconception to think it impossible to not become aware of the great inner beauty that resides within each of you. Not only are you to be aware of your own divine inner beauty, but you are to accept it as truth.

There are many dear children who easily declare the words of faith in the name of our beloved Jesus and to God, but they do not as you say, “Walk the talk." If you are truly committed and devoted to becoming all that you are meant to be in the eyes of God, and you have adopted a life that is filled with love and all action you execute speaks through your unconditional loving heart requires no proclamation because your actions speak loud and clear. I encourage each of you to begin living through your heart. Your dear heart will never cause you to second guess or re-think. Your dear heart, when your mind is clear of cluttering thoughts will reveal to you the many answers you seek. You may invoke my presence at any time dear children and trust in your heart that I will walk with you through any of your troubling lessons and bring comfort and divine love that you so richly deserve.

Make a heartfelt effort to bring an abundance of Joy into your life and watch and feel how your efforts make a positive impact on the dear people that are an important part of your life as well as your own persona life. I look forward to our next transmission through your lovely sister next week dear children.

And so it is,
Ascended Master Serapis Bey
through Julie Miller

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