Sunday, February 12, 2012

Invoke My Presence By Saying My Name and Requesting My Guidance. I Welcome Fondly Roses & Prayer Beads: Focus Attention On Calling Me to Your Heart

Thank you Mother Mary and Julie ...and so it is!
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STOP Self-Degradation and LOVE Yourself: Message from Divine Mother Mary

Open your heart dear ones and replace your old self-image with a new, upgraded one; one that is filled with utmost love for every particle of your being. With my gentleness I will help relinquish any self-doubt you may have of yourself. Accept me precious children into your heart and I will guide you to discovering the inner-depths of yourself which is filled with richness that speaks of love and wisdom.

Precious children I do know there have been struggles, you have felt fear and faced so many disheartening judgments along your journey. You have fared better than you may realize or give yourself credit for. I see so many still berate themselves for not being able to focus on their spiritual endeavors more, or they compare themselves to others. Oh, my precious children each of you are so special and loved so deeply. Find happiness in what you have done so far. Stop giving yourself incredibly difficult goals to reach. Wanting to succeed is built into you; you are driven to do well. Create action plans that have easy and attainable goals and reward yourself when you reach those goals. Precious children as you climb you will gain more confidence. With that renewed confidence you will be able to make action plans that are a little higher but still attainable. If at any time you are feeling discouraged, reach for me and I will be there supporting you with a flourish of my never-ending love for you. Sometimes the goals you have set for yourself require a break as they tend to become energy draining when you are busy with so much that is going on around you. Taking a break from reaching your goals doesn’t mean you are giving up. It only means you are practicing self-care. You must take care of your emotional, mental and spiritual health precious children which will maintain your physical health, endurance and stability.

Be of an open mind precious children and adopt new ways that will encourage you to drop old thought patterns that have become noticeably unneeded. Inside each of you, whether you are man or woman is a nurturing and loving human being. Focus precious children for it is there deep inside your heart. Unconditional love for yourself will help heal you far greater than anything else when you are feeling down and uncertain about your present journey. Self-care is encouraged precious children.

When you are able to fully let go of those old thought patterns and accept living with love and through your heart you will bring an abundance of love and light into every aspect of your life. You have the ability of creating heaven on Earth just by the power of your positive thinking and bringing God’s love into your heart and home. Welcome Him with open arms and an equally open heart and feel yourself transform. The energy felt from his entry into your heart is like no other; it is warm, electrifying and tingly; you may feel an overwhelming need to possibly cry and there are countless of other examples and each of you will experience your own and find joy, peace and harmony.

There is much work precious children that is to be done beforehand. Understand each and every particle that completes who you are. Learn yourself inside and out. Know what is that you want to achieve, accept all positive and negative character traits. With anything that is considered negative is the opportunity to turn that into a positive or to improve which is considered negative as much as possible. Forgive precious children, forgive yourself for any ill feelings, self-judgments, low emotional outbursts said to others and forgive all others for the same precious children. All the good that you want to change in your life, must start with you. Dissection of yourself will take time. Love yourself each step of the way and believe you are not alone for any part of your journey into self-discovery and rich self-love.

You will reap many spiritual rewards precious children that will touch your every day personal life. You already understand about the challenges that have occurred and with each challenge there are lessons, and sometimes the lessons carry further lessons. Look hard and deep with your heart precious children and don’t leave any internal stone unturned when you are maneuvering through your own self-improvements and life challenges. You are creating your future; it is in your hands as we speak. Choose carefully precious children and choose wise. The best way of choosing is with your heart, leave your Ego aside. Don’t allow second guessing or uncertainty to enter. When you live through your heart, you decisions are precise and sure. And with that there are still numerous possible outcomes with incredible lessons that emerge. Embrace each step, every lesson with pure love and gratitude. Your gratitude will aid you to moving through your challenge easier and with more calm and less panic.

You are a limitless precious child of light and any limitations you feel you have and any suffering you have endured is only because you have been separated from your true self for so long. Your true self is one that is God-like and you move within your I AM Presence with confidence and unconditional love. I will help you precious children reach your own exquisite heart and become one with the completeness that has been waiting for you. Invoke my presence simply by saying my name and requesting my guidance. I welcome fondly roses and if any uses prayer beads they are also ideal and merely focus your attention on calling me into your life and heart.

Each of you are in my heart and I reside inside each of yours. We are forever linked through God. The love I have for each of you is as limitless as time my precious children. Never doubt the authenticity of my devotion to you.

And so it is,
Divine Mother Mary
through Julie Miller

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