Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inside Each of You Is Great Strength, Courage, Deep Sense of Survival, and Incredible Love For Yourself. Do Not Forget How Special & Wonderful You Are

Thank you Master Djwhal Khul and Julie!
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ALL Obstacles Can Be Overcome: Message from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

There cannot be any unhappiness or confusions living in your heart when you take up the God-like qualities which are already naturally already inside your loving heart and are accessed and radiated through Christ. Some of the many mistakes made are through patience, forgiveness and forgetfulness. Through these are lessons to be learned and wisdom gained dear children. The Christ nature of that resides within the Threefold Flame of each and every one’s heart does not matter if the individual is of high social standing, a man or woman of the street, or someone making minimum wage. The quality of heart that is filled with the purity of unconditional love knows no difference.

Teaching yourself to be more patient dear children is not only about with yourself but with others that are involved with your evolving life. Understand dear ones each one of you are different. You each have a different set of values and core beliefs. Even though some of those beliefs are upgraded and changed throughout your journey they still are individual and unique. Treat all with a graceful comfort that is rich with universal love dear children. Be willing to open your hearts as wide as you possibly can, allowing the love of God and Christ to fill your very soul. You will find rapture dear children and a great peace of mind. When you adopt the full aspect of the Threefold Flame and all of it’s aspects into your life you will then be at the doorway to great knowledge that is waiting to be revealed to you. You must understand each flame and how it works within you and outside of you. Each plume of this nurturing and fundamental flame represents a part of the holy trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. When one plume becomes larger, the entirety becomes unbalanced. Find balance in all your endeavors dear children; it will help bring in more harmony in your every day challenges.

Still there is much criticism, judgments and other low energy pressures still going around the people of Earth. Yes there is a strong spiritual movement thanks to the many light workers that work tirelessly on providing universal love to every brother and sister on the planet and helping to re-educate the people on LOVE and RESPECT. Change is well apparent dear children and change for the greater of good will continue be the way. It is a pain-staking action for some, requires commitment and undivided focus of one’s journey to be selfless and unconditionally love-giving to all mankind.

You are cultivating an abundance of spiritual wealth that will bring you far more peace of mind and happiness than any other work you may have done so far. Hard work is required through each stage dear children. Forgiveness is as necessary as acquiring more patience. Forgiveness removes you from experiencing further guilt from any given situation and allows your spirit to be freed. The act of Forgiveness is to forgive yourself and forgive all people that are involved. Once you are able to forgive with love for yourself and for the one(s) involved then your healing begins dear children. It is so easy to forget past wrongs when one does not wish to meet them. By forgetting them, it only prevents you from moving forward along your spiritual journey which is also enriching your personal life with increased joy and harmony and contentment.

As a suggestion only, consider having a diary or a journal and create something like a list of what you want to accomplish and what you want to work on next for self-improvement. As you are busy, you are NOT expected to remember everything. Being a child of Light we of the divine wish for you to be free of burdens, instead filled with happiness and love for yourself and for all others. Mistakes will come; you must have them in order for you to learn what it is you need before you move along once again. You will find enlightenment through the POWER of Divine Love and Light and from discovering the Truth that lies within your own heart.

Dear children everyday you are collided with choices. You can choose to create despair, pain, negativity, etc.; or you can choose create hope, happiness, good health, etc. You have this power dear children. It is the power of positive thinking and self-love. You have a gift within your hands and heart. Through every movement everyday, you have the gift to choose how it is you wish to be. If you find yourself feeling a little grumpy, you can choose to change your mood by finding something that stimulates good positive flow of energy, laughter always works best, as well as talking to God as if he was right beside you like an old friend; and he is always beside you dear children.

There is not an obstacle that lies across your path you cannot overcome. You have already overcome so much by sheer determination to succeed. Inside each of you is great strength, courage, deep sense of survival, and incredible love for yourself. Do not forget how special and wonderful you are. We of the divine do not forget this. We see it everyday. And we know you get tired. Your physical body requires proper rest and nutrition to refuel its energies that become depleted daily. The lessons you do meet are not to be thought of as obstacles but to be embraced as opportunity to increasing your own wealth of knowledge that can later be used to educate others through your gentle and loving ways. When you are moving through your lessons, understand each part aspect. Love yourself for your efforts dear children. Show yourself kindness more often. The journey you are on has many paths and delightful detours that will satisfy your thirst for information. Enjoy each step you take and know I am always here for you should you require additional support, love and guidance. You will come to understanding yourself and you will find what you find to be truly amazing. Once you realize your whole potential, you will discover how limitless you truly are. Believe dear children you are capable of doing so much and you have within you all you need to rise and climb to unspeakable heights on your journey.

I found great pleasure speaking to all of you today. Your journey is never a lonely journey; you are accompanied by many and many more by asking with your heart dear children. May your days forever more be filled with never-ending love for yourself, your family and those dearest to you.

And so it is,
Djwhal Khul
through Julie Miller

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