Thursday, February 16, 2012

There Are Those Who Know & Recognize Their Future Self. There Are Those Who Have No Idea Their Future Self Exists In Another Timeframe and Dimension

Thank you Team and Peggy!
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Future Self ~ Message from "the Team"

We are here, ready to support and assist in your personal evolution and awakening. We continue to acknowledge your magnificence as an infinite being of consciousness. We also acknowledge the interesting challenges we observe of your experience of being in physical form within a human body. We continue to acknowledge your incredible courage to take this physical form especially during these times of great and grand upheaval and transformation.

It is from your multidimensional perspective that you can view the realities here on your planet and you see or sense the grand truth. This earth is only one of the playgrounds in the galaxy. Yet as humans your focus is only in your sandbox.

We often speak of your multidimensional consciousness, and realize that is a statement that leaves many mystified and puzzled. What does it mean to be multidimensional? Remember for a moment when you were a small child still learning about your world, there were many questions within your mind as you observed your experiences. Now as the mature knowledgeable adult looking back at that child, you now have gained more information and more understanding. As an adult you have grown into the answers of the many questions you had as a child.

Imagine for a moment that when that child of who you were had pondered a question, you as their future self could have sat with your little one and given wise counsel. You as the future self could have comforted and supported with the emotional issues and the mysteries of this physical experience. Imagine what your life might have been like if you would have had the ability to speak with and learn from your "future self". Think of all the times you struggled to understand some powerful event or strong emotional impact. Consider how different your perception of those events or emotions would be today if you had been able to have counsel with your future self. Think of the wisdom and the understanding that would have been available to you.

Remember when the adults around you could not answer some of your questions about this reality, or the dogma of religion or the whys something was the way it was. Somehow you knew that there was more to this entire world. You knew somehow that things really were not as they seemed. You could sense and feel the truth yet many times the truth that you sensed and felt was invalidated by the grown-up around you. This left you even more puzzled and became the pattern that you really couldn't trust you own knowing, your own inner wisdom, your own sensing and feeling.

Many of you today are still allowing all those old patterns and programs from your childhood experience to run your life. We invite you to observe any of those limiting beliefs that were given to you. Spend some time revisiting that little one, allow yourself to imagine speaking to the child that you were. Give counsel; answer some of the questions that you had as a child, find clarity of understand with the emotional turmoil you might have experienced.

Imagine that you can go back in time and actually do this work. Imagine your now self can reconnect with the energy of the "keepers" of these patterns and limited beliefs. Trust us this is actually an ability you have as a multidimensional being. Play with this idea; spend some time, traveling time. Go back to traumatic experiences you had as a child and comfort that little one until the energy of that experience is released. You in the NOW truly have the ability and responsibility to do this work. It is important for you to transform these old patterns of dysfunction that you acquired as a child.

This does not have to be difficult, we are not inviting you to re-feel the painful experiences as you revisit your past childhood memories. Create a safe space in which you can give counsel, wisdom and love to your child without the emotional impact. Remember that anything is possible so set the process up in a way that serves you and your highest unfolding and healing.

We are going to stretch you just a bit more, consider that you in this Now also have a future self that you can invite into your present timeframe. Imagine that your future self can give you wise counsel about some to the questions you are facing in your life. Begin to call your future self to you. Begin to develop a partnership; consider the possibility that as a multidimensional being, as a divine being of consciousness, you have access to all aspects of who you are on any timeframe or dimension.

Since you are here on this planet at this time and you are facing many challenges and have a number of questions about the coming events in your life. Imagine that you could sit and talk to your future self about some the decisions that you need to make. What would your future self advise? Invite your future self to give your wise guidance, invite this aspect of your multidimensional self to open the doors to your most fulfilling future.

This is a real possibility; we are doing our best to empower you to connect with the many many wonderful aspects of who you truly are. Expand into the knowing, trust that once you entertain the idea and the possibility of this occurring it will manifest for you. You will begin to feel a true connection to the aspect of yourself that is already in your future. How are your decisions of today effecting what your future self will be doing?

Just as your little child made decisions and formed beliefs that are affecting you today, realize that you have the opportunity to truly embrace your future and your future aspect in ways that are incredible and powerful. Allow yourself to dialogue with the various aspects of your multidimensional awareness. Time and reality are very fluid, learn to and allow yourself to flow and stream on the fluid time reality. You are always influencing your experiences; you are always attracting your reality.

There are those who know and recognize their future self. They are aware of this aspect and are running to meet this future self. There are those who have no idea their future self exists in another timeframe and in another dimension.

It is the future self coming toward you, inviting you, beckoning you to merge, join and become fully aware of you magnificent expanded grand multidimensional self. In order to embrace any aspect of your multidimensional self; you must release the hold that the ego, the old patterns, the aspects of you that have served you up until this time, and locks you in the death grip of limitations.

Now is the time that you honor this ability. It is your true gift of consciousness to travel the time lines, to shift reality, to heal the past from the present and the future. We are offering you a special set of keys which will open the doors to your incredible fulfillment and joy. We invite you to lighten up. Remember that you are really just pure energy who imagines that they are solid. Flow, stream, dance, laugh and understand that you are magnificent, you are timeless, and you are powerful beyond measure. Each conscious act you practice is a step closer to your future self, the future self that is also walking toward you.

There will be a day in which you will embrace that future self and merge into the realms of unlimited wonder; you will emerge into your more expanded multidimensional magnificence.

We can feel your excitement about the possibilities we've offered. This is a knowing and a truth that resonates within you. We assure you'll find the process easy and delightful as you allow yourself to play in the expansiveness of these possibilities. We continue to expand our love and support for you, acknowledging your unique and wonderful expression of the divine energies.
With our deep respect and caring.
the Team
by Peggy Black

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