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Often It Is When You're Best Able to Handle It & Be Successful In Clearing It. In the End, Some Karma May Be Released According to the Law of Grace

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Have no fears because much can happen from just one week to another, and the plan for your release from the dark Ones is progressing along very nicely. As we have already suggested, keep aware of the developments around the world as your wishes for change are coming true. It is a matter of finding reliable news sources from which you can get a feel of what is taking place. You know that time is racing by, and that is welcome as you have waited long for the end times to get underway. Believe us they are just as we would have them, with our allies succeeding in creating the conditions that will enable us to come closer to you. All that has been promised will come to you, even if it is not quite as you would have imagined, and in fact in some ways it well may prove to be more exciting and fulfilling.

Remember everything is in the hands of Higher Beings, who have followed your pathway to Ascension from the very beginning which was a very long ago. You knew it when you started out, but with degeneration in your levels of consciousness you became separated from the Source and each other. However, that was expected although it did come about by you misusing the freewill that you had been given. You now know that you went through the Dark Ages, that showed how far down you can go when you lose touch with your true self. This present cycle has been the most testing one since you came into physical incarnations, and it was preceded by lives in earlier civilizations that you know very little about. You may have little memory of them, but be assured that every single experience has taken you to where you are now. You have grown immensely in your understanding of physicality, and it has also helped speed up your evolution.

Ascension and beyond will continue to be planned experiences with the guidance of your Guides and Higher Self. However, you will be in a position to have a greater input as to what they will be when you journey onwards as a Galactic Being. As you will understand, life will take on a completely new look, and have little bearing to how you see it now in your present dimension. You have yet to realize what it will be like to be totally free, but when you are it will be when you have risen to a new level of consciousness that will ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities. The Laws of the Universe are quite simple and require that you respect the sovereignty of all other souls, and intend no harm or interference with them. Indeed your inclination will be to share your Love and Light with all life forms, having understood and accepted the Oneness of All That Is. All life is on the path of evolution and has the powerful urge to return to the Source from whence it came.

Life on Earth can seem very lonely and you meet souls of all types, at very different levels of advancement and understanding which adds to your experiences. Your challenge has been to master them and learn whatever lessons they had for you. You of the Light have succeeded and you are ready to move on but will always benefit from them, as the lessons are held at a subconscious level. You have every right to be pleased with yourselves for having come through duality and moved into the Light. Now you can return to a level of consciousness that you are really familiar with and once lived by in the higher dimensions, never to have need to return to the lower dimensions.

In the higher dimensions you still face challenges but they are more acceptable, and best looked upon as missions that often involve souls that could benefit from your experience. Remember that at this stage you will have committed yourself in service to others, and practically every ascended one naturally follows this course. All of the time you are still ascending but progress is much slower, as you rarely have to face negative situations. It does of course depend upon where you elect to go, as you may be one who desires to return to the lower dimensions. The rate at which you desire to rise up is very much your decision, and no one is forced to go any faster than they wish. Hence, in your present dimension not every soul will feel ready to ascend, and will stay in it where they feel more at ease.

It is during this time that karma comes and goes very quickly, and for some it will seem that one thing rapidly follows another without any respite. Dear Ones, it is according to your needs and the necessity to clear your karma before you ascend. Some of it will be a legacy of times past, as it does not necessarily follow that it comes back to you in exactly the same lifetime. Often it is when you are best able to handle it, and be successful in clearing it. In the final reckoning some karma may be released according to the Law of Grace.

You can understand why you are discouraged from making a judgment about another soul, if we tell you that you have no way of knowing what has brought about their experiences. Also, where you perceive one appearing to be punished bear in mind that it is not always as it seems. Sometimes a soul will accept another ones karma as a way of service to them, and it is usually where there is already a strong link or bond between them. One of the greatest deeds you can do for another is to sacrifice yourself for them. Also remember there is karma that is in the way of a reward, and is earnt through your love and service to others. It is you who creates your path and experiences, and there is no one else to blame when they are undesirable, at least not as you would think of them.

Learn your lessons well, and you will never have to come back to them again, although there are occasions when you might be tested again to ensure you would not let yourself down. If you have an experience that clearly has a lesson in it for you, think about it honestly and without any bias and you are sure to understand the reason. It all works out divinely and fair, because as we have often stressed there is no sense of punishment involved. God is All Love and has unending patience with his Godsparks that will always be connected to God, and held in God's Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and close with a loving wish for you all to find you true path, and true self. Keep shining your Light wherever you go and you will unknowingly be helping others find theirs.

Thank you SaLuSa.
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We Respectfully Request All Earthlings, ALL Brothers & Sisters of Gaia to Acknowledge Their Membership In this Council and Us:Your Family In the Stars

Thank you Grener, Graham, Linda, Ellen and Steve: Team Hour w/Angel totally rocks!
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Transcript of an Hour with an Angel, with Grener

Ellen has outdone herself in getting this transcript to us within mere hours of the recording.

In the transcript Grener discusses his willingness to take a group of around 20 terrestrials on board his mothership, the Neptune, this Saturday for a ten-day voyage to the stars – and back!

If it doesn’t happen, you can send my mail to the Himalayas. If it does, then we shall disclose. The governments of the world have had their chance and now it’s our turn to push the matter forward.

An Hour with an Angel, January 30, 2012, with Grener of Ashira, President of the Intergalactic Council

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario, who will be asking questions. Tonight we have special guest Grener of Ashira, from Neptune, the President of the Intergalactic Council. So with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

SB: Thank you very much, Graham, and good evening, Grener.

Grener: Good evening, and thank you for this surprising and delightful invitation to speak to the people of the world.

SB: Thank you for coming. And, sir, how do I address you? Because you are the President of the Intergalactic Council, and it seems a little strange for me to be addressing you as Grener. How do I address you, please?

G: I would like it if you would call me Grener.

SB: All right.

G: I would like it if all of you would call me Grener.

SB: Okay.

G: Yes, I am President of the Intergalactic Council, and that is my honor and title for the time being. But we know that these things come and go. But I will always be Grener. Prior to being President of this Intergalactic Council, I was Commander in Chief of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, what you think of as star fleets. And still people called me Grener. So I would be honored if you would do so, too.

SB: All right, sir. And you’re from Neptune, but Neptune in our dimension does not seem to be able to support life, as far as I’m aware. What dimension are you speaking to us from?

G: I am speaking to you – let me say, I am meeting you in the fifth dimension and the seventh dimension. I am from the eleventh and twelfth dimensions. Now, long ago, long, long ago, there was a form of life on Neptune, and it has been one of my favorite places forever. But it is also a reference to the name of my ship, the ship on which I reside and have resided for a very long time, and that is called the Neptune.

Often you will have us, many of us, as you come to know your star brothers and sisters and different members of the Council of the Intergalactic way, you will know that we are called by the title of our ship, because it has been home. So, yes, we can travel inter-dimensionally. That is not a problem. And that’s exactly what we have done, actually, to travel to Earth. So here we are.

SB: Well, thank you, sir. Am I correct in assuming that you’ve asked to address our listeners this evening, that you have something that you wish to discuss with them?

G: I want them to begin to more consciously understand what is transpiring in the bigger picture. And, yes, I have a message for your listeners. Would it be agreeable to you if we were to begin with a little explanation of the Intergalactic Council? Because I do not think that this is something that all of your listeners and readers are familiar with.

SB: Please do, sir.

G: I do so because there are many parallels to this situation that is now occurring on Earth. Tens of thousands of years ago, many of you remember the intergalactic wars. And if you do not remember, then that is a gift, for it is nothing to really be fondly remembered.

It was a time of great devastation, of destruction, a time when many of the situations and paradigms that became so prevalent upon your planet of Earth, of Gaia, were rife throughout many universes. The war took its toll. And many planets, and of course everything upon them, were destroyed. And there was much mayhem and hatred, intolerance. And what probably you would think of as genocide took place.

And so the first Intergalactic Council was formed. And I would add that that is the form upon which your United Nations, and even your earlier League of Nations, was modeled after. For this is not a new concept, you know. For a long time, I would say thousands of years, the wounds of war took a long time to heal. But the fighting stopped, and the murdering stopped. The bloodshed stopped. And so what took place was the building of tolerance and understanding among people of different galaxies – of different universes in some cases.

And then, what started out as mere tolerance became appreciation, inter-cultural appreciation. We developed ways in which to resolve differences and to appreciate diversities without having to resort to violence. That was the primary purpose, in what we call the early years, it was that war and violence against one another would cease.

But it grew and it flourished. And yes, for this we have a great deal to thank our beloved Archangel Michael, for he was pivotal in assisting us with much of this undertaking.

[Pause to close door to exclude noises.]

I do not think that dog is from Sirius. [Sirius means the "dog star."]

What happened with our Intergalactic Council is that it became a form of mutuality, of understanding, of cooperation, of trade, of commerce, of science, of medicine, of healing. And we came to honor and respect our differences. We grew, just the same way that everybody upon the Earth is growing and changing.

Now, thirteen of your years ago, Earth was invited to take their place at the table, to take their place in full membership with the Intergalactic Council. And it marked the coming of age for Earth. And at that time what transpired is we sought amongst what you would think of as political leaders.

Announcements were given, invitations were issued. But those who accepted the invitation, and the primary being who sits at this table with us, as the representative of Earth and as head of your delegation, is Wakanataka [Wakan Tanka? Note: Wakan Tanka is Lakhota for the Great Spirit or Great Mystery]. And he is a very ancient being – and notice that I do not say ‛spirit’– for he is the being that has tended those who have tended the council fire of Gaia.

And during that time of the initiation and the welcoming of your planet to this Intergalactic Council, there was also a shift of who tends this council fire of Gaia, for always it had been ancient Earth beings. Now that is not so, for some of them have joined with us, and some of our star beings – your star brothers and sisters – now tend and watch over that life flame, that council fire, the heart of Gaia. So there was a great deal of transition that took place.

Now, we do not want to give the impression that this was all done on a spiritual level. Membership in this Council has come to be seen and accepted as an honor, but also as a very real responsibility.

There were not political – what you could think of as political – leaders of that day that were prepared to step forward, to announce the membership, what you would think of as Disclosure, and to truly join in the fullness of membership in the Council, which would have meant – and will mean, by the way – the fullness of sharing, of trade, of commerce.

Now, the fleets that hover above your planet – and there are many – they are related to us, because all of these beings, all of these cultures, all of these planets, all of these galaxies have representatives upon the Council. But we do not control them or seek to control the various fleets. But the rule of cooperation throughout all of the Intergalactic Council territory, as it were, is one of peace, one of cooperation, of non-aggression, of non-violence – and of love. These are our guiding principles, and these are principles that we have learned over thousands of years to put into very practical application.

Now, you are present at the table. My brothers and sisters of Earth, you are present at this table. And there has never been truly an official welcome. So that is the first thing I would like to do tonight, is to welcome each and every one of you. Yes, you are citizens of Earth, you are children of Gaia, but you are also our brothers and sisters of love. And we have positioned ourselves close to you to participate, to help, to assist – no, not as foreign aid, but as equals. As equals.

And this is the thing that so many upon the planet, and particularly those in political situations that are so anxious to maintain power, they do not fully realize, not only do we come in peace, we come and ask to be treated as equals. We have no designs – and I will speak on behalf of the fleets as well in this matter. We have no need of your resources. We do not need your bounty, we do not need your food, we do not need your water, we do not need your minerals, we do not need or seek to take anything that is on Earth. And we most certainly do not wish to ever impose our will, our beliefs, or our views upon the collective. But what we do wish to do is to share our views, to share our knowledge.

Now, we have done that through this Council and through your participation – because you have not been absent, you were fully represented – and we have had agreement, what you sometimes think of as [plants?], and we have begun to share intergalactic and galactic star knowledge in your information systems, in your technology, in what you think of as medicine and healing, in your culture and your music, in the very sounds that your ears are able to perceive.

But it is time. That is why I come tonight. That is why I have been nudging, hither and yon. We respectfully request for all Earthlings, for all human beings, for all brothers and sisters of Gaia to acknowledge their membership in this Council and to acknowledge us, your brothers and sisters of the stars. You are in a very rapid time-frame, and you are hearing from one who is ancient, one who thinks in terms of thousands of years. And we know – we listen in to your broadcasts as well, you know, and so we know – this broad discussion around time and dates. We are not asking for a date. What we are asking is in this day and in this time for each of you to acknowledge not just our presence but your presence with us, that we may move your participation in this Council, in this Intergalactic Council, to the next level.

It was never intended that you be a junior partner. We don’t have junior partners. We are anxious to help. We know about Ascension and we know about shift. But what we are really good at is love. And that is what we desire to share with you. And we cannot understand why one would say no.

If you have suspicions and fears, we will talk about them, and we will resolve them – with mediation, with communication, and with open hearts. We did not just travel all this way; we did not position and bring the Council, even, all this way, to simply be observers. We have been observers of what has been transpiring upon your planet for a very long time. And we held the planet herself, Gaia, in a bubble of pink for many, many decades, so as the axis and your polar caps wanted to shift, they were held intact. When oceans wanted to split aside, they were held intact.

But that has even been removed, because you have graduated. You have assumed responsibility for yourselves and for your beloved planet. But why would you wish to sit alone? You are one, and you are part of a magnificent galaxy, but there is so much more. So it is time for each of you to begin Disclosure.

Yes, go ahead, Steve.

SB: You have brought up many themes which I’ve been wanting to address with you. We humans are also eager for disclosure, and we’re eager to meet with you. And so I have a request to make of you. I’m not sure if you already know my request, or know that I’ve been planning to make a request of you. Have you been aware of that?

G: I know that you have been thinking very diligently about how this opportunity of union can come together. And I am with you in this.

SB: Thank you. Oh, very good. Well, here is my request.

The governments are dragging their feet on Disclosure, and oftentimes we individuals think, well, there’s nothing we can do. But there is in fact something we can do.

We ask you to receive 20 of us, to take us aboard your mothership, to introduce us to the Council and to Ashtar and other of your officers, perhaps even to take us on a trip to Sirius or the Pleiades or Neptune or Arcturus, and then return us to Earth so that we can spearhead Disclosure. Would you accept that proposal?

G: Yes. Yes, I do, on behalf of the entire Intergalactic Council, and yes, I do so on behalf of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and that would include the Ashtar Command.

SB: Thank you.

G: We have already thought about who we would like, because many of you have already been, consciously and un- [i.e., unconsciously], aboard our ships our fleets. But it would be most appropriate that you would visit the mothership. And I would suggest to you that the Neptune is a beautiful – a beautiful ship. And what we would also suggest, that 20 would be a minimum. But yes, we will…we will…I will help you, my staff will help you coordinate this.

SB: All right. Thank you. I – we – no sooner discussed this than 20 people came forward immediately. I’d be most happy to have more join us. Now, I’m sure you know that we have discussed various arrangements. We’ve discussed Disclosure and the Abundance Program and what have you, and we’ve dealt a lot with the word ‛soon’, and I think most people are a little wary of making arrangements that could happen ‛soon’. Could we please have a definite date from you where we could begin this journey, so that we can plan?

G: We can do this in your parlance – because we are always on high alert, you know – we can do this basically right away. We will touch the humans that we know are[well-positioned, who are on top of the 20 that Steve named] – and we will let you know who they are – who are the best positioned.

So what I mean by that is that we are going to ask those who would not have any hesitation upon return of sitting with the media and creating a credible presence. And so, yes, we will begin this right away. So when we say ‛right away’, it does not need to be translated. We can begin this within this week.

SB: All right. And for the benefit of the people who may be involved – I’ve already spoken to 20 people of the, so 20 from the total – could we say that the trip will commence on Saturday?

G: Saturday is a good day….

SB: Saturday is a good day? All right. So we will then prepare for that, and we’ll assume that you will include other people…

G: Yes, and make sure that families are left so that they do not fear the fact that their beloved ones have disappeared.

SB: All right.

G: They’ve just taken a holiday, a brief holiday.

SB: Indeed. And I think that will be the best contribution to Disclosure that we, as human beings, could possibly make.

G: You know, we did something very similar long ago.

We would take [ ? ] to different quadrants, and particularly quadrants that had been war torn. And once they had the experience it changed them permanently, and they became the strongest advocates for peace and cooperation. So do not be surprised when you see [Archangel] Michael leading the way.

SB: I’ll be happy to see Michael.

G: Yes. He is always happy to see you.

SB: Thank you. Here’s a question – I wanted to discuss this with you right off the bat so that we wouldn’t run out of time. Perhaps I could now turn to a question, and that is that our good friend Adamu of the Pleiadean Monad has said that Disclosure will not happen until after Ascension, and that the service-to-other forces here are not able to make Disclosure happen. Is that a correct estimation?

G: No. No, it is not completely correct. Do not forget that there are now millions of beings that are ascending. So it is best put that it could not happen perhaps until the Ascension doorway was open, but that doorway is open. And so is ours.

SB: So the … so the message that we’ve been hearing from Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara and others that Ascension will happen – here’s this dreaded word – ‛soon’ is more accurate than the message that it won’t happen until after Ascension. Is that correct?

G: That is correct. It is already underway.

SB: That’s very good.

G: Otherwise I would not be sitting here, delightful as it is, I would not be sitting here having this delightful conversation with you.

SB: Absolutely. What obstacles are we encountering at the present time to Disclosure?

G: The biggest obstacle – and it is one that I have tried to address in my opening comments to everybody, and I would like this message to go far and wide – is that we do not have an aggressive agenda. Now, you know – and Michael referred also last week to some of the, umm, behind-the-scenes adjustments that have been taking place with regards to, umm, military armaments. Now, let us back up even further. And by the way, there have always been observers from your National Security Council as part of the Earth delegation. So it is not that they are not aware of what is going on, and fully involved as well.

There are sectors of your society that are entrenched in the belief of their power. And that power, and how they have manipulated thought patterns and emotional patterns, has been through fear. So this best example is if you would go back to the cold war where there was such friction and such fear that a nuclear warhead would be dropped on your schoolhouse if certain things were not adhered to. And this was a game that was very popular, and many, many participated in.

Now, those who have had that kind of power – and sometimes it is military, sometimes it is financial, those are the two biggest obstacles – and they do not want to give [up] what they think they still have. Now, the irony in this is that they think they have it. And because they think they have it, they are also able to dupe others into thinking they have it. That is not really the case.

Now, I have no desire to create fear or threatening situations, because what happens – and it does not matter whether it was in Sirius or on Earth – people become reactive, defensive. So that is the last thing we want to do.

But those in power cling. And now you can say – you have an expression, holding on by their nails, or the skin of their teeth, and that is exactly what is going on. And that is why we are pushing the envelope. You think that you – and I know, dear brother, that you – are anxious, excited, and want this opening. But so do we. We want to help, we want to observe, we want to see what you build that looks like love.

Yes, there are dimensional shifts and paradigm shifts, but what we really want to witness and to participate where we are welcome, is to see how do you build with love. Because this is a model. This will be changing many universes. So the obstacles, the biggest obstacles are simply those – and it is a human obstacle – that are clinging to false illusions of their own power, or the power of their nation, a misplaced belief that there are boogie men behind every bush, and that they must defend to the death. That is a very outmoded and outdated way to live. And more importantly, it is not even a nice way to live. It is not a joyous way to live.

That lack of joy, the heaviness of those belief systems, is what has abbreviated human life spans. You were not constructed just to last several decades! So these obstacles can be blown away like dust, and they can be blown away by the sharing of concrete evidence, yes, but also by the anchoring of understanding.

SB: All right, thank you. Just before continuing with questions – I don’t want to run out of time and forget to ask you these very short questions – how long will people be away for? How many days would you estimate?

G: Don’t forget we travel very fast!

SB: I actually am aware of that. [laugh]

G: Now, we will [ ? ] so that there is an accommodation, because there are some physical considerations that need to be taken into account. But no, you will not get space travel illness. That will be taken care of. We have taken care of that a long, long time ago. You can anticipate being gone about ten days.

SB: Ten days? All right. And what do they need to take with them?

G: Their toothbrush. That is a joke. [laugh]

SB: [laugh] What – what else?

G: They do not need to take much. And the pick-up will be rather rapid. So understand that as well. Take what is meaningful to them. So even though you know that we have communication tools, bring your own. Yes, they will work onboard, whether it is a journal or an Ipad or a camera. But also bring those things that will bring you comfort, because you will be in an alien environment. Now, the ship is very comfortable, let me reassure you. But you will be in a very different environment. It will be amazing. It will be phenomenal. But it will be alien. So bring what comforts you. And if that is your flannel pajamas, do that; if it is your teddy bear or your rosary, do that. Bring what comforts you, and bring pictures of your family.

SB: All right. Do we need to bring 10 days’ worth of dress, or … how….?

G: No, we have ways of cleaning as you walk through a door.

SB: Okay, that’s very good. And how should we dress – informally, or more formally?

G: We … the … what you will find on board ship is that we tend to stay in uniform, but when we are off duty, they tend to be very casual. It is about comfort, so there can be no suits, no ties. Bring a sweatshirt, bring comfortable clothes, and bring what you call running shoes.

SB: You’re describing my favorite outfit, so that’s fine with me. And how shall I convey the names to you of the twenty or slightly more, because I predict that I’m going to get some call probably this evening from a few people, how do I convey the names to you?

G: How public do you want this? I do not want their houses or their homes to be harassed. Send them to Linda.

SB: Send them to Linda? What arrangement would you like us to make? Or – we won’t be talking to you before next week.

G: Yes, you will be.

SB: How’s that, Grener?

G: You will be talking with us. But, yes, –

SB: Okay.

G: When you make the arrangements, do not worry about people being picked up. As long as they feel that they are ready for – transmittal, on the Saturday, that is what we will plan on.

SB: All right. Okay, that …

G: So the gathering of our guests will take place on Saturday.

SB: All right. And I’m presuming that you have all that in hand. We don’t have to worry about the details.

G: We have the ability, we have limousine service. They are called space bicycles.

SB: Okay. Gee! What form do they take? Are they like small ships?

G: Yes, that is correct.

SB: Okay. Well, this is very exciting. This is very, very exciting. All right, I – so, we have about 10 minutes, 15 minutes left to go, and perhaps I can ask you some questions that listeners have sent in, if that’s okay?

G: I would be honored.

SB: All right. First of all, has the divine deadline for Disclosure itself passed?

Oh, yes. It passed quite a while ago.

SB: So it didn’t automatically mean that you would disclose. So what is the meaning of divine [deadline], given that it’s past? What did the passing result in?

G: It’s resulted in us formulating a plan where we would be able to bring forward what we thought the human beings would do on their own. So you’re witnessing part of that tonight. What it did was to bring into place a different, perhaps a more assertive, injection of energy to ensure that this came to pass.

We don’t really care about politicians, because it is not politicians that sit at our Council table. Or it is not politicians of the ilk of how you think of politicians. We don’t care so much, and the Divine doesn’t care if the politicians announce what is already known far and wide. What we have cared about has been that they, in fact, would create fear-mongering, so that it would go the other way. So that if Disclosure was made, they would say, “These are our enemies, and we must active our military forces to combat those who would come to rule us.”

Now, ideally, yes, we wanted those who we respect as the head, the elected officials of different countries – your G-20 – to come forward and say, “We have a magnificent announcement to make,” and it would have been done in a very unified setting. But this underlying power, this desire to maintain power with missile silos and monetary control got in the way.

But the Divine has a way of helping us always. They always have defined different ways. As long as it does not create fear. Because we come in love. That is the promise that we have made, not only to the Trinity, but to ourselves. That is our pledge, that we operate under.

SB: All right. Thank you –

G: There are many species, many galaxies, but our pledge is unified.

SB: That leads me into the next question. Rather than ask them singly I’m going to read them out to you, and you can answer them collectively.

Some listeners want to know how many ships are around the Earth presently, why they can’t be seen. Are they all manned by galactic humans? And why is the Ascension of so much interest to others?

G: Well, at any given time – I do not want to overwhelm you, but – there are levels, layers of ships. You cannot see them all, but you see many of them in your night sky. There are – when you compile the what we would call motherships with the science ships, the healing ships, the small explorer ships, what you think of as space bicycles – oh, we have millions of ships. Now, over, right directly over? Within reaching distance? We would have about, oh, 16,000.

We are in constant rotation, while there are some that have never come too close. They are manned by what you think of as humans, galactic humans. I myself am Hussian [sp?], but I appear as human. We all appear as human. And certainly for the time being –

SB: What does Hussian…? What does Hussian mean, Grener? What do you….

G: Hussian is an ancient race. It is an ancient race. You are familiar with it, you just do not know it. We look, we have a tendency to look – although in human form, humanoid form, very catlike.

SB: Such as the –

G: As the Hathor.

SB: As the Hathor? All right. Thank you.

G: So, there are many of us. And yes, we will all look familiar. Now, those of you who come to visit with us will have options to see many different kinds of allies. But most of us appear very human. You’re a little taller, perhaps a little broader. But not significantly different.

SB: Will we be permitted to tape-record and take photos?

G: Yes.

SB: And should we purchase tape-recorders and cameras, or do you have equipment on board that –

G: Oh, we have lots of equipment that we can loan you, and give you, actually. Then you can bring the equipment back too, and that will give them something to look at it, will it not?

SB: Oh, yes. Indeed it will. And would it be compatible with our equipment here?

G: Yes. We can do those adjustments. We have no problem doing that.

SB: By thought?

G: No, by technology. We will give you what you think of as adapters.

SB: All right. Will we be on the third dimension, the fifth dimension, seventh dimension, eleventh dimension?

G: You will not go the eleventh dimension. We will not go – it is very unlikely that we will go beyond the seventh. But it will also feel and you will have an experience, a physical third dimensional experience, but it will shift and you will know what it is like to be in the fifth or the seventh. Or the sixth, for that matter.

SB: Now one of our team members has said that we would need to take a pill, and I know from my readings of the astral planes that if a person travelled higher they were put in a protective covering, etcetera. Is there some procedure such as that that would be taken to allow us to be on the fifth or sixth or seventh dimension?

G: What we do is we place you in the – first we attune you in the healing chambers, and we make sure that everything is in alignment so that you would not be suffering any physical effects. You would feel that you are a little, at times, light headed. But we can adjust that as well. In the direction that you need. We have no desire for any of you to experience a moment of illness.

SB: All right. Thank you. Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that the people who go on this trip should know?

G: Yes. Because I have seen it in my own forces, as I said. I used to be the commander. Now, when you are about to embark on a mission, whether it is a day, an hour, or a thousand years, you get nervous. You get a little antsy and maybe even a teensy bit frightened. Just breathe. We would never, ever do anything that would place you, or any of you, at risk. This is a joy ride. Quite literally. This is something we haven’t done in thousands of years! [laughs]

SB: And just for our listeners, when you say breathe, breathing actually breaks up fear patterns, right? By expanding the chest?

G: Yes.

SB: Is that why you tell us to breathe?

G: Keep breathing. And we always like the halion, the midnight blue and gold. If you are frightened, ask Michael to come with you. He will.

SB: Wonderful. Thank you, Grener. We’re looking forward to our trip with a great deal of anticipation. Thank you for coming here today and addressing us.

G: Thank you for having me. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.
by Steve Beckow



Monday, January 30, 2012

80 Percent Of the World’s Wealth Appears To Be Earned By a “Core” of 1,318 Corporations, Which In Turn Are Being Controlled By Only 147 Companies

Once again folks: David Wilcock, and as we started David's last entry, we send you directly to his website for the incredible photos he includes substantiating his claims! Below is a synopsis from Steve Beckow ...enjoy!

Thank you David and Steve --many blessings to you both!
*** gavin

David Wilcock: FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time – Section Five: Bretton Woods and the BIS

David has completed Section Five. As noted below, it was so large he broke it into into two parts: 5 and 6. We have posted Part 6 as a separate article, though you can access at the link below. David writes:

UPDATE SATURDAY 1/28: Section Five has now been released. It is massive — and highly fascinating, with a great deal of extremely sensitive information that may be very surprising to a lot of people.

UPDATE SUNDAY 1/29: Section Five has now been broken into two pieces so as not to crash on smartphones. Section Seven is still imminent.

10:13 AM, SUNDAY: Three new testimonies from insiders with direct access to the “occult” economy have now been added at the end of Section Six

SECTION ONE: Financial Tyranny. Defeating the Greatest Cover-up of All Time

SECTION TWO: The History


SECTION FOUR: The Occult Economy

SECTION FIVE: Bretton Woods and the BIS

SECTION SIX: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme


We are investigating Financial Tyranny — on a global scale — and what we have just learned in the previous four sections is shocking.

80 percent of the world’s wealth appears to be earned by a “core” of 1,318 corporations, which in turn are being controlled by only 147 companies. 75 percent of these companies are financial institutions — and the top companies on the list are the Federal Reserve banks.

The media has been systematically bought out and controlled by this group — on a global scale — meaning that until the rise of the Internet, most people didn’t have a clue about what was really going on.

The Federal Reserve created 26 to 29 trillion dollars’ worth of bailouts for their own companies between 2007 and 2010. This was revealed in their own audit statements — and confirmed by United States Congressmen and prominent financial analysts.

This situation did not happen by accident, nor by “natural self-organizing complexity”. It is the result of an incredibly well-orchestrated plan for global control – rooted in highly occult practices.

There has been almost no media coverage whatsoever of this staggering theft. This demands an immediate, focused, sustained response — until real change occurs.

To continue reading Section Five of David's post, click here. Or if you need or want to re-read any of the previous sections, please click on link above.

the above post found at:

Each of You Can Change the World When You Begin Within Your Own Reality & Shine Your Light Within You, Illuminating Your Shadows, Releasing Your Fears

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer ...and so it is!!
*** gavin

Uriel's Message: One Light Can Change the World

Any limitation that you feel blocks your path is an expression of a memory you carry deep within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies of times when your efforts were limited by situations in which your light was rejected. These are often expressions of your martyr and victim consciousness, when you offered yourselves as a healing light to your soul groups knowing that they were not yet prepared for their transformation. It was never your mission to change the world, your role in the world is to shine your light in all of its expressions. And you can do that, no matter what the world does in response. The world will eventually turn towards the light when it has experienced enough darkness. When the world can find power in love it will no longer need fear. But it must experience both to make that choice. You can be the love the world needs to have as one choice among many.

All Lightworkers have had lifetimes of service in the world, to be forces for change and transformation. The light was always extended even though there were many lifetimes when it was extinguished because the world wasn't ready to release its fear. Those times you felt betrayed by Source and the belief that you were abandoned and not supported as a source of light and love was created. This belief has reverberated throughout your lifetimes and it is strongly expressed within your soul group. Through the ego you have translated this role of bringers of the light to mean that you have come to change the world. But you have simply come to be a source of light, a connection to the light and love and Source for those who are willing to see and recognize it to acknowledge it and accept it into their own hearts and being.

From these experiences you have pushed yourselves further into dimming your own light, limiting the expression of your gifts and not choosing the path of powerful creation for yourselves. If the world does not change and accept you and your gifts, you believe you are not worthy of the joy, love, abundance and success that are your divine birthright. You martyr yourselves on behalf of the light and yet that is merely an expression of your own fear that by being powerful you are a threat rather than an inspiration. You can be all you desire and want to have, every dream is possible for you when you shine your light and are willing to accept blessings for yourselves.

The path of the martyr and victim is not the highest expression of your energies and limiting your abundance is not in integrity with your truth. You can be all things within your life as you express who you are to a world that may or may not accept it. Be your truth, that is all you can do, and allow the world to follow its path until it is ready to make its own transformation. You have come to bring the truth of divinity and ascension to the world, express that in your own life and you will be the change the world seeks. Each of you can change the world when you begin within your own reality and shine your light within you, illuminating your own shadows, releasing your fear, connecting to your inner resources and being the light in your life so you can also en-lighten the world.
by Jennifer Hoffman


Sunday, January 29, 2012

I’m Not Advocating Violence or Retribution --Just Determined to Help the Coalition of Light Push This dark elite Out the Corridors of Power

Thank you Steve for your tireless contributions and helpful perspectives --I look forward to teleporting to you one day and shaking your hand!!
*** gavin

Welcome to a New and Unimaginable World

I’m talking about the New Age expected to begin after a planetary transformation on or before Dec. 21, 2012. Welcome to a new and unimaginable world, taking shape before our very eyes. What world am I talking about?

Predictions of what the 2012 community calls “Ascension” are reaching us from the Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, the star nations here to help us, Earth’s scientists, and planetary intuitives.

At an early but unknown date, we can expect a world leader (probably President Obama) to disclose the fact that human beings from other star systems are here, in spacecraft around our planet – some cloaked, some in other dimensions – and that evolved life exists in many places in the universe.

We’re soon to be joined by family.

Following disclosure, a coalition of Light forces composed of humans from hundreds of star nations and Earth’s ascended masters, which David Wilcock playfully calls “management,” (1) will join us to address the deficiencies in the world situation caused by Earth’s former dark controllers.

The dark ones, who brought us 9/11, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic activity, chemtrails, pandemics, and all manner of other destructive events, will find themselves held accountable.

We’ll have a new “wisdom economy” or “abundance program” which some refer to as NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). The coalition of Light will give us technology that will address our economic difficulties and bring us a new lifestyle marked by ease and empowerment.

The Earth will be terraformed; pollution will be eradicated; and a temperate climate will prevail around the world.

The coalition ofCrop Circle Light will equip us to “pass through the eye of the needle” in 2012, leaving our dualistic consciousness behind and sporting a new, unitive consciousness. If you’ve ever seen or heard an enlightened teacher (Eckhart Tolle or Adyashanti would be good examples), that’s how we’ll look and sound after 2012.

I personally follow most closely the messages coming from channelers, but also the terrestrial commentary coming from the 2012 community of scientists, whistleblowers, and intuitives. The channeled sources already live in Fifth-Dimensional consciousness and so I prefer their version of events.

You’ll notice two themes are followed on this site: the first is the overthrow of the Earth’s secret governments, known to themselves as Illuminati, though none are illuminated, and known to others as the New World Order, the shadow state, the military-industrial complex, the dark cabal, etc.

That overthrow will appear to be a “time of troubles,” during which the dark will use all its technology to cause earthquakes (Haiti, Chile and Japan are examples), modify weather, sow chemtrails, spread pandemics, start wars, misrepresent the galactics, create fear, and in other ways try to disrupt and defeat the (I’m told) “unstoppable” plan for 2012 Ascension.

The dark forces are up to so much mischief that I’ve had to write two articles on this site simply listing their misdeeds: “I Accuse” and “The Black Hats Must Go.” They provide an overview of the extent of their murderous and treasonous actions.

The economy they created will utterly collapse, to be simultaneously replaced by the wisdom economy.

The second theme is the increase in the light energy that is occurring because the coalition of Light are preparing us to open to transformation by 2012 or sooner.

It may be People Unitedconfusing to some to see these two themes running simultaneously. Some articles will trace the fall of the cabal and others the rise of the new society and economy. I hope readers will be able to keep the two movements straight.

A compendium of quotes on all aspects of the changes expected in the run-up to 2012 can be found at First Contact, located at http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/fc/fc-index1.html. Many articles as well can be found in the righthand column of this site.

During the time of troubles, I’m determined to help the coalition of Light push this dark elite out of the corridors of power. Please don’t be alarmed. I’m not advocating violence or retribution. But I won’t rest until the Black Hats have left the scene or turned their hats around.

Please note I do not consider President Barack Obama to be a Black Hat, but one of the strongest Lightworkers on the planet today. He has my unequivocal support and unabashed loyalty.

I draw on a background of historical, cross-cultural, and enlightenment studies, years spent as a refugee adjudicator, time spent researching life on the spirit planes, study of the space coalition’s messages, and a commitment to truth. Nonetheless I am not an enlightened author and am not qualified to be, nor do I wish to be considered, a spiritual teacher.

Writing is my passion. Without your readership and the Internet, I could not be doing this.

So thank you for stopping by and for opening up to the 2012 scenario. Every additional awakened Lightworker increases the ease with which the transition to Fifth-Dimensional consciousness can be accomplished.


Steve Beckow
Vancouver, Canada



(1) “We are being cared for and protected by a Management team of high-level ETs. Their job is to manage the ‘illusion’ we’re all living through here on Earth, so that it will always be just as easy to focus on the positive as it is to focus on the negative.” (David Wilcock, “New Radio Show on Volcano, Disclosure, and More!” Apr. 21, 2010, at http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/davids-blog/828-radio-volcano-disclosure.)

Settling Quietly Into Easy Chair So Peace Won't Be Disturbed While You Call On Us Is Recommended. Know Your Request Will Be Heard & Answered Instantly

Thank you Christ and John ...and so it is!
*** gavin

You All Need To Make a Point of Asking Each Day For Assistance

As humanity continues to make increasingly rapid progress on its path of spiritual evolution, you all need to make a point of asking regularly each day for assistance from your friends and loved ones in the spiritual realms; that’s who all of us here are – your friends and loved ones – and our joyful task, which we approach with enormous enthusiasm, is to assist you in any way we can. We are always available 24/7, but you have to ask.

The illusion is a very strange and unreal environment, and as a result decisions that you make and intentions that you hold need constant reinforcement. You have to make them at least daily, and hourly if you can, because your egos are always looking for an opportunity to set up an attack or a defense, and the behavior of another, while totally inoffensive in intent or in delivery, can and often will be deliberately misinterpreted to permit your ego to make a condemnatory judgment of it and goad you into responding inappropriately. Doubtless you have all had occasion to misjudge someone, and, later, when you recalled the incident, you wondered why you had reacted so strongly to something so insignificant.

Behaving with loving kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness are the strongest and most effective ways in which you can move along your evolutionary paths, and of course to do so is your constant intent that you hold at the center of Yourself. However, at the level of your awareness available to you in the illusion, that deep center is extremely difficult for you to access, and you need all the spiritual assistance you can get. And that is why we are available 24/7.

Until the period that your history defines as the Enlightenment, the vast majority of humans were in awe of the authority exercised by the church and its minions, and by royalty and the elite with which it surrounded itself. Very few ever asked for help from us in the spiritual realms as they were far too busy desperately pleading to an imaginary god of immense power whom they believed commanded their obeisance, and who could, in an instant, condemn them to the everlasting fires of hell. Your egos loved this! They encouraged you to watch and judge others so that you could compare your good works or minor sins to the major omissions and monstrous sins that you observed others committing. That very perverse and divisive selection of attitudes and behaviors put beyond doubt or question your belief that you were all individuals valiantly and desperately fighting for the approval of a god who could and did intervene in your human affairs – battles won or lost, illnesses imposed or cured, good fortune given or taken away – rendering you helpless victims of a demanding and merciless tyrant. It was effective and it demonstrated convincingly for you your separateness from God, and your worthlessness in His eyes.

The Enlightenment was a great leap forward for humanity, and it was strongly resisted and condemned by those who exercised authority in any form, because people suddenly began to question everything. Nevertheless, it was unstoppable, and, over time, led to all the freedoms that those who live in so-called democracies now take for granted. But, as is apparent to all, you still have a long way to go before basic human rights and freedoms for all are guaranteed and protected worldwide.

The spiritual evolution in progress throughout the world at this moment in her history is accelerating rapidly. Although there are still many who believe in a harsh and judgmental god, and who take it upon themselves to try and enforce his will on others according to the way they arrogantly and mercilessly interpret it, they are in retreat. God’s Love field envelops the Earth and, along with the love that an increasingly large number of humans are offering and sharing with one another as they meld and blend with that divine field, its effect is to stabilize, strengthen, and intensify this evolutionary progress. Each day further evidence of your evolutionary progress comes into view.

As I said, we in the spiritual realms are here to help you 24/7, so call on us, open your hearts to receive the abundance of Love that surrounds you, and allow the guidance we offer to flow easily into your conscious awareness. Settling yourselves comfortably and quietly into an easy chair where your peace will not be disturbed while you call on us is recommended. Know your request will be heard and answered instantly. The form in which you receive the answer will vary, depending on the circumstances, so be open to any gentle nudges with which your intuition presents you, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. We love you and want only to help you resolve the issues and problems with which you are assailed, and which frequently make it difficult for you to believe that behaving with loving kindness is always the most effective way to deal with any issues or problems that disturb you.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman


During The Time Remaining Before You Awaken, Make It Your Conscious Intent to Spread Love, Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness Worldwide

Thank you Saul and John!
*** gavin

Take Confidence In the Glorious Outcome That Awaits You

From the spiritual realms we are pouring down an abundance of love and assistance as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer. Put yourselves into a relaxed or meditative state, open up your hearts in acceptance of it, experience the increasing sense of peace it brings you, and take confidence in the glorious outcome that awaits you. It is, without doubt, the most wonderful event ever to occur in your long and arduous progression through the illusion, because it is bringing you out of it!

It seems to you that this moment has been an extremely long time in coming, but in truth you have only been asleep momentarily, as you will fully understand when you awaken into the glory of Reality, where all are one with our gracious and beneficent Creator. Intense and everlasting joy is to embrace you and raise you into the natural and magnificent state that is your right, your heritage, and your destiny – perfectly harmonious and eternally creative Union with God. There is nowhere else but this; it is where you belong; it is Home.

Knowing the wonder of this divine Truth – as you do deep within yourselves, at the very center where all are One – allow it to percolate upwards into your conscious awareness where its divine energy will uplift and inspire you, giving you the strength to resist and disregard any attempts to undermine your confidence in God’s Will for your awakening.

There are still too many who are, for the present at least, firmly convinced that a harsh and judgmental deity is soon to bring cataclysmic destruction to planet Earth to punish the wicked and raise just a few “holy ones” to safety in heaven. And there are a few others urgently trying to convince them that this scenario is divinely willed and that all should be working to appease this being.

Focusing on possible disasters is an endemic problem for mankind, and only adds to the unnecessary and confusing misinformation being released and promulgated by a few whose sole aim is to disturb and upset you as you enter the last moments before your awakening. They are indeed very misguided, so send them love because you know that that is what they are truly calling for.

Remember, all are God’s beloved children, however unloving their behavior and however unlikely that prospect seems to you. All will return Home. When you send love to the seemingly unlovable you are also sending it to yourselves and thereby strengthening your own intent to awaken. Love is the only answer, and it is so in every situation. It dissolves all problems and issues, perfectly.

During the time remaining before you awaken, make it your conscious intent to spread love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness worldwide. You are all divine conduits through which your Father will direct His Love for the benefit of all on the planet if you will invite Him to do so. And reconfirm that intent every time you think of it – you cannot overdo it. Doing so moves you more firmly into that space within, where you can hear the Voice for God calling to you and reminding you of His eternal Love for you. There is nothing that you can do to change that; His Love for you is never withheld, and you should never believe anyone who would try to persuade you otherwise. All that you have to do is to open your hearts to receive and accept It.

You are all beings created in Love, from Love, who have temporarily become lost in a frightening, illusory environment where it seems that your very survival is almost constantly threatened. As you have been told many, many times, it is illusory, you are to awaken, and there is nothing to fear. So for the time that remains before you awaken, be happy, be upbeat, be inspiring, and encourage all forwards on the path Home.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spiritual Changes Bringing You to Your Christened State Will Take More Than 1 or 2 Days: Requires Commitment and a WANT to Change

Thank you Lord Sananda and Julie.
And so it is!
*** gavin

Your ENLIGHTENED Path to Self-Mastery: Message from Lord Sananda

Warm Blessings to each of you dear children; I welcome each of you into my arms, providing comfort, love and support along your Path that will lead you into the mighty light of God, my heavenly Father.

Within each of you dear ones is a special and delicate fire, three of them - the Threefold Flame. This flame combined is your Power, Wisdom and Love. There is no doubt to who you are, it is you precious children that at times find yourself deep in self-doubt. Now is the time to stand up and be strong. Find your voice; learn who YOU are from the inside. Discover this luminous flame that holds much information regarding your truth. This flame with my direction will show you love beyond any dream imaginable and the best part precious ones is that it is all inside of you already.

Let us go there and discover what this flame will do for you and what it has already. The Threefold Flame has three plumes of colour and each colour representing its purpose to you. The Blue Flame of the Threefold Flame represents your POWER. It incorporates the desire of your soul to the Will of God. It is the drive, your ambition to strive for success and to accomplish. The Blue Flame of the Threefold Flame is much about leadership and not only leadership of others if you are in a position such as management, teachers, parents, etc., leadership is also much about leading your own life; being in control of you. Your POWER has helped you achieve so much. You have had many challenges, and you found a force within you, that is inside your heart to continue and persevere; giving up was not an option for you. This is your POWER. And you have used it wisely because you are a child of God my brothers and sisters.

The Yellow Plume of the Threefold Flame represents your WISDOM. This is your fountain of knowledge. And yes it is exactly that. All that you have moved through, all the lessons, challenges, all your accomplishments, your achievements have delivered you incredible knowledge that is able to be shared among your peers that are your family, friends, and people that are part of your social circle; even those not living in your community. Your wisdom and knowledge is useful and effective to ALL people that have crossed your path. Know this to be the truth. Some of your challenges have definitely caused incredible pain to your heart; requiring further look into your Faith and what is important to you. Acquiring your great wisdom also demonstrates you accepted all the many aspects of yourself and you allowed change to enter your life. Change can be very frightening especially when it involves your love for others and learning to adopt newer ways of thinking and of living. Do not doubt what you have to offer precious ones. Everyone that is on the Path of Light is all at different levels and stages. This does not make one better than the other; this means each of you have something to contribute, to teach and to learn.

The Pink Plume of the Threefold Flame represents Love and Compassion. This is the nature of me and my father and all beings of the divine. Love is the strongest and most powerful emotion still even through your higher developed current age that you are now living in. When you find Unconditional Love and accept it as being a part of yourself; mind, body and soul you will come to know, see and feel this to be the strengthening, supportive, nurturing aspect of your deeper self. Unconditional Love will free you precious ones from the controlling Ego based emotions. And through the discovery of such a pure, soul deep love you will find yourself in the arms of God through me. You will find your Christ Consciousness which has always been a part of you. My love for you is extended throughout all parts of your journey. I will guide you and illuminate your path if you let me into your heart precious ones and accept the pure love I AM giving to you. Accepting my love also accepts my heavenly Father’s love also. His spirit, His energy, His Love and His Light shines through me to all that awakens to the Light and finds their way into our waiting and loving arms.

Each aspect of the Threefold Flame is ideally to be balanced from within to that your power is soothed with love and your love is saturated with wisdom. True love precious ones is the balance of the Three Flames in perfect harmonious balance. You are the very essence of true love. I want each of you to discover the Threefold Flame that has delivered so much compassion, love, wizened souls that speak of God’s Love of your Christ Consciousness in every action, thought, feeling, and spoken word. Learning through the Threefold Flame will benefit yourself with great understanding; increase your self-worth and so much more. Your presence will shine onto others with a warmness that will come across as genuine.

Through my gentle guidance and support through your self discovery that incorporates the Threefold Flame, fears and feelings of self-doubt will be removed and replaced with confidence and self-love. You will find yourself being forwarded along your path that is becoming complete and perfect. ALL is possible precious ones. Develop a positive vocabulary is important to your achievement. I understand how doubt can enter your mind and cause worry and stress. I will guide you to solutions that are friendly to your mind, body and spirit.

Your spirit is the source of everything True, Beautiful and Good. Working through the Threefold Flame will convey these ideals unconsciously, once you adapt to living through your heart at ALL times, ALL occurrences that happen in your life. The more you live through your heart precious ones, less often your Ego becomes less involved. You become able to live without expectations or clingy emotional attachments and still love purely and wholly that is unconditional. Your spiritual changes that will bring you to your higher, Christened state will take more than one or two nights and days. It does require commitment and WANT to change and to develop stronger LOVE ways of being and living. Embrace the ILLUMINATED path you are on with open arms, heart and mind. My love for each of you is ever lasting and I encourage you to continue your journey with revived hope and faith. Know in your heart that you are doing a remarkable job on recreating a newer you. The evidence of your good and loving efforts is all around you. Your climb’s pace to your own Mastery is set by you. If you become overwhelmed with all the information you are receiving, step back and slow down. Enjoy where you are precious ones, for you are in a wonderful place of love, light and tenderness. You are in the Light of God and through me; our combined light will heal you through all your storms. For each step you walk on the path of the light, walk with Love.

And so it is,
Lord Sananda
through Julie Miller


Each Line, Each Gray Hair, Every Scar or Mark --Visible or Not-- Every Sigh You Take All Tells Us and Shows You: YOU Have Lived & YOU Have Learned

Boy, this pic of Master Hilarion looks just like actor Rob Lowe....
Thank you Hilarion and Julie!
*** gavin

LOVE Yourself and Let the HEALING Begin: Message from Ascended Master, Hilarion

Welcome dearest children of God to our transmission that is getting underway. Before we begin, I am sending forth a cleansing wave of love and devotion that is over pouring from my heart dear ones.

Still seekers of the truth…that you will always will be. Seeking the truth of the world around which you live does not mean you are overly inquisitive it means you are being informed. How your world, the community which you live including the people that are you neighbours, family, friends, passers-by; all can effect your perception of the truth. I recommend and encourage each of you to stay fast and true to what YOU believe in, even if your beliefs to not match with another’s. There is no need for heated confrontations, simply accept everyone is different. Accept you have your own set of values, traits, beliefs, etc. There does come a time dear ones when you will need to address those values and beliefs and investigate their usefulness to you in the now and present. As you move through your life, progressing from your challenges that are attached with lessons, your thoughts and ways of doing things will change. Sometimes it takes a while to notice those changes because you live during very busy times and simply can forget to take time to reflect and take note of all your incredible achievements; both spiritually and personally.

Within each of you is the ability to heal yourself. You do this by having a positive outlook. You can chase away your illnesses by willing them away. It does require energy dear ones, and this is the time you ask for assistance from God, your angels and guides. God loves you dear ones. Reach for him not only when you are in need of His healing, reach for him as you would an old friend; for companionship, comfort, and for love. Seek nature dear ones. She will help restore any lost vitality, and bring calm into your life. She is not that far away, she surrounds you all the time with her reminder of her presence. Nature with her healing green colour fused with the warmth of the sun will inspire the Power to feel better. Green is the colour of your heart chakra. Make a motion to learn all your chakras and learn how to maintain them. Within each one are opportunities that will guide you to other means of healing yourself. Your chakras work for you every single day but require you to cleanse them and keep them healthy.

I do understand what it is like to do without the riches money can buy. I remember only eating fifteen figs a day and having to make shelter from the tall grass that litters the desert; I was being prepared for a mission. Sometimes the reasons why we do things require no explanation or why our guides guide us to certain choices and situations. There is a reason, always a reason. Let it come through the lesson instead of trying to learn of it beforehand. My time on the desert was harsh, I struggled with my own spirituality and faith, and I had many trials to contend to. God came through me to heal a woman from the inability to carry a child. Since that moment I have carried on a healing ministry to those that require my love, my acceptance, my compassion and of course healing for the mind, body and spirit.

I tell you this little memory only because I wish for you to understand that there will be times when you will not know your mission, and it will seem unclear. These are tests of faith and perseverance. And just when you seem to not be able to take another moment, you swiftly move through the current predicament, wiser, healed from the situation, and knowing a bit more of who you are. During all your lessons, maintain a healthy and positive mode of thinking, find ways to motivate yourself that discourages negative entrapments. And keep up with your chakras; find peace from their consistency of beneficially rich energy. Pay attention to their subtle signals telling you one them is becoming closed or weakened.

Part of your healing dear ones will come from the Truth. Your truth after discovering who you really are and make the necessary changes to turn any discord or disharmony into positive action and ways of being and thinking. Sometimes it takes a dear child a lifetime to learn their true-selves, and there is no rush. You must want to know and be willing to face and accept all that you find. Once you are able to accept all that you discover, you can then move to one of the next steps and that is forgiveness. All that you have to heal your mind, body and spirit lies within you and your heart dear ones. Forgiveness will forward you ahead very quickly on your Path to the Light of God and heal your heart from any heavy negative energy that is associated with guilt. Release the guilt, let it go and take back your power from where the guilt came from. Taking care of yourself, advocate for yourself when you feel necessary is part of self-care and is not considered being selfish. Moving through life, every step of the way with shining love that is brighter than any star. Your actions, your thoughts, feelings and spoken word to be filled with positive life healing LOVE.

You cannot love another in any capacity if you are unable to love yourself first. You are a beautiful child of God, filled with a warm and generous heart. Don’t only read my words here, believe them to be true. We of the Divine; the angels, the masters and all other beings of the highest of good look at what is in your heart. That is what defines your beauty dear ones, not neatly applied cosmetics, a trim physical appearance, every hair in its place; those things do not make up who and what we see when we are with you. The truth of who you are without all that when you look in the mirror and see the lines from having many difficult lessons, possibly a hard child birth, a family death that hit hard, employment security issues, there are many scenarios that cause worry and bring forth challenging lessons. Each line, each gray hair, every scar or mark [visible or not], every sigh you take all tells us and shows you, YOU have lived, you have learned and you have an abundance of wisdom. This knowledge of yourself; let it heal you dear ones, feel the love that’s not buried inside your heart but waiting to spill over.

It is possible when you look at those lines and those marks and feel sadness and it is understood. You share a great deal of yourself because you are a giving soul. This is who you are and there is nothing sad about that. That is an attribute to be commended dear ones, to be celebrated. I see often the many dear ones that look at themselves and feel only contempt. I ask of you to STOP and look with love. You have love to give; you give it all the time to others. Now is the time to heal yourself with your own love. You are very worthy of love, you are a lovable soul and you are more than capable give and receive love. Never dear ones doubt this and when you do, please seek the Office of the 5th Ray also known as the Emerald or green ray, there is Archangel Raphael, Archeia Mary, Elohim Cyclopea and his compliment, Virginia. Reach for one of us dear ones and we will reach for you and surround you within our protective loving light and hold you, support you and help you through gentle guiding to your own perfection by learning how to love yourself and to heal yourself from this never-ending supply of not just love, but unconditional love.

I must say our transmission today was especially invigorating and I thoroughly enjoyed every word and second of it. Your life is precious dear ones, a gift to be treasured, and I treasure each and every one of you.

I AM Hilarion
through Julie Miller


Kudos To the Galactic Federation For Allowing the Earth Allies To Bring Us To a Point Where All the Legal, Monetary & Political Steps Are Completed

Kudos to YOU, Miles!
I found this blurb below in an email sent to me from Sheldan's wife Colleen written by their webmaster Miles. His perspective is unique and worth mentioning ...enjoy!

Thank you Miles, Colleen, Sheldan, GF and SH... and so it is,
*** gavin

Moving Beyond the Earth Allies
(emphasis added)

In the last few weeks, many of us have been wondering why the Earth allies were unable to bring us forward to the point where announcements can be made. Some of us are frustrated, others are downright angry.

Perhaps we might consider the journey towards full consciousness as a process containing many puzzle pieces. The Earth allies are primarily individuals who have defected from the dark cabals. Indeed, while they understand and have dissociated themselves from them, still they remain under the cabals‚ dark influence. Completely letting go, for our Earth allies, is virtually impossible.

Kudos to the Galactic Federation for allowing the Earth allies to bring us to a point where all the legal, monetary and political steps for change have been completed. Clearly, the ally's former ties to the dark cabal have put them at a disadvantage. Another group from Earth is needed now to complete the task of rounding up the remaining cabal and forcefully making the long-awaited changes.

In our most recent update the Galactic Federation has declared: "Because this group is handling the new financial arrangements, we have asked these secret sacred societies to take the lead in forming the new caretaker governments. The Ascended Masters concur, and we have requested their charges go forward with the many plans that have been agreed to. Our intent is to have these plans in place immediately and to terminate the power of the dark cabal."

It is likely the GF and Ascended Masters will provide more details in future updates on the progress of the secret sacred societies who, having cast aside most cabal-created obstacles, can finally bring us to a point of change.

On a planet of such diversity, it is not difficult to appreciate what an immense undertaking is required to move us toward full consciousness. To do so without frightening those who are still not awakened is of very great concern to the Galactic Federation. They are here to assist us, not rescue us.

Now, more than ever, patience, awakenedness and connection to heart and spirit are needed to help us and the Galactics move forward to victory.

Miles Simons
PAO Webmaster


Friday, January 27, 2012

There Won't Be Another Opportunity to Ascend Such As the One You Are About To Experience, For A Long Time: Focus Your Energy On It & It Shall Be Yours

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike!
*** gavin

If as you say, you keep your ear to the ground, you will realize matters are heading for a resounding victory for the Light. There is such a strong momentum towards it that it is going to be unstoppable, and means that positive signs of it will be there for all to see. You only get know of a small fraction of the developments that are taking place, and the dark ones would naturally prefer you were kept in the dark. However, brave souls continue to step forward at some risk to themselves, and are prepared to inform you of the hidden activities of the Illuminati. They are in fact helping to get the truth out in such a way that it does not immediately overwhelm people. That will create the right circumstances so when the media can fully report the news, it will not cause too much of a shock which would otherwise surely be the case. You can for example look at the way the truth about 9/11 has slowly been released, and has now reached a time when few people would not have come across it. The truth is ready to fully come out and it is no longer questionable, as it is supported by hundreds of experts whose evidence is professionally given.

Dear Ones, just bide your time as much has been prepared in advance that will allow the revelations to come pouring out. Lies and half truths will be easily revealed and those responsible will have no hiding place, although they prepare for their escape. It will be quite futile for them to imagine that with our advanced technology, we would be unable to track them down. Their fate is not the most important matter to us, as that is sealed anyway. Our first concern is the Announcement to you of our presence, as that will allow us to freely contact you. Mass landings will clearly follow but do not expect it to be that quickly, but be assured they will take place. We stand by for any eventuality, with a view to pushing forward to achieve a substantial gain for the Lightworkers.

There are so many people directly involved in your affairs, that it is not immediately apparent how much progress is being made. We are however pressing our allies to speed up their preparations, for the final actions that will remove the leading players of the dark ones. As you will no doubt understand, it is all of you on Earth who have sufficient awareness to work with us who are essential to the outcome. We cannot just appear and "take over the Earth," as it would be taken as a violation of your responsibility to forge your own future, but we know some of you cannot understand why we do not. Dear Ones, when the time is right we will have a big part to play in the final months of this year, and until then we stay mainly in the background working with you to achieve success. We have been granted certain privileges that allow us a bigger input in some matters, and vitally important to the future is the Middle East. We have for quite a long time been given authority to do whatever is necessary to keep the peace and prevent another war.

World peace is coming and the governmental changes that are near to occurring, will ensure they bring peaceful and lasting changes around the world. The energies of the old paradigm will be dissolved or funneled into more positive channels, and the armed forces changed into those that are peace keeping. Any form of weaponry will be destroyed except for that which is purely used for defense purposes only. This will bring you into line with us, and in accordance with our creed that is based on peace and love. Our delight will be greatly increased when it is established all nuclear devices have been disarmed. Your dark ones intended to take such weapons into Space, and to your Moon but we informed them it was not allowed. They ignored this order and still tried to establish a Space Weapons Program, but it was prevented.

As your people have learnt, you cannot just fly off into Space and interfere with other life forms. That type of Universal freedom existed in the past and would fill many chapters in your history, but with the gradual elimination of warring or rebel groups virtual peace now exists. Until the changes are completed and you ascend, you are for the time being the only races that still wage war upon each other. Realization of the stupidity of war that benefits no one not even the so-called winners, eventually comes to souls after their unending experiences over many lives. Understand like everything else you get involved in, you will between lives fully understand the consequences of your actions. There is nothing like actual experience to open your eyes to the truth, and it is why the Earth has been such a wonderful playground for you to play out your fantasies and desires.

Now many of you can look back upon your life and realize your level of consciousness has grown out of your experiences. It has now reached a stage where the ways of the old no longer fulfill your personal desires, and you seek the higher life where Love and Light exist in abundance. It is exactly where you are expected to be after so many lives throughout duality, that have tested your ability to find and retain your Light once more. With the help you are now getting you are passing through a period of intense awakening, and it is a wonderful time for those who aspire to lift themselves up. There will not be another opportunity ascend such as the one you are about to experience, for a long time. So grasp it with both hands and focus your energy upon it and it will be yours, as it is not intended to be difficult for you to succeed. In fact we would view it as being a simple challenge that Light workers can overcome. Make your intent clear and put your energy into all that you do, ensuring that it is wholesome and going to lift up your vibrations. You are a being of Love and Light and live as one as far as possible, and you will undoubtedly notice the changes taking place in yourself.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and whilst not all of us of the Galactic Federation have had lives on Earth, we do understand the nature of your experiences. You all volunteered for them and you chose a tough and extremely challenging way of life. Now you are to reap the fruits of your time on Earth, and we walk beside you on your path to Ascension. We surround you with our love and blessings as wonderful souls of Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey


ALL Needs Are Met For You When You Remember Life's a Spiritual Journey Occurring In a Material Plane Where Everything You Need Is Available to You

Thank you Archangel Uriel and Jennifer for more clarification and encouragement!
*** gavin

From One Breath to the Next

Of all of the Archangel Uriel messages I have channeled, this is my favorite because it is so profound and yet so simple. We may worry about the past or the future but the only place we live is in the moment we are taking a breath because that is the most important moment, in fact it is the only moment, in our life.

Here’s the message, that was originally channeled in 2008

Do you struggle with living in the present moment? Do you see how the present moment is the only one that exists for you, that both the past and the future do not exist until you acknowledge the present moment? Living in the present moment is like breathing for you. Just as you live in this moment and the next, so you live from one breath to the next. While your body can exist for long periods of time without food or water, it can live for only a few minutes without breathing. You live from one breath to the next and your survival in any lifetime depends on your ability to take the next breath.

There are many aspects of your physical body that do not require thought or effort. You do not have to remind your heart to beat, your muscles to work when you want to stand up or walk, your eyes to see when you want to look at the world around you, your ears to hear, your blood to flow or your lungs to take the next breath. All of these are done for you. Imagine what your life would be like if you had to remember all of these things so they could happen. You could not focus on anything else. Breathing, which is the most important element to your physical survival, is taken care of for you. And so can you work with Spirit to manifest all of your needs.

The important functions of your physical body have been designed to operate without your attention so you could focus on other aspects of your journey. This is an example of how the material world can manifest effortlessly for you. And yet you still worry about what is going to happen from one day to the next. When your focus is on the past or the future and not on the present moment, which is where you are taking the next breath you are ignoring the example of how Spirit works in your life. Unconditional love is in the air you breathe, it is provided to you effortlessly by the Earth and the elements that work together to ensure that you always have an abundance of air to breath and by your body, which remembers to take each breath on your behalf.

Do you worry about where the next breath of air will come from? Of course not. This is how effortless your reality CAN BE. Just as you do not think about whether you will remember to take the next breath or that there will be air for you to breathe, so you can release the worry about whether all of your needs will be met when you acknowledge how the Creator provides you with what you need, in unlimited abundance, as you remove your focus from worry, doubt and fear to acceptance that there is always enough. And as you take your next breath, remember it is being provided for you in abundance by a Creator who loves you beyond measure. Breathe with intention, fully and completely, know the love of the Creator is in each breath you take and just as the air you breathe is provided effortlessly, so is every other need met for you when you remember your life is a spiritual journey occurring in a material plane where everything you need is available to you.

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by Jennifer Hoffman


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Without Heavy Physical Body To Sustain, Many Bodily Functions You Engage In Will No Longer Be Necessary. New Body: Crystalline w/o Aging or Disease

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Like you we wait expectantly, knowing there will be a breakthrough resulting in the first positive news about the pending changes. The timing is not certain, but we see no reason why it should not go ahead as anticipated. We cannot say more as we know how despondent some of you get when events do not materialize as you expect. It would otherwise please us to satisfy you by being more precise, but by now you should understand our reluctance to do so. However, as we often tell you, the most important aspect is how it all ends and it will most definitely be with Ascension. Whatever it takes is well within our abilities, and particularly as we have taken steps to stop the interference with our mission. Most of you will experience this year according to the reality you expect to carry you forward, but all that matters is the final outcome.

In one way or another this year will astonish if not absolutely amaze most people. The truth will also sound shocking to those who have never contemplated that for hundreds of years they have been lied to and mislead. Indeed, for those who are somewhat informed it will still surprise them as to the audacity and cunning of the Illuminati, and their ambition to rule the world. Set free from their hold over you, it will be will be a beautiful transformation to see you throw off the shackles that have kept you in their control, and in ignorance. You have not really experienced true freedom and it will be like a wave of fresh air, that will blow away the cobwebs that have dimmed your sight. With it comes release from the fear that had also been deliberately created to confuse you, and a great feeling of ecstatic joy will resound around the world.

Put things into perspective and as far as possible see that the end result is all that really matters, and you can ride out the last months without spending too much time on how it is achieved. You can concentrate on your own upliftment, and focus on your evolution without being distracted by outer happenings. Certainly there will be plenty of positive ones, but they will not take your eye off your own needs and more than likely will be of assistance. As everything is well planned, it will all proceed in a way that will not unduly affect progress on your own path. On the contrary, we want to help you on your way, but cannot do as much as we would like until we are completely free to work with you.

The Galactic Federation is in touch with its own kind who are on Earth, and they are often to be found in quite important positions that carry a great deal of authority. It is not just the dark Ones who have established contacts in high places and our people also have similar powers, and with us behind them are capable of results that favor the Light. The dark Ones seem to revel in being known as notorious for their actions that disregard Humanity's needs. Whereas those of the Light quietly get on with their work preferring not to seek publicity, which also helps protect them from harm. Make no mistake, for some being a Lightworker can be fraught with danger, but they carry on without fear knowing that they have our protection.

Michael has of recent time noted that Time Travelers have followed your time line to the 21-December-2012, and without exception have all found a wall of white light preventing them from going further. That alone should tell you that the end of the cycle does take place according to the Mayan Calendar. However, even more interesting is the latest report from another Time Traveler Bill Wood an ex Navy Seal, who followed through many different time lines and found that each one ends up exactly the same, at the wall of light. It tells you that whatever course your life takes and whatever your particular experience, you will all reach that point of change. Where you go from there is going to be determined by your own vibrational level. Some will find themselves in a higher one whilst others will move into another level similar to the one they were in previously. Perhaps even more important is the finding that whatever is attempted to alter the time lines and thus the future, no changes can be made to it. That Dear Ones is the Divine power protecting your upliftment and Ascension.

Can you now accept your future is assured, and allow yourself to enjoy the changes that are all for your eventual benefit? Mother Earth is quietly working away to also prepare for her Ascension, and is being helped by you continuing to bring the Light to her. Like you she also has to reach a certain level of readiness for the final surge, brought about by the Suns alignment with the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy. You who go through with Mother Earth, will experience a great upliftment in your vibration and level of consciousness. You will in any event have already reached a much higher level before that final event.

Life is always moving in a direction that continues to lift you up, and Ascension will see you entering an entirely new phase in your spiritual evolution. Gone will be the distractions and obstructions you are experiencing now, and in place of them harmony and balance in a way that is most satisfying and rewarding. The present labors of life will no longer exist, and your time will be spent enjoying your new found freedom. Tiredness will not be experienced, as you will re-energize automatically from the energies that are around you, and you can rest at anytime as day and night no longer exist. Without a heavy physical body to care for and sustain, many bodily functions that you now engage in will no longer be necessary. Your new body will be crystalline and not subject to aging or any form of disease, because its higher vibrations are not prone to them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we can reflect on the fact that we are about to commence the most important part of our mission, and you likewise yours. We try hard to get you to focus on the beneficial changes that will directly affect you. In that way you will not waste any energy, and in so doing will easily pass through the Ascension process, and your presence on Earth will also help others along. We will also be with you, and waiting to greet you with love as you emerge as the newest Galactic Beings to join the Galactic Federation.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey