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Everyone Has Something Worthwhile to Contribute: It's Important to Learn to Co-relate w/All People w/o Causing Harm to Their Emotional & Mental Health

Thank you St Joseph and Julie!
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Ascended Master, Saint Joseph: Allow Your Child-Self to Emerge

Beloved children your ability to conquer your lessons have been proven countless of times so has your perseverance to move through one to the next.

The journey you have embarked has taught each of you so much, yet there is much more waiting for you. There is never an end to your self-education beloved children. All the tolerance you have endured, all the hardships is never wasted energy. In fact every detail, every thing you have experienced has helped to create who you are now.

Oh, I do know what it is like to be faced with dire circumstances. I do know what is it like to be a parent and to love and to live a simple life in devotion to God. Being a parent is the most rewarding gift any species can experience and for a human it is an opportunity to infuse unconditional love at every step and stage into another person. As a parent to a child you gave birth to, or a child you have adopted or came with the person you have relations with brings both hardships and rewards. Before you became a parent, love did not have the same meaning. Parenthood is when many people figure out what unconditional love means, but not all people have to be parents to know this. This ability to love for the sake of loving with no expectation of any acknowledgement or shared emotion returned is the purest form of love. When you love your child, you love everything there is about your child; the good and the bad; you can overlook the bad because your heart is filled with devotion, compassion, and love that fills your entire being.

Our discussion today is more than being a parent to a child; it’s about sharing that same kindness and compassion to the entire world; sharing with the world your ability to love fully and unconditionally; to be able to accept all peoples of Earth as your brother and your sister. The challenges each of you have had thus far, were filled with much needed lessons that have helped you reach where you are and yet forming where you are going. You can look in a portion of the way to have a glimpse of your direction, but remember what you see is not carved in stone and easily can be changed or altered by the choices you make every day.

Beloved children I have seen your despair when you have been treated unfairly or been inappropriately judged. It is something that requires great tolerance and patience to not give into tempers that can easily turn into violent response. You have learned to compose yourself and to watch your tongue as your tongue can be a more dangerous weapon than anything you can hold in your hand. Being able to understand and really know that words can hurt and cause deep damage is commendable.

There are many different kinds of people that share the beautiful planet you live upon, and each one has their own personality and character traits. You have learned for the most part how to identify someone who is boisterous, you can figure out someone who is withdrawn or possibly shy by simple observations. The personality types are varied and complex and each one requires fluid understanding and acceptance. Each type has something worthwhile to contribute. It is important to learn how to co-relate to all people without causing harm to their emotional and mental health. And you do this with the pure love that is inside your heart. You act with love in all you do. You not only show kindness, you are kind. Everything you do, you do with the pure purpose of loving unconditionally and accepting everyone as equal and important. It is the way of God and it is your way also; to act, to think to feel and to be as God. Living purely and simply within your heart throughout all parts of your life.

Our children teach us about love. They see the world through simple eyes that know no other way. To look at the world through the eyes of a child, you will see a world with brilliant colour. To look at the world through the eyes of a child, your imagination will increase and cause an outburst desire for further knowledge because your eyes widen to the colourful truth that is all around you. As adults, sometimes it is easy to get caught up being grown-up, independent and overtly mature. Once in awhile, beloved children it is okay to allow your child-self to emerge, to have fun and to explore your world and to explore yourself. There is so much you have not discovered yet. You are your own undiscovered territory. Just when you think you know yourself inside and out, you find yourself in awe from a new lesson that brought about change that became apparently noticeable. Do not underestimate yourself or your possibilities. There is nothing you cannot do if you put your heart and soul into it and believe you can. I believe you can do anything because I have witnessed what you have accomplished so far and your achievements have been amazing thus far.

Our transmission is nearing its end beloved children, but my love for each of you is never-ending. Give yourself a hug from the inside as well; tell yourself you love YOU just the way you are. You are a beautiful child of God and you are loved by Him, by me and by many, many beloved spiritual beings.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, Saint Joseph
through Julie Miller

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