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YOUR Unconditional Love Is Hidden Under Heaps of Resentment and Grudges That Have Built Up Over Lifetimes In the Illusion, Which You're Now Uncovering

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You Are All Now In a Highly Accelerated State of Releasing

When humanity awakens as one into its divine and fully-conscious state, there will be great rejoicing throughout creation. Its awakening has been planned since the moment apparent separation occurred eons ago, and the moment for that plan to reach completion is at hand. All can awaken, and only a very small number of humans will choose not to, as the benefits of awakening are infinite and inestimable. As you open more and more fully to the divine Love field that supports you always, you will begin to appreciate how this must be so, because when you engage with Love, operate in Love, and share Love it becomes readily apparent that living in joy is the only possibility because It dissolves all unloving attitudes and behaviors.

That is what you are doing at present – releasing all that would interfere with Love. Because you have spent so many lifetimes in the illusion you have accumulated an enormous amount of negativity, resentment, and intolerance which you have become accustomed to directing at others, and needless to say, those others have redirected it back towards you. You have built a continuous feedback loop of unlovingness which feeds on itself and causes suffering for all, and that is what you are all in the process of undoing. Some are further along the path of undoing than others and need to help them to catch up so that all will arrive together at the grand moment of awakening into the glory of God’s brilliant and eternal day.

Throwing off all traces of unlovingness is the way forwards, and you have abundant assistance from the spiritual realms to ensure that you succeed in completing this task in a timely manner. However, you do need, each and every one of you, to become increasingly aware of your moods and emotional states so that you can maintain loving attitudes and behaviors at all times – by choosing to do so, regardless of any disturbing emotions or moods you are experiencing. With practice you will find that your moods and emotions do not control you and that you can operate lovingly in any situation, and as this realization grows the seeming need to respond according to those moods and emotions will weaken and fall away.

Many of you have restrained yourselves – often with difficulty – from behaving unlovingly to a loved one when you were in a bad mood, realizing that it would be most inappropriate. And later, when the mood had dissipated, you were very relieved that you did so. Now you need to practice doing this in every situation where you are tempted to attack another or defend yourselves, until it becomes your normal response. When that happens, instead of sensing an attack on yourself you will see only the pain in the other, to which you can respond lovingly, and love and compassion will flow from you easily and effectively to resolve or bypass the issues that seem to be causing the problem.

You are all on the path to eternal Love because that is your natural state. Deep within yourselves you know this, and this knowledge drives the misguided search within the illusion, in which so many of you engage, to find someone who will love you as you so desperately desire to be loved. But of course you are and always have been infinitely divinely loved, that can never change. By entering the illusion you chose to separate yourselves from the experience of that eternal Love, and feeling lost and alone without it you sought it in others. But those others also feel alone and inadequately loved. The result is that you go into relationships displaying a mask that you hope will appeal to the other, and the other does likewise.

Often, instead of offering love, of which the supply available to you is infinitely abundant, you demand it, making the other feel used and abused. Of course many of you do manage to work through these issues, become loving, and establish stable relationships. Nevertheless, because these are relationships formed within the illusion they are in a sense illusory, and can therefore never provide what you are seeking: the unconditional Love in which God embraces you all eternally. You tend to become co-dependent, so when separation occurs, due to physical death or divorce, in the ensuing loneliness you once again experience that intense need for love.

It resides within you, hidden under the heaps of resentment and grudges that have built up over lifetimes in the illusion and which you are all now in a highly accelerated state of uncovering and releasing. You are Love because it is from That that you were created, and the Flame of that Love continues to burn eternally within each one of you, waiting for you to remove the debris under which It is hidden so that It can blaze forth as divinely intended. The piles of debris are rapidly dwindling as you all become more loving and the divine Flame within each of you will not be contained for very much longer. Then your seeking will be over.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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