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We Want To Work Together to Break This Logjam. We're All One... Family. Yes, We Have Different Ethnicities: Part of the Diversity & the Delight

Thank you Archangel Michael, Grener, Linda, Ellen & Steve ...and so it is!
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Transcript of the Call with Grener – Part 1/2
by Steve Beckow

The conversation with Grener was broken into two segments. First Grener came on Linda’s regularly scheduled biweekly conference call. But Steve could not be heard among the various participants on the call when it was unmuted so the question part of the call had to be postponed.

This then is the first part. The transcript of the separate interview that Steve had with Archangel Michael and Grener will follow later today. The visual track of that call is featured on the preceding article. Thanks to Ellen for this transcription.

Grener: I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am Grener. And I have been your friend and ally for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And that will never change, for it took us a long time to reach this point. If we are masters of anything, it is not intergalactic travel, it is patience. So that is what we ask of you this day, is to participate with us in a little patience.

Let us speak to your hearts. Each of you – starseed, human, intergalactic transmitters, anchors, beacons, holders of cities of light, earth-keepers, angels – you are all welcome aboard. But this has turned into a little bit of a three-ring circus, which was exactly what we were seeking to avoid. When Steve has asked for a small group to come on board, we have thrown open the doors and our hearts and said, “Bring it on!” because we have waited, and been as eager and excited as you – for a much longer time. And if you think that you have been impatient for Disclosure, dear hearts, so have we! And when I say this I include my brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation as well. I include all commands.

So. Yes, you have been under close observation by many. No, we are not talking above, for that is not a problem, ever. I am talking below. And there has been a great deal of trepidation and some fear and some mighty interference. Are we able to counteract that? Of course. As you know we have been working overtime to deflect a lot of influence of what you would think of as…military or protective forces.

But this was intended, and is still intended, to be a homecoming, a family reunion. Yes, to show you, to share with you our goods and wares, to share our food, our companionship. For you are sorely missed. Yes, we observe you, we watch you – far more than you know. But we are just as anxious as you to have you come home – not permanently, not ever. For that would in the early days and early stages result in accusations of abduction and wrongdoing, and that would not serve your cause or ours.

What you have already done in declaring yourselves has pushed the energy of Disclosure very far along. So you need to know that a great deal of what you had wished to accomplish is already been done. But that does not negate what we think of as a visit. So this is what we are going to do, and yes, you are free to ask your questions. We are going to take you in small groups. Sometimes it will just be one of you. Other times it will be three or four, depending if you and your best friend have bonded and promised to go together.

But we will take all of you, one by one. And we will not do it while you are sleeping, we will not do it as an astral travel, we will not do it as a non-human experience. And you will still bring your cameras and your running shoes. And you will still have the opportunity – but we are not publicizing this! Because it puts too many at risk, it creates too much chaos, and our one commitment at the Intergalactic Council is to not create chaos and to not create fear. We are sorry. We are more sorry than you can believe, if this is disappointing to you, because it is disappointing to us. But we are not cancelling, we are simply staggering.

Now, I know that there are questions, and I will take this channel and ask her to put it off mute, but I ask you also to respect the silence so that all may hear and share what needs to be heard and shared.

This Council of Love has been our vehicle for communication to and with you, and it is exactly what its name implies. We bring you love. Yes, we bring you many things –technology, healing – and we still invite you to the healing chambers. But do not, do not stray. We are with you.

SB: Linda, it’s Steve. Linda? Can you hear me?

LD: Yes, and I would ask everybody else to be quiet. [chattering continues] Please, be quiet.

SB: Linda, I don’t see how this can work.

LD: I don’t either.

LD: It would appear that the background chatter that is present in the – when I unmute so that Steve can ask his questions is louder than anything we can deal with. So what I will do is I will have a private channeling with Steve, either later today or tomorrow morning, to answer your questions.

This has been for me, because I have worked with this group for over 20 years. They’re my family. And so just as much as you, I wanted to go home. The promise isn’t broken. It’s just they’re breaking us up. We’re being observed. We don’t want to cause anyone to be put in harm’s way. That is the rule number one of St. Germaine. So we will continue, and then we will share our stories and our pictures and our experiences, and we will post them, and we will go forward. So we will show them on the Council of Love, or Steve, you will show them on yours, or we will both share them.

But this is the beginning, not the end. So this is a time to get go of all those doubt feelings and just go for it. And trust.

I love you all, I honor you all, and I thank you for tuning in. And for everybody else, I’ll see you in a couple. And for some of you, I hope to see you on ship tonight. Bye bye.
by Steve Beckow


Transcript of the Call with Grener – Part 2/2

by Steve Beckow

My thanks to Ellen who has rushed this transcript of the second call with Archangel Michael and Grener to completion so that all of us could read what they’ve said to us. I’ve lightly edited it for transition. The audiofile is here included as well.

Before posting it, perhaps I could be permitted a few words.

First of all, I know that many of you may be suffering from this unexpected reversal. It therefore isn’t becoming of me to want to focus on myself at a time like this. But I need to if only for a few paragraphs.

I notice that I’m experiencing a sensation like the ground having fallen away under my feet, the familiar having disappeared, and the well-accepted and trusted not being something I can automatically take for granted at this moment. Or so it seems.

My basic and primary promise to you has always been to go through everything that happens, good and bad, transparently. But there is also a time when sharing may not be the best thing, when one debases oneself if one thinks that others may necessarily want to hear from oneself.

I am at this moment trying to find the ground under my feet again. I am trying to ensure that what I say does not come from old-paradigm, counterproductive ways that arise as the vasanas go off, unfortunately a few more at one time than is capable of being processed all at once.

So while my commitment to transparency is unshaken, and my sense that I must be the one to go to the ships and provide whatever eye-witness testimony is gotten is strong, I am at least for the moment bound to take some quiet time off and process what I can.

Going to the ships as a single person has the drawback that all single-person testimony has. It would be much better if a group with the same, known commitment to transparency could go. One person’s testimony is always open to dispute.

But one person’s testimony is better than no testimony. And if I rely on others whom I don’t know to provide the testimony we need at this moment, I cannot guarantee than any would be forthcoming necessarily. It may in fact be, but I cannot guarantee it.

The people in the group going alongside of me could say that, no, they wish to hold onto their photographs and publish them as a book or, no, they don’t want their names released. I’m not saying that they would, and probably within a few minutes of meeting them I’ll be reassured, but I am also unwilling to risk that that could happen. And I will never know whether it would before I meet them.

So I feel I must go to ensure that the testimony of the reality of the extraterrestrial scenario is released, even if the impact of it will be greatly lessened by it not being released by many witnesses, as we planned. And, as you know, I have no fear of the dark so I have no desire to play it safe, although, as Grener has reminded me, I must think of the safety of my loved ones.

And even though that visit and that release of testimony most likely will not be today, it must come soon or we will lose momentum and even possession of the ball to naysayers, of which there are many. So I am asking Grener publicly to allow me today to recover but to take me to the ship tomorrow.

One day to process will allow me at least an opportunity to source the loudest vasanas and find the ground under my feet again. But waiting more than two days would lose us the initiative and all else that we have gained through this initiative. (And I’m aware that we’ve gained much publicity for Disclosure.)

I have to watch carefully what I say and stay with what is simply and barely true at a time like this. When stress goes up, awareness goes down and at a time like this one can easily make mistakes. And I don’t want to make mistakes or be careless.

So I simply want to say that I hear your support as contained in your email. I know the suffering that some of you must be going through. I’d like to treat this as a bump on the road but only if that was not somehow underplaying or ignoring your hurt. And I’d like to maintain my trust in our galactic family but not without learning whatever lessons there are to be learned here, whatever they may be.

Let me stop here and go into a day of circumspection, healing, and regrouping. I hope the pain and disappointment that many of you must feel, however many that may be, heals quickly too. The job that needs to be done remains to be done and we are only here to serve and get that job done. There is always learning from an experience like this and I intend to learn as much as I can.

Follow-up Reading with Linda Dillon, Grener and Steve Beckow, and Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael, archangel of peace and archangel of love. Welcome back.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: And we are sorry for the interference this morning, for we had truly wished to speak to all of you. And so we will use this opportunity to do so.

SB: Thank you, Lord. We will be posting this to the 2012 Scenario site, so a certain number of people from the call will probably listen to it.

AAM: I’m sure they will, for we have beckoned to them.

Yes, you may begin your questions, dear heart, for I know that you have many.

SB: All right. Rather than discuss questions, Lord, here is the situation as far as I can see it: If we don’t… I grant that Grener has reasons for changing the plan – and I’m sure you’ll tell me about those in a moment – but if we don’t do something to salvage a part of this plan, to show light-workers that this [scenario] is real, to save the day so to speak, we may be inundated with a flood of criticism from the naysayers that will cancel our ability to do a lot of what we would like to do later on.

So I’m asking you if you and Grener would receive a small delegation of us – very public, not private – for a day, for two days, it doesn’t matter – but one in which we’re able to communicate back to the 2012 Scenario about what we see. Our purpose is to show light-workers some tangible evidence that this is a true scenario that’s happening.

AAM: Of course it is true, dear one. And if you wait a moment, in your hearts you know this is true and it is what you have waited for and so many of you have waited for for a long time. And yes, of course, we know your concern about those who are doubting Thomases, and perhaps even more dramatically, naysayers.

But it is also time for those naysayers to be facing their own fears and concerns and to be putting that to rest. Because that is not of the fifth, the seventh or any other dimension within which we operate. You have need to know, my beloved friend, all is in divine order, and the Mother’s Plan is still in perfect unfoldment.

Your request is heard. Now, it is not necessarily you that will be beamed up, but if it is you, it will only be you, because there is another small delegation that has already been chosen, those who have worked with the Intergalactic Council for a long time. But they have also been briefed to take pictures, to record, and to report back to the whole, both to you and to Linda, about what they experience and what happens. So yes, this is underway.

SB: All right. That’s fine. I don’t care who goes. We just need some tangible proof. We need it quickly, not next week. We need somebody who is alive to the concerns of light-workers and knows – so it can’t be somebody who will come back and say, “Well, no, I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t release that photo,” or, “Oh, I’m sorry, that was….” No! We have to have somebody that comes back and tells us exactly what happened.

AAM: No one who has been selected – and there have been hundreds! And even now into the thousands! – none of those who have chosen to self-nominate are those who wish to keep it quiet.

Now, part of the difficulty is they wanted to keep it quiet from their families, and this would have caused undue stress, panic, grief, annihilation or destruction of relationships, so we certainly would not agree to that. But most of those who are coming – and they will continue to come – are those who are eager to share the pictures, the videos, the transcripts, the information, the gadgets that will be made available to all of you.

There will be many, many gifts. Now, there are those who have chosen to come and ask for gifts that are not within our purview, and certainly not within the purview of Grener or of Ashira, his son who is the commander of the Neptune.

They are asking for things of a personal nature, such as a relationship or a bar of gold, and that is not necessarily the purpose of this delegation, as you well understand. The bars of gold are coming from a very different way and from a different source. But yes, you will have the evidence that you are seeking.

SB: Well, let me tell you what’s going in my mind, Lord. In part, what’s going through my mind is, ‟Steve, you need to be a very nice person, you need to trust.” Another thing that’s going through my mind is, ‟Steve, you don’t want to look egotistical, as if you have to go or you’re very important and so you should go.”

Those thoughts are going through my mind, but I’ll tell you what’s going through my mind that’s deeper than that, Lord. And it’s that, yes, I should go, because I will talk to my readers. I won’t have to beg another person to talk. I won’t have to deal with somebody who maybe can’t write very well or very clearly. So I actually think I should go.

And it’s not my usual practice to say that, but in this particular case I feel I need to say it. I need to go aboard that ship, and I need to report back to my readers…if we’re to ward off the flood of naysaying that will so negatively affect this plan – well, more than just this plan, the attitude of light-workers towards galactics who, once again, in their view, have done the same thing they did on October 14, 2008. They are no-shows.

AAM: No, this is not a no-show, and yes, I will discuss your request with Grener. We hear what you are saying.

So simply make yourself available.

SB: Yes, I will be available. Let me just go over some other things that – I realize that I would have asked more questions before, but the plan has changed. So, let me just review the questions I did have. Please.

AAM: Dear heart –

SB: Yes, Lord.

SB: You have need to know that you are my brother and my trusted friend. You have need to remember that. This does not all rest upon your shoulders. Yes, we understand exactly what you are saying, and we also understand your commitment to this cause, and the platform that you have built for the light-holders, light-worker community. So do not think I am ignoring your heart, what is said or unsaid. I am with you on this.

SB: It goes farther than that, Lord, though. It goes farther. I’ve seen movements gutted by people who have – I’m trying to find the words – who have had perhaps personal considerations, perhaps ambition, perhaps greed, perhaps whatever. They’ve gutted movements because people did not move quickly enough to provide the countervailing picture, because they lost the momentum, and they lost the ball.

That happened after October 14th, 2008, for Blossom. You know, that was an entirely different situation because she actually had to carry the can. [Because Blossom had no one else assisting her in what she was doing whereas I have many others.]

I don’t have to carry the can [at least not alone] as she did. I know I’m not responsible for this. [I am responsible for the overall effort but not for the specific decision.] But unless somebody turns this around quickly we’ll lose the momentum and we’ll lose the grip on the ball. That’s why I’m saying this to you.

AAM: We understand, and I hear you, and you will not lose the grip on the ball. We will help you.

SB: All right. That’s – I mean, that’s really what this is all about.

AAM: Yes, it is about partnership.

SB: Yes.

AAM: And it is about sacred partnership, and it is about partnership of our hearts, and a journey that we have taken together for millions and millions and millions of years. I hear your heart and I hear your concern.

SB: All right, Lord. I think I have been heard, and I think – I feel I can leave it with you now, because I think you do know what’s at issue here.

AAM: Yes, we do.

SB: All right. Okay. Well, then, is it of value to speak to Grener, or have we – you and I – covered the bases?

AAM: It is always of value to speak to Grener!

SB: Well, I think our readers would like to know more about what happened. So maybe he could tell us about that.

AAM: Then I will step aside, but not away.

SB: Thank you, Lord. It’s always wonderful speaking to you.

AAM: Farewell.

Grener: I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

SB: Hello, Grener. I think you’ve heard my discussion with Archangel Michael, have you not?

G: Of course. I have been right here. The channel would not let me go! [laughs]

SB: Well, very good. There’s two things that I’d like to discuss with you. First I’d like to make sure that you understand what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to head off a wave of negative publicity that will demoralize light-workers, that – well, actually three things.

I’m also trying to give light-workers generally a clear picture that this is real, that this is not just some talk that’s been going on since…a long time ago. I’m also – and I’ve forgotten the third thing, so I won’t belabor the point, but there are real – there are real matters at risk here.

And so I’m asking you – at first I would have said, take the five people that you already have and leave me out, but I now see, no, I have to go. I have to come aboard the ship, if even for a day, take some pictures, be able to come back here, say to people, ‟This is real, this is happening. So just wait. I’ve seen it, it’s real, just hang on. You’ll have your chance, too.” Would you agree to that?

G: I am taking your request, let me put it that way. And because we have said we are not saying publicly when people will be beamed up or picked up, you need to understand I have fully, as has my son, heard your request and what is at bay and what is at risk. We will not betray the light workersʼ trust, we will not let them down, and we will give them what they need. Is that clear enough?

SB: Well, it’s clear enough, Grener, but I want to make one thing very, very clear. I will not, under any circumstances, bend to a fear of the dark, and I will not be seen as bending to it, and I will not be treated as one who needs to bend to it.

G: No, we know that. We absolutely know that.

SB: So you don’t have to tiptoe around with me. I don’t want that. And I think I’ve made myself clear on that.

G: Yes, and it is not just you, dear heart, it is those that surround you as well. Understand, it was not simply the 300 that we had scheduled for pick-up [that were of concern], it was more those who are remaining on Earth. It was more those who were put in a, can we say, a vulnerable or compromised position. We would never do anything that would put anybody in harm’s way. But yes, we understand. You are courageous – you are one of Michael’s and you are also one of ours. So do not think we do not know this.

SB: All right. Well, certainly I need to bend – if those around us are in harm, I need to bend, and I realize that.

G: There is another thing that I ask of you.

SB: What is that?

G: Trust me. [Pause.]

SB: All right.

G: And I never ask this of anybody that I do not know can truly return this.

SB: All right.

G: For we have entrusted you with our plan, and we want not only to work together to break this logjam, but to truly elevate the entire planet – light-workers, dark workers, grocery workers, road workers – so that we are all one, because we are one family. Yes, we have different ethnicities, and that is part of the diversity and the delight. So we are going to help you in ways that will amaze you.

SB: All right. I have a few other questions just to provide the information that some light-workers want, if that’s all right.

G: Absolutely.

SB: All right. Thank you. Here’s one. I’m going to read you something that was sent to me in an email. “Commander X, who is the supreme commander of a very real group of fleets headquartered on Altair 4 in the fifth dimension, informed me to say directly to you what follows: Friends, they do not use black limousines to take us to the ships.

“Those of you who have been transported or visited the ships astrally understand that this is simply not going to happen, unless you are really picked up in a black limousine and your destination is not where you want to be taken. Be very cautious about anything of this nature as they have transport abilities and they will not be picking up anyone in limousines.”

You remember you said you’d be picking us up in limousines. Were you being…?

G: We were giving you an image. You actually will be picked up by little space bicycles.

SB: All right. So, black limousines was not a…?

G: It was something that everybody would understand, that someone would arrive at their door – and do not forget, our space bicycles can take many forms. But because of the level of paranoia and chaos, and the connection of black limousines to what you think of as dark hats, we will say you will be picked up when you go, each one of you – some of you will actually just be beamed up by the way, there will be no pick-up, it will simply be beamed up.

SB: Sure. All right. Could you give me another term instead of space bicycles, because I don’t want to run into the same problem with space bicycles that I did with limousines, and that’s people mocking it. So, you mean small spaceships –

G: We mean small craft.

SB: Small craft. All right. Thank you. All right. Now, is there any other reason for this plan being cancelled that you can communicate to me?

G: Yes. There are many…. And we do not ever – we have learned this long ago, 10,000 years ago – we do not sit here in judgment. That is not our job nor our wish nor our desire. But there were some amongst you who simply need to do a little more clearing, who need to let go of some of the old paradigms.

Now, this does not prevent you from coming, but it is a little work to be done. And we can help you with this. But no, the primary reason for the delay is that it became too much of an exposure.

SB: But wasn’t exposure the purpose of it all? Oh, you mean exposure of people still here on Earth? ’

G: That is correct. And it was never intended to be what it was turning into, a confusion – who, what, when, where, how. We do not want all that information the next time published. We have learned that perhaps it is best done more quietly.

That does not mean that you will not have your information and the exposure and everything that you have asked Archangel Michael for.

It just means that we will not put anybody, or those who are close to them, in any kind of jeopardy.

It will be cozier.

Now, there will come a time – and I’m not talking distant future, by the way – where those who have come and met with us and collected what you see as evidence…but what we are asking is not for evidence, it is your company! It is our exchange, it is the cultural exchange, it is you accepting your place at the Intergalactic Council.

But we understand that there is need for the tangible as well. But there will come a time very shortly that the collection of you who have had visitations with us will get together and have a very public press conference.

SB: All right. Well, I think the need of the moment, for us, is just to get out there to the public, to our families, etc., etc., that this is real, because one of our Bridge Team members has met with a fierce reaction from her children. And that is partly because none of this is getting out.

G: And that is part of the work that still needs to be done upon the planet. We absolutely agree with you.

SB: All right. The last thing is that I – a lot of people will have traded shifts, cancelled appointments, lost money, etc. I just need you to tell them that you’re aware of this, what they’ve sacrificed to put themselves in a position to go on this trip, and now they won’t be going – right now, anyways.

G: Well, it does not mean necessarily that they will not be going, first of all. Second of all, of course we are aware. And we want you to know that any kind of self sacrifice, in the name of service and the name of love, never goes unacknowledged or unrewarded.

So yes, we are aware. We are aware of the sacrifice. But we are also aware – dear heart! do you realize what it means to us, and to all of you, that so many have sacrificed and stepped forward? This is a red-letter day!

SB: Yes. That’s true.

G: So yes, we acknowledge what has been sacrificed. And when we beam you up, whether it is one at a time or in small groups, very small groups, we will make sure that we are not interfering with your shifts or your money-making ability. But each of you, in different ways, has said to us with your heart, “I don’t care what things I sacrifice, I’m coming!”

SB: Yes.

G: So. We know your heart. We do not have to ask or check with you about your schedule, we have access to these things! And we will not compromise you any further.

SB: Are you speaking generally, Grener? You don’t have to worry about compromising me.

G: No, I’m not talking about you, dear Steve. I am talking about those who feel that they have changed everything, and now, look at this.

SB: All right. Well, I think what you’ve said today will provide them with a measure of comfort. And of course they know they’re serving the light.

G: They are serving the light in magnificent ways. They are not just serving, whether they are star-beings above or below. We have been here for thousands of years. That is not the issue. They are serving the light, and they are finding the light within their hearts. And that is what is exceptional. That is what is changing the world.

SB: All right. I think what you’ve said here probably will be enough to turn aside the criticism that could very well come of this whole effort. So I’m satisfied, and I can – I think you’ve given me enough to carry on. But it would very helpful if I could come aboard the ships.

G: I hear you very much. Let me talk to you in closing in a very personal way, of what happened with me. Yes, I have been – I am an ancient being, but when we first began the voyage, and many would say, ‟We don’t really know how it’s going to turn out,” because this was long ago, even though we do time and light dimensional shift. And we came to Earth to assist on faith that you would welcome us and that we would be able to help.

This faith has been rewarded many, many, many times over. But we also are anxious for breakthroughs. We are also anxious, not just for you to join us on board ship, but to walk your streets, to walk the cities of light, to sit in your homes and share tea. So know this as well, my beloved brother. We share the vision, and we share the faith. Go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Grener. Just before we go, I have to confirm this. This is not a case of ‘soon’?

G: No.

SB: This is a case of this is going to happen as soon as possible so we can counteract the possible backlash of the naysayers?

Grener: That is correct.

SB: All right. Okay. Thank you, Grener. And I’m sure everyone who listens to this will be very much reassured by what you have said. Thank you.

Grener: Go with my love. Go with the love of all of us, and share it with all of you! Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Grener. Goodbye.

G: Goodbye.
by Steve Beckow


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