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1 Cib, 14 Tzec, 11 Ik by Galactic Federation of Light, Spiritual Hierarchy, and Sheldan Nidle

Thank you GFL, SH, and Sheldan!

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to you feeling joyous! Events continue to move forward. The time comes to bring forth announcements accompanied by the beginnings of a global prosperity. Several nations dedicated to bringing you a new financial system are ready to make a series of vital announcements that are to change forever how your realm uses its many currencies. In addition, a number of up-to-now secret gold and silver depositories are ready to put your global economy back to a worldwide precious metal standard. These events are to cause a temporary deflation once the new currieries are in place. Global fair trade can begin in earnest. These changes are to set the way for new governance. The corrupt and one-sided policies of government are to cease as the globe returns to a general standard of cooperation and world peace. It is time to alter how your world is run and prepare each of you to become participants in how government operates. This is just the first step to your many new responsibilities.

   The world, which is now envisioned by Heaven, is to become fully participatory. You are to be educated by your Ascended Masters and by the temporary leaders of your national and local governments in a number of new realities. Further, the law is to switch to common law and to a faithful following in the intent and wordings of your constitution. This process is to be both fruitful and confusing to many. This new epoch is to culminate in our arrival and your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. The present is therefore a critical time in this process. The globe is changing from a place run ruthlessly by a series of dark masters to one where you can freely and responsibly express yourselves. This new realm is one in which you need to better understand what is to be expected of you. Hence, it is necessary that a period of weeks and months be employed to assist you in this grand transfer of power from the dark to the Light and to each one of you.

   You are to be readied to become mature, able Beings of Light, who gladly accept all that is expected of you. This process, as we have stated, requires you to take on a great deal of new knowledge and learn how best to use it to carry out the marvel of your life contract. You are to be provided with the counseling you'll need to carry this out successfully. The universe is about success, joy and an honoring of who you are. Each success leads to another. You are to build up a quiet confidence and to understand how this process operates. These energies drive our numerous galactic societies. The degree of mutual love and respect constantly grows. We know how each individual works to provide for the greater One. This grand sacred collective encompasses all humans and all Beings of Light. Out of it comes a divine service, which aids the Divine in unfolding the divine plan for physicality. We are deeply dedicated to this, and come to return you to your true and natural state.

   This shift in your consciousness is just the start. Your present state of limited consciousness dropped your body and mind frequencies to an extremely low level. Heaven has been gradually raising this over the last four decades. Yet you are still far below the minimums required. This is why you need to use a Crystal Light Chamber to regain full consciousness. Full consciousness makes you knowledgeable about Spirit and the infinite realms of Heaven. During your three days in this living marvel, you are to discover your origins and become privy to your previous life contacts. You are also to learn about your Soul family and why you initially migrated to this solar system. You are here as a special collective, to look after Gaia and her many sister worlds. Once this solar system is restored, you are to learn about the amazing diversity of life that exists not only on this world, but also on the other water worlds in this Solar System. Much lies ahead for you to learn and master!

   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with much good news! Our associates are now completing a number of projects which are to lead to the distribution of all funds. At present, the last emissaries of the dark are doing everything they can to block this vital sacred process. This operation is not to be stopped. The Agarthans and our space family are busily intervening and turning back the heinous acts used by these emissaries to prevent the proper delivery of your blessings. Our main heavenly counsels are most pleased with how these events are going. These things are also to lead to new governance, accompanied by a new prosperity-oriented financial system. These coming events are to aid in a broad healing of Gaia and your various societies. What's next is for us to put together and then present a number of specific lessons on the new realities. These are to set the stage for a number of subsequent events.

   These coming events are to feature a global disclosure of not only our blessed space family, but also a full disclosure of Inner Earth. These new realities require that you open your hearts and minds to an entirely new picture of your living home, Gaia. Inner Earth is home to Agartha and its capital of Shamballah. Many religious societies have long known of Agartha and how the Anunnaki and their Earthy minions hid these realities from all of surface humanity. Those avatars sent to you by the Agarthans paved the way for us to find a secure refuge in these most gracious lands. Once there, we discovered a land of blessed ones who deeply support our mission to you. To aid this mission, the Agarthans send special Beings to explore the realities of your realm and assist us when necessary. We are most grateful for their actions.

   The time ahead is to be one of specific actions to prepare you for the start of a prosperous and Light-directed realm. This realm is to reconnect to its ancestors in Inner Earth and restore direct relations with your spiritual and space families. Remember, dear Hearts, the long dark night of the Soul is ending. Heaven tells you that a time approaches to return to full consciousness. This process is to be completed in a number of simple steps. The initial ones are currently under way. When these first steps are completed, you are to be judged ready for first contact. Daily, we practice special prayers and ceremonies directed to the swift successes of these initial steps. Here, we ask you to graciously focus your energies along with ours to achieve these divine successes for this realm. Let us all be free and prosperous in this realm! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   Today, we continued our messages. Let this one lead to prayer and a grand focus by you so that this global collective of humanity be set free and achieve the resources to carry out its grand destiny. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
by GFL, SH, and Sheldan Nidle


Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal by David Wilcock

Boy oh boy, this is quite long, and yet, to be totally expected from David Wilcock:  Always most comprehensive and thorough!! Thank you David and your Guides!

After a much-needed ten-week sabbatical, here we are -- with a message of hope, positivity and a future far greater than our wildest expectations.
In spite of the headlines we are now seeing, is it possible that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a vast, cosmic plan -- with a remarkably positive outcome?
Hollywood movies are exposing the Cabal like never before -- suggesting a highly positive change is coming. Strap in and prepare for takeoff!
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There can be no doubt that life on earth is getting more and more wild and unpredictable all the time.
That's a polite way of saying it.
More bluntly, it seems like everything and everyone is going nuts!
Is this it? Is the sky falling? Are we all going to die? Should we be falling on our knees and crying for our mothers?
Is some nasty ebola virus going to rudely eat our flesh before the worms get their chance in another fifty or hundred years?

Guess what? You are about to read a message of hope -- not of fear and doom.
If you want "fear porn," you came to the wrong place.
There's plenty of it out there if that's what you're looking for.
Just read the headlines -- or watch cable news!
They will certainly thank you for it. They need the money!

There is an international alliance taking down the so-called Illuminati power structure -- and it is also collapsing from within its own member ranks.

Messages forecasting high-level Cabal arrests have finally made their way into major motion pictures.

The epic finale hasn't happened yet -- but there is so much new information pointing in that direction, day after day, that we have been overwhelmed by it.
It appears that there are 12 to 25 times more "truth journalism" articles being written on a daily basis now than there were even four months ago.
So many things are happening, all at the same time, that it is impossible to keep up with it -- or even hope to write about all of it.
For right now, there are some very significant stories that seem to demand attention first.
As you are about to see, messages forecasting high-level Cabal arrests have finally made their way into major motion pictures.

Since the Snowden disclosures in June 2013, vastly greater numbers of people have awakened to the basic truths we have been revealing here for years. 
There most definitely appears to be a shadow government working behind the scenes through controlling the financial system, the media, corporations, military and elected officials.
Words like the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Cabal all seem to be fairly interchangeable at this point -- for an ever-increasing number of people.
Hitler was perhaps the most visible proponent of this sort of an agenda -- but the infrastructure behind him didn't simply disappear after World War II.
The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. -- Adolf Hitler

This "big lie" has become something we cannot ignore -- unless we wall ourselves off from conventional society altogether.
I celebrated 22 years of sobriety on September 21st. It's not always easy but I am much happier this way.
In order to heal and release an addiction, you first have to acknowledge the problem. Then you need to fearlessly take steps to alleviate it.
What luck for the rulers that men do not think. -- Adolf Hitler

Young people wanting to enjoy movies or pop music are increasingly being presented with one betrayal after another -- as Luciferian symbols are shoved in their faces.
Great liars are also great magicians. -- Adolf Hitler
He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. -- Adolf Hitler
Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. -- Adolf Hitler
By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. -- Adolf Hitler
I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. -- Adolf Hitler

Spectacular amounts of money are being spent in an attempt to re-brand Luciferian imagery as if it was "hip, cool and trendy" -- but it's not working.
There are countless numbers of YouTube videos exposing the Cabal that have racked up millions of views.
Think about that for a minute. TV is no longer getting those numbers. The truth is.
Kesha in Her "Die Young" Video -- Which She Said She Was "Forced" To Do
Katy Perry Performing "Dark Horse" at the Grammys

As we go on, you will see evidence that a powerful group of people have formed a "team identity" around this dark imagery.
They do not believe they are the bad guys. In fact, they believe they are saving humanity from an evil, tyrannical god.

Any Christian ideas that Lucifer will be defeated are written off as ignorant superstitions -- promoted by a false, evil deity they callAdonay.

In their view, Lucifer is the misunderstood good guy -- who was kicked out of the heavenly pantheon and "fell" to earth because he challenged a corrupt dictatorship.
They believe Lucifer is the bearer of wisdom and knowledge -- and has dominion over the earth that will expand into a glorious New World Order.
Any Christian ideas that Lucifer will be defeated are written off as ignorant superstitions -- promoted by a false, evil deity they call Adonay.
They are taught to hate all things Christian, believing them to be the embodiment of oppression itself -- repressing sexuality, knowledge and freedom.
Their members are very powerful -- and have conducted ongoing advertising campaigns in the hopes of seeking widespread control and acceptance.
Some of the story points used to bind them together as a group are only known by very few -- and will now be discussed on this website for the first time.

One of the things you find out when you start talking to insiders who have direct access to high-level secrets is that this plan has been going on for a long time.
According to NPR, Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the 1965 classic series Gilligan's Island, patterned the characters off of the Seven Deadly Sins:
Was "Gilligan's Island" a Metaphor of Hell?
Poor castaways. Each week they would devise a way off the island. Each week Gilligan would thwart their escape —-- usually with the best of intentions.
Years after the show ended, its creator, Sherwood Schwartz, admitted that each of the characters represented one of the seven deadly sins --— Pride (the Professor), Anger (Skipper), Lust, (Ginger), and the rest. Gilligan was supposed to be Sloth.
But a closer viewing indicates that the island may well have been Hell — and the red-clad Gilligan the devil who kept them on his island.
[Most people who write about this theorize that the Skipper does double duty as Anger and Gluttony. Remember, this is NPR!]

Gilligan's Island and the Seven Deadly Sins
In 1965, the American public was first treated to the whimsical story of Gilligan and six other hapless castaways, trapped on a small Pacific island after their pleasure cruise ends in a violent shipwreck.
During the show's three-year run (ninety-eight episodes), the island's inhabitants attempted to leave the island by broadcasting radio messages, sending smoke signals, repairing the Minnow, building a raft, and fixing a deep diving suit to permit Gilligan to walk along the ocean floor back to Hawaii.

The island was a Sartre-like nether-world where everyone is a "sinner" and Gilligan is Lucifer, always wearing red and sabotaging every escape attempt they make.

They were visited by headhunters, a wayward trans-atlantic stunt pilot, and astronauts in a returning moon capsule. A television special brought the entire Harlem Globe Trotters to the island.
Yet the castaways were strangely unable to get off the island, apparently doomed to spend eternity in each other's company.
In fact, what seemed to be perfectly disarming, if somewhat frustrating, situation comedy was a representation of a Sartre-like nether-world in which the characters represent the Seven Deadly Sins, forced in the days after Armageddon (in the form of the Flood) to live in unceasing torment with each other.
The viewers witness the characters' eternal damnation through Gilligan, a name derived from the Scottish "gillie", a hunting or fishing guide.
Also symbolizing the sin of Sloth, Gilligan has fallen among the other sinners through his own inability or unwillingness to escape.
In the show, it is almost always Gilligan who unwittingly sabotages the castaways' attempts at rescue.

Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of Gilligan's Island, knew what he was doing -- as he revealed in his book.
Gilligan comes across as a goofy guy, always referred to as "My Little Buddy" by the Skipper -- and always wearing red.

Gilligan's Island could be an early metaphor of how the Cabal see themselves as using folksy humor and trickery to keep us enslaved.

The Cabal likes to put things like this out there, feeling that no one has the stomach to consider what the show is really about -- even if it's obvious.
Once you start expanding your mind and considering that the Cabal may indeed exist, you can see that Gilligan's Island could be an early TV metaphor of how they see humanity.
They pose as the silly, comic foil, making seemingly foolish movies and TV shows (it was the mid-1960s) and disguising themselves as being innocuous. 
At the same time, they do their best to ensure we all stay within their guidelines -- and no one in society can rise above their own negative emotions.
This same concept was arguably re-booted in a much darker and grittier fashion as the epic TV series Lost.

Things are getting very, very surreal these days. Everything we thought we knew is being rewritten -- week after week.
There is no such thing as "the average person" anymore. Each person is waking up very quickly to a greater reality. It is quite amazing to behold.

Once the largest arrests happen and the tribunals begin, everyone will be saying the same three words.

The more the Cabal is exposed, the harder they seem to be working to create a non-stop epidemic of hyperventilating fear-mongering in the corporate media.
The final stages in the exposure and defeat of the negative agenda are moving into position. They are becoming very clear, obvious and undeniable.
You may not see it yet. You may not dare to believe there is a way out.
By design, the whole situation appears to be seemingly impossible to fix -- thus requiring the exercising of faith to see any positive path through this.
Nonetheless, the words everyone will be using once this globalist agenda finally crumbles apart are only three. They are very simple:
"We All Knew."

How can these pop-music artists be out there advertising Luciferian imagery so blatantly? Do they know what they are doing? And why is this happening?
There is a common link between all the artists displaying this imagery -- including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Rhianna.

They all share the same producer.
Kesha has now broken the ranks and filed a lawsuit against this same man -- Dr. Luke.
He looks like a perfectly normal, ordinary, good-natured person -- which makes it harder to believe her allegations.
He may have been put out there as a "fall guy" for far more powerful players who are telling him what to do.
Dr. Luke himself may reveal that he has been abused, tortured and threatened, should a tribunal ever occur -- so please bear that in mind.
Very interestingly, Kesha's mother says "Kesha and her friends... like Lady Gaga, are going to make all of this Really PUBLIC."

This should grab everyone's attention. While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, witness testimony can also be used to establish proof.
10/18: Kesha Wrote Letters to Fans Revealing Abuse from Producer
The singer specifically identifies the 41-year-old music mogul as her abuser by writing [to a fan]: 'Dr. Luke has tortured me & my family… he did do what people know about + SO much more terrible s***.'
The duo are currently embroiled in a nasty legal battle after Kesha claimed in a lawsuit that she was 'sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused' by the prolific producer over a period of 10 years....

Meanwhile, in an email obtained by TMZ, Kesha's mother allegedly writes: 'We, me and Kesha and her friends... like Lady Gaga, are going to make all of this Really PUBLIC, in the next few days. Luke date raped Kesha when she was 18....
Kesha claims that the alleged abuse started early on when she signed her deal with the hitmaker, who is known for producing some of the biggest hits in pop music for the likes of Katy Perry and Britney Spears.
Dr. Luke allegedly made 'repeated sexual advances' towards her and 'would use drugs and alcohol to remove her defences'....

Kesha claims that Dr. Luke reportedly 'threatened that if she ever mentioned the rape to anyone, he would shut her career down, take away all her publishing and recording rights, and otherwise destroy not only her life but her entire family’s lives as well'.
The lawsuit also alleges that he also 'threatened her and her family’s physical safety'.
Kesha's lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ... 'The facts presented in our lawsuit paint a picture of a man who is controlling and willing to commit horrible acts of abuse in an attempt to intimidate an impressionable, talented, young female artist into submission for his personal gain....

Dr. Luke has produced all of Kesha's big hits including, TiK ToK, We R Who We R and Your Love Is My Drug.
He has also produced hundreds of hits for other artists, including Roar, California Gurls and Teenage Dream byKaty Perry, as well as Till The World Ends and Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears.
He's also worked with Taio Cruz, B.o.B, Jessie J, Flo Rida, Miley Cyrus, T.I., Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Rihanna andShakira.
He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Producer of the Year at the 53rd Grammy Awards for his work on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album.

For mainstream pop music, Kesha's case is equally as revealing as the Bryan Singer cases and Corey Feldman'sCoreyography have become for Hollywood.
And Mark Geragos is a "gorilla", in legal terms -- defending Michael Jackson, Gary Condit, Winona Ryder and many others, as well as prosecuting Whitewater.
I will now reprint an excerpt from our Decloaking Lucifer piece to fill in the context -- as it explains why Kesha's lawsuit is so significant.

VH1 declares that in the Die Young video, Ke$ha "submitted her Illuminati application." This suggests that you could do the same by displaying their symbols.
Ke$ha Submits Her Illuminati Application, Complete With Triangles, Orgies and Cops
Instead of unicorns, glitter and James Van Der Beek, this time she’s enlisted a band of spookily attractive dancers to writhe around the desert–while K$ poses on a mattress and dances in front of a pentagram.
It. Is. Awesome.  
Is Ke$ha part of the Illuminati? Is she involved in some sort of witchcraft? Or is she just super trendy?
We’ll never truly know, but the new video for Super Earworm “Die Young” features an overwhelming amount of geometry–everything from the magic triangle… to the mystical pentagram… And all the Seeing Eyes in between:

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. -- Adolf Hitler

When we clicked on the YouTube version of this video after it came out, almost every comment was furiously blasting Ke$ha as an "Illuminati B-tch."
Undoubtedly, some of this spilled over into her personal life. There were probably several instances of her being aggressively confronted in public.

In an unprecedented breach of character, Ke$ha said she was forced to make the Luciferian "Die Young" video.

Clearly, the backlash she experienced for "submitting her application" was incredible. Then the devastating Sandy Hook school shooting happened.
In a rare and almost unprecedented breaking of character that could easily get her killed, Ke$ha came forward and said she had been "forced" to do this.
Ke$sha Claims She Was "Forced To Sing" Die Young
Ke$ha has attempted to distance herself from her own song Die Young in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 
The outspoken singer has blasted her hit song Die Young -- which was pulled from a huge number of radio playlists following the shooting last week -- claiming she was forced to sing the controversial words and always thought the content was inappropriate.
Writing a message on her Twitter page on Monday, the 25-year-old hitmaker said: 'I had my very own issues with 'die young' for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.'

When mainstream culture -- such as movies and the pop music -- features this imagery so blatantly, wealthy individuals must be involved.
It costs millions of dollars to build these artists into superstars. The promotion of these symbols and themes is obviously intentional.

There is undeniable evidence that great, epic truths are being hidden from us.

As we wrote in Financial Tyranny, this imagery has also appeared in the most-viewed public ceremonies on earth -- including the Olympics, the Super Bowl halftime show and the Grammys.
This may seem terrifying to you. I understand that. As Hitler said, the "big lie" is actually the safest bet, because no one can believe it's really true.
However, I feel it is necessary, and liberating, to expose the truth.
I recommend stepping back and viewing it as information -- a puzzle to be solved -- and giving yourself permission not to be afraid of it.
From an impartial perspective, what we are seeing is undeniable evidence that there are great, epic truths being hidden from us.
The best part, as far as I'm concerned, is that the hidden information about the positive side of this global drama is much greater than the negative.
Nothing that is happening right now is random. We are not about to see an epic-scale loss of life. This is all part of aperfect plan.

We are going through a structured, global initiation process -- which will have stupendously positive results.
The nemesis is real -- and so is the hero.
The hero is you.

If you can look at this soberly, and not demonize the people trapped in this group, you are bravely following the teachings of Jesus and other great masters.
Forgiveness and understanding is the way through this -- not replaying the same old cycles of labeling others as sub-human monsters worthy only of death.
Once we understand that this group is very real, and that most of its members feel trapped and fear for their lives, the story becomes very different.

Forgiveness and understanding is the way through this -- not replaying the same old cycles of labeling others as sub-human monsters worthy only of death.

According to various insiders, there appear to be over a million people who are directly involved in this group in some way.
If some of them do want to come forward and stop the violence, they need to be given a chance.
I do feel there is a greater cosmic plan at work here. If we unilaterally dehumanize them as non-persons, then we will have failed that test.
This test is built into the ebb and flow of history itself. Nothing is random. There is a story written into history.
Every major event we go through is intelligently structured, for our own spiritual evolution -- and has its place within the Story.
It seems impossible to believe. It is most definitely a non-mainstream view -- but the evidence is overwhelming, and supported by the great religious traditions.

We are now in the "final showdown" in the story -- the hero's epic face-off against the nemesis, facing the greatest fears -- right before victory is achieved.
Each of us is experiencing this on a directly personal level. More and more, we will have to face it -- whether we like it or not.
Once we are willing to look at the truth, we step into the Hero's Journey -- and the possibility of a massive spiritual evolution for the positive appears.
I use remarkable scientific evidence to make this case, through the use of repeating cycles of history, in my latest bookThe Synchronicity Key.

These cycles of history appear in the Bible and many other great spiritual texts. They work so precisely that events often repeat within days of each other.
Wars, conflicts and scandals, as well as remarkable defeats of the villains and breakthroughs into freedom, are happening on a very precise timetable.
These events are not new. They are not original. Our apparent free will is dancing along -- with remarkable perfection -- to a pre-designed, epic storyline.
This can occur across historical gulfs of time that are quite vast in scope -- including cycles of 539 and 2,160 years.
Even the same people are reincarnating, doing very similar things, and having very similar faces -- including Hitler, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.

Hannibal and Hitler: Same Faces, Same Invasions, Same Lands, Same Events, Exactly 2,160 Years Apart

Other precise examples for which facial resemblances have not yet been established include Joan of Arc and Johannes von Baysen, who later became Bill Clinton.
In the case of Hitler, Nixon and Carter, their actions repeat with astonishing precision across one Age of the Zodiac -- namely 2,160 years.
The 12 zodiac ages add up to the Great Year of 25,920 earth years. This cycle is of extreme significance in understanding the cosmic Big Picture.
Human civilization appears to evolve in sudden bursts at the end of these roughly 25,000-year units of time. And the next mega-event is happening right now.
This may not be going exactly the way we had expected, but we're in it.
In the reincarnation cases of Joan of Arc, Bill Clinton and others, they have re-appeared very precisely in one quarter of an Age of the Zodiac.
As we will argue a bit later, this is very likely happening to everyone -- not just influential world figures.

Normally we would assume that a Zodiac quarter-cycle, or 2160 divided by 4, would be 540 years.
One of the mysteries in this "sacred science" is that 539 years -- seven times 77 -- works much better than 540 when we actually calculate the cycles and apply them to our history.

There is an astonishing one-to-one connection between 9/11 and the Battle of Swiecino, exactly 539 years apart -- almost to the day.

There is an astonishing one-to-one connection between 9/11 and the Battle of Swiecino, exactly 539 years apart -- almost to the day.
The day the Twin Towers were hit with airplanes was only six days from when thousands of arrows rained down from crossbows in the previous cycle.
The Battle of Swiecino was the defining struggle for the future of Europe in its own time.
This is only one of a cluster of events that are so similar to each other, in time and content, it beggars belief to try to write it off as a coincidence or "conspiracy theory."
I discovered it by simply taking 9/11 and rewinding 539 years into the past, giving the window of September 1462.
Once I figured out who Clinton, Bush and Congress had been in the previous cycle, many interconnecting pieces fit together beautifully.
This is far too complex to go into in one article. It does take a 500-page book to properly explain all of this -- and an entire chapter is focused just on 9/11.

This same cycle connection ultimately reveals that the secret Nazi faction brought over to the US after World War II, in Project Paperclip, will lose this epic battle in our time.
The faction that lost the war in 1462 was none other than the German Teutonic Knights -- cyclical predecessors of the Cabal.
It is remarkable to watch the second-biggest movie of the year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and see a precise foreshadowing of this massive event -- including a strong hint of the epic, high-level arrests that will occur.
None of this data was available when I wrote The Synchronicity Key, as the last significant changes to the manuscript were made in April 2013.
From May onward, only single words could be changed in accordance with the editor's requests.

Ironman 3 was the second-biggest movie of 2013, after The Hunger Games.
Captain America: TWS is still the second biggest movie of 2014, after Guardians of the Galaxy.
Seen together, these two Marvel / Stan Lee movies give a remarkable and undeniable window into the alliance that is working to defeat the Cabal.
Though the alliance cannot yet make itself openly public, both of these movies are very strong revelations of what they are building up to.

In both cases I feel we are seeing well-financed operations by the alliance, some of which is working from within the US military, to tell us what is going on behind the scenes.

We will start with Ironman 3, in which the hero Tony Stark confronts the Bin Laden-esque villain "The Mandarin", played by Ben Kingsley, in his headquarters.

What happens is very surprising -- considering the Mandarin has been interrupting broadcast television and coming across as the ultimate terrorist of our time.
The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention. -- Adolf Hitler

It is amazing to watch the ISIS media bonanza blazing forward after Ironman 3 outed the whole agenda in the dialogue you are about to read -- just a year before.
No one in the corporate media has dared to mention the astonishing similarity between the ISIS storyline and "The Mandarin" in Ironman 3.

The key scene we will be giving the dialogue from begins at 1:14:26 and extends through 1:18:23.
Robert Downey's character Tony Stark busts in on the Mandarin's lair, only to find that he is drinking beer and bedding gorgeous women.
Our dialogue begins at the moment Tony Stark surprises a very drunk Mandarin -- and pulls a gun on him.

TS: Hey!
M: Bloody hell, bloody hell!
TS: Don’t move.
M: You want something, take it, although the guns are all fake, because those wankers wouldn’t trust me with the real ones.
TS: What?
M: Hey, do you fancy either of the birds [women in the room]?
TS: I’ve heard enough. You’re not him. The Mandarin. The real guy. Where? Where’s the Mandarin? Where is he?
M: Whoa! He’s here. He’s here but he’s not here. He’s here but he’s not here.
TS: What do you mean?
M: It’s complicated. Hey. It’s complicated!
TS: It is?
M: It’s complicated.

TS: It’s complicated. Ladies out. Out of the bed. Get in the bathroom. [To Mandarin:] Sit.
[Mandarin tries to crawl away. Tony shoots at where he’s going. Mandarin sits up.]
M: My name’s Trevor. Trevor Clattery.
TS: What are you? What are you, you’re a decoy or a double, right?
M: I’m not an understudy. Absolutely not. [Tony points the gun at him even closer.] Don’t hurt the face! I’m an actor.
TS: You’ve got a minute to live. Fill it with words.

M: Just a role. The Mandarin, see? It’s not real.
TS: Then how did you get here, Trevor?
M: Umm, well, I, uh, a little problem with, um, substances, and I ended up, uh, doing things – no two ways about it – in the street, that a man shouldn’t do.
TS: Next?
M: Then, they approached me about the role, and they knew about the drugs.
TS: They said they’d get you off ‘em?
M: They said they’d give me more! They gave me things. They gave me this palace. They gave me plastic surgery. They gave me things. [Falls asleep, snores]
TS: Did you just nod off? Hey! [Kicks him]

M: No, and a lovely speedboat! And the thing was, he needed someone. To take credit for some accidental explosions.
TS: He? Killian?
M: Killian. 
TS: He created you.
M: He created me.
TS: Custom-made terror threat.
M: Yes! Yes. His think tank thinked it up. The pathology of a serial killer. The manipulation of Western iconography. "Ready for another lesson." Blah blah blah. [Hands Tony a beer. Tony rejects.]
Because of my performance, I brought the Mandarin to life.

TS: Your performance? Where people died?
M: No. They didn’t! That was costumes. Green screen!
Honestly, I wasn’t on location for half of the stuff. When I was, it was movie magic, love.
TS: I’m sorry, but I’ve got a best friend who is in a coma and he might not wake up. So you’re going to have to answer for that.
You’re still going down, pal. You under-… [Minion attacks him from behind, knocks Tony out.]

The Mandarin's comment about "green screen" is particularly interesting, considering that even mainstream media had to admit that experts believed the ISIS beheading videos were fakes.

I was never able to move quickly enough to see any but the first of these videos -- but apparently each of them are similar, wherein it fades to black before any blood is seen.
In this case there is obviously no "green screen," but many people have questioned whether the knife allegedly being used even has a sharp edge.
Just like "the Mandarin" indicated in Ironman 3, the guy doing the beheading in this video may well be an actor who is not actually murdering anyone.
The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect.
Men may hate us. But, we don't ask for their love; only for their fear. -- Heinrich Himmler

As the movie goes on from here, we find that Iron Man's clone robot, the Iron Patriot, was going to be used as a Trojan horse to kill the President.
This, in turn, would create enough chaos to further the terrorist agenda being promoted by those who were using the Mandarin to achieve their goals.
Interestingly, the president in Ironman 3 is played by an actor who has an undeniable similarity to George W. Bush in his appearance.

Most astonishingly, the Vice President of the United States ends up being the main employer of the Mandarin.
The VP is arrested and frog-marched out of the White House at the end of the film!
This was the climax of the entire movie.
It definitely adds weight to what various insiders have told us for years now -- namely that Pentagon insiders are working to create high-level arrests.

This is also an indirect but powerful suggestion that 9/11 was an inside job -- and that Bin Laden was secretly working for the Bush Administration all along.
For those who are seasoned veterans of truth journalism, you may well have read hundreds of different articles about "Tim Osman," et cetera. I know I have.
Ironman 3 was a very direct indication for the mass public of what the alliance is preparing to do -- and why it will be necessary.
The actor playing the Vice President bears a more-than-passing similarity, in his look and overall "vibe," to Dick Cheney.

In this year [2014]'s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, even more information was released to a massive, worldwide audience.
This appears to be one of the biggest, most tangible proofs yet that the alliance we have been leaking information from since 2011 actually does exist.
I hardly ever recommend movies, but like Ironman 3, this is another case where you definitely should see it if you haven't already.

The whole movie is essentially the story of a small group of insider allies working to bring down a secretive Nazi cabal that has taken over the American intelligence apparatus.
The negative group calls itself "Hydra" -- and the "big reveal" comes from 1:01:21 to 1:06:31 in the film.
The Hydra logo bears an undeniable resemblance to the Skull and Bones Society symbol, which in turn is a derivation of the Skull and Crossbones symbol.
The Skull and Crossbones "black flag" was flown on pirate ships that were actually owned and run by the Knight Templars.
The interdiction and theft of the gold coming out of Mesoamerica provided the Templars -- an earlier incarnation of the Cabal -- with vast sums of capital.

Much of the fight up to this point in the film has involved getting a USB stick with classified info on it into a vast, old-fashioned military computer terminal.
Here, SJ is Scarlett Johanson, CA is Captain America, and C is for Computer. SHIELD represents the US military-industrial complex and its intelligence apparatus.
Considering how many hours can be spent fine-tuning film dialogue to say as much as possible in as few words as possible, I am confident this was very well thought out.
The computer also shows a wealth of fast-moving visuals to support the dialogue -- so to get the full effect, you do have to see the movie.

SJ: This can’t be the data point. This technology is ancient.
[She sees a USB port and inserts the USB stick. The computer springs to life. Screen says “Initiate System?” and she types “Yes.”]
SJ: Shall we play a game? It’s from a movie that my grandpa…
CA: Yeah, I saw it.
[Computer hums to life.]
C: Rogerson, Steven, born 1918. [Camera turns to SJ.] Romanov, Natalia Arianovna, born 1984.
SJ: It must be some kind of a recording.
C: I am not a recording, Fraulein. I may not be the man I was when the Captain took me prisoner in 1945, but I am. [Cuts to picture of original person.]

SJ: [To CA:] You know this thing?
CA: Arnim Zola was a German scientist who worked at the Red Skull. He’s been dead for years.
C: First correction. I am Swiss. Second. Look around you. I have never been more alive.
In 1972 I received a terminal diagnosis. Science could not save my body. My mind, however, that was worth saving – on 200 thousand feet of databanks. You are standing in my brain.

CA: How did you get here?
C: Invited!
SJ: It was Operation Paperclip. After World War II, SHIELD recruited German scientists with strategic value.
C: So I would help their cause. I also helped my own.
CA: Hydra died with the Red Skull.
C: Cut off one head, two more shall take its place.
CA: Prove it.
C: Accessing archive. [Images]

C: Hydra was founded on the belief that humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom. What we did not realize was that if you try to take that freedom, they resist.
The war taught us much. Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly.
After the war, SHIELD was founded – and I was recruited.
The new Hydra grew – a beautiful parasite inside SHIELD.
For 70 years, Hydra has been secretly feeding crisis. Breeding war.
And when history did not cooperate, history was changed.

SJ: That’s impossible. SHIELD would have stopped you.
C: Accidents will happen. [Images of people who resisted and died. One looks a lot like the Kennedy assassination.]
Hydra created a world so chaotic that humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security.
Once the purification process is complete, Hydra’s New World Order will arise.
We won, Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life. A zero sum.
[Captain America punches the screen and breaks it. Another screen lights up.]
C: As I was saying…

CA: What’s on this drive?
C: Project Insight requires insight. So I wrote an algorithm.
SJ: What kind of algorithm? What does it do?
C: The answer to your question is fascinating. Unfortunately, you shall be too dead to hear it. [Blast doors slam closed behind them.]
SJ: [Looking at her smartphone:] Steve, we’ve got a bogey. Short-range ballistic, thirty seconds tops.
CA: Who fired it?
SJ: Shield.
C: I am afraid I have been stalling, Captain. Admit it. It’s better this way.
[CA pulls a grate off of the floor, revealing a pit to jump into.] We are -- both of us -- out of time. [Missile hits! CA and SJ jump into the pit just in time.]

Project Insight involves three hovering aircraft carriers that go up into the atmosphere and begin targeting everyone who represents a threat to Hydra.
Here they are as they first rise up out of their secret, underground bunker next to the water.

A computer-controlled system targets many thousands of people per second for instant death by particle-beam weaponry.
Hydra believes this will help them to achieve their goals by destroying everyone who resists them in one single, stunning blow.
The montage of targets for Project Insight includes multiple staff in the Pentagon, as well as the White House -- including the President of the United States.

We quickly find out that the first area the three carriers are about to start "cleaning up" is much of the Northeast United States.

One of our highest-positioned insiders was absolutely stunned when he saw this movie.
He said that the aircraft carriers in this film are precisely identical to what the US military actually possesses in secret.
I was told that these carriers have a light-bending technology called "masking", but that the military does occasionally allow them to be seen.
From the ground, they will usually just appear as a group of lights in the night sky, and will be written off as "another UFO sighting."
All of the jets in the movie are genuine, classified aircraft as well -- and date back to the 1980s, if not earlier.

Furthermore, these aircraft carriers typically travel in groups of three -- just like we see in the movie.
In the real world, one of the three craft will be a flying black triangle -- the TR-3B -- that carries larger aircraft than the other two can hold.
This next image of an alleged black triangle over Paris is probably a fake, but it is a good approximation of what the TR-3B looks like.

The slightly-smaller aircraft carriers, just like we see in Captain America and The Avengers, provide defensive perimeter support for the larger triangle craft.
Our insider also said that the gun turrets for Project Insight at the base of the carriers are called "heads," and are precisely what these weapons really look like.

The technology described as "Project Insight" inCaptain America: TWS is absolutely real -- and highly classified.

In short, the technology described as "Project Insight" in this movie isabsolutely real -- and highly classified.
There are other ways these weapons can go airborne besides through the use of aircraft carriers, but this is a legitimate scenario.
I was told about this technology at least three years ago now -- and never, ever expected to see it in a mainstream film. It was very surreal.
I never said a word about it due to the threat, the level of secrecy and my firm belief that it would never be used -- but now it's out there in a very popular movie.
This system would have already been used, in a faked alien invasion, were it not for ongoing "divine intervention" from high-level, positive ETs -- and diligent police work by the alliance.

Before we get to Scarlett Johansson's trial at the end of the film, two other scenes are worth mentioning.
At 1:12:44, a scene begins where Garry Shandling, playing a US senator, meets with a top SHIELD operative.
In a shocking moment, Shandling shakes the agent's hand and whispers “Heil Hydra” into his ear at 1:13:16.
This nausea-inducing scene reveals how the penetration of this cabal goes all the way up through the elected government and intelligence apparatus.

The other pivotal scene is after Captain America and his allies have successfully destroyed all three aircraft carriers at the last minute.
At 1:55:04 Robert Redford’s character Pierce, the apparent head of Hydra, dies of bloody gunshot wounds after his cover has been blown.
Although I do not in any way advocate violence, this could indicate that certain high-level operatives within the Cabal may be assassinated, rather than given an open, public trial.
My guess is that if this happens at all, it will only be for the most extreme, threatening cases.

It is very likely that if the takedown of the Cabal proceeds as various insiders -- and now these movies -- have leaked, there will be public tribunals.
Very high-ranking Cabal members who did not get killed or commit suicide will end up on national television -- revealing everything they know before a judicial panel.
We may very well see famous pop stars and film actors in these tribunals -- revealing things we never would have expected them to say.
This could go all the way up to senior elected officials and heads of state. If this ever happens, it will be the most revealing moment of modern history.
Just imagine what it would / will be like to have presidents on national television breaking down in tears as they talk about how they were bullied, threatened and tortured by an occult group.

This cabal is so secretive that even the top-level people know a lot less about them than we would expect -- but their stories will be extremely poignant.
The collective walls of denial will break down. We will all be forced to move out of our "comfort zone" and accept new truths as self-evident facts.
Many people will be very, very upset by this. It's akin to that moment where you walk into the room and find your loved one in bed with someone else.
Our entire sense of God, and the goodness of the universe and of life on earth, will be challenged -- and new insights will be required.
Not everyone believes we were created equal. The leaders of a small group have considered humanity to be a cancer on the earth that must be exterminated.

It may seem impossible, but such events have happened before. It's part of the classic storyline that keeps being retold on earth over thousands of years.
In The Synchronicity Key I reveal the remarkable cycle connections between the end of the Reign of Terror and assassination of Robespierre in the French Revolution, and the assassination of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
The defeat of the Nazis and the subsequent Nuremberg trials are another seemingly unimaginable event, for its time, that actually did happen.
Entire civilizations have been through this part of the story many times before. What most people don't realize is howprecisely cyclical all of this is.
Our modern version of the tribunals is also forecasted quite remarkably in Captain America. It happens almost as an afterthought, at the end of the movie.

Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow / Natalia ends up leaking a massive amount of classified SHIELD docs from the USB stick onto the internet.
In the process, she causes seemingly grave damage to the intelligence apparatus. How is America supposed to defend itself against its enemies now that this has happened?
In this final scene, she is being grilled by government officials, in a public trial, about what she has done. It begins at 2:02:43.

Here is the critical dialogue between the characters during the tribunal. Not knowing the names, I just used "G" for the first guy and "G2" for the second.

G: Why haven’t we yet heard from Captain Rogerson?
SJ: I don’t know what there is left for him to say. I think the wreck in the middle of the Potomac made his point fairly eloquently.
G: Well, he could explain how this country is expected to maintain its national security now that he and you have laid waste to our intelligence apparatus?
SJ: Hydra was selling you lies, not intelligence.
G: Many of which you seem to have had a personal hand in telling.
G2: Agent, you should know that there are some on this committee who feel, given your service record, both for this country and against it, that you belong in a penitentiary. Not mouthing off on Capitol Hill.

SJ: You’re not going to put me in a prison. You’re not going to put any of us in a prison. You know why?
G2: Do enlighten us.
SJ: Because you need us. Yes, the world is a vulnerable place. And yes, we helped make it that way.
But we’re also the ones best qualified to defend it.
So if you want to arrest me, arrest me. You’ll know where to find me. [She leaves.]

In this next bit of dialogue, the former head of SHIELD, played by Samuel Jackson, reveals that not everyone in the Cabal (Hydra) was identified in the first wave.
This dialogue begins at 2:04:35.

NF: We’ve been data-mining Hydra’s files. Looks like a lot of rats didn’t go down with the ship.
I’m headed to Europe tonight. I wanted to ask if you’d come.
CA: There’s something I’ve got to do first.

The indie film Snowpiercer, also featuring Chris Evans in the lead role as he was in Captain America, is a very interesting, full-length "reveal" about the Cabal.

In it, the last surviving members of humanity are trapped together on a train -- which becomes a metaphor of how the Cabal treats humanity in the present.
A deliberate war is created to reduce and maintain population -- with Evans' character ultimately being thanked for the violent revolution he helped to create.

Additionally, the two most recent Tom Cruise movies, Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow, also fill in valuable, even astonishing data points.
Let's discuss Oblivion first. Though it didn't do as well in the box office as Ironman 3, it is just as revealing in its own way.

The film Oblivion starts out with most of humanity apparently having been moved off of the earth to a colony in space.

Giant ships are removing all the water from the oceans -- ostensibly because earth has "died" and the water is needed for the colony.
A small group of survivors are treated as villains, even aliens -- and drones are used to take them out.

Tom Cruise's character lives in a futuristic, floating paradise with his wife, working as a soldier apparently for the human survivors out in space.
He is there to repair the drones, which go around killing anyone else left behind but him. His job is to make sure they still function.

He is taught to only act within a certain area, as everything outside that area is apparently radioactive.

Ultimately, Cruise's character realizes the people the drones are killing are not monsters or aliens -- they are the only human survivors left.
This allegedly giant human colony in space, called "The Tet," is actually an extraterrestrial AI system that has invaded Earth -- and is destroying it.
"Tet" is obviously short for "Tetrahedron" -- a triangular pyramid. Hmmm.

Without giving away a variety of plot twists, Cruise's character ends up facing off against the artificially intelligent menace directly.
What he sees is a gigantic upside-down triangle with a red dot -- an eye -- in the middle.

It is an absolutely undeniable symbol of the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye in the triangle, atop the pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States.
The message is only very thinly veiled by turning the triangle upside down and clipping off the corners.

In Edge of Tomorrow, the message gets even more explicit, in some ways.

Cruise's character is a high-ranking military official who gets framed and thrown into active duty as a grunt soldier.

He is outfitted with an advanced battle-robot system that enhances his own body movements, and he gets rushed into combat against terrifying aliens.

The aliens ambush the military's position almost immediately. He barely makes it to the ground in his parachute, kills one of them, and dies right aftewards.
He then is reborn -- over and over again. Each time he dies, he just starts over from the same day again, like Groundhog Day.

Over time, Cruise and Emily Blunt's character figure out that the only way they can stop the invasion is to take out the central brain running the whole thing.
My interest and intrigue skyrocketed when I saw that the "brain" was a spherical mass of tentacles contained within a very obvious pyramid shape.
This is much clearer in the film than any single, still image can convey.

It gets even more fascinating when we realize where this brain is located.
At first, it appears to be in Germany -- hiding in the remains of a Nazi military facility.
We already saw that Hydra in Captain America: TWS was a Nazi group. Now Edge of Tomorrow seems to be conveyingexactly the same message.

However, once they finally fight their way there, it's a dead end.
The brain has been disguising its true identity -- putting out false signals about its true identity and whereabouts.
Only then do the allies push even harder -- and figure out the actual location of the brain.
I was shocked when the film placed the final location of the brain as being directly beneath the glass pyramid in the Louvre.

Why does this matter? This is the exact same location where the body of Mary Magdalene is buried at the end of The Da Vinci Code.

The idea that the "Holy Grail" is not a chalice, but actually a sacred, secret royal bloodline is the ultimate point of Da Vinci Code.
The "quest for the Holy Grail" becomes a search for the secret that Jesus survived the Cross and had children with Mary Magdalene.
At the end of the film, we discover that many of these people are still alive -- and they have preserved their genealogy with meticulous care.
Insiders confirmed this film was intended to presage a formal disclosure to humanity, by the Cabal, of their presence -- an event they call "The Revealing."
By portraying themselves as the living descendants of Christ, they hoped to be openly accepted as Gods among us.
I covered many fascinating details about this story, including whistleblower testimony, in my epic 2007 piece The Revealing.

Illuminati symbols were widely used in the promotion of this film -- including the telltale triangle over Audrey's eye in the following poster:

It cannot be an accident that the hive-mind of the invading aliens in Edge of Tomorrow was located in the exact same place as Mary Magdalene's body was buried in The Da Vinci Code.
I had a dentist who was a Scientologist, like Cruise. 
I routinely talk to people about these things and gently see how much they can handle.
I quickly found out that Scientologists are very well aware of the Cabal -- much more than most people.
The topic of bloodlines is very interesting -- and we will get back to that in Part Two.
Like so many things, it turns out that what the Cabal believes at the highest levels is the mirror-opposite of what they were presenting in films like Da Vinci Code.

I hope you can see with this new data, which I have never before summarized like this, that you are not alone.
The idea of a global elite cabal is not a "conspiracy theory", relegated to dubious sites on the internet and millennial paranoia.

The theme of exposing and arresting the Cabal is finally making its way into big-budget Hollywood films.

Enough powerful people know about this now that the theme of exposing and arresting the Cabal is making its way into big-budget Hollywood films.
Not all Hollywood films are influenced by the Cabal, though many of them are.
Both Stan Lee and Tom Cruise appear to be using the money they earned from other successful films to help put out a positive message.
Most interestingly, these films help confirm what insiders have been leaking to us all along -- namely that an international alliance is working to solve the problem.
Nothing that we are seeing happen right now is random in its timing or content. Nor will the high-level arrests be an unexpected, never-before-seen moment.
This is an intelligently scripted event in the global storyline -- written into cosmic cycles that are vastly older than all life on earth.

Part Two: The Bloodline of Cain -- An Extraterrestrial Lineage?

As we argued in Part One, history is repeating itself with astonishing precision -- in cycles such as 2160 years and its quarter-cycle, 539 years.
Although the Zodiac quarter-cycle would "ideally" be 540 years, i.e. 2160 divided by 4, it only lines up with the measurable data once you shave off one year.
This is a mystery that seems to have a definite purpose -- as it allows for sub-cycles of seven years to fit into it quite perfectly.
A student uprising in 1960s France precisely repeated the events surrounding Joan of Arc, exactly 539 years later --almost down to the day.
This student uprising inspired eight million workers to go on indefinite strike, almost brought down the French government, and inspired many other revolts worldwide.
Amazingly, French astrologer Michel Helmer predicted this event, almost to the day, years before it happened -- by identifying the cycle connections in France.

9/11 also is one of a series of at least six different events in the late 1990s and early 2000s that are profound, precise repetitions of what happened in 1400s European history -- in and around 1462.
If you view history as cyclical, not linear, these events are overlapping each other on the same 539-year wheel -- and the same influences affect us again.
As one example, Clinton suffered an 850,000-dollar fine in the Paula Jones scandal within four days of when his cycle equivalent, Johannes von Baysen, died in the previous cycle.
By itself, this wouldn't mean anything. It's only once you see how von Baysen did very similar things, at very similar times, exactly 539 years apart that it makes a lot more sense.
Again... that's why this takes 500 pages to properly explain. It was impossible to make a sufficient scientific argument about it any shorter than that.

What makes this so exciting is that all the mess we are seeing now in the world's headlines is part of a scripted, intelligent design -- that does have a happy ending.
History is not at all random. We are all mysteriously following a script. I have compellingly argued that the author of the script is a loving, super-intelligent Creator.

Our positive reunion with our true identity as the Creator is as inevitable and unstoppable as the law of gravity.

This same Creator is ultimately the same identity we all share. The destination of all worldly experience is ultimately to reunite with that essence.
Along the way, the cycles reveal how some of us are influenced to play negative roles, whereas most are intrinsically positive.
Nonetheless, all of us must eventually turn positive in our journey back to Oneness. It is as inevitable and unstoppable as the law of gravity.
We keep reincarnating, again and again, from one cycle to the next -- retaining the same facial features and character attributes.
If we learn from our mistakes, we can achieve spiritual growth -- ultimately leading to a graduation into the next level of human evolution known as Ascension.

Again, this story takes 500 pages to explain, so I won't even try to re-do all of it here for those who would try to tear it down without reading The Synchronicity Key.

All of recorded history, going back to the dawn of Sumerian culture in Mesopotamia, follows these same patterns -- according to the scientific research of Dr. Anatoly Fomenko.
Interestingly, Dr. Fomenko didn't even realize that the "sacred cycle numbers" were appearing in the time intervals he found -- even though they were evident.
The full story only appears when we combine Fomenko's data with the work of French astrologers such as Michel Helmer and Francois Masson.

In time, I feel this knowledge of basic natural laws will be as common and everyday as the discoveries of Galileo, Copernicus and Newton.
Other civilizations may have already reached that point -- and left clues behind for us in a variety of different ways.

If "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," this is a case where that evidence has been provided.

Now that The Synchronicity Key is in paperback, it's not at all expensive to explore these mysteries.
Some people automatically hate anything that isn't free. They think authors get rich from doing this work -- but I don't know anyone who is.
However, writing a book like this generates enough money to keep the lights on, and makes the words available in multiple foreign language versions.
The evidence is so vast, multidimensional and interconnected that there is no way for skeptics to attack it other than dodging the data through character assassination.
If the skeptics' Carl Sagan mantra is "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," then this is a case where extraordinary evidence has been provided.

Is it possible that other civilizations -- perhaps ancient -- knew about these natural cycles and left clues behind for us to rediscover today?
What clues might we find if we go looking for the answer?
Let's not forget that the Zodiac quarter-cycle has proven to be remarkably powerful, including its connection to 9/11. 
539 years is a cycle of seven groups of 77 years, or 7 x 77. This actually shows up in the Bible -- in two seemingly unrelated sections.

"[Forgive thy brother...] not seven times, but seventy-seven times." -- Matthew 18:22
The code of seven times seventy-seven also appears in the book of Genesis:
"If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times."  -- Genesis 4:24

The death-metal band Avenged Sevenfold took their name from this quote in the Book of Genesis.
There are two similar versions of Lamech in the Bible. One Lamech, the one being spoken of in this quote, is the father of Noah.
The other version of Lamech is the sixth-generation son of Cain. And Cain may well be the son of Lucifer, as we are about to see.
The names of each line are so similar, only off by phonetic spelling in several cases, that it is very likely the same Lamech in both lines:

Comparison of two Biblical Adamic lines.

Creation line:

Cain line:

This raises a puzzling mystery. Actually several of them. What we end up with is a remarkably clearer view of the Cabal than we had before.

Those who are members of the Cabal at the highest levels secretly believe themselves to be the descendants of Cain.
We learned this through a variety of different means, some from insiders and some from available research. The significance has become increasingly apparent over time.
In the Cabal mystery religion, Lucifer is a very real reptilian-type humanoid being who barely made it to earth with a small group of other "fallen angels."
They were survivors of an epic, cosmic battle. There were hardly any of them left. Their ruined ship or ships crashed here -- and they became trapped.
Lucifer and his cohorts are therefore seen as powerful extraterrestrials who crash-landed here in spacecraft, battered to near-extinction.

Hence airplanes and flying machines are routinely used as symbols for Lucifer by the Cabal.
Go back and check out Olympics 2012: A Mithraic Illuminati Ritual? for much more information on that point -- including monuments such as "Angel of the North," pictured here.
The offspring of this reptilian-type human life did not look like them. Many of their unique characteristics were lost in the Mendelian genetic intermixing.
The Olympics ceremony also featured a dancer who was half-reptilian, half-human -- suggesting the origins they believe we all have had.

The original Battlestar Galactica series in the early 1980s started an interesting story, but never finished it.
The completion of the tale didn't come along until the four-season epic reboot in the mid-2000s -- heralded as a game-changer in television due to its cinematic quality.
Most people who were not insiders or Cabal members were unsettled by the Christian allegories of the posters -- but did not understand what they meant.

The Cabal's story is precisely retold in the newer Battlestar Galactica series.
At the very end, the battered survivors of a lost civilization crash-land on Earth -- fulfilling their own ancient religious prophecies.
The indigenous humans on earth are only at a caveman level when they arrive, already possessing advanced scientific knowledge.

Another very similar series of movies dating back to the 1960s -- and continually being rebooted -- is the Planet of the Apes series.

The members of the Cabal see themselves as the visiting, godlike humans -- and the rest of us as inferior apes who have built up cult religions.

The 2001 reboot had a very intriguing scene at the end after Mark Wahlberg's character seemingly returned to Earth safely.
All the timelines had changed. Humanity was now portrayed as apes -- and Mark, the man who emerged from a spacecraft, was the only person like us.

The makers of this film made a very edgy statement by then portraying Lincoln, seated on the Lincoln Memorial, as an ape himself -- just like the police.

Films like this convey inside messages to Cabal members, reinforcing the idea that they are Gods living amongst sub-human animals.
Lincoln trying to free the slaves becomes just one ape trying to liberate others of his own kind.
Many Cabal members do not believe the propaganda -- but as the whistleblower Svali indicated, they would be killed if they ever tried to escape the group.
Nonetheless, according to Svali, there would be a "mass exodus" out of the group if they ever had a chance to be free.

As we have been reporting for years now, at the higher levels, everyone in the military-industrial complex knows a great secret.
There are humans everywhere, all over the galaxy.
They haven't openly announced themselves to us yet because they must follow a "Prime Directive."
Nonetheless, they have been coming and going, off and on, ever since we first got here.
Though there is no overt disclosure in it, Guardians of the Galaxy is another Marvel film, with stunning visuals, getting us acclimated to the bigger picture.

Ultimately, once we get the truth, we will learn that everyone on earth is a hybrid being with mixed human DNA.
This is one of the biggest "learning curves" we will have to adjust to as we go through the disclosure process -- which does appear to be ramping up quickly.
Humans from other worlds -- even those seemingly quite different from us -- can still interbreed with us, and have on many occasions.
This is extensively discussed, with a variety of scientific data points including skeletal remains, in my on-demand TV show Wisdom Teachings.
Our DNA does appear to be a universal blueprint, as I have argued scientifically in both of my books and in Wisdom Teachings.
Again, this is an extraordinary claim -- and the scientific evidence is equally as extraordinary and voluminous.
The human form is known to be a galactic standard amongst high-level insiders who work for what some call the Secret Space Program.

Part of why the Cabal may be resisting Disclosure is it would destroy the myth that the only ETs who ever made it here are the "fallen angels" in their storyline.
This, in turn, would loosen their ability to create group cohesion.
To keep a group of people under this much control, you have to convince them they are the only true elites on earth.

Disclosure would destroy the foundations of the secret Cabal religion, where they are the sole descendants of the only 'Gods' who ever made it to Earth.

In their belief system, their forefathers are the only people who built Stonehenge, the pyramids, et cetera.
They are the Gods. They are the descendants of Gods. It only ever happened once, with one group.
They can take credit for everything the ancient civilizations did.
Once we establish that multiple ET groups have been coming and going, did not get stranded here, and created the world religions, it's a very different story.
The morale in the Cabal is already low enough. Once their own epic religious historical beliefs come crashing down in Disclosure, they realize they have been lied to.

Once you understand that the Cabal believes this is who they are, many seemingly mysterious and bizarre pieces start fitting together.
The Cabal takes the events in the Bible, including the book of Genesis and Noah's flood, quite literally -- but have their own interesting spin on it.
The land that was lost in the Flood is believed to be the civilization of Atlantis -- which was a colony of ET humans.
The Elohim, or positive ETs, then intended to generate a native-born human -- known as the Adam.
However, Lucifer the serpent-like man interfered, by breaking an agreement with the Elohim to never interbreed with any women of Earth.

The Cabal believes that Cain is the child of Lucifer, and that when Eve "bit the apple" in the garden, she was impregnated by "the serpent."
Abel was Adam's son, and Cain was Lucifer's son. That's one of the Cabal's biggest secrets.
Children who grow up in this small, powerful, secretive group are taught this from a very early age.
Since we are now in the "End of Days," by the Cabal's own reckoning, they are releasing all of these truths to the public -- in symbolic form.
The movie Noah is a very literal accounting of how the Cabal sees history through their own unique lens.

Scene from the movie "Noah" -- intercutting an apple that "breathes" on the vine with serpent symbolism.

According to insider sources as well as some in the public domain, Eve's sin of "biting the apple" was a polite allegory for having sex with Lucifer.
Though this whole idea sounds crazy, once you realize the Cabal considers themselves the progeny of extraterrestrial human life, it explains many things.

I had already gathered this information, but hadn't shared it publicly yet. I hadn't put all the pieces together.
On a whim, I decided to watch the new Noah film to see if it had any relevance to what I had heard -- and I was absolutely shocked.
I could easily write an entire article just on this film alone -- but I have been so busy there hasn't been time to do so.

This story is very much "in your face," with a variety of insider references including the continent of Atlantis, in this year's $125M Russell Crowe movie Noah.
In fact, the film opens up with humanity all existing on one large island -- and living in the aftermath of a destroyed technical civilization.
That being said, it is not fun to watch -- particularly if you had any hope of seeing a positive view of Noah.
Crowe's version of Noah is a violent psychopath -- and only gains redemption once he turns against God and wears the skin of the serpent.
The will of the Creator includes ordering Noah to let the sons and daughters of Cain all perish in the great Flood.
Noah believes this so strongly that he ultimately feels all human life must die -- including his own family and children.
It's only Tubal Cain who argues that humanity should survive -- and "subdue the earth."

Some of the reviews of Noah, from late March 2014, were admittedly perplexed.
3/28: Forbes Review of Noah
Noah’s third act character turn that probably caused Paramount to be somewhat squeamish about press screenings.
The film is at its best when it is presenting Noah as a genuine fanatic, sure in his belief that all of humanity, even himself and his family, must be punished for their sins.
That he may in fact be talking to God doesn’t negate the insanity of his logic and his choices….

Noah Plot Holes
Major Plot hole: How can Noah transfer his godly powers to his granddaughters at the end of the movie with theforeskin of the Eden snake around his arm when his own father didn't get to finish the same ritual on him when he was a boy?
Those girls got a ‘’light transfer’’ on them but Noah never did.
And why is this Snake necessary? Isn't it supposed to represent the Devil?
Why would God want his chosen one to use Satan imagery in his rituals?
Because Illuminati of course!

While writing this article, I found a detailed analysis of Noah that breaks it down, almost scene by scene, and argues in favor of the bloodline of Cain.
In case you think I made this all up, and no one else really thinks this way, I suggest reading Tracy's article.
Tracy Twyman is sharing her truth, and she has a right to do so. We should respect and encourage freedom of speech.
She also does appear to be a whistleblower, bravely putting out the truth as she sees it -- and potentially making Christians very angry at her in the process.
Public statements like this certainly catch my attention:
I can tell you that there are many elements of the film that made me think that the scriptwriters, Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel, seem to be tapping into some of the same hidden information that I did in my seances with Cain and Baphomet, as discussed in my book Clock Shavings.

This is very unsettling. I do not support these beliefs and only include this to show you that some people definitely do.
Not all spiritual information is bad. There are a variety of loving beings out there who have given positive "revealed teachings" to every culture.
Some of these words have become great religious texts that have inspired and uplifted millions throughout the ages.
That being said, I most definitely wouldn't want to mess around with trying to get Cain and Baphomet on the line -- but that's just a personal preference.
We all have the ability to communicate with other people at other levels of existence. It is a basic talent that most of us have lost.
Whether the orientation of the people we reach out to is positive or negative is up to us.
One of the Cabal's greatest tricks has been to deny us any direct access to the Christ within -- and demonize anyone who experiences such dreams and visions.

The first and most important secret phrase heard by Freemasons as they work their way up the ladder is TUBAL CAIN.
You have to make it a very long way -- usually to at least 32nd degree -- to have any chance of understanding what this really means.
Ultimately, this refers to the Cain bloodline and is also a crude joke -- as the "two-ball cane" is the male genitalia of Lucifer, who they believe impregnated Eve.

Masonic "Two-Ball Cane" Ring

Shriner's [33rd Degree Masons'] "Two-Ball Cane" Ring

Notice "Two-Ball Cane" symbolism in image of Ebola released to every media outlet for weeks after it started.

I had wondered why all the media kept using this one, single image of the Ebola virus.
Though it is not precisely identical to the "Two-Ball Cane" image, it is definitely close enough to suggest it may have been deliberately chosen.
Many independent journalists are arguing that Ebola was deliberately released.
Whether this is true or not, the Cabal does seem to be attempting to maximize the fear they can milk out of this.
It's so much bordering on complete hysteria that it seems quite foolish -- and hardly anyone seems to be playing along.
I have been through multiple airports in the last 3 months and I didn't see one person wearing a mask, talking about it or acting concerned.

"Two-Ball Cane" also appears in code as OO7 -- James Bond's code name. Bond represents the top-level agents who work for the Cabal.

In Cabal history, the first "OO7" was Queen Elizabeth's personal astrologer, John Dee.
Though this next quote is from a Christian website that demonizes the Cabal and all its people as sub-human, which is not the message presented by Jesus and other great spiritual teachers, certain quotes are worth repeating.
We have lightly edited basic syntax and grammar to enhance readability, as well as added a few new headlines.


His fearsome appearance in a tall pointed hat and his penchant for crystal balls gave the world the archetype of the wizard.
Dozens of storybook wizards have been based on Dee, including Gandalf, Harry Potter and even the Wizard of Oz.
He founded the Rosicrucian order (the pre-eminent training school for the occult), the first of many magical secret societies that promoted spiritual growth throughout the centuries.

John Dee (1527-1608) was an English mathematician, professor, and astronomer who gave it all up for the (at that time) more lucrative occupation of being an "angel channeler" and astrologer.

Dee eventually became Elizabeth's court astrologer -- and soon afterwards her spy.

As an agent of the crown, Dee conducted several mysterious missions, for purposes mostly unknown to this day.
He relished his espionage duties, creating elaborate, sophisticated ciphers.
In his correspondence with the Queen during these episodes, he signed his communiqués "007," a moniker that would be used again, as any fan of the spy genre will recognize.
John Dee believed that specially constructed mirrors could draw magical power from the sun and transmit messages and objects to distant stars and other worlds.
Dee attempted to receive visions from 'angels' using a globe of crystal.

Dee was born near London on the 13th of July 1527. He entered St. John's College at Cambridge at age 15....
From his studies he developed a doctrine that one could obtain knowledge of God from the applied practice of magick -- a controversial idea that was to get him into trouble on a number of occasions.
Early in his "Magik" career, during the reign of Queen Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary), Dee was arrested and accused of attempting to kill her with sorcery.
He was imprisoned in Hampton Court in 1553. Dee was imprisoned in England for the crime of ‘calculating’ – practicing the pagan craft of mathematics. He was accused of practicing black magic.

In 1564 one of his many books dealing with occult matters, The Monas Heiroglyphica, was published.
The Monas Heiroglyphica is a symbol created by Dee, which he believed was the ultimate symbol of occult knowledge. The following year he published Di Trigono.

Dee began his experiments in trying to contact discarnate entities in 1581, mainly fuelled by strange dreams, feelings and mysterious noises within his home.
On 25 May 1582, he recorded that he had made his first contact with the spirit world through the medium of his crystal ball.
This had taken Dee years of work to achieve -- through studying the occult, alchemy and crystallomancy.
Spirit contact would prove to be a major driving force behind Dee for the rest of his life.
While Dee was away in Europe, things were not boding well at home.
In 1583, a large mob attacked Dee's home and library at Mortlake in Surrey, destroying his collection of books, occult instruments and personal belongings.
The attack was probably in response to rumors that Dee was a wizard.


John Dee, Rosicrucians and Freemasons all believe the same thing: that benevolent "higher spiritual beings" are just waiting in one of many other dimensions to aid "Perfected Men" like Dee and Freemasons.
These are men who have allegedly perfected themselves through proceeding up through the ranks of the secret societies....
"Dee was a practitioner of 'Hermetic Gnosticism', a school of thought based on the ancient pre-Christian teachings of the Greek god Hermes.
Hermes was in fact a mere copy of the much earlier Egyptian god of knowledge and language, Thoth.
In this sense, all 'Hermetic Gnosticism' can be viewed as a worship of the teachings of Thoth.
According to the Egyptian mythos, Thoth was one of the gods who came down to Earth, along with Isis and Osiris, to bring the fruits of knowledge, civilization and the sciences to the Egyptian people ...
In 1581, using his knowledge of these ancient practices, Dee began a series of attempts to communicate with 'higher beings'. His channel in this capacity was one Sir Edward Kelly..."
The 007 was the insignia number that Elizabeth was to use for private communiques between her Court and Dee.
Dee signed his letters with two circles (zeros) and a seven: “007". Dee was the man whom Ian Fleming modeled his 007 James Bond character after.
[End excerpt]

One of the stories I personally retold in a recent Ancient Aliens shoot for History Channel concerned John Dee.
Specifically, it appears that Dee's work in contacting extraterrestrials paid off in a dramatic way.
The key quote that reveals what happened comes from a website the above author was quoting from.
When the Spanish Armada loomed over the English Channel, it was Dee as the wise sage who suggested to hold the course and be still.
He had correctly anticipated that devastating storms would destroy the mighty Spanish Fleet and that it would be best to keep the English ships at bay.
Some have suggested that it was Dee himself who conjured up that storm.

One insider told me Dee was able to defeat the Spanish Armada with spontaneous storms not once, but twice.
This obviously generated a great deal of attention -- if it did in fact occur.

John Dee may have contacted negative ET groups that gave technological assistance to the British Empire to ensure they would prevail.

Dee was a rock star. A true wizard. He had discovered an incredible new means of acquiring power.
Once we become familiar with the idea that good ETs (Angels) and bad ETs exist, and are involved in our affairs, we can see what might have happened.
It may be that Dee facilitated a new alliance with negative extraterrestrial groups that promised support to the British Empire -- but at a terrible cost.
These same ET groups may very well be still working through the Cabal today -- as films like Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow and many other sources now imply.
Thankfully, these ETs are being opposed by a much greater number of positive groups, both here on the ground and from elsewhere.

This is a vast subject that goes far outside the scope of one article of this sort.
Very importantly, one high-level insider told me there is a rule that the bad ETs cannot break, no matter how badly they want to:
"You are not allowed to shoot the Red Cross workers."
This means that if you do work like I'm doing on this site, and stand behind your message with integrity in your private life, you will be just fine.
This is one of "THE RULES" that the negatives must follow. If they try to break it, the good guys have full permission to block them -- with force.
Another more commonly-known rule in the truth circuit is that they have to tell us what they are doing or else it won't be allowed to succeed.
John Dee almost certainly understood this. It is an occult technology that is very much still being used today. In fact, it's now more obvious than ever.
We will go much more into this concept in Part Three.

Insiders informed me that even though I covered many of the Cabal symbolic references in the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, I missed the most important one of all.
In a six-and-a-half-minute video posted here on the official Olympics YouTube page, you can watch the whole sequence -- but it is not embeddable.
All other copies of the video have been taken down. However, this next video summarizes what happened, and it can be embedded:

As this front-page headline of the Drudge Report revealed, "the Queen" parachuted into the Olympics -- with none other than OO7 himself.

Most people who found this amusing had no idea that there was greater symbolism at work here.

The helicopter she and OO7 travel in, being waved at by everyone, apparently represents the original spacecraft that the "fallen angels" arrived in.
Their final parachuting into the Olympic arena was meant to represent the "fall" -- as in the Fallen Angels.

Those within the Cabal would have been well aware of what this meant -- but for everyone else it remained inscrutable.
The Queen herself may be subjected to vast manipulation, and has much less knowledge of what is going on than we think.
She may also feel trapped, and wish there was a way she could get herself out of the system.
If you would like to read more about this parachuting event, with photos, video and interviews, you can look herehereand here

The idea that Lucifer is an extraterrestrial, and Cabal members are his oppressed descendants, gives them a sense of group cohesiveness and unity against common oppressors -- namely everyone else on earth.
They are taught that the Christian "God" wants them all dead -- to preserve those who are the "seeds of Adam" while wiping them out at the same time.
This is a great misunderstanding, in my opinion -- but it fuels much of their anger and hatred on the inside, according to multiple sources.
Here is an image of Noah facing off against Tubal Cain from this year's Noah movie:

Noah vs. Tubal Cain

Insiders also told me to look at the second-to-last US Presidential Election for another sign:

It is intriguing to consider that if we are dealing with highly intelligent negative ETs, they may have deliberately designed opposing religious philosophies.
If the Roman Empire and its supporters designed Christianity, as well as the Cabal, the goal could be to get both groups turned against each other.
Their strategy would be to create one spiritual philosophy for the 'elite' and another diametrically opposite one for the 'commoners.'
You get the 'elite' believing they are all condemned to burn in hell for all eternity by the god of the commoners. This causes the elite to fear them greatly.
Then you get the commoners believing the same things about the elite -- that they are the embodiment of pure evil.
The negative influence does not care about the people in the elite. They are betrayed and sacrificed whenever required. There is no loyalty there.
It takes ongoing massive, public displays of symbolism to keep any level of morale alive in the Cabal whatsoever -- but at this point there is very little left.
I touched on this data at my Los Angeles conference in August and will be covering it in even more detail in Sedona this Saturday, November 1st.

The Genesis quotes 4:15 and 4:24 discuss the bloodline of Cain, and the idea of the vengeance that will follow. Secret cycle numbers were encoded in this passage. 
This passage also gave rise to the name of the death-metal band Avenged Sevenfold, as we said before.
The encrypted data in the Bible suggests that this period of 7x77 years is of critical importance in understanding this epic, archetypal battle that goes back to the dawn of humankind, post-Flood.
More and more, we are learning that the Flood is not a myth -- it refers to an epic, worldwide event where sea level rose by over 300 feet.
In the aftermath, a new human race was "seeded" by the good guys -- benevolent, angelic ETs -- and this is what we could call the "seed of Adam."
Another intriguing clue from the book of Genesis, pointing to this same cyclical repetition in the battle between the sons of Adam and the sons of Cain, can be found in Genesis 5:28-31:
Genesis 5:28-31 records that Lamech was 182 years old at the birth of Noah, and lived for another 595 years after this, placing Lamech's age at death at 777 years.

These numbers may be encoded references revealing the fact that this battle between "good and evil" keeps re-iterating in multiple cycles -- with the 7x77-year cycle being the most significant of all.
At least six different direct correspondences have been found between European history in the 1400s and American history both pre and post-911, 7x77 years later, as we revealed in The Synchronicity Key.
Again, the presence of these codes in the Bible may well be the work of benevolent angelic ETs.
By encoding the same cycle in a passage about the "seeds of Cain" and the "seeds of Adam" in Jesus' quote, it implies that both sides are playing out these same cycles.

I think it is very important for us to discern the difference between the people in the Cabal and the influence workingthrough the Cabal.
One of the greatest tools used to keep people in the Cabal is the belief that they are condemned to hell if they leave, and therefore staying is their only hope.
I do firmly believe that the great spiritual teachings, including those of Jesus, tell us that all are forgiven and accepted.
No crimes against others are unforgivable -- no matter how upsetting and difficult they may be. Everything we do to others, we must pay back, by law.
We are accountable for the harm we create others through the Law of Karma -- "as you sow, so shall you reap" -- but within that law lies forgiveness.
Once we atone for what we have done, and pay off the debts we incurred to others, we have restored our own positive spiritual nature once more.

Part Three: New Readings

As we have briefly covered in this article, The Synchronicity Key provides compelling evidence that history is following a structured plan for our spiriutal evolution.
We have identified multiple cases of noteworthy leaders re-appearing in precise intervals of time, such as 2160 years and 539 years.
Not only do they look the same, but they do very similar things -- at almost the exact same times they did them in the previous cycles.
Some people, like Jimmy Carter, improve upon their former deeds. Others, like Nixon and Hitler, repeat exactly the same lessons.

Scipio Africanus and Richard Nixon: Same Faces, Same Politics, Same Scandals, Exactly 2160 Years Apart

Watergate is an almost pitch-perfect repetition of a scandal 2160 years earlier in Rome, where Scipio Africanus was caught in an act of treason and resigned.
One of the only criticisms of The Synchronicity Key, for a few people who read and understood it, was this:
"Why is this mass reincarnation only happening to world leaders? Is this some elite thing? What about the rest of us?"

Though we can't prove it yet, it is very likely that everyone is reincarnating in these same historical cycles.
Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker have studied over 3000 cases of children who remembered having been someone else before.
Dr. Stevenson focused on meticulously proving the memories the children had were correct -- and the results were undeniable.

Dr. Jim Tucker, the successor to Dr. Ian Stevenson, recently released his long-awaited book Return to Life late last year.
The publicity campaign included a noteworthy appearance on NPR and a fascinating write-up by the Daily Mail.

One of the most exciting new cases Dr. Tucker has explored is that of James Leininger, who very precisely remembered a life as a WWII pilot.
The child had repeating nightmares of trying to escape his plane. He remembered many very precise details.
And ultimately, his memories were so specific that his parents were able to identify who the original pilot was.
Remarkably -- but also as expected by the new science -- James had an astonishing facial similarity to this person he remembered having been before.

IThe Synchronicity Key I provide compelling evidence that Jesus taught reincarnation -- and it was suppressed by the Roman Empire.
However, a few small references have survived. Several noteworthy authors have written entire books just on the data surrounding this fascinating subject.
The word Gehenna, now used to imply "burning in hell," is a mis-interpretation of the idea of burning off karma.
The word Aion is read as "eternity," but it simply refers to a cycle of time.
The Roman Empire may have used the concept of "hell" to create a theocracy that could get people paying taxes and waging "holy wars" to avoid eternal damnation.

The evidence in favor of reincarnation is quite vast. All the best cases have striking facial similarities with the people they remember having been before.
Dr. Jim Tucker has further enhanced the potency of this research by using forensic face-matching software to prove these similarities do exist.
This next example is another reincarnation case you can read about at the same link that discusses the James Leininger / WWII fighter pilot example.

This new, ever-increasing body of data implies that the soul has far more of an effect on facial structure than we normally think.
The scientific knowledge to support this idea is presented in both The Source Field and The Synchronicity Key.
Just because this is a new science, that doesn't mean it is incorrect.
Time and time again, we learn new laws of nature that come to us as remarkable technological breakthroughs.
This could well be another example.
There is a growing groundswell of interest in trying to find reincarnation cases through face-matching.

One noteworthy site that has done their homework is Personality and Spirituality.
New cases are presented suggesting that famous Classical composers and artists are reincarnating as famous modern musicians.
Here is one of the examples -- Alanis Morrisette and Segei Prokofiev:

Here is a juicy excerpt from the Personality and Spirituality site that reveals just how far this particular reincarnation case goes.
It would be fascinating to explore whether pivotal events in Bronte's life have cyclical connections to Lennon's. Most likely they will:
In the Jewelle St. James book, the author notes the similarities between Branwell Brontë and John Lennon:
Branwell, like John, was an artist and a poet. Branwell drank and did drugs. Actually he did more than doing drugs -- he was an addict.
Branwell, like John, lost his mother at an early age, and had sisters but no brothers.
Oh, and Branwell had good friends in Liverpool.…
Branwell and John both drew caricatures, depicting aspects of their lives.
[And finally - ] Branwell’s self portraits are the image of John Lennon! The nose, the glasses, everything.
Unfortunately, the book neglects to include photos to illustrate the point, so here we go. Internet to the rescue!
There aren’t that many pictures of Branwell Brontë to go by, but of those we have, the similarities with John Lennon are indeed striking, right down to the glasses.

John Lennon(L) and Branwell Brontë (R)
John Lennon(L) and Branwell Brontë (R)
John Lennon-Branwell Bronte
John Lennon(L) and Branwell Brontë (R)

[End excerpt]
There was a site with many, many more examples of reincarnated Classical musicians I found in about 2000, and I have not yet been able to re-locate it.

What The Synchronicity Key suggests -- offering a great lead for new research -- is that precisely repeating time cycleswill be found between the genuine cases as well.
For the long-term cycles such as 2160 years, we only have a few historic examples we can draw upon.
Most people from pre-Christian Roman history do not have accurate busts carved of them that we can still analyze today.
Yet, the evidence we do have is so compelling that it fundamentally alters everything we think we know about history -- and reality.
History is not random. History is following a script, which keeps repeating the same series of story points -- until we learn our lessons and grow from them.

We are now seeing the final "wailing and gnashing of teeth" in an epic, largely secret war to restore peace and freedom on earth.
The people of this planet are finally rising up against a secretive, occult power group that has been enslaving us since well before the time of Christ.

The people of this planet are finally rising up against a secretive, occult power group that has been enslaving us since well before the time of Christ.

Many elements of the "Mass Arrests" scenario -- i.e. arrests of top people in the Cabal -- have come true since we first began writing about this in 2011.
The movies we discussed in Part One provide compelling proof that such an alliance exists -- and is working hard to promote freedom.
Disclosure is a critical element in a mass, relatively spontaneous human evolution and awakening process that we have called Ascension.
Many ancient prophecies -- from over 30 ancient cultures -- prognosticated the exact conditions and concerns that we are now finding ourselves in.
Most importantly, they do not speak of doom and gloom. They say all of this apparently insoluble mess will usher in a marvelous "Golden Age".
Ever since I started writing online in 1996, I have been making this case -- and doing the best I can to help co-create that new reality.

If you dial back to the earliest days of our work online, circa 1998 and 1999, one main focus was in presenting evidence that I may be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.
In case you are unfamiliar with Edgar Cayce, he performed over 14,000 documented "psychic readings" that were profoundly accurate.
With nothing more than a person's name and address, and an agreement for them to be at that spot during the reading, he could diagnose their medical conditions while in a deep state of trance.
He would begin speaking, give the diagnosis and prescribe unconventional treatments. Then upon awakening, he remembered very little, if any of it.
The treatments brought many people back from the brink of death -- and attracted widespread interest amongst many luminaries of his time.
Cayce only got widespread publicity late in life -- and he never charged more than 25 dollars a reading, which is about $250 in today's currency.
Over 600 books have been written off of Cayce's work, making him the single most influential spiritual figure of the 20th century.

Edgar Cayce

Cayce was a devout Christian, and wrestled for years with whether or not his gift was a positive.
This became even more difficult for him after the early 1920s, when his readings began discussing reincarnation as a fact -- and telling clients about their past lives.

Edgar Cayce's work is arguably less popular in metaphysical circles in the post-Internet era, since very few of the 600-plus books are online.

Cayce ultimately decided that since people were being saved from the brink of death, time and time again, he would continue -- but it always bothered him.
Cayce also had a strong group of supporters around him. The readings revealed these people had been reincarnating with him throughout many lifetimes.
His readings also routinely predicted the future with astonishing clarity, as I detailed in The Synchronicity Key.
There is a tremendous amount of data in the readings to prove he could not have faked any of this. The case is far too vast to be attacked in any meaningful way.
Before the era of the Internet, Cayce's work was far more widely known -- and very commonly featured in a wide variety of esoteric books.
Since most of that data is still hidden away in published books, it is arguably less popular in metaphysical circles now than it was before the mid-1990s.
Cayce's readings also consistently emphasize the importance of connecting and communicating with the Christ within each of us -- that spirit of the Universe.

One very strong element of the Cayce / Wilcock case is that we have an incredible facial similarity, as you will see pictured below.
This doesn't just appear between the two men themselves, but also with a variety of others the readings said had been re-appearing with him again and again.
In short, almost all of the closest people in Cayce's life returned as a majority of the closest people in my own life.

At least ten very strong reincarnation cases have been identified between the closest associates of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock.

This includes my father, brother, best friend in high school and three best friends in college.
We recommend reading Introduction to the Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connectionto see these pictures and grasp more of the details.
Since this time, four more cases have appeared that are equally astonishing and precise in the facial similarities and karmic connections.
In fact, two of the new cases have facial similarities that are so close to each other they are nearly identical-looking -- and many other details match perfectly.
This has become so much a part of my life that I have been forced to examine it deeply. That is what ultimately led to the writing of The Synchronicity Key.
I have not publicized any of the new cases at this time since we have far more exposure now.
In general, there is a great deal more stalking and hate going on with any public figures -- and I don't want to put my friends through that.

Our first published book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? gives the full, elaborate backstory -- and I was heavily involved in editing and adding content to it.
For years now, I have been so conflicted about this whole thing that I usually never discuss any of it -- and feel better that way.
Many people I trusted told me I would destroy my credibility if I ever even mentioned it at all -- so apart from George Noory's questions, I usually don't.
Yet after 22 years of writing my dreams down every morning and gaining benefit from their guidance, I was told it would be a "spiritual felony" if I didn't share it.

I occasionally get a check for a couple hundred bucks for having co-authored this book.
Even though it's quite thorough, I've completely avoided publicizing it.
My co-author literally had to betray me and trick me by getting a publishing deal behind my back, because I had fully intended to sabotage the project.
I am glad he did it, ultimately, because without that type of intervention it never would have happened.

Like Cayce, I've been able to perform "psychic readings" that appear to come from a profoundly positive source, and can effortlessly see into the future.
Due to this sense of extreme, ongoing public scorn, coupled with the basic stresses of life, I stopped doing readings for over a decade.
I knew that I had to be in a place of true clarity, peace and freedom from stress, anger and frustration in order to do it properly.
As the Cabal became increasingly aggressive and visible, this state of mind became harder and harder to achieve.
I didn't trust myself to get good work -- and I did not want to do it at all unless I could be certain.
Only in the last week was I told in dreams, after this long sabbatical, that I should do it again.
The results are soon to follow in this section -- and have direct relevance to everything going on right now, including the Ebola scare.

"An Extraordinary Astrological Recapitulation" gives technical details of how remarkably our birth planets line up.
In addition to the striking facial similarities pictured in Introduction, astrologer Brian McNaughton calculated that the line-up of Sun over Sun, Mercury over Mercury, Venus over Venus, Mars over Mars and Moon over Moon between these two charts can only happen once in 127 years:

David Wilcock's birth planets line up so well with Edgar Cayce's that no better alignment can occur in a 127-year period after Cayce's death.

"In studying and practicing the Divine science of Astrology for over twenty years, I have never seen such a remarkable re-convergence of the ‘personal' planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars)....
What leaps out at the astrologer is the fact that all five personal planets are in the same signs in both charts.
I am not the mathematician I would like to be, but the order of odds against such a lineup is very high (see sidebar), when you consider the chances of one conjunction of a pair of personal planets to be on the order of 1:18 (giving a ten-degree orb either way).
The odds of having five pair of inner planets conjunct is nothing less than phenomenal!...
All four planets haven't been back in the same signs as Cayce and Wilcock on March 8th since Cayce's birth, except at Wilcock's birth."

The real heyday of my readings was from late 1996 to early 2000. During that time I was pulling in data almost every day.
I will never forget November 10, 1996, the day it all started. It still ranks as the finest day of my life.

We all have a Higher Self -- the Christ within -- guiding us behind the scenes through dreams and synchronicity. Some seers have made direct, accurate contact.

The future was predicted with remarkable clarity almost immediately -- and many more astonishing examples soon followed.
I came face-to-face with increasingly undeniable proof that I had a "Higher Self" that was guiding and protecting me.
My mind was continuously blown by what was happening -- including hundreds of remarkable future prophecies.
The guidance consistently humbled me and challenged my ego and self-defeating behaviors -- but I listened and learned.
More and more, I was being steered into an increasingly positive, spiritual perspective -- and to do more and more research to validate my discoveries.
Eventually I was guided to pick up and move to Virginia Beach, Cayce's final homeland and the location of his surviving organization.
At that point I had only just started seeing that there might be a connection between us -- after an entire year of doing readings almost every morning.
Up until a few weeks before I moved, I had never seen a photo of Cayce at my own age -- and I was shocked.

This is Robert Smith, the editor-in-chief of the Association for Research and Enlightenment's official Venture Inwardmagazine.

Robert Smith

Bob had just been looking at this picture of Edgar Cayce as a young man for inclusion in the magazine, right before meeting me in 1998:

We met at the Nawab, a popular Indian restaurant in Virginia Beach on 756 Colonial Road, thanks to his friend Francis Sporer, who was the art editor for the magazine.
Although Bob was cool when he met me, he later revealed he "nearly fell over backwards" when he first walked in.
I had been seated in the same relative position as in this photograph -- and when I turned to look at him as he came in, I looked exactly the same as Cayce did in the picture.
Many other key people involved in Cayce's work in Virginia Beach had similar reactions.

In the past, the shame and trolling I received from talking about this was so vast that I just avoided the subject completely -- as I said before.
However, I do feel that now is the right time to start talking about it again, particularly after seeing the quality of the new work.
Here are some other images from Edgar Cayce's Photographic Legacy that show how he looked at my age and weight.
The resemblance is quite stunning. It has been verified by portrait artists, reincarnation experts and thousands of laypersons who can see it very easily.

The greatest similarities lie in the eyes, the shape of the brow, the lips and the chin. Though it is not exactly the same face, there is an undeniable resemblance.

If you read The Synchronicity Key, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? or the Readings Archive, you will see that this work generated dozens, if not hundreds of accurate prophecies.
I stopped doing readings in 2003, except for occasional times here and there over the years when it felt right.

The hatred David experienced online was so strong that he completely stopped talking about it -- or doing any readings.

Part of the problem was that as I got more public, I experienced more hatred -- and had to work through feelings of frustration.
I felt that my mind had become too clouded and polluted to do this work properly.
I expected this wouldn't last -- but as I started doing the Convergence film in 2008, and then had book deals, conferences and more web articles, I got increasingly stressed out.
Only recently did I finally get tired enough that I had to take a break from everything -- and just focus on relaxing.
I wasn't sure what this would bring, but I began having multiple dreams strongly encouraging me to do more readings -- that now was the time.
This "reboot" may have been helped by the fact that I now jog a half-hour a day and have stopped eating all sweetened food -- in addition to my already fine-tuned diet.

The first of these two new readings came in this past Wednesday, and the second one the morning after.
On a personal level, the Wednesday reading already predicted the future so astonishingly that it actually saved the relationship of two close friends of mine.

This past Wednesday's reading predicted the future so breathtakingly well that it saved the relationship of David's close friend.

My friend, who we'll call Bill, had his girlfriend show up on Thursday with all of his stuff from her house in a box. She said she was done... that's it.
She gave no real explanation, and no opportunity to discuss her decision. It was a sudden, clean break -- over and out. Bill was quite distraught.
Amazingly, the first reading came in the day before this happened -- and precisely spelled out exactly what she was about to do.
It even called her a "coward" for doing it -- not once, but twice.
That reading will be featured in our next update. It goes into a variety of useful spiritual concepts that can be applied to our everyday lives.
As soon as he started telling me what had happened, I realized the reading had nailed it.

Though the message was universal in nature, it was also so specific and so obvious that she realized it was true. The proof was undeniable.
She admitted that she was acting out of fear, that the reading was absolutely correct, and that she had been cowardly by not giving him a chance to communicate.
They have since gotten back together.
The reading didn't 'order' her to do this. Instead, it helped her understand that she was acting out of fear and powerlessness rather than trust and confidence.
This is news I just found out about a couple of hours ago -- and was the final trigger to writing this entire article.
Even before they reconciled, Bill realized it was so precisely accurate and calibrated to his situation that it helped him build confidence and trust in the positive.

The rest of this section contains the second of two powerful new intuitive readings that I feel are some of the strongest I've ever pulled in. 
They both came in from a level so deep I was literally hearing most of it for the first time as I transcribed them.
I had only a generic, minimal understanding of some of the main themes at play while my voice was speaking the words.

When David transcribed this session from the recording, he was hearing most of it for the first time.

I was quite surprised at how long these sessions lasted, because while it was happening it all seemed to only take 20-30 minutes at the most.
We are also planning on releasing the original audio soon enough, free of charge, so you can hear what my voice sounded like as it was coming in.
In some cases it sounds very, very far out, and quite slow -- but it still reads remarkably clearly.
I will very likely compose an original psychedelic music soundtrack behind them to enhance the trip-out factor even more.
If you like it you can help out with a donation, but I will be giving these MP3s away free of charge now that I have a survivable income from my TV show.

Without further ado, here is what came in this past Thursday morning. It is very relevant to everything going on today -- and what we have been discussing.
I added headlines in after the fact to break it all up and make it easier to read and digest.
Other than that, not a single word has been added, deleted or changed.


The ebola outbreak will take its toll, but not in the way most people think.
The objective of the negative elite is control and domination of others. That is failing.

The universal will has responded to your plight.
And as David is well aware, there have been multitudes of divine interventions, as you could call them, to contain and check the negative influences upon your sphere.
So while there are still events causing some degree of panic and great concern, and indeed loss of life, we are steadfastly forestalling any and all events that would ruin the garden, so to speak – and/or give the negative any type of decisive advantage that would allow them to preserve their depopulation and dominance agenda.

While we do not like seeing all this fear and pain upon your planet, we also are working from a perspective of understanding that it is a necessary catalyst to a global awakening.
It is vitally important that you make this change yourselves.
All hands are on deck now, and everyone is being inspired to be of service in some fashion.
You need not worry about the method of how you are helping, necessarily.
Far more important than what you do is how you are doing it.

As we have so often said, this is ultimately a frequency battle.
Those who continue to feel a profound sense of distress, anger, loneliness, fear, jealousy, rage, et cetera, and exist in these states for prolonged periods of time, are in fact directly contributing to the furtherance of the negative agenda.
Your planet ultimately is a very highly structured illusion, in which there are widespread numbers of beings like ourselves whose responsibility is to keep the veil of materiality as convincing as possible -- while offering clues that it is far more holographic than most would ever realize.

Let this be a lesson in compassion and grace.
For the path, as always, is one of reconciling the inner desires for change with the outer appearance of staleness.

Be at peace within yourself, and understand that there is a direct change in the physics of consciousness when you exist in a state of uplifting gratitude, good humor, happiness, laughter and favorable feelings towards yourself and others.
This may seem hokey to those who have not familiarized themselves with the greater plan and purpose of the Creation.
It may seem that these emotions lack the subtlety and nuance of one who is a seasoned observer of human nature – and are therefore naïve and even foolish.
The real difference, of course, comes in the simple acknowledgement that there is nothing wrong about feeling good.
In fact, it is quite wonderful to feel good.

There are those who want you to feel bad.
They promote wars and rumors of wars, plagues and rumors of plagues, mass shootings, economic chaos, et cetera.
Their goal is to literally keep you in as much of a state of fear as is possible.
It is akin to someone trying to perform a symphony of destruction upon a single violin that contains only one string.
More and more, you are learning to tune out this cacophony of fear.

And like a heroin junkie, the Cabal is fighting back by attempting to amp up their responses as much as possible – to get another fix, faster and faster, each time, so that no focus is broken – and that fear continues to be the dominant, nerve-jangling note that is played on the global stage.
And yet, look at all we have attained. In the process of awakening, there is freedom.
Your governments, financial systems and militaries, corporate heads and media monopolies, have most definitely not been free.
This condition has continued in some fashion for quite some of your years, as you measure time.

It is a cycle, built into the harmonic wheelwork of Creation itself.
It produces individual Hero’s Journey storylines, as well as a global struggle akin to the Hero’s Journey in its own, distinctive right.
You are engaged in the story – whether you like it or not.
It speaks to you from every corner now.
The simple joy of a life lived in solitude and isolation from the global stage is being continuously interrupted.

The Cabal is increasingly like a child having a temper tantrum.
And as the child loses its attention, and is no longer the focus of everyone’s concern, it only responds by acting out and becoming more and more angry.

We have a little surprise for you at this time.
It comes in the recognition that there are no stars in the sky.
There is only a hologram of the emptiness that is within.
And within said emptiness lies awareness – and Unity consciousness.
The bigness of the Universe produces a compelling illusion that it must be real.
And in a certain sense, it absolutely is.

You do live in a hologram, and within the hologram there are rules.
One of the most important rules is the freedom of will.
By infringing upon the free will of others, you mandate balancing actions to occur within this illusion.
And yet, once you understand the greater implications of there being no universe, other than that which arises from the fullness of a unity that is beyond space and time, then you can indeed revel in the fact that your journey need not take thousands or millions of years of reincarnation to complete itself.

There is an agenda for your life.
And in these times of great change, you can come into direct contact with your true nature as a spiritual being, and as Oneness, like never before.
The path is so much easier than you may realize, because as we said before, it is primarily about feeling good.
Struggle is not a requirement; good humor is.

Granted, there are always going to be challenges you can take on.
But within those challenges there is always a nobility of character that shines through; a willingness to receive the support that will be given to you when you take on a noble cause, and put your best foot forward in service to others.
Though the world may seem impossibly broken, and though the fear-mongers shout from every rooftop that doom is right around the corner, you will notice that you still live and breathe, that there is no martial law, there are no detainment camps, there is no mass doom and destruction.

It is now becoming clear that we have eliminated the possibility of a nuclear war, ever since you developed the technology.
What is far less known is the degree to which we have systematically checkmated any and every attempt to create similar scenarios through other means.
The negative is not allowed to win this game, because your collective free will does not mandate that it does so.

There are certain planets that are allowed to be conquered. And this is a direct consequence of the overall state of being of the people who live upon it.
Such environments are murderously complex and terrifying.
And the enslavement that occurs does, in a sense, create organization – and a great story of struggle against seemingly impossible adversaries.
In these cases, people who had become extremely negative are then given a direct opportunity to pool their resources together, often under the greatest terms of secrecy imaginable, to rise up against their oppressors and reclaim their sovereignty.
In the midst of such a noble quest, many layers of negativity are purged and healed – and there even can be a shift back into the positive in the course of this process.

Bear in mind, once again, that earth as it exists today is not negative enough to warrant this succeeding.
Most planets are not. This is a very rare phenomenon, relatively speaking.

You are noticing that upon your planet, the negative agenda is becoming impossible to ignore.
This is by design.
The more upsetting and oppressive and odious the shadow government appears, the greater incentive there is to seek to rise above it in one’s own life and motivations.
Bear in mind that you reach a stalemate of sorts when you indulge in complaining about the problem, and obsessing upon the details and the subtleties of its basic nature.

The most important thing to see about the negative agenda, at this time, is that it is losing the battle for control of humanity.
Granted, there are those who automatically will spring back and say that this is impossible, it is folly, and it is a dangerous thought to even consider.
They will suggest that nothing short of a vigilant focus upon fear and anger is required.

Why don’t we take a step back for a minute and really reconsider the scientific data that you already have available to you – such as the so-called Meditation Effect.
There have been dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies proving that relatively small groups of people meditating together, and performing a reunion with unity consciousness, can have a profoundly positive effect upon the outcomes and circumstances on your planet.
This is not a subject of speculation. It is pure science.
And regardless of how you think this message is getting to you, and whether you believe in its credibility or not, this much is certain:
The meditation effect is absolutely real. And it is an invitation to mystery.
If seven thousand people meditating in unison can reduce global acts of terrorism by seventy-two percent, as was documented, then clearly we have a tool for promoting peace and ending conflict worldwide that is of far greater usefulness than any military expenditures currently being made, or which ever have been made.

If threat deterrence is truly the goal, then meditation is the answer.
The reason why this works is that you are experiencing a shared consciousness.
The conscious mind biases its access to the cloud, if you will, so that it appears that your thoughts are personal.
But when you consider the innumerable pieces of scientific data that show how easily and readily thoughts are shared, such as the Meditation Effect and many others, you realize that there is a collective emotional body and intellect.
And only a small degree of work is necessary to alter the collective.

We have noticed a certain bias in favor of single acts of meditation at certain specific dates and times, with the goal of reducing conflict on those occasions.
This is, in a sense, akin to a parlor trick, proving the same effect works again and again.
We do not in any way mean to decry or diminish the importance of such endeavors.
However, it is clear that the proof has been obtained directly – innumerable times.
There is no further need for proof.
Also, to only do occasional meditations of this nature is akin to voting in an election and then having no further control over what the candidate does after the vote has been cast.

You see, these periods of mass meditation can indeed create a momentary change in the level of conflict and hostility, but it can also be akin to a church-goer seeking salvation on Sunday so they can return to their normal behaviors throughout the rest of the week.
Those normal behaviors may very well be significantly lacking in their spiritual level of evolution.
Again, we are not saying that mass meditation exercises should be ignored or overlooked.
What we are saying, however, is that they provide a low-lying fruit that can serve to some as a distraction, believing that if they seek to accentuate the positive and exist in a state of unity consciousness during those moments, that whatever else takes place in the remainder of their lives is largely irrelevant.

Our hope has always been to generate an incentive leading to more of a mindfulness practice, so that you are online, helping solve the problem, essentially at all times – rather than at certain fairly randomly chosen intervals.
The level of conflict and hostility on earth at any moment is a direct function of how everyone is thinking and feeling.
And it would surprise you to notice how few people preserve the balance in certain circumstances where traumatic experiences are widespread – based on the latest screaming headlines.
You have been given these experiences of synchronicity and the breakthrough into the positive perspective so that you can see the deep, inner core of unity that all arises from.

It may seem dangerously naïve to you to believe in the positive outcome, and the goodness of the universe.
But we invite you to cultivate this sense of peace and belongingness and good cheer, patience and forgiveness, and acceptance of others.
For in so doing, you are enabling us to be of much greater assistance – both to you as a person and to the collective.
In many senses, the efforts you make as an individual carry far greater weight than you may realize.

The voting for the outcome on your planet occurs moment by moment.
And in those moments, you can be a force for the good.
Look at how powerful the events are that are taking place in your world at this time.
You are indeed living in a supernatural reality.
You are indeed seeing mind-boggling hidden truths coming to light.
How you respond to all of this is your choice – and you can choose wisely.

You can choose to look at those moments of grace, those moments of compassion, those moments of honor and noble service, and see that you want to be one of those people who spreads that to others – and to yourself.
Creating harmony is often about letting it happen: being brave enough to ease the mind’s control as it seeks to embellish all stories with fear and needless complexity of details.
We do not call this “blind faith.” We call it absolute truth.

You are still ensconced within the illusion in physical form.
You have a physical body and you exist in what appears to be a universe of matter.
Therefore, it is very compelling to believe that the laws of cause and effect are as fixed as Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, or Newton’s law of gravity.
From our perspective, our jobs are to exist outside your illusion and help those who need the help the most – which at this point is everyone.

The more we are called upon to help you, the more help we can provide.
It is as simple as that.
We wish to cause you no harm – only to empower you to help yourselves.
We see the beauty of humanity; the nobility.
We do not view you with a sarcastic disdain, as a cancer upon the earth.
This is not our way.

Each soul is precious beyond measure – regardless of nation, race, religion, gender, et cetera.
You are all holograms of the One Infinite Creator, experiencing your own unique perspective upon that which is.
And we wish you kindness, laughter, and enjoyment of the fulfillment of the promises that all of the great masters have given you.

You are in a time of stunningly resplendent change.
The simple fact that everything holds together, and that the planet has not fallen apart in light of the efforts that are made by some to do so, can be proof enough that divine intervention is taking place -- and that you are indeed being protected.
It is as if a piano is playing, and you have not yet seen the player for being what it is.

You are steering this ship.
We are your servants.
We seek to help you usher in the very transformation that is required to get you to a place of harmony, peace and happiness.
Our goal is nothing more than your freedom and your self-realization.

Innumerable efforts are being made at this time to give you visionary experiences, prophetic dreams, synchronicities and all sorts of moments where the veil is pierced -- and you catch a glimpse of the greater mystery of unity that all this matter-based universe arises from.
In this moment, you can reclaim your sovereignty as a being.
You need not dance to the tune of those who would play the same nerve-jangling cacophony of fear again and again.

Recognize the flowers of pain that are wilting at this time.
Though their thorns may seem to be snagging more than ever, this is only by design.
As the denial breaks down and the villain is seen for what it is, it will appear bigger and more powerful than ever.
But this is simply a collective effect caused by the focus of attention.
As you begin realizing what the problem is on a collective level, it seems to have become even more accentuated than ever.
Know that in the denial finally breaking down, you move much closer to reconciliation.

We have worked and are working very diligently on a variety of levels to ensure that you will experience a successful outcome.
This includes our coordination with a vast international alliance of those whose righteousness compels them to step forward and secure humanity’s future from those who would seek to enslave it for their own gain and pleasure.
We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to give you this message, and want to remind you that it is that same still, small voice that speaks within you.
It is ageless wisdom, available to everyone by simply quieting the mind and turning within, to see the light that shines through the open heart – in the peace and stillness of the moment.
We thank you, and remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.
Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai and amen.
[End of reading, Thursday, October 23, 2014, 6:15 to 7:17 am PST]

Although this is becoming increasingly rare these days, I will be doing an all-day event in Sedona this coming Saturday, November 1st.
It will be loaded with slides, and reveal even more detail about everything I have discussed in this article -- and much more.

The Cosmic Battle for Ascension: A Five Million-Year Saga

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Positive ETs contacted every major ancient culture on earth and gave us the spiritual keys we need to achieve Ascension.
Negative ETs have been fighting to keep us down – and actually “fell” to earth and embodied in physical form, becoming a race of red-haired, white-skinned giants seen worldwide… in reports as recent as the 1700s.
See the artifacts, the skeletons and the history – and marvel at this brilliant reconstruction of an ongoing battle whose outcome has yet to be decided.
Hear up-to-date information on the Rainbow Body practices from ancient Tibet, and the positive ETs who contacted them to give us this precious knowledge.
By learning and applying these teachings, you can help turn the tides in this cosmic battle.
Once even a small number of us achieve Ascension, the negative agenda will be permanently and irretrievably defeated on Earth – and throughout much of the galaxy, according to some of David’s top insiders.

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I recommend jumping in and watching the new shows as they arrive, and then going back and watching older ones that catch your interest as time permits.
I am now heavily involved in detailing the buildup to open, public disclosure -- and the insider war going on behind the scenes.
We also have a new, second show coming up, perhaps in late December, where I will be interviewing people to help Disclosure along.
This is another major reason why I fell off on posting. I've barely been home since August in grabbing all these interviews.
Everything is included in the basic subscription price. You can now download episodes for later viewing as well.

In case you are a regular on this website, you know that I often get astonishing numerical synchronicities around the time that I post.
It just happened again. Immediately after I made this live, a screen came up where I saw the previous articles and their hits.
The last article I wrote, back in August, had exactly 99901 hits. We've had four and even five-digit repetitions before, but three is plenty good enough.
Here are the the screen shots I just took, from three different areas. Since I already hit the article before, my new viewing of it didn't increase the counter:

As always, people who experience synchronicity for themselves can easily see what is happening here.
It is ultimately a more intense means of proving that we do all share a greater connectedness than we currently realize.
For those who are unwilling to see it, I'm just "obsessed with numbers" and "seeing patterns where none exist."
That might be perhaps the most polite of the types of responses that are generated.
Regardless of what you believe, it happened yet again -- and this phenomenon continues to impress me!
I wish you peace and happiness in these ever-changing times. The next reading will be arriving soon!

I came back the next morning to do a few tiny edits and the hit counter for the Robin Williams piece now had repeating digits in the last two as well as the first three -- 99988:

It is very interesting to see this happen. It is completely effortless. It just works. These are only minor examples compared to what has happened.
Years ago I concluded that this phenomenon of synchronicity must involve a direct, benevolent telepathic influence of exactly when we do things.
Interestingly, the more you open your mind to the possibility, the more it is allowed to happen in your life -- and it certainly will, in ways that cannot be disputed.

Despite the posters of Angelina Jolie wearing devil horns that were everywhere for a period of time, Maleficent may also be a film by Cabal survivors, for survivors.
Comment #7 from Sarah said the following, in part:
"Yes, as David says, it appears to have been a dark tale of the classic story. But if you watch it, it is anything but!

I adore the movie because it tells the human story: Maleficent was peaceful and loving, she was betrayed and became lost and dark and suffered greatly.

The movie shows how Maleficent is continually disarmed by Aurora's love and kindness until she finds her way back to the light, just as we all eventually do.

It is a message we will need going forward when dealing with "the villain". It is the story of each of us. There is a hero and villain in us all and we must choose love or fear. Please watch this beautiful film, you will not regret it."

As the moderator sent me this comment, the hit counter on the last article was about to hit 100K -- and was at a "full alignment" of 99999.

Immediately after posting this picture, it happened again -- where the Facebook Like counter for this article was at the symbolic number 1776, indicating the American Revolution.
Interesting choice of numbers.
by David Wilcock