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Your Inner Power Is Driven By the Love Found Inside Your Heart. Always Look Into that Love For the Answers You Seek: Your Wisdom Lies Within

Thank you Khoas and Julie ...and so it is!
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Out of KHAOS Came Beauty: Message from Khaos, the first of the Primeval Gods

Children of Earth, I come to you this day to speak of your beautiful greatness. I AM Khaos. I emerged at the creation of the Universe. I still exist and my existence is in the lower atmosphere that surrounds Earth. At my request I have asked our dear vessel to supply the definition of Chaos. And we will take our transmission and discussion from there.

1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble
3. Often Chaos, the disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.*

After I emerged so did a few others, one which you know very well. You walk on her every day and enjoy the beauty she has brought you – Gaia also known as the Earth Mother. Out of the murky mess of what I was and still am came forth a most beautiful planet. She has taken care of you. She has fed you, clothed you and nurtured you throughout all your life journeys. You and Gaia have much in common. Not all pregnancies are planned, often pregnancies happen without warning. The result of any pregnancy is a beautiful child to nurture, to feed and to look after. Just as Earth was a gift to the Universe, each of you are a gift from God and each of you has the opportunity to become all that you are meant to be.

If there is chaos in your life, you have opportunity and choice to change what it is you dislike. Scientists all the time are making improvements on space discovery and learning about every layer that moves and floats around the Earth’s atmosphere. Progress can be slow at times, but it never stops. Just as your own spiritual progress that will have a grand effect on your personal life can come and go with different speeds. I have watched all of you move from one life into another. And through each one you have learned, you have grown, gained knowledge that is passed from one generation to another. Each lifetime you have gathered more and more knowledge and understanding. And children all the wisdom you have gained through all the many lives you have lived is inside of you.

Some of you have already figured out that some skills are more than hereditary, ex., if you are a naturally gifted seamstress, quite likely you have gained this skill not only from an ancestor but from another lifetime of doing such work. Maybe you are a natural sportsman or sportswoman, this can easily be portrayed from another lifetime being good at sports or even hunting depending on how far you wish to reflect and ponder. Many of the skills and gifts you have is an increased ability that you have carried from other past lives. There is nothing you do that has no meaning or reason.

All the creativity you bring forth throughout your daily lives has been instilled into you long before you were born in this lifetime. Each of you are very creative and you express yourself all the time uniquely that speaks in quiet volumes of who you are. The way you dress, the colours you choose, how you speak, the colours you like to cook with, how you interact with others especially children, and there are other examples that speak of your creative flair for living. Chaos may be around you or close by, yet you are beautiful. You have learned how to survive in a world that is filled with chaos. Congratulate yourself; show yourself the love you deserve. Gaia shows her love to you all the time, Even when she is shaking and tossing about different parts of herself, she is caring for herself and for all the inhabitants that live above her and some even are living inside the Earth. How remarkable that is to see; families in your lifetime thriving in caves.

There is so much evidence of your success in the many different corners of Earth. Earth has had its share of chaotic times and is not free of them. Through the many disruptive moments in your history, one thing that has always prevailed and gave hope to many is the birth of children. Children are blessings and you all know this. Each child born is another child blessed by God and gives hope and promise for a better future. I have witnessed many upheavals that have caused so much saddened distress. And some of this sadness has carried on a long time in the hearts of many. I ask of you dear children to end the sadness that you are feeling. Inside your body is a treasure that is filled to the brim with brilliance. Inside of you is a heart that is filled of golden bright love. It is this love that is your salvation, your breath of life without the disharmony. This beautiful love has always been there. Sometimes it has become small, but it has never been extinguished. When you are sad dear children, reach for the love that is there and love yourself. Don’t feel silly, be happy. Your happiness is so precious and so important.

I have watched so many struggles and heard so many cries. The tears cleanses your sorrow, and whatever heartache you may be experiencing. The struggles is what is building your wisdom, they teach you about changing destructive patterns and adopting a newer way that is healthier for your complete and whole self. Look at the chaos that surrounds you as a blessing and rejoice in what it is teaching you. Through all the chaos emerges an even more beautiful you. I am so pleased to be here with you today through our vessel. When I look at each of you, I see a butterfly that re-emerges from its cocoon after succeeding through each and every challenging lesson that has come your way. You keep fluttering, you keep trying and you remain beautiful. Everyday you transform dear children. Yes, this is the truth. By the decisions you make, you move yourself into different thought forms even a little minute fragment. Change is all around you and even though some adaptations have been difficult you have found a way to make something beautiful out of the chaotic world around you. Be proud of your achievements. No matter how big or how small each achievement is to be recognized and appreciated by you. You have done more than you realize for you own personal growth and achievement.

Your spiritual achievements have not been any less. They just may not be always so obvious. The spiritual ways tend to be subtle, they require a keen observer, yet they exist within you also. Regardless if you are seeking spiritual or personal growth, find happiness dear children in the love you have for yourself. Through your own love you will find your way into new areas of learning and of becoming more than you already are. Your inner power that is driven by the love that is found inside your heart has seen you complete so much already and you will continuously progress and move forward. Always look into that love for the answers you seek of yourselves. Your wisdom lies within dear children, not in any decorative school text book.

My presence is quite large for our vessel and I am causing her to be sleepy. I thoroughly have enjoyed myself and I will return to speak again. Find the positive always in your life rather the negative. Live for the love that fills your heart with happiness, joy and contentment.

I AM Khaos
through Julie Miller

*note from me (Julie), the definition is found:

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