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When I Asked A Pentagon "White Hat" Why People Like Kissinger & Bush Were Still Not In Jail, He Said "Because They Are Guarded By 30,000 Armed Men"

Now here's a very interesting correspondence between Benjamin Fulford and someone with a comment. It's revealing of "why things are not moving faster?"

Thank you Benjamin ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Open Letter To Ben Fulford & Response Feb 14, 2012

Hi Ben

From being involved in upper level logic and its uses in my businesses, I find it absolutely mind boggling why these reports keep coming in that they are arresting the little peons.... In construction you build something by starting with a foundation (bottom up)... When you want to tear it down, start at the top (top down)... It's sort of like popping a pimple... get the crooks at the top and the whole net work falls apart real quick....

I keep hearing from lots of posts things are now starting, but I have heard that for months. As an example... A guy makes a post on John Mchaffie's site (at the beginning of December, 2011) that the bad guys were to be rounded up, and then there was to be a 40 hour take over of Network TV and radio to educate the people... then NADA, nothing happens... This was all to happen before the end of December....

Example of what has been said to happen... The Fed Reserve is still operating. All the crooks are still doing their thing, and the chemical attacks on our air, food and water are still going on...This is the type of thing we keep hearing and nothing is evident enough to observe these are, in fact, being taken down. Without observing something it is real difficult to believe....

Is there anything I can tell the folks I meet with, that you can say, to convince them things are really happening?....



Dear D.

You are right to be cynical because we still see those crooks on TV every day and they still sit in the public seats of power. However, you need to understand this situation is restricted to countries still controlled by the Khazarian mob and that includes the US, the UK, France, Italy and Germany (G5, a.k.a. the dark cabal, the Illuminati, New World Order) and the rest of the world is trying to isolate them. You can see visible evidence from the form of the plunge this year in the Baltic Dry Index which measures the price of physically shipping goods. It has plunged due to an international boycott of Khazarian controlled countries (G5). The IMF, the so-called lender of last resort in the world also still has no money, which is more proof that something fundamental has changed at the top of the financial system.

As far as arrests are concerned, when I asked a pentagon "white hat" why people like Kissinger and Bush were still not in jail he said "because they are guarded by 30,000 armed men."

Remember, they want to start WW3 and we want to prevent it. That means we must use non-violent means. What we are doing is cutting off their money because mercenaries are only mercenary when they are paid to be that way. It is taking a long time and I also feel impatient. That is why I named specific individuals in my latest news letter. I told the pentagon and agency white hats that it is like a rotten stump that just needs a good kick to knock it over. Their answer was they were waiting for it to fall over by itself. Nonetheless, when they least expect it the cabalists will be brought to justice, I guarantee that even though we cannot give an explicit date for this to happen.

The Euro crisis and the 23% unemployment rate in the US are signs it will collapse. You may also notice that Ron Paul put out an article on his site by David Wilcock that talks about the ongoing financial war.

As far as the chemical attacks are concerned remember this is mainly fear-mongering. Do you actually see people sick and dying like you would if there was a real plague? The answer is no because they are just using scare tactics. Fear is their greatest weapon, love is the antidote.

Best regards,

Benjamin Fulford


Thank you Ben for the response...

I have heard on many occasions that Bush and his bunch are in control of trillions of $$$. We may be waiting for a long long time for them to run out of $$$.

If the IMF is broke.... are the prosperity packages and the RV still going to happen somehow??

Can I share this with John Mchaffie??

My Best,

Hi D.,

Please share it if you wish. The problem with Bush and the Nazis is that the black budget and black ops are supported by drug money that is hard to cut off. We are negotiating with these people and trying to integrate the black budget with the public one and get the military industrial complex on board. This is taking time but concrete negotiations are taking place and proceeding well.
We have reached the level where we are dealing with individual personalities. Please remember that if you wish to negotiate the surrender of the Nazis, you have to negotiate with a Nazi. There is no way around this other than to kill them all and that would just start WW3 which is what they want. Nonetheless, we may have to arrest some of these criminals in order to break the logjam.

Benjamin Fulford


Hi again Ben,

One last qustion...

Is the prosperity packages, and RV still going to happen somehow??


Hi D,

We will try to make something like that happen sooner rather than later.

Benjamin Fulford

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