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We Understand: You Would Be Considered “Certifiable,” In Your Terms, If You Were To Say, "Well I’m Going For a Ride On a Spaceship."

Thank you Grener, Linda, Graham, Ellen, Steve!
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Transcript of Grener on An Hour with an Angel, Feb. 7, 2012

An Hour with an Angel spent an hour with Grener, hearing more about what led to the decision to postpone having 300+ people abord the Neptune, the factthat the first smaller group of people are already on board, including John Lear whose account of his visit has already been circulated on the Internet and whose photos are expected to be released.

The program aired Monday, 6:00 p.m. Pacific time, 9:00 p.m.
Eastern time. The URL for the audiofile is:

Both Grener and I made an error in calling the word “Neptune” Greek in derivation rather than Latin. I’d imagine that the Latin language as well as the Greek is galactic in origin but I will ask him about it the next time we speak, perhaps in a month’s time when I return.

There will be those who put credence in Grener’s explanation of why the trip was postponed or cancelled, depending on how you see it, and those who don’t, depending on whether you put credence in any or all of what is occurring and other factors.

Grener tells as much as it’s prudent to say. You’ll notice at one point we have a tug of war – his interest being in what he jokingly termed “stonewalling” and mine in getting information, though not wishing to place anyone in jeopardy thereby.

Many galactics have a wonderful sense of humor and Grener is no exception, but humor is often what critics latch onto, as the “limousine” comment demonstrated and Grener noted. Nevertheless I enjoyed the informality and back and forth that Grener engaged in and his easy manner.

Thanks to Ellen for pointing the “Greek” error out and for a quick turnaround on the transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, February 6, 2012, Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon and Grener

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario who will be asking questions. Tonight’s special guest, Grener, the President of the Intergalactic Council, will be joining us again. So with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And I think before we begin with Grener, I think, Linda, perhaps you have some comments on the events of last week that you’d like to share with our listeners?

Linda Dillon: Good evening, everybody. Well, not so much comments as observations, as the channel for Council of Love. As you know, I get to hear, listen, and see probably from a very different perspective than a lot of people.

But one of the things that I’ve been seeing, amidst all the hubbub and excitement and emotional turmoil and upset about this joy-ride to the Neptune is that what I’ve also seen and what I’ve also been hearing —‌ from the Council, from Jesus Sananda, from Mary, from the archangels —‌ is how incredible the growth and the clearing is that’s taken place among thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

When we did our conference call on Saturday there were just shy of 800 people on. And all those people we could tell were all in various states, in terms of their own spiritual journey, in terms of their own Ascension work, because that’s really what we’re here, to do our service, our love and our Ascension work. So everybody seemed to be in a different place.

But one of the things that I’m overwhelmed and pleased about is to see how people are really grabbing this opportunity, this catalyst, to take it and apply it to their spiritual journey. And, you know, we’ve had all kinds of responses, as you know, Steve, and my staff tells me that the feedback on the 2012 site was about twelve to one positive in terms of that experience and lots of very positive kudos and feed back to you.

But more importantly than that, I want people to just—‌before we get started tonight —‌ take a minute, not now, but in the next few days, in the next few hours, the next few weeks, to really go inside your heart and feel where you’re at. I’ve had people say, “You know, it was the best experience that my wife and I ever went through. We packed our bags, we sat on the couch and we meditated and we got ready, and nothing happened—‌and it was the best thing we’ve ever done.” And other people have said, “You know, I’m so depressed and angry I can’t get out of bed.”

Well, we’re all in different places. But if you just look at the experience that you’re going through right now, and this catalyst of, you know, did you get to go or didn’t you get to go, and why did you want to go? Is it going to give you information about how to go forward in this journey of love, because that’s what this journey is about. It’s not about falling into the old Earth paradigms of guilt, limitation and blame, fault and lack—‌because that’s old stuff.

That’s where we don’t want to go. We want to just look at it, let it go, and keep going. And let the love, let all the support from the entire universe —‌ I mean we’re surrounded in it —‌ let that love and support come into you, come into your heart, and anchor you, not just in your daily meditation, but in every waking moment moment and everything you do. Let it in.

So, I wanted to say bravo to everybody who’s declared themselves and said, “We’re ready,” you know, Let’s go. We’ve all had a variety and a whole range of emotions about this, but that’s all it is. It’s just information and emotions about where we are. So with that, I’ll hand it back to you, Steve.

SB: Thanks, Linda. And we’re going to speak to Grener tonight, I think?

LD: Well, we’re going to see. I’ll get out of his way.


Jesus: Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. And yes, you will get to speak to Grener, but first I wish to come forward, and also say good evening, to you, Steve, and to everybody who is listening now and later. For you know my connection with the Galactics and Intergalactics and the entire Omniverse.

So I wish once again to speak to you, my brothers and sisters, about love, about holding peace in your heart, about going forward on your journey. And yes, of course, it includes your brothers and sisters of the stars and far beyond. It also includes your brothers and sisters of Earth, of Gaia, who accompany you and who have volunteered in this journey of transformation, of upliftment, of accompanying her in her Ascension and in yours.

I wish to remind you of my purpose not only when I walked upon the planet a long time ago, but as I accompany you right now, today and everyday, in this journey of unfoldment, the unfoldment of the Divine Plan and the unfoldment of your plan.

Stay in your hearts, my beloved ones. No, that is not a cop-out; that is not avoiding anything. It is where you are finding the truth, not only of your own sweet self, of your journey, of your essence, but also of the Divine. So that is where we meet you, that is where we join together. It is in the love.

So yes, I step aside, for there are several who wish to speak tonight. But I will pass you over, but I will also remain, because I wish this transmission tonight to include my vibration of love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you for coming tonight, Lord.


Grener: I am Grener of Ashira, of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council.

SB: Thank you, Grener.

G: Welcome, my friends, my brothers and sisters and allies. Welcome to this time that we have once again together for you to begin to assume your position with us, as representatives of Earth, and we, as representatives of the stars, upon your Earth. Yes, we know you have many questions that you wish to pose tonight.

But let us begin by telling you the transformation of the energy between dimensions, realities, levels, hearts, beings, community has begun, and it most certainly has begun and flourished and grown in this light-holder, light-worker community. So although the grander mission has been changed, shifted, for our own reasons and our own commitments, it does not mean this partnership is in any way altered. It is not.

There are so many of you who, we understand, hunger for the experience, for proof, for demonstration, for contact. And so do we. And that was part of our agreement, you know, and part of our eagerness to invite you—‌not as our guests, yes, as our delegation; but let us be even more clear—‌as family.

We weren’t inviting you to some formal ball or affair. We were inviting you to come, have a look-see, sit around the table, chat and share, and be as family. Our desire for that has never changed, and we have held it for thousands and thousands of years. So we, dear friends, are not about to give up.

Now, we have tried, as you all have great knowledge of, to reach many of you, and many of those in power or positions of influence, to agree to acknowledge our presence. And so, yes, this has been the grassroots Occupy Neptune movement and it does not stop.

So, Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, Grener, I intend for this program to be part of a process of the completion process for people around last week’s events. I think there are some questions that they’d like me to ask. And one of them would be: could you tell us—‌as much as you can—‌about the behind-the-scenes discussions that resulted in the postponement of the trip, the genesis of the decision and who ultimately made the decision. I think that might help people to understand what occurred.

G: Some of you know, and some of you do not, that I have been previously a Starfleet commander, before I accepted this position, this wonderful honorary position as president of the Intergalactic Council. This decision was a joint decision. It was not solely mine, although I must say I carry a great deal of influence.

But it was a joint decision between the fleet commander and the Intergalactic Council, which is what you would think like the UN Security Council. It was not a vote of all members, because not all members are always fully present or available or wish to have a voice in such things. But it was a group decision.

The genesis of it was…well, there were several things, and we will be as frank as we can. Now, one was that we saw many of the hundreds and hundreds —‌ which pleased us to no end, make no mistake about it! —‌ but there was also a degree of confusion, chaos….

Not amongst all of you, and we do not say this in a negative way. We have said to you before, we can help, we can assist in this clearing. But we never wished for this to be a three-ring circus. We never wished for this to become the situation where people did not receive the individual attention and connection that has been so desired on your side and ours.

But also what became apparent—‌because we have, can we say, greater insight into details of not only individuals’ lives who invite us to have a peek, but also to the greater picture: there were two situations occurring that were against what we have stood for. And that was the drama and the pain, the panic that would result in some families when they realized their beloved partner, spouse, parent, friend, had simply disappeared, because not all beings were being completely forthright about what was transpiring.

Now we understand that, because you would be considered “certifiable,” in your terms, if you were to say, well, I’m going for a ride on a spaceship. Some people would not understand. And even if you were completely honest, they would be very fearful, more fearful of the honesty than some made-up story.

But it was putting those who were left behind in a position of fear, trepidation, and panic. And this is one of the primary ruling principles we have always adhered to, is that we will not create panic or fear among the collective. And that is one of the reasons we’ve not had many of the mass landings.

The message always has to be very clear. We come in love. We are anxious to help with the calming of those old realities of your third dimension. We come to assist. And if we proceeded to create mayhem in communities, that would not be seen as favorable. It would not be creating the scenario that we had hoped to create. And we were not aware of the—‌first of all, we did not expect so many, and that pleased us no end. It still does. And all are welcome. This is not exclusive. Let us be very, very clear about that.

Additionally, we do not ever wish to go into fear-mongering, for that is not the way that we operate, but many were also being observed and there was interference on some levels there as well. And we would not wish that to occur, or anything to interfere with the growth and the building of this light-worker community.

Now, what amazed us was the connection that occurred among yourselves. What we had hoped for was, yes, connection more clearly with us, and us with you. But the silver lining, and the part of the bigger plan, has been the connection amongst yourselves—‌the support, the excitement the belief, and the temerity, the determination. So that is how the decision was arrived at, those three factors.

SB: Thank you, Grener. You’ve touched on the activities of certain dark individuals and possibly agencies. There were reports of computers being hacked, surveillance vans sitting outside peoples’ homes and people getting sick while these vans were there, helicopters following people. Are the people who reported this imagining things or are these reflections of genuine actions taken by the dark?

G: Well, there are some imaginations running wild, and that is based on past life or past experience in this life, but there were also some very decisive actions being taken.

SB: All right. Who exactly are the—‌we keep talking about the dark forces that are ….

G: Yes, and we do not like to talk in those terms, because what it does is it creates the shadow, and our purpose really is to bring light. Light is another word for love, for peace, for unity. So, yes, when we talk about this we don’t want to term it so much as “dark.”

Yes, it is mostly those in positions of authority, what you would call probably agencies, but we also want you to understand, from their perspective, they’re doing their job. They’re trying to protect these silly humans who actually believe that they can create a grassroots movement to open up what has been kept in the dark for so long, in the shadows.

So do not give them power that they do not deserve. Send them light. Send them understanding. Feel that you are embracing them and bringing them into your community. Because once you shine your collective light upon them, my dear friend, they don’t stand a chance. So this is also another one of those golden linings or silver linings that you talk about. It is a chance to see who’s up to what. But also do not believe that you are in some movie or some abduction scenarios. You are not.

We initially thought that you understood the analogy of black limousines rather than space bicycles, but obviously some did not. And that is why we encouraged you to simply see, “Now, where was I when I was really thinking about that? Was I in my heart and ready to go, or was I inviting in fear?”

Look at the fear. Look at that what you call dark forces, and look at it very clearly. look it in the eye, because as soon as you do it dissipates power. We have learned this, and we have learned this over thousands of years. And in the beginning we could barely tolerate each other. And there were many stoic silences. But toleration grew into admiration, cooperation and love. And that is what you all are doing.

SB: Can we just spend a moment on the “black limousine matter,” Grener, if you don’t mind? The commander that I called Commander X, his channel wrote me and said that I needed to actually name him, and if I didn’t I was in violation of copyright law. It was a rather a hard matter to understand. And they were going to sue me because I actually didn’t use his name on the air. Do you know the being that I’m referring to? Are you aware of the commander of the Altair Fleet? No?

G: This is not particularly the kind of action or information that would want you to act upon. We are aware of everybody that is in the fleets. And sometimes there are those who tend to get a little over-zealous. You have the same problem sometimes on Earth, do you not?

SB: Well, I suppose. But usually people—

G: But that was not…that was a threat. That was a threat.

SB: Yes.

G: That did not come from a source of love or higher intelligence or higher intuition or higher dimension. That was a threat, my friend.

SB: Well, usually people say, “If you use my name, I’ll sue you.” But nobody’s ever come to me and said, “If you don’t use my name I’ll sue you”! It was rather—

G: It is ironic. And it is very much of the ego.

SB: I thought so, myself. But I don’t want to spend too much time on that. I’d like to remain with this question because I think it’s on a lot of peoples’ minds. We’ve often heard from SaLuSa that the Galactics are able to monitor the various people who are opposing Disclosure, and that they’re able to protect light-workers and disable weapons. I think a lot of our listeners are wondering why it would be that the dark’s actions against the relatives of people who wished to board the Neptune would not be routinely stopped by your personnel?

G: Oh, we are not saying they would not be stopped. What we are saying is we do not wish to cause any kind of upheaval. We do not wish to create any situation that even requires that kind of interference. We do not want anybody to be interfered with, observed.

But that was not the intention. The intention was a very public—‌and it became very public—‌display. It was a grassroots movement to say “We know, we believe and we accompany, we join.”

So yes, there is a great deal that has been done, both by the galactics and intergalactics. Do not make a separation between us that is not there.

But we would not interfere—‌for there is one that has said, “Well, why did you not go on the radio or computer to let people know?” [Steve: Notice how much of our conversation Grener knows about. Someone did ask me by email why Grener did not just call me.]

We would tot engage in that kind of interference because that is a very bold move. It is a very assertive, shall we say, or aggressive move for us to take. And that is not what the backdrop and the purpose of this visitation is about or was about.

SB: But I think what you’re saying is important, Grener. And I think our listeners may not understand it exactly. You are coming from a higher ethical place than we are, and I don’t think a lot of people understand that, or understand your reasoning when you come from that place. It looks like the Galactics—‌they’ll talk very confidently, but then when it comes to action they’re very—‌it’s not timid, that’s not the word I’m looking for.

G: Reserved.

SB: Reserved and circumspect. Could you please elaborate a little bit on that higher ethics, if you like, so that we can understand what is motivating you and the considerations that you have?

G: Our considerations are actually quite straightforward. Our consideration is the anchoring of peace on Earth. We are in alignment with the plan of the Universal Divine Mother; we are in alignment with the plan of peace of Archangel Michael, we are in alignment with our own Council, and with the Council of Love, for that matter, to only bring harmony to your planet. We have come not only as teachers; you say that we came from a higher ethical plane. What I would say to you is integrity is integrity.

Yes, there are various forms and ways and expressions. But our biggest concern is the growth of the human spirit into the fullness of who you are, individually and as a collective. That is our mission, and we are here to help.

We are also here to observe and to help, but also observe. We want to see how you manage this shift, how you change from a society that has been based on a lot of controls—‌lack, greed, lust, hatred, war. How do you manage this shift to the higher realm? How does it affect you? How can we help? We don’t help by stirring the pot of chaos.

So when we see that perhaps what we have done is more chaotic than peaceful, then we regroup and we re-work what it is we can do and what we can offer. Because the last thing your planet or any of you need is more chaos or more heartache.

And all heartache is is a longing for love, a longing for that trust and that truth and that connection—‌and that, dear heart is on the exact same level as we are. That is what we long for. We may be a little further along in achieving that, but we’ve had a longer period of time working at it, and we enjoy it. We do not seek to have things out of order.

This is the question behind the question. We do a great deal behind the scenes. We work with what you think needs to be changed—‌and we would agree with you—‌in your society, in terms of institutions or situations that represent those belief systems that are not of clarity. But we don’t generally talk about it. We don’t seek to have any kind of credit or acknowledgement for it. This is our mission and purpose. This is our job. So you can imagine our dismay in seeing that we have hurt people, hurt their feelings.

Now, we understand also, in our ethical position, in the bigger picture, this is helping. But it doesn’t help you to hear us say that. So what we say is we are here to encourage you to keep going, because we are and we’re with you.

SB: All right, Grener. Thank you. I’m going to ask you three questions that I hope you’ll answer just very quickly so that I don’t lose too much of this hour to them.

Accounts are starting to emerge of people who are claiming to be on the Neptune. There’s one account that features a description from John Lear, who used to write about UFOs and Area 51. Is that an accurate, reliable account?

G: Yes.

SB: Some people raised their eyebrows when he said he put a deodorant strip under his arms. Is that true?

G: Well, you can do whatever you want! That is the thing. You don’t have to.

SB: But the account was—

G: But frankly, that would be quite unusual.

SB: So the account was accurate?

G: There are some accounts that are coming forward that are very accurate—

SB: All right.

G: —‌and will be shown as reliable, some more than others.

SB: Including photographs?

G: That is correct.

SB: Okay. And Billy Woodard said that he traveled outside his body and viewed the Neptune and saw you and Archangel Michael. Is that account accurate and reliable?

G: He travelled outside of his body. He did astral travel. He was not in form.

SB: Right. Well, I think he went in his—‌I actually don’t understand the mechanism—‌went in his father’s body, or….

G: Let’s just say he has had a glimpse.

SB: So it’s accurate and reliable, though, that he did have the glimpse?

G: Yes.

SB: Okay, well, that’s good to know. One gentleman criticized you because you said that you were the Intergalactic president and you came from Neptune. Can any good thing come out of Neptune? It sounded like he was saying. Neptune on our dimension doesn’t seem to support life, and I imagine he projected on to that that Neptune at higher dimensions didn’t support life.

Could you comment on why a person from a relatively inconspicuous planet in our solar system would be the Intergalactic Council President?

G: I have told you that I am Hussian. The Neptune is my ship. And it is named in honor of Neptune, the planet, that you may think of as inconspicuous and dead, but we have a very different opinion about it.

SB: Well, tell us.

G: First of all, it was vibrant, oh, eons ago. And it will be vibrant again in other realities and dimensions. And, by the way, it is not the only Neptune in the multiverse. But the Neptune is my ship. It is not the place from where I come.

SB: Well, where do you come from?

G: I have been on ships for thousands of years. We come from a very distant planet. Originally we were from Neptune, very, very, very—‌not me, but my race, my family. We come from a place that you would think of as Zares. That is the place the Hussians had migrated to after much of the destruction.

SB: Grener, you say Neptune. Is that not a word from the Greek language [Steve: It is actually Greek. My error.], as is Andromeda and various—‌I think the Pleiades, as well? These places are not called after entities reflected in the Greek language? Are they—‌is there something I am missing about this?

G: It is reflected in the Greek language because the Greek is reflected from the intergalactic language, from the universal language. Now, there are many ways of communicating, and most of them, if we were to do a translation, would just sound like a vibration in your ear, or a bunch of—‌series of beeps and sounds as if you were—‌yes, you would be back on the conference calls, would you not?

So the Greeks were aware of this, but that is not the original origin.

SB: Is the ship actually called the Neptune, or are you just rendering that into our language?

G: Yes it is.

SB: So, so—‌but Neptune is a word in the Greek language, right?

G: That is correct.

SB: So I’m just—‌missing one little leap here. It is a word in the Greek language, and yet it’s an intergalactic word. I know you said that the Greek language is based on an intergalactic language. But how much of a coincidence is it that a Greek word would be the name of a ship?

G: Why would you find that unusual? It is a perfect name coming to Earth. It is a god of oceans, that you understood. It is a name that people would recognize. It is a perfect name for a journeying to Earth.

SB: If you went to Sirius, what would you call the ship?

G: Oh, we would still call it the Neptune. That is the name, or that is the name of this being that we have called our ship. So, we do not change the name according to where we go.

SB: Okay. Well, it still does seem coincidental to me that a name that’s known to us through Greek mythology should be both the name of a ship and also the name of—

G: Because that idea was planted in Greek language and mythology thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago. And that is where the intergalactic connection comes from.

There is very little new on Earth, you know. There is much beauty and diversity. But in terms of what you think of as your myths or your understandings, your histories, much of that has been given from the stars.

Oh, there is a history that you have created absolutely yourself that we want absolutely no credit for. But there are some things that have been given and shared long, long ago.

SB: All right. I don’t want to take up too much of our time, because I’m sure that what my listeners most want to hear is when they might expect to come on board, who might expect to come on board, whether you’re using the list that Linda and we composed? It all boils down to: when will I come on board? So could you talk about that for a minute please?

G: We have said to you very recently that we are not about to expose or give lists of who, when, where, because we have seen the fury that that can cause, above and below. But I could encourage you, each of your listeners, that if you are in a place where you are feeling out of sorts, if you are feeling desperation, if you are feeling anger, then please ask to be beamed up to the healing ships at night so that we may also assist you.

But each being we will take into account. Because they will come in small groups, as we have said, and we will accommodate people’s schedules and needs, and you will have your own intuition and inclination, and tap on your intuitive shoulder, or your guides will speak to you, or we will speak to you. And you will know when the time is right. Of course it will be slower, because we are doing it in smaller lots. But those will—

SB: What is a smaller lot, Grener?

G: Smaller groups.

SB: What is smaller? What—‌could—‌is it okay to tell us the size of the smaller groups?

G: It depends. Usually four to six.

SB: And the duration, expected duration of the stay?

G: It is not long. It is not as long as we originally intended, although there are some who have very specific business with us, who will stay for longer periods. And they tend to know who they are. But for some it will be a few hours, for some it will be an overnight, for some it will be a day or two. But they will have the opportunity to create the right atmosphere in which to depart so that there is no upheaval, no fear, no chaos.

Many people go away for a few days.

SB: [laughs] Un-hunh. It’s in our interests to try to get as much information out of you as we can. And it’s both in your interests and in your knowledge of our interests that you not give as much information as you can, so—

G: That is exactly correct. I am stonewalling you, [laughter] while I’m telling you what we can tell you.

SB: Okay, well let me continue asking and you can continue stonewalling.

The people—‌you said earlier that people were coming up who had a very much older connection with the Galactic Federation. And so now I’m trying to get information out of you, but carefully. Could you describe what you meant by having an older connection with the Federation? Are these teachers, are these—

G: They are ones have travelled with us before, what you think of as Starseed, those who may have even been part of this intergalactic grouping at one point in time, who have chosen to be on Earth at this point in time. But we also it means those who have—‌for example, you have people who want to do specific projects with us, and we are very open to doing that. But that will not be publicized. It will become public record, but we will not be talking about it beforehand.

But yes, there are many beings on Earth who have been part of our family. We were not just speaking eloquently when we say we were inviting you back as family. And, yes, it is a large family. That is why so many have this yearning and this knowing in their hearts.

And so many of you who listened tonight have broken those shackles, say, “Oh, I have to stay here.” And you are progressing on your journey, not just your journey to us, because we will still return you home. We are talking about your journey of Ascension, that we wish to help with.

SB: Is the Neptune the only ship around that is having people come aboard?

G: At the moment. And that was one of the points of discussion. We wanted it—‌it’s a very big ship you know—‌but we did not want 50 people here, or 50 people there. It was to be more of a reunion than that. So, do people visit various ships, both in our fleets and in others? Absolutely. All the time! But is it part of this joint venture? No. But that does not mean that they cannot report back interesting information and different evidence at different points in time as well.

SB: All right. We have you, as the Intergalactic President, on the Neptune; we have Hatonn somewhere else; SaLuSa is somewhere else. Are you working together? Hatonn, for instance, said that you hadn’t invited him on board, but you know, undoubtedly that was because you probably knew how busy he was. Do you meet with Hatonn and SaLuSa and various other people who are addressing us?

G: Of course we do. We talk. We communicate. We don’t necessarily have to visit each other’s ships, and we don’t necessarily have to be part of each other’s delegations. But of course we work as a unified force.

SB: Well, I understand that, but I’m thinking more—‌let me put it this way— Does SaLuSa know what you’re up to?

G: Yes. More or less, yes.

SB: Yes. Okay.

G: They do not try and interfere in our—‌various projects. They have far too much to do themselves. But there is an integrated plan, yes. An integrated communication, yes.

SB: Do you know what I’m trying to get at—‌I’m trying to imagine what’s going on up there. And I don’t know whether I should have SaLuSa situated in one ship, and you situated in another ship, and Hatonn in a third. Whether there are different—

G: And we can all meet in the Intergalactic café, halfway.

SB: That’s right, the space bar. Exactly. So I’m trying to imagine: What’s going on up there? Apparently there are millions of ships. Are they organized into fleets?

G: We are waiting. We are working. We are certainly observing. Sometimes we are laughing, sometimes we are crying. And that is true for all of us. From the person who is a science officer or a part of a crew. Yes, we are all doing this together. There is a unified grid of information and of sharing.

SB: What does that mean?

G: Your internet, your universal internet was based on ours, you know. It is very primitive, what you have at the moment, but it is coming along. So we have communication, dear heart.

SB: Well, are you divided by star system, or are you divided by duty, or how is it organized up there?

G: It is not always by star system, because there are many that come from different systems. It is primarily by mission and function, mission and purpose, and what you wish to work on.

SB: Can you give some examples of mission and purpose?

G: Yes, for example, there are starships that are simply, absolutely—‌ within the Neptune we would have our science departments, as it were—‌what you would think of as; but we also have science ships, we also have explorer ships, we also have what you can think of as teaching ships. There are communication ships for the enlightenment and the connection with Earthlings. There are ships that are completely devoted to observing what all of Earth’s military does, or what finance does, not in a way always of interfering, because that is not what we do. But sometimes we can offer advice or help that will assist in shifting things, but in the direction where your plan is going.

Our division of labor, if you want to think of it that way, is who wants to work on what area with Earth?

SB: And in your position as Intergalactic President, President of the Intergalactic Council, are you over the whole of the fleet? Or where do you fit in, if you don’t mind me asking?

G: No. When I have said that this is an honorary presidency, it is a real position. Do not make a mistake. I had to abandon or resign my command in order to take this position. So it is not a position where I am in charge or over the command of all the ships. There is a membership of all beings.


SB: I think I’m being given my signal, Grener. Thank you very much for being with us here tonight.

G: What had we intended to do was to do a meditation.

SB: Yes, indeed.

G: And so I am going to take advantage of this, to invite each of you to go into your hearts and to come with me, to come to the infinite star, the star that burns brightly for you, and to take that star and bring it into your heart, and to feel the love of all your brothers and sisters that serve on all the ships throughout this universe. We love and support you. And we will be with you, above and below, and in your 3D. But turn to us for this healing as you go forward individually and collectively. We are here for you. Go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Grener.

G: Farewell. And we will miss you, Steve.

SB: Thank you, Grener. I’ll be back.

G: We know. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

G: So take advantage of this and just finish up tonight by going into your heart and welcoming the opportunity for growth, for expansion, for your next step. And when any doubt or fear or trepidation creeps in, just bring it back to your love, because that’s who you are. Good night.

SB: Thank you.

G: Goodbye.
by Steve Beckow


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