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Integrate God By Invoking His Divine Light Into Your World DAILY Through Decrees, Prayer, Manifestations, Verbal Conversation and I AM Affirmations

Thank you Lord Kuthumi and Julie ...and so it is!
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The ALL-ness of GOD is Yourself: Message from Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi

The joy in your heart Beloved Hearts will make your heart desire to engage in the Light, increasing your selfless devotion to the gratifying work of God. Yet, there are some who are under the mistaken belief that if they only decree for long periods of time once a year, once a month or even once a week is adequate to balance karma, to realize the design and blueprint of your Divine Purpose and connectedness to the Light of God. There are times Beloved Hearts when you must call upon specific Masters, times when you need to invoke the sacred Violet Flame, and to increase the Fire that has been lit long before your current incarnation that speaks of your Christ Consciousness. I would like to appraise this misconception that it is important for the calls or decrees to be offered daily for the outcome of your eventual victory on the enlightened path you have committed to.

I will tell you why daily decrees, prayer and manifestations are necessary. If you think for a moment of all your thoughts, of all desire of longing that is felt on a global scale; even where you are right now; consider yesterday’s actions and thoughts. Was every single one pure in quality? Maybe they were filled with an affinity toward human equivalency of desire – egotism, self-conceit or self-concern? Did any thought or action have any measure of self-importance or pride? It is because of these examples given for the reason to decree, pray and manifest daily. And especially to invoke the Violet Flame just as often ensuring there are no lingering effects of a low, yet heavy energy clinging to your own energy field. When you wait a week, a month or a year to work on your decrees, prayers, and manifestations they do not work overnight. The expected effect takes an immeasurable amount of time to course through your spirit body, eventually bringing peace and harmony to your physical body, heart and mind. The more often you take daily practice, the quicker the effects of your efforts Beloved Hearts.

Your adeptness of your spiritual development and understanding of both the Eastern and Western philosophy of wisdom and how to merge the two will indeed assist to carry you through to your ascension. There is much knowledge to be gained from the Masters, Angels and Deities of each domain and region, and I encourage you to allow yourself to be drawn to more areas of study that will open your heart and mind even further.

There are still plenty of Lightworkers on the Path who distract themselves with arrogance and conceit that is born from prejudgments that have set up their standard of egotism in their own world and allows for the furtherance of their human consciousness through the lower planes of consciousness. As long as one remains at this level, the mental faculty where the Ego resides is in control; therefore God is not active. In order to fully accept God into your heart, the Egocentric mind must submit to the mind of God and finally to the Higher Octaves. The Light of God must first be invoked from the heart of the Lightworker where all pure thought and intent comes from. In return, this Divine Light streams forth from the Heart of God back through the Heart of the Lightworker, creating and infinite flow of love.

Your good and pure light expands the very essence of God wherever it falls. Beloved Hearts, you will know when you have connected with the objective of your heartfelt efforts, because the return current of energy will return to your own unconditionally loving heart. And you will know GOOD was accomplished. You will discover new found joy when you develop a routine that includes daily decrees, prayer, and manifestations. This new Joy will greatly fill your heart which will propel you into God-Like action to give decrees, prayers and manifestations and even include I AM affirmations. Your dear heart will draw you; encourage you to quiet the sounds of human conditions that often clutter the mind and embrace transformation from that clamor.

Become comfortable speaking to God, invoking His presence when you are knee-deep in turmoil from the latest lesson that your journey brought you to. When you invoke his presence not only for when you are in need but to share in your pleasure and happiness you are also invoking the Light of God to shine down where you are and enlighten those that are with you even they are unaware of His Divine Presence.

Incorporating God into your life for both the good and the ill speaks of the best interest for you and for the world around you. When you invoke His Divine Light and Presence into your world on a daily basis through decrees, prayer, manifestations, verbal conversation and I AM affirmations you are embracing in His Perfect Protection from others who may wish to squander this luminously brilliant light and take it away. Bring God into your life often Beloved Hearts, engage in conversation; He does hear you. Trust in who you are becoming from all the different turns your path has taken you along. Know deep in your heart, how special and loved you are.

There are many who walk your Earth who have volumes of wisdom that date back to Atlantis and Lemuria. Without living with pure and unconditional love they shall never be empowered by the wisdom those mysteries bring. Love dear ones is always the answer and all the questions you ask in regards to your spiritual direction and spiritual growth will be answered also through your loving heart and will only be heard once you are able to control the noise and busy-ness of your mind. A humble nature that is pure of heart and intent will KNOW that God is ALL in you. Cherish this knowledge, do not strut it. This is the truth for all the sons and daughters of God, which all of you are. Knowing, believing and understanding that the ALL-ness of God is yourself; is YOU beloved one. Yes you can be generous with this ALL-ness because this is consciously being refilled through the infinite flow you have created between you and God.

I AM the Chohan of the 2nd Ray. Understand you may acquire my presence throughout your journey when facing difficult obstacles. Beloved ones, I will never turn away, I will ALWAYS embrace you, guide you and LOVE you.

I AM Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi
through Julie Miller

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