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Google and Yahoo Fury Over NSA ‘Secretly’ Intercepting Data Links

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Google and Yahoo Fury Over NSA ‘Secretly’ Intercepting Data Links

Google said in a statement: 'We have long been concerned about the possibility of this kind of snooping.' Photograph: Walter Bieri/AP
Google said in a statement: ‘We have long been concerned about the possibility of this kind of snooping.’ Photograph: Walter Bieri/AP
Stephen: If you were a large company who might have been complicit in such an ‘arrangement’ wouldn’t you also jump up and down if it became public? I ask this only because I feel both Google and Yahoo have demonstrated little regard for their users’ privacy, based on their user privacy policies alone.
Google and Yahoo, two of the world’s biggest tech companies, reacted angrily to a report on Wednesday that the National Security Agency has secretly intercepted the main communication links that carry their users’ data around the world.
Citing documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with officials, the Washington Post claimed the agency could collect information “at will” from among hundreds of millions of user accounts.
The documents suggest that the NSA, in partnership with its British counterpart GCHQ, is copying large amounts of data as it flows across fiber-optic cables that carry information between the worldwide data centers of the Silicon Valley giants. The intelligence activities of the NSA outside the US are subject to fewer legal constraints than its domestic actions.
The story is likely to put further strain on the already difficult relations between the tech firms and Washington. The internet giants are furious about the damage done to their reputation in the wake of Snowden’s revelations.
In a statement, Google’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, said the company was “outraged” by the latest revelations.
“We have long been concerned about the possibility of this kind of snooping, which is why we have continued to extend encryption across more and more Google services and links, especially the links in the slide,” he said.
“We do not provide any government, including the US government, with access to our systems. We are outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from our private fiber networks, and it underscores the need for urgent reform.”
Yahoo said: “We have strict controls in place to protect the security of our data centers, and we have not given access to our data centers to the NSA or to any other government agency.”
According to a top-secret document cited by the Post dated 9 January 2013, millions of records a day are sent from Yahoo and Google internal networks to NSA data warehouses at the agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. The types of information sent ranged from “metadata”, indicating who sent or received emails, the subject line and where and when, to content such as text, audio and video.
The Post’s documents state that in the preceding 30 days, field collectors had processed and sent on 181,280,466 new records.
Internet firms go to great lengths to protect their data. But the NSA documents published by the Post appear to boast about their ability to circumvent those protections. In one presentation slide on “Google Cloud Exploitation,” published by the Post, an artist has added a smiley face, in apparent celebration of the NSA’s victory over Google security systems.
The Post said that the interception took place on the cables that connect the internet giants’ data centers. The New York Times reported on Wednesday evening that one of the companies that provides such cables for Google was Level 3. It said in a statement provided to the Times: “We comply with the laws in each country where we operate. In general, governments that seek assistance in law enforcement or security investigations prohibit disclosure of the assistance provided.”
In its report, the Post suggested the intercept project was codenamed Muscular, but the Guardian understands from other documents provided by Snowden that the term instead refers to the system that enables the initial processing of information gathered from NSA or GCHQ cable taps.
The data outputted from Muscular is then forwarded to NSA or GCHQ databases, or systems such as the XKeyscore search tool, previously reported by the Guardian.
The Post said that by collecting the data overseas, the NSA was able to circumvent the legal restrictions that prevent it from accessing the communications of people who live in the United States, and that it fell instead under an executive order, signed by the president, that authorised foreign intelligence operations.
In response, the NSA specifically denied that it used the presidential order to circumvent the restrictions on domestic spying, though the agency said nothing about the rest of the story.
The NSA statement said, in full: “NSA has multiple authorities that it uses to accomplish its mission, which is centered on defending the nation. The Washington Post’s assertion that we use Executive Order 12333 collection to get around the limitations imposed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and FAA 702 is not true.
“The assertion that we collect vast quantities of US persons’ data from this type of collection is also not true. NSA applies attorney general-approved processes to protect the privacy of US persons – minimizing the likelihood of their information in our targeting, collection, processing, exploitation, retention and dissemination.
“NSA is a foreign intelligence agency. And we’re focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence targets only.”
A GCHQ spokesman said: “We are aware of the story but we don’t have any comment.”
The NSA statement was much more narrowly drawn than the initial response by the agency’s director, General Keith Alexander. At a Washington conference on Wednesday as the Post story broke, Alexander issued an immediate denial, but was not specifically asked to address allegations that the NSA intercepted data transiting between the companies’ data centers.
The latest disclosures may shed new light on a reference in a GCHQ document, first reported in September by the Guardian, the New York Times and ProPublica. As part of its efforts with the NSA to defeat internet encryption, GCHQ, the 2012 document said, was working on developing ways into the major webmail providers, including Google and Yahoo. It added that “work has predominantly been focused this quarter on Google due to new access opportunities being developed”.
Other documents provided to the Guardian by Snowden suggest that GCHQ’s work on Muscular, and a related tool called Incensor, is regarded as particularly valuable by the NSA, providing intelligence unavailable from other sources.
“Muscular/Incensor has significantly enhanced the amount of benefit that the NSA derives from our special source access,” one 2010 GCHQ document notes. It adds that this highlights “the unique contribution we are now making to NSA, providing insights into some of their highest priority targets”.
Relations between the tech companies and the government are already strained over the Snowden revelations. Speaking at a tech conference in September, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said the government had done a “bad job” of balancing people’s privacy. “Frankly, I think the government blew it,” he said.
Google will have its first turn before a legislative panel to confront surveillance questions next month. Senators Al Franken and Dean Heller, who are backing a bill to compel the government to provide more transparency about bulk surveillance, announced Wednesday that the Internet giant will send a representative to a Senate hearing they will hold on 13 November.
By Dominic Rushe, Spencer Ackerman and James Ball,  The Guardian – October 31, 2013

THE WORLD IS CHANGED BY YOUR EXAMPLE, NOT BY YOUR OPINION by Veronica & Montague Keen: You, the people, have been cruelly lied to by religion, governments and the medical establishment, whose aim is to remove two-thirds of you. Foolish people comply with what they are told is true. Remember, humanity survived without the medical establishment forcing them to accept what, in their hearts they know, to be the wrong advice. All this was cleverly tailored to ensure that you are ill and in need of its medical help.

Thank you Monty and Veronica!

You each must become the change you want to see in your world. You know in your hearts what is required. When the majority of you decide to speak out and refuse to accept the old paradigm anymore, then change will happen. The Cabal is not in a position to enforce its corrupt regime anymore. Those American Generals who bravely decided they could not live with what they were being asked to do have shown great courage. Their brave stance should act as an example to all who are asked to go against their conscience, to destroy life or the planet in any way. The Cabal knows that it can no longer conceal your true origins and your connection to the Universe, and so they have employed armies to systematically destroy all the great ancient relics of the past that verified all that you know to be true. These acts of vandalism carried out under the instructions of the Cabal, are a heinous crime against all humanity and must be seen as such. I ask that you think carefully about carrying out such acts, no matter who orders you to do so, as one day you will regret ever having complied with such wanton destruction.

There is more than enough information out there for everyone to know what is right, so that humanity is secure and for your planet to survive, and all the dark influences to be removed. Their control system is crumbling as more Light shines on it. It exposes it for what it is. Humanity will no longer accept it, so no matter what they try, they will face exposure. They can no longer pull the wool over the eyes of the Awakened people. Every corner of the Earth is waking up to the illusion that has enslaved it. It needed mankind to come together as One, to remove all issues that caused division, and to realise that you are all part of the human race and you need each other's help to restore Planet Earth. You must work together to create a better future for your planet and all Her people. Stand for truth and justice for all, not just the few, as in the past. There was more than enough for everyone before greed and power took over and destroyed so much in their drive to control all.

You, the people, have been cruelly lied to by religion, governments and the medical establishment, whose aim is to remove two-thirds of you. Foolish people comply with what they are told is true. Remember, humanity survived without the medical establishment forcing them to accept what, in their hearts they know, to be the wrong advice. All this was cleverly tailored to ensure that you are ill and in need of its medical help. You are now discovering that the old ways are indeed the best. You are returning to them in droves with excellent results. Your bodies survived much in times past without the need for drug-based medicine. Everything you needed was provided. All that is required is for you to open your minds to it.

It is important that you take responsibility to educate your children. Do not leave it to the Establishment alone to educate them, as everything is geared to make your children accept without question, all the Cabal's laws and regulations. When you open your eyes and see the killings that have been carried out, which are still happening in your name, you will be horrified. You elect people TO REPRESENT YOU! These individuals have an obligation to respect the wishes of the people who trusted them to act on their behalf. In the future, be very careful for whom you vote. Forget party politics which is a smokescreen. It actually does not matter as they are all owned by the Cabal and they answer only to it. You, the public, are completely ignored from the moment they "assume power."

It is time for the people to make their collective voice heard. The people do not want war. They want to live in peace, and as you are in the majority, it is time to ensure that your voice is heard. Demand peace and justice for all. It is your divine right. Learn to speak with one voice, irrespective of race or creed, as therein lies your power.

Many of you responded to my wife's difficulties when she found herself without transport, through no fault of her own, recently. This is a perfect example of how you can reach out to each other in times of need. Grateful thanks go out to you, from both sides of The Veil. Every act of kindness is noted and remembered. When love and good wishes are sent from the heart, it has a powerful impact on the individual concerned. Love is your greatest asset — the ability to love, to share love, and to send love where it is needed so important.

What you are seeing every day now is the dismantling of all that is dark and corrupt. As the Light expands, it exposes truth, which enables you to see clearly for the first time, the reality in which you find yourselves. It will not all be plain sailing. You will face difficulties but all that is needed is the courage to only do what will benefit humanity. This is the way forward. Consider all that is asked of you carefully and decide whether your actions will harm or confuse your fellow man. This is your responsibility. Once Awake, you can no longer hide behind the notion that you are only obeying orders. It is your responsibility to consider all of humanity. You are your brother's keeper.

Please forgive the delay in writing this weekend. Veronica's daughter got engaged and so parental duties demanded a family gathering to celebrate the occasion together.

Visualise the peace and love that is needed to change your world. Draw it close and give it the strength to materialise. Believing that it will happen soon, will create the energy to make it happen. All is energy.

We in spirit, surround your world with love and light. Live in your hearts as that is where love abides.

Veronica, my dear, you have made many new friends, all wanting the same thing — a peaceful world for all. Keep this in mind at all times. YOU are the change.

My love is yours. Your adoring, Monty.

Dear friends,
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Veronica Keen:

"Life is not easy right now, I am without a car. A bus crashed into my 12 year old car while it was parked and wrote it off. I am facing many blockages as I try to replace it. I am dependent on others to help me find one. I cannot get to the shops. I have heart and lung failure, I cannot walk up the Hill. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in this matter. Your good wishes and prayers would be most helpful.
Thank you, Veronica."

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Libor Scandal Resurfaces: Dutch Rabobank Set to be Fifth Bank to Be Heavily Fined

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RB_logo_cmykStephen: While JPMorgan Chase (which appears to have sold its building but not its actual business to a Chinese conglomerate) continues to make headlines, there are three other major banks (Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS) who have been heavily fined for their part in the Libor rate rigging scandal. Rabobank could be the fifth by tomorrow.

Rabobank Faces US$965M (£600m) Fine as Libor Scandal Resurfaces

The Libor rigging scandal could be reignited on Tuesday when Dutch mutual Rabobank is expected to become the fifth financial institution to be hit with a huge fine for attempting to rig the benchmark interest rate.
The bank is thought to be facing fines of more than £600m from regulators on both sides of the Atlantic, who are continuing their investigations into alleged manipulation of the key interest rate.
London’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and regulators in the US are thought to be poised to levy larger than expected penalties on Rabobank, a co-operative-style institution whose roots lie in financing agriculture and which escaped the financial crisis without a taxpayer bailout.
The bank has been warning that it faced a fine for Libor rigging since the summer when it revealed it had made a provision of an undisclosed sum in preparation for the regulatory action.
The Libor scandal was first exposed in June 2012, when Barclays was fined £290m for its role in attempting to manipulate the rate; its top management was subsequently forced out. Since then Royal Bank of Scotland, Swiss bank UBS and the money broker Icap have been fined. UBS received the highest penalty of £940m.
Rabobank said last week that details of its punishment were getting closer to publication. “Various authorities have almost completed their investigation into Rabobank’s role in the Libor and Euribor setting process,” the bank said. “Rabobank expects to be able to enter into settlements with these authorities within the next two weeks. Rabobank is not yet in a position to comment on possible settlement amounts.”
When it took a provision for Libor, it said it had been named as defendant in civil litigation in the US and that it would defend itself against any such claims.
At the time of the fine against Barclays City regulators said they were investigating seven other potential cases, which appears to indicate there are still three outstanding.
The regulator declined to comment on Monday night and Rabobank declined to elaborate on its previous statements.
Since the Libor scandal broke regulators have begun to scrutinise the way other benchmarks are set, such as those in the foreign exchange markets.
Earlier this month the FCA began an investigation that is expected to be on the scale of Libor after gathering information on the £3tn-a-day currency markets. The regulators are looking at the way traders may have been able to influence the way currency benchmarks are set and scrutinising the way energy markets operate.
By Jill Treanor, The Guardian – October 28, 2013

Freedom of the Press Becomes Issue as NSA Leaks Continue to Create Headlines

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Posted by Stephen Cook/ Golden Age Gaia 

British Prime Minister David Cameron (AFP Photo / Alexey Filippov)British Prime Minister David Cameron (AFP Photo / Alexey Filippov)
British Prime Minister David Cameron (AFP Photo / Alexey Filippov
Stephen: Seems when the media keeps exposing the truth and writing about it – just as The Guardian newspaper has been doing with regards the NSA/Snowden leaks -  our ‘fearless’ elected leaders don’t seem to like it, at all. So they start saying things like “it’s not in the national interest” and “it’s a national security issue”. It may only be ‘veiled threats’ at this stage, but the veil is lifting: censorship is passed its ‘use by’ date. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place.
Meanwhile, Dianne Feinstein, chair of the US Senate intelligence committee, appears to be demonstrating that attitudes to spying may be changing among US politicians (see second story below) as the President says he had no idea of the scope of spying by the NSA (Story 3).

Cameron Hints at ‘Tougher Measures’ if Media Continues Publishing Snowden Leaks

British Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a veiled threat against media organizations, calling on The Guardian and other outlets to stop publishing the disclosures leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.
The Guardian first began its ongoing series based on the Snowden leaks in June, when far-reaching clandestine activity of the American NSA and British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) were made public. UK lawmakers have not yet been “heavy handed,” the prime minister said, but if media does not cease such publication soon the government could soon crack down.
He suggested the government may employ D-Notices, official requests asking editors not to publish news items for national security reasons, if the coverage goes on.
“We live in a free country so newspapers are free to publish what they want,” Cameron told the House of Commons Monday, adding that The Guardian, in particular, has made “this country less safe.”
“I don’t want to have to use injunctions or D-Notices or other tougher measures. I think it’s much better to appeal to newspapers’ sense of social responsibility. But if they don’t demonstrate some social responsibility it would be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act.”
The NSA and GCHQ revelations have proved embarrassing for both Washington and London, with national leaders consistently pointing to far-reaching oversight only to have those claims refuted. Recent disclosures, in particular, revealing that the US and UK have quietly monitored international allies have laid the seeds for what appears to be growing hostility between friendly nations.
But Cameron, who was answering questions from MPs regarding last week’s meeting between European leaders, implied the surveillance has saved countless lives.
“Our intelligence has also allowed us to warn our EU allies of plots against their people,” he said.
In July of this year GCHQ raided The Guardian’s offices and demanded the destruction of hard drives containing the Snowden files. While Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the paper, said the destruction would have no effect because The Guardian would continue publication from its offices in New York, the destruction continued anyway. UK lawmakers threatened to issue an injunction to block further publication before the event in question.
“I explained to the man from Whitehall about the nature of international collaborations and the way in which, these days, media organisations could take advantage of the most permissive legal environments,” Rusbridger wrote at the time. “Bluntly, we did not have to do our reporting from London. Already most of the NSA stories were being reported and edited out of New York. And had it occurred to him that Greenwald lives in Brazil?”
“The man was unmoved,” the editor continued. “And so one of the more bizarre moments in The Guardian’s long history occurred – with two GCHQ security experts overseeing the destruction of hard drives in The Guardian’s basement just to make sure there was nothing in the mangled bits of metal which could possibly be of any interest to passing Chinese agents…Whitehall was satisfied, but it felt like a peculiarly pointless piece of symbolism that understood nothing about the digital age.”
Along with following the European summit, the prime minister also spoke after Tory MP Julian Smith quoted a report in the Sun of British intelligence analysts saying the Snowden leaks have impacted their ability to do their job.
“Following the Sun’s revelations this morning about the impact of the Snowden leaks,” Smith asked, “is it not time that any newspaper that may have crossed the line on national security comes forward and voluntarily works with the government to mitigate further risks to our citizens?”
Cognizant of the obvious implications on press freedom, some British media outlets have repeated their commitment to publishing information that does not harm national security and is relevant to the public.
“We have a free press,” Cameron said Monday. “It’s very important the press feels it is not pre-censored from what it writes and all the rest of it.”
From – October 29, 2013

Dianne Feinstein: ‘I am Totally Opposed’ to NSA Surveillance of US Allies

'It is abundantly clear that a total review of all intelligence programs is necessary,' Feinstein said. Photo: J Scott Applewhite /AP
‘It is abundantly clear that a total review of all intelligence programs is necessary,’ Feinstein said. Photo: J Scott Applewhite /AP

The chair of the Senate intelligence committee, who has been a loyal defender of the National Security Agency, dramatically broke ranks on Monday, saying she was “totally opposed” to the US spying on allies and demanding a total review of all surveillance programs.

California Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein strongly criticised the NSA’s monitoring of the calls of friendly world leaders such as German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Feinstein, who has steadfastly defended the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, added that both Barack Obama and members of her committee, which is supposed to received classified briefings, had been kept in the dark about operations to target foreign leaders.
“It is abundantly clear that a total review of all intelligence programs is necessary so that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are fully informed as to what is actually being carried out by the intelligence community,” Feinstein said in a statement to reporters.
“Unlike NSA’s collection of phone records under a court order, it is clear to me that certain surveillance activities have been in effect for more than a decade and that the Senate Intelligence Committee was not satisfactorily informed.
“With respect to NSA collection of intelligence on leaders of US allies – including France, Spain, Mexico and Germany – let me state unequivocally: I am totally opposed,” she said..
Feinstein also provided the first official confirmation of a German report that indicated Merkel’s phone had been monitored for more than a decade. “It is my understanding that President Obama was not aware Chancellor Merkel’s communications were being collected since 2002,” Feinstein said. “That is a big problem.”
The senator’s dramatic intervention comes as the White House struggles to contain the diplomatic fallout from a series of revelations about the NSA’s spy operations abroad. They include a report in the Guardian, based on documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, that at least 35 world leaders have been monitored by the agency.
“Unless the United States is engaged in hostilities against a country or there is an emergency need for this type of surveillance, I do not believe the United States should be collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers. The president should be required to approve any collection of this sort,” Feinstein added.
“The White House has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue, which I support. But as far as I’m concerned, Congress needs to know exactly what our intelligence community is doing. To that end, the committee will initiate a major review into all intelligence collection programs.”
Feinstein’s statement comes at a crucial time for the NSA. Legislation will be introduced in Congress on Tuesday that would curtail the agency’s powers, and there are the first signs that the White House may be starting to distance itself from security chiefs. On Monday, the White House’s chief spokesman, Jay Carney, said the administration “acknowledged the tensions” caused by Snowden’s disclosures.
“The president clearly feels strongly about making sure we are not just collecting information because we can, but because we should,” Carney said. “We recognize there needs to be additional constraints on how we gather and use intelligence.”
Obama told ABC News on Monday evening that he would not discuss classified information but accepted that security operations were being reassessed to ensure proper oversight of the NSA’s technical abilities.
He said: “The national security operations, generally, have one purpose and that is to make sure the American people are safe and that I’m making good decisions. I’m the final user of all the intelligence that they gather. But they’re involved in a whole wide range of issues.
“We give them policy direction. But what we’ve seen over the last several years is their capacities continue to develop and expand, and that’s why I’m initiating now a review to make sure that what they’re able to do doesn’t necessarily mean what they should be doing.”
On Tuesday morning, James Sensenbrenner, the Wisconsin Republican and author of the 2001 Patriot Act, will introduce a bill called the USA Freedom Act that will ban warrantless bulk phone metadata collection and prevent the NSA from querying its foreign communications databases for identifying information on Americans. Patrick Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who chairs the Senate judiciary committee, will introduce the bill’s Senate counterpart that same day.
Also on Tuesday, the two most senior intelligence leaders are due to testify before the House intelligence committee. Both are now expected to be grilled on why they appear not to have informed either the White House or congressional oversight committees about the spying activities directed at foreign leaders.
James Clapper, the director of national intelligence who is under fire for misleading Congress on bulk domestic collection, will testify about surveillance reform Tuesday afternoon. He will be accompanied by General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, who last week mused to a Pentagon blog that “we ought to come up with a way of stopping” reporters’ stories about the NSA’s bulk collection programs.
Their performance is likely to be influential towards members of Congress on the fence about bulk domestic collection ahead of a vote on Sensenbrenner’s bill. A July predecessor came within seven votes of passage.
Feinstein’s shifting position was not the only emerging challenge confronting the NSA late Monday. A new disclosure from the Electronic Frontier Foundation added to the agency’s woes by suggesting that it began testing means to gather location data on cellphones inside the US before informing the secret surveillance court that oversees it.
A short document apparently written in 2011 by an NSA lawyer discussed a 2010 “mobility testing effort” involving “cell site locations.” The lawyer, whose name was redacted in a document obtained by the group under the Freedom of Information Act, said that the Justice Department was believed to have “orally advised” the so-called Fisa Court that “we had obtained a limited set of test data sampling of cellular mobility data (cell site location information) pursuant to the Court-authorized program” under section 215 of the Patriot Act, which the NSA uses to justify collecting Americans’ phone records in bulk.
Alexander recently conceded that the so-called “pilot program” for cellular geolocation collection existed and said it was potentially a “future requirement for the country.” It was previously unknown that the pilot program proceeded before the Fisa Court knew of it.
Just a month ago, in her own committee, Feinstein, delivered a full-throated and unequivocal defence of every surveillance activity conducted by the NSA.
“It is my opinion that the surveillance activities conducted under FISA, and other programs operated by the National Security Agency, are lawful, they are effective, and they are conducted under careful oversight within the NSA, by the Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and by the FISA Court and the Congress,” Feinstein said on September 26.
In August, following disclosures that the NSA had improperly collected data on thousands of Americans, Feinstein accused the Washington Post of misquoting her, saying her committee “has never identified an instance in which the NSA has intentionally abused its authority to conduct surveillance for inappropriate purposes”.
Feinstein is bringing her own legislation to enable superficial reforms of the NSA and the secret court system, but stops short of curbing the intelligence community’s powers, is being marked up at her committee on Tuesday.
Feinstein’s about-face presents the major challenge for the White House, which perceives the California Democrat as a key Senate surrogate on surveillance issues.
Obama has yet to take a position on the Leahy and Sensenbrenner bills. Congressional aides expect a major push by the NSA to defeat the bills, but are unsure how vigorously the White House will oppose them.
Carney’s remarks on Monday, prompted by a growing sense of diplomatic backlash against the US over the NSA, provide additional uncertainty. US officials have distanced Obama from the foreign-leader spying in anonymous comments to the Wall Street Journal.
By Paul Lewis and Spencer Ackerman in Washington, The Guardian – October 28, 2013

Obama Didn’t Know About Surveillance of US-allied World Leaders

Obama Merkel

In the midst of the controversy over U.S. surveillance this summer, top intelligence officials held a briefing for President Obama at the White House — one that would provide him with a broad inventory of programs being carried out by the National Security Agency.
Some of those programs, including the collection of e-mails and other communications from overseas, had already been disclosed because of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. But Obama was also informed of at least one program whose scope surprised him: “head of state collection.”
That program, whose targets included the communications of U.S. allies such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, began in 2002, according to administration officials. Obama never knew that the program targeted American allies, officials said, adding that he was aware of collection efforts aimed at leaders of “adversarial countries.”
Officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe still-classified activities in general terms, declined to outline the scope of the “head of state” collection program. They added that although Obama ordered the curtailing of some of the program and informed Merkel that the United States was not currently monitoring her calls, he was not angered that intelligence officials had not told him sooner about the extent of the eavesdropping.
“Their job is to get as much information for policymakers as possible,” a senior administration official said. “They’re used to coming at this from the other direction — that is, being criticized for not knowing enough. This is a new dynamic for them.”
If Obama and senior officials at the White House were unaware of the scope of the program, so, too, were key lawmakers, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who said Monday that her panel had not been properly informed of activities going back a decade or more.
“With respect to NSA collection of intelligence on leaders of U.S. allies — including France, Spain, Mexico and Germany — let me state unequivocally: I am totally opposed,” Feinstein said in a statement, adding that her committee would “initiate a major review into all intelligence collection programs.”
“Unless the United States is engaged in hostilities against a country or there is an emergency need for this type of surveillance,” she said, “I do not believe the United States should be collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers. The president should be required to approve any collection of this sort.”
White House officials said Obama was not told about the extent of the world leader surveillance program before this summer because briefings are tailored to the president’s priorities. Iran, China, counterterrorism and other concerns ranked ahead of an accounting of intelligence collected about leaders of allied nations such as Germany, the officials said.
They said the issue came up only after news reports of NSA spying in Brazil and in Mexico, among other countries. Obama asked for information on what exactly the agency was doing in those allied countries and in others.
By Scott Wilson and Anne Gearan, The Washington Post – October 29, 2013

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Galactic Federation of Light, Spiritual Hierarchy and Sheldan Nidle: We believe that you are ready for shocking events that include a formal end to the infamous "UFO cover up." It is indeed time for you to hear from your Ascended Masters and us. The present system is full of holes and rips that can no longer be sustained, and it is logical to initiate something else that permits you to continue your glorious march toward full consciousness. We come therefore to a point of no return. The dark cabal is existing on former glories that are no more than comic illusion. In some way, each of you is stressed to the max. We watch and see how this present reality can no longer be retained. It is finished, and hence it is fitting to let those who can transform this cruel illusion do so. We are cognizant of the many rules and formalities needed to get this done. This slow tedious process is concluding. Use this moment to bring in the new.

Thank you GFL, SH and Sheldan! 

Dratzo! We return with some wonderful news! Movement toward your new reality is accelerating. A number of secret conferences around this globe have produced positive results that will become evident in the major meetings that are to take place in the coming week. The moment is arriving for collective actions that can easily catapult efforts forward. We expect the final go-ahead for events that are to manifest new governments and create a new currency. Numerous programs have reached a point where it is now necessary to terminate any thought of further delays. The economies of too many nations lie in ruin and the debt is making the present financial system untenable. Besides, we believe that you are ready for shocking events that include a formal end to the infamous "UFO cover up." It is indeed time for you to hear from your Ascended Masters and us. The present system is full of holes and rips that can no longer be sustained, and it is logical to initiate something else that permits you to continue your glorious march toward full consciousness.

   We come therefore to a point of no return. The dark cabal is existing on former glories that are no more than comic illusion. In some way, each of you is stressed to the max. We watch and see how this present reality can no longer be retained. It is finished, and hence it is fitting to let those who can transform this cruel illusion do so. We are cognizant of the many rules and formalities needed to get this done. This slow tedious process is concluding. Use this moment to bring in the new. We intend to emphasize this strongly at these various meetings. Processes that began decades ago now cry out for a conclusion. Your realm is failing and the energies for change are here. When the Anunnaki left this dark cabal, they asked for a positive resolution that was not given. The present is the perfect moment to reverse this and proclaim a new reality for a sweeping change to free you and allow the reality of a new realm.

   This transformation will consign the present governments to history's dustbins. Replacements exist that allow for a most needed and grand makeover. The dark can no longer maintain its game of mischief. There is a spiritual need to dissolve their long disguised leadership. It is the moment for bravery and for acts of needed kindness. This realm is headed toward the Light. Those who condone the dark can no longer be permitted to rule. Those who comprehend this are required to disclose what is needed and to act quickly. This "quiet revolution" is happening slowly across this reality, and a grand move will bring this magnificence to the fore. We expect this and many wondrous events to occur, to bring into being what the people of this surface world have long required and deserved. We fully support all events that lead to such a successful ending!

   In conclusion, the time is indeed ripe for a non-violent revolution of immense proportions. Your world has long waited for changes that have yet to become visible. Behind this veil is a vast movement that needs to become the present way of your world. The selfish maneuvering of the dark cabal is no longer relevant. A new way is required to provide the preface to what Heaven and we have proclaimed. You are to be given a divine Ascension that moves you from limited to full consciousness. You are to embrace your spiritual and space families and return to the path that was yours in the times of ancient Lemuria. You are breaking out of an amnesia that has existed in you for far too long. You are ready to rediscover secrets long hidden from you. You are to become a most beloved member of this Galactic Federation of Light! Many adventures await you and numerous new abilities are to become your legacy! This is to be your glorious and divine fate!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This blessed world is now seething with gracious change! Everywhere a transformational energy is forming and people are demanding that a true alteration of this globe now take place. Little fingers of change are popping up in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the various Pacific Island nations. Grace is producing wonders so those who have little are using their scant resources and imaginations to forge new ways to drive away hunger and poverty. This same energy is evident as the grand old spiritually-inclined elders go down a similarly inspired path. The Divine has spoken! The moment for blessed altering of this reality arrives. We are graciously obligated to assist this sacred process and manifest a new reality for all. We have directed our allies to establish the means to manifest this new epoch for humanity! The meetings to do so are taking place now with results to follow swiftly!

   This coming age will be filled with much spiritual wisdom. We are obligated by Heaven to supply you with a whole list of subjects that concern how you are to reconnect to your "I Am Presence" and ready yourselves for the rest of the Ascension procedures. These lessons will be conducted by each of us, your Ascended Masters, quite shortly. This reality is soon to expand and remake itself. We will be your divine guides and spiritually appointed supervisors, and we take this special role quite seriously. The dark has long used its numerous powers to shape and mold you to their desires. This power will be removed and you will be the benefactor in this gracious exchange, to learn and do feats that set the sacred stage for your Ascension! Your space families come to perform the act that will allow you to morph into a fully conscious Being of Light!

   For millennia, we have used Agartha as our base of Divine operations. The Light now illuminates the path to take you there and show you your means to return to your former Selves. You have long toiled in ignorance of who you really are. Even we were affected, and it is only our special focus and sacred help that permitted us our grand triumph. We stand knowing what it took to reach our current levels of spiritual knowledge and manifested abilities. Know the nature of these difficulties and rejoice in the Divine dispensation given to you, because it is indeed a wondrous gift. Accept Heaven's grand gift and join us. Together, we are to produce a most needed new star nation and fulfill the Creator's great dreams. We are to be a most mighty and fruitful arm of Heaven! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   Today, We reviewed what is occurring around this green-blue orb. We have recounted most of what we are privileged to know about. Your spiritual and space families are ready to welcome you into your new ascended state of Beingness! Much goodness is ready to surround you in joy, peace and prosperity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
by GFL, SH and Sheldan Nidle.

How Much Longer can you Ignore that Ear-Splitting Noise Calling for you to Awaken? by John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!
Jesus postingThe Oneness of all of creation is the underlying truth that supports all that exists, and for you, embodied as individual human beings with many different beliefs and cultures, that is an enormous paradox. And your guide through the paradox, the maze, is your intuition, your guidance from your true Self, and from those on whom you may choose to call in the spiritual realms.
And to make contact with that guidance you have to break away from the distractions with which the illusion constantly presents you – deadlines, responsibilities to others, and various other “shoulds and musts” that you accept as inevitable and unavoidable burdens – and take time out in your peaceful inner space to be quiet and to listen. And that can be very difficult initially as your daily chores and responsibilities keep popping into your mind with the message “You just don’t have time for this right now.”
However, if you manage to override those constant calls for your attention – and you will to a certain extent if you persist in not engaging with them – you will create a place within you, or, more realistically, you will uncover within yourselves a place of peace and safety that has always been there for you.
You most certainly need to uncover it for your own well-being. And when you do, those with whom you are in any kind of a relationship – family, work, religious or political associates – will also gain. After all, as we in the spiritual realms keep telling you “All Are One,” and therefore your existence, your life, your thoughts, your words, and your actions all have an effect on the lives of everyone else without exception.
The wonderful thing about this moment in humanity’s ongoing spiritual evolution is the rapidly increasing sense of awareness that each one of you has your own path to follow, and not “a one size fits all path” designed or recommended by some guru or authority figure.
People whom you respect as mentors can be enormously helpful to you as long as you also listen carefully to your own inner knowing, so that when it comes to making decisions you also fully honor that inner intuitive sense. Wise, loving, and compassionate mentors and guides, who have no personal agenda to fulfill, can help you to identify what your intuition is attempting to tell you. But then you have to come to an awareness, an understanding of what that is so that you can decide what action, if any, to take in the situation that you are seeking guidance about.
In the end it always comes down to Love. If your choices are not based on Love, but on egoic self-centeredness, then you are choosing not to learn the lesson being presented to you, and it will have to be presented to you again at a later date, and maybe in completely different circumstances. You did not understand it the first time, so a new approach will be introduced in the hope that it has more meaning for you.
The lessons that you chose to have presented to you during your human lives will continue to be presented to you until you recognize them for what they are and make an effort to understand them and then learn from them. Each one leads perfectly to the next, and consequently you cannot skip or bypass any because they each give you insights that will help you to understand the next one.
Your life paths and the lessons that you chose to have appear on them in front of you were very wisely and lovingly created so that you could obtain the highest benefit with the minimum of suffering. It is not imposed suffering that you experience when you do not learn your lessons, it is just the inevitable result of error. For instance if you drive your vehicle too fast around a sharp bend on a wet or icy road you are likely to have an accident because you have made an error of judgment. There is no punishment involved or intended, although you may choose to interpret what occurs in that way.
When the separation occurred you moved into a state of amnesia, and memories, which depend on the linear flow of time, locked you neatly into the time continuum so that the Now moment, in which all of creation exists eternally, was closed off or hidden from you, and your knowing of your Oneness with God was temporarily mislaid. Without that knowing of God’s infinite, eternal, and unconditional Love for you, and of which you are each essential and inseparable aspects, severe suffering assailed you.
You were created in Love from Love by your heavenly Father, and to lose that Love, as it seems that you did, has caused unimaginable pain and suffering. That is why He wants and intends that you awaken from your horrific nightmare. He wants only your eternal happiness, He neither judges nor punishes because that is not the way of Love.
You have attempted to hide from the terror that you instigated, to disguise it, and to deny it, but as long as you appear to be separated from His Love it will be there undermining your self-worth by convincing you that because you are unloved, as it seems to you that you are, you are therefore unworthy of Love. To live with that belief is too painful to endure, and so it is refuted, denied, and hidden deep in your unconscious for as long as you have the egoic strength to contain it.
When the separation happened your Father instantly provided for its dissolution by ensuring that your connection to Him was unbreakable and eternal – of course it was always unbreakable, you just were not aware of that – and always available to you if you chose to go within to your inner unseparated space and call on Him or your spiritual Guides, Angels, Saints, or Mentors for assistance.
Often you were afraid to do that, or did so reluctantly and skeptically thus deciding not to be aware of that Divine and always-on connection to Him. Nevertheless, over the eons that connection has been increasing the volume of its calling to you, and in the last few decades more and more of you have heard it and responded.
As the numbers responding have grown so has the volume of its ringing, so that all are now hearing it – even if all are not yet acknowledging it – which is why you are going to awaken. It is as though you had pushed the snooze button on your alarm clocks when they sounded off in the morning because you wanted a few more minutes in bed, but the alarm, in snooze mode, is very persistent, and its volume increases with each new burst of buzzing until it is impossible for you to ignore it any longer.
That is where humanity is now. How much longer can you ignore that ear-splitting noise calling for you to awaken?
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by JohnSmallmna2.

A Rainbow Collective by Steve Beckow

Thank you Steve and your Guides!

A Rainbow Collective

Rainbow Collective 22The angels through Tazjima told us months ago: “It has been a lonely time for many lightworkers, who have been sprinkled liberally across the face of the planet, many being the sole anchor of light in their communities.” (1) And they promised:
“As the transformational period continues through the next months, you will find yourself coming into contact with those who are of a similar frequency level as your own. Some of you will begin working with other members of your soul family, either those who are embodied on the planet, those who are part of galactic crews whose ships populate the skies above your planet, as well as those who work from the spirit world.” (2)
I keep hearing more and more about new areas of work with the galactics and meeting more and more lightworkers.
It isn’t that we’ll stress being lightworkers less and less in the times ahead and join the general population. It’s more, as Archangel Michael says, that more and more people will join the lightworker community.
Archangel Michael: We are in this sacred partnership. Are we in partnership with every being on the planet? Yes. But it is difficult when you are in a partnership and the other person does not realize it. So we are working with those who realize we are in partnership. And so that is why we are having these conversations.
So, does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.
Steve Beckow:  And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?
AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (3)
As we lightworkers meet and come together, how are we to approach things and what are we to do? Let’s look at that, starting generally and working our way out to specifics.
The Divine Mother reminds us: “You are the wayshowers, the pathfinders for the next wave. And the responsibility … is, as I have mentioned, the translating of the clarity into thought, collective thought, individual thought, holding to that potential and acting upon it.” (4)
Archangel Michael put it this way:
“You are emissaries. You are wayshowers, you are pathfinders, you are regridders, and reweavers.
“If leadership — and I use this in the communal sense of the word — does not have a clear sense of direction, of mission and purpose, how do you lead? How?” (5)
We’re a rainbow collective, White Cloud tells us.
“The rainbow of light workers now embodied on the planet is very colorful indeed. You are from so many different worlds, dimensions, galaxies and universes. Some of you have never existed in form before; (6) it is a challenge just to walk around and be relatively ‘normal.’
“Others of you have spent many lifetimes on the planet and are well versed in dealing with its heavy energies that are, fortunately, becoming “lighter” every day. Each one of you is unique and the only one who can do what you came here for, your mission. It is for you to discover what that mission is and as many channeled beings have said before, you may be doing your mission by simply being here.” (7)
The Mother tells us to prepare ourselves for collaboration by releasing all turmoil and pain.
“This is a time of stepping forward. That is why I have made this plea to so many who still feel themselves in turmoil and pain to come home to my heart, so that you can then return and be in action, not just my action, but your deliberate, chosen, laser-like, direct action, that you can collaborate.
“If there is one undertaking, one lesson that the human collective — all of you! — are learning at this time, it is collaboration and cooperation. That is the aspect of unity. So as you do this, you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next. Because it cannot be achieved in a solitary manner. That was not my plan. And I am not changing that.” (8)
She explains that being a wayshower doesn’t have to involve a public role. It can simply involve sharing energetically:
“How you are acting as the wayshower is exactly what I have asked you to do. It is to receive and then send.
“This is the request and the partnership. So your clarity will grow. But I am asking you to send it, not just to be in a public forum speaking of it, not to go to your place of work where they will fire you because they think you are insane, and speak of it, but to energetically share it, hold it, be it. And people will follow you because their heart is yearning for more. ..
“So, be the way-shower in your room. Then step out into the living room, perhaps, and share the energy with your children. You do not need to say a word. Then walk down the street and look at everybody you meet, in the eye, and smile.” (9)
The ascended master Lanto also encourages us to lead the way in sending and receiving love.
“We realise that the Era of Love may be a new experience, a time to exist in the love of the Creator without fear, judgment, suffering or pain, because it is a new experience it seems therefore unknown.
“Uncertainty and unfamiliar energies can cause suffering and confusion. This is why you have been selected as a pioneer of the Era of the Love to move yourself, reality, perspective and all that you recognise yourself to be into the center core of love to experience the abundance of the Creator’s love, thereby demonstrating to others the purpose of this era and the joys that can be experienced.” (10)
I’ve said before that I don’t think we’re here to have incredible enlightenment experiences, even though we lightworkers are higher-dimensional beings. We’re here to go up with the rest of the populace slowly, acting as the leaven in the loaf. And the Pleiadians and Arcturians through Wes Annac seem to suggest that here as well:
“Your ultimate goal is and has always been to help your populace awaken, and when a certain percentage of your public is able to find enlightenment and collective ascension results, you’ll be able to take a breath of fresh higher-dimensional air knowing that you did much for your planetary and collective evolution.” (11)
As we choose personal expansion, we comfort others and influence them as well, the master Hilarion says.
“As the roles of many of you expand, so will aspects of one’s role that could be seen as older or outdated begin to fall away. You’re meant to embrace personal expansion, and as you do, you’re meant to lead yourselves to what resonates with you the most and what you feel the most comfortable doing for your Earth’s ascension.
“Be unswerving in your peaceful intentions and treat others with the greatest kindest and respect. Remember how it was for you during your awakening and how powerful the energies are that must be assimilated and fully integrated.
“This is what your brothers and sisters, all your loved ones are now experiencing and they need your patience, support and encouragement. They need your peaceful calm and your confidence that all is well. They need to know that the process that they are going through is one that everyone on Earth must go through and that they will make it through.
“This is what you have been training for as you struggled mightily to overcome the temptations of duality of this plane of existence. You have made the grade, you have graduated, and now it is time to use your wisdom and experience to make a difference in the lives and challenges of the people around you. By the Light that you are, they shall know you and seek you out. Be ready to serve the Divine in any way that you are called during these times.” (12)
White Cloud through Tazjima tells us that we’re where we need to be and doing what we need to do.
“Each of you has a reason for being where you now find yourself, whether living in relationship, having a big extended family or living alone, without family. You are where you need to be, or you would be actively changing… or will be soon changing location/work/circumstance when the inner desire overpowers any lingering fear your human ego may still retain in regards to making changes in your life.” (13)
As our light body expands and our physical body is able to hold more light and still function with integrity, we’ll be able to do more, White Cloud says. And different generations have different missions.
“For some of the older lightworkers, the constant downloads and upgrades of light and codes has become an exhausting process, for they have spent literally decades and years dealing with using their physical bodies as transformers, stepping down the light so it could be successfully anchored here. The next generations have different missions and inner agendas. Seek within what drives your interest, what brings you joy, what excites and delights and you will discover what your mission might be.” (14)
He reviews the specific kinds of missions we might find ourselves drawn to.
“As a light worker, you can choose to join the picket lines, the protests, the political process or you can choose to do your light work and engage in re-building and reconnecting your light body and rebuilding the planet by doing positive and regenerative activities like gardening, building community, sharing stories, blogging and writing, doing creative activities, healing and educating the newly awakened.
“Many of the light workers are meant to teach the ones who come with questions and they will come, first in their hundreds and then thousands and then millions. By preparing yourself as best you can, by transmuting your own ‘stuff,’ discovering your inner teacher, you are preparing yourself to meet those who do not have your background in spirituality, at least in this life time…
There are always scouts and wayshowers who must find the way forward and those who carve out the path behind them. Then the wagon parties of emigrants arrive and create a road and cities of light and gardens and wonders galore. The forests are replanted, the mountains, streams and valleys cleansed of all pollution.
“It will happen; it is happening. Dream the dream and go forward on your own path; you will be followed. You will be honored for what you do and what you are – the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong.” (15)
So there are suggestions on what our lightwork is in general and what specific paths we follow. Any path we choose to follow, the Divine Mother says, is what she wants for us.
It isn’t the case that we’re necessarily waiting for anything. It isn’t the case that we’re doing nothing now. And it isn’t the case that what we’ll do in the future will necessarily be unrelated to what we’re doing now or have done. We’re already launched and simply expanding in our role and our outreach.  And each fresh download of energy brings us more and more out of our shells and into the roles that we’ve chosen.
by Steve Beckow


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