Thursday, February 9, 2012

Every One of You On Earth at This Time Has Agreed To Be Here At this Point In Humanity’s Accelerating Spiritual Evolution, Altho Most Remain Unaware

Thank you Saul and John!
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It Will Be Like an Awakening Before the Awakening

We are one. There is no separation. Everyone’s attitudes and behaviors have far-reaching effects way beyond their immediate physical placement. Consequently, as humanity engages lovingly with itself with increasing intentionality, great changes are occurring all across the world that are having wonderful and most profound effects which are enormously beneficial to all on the planet.

You have been making your way forwards towards this moment with great determination for eons, despite the obstacles and disappointments that have frequently distracted you from this holy path. It has until now been a rather zigzagging progression, but with the zigzags always reducing the extent of these deviations has been curtailed and the way forwards from here has become almost completely free of them. Those bends and diversions on the path that humanity is treading have, in the past, made it very difficult for you to understand where it was that you were aiming for. There was a vague sense of a higher, divine destination but you always seemed to end up fighting with each other about what that really meant, whose god was the True God, and this led to much confusion and suffering for all.

Now the smoke and confusion is clearing as you choose to replace those old damaging attitudes and behaviors with loving intent. The difference that this change in attitudes and behaviors is having planet-wide is truly astronomical, and, of course, as Love is always expansive the effect of these essential changes strengthens and intensifies in every moment, dissolving the barriers that eons of distrust had erected between you on so many levels. As the barriers disappear your ability to interact lovingly with everyone with whom you come in contact, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious, cultural, or political persuasion, becomes ever more apparent. These changes, that are an essential part of your awakening process, are occurring with ever-increasing rapidity, and you can easily observe their effects all over the world.

Yes, there are areas on the planet where intense disagreement and confrontation are still occurring, but the divine Love field enveloping the planet is positively influencing those involved so that even there, discussions will take place leading to a laying-down of arms and a recognition of the genuine needs of all parties prior to negotiations taking place to achieve lasting peace. This is a time of enormous and necessary spiritual development for all of humanity – a time that has long been forecast by the wise elders of many of the indigenous peoples all across the world, and now those forecasts or prophecies are being fulfilled.

Every one of you on Earth at this time has agreed to be here at this point in humanity’s accelerating spiritual evolution, although vast numbers of you still remain unaware of this. Nevertheless, an amazing expansion of awareness is shortly to occur which will astound those who suddenly find themselves “remembering” they chose to be here and help to bring about this major evolutionary leap in humanity’s consciousness. It will be like an awakening before the awakening, an exciting realization: “Yes, I do have a divine purpose here on earth. How wonderful! And, yes, so does everyone I know. WOW!”

This sudden and, for many, completely unexpected revelation they are here with a divine purpose will stimulate enormous quantities of creative ventures that will bring about wonderful improvements in all areas of life – for everyone. There is no way the old ways of control and repression can continue to hold sway. Their time is over, and you will see the organizations they produced and supported collapsing as the wave of divine Love enveloping everyone continues to strengthen and intensify, ensuring all become fully aware of the insanity of the behavior patterns and belief structures that until a short time ago were considered normal. Wonderful changes, benefiting all on Earth, are in the pipeline and will be delivered, precisely as divinely intended and scheduled.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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