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Throughout Time, Spiritual Teachings Have Taught Our Outer World is a Reflection of Our Own Inner State of Consciousness

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One night I had a powerful dream. I was standing around a water cooler with a group of coworkers. Our conversation seemed to be cordial, but I became aware that some of the workers were sending psychic/invisible "punches" to the others. I would say to one who'd been punched, "Are you okay?" And then to the other, "Did you see what you just did?" I was shocked by how unconscious people were of their behavior.

My dream showed the power of our invisible interactions. When we observe how people behave, there may not seem to be any hostility. We may see a smile on the face of someone listening to us. But what is happening on an invisible level?

We have an invisible dimension we call spirit -- an aspect I call "who we are beyond our skin." We can't see this part of ourselves, but together with body and mind it makes up our whole being. Whenever we interact with others in the physical world, an invisible exchange of energy is taking place too.

Here are some common phrases we use to describe the behavior of others:

I felt beaten down.
He was kicked when he was down.
She stabbed me in the back.
I felt like there were daggers coming out of his eyes.
The group was held hostage by his behavior.
The room was filled with explosive energy.
I made a suggestion but I was shot down.

The energy of violence acts on an invisible, psychic level, but it impacts both our physical and emotional health. The energy is palpable. We simply do not feel well on any level when we live and work in an environment filled with anger or fear.

All indigenous cultures understand the difference between sending energy, such as anger, and merely expressing it. When someone expresses anger, he or she is simply acknowledging the feeling of anger, but the anger has no force or movement that could cause harm to another. In our culture, where we only acknowledge what's happening on a visible level, we deny this other level of awareness, so we send our thoughts like "poison arrows" unconsciously, not realizing the harm we do.

We use the term "sending thoughts" but what kind of thoughts are we sending? Are the thoughts we send to others filled with love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness? Or are they filled with hate, anger, and fear?

It is important to understand having emotions and expressing emotions is part of the human condition. Research tells us when we don't express our emotions, illness can occur. As human beings, it is our right to have and express a wide range of feelings from joy and love to fear and anger. Expressing our emotions makes us feel alive.

It's also important for us examine what kind of situations and interactions trigger us. We must stop the emotional reaction and learn how to properly express our thoughts and feelings, while at the same time transforming the emotional energy to positive energy that is actually healing energy for the planet.

Throughout time, spiritual teachings have taught our outer world is a reflection of our own inner state of consciousness. When we look at the environmental pollution and the state of the world today, we are seeing a reflection of our own inner world. If we want to change the world, we need to focus on changing ourselves. And this includes the need to be more conscious of the thoughts we send out.

Here are some simple ways that you can work with to transform energy:

Breathe: Breathing is one of the simplest ways to transform energy. When you are in a state of reaction your breathing becomes shallow. By breathing deeply you naturally transform your reactive state.

Set An Intention: When you feel upset just say the following statement to yourself: "I need to express how I am feeling right now, and I ask that the energy of my feelings be transformed into love and light so I am feeding the world with love."

Think Of A Precious Image: The energy behind your emotions goes out to all living beings. If confronted by someone who evokes strong emotions think of a loved one and impose his or her image on the face of the person challenging you. For example, you might work with the face of a baby kitten, puppy, or your favorite flower. What thoughts do you want to send to those you love?

Use The Power Of Words: Spiritual traditions teach that words are vibration and the words we use effect our lives. As children many of us used the phrase "abracadabra". This is actually an Aramaic phrase "Abraq ad habra" and means, "I will create as I speak." Use words throughout the day that remind you of the energy of love.

Be Grateful: Think about what you are grateful for. Being grateful always transforms your current state of consciousness.

Project Strength: Don't pity others whom you perceive as suffering--this only pushes them deeper into a hole. When you see people in their divine light and perfection you help give them the strength they need to deal with their troubles.

Connect With Nature: Water can wash away your pain. As you wash visualize negative energy flowing from you and being transformed into light. As you stand in the wind imagine the wind carrying what needs to be released and being transformed into light. Light a candle and imagine the fire transmuting your intense feelings. Or you can bury your troubles in the earth with the intention that the energy be transformed to love.

Surround Yourself In Light: If you feel someone is being energetically hostile toward you, imagine a protective light surrounding you. Some people think of being surrounded by white light. I imagine being enclosed in a translucent blue egg. Find a color that works for you.

Sandra Ingerman, M.A., is the author of eight books, including Soul Retrieval; Medicine for the Earth; Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide; How to Heal Toxic Thoughts; How to Thrive in Changing Times; and Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation. Sandra teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Sandra is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a professional mental health counselor, and a board-certified expert on traumatic stress. To order Sandra's books and to read her blog, visit her on Red Room.

Thank you Sandra and thank you Huffington Post for his most informative and helpful approach to releasing our toxic thoughts! This is certainly a method I will practice as I continue my emotional work on my Path of Ascension. I am most grateful to you both for making this available to everyone!
*** GAH

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A Lack of Sensitivity Made it Easy to Ride Roughshod Over Others’ Feelings While Forcefully Pursuing Egoic Personal Agendas

Thank you Saul and John for bringing our attention back to the task at hand: Feeling compassion, forgiveness and no judgment for ourselves and EVERYONE else each and every day!
*** GAH

Your compassion for the suffering of others is one of the most powerful forces moving you towards your awakening.
05/25/2011 by John Smallman

(emphasis added)
As you live expectantly, in the knowledge that your awakening into full consciousness is divinely decreed and guaranteed, you will experience days when your energy is low, and lack of motivation seems to have left you aimless. When this occurs know your energy is being put to good use in the spiritual realms, and despite the enormous assistance you are receiving from them, it is, nevertheless, very draining for your bodies; and as you experience very little feedback it can be quite depressing.

On days when you feel like this be kind to yourselves and forgive yourselves for any judgmental thoughts you may have about your seeming inadequacies. This is just a very demanding phase that will pass, so do not berate yourselves, but take a break and give yourselves a treat. If you will refrain from self-judgment and accept yourselves just as you are (and as God always does) you will feel much better, although your ego may well try to discourage you from doing so. A feeling of discouragement is a frequent egoic ruse.

The Light of your energy, combined with the divine energies, is having quite a remarkable effect all across the world, as inhuman behavior by the agents of governments, government organizations, and large corporations are being called to account. The largely unquestioned authoritarian arrogance with which they have operated for so long is coming to an end, due to the increasing awareness people in many fields of endeavor are showing as they release into the public domain details of the damage this lack of oversight has allowed to happen.

Your awareness of and compassion for the suffering of others, that has grown enormously over the last half dozen decades, is one of the most powerful forces moving you towards your awakening. It enables you to start understanding you are all ONE. However, while you remain convinced of the individual separateness of each human being, another’s suffering can have no real meaning for you. You may, at an intellectual level, think suffering regrettable but you have no heartfelt sense of the other’s pain.

This lack of sensitivity has made it easy to ride roughshod over others’ feelings while forcefully pursuing egoic personal agendas. This lack of sensitivity, which was an essential tool while you sought to support and maintain the illusion while you considered yourselves independent beings, is dissipating rapidly due to the decision the majority of you have made to cease your insane egoic behavior and, instead, make a determined effort to treat everyone with loving kindness and respect. Your guides and angels are intensifying their assistance to you as they see these wonderful changes in attitude occurring all over the world.

You are now most firmly established on your path Home, and though there continue to be upsets and disturbances, you will not be side tracked because your will to return Home is aligned with and strengthened by the divine Will. Nothing can intervene to prevent you from reaching your most holy destination because your arrival there has been divinely assured. When you experience any doubts or anxieties about this just focus your attention on the inevitability of your Father delivering on His promise, and know these doubts and anxieties are without foundation and will fade away as you remove your attention from them.

With so very much love, Saul.

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We NOW Have Ten Days in a Row that Open Portals to Increase our Wisdom: We Need Only to Pay Attention and Accept the Opportunity

I thank you once again, Rebecca & Cullen, for integrating the significance of the Mayan Calendar and its effects upon our lives and the Ascension process! Thank you for the instruction and awareness regarding these 10 days, and for delineating the 13 Levels of the Ninth Wave.
*** GAH

Written by Dr. Rebecca Orleane & Cullen Smith Baird
Power of Love Anniversary Edition
MAY 27, 2011

(emphasis added)
Today is the first of a series of Portal Days according to the Mayan Calendar, and we are midway through the 5th Level of Unity Consciousness, the level where we are learning about Empowerment. Portal Days are days that offer an opportunity to connect with deeper wisdom from the universe; they are days when all humans can open to increased understanding. We are empowered through greater understanding to move beyond the dualistic concepts that govern our belief systems. And so, we now have ten days in a row that open portals to increase our wisdom; we need only to pay attention and accept the opportunity.

This first Portal day holds the Mayan energy of two Cimi. Cimi means death or transcendence, and the energy of two represents duality. These energies arrive today under the influence of the Light Pulse, Chicchan, the perfect place for transcending duality. Chicchan is the magician, allowing us to see and experience both the highest and the lowest vibrations --duality in the extreme. We can feel the pull of the two of duality increased by the light pulse of Chicchan, which emphasizes the discomfort we may experience in our current situation and at the same time, the trust we have that we are being guided on our spiritual path. We have the opportunity to wake up and transcend all of the beliefs and ideas that have kept us stuck in judgment, fear, and separation. We have the grand opportunity to let those things die, as we move even closer to a more profound understanding of Unity Consciousness. Laarkmaa gives us the basics for Ascension (Purchase the mp3 here: ) and more in depth wisdom about moving beyond our limited, dualistic beliefs into greater understanding about who we truly are. They speak of Pole Shifts, Communication with other realms, and the Golden Trough of Light, while Mary tells us to stop living in fear (Purchase the mp3 here: ). A voice from the fairies encourages us to laugh, as we learn to accept our own power (Purchase the mp3 here: ).

This day is also very special to Cullen and Rebecca. We celebrate our anniversary today, and while a personal event for us, it brings our attention to the power of love, which is something we wish to share with you. While each of us individually followed our own spiritual paths, growing and evolving throughout our lives, it was not until we became a couple and for the first time experienced truly unconditional love that the portals of opportunity opened for us. Laarkmaa did not speak to us individually. Laarkmaa chose us once we had found each other and realized the power of unconditional love. We are sharing this story because it is relevant on our collective human journey towards unity. Not until each of us begins to set aside our fears, judgments, expectations, and beliefs can we really begin to experience the power of love. When the power of love is realized, we transcend all dualistic perspectives, all needs to cling to one polar view or another (being right or wrong) because it doesn't matter any more. All that matters is the love that is shared.

On this first of ten portal days in a row, this day that carries BOTH THE ENERGY OF DUALITY AND THE ENERGY REQUIRED TO TRANSCEND IT, let us collectively set aside all judgment, all blame, and everything that separates us. Let it all die. We no longer need to be right, we only need unconditional acceptance of each other. This is the power of love and the way to move even closer to Unity Consciousness. And so with deep reverence for all that each of you are, our wish for each of you is that you EMPOWER YOURSELVES WITH LOVE; USE THAT POWER TO TRANSCEND DUALITY AND TO DIE AWAY FROM ALL THAT SEPARATES US. We are each other.

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen


The 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness has 13 levels (from Beginning to Ascension). Each level is 18 days long and carries a specific energy; each level also is related to the energy of either Day or Night. The levels are truly like waves: the energy begins, then comes to a crest of intensity, then falls to a lesser intensity, allowing integration and preparation for the next wave of energy. Concentrating on the energy of each level can enhance your co-creative ability by surrendering to the power of the energy and merging your own intentional thoughts for co-creation. To best utilize the energies, we must surrender our need for control and learn to trust. Monitoring our thoughts and refusing to be ruled by our emotions allows us to step into being the divine humans we are intended to be.

Audio downloads for each level are available here -

LEVEL 1- Initiate; We Set Our Intentions & Earth responded
March 9- March 26
(Day): Midpoint: March17-18

LEVEL 2- Reaction- NOW- MARCH 27- APRIL 13

LEVEL 3- Activation- April 14- May 1
(Day) Midpoint- April 22-23

LEVEL 4- Stabilizing the Conflict- May 2- May 19
(Night) Midpoint- May 10-11

LEVEL 5- Creative Empowerment(notice all the Portals!) May 20- June 6
(Day) Midpoint- May 28-29

LEVEL 6- Create Flow- June 7- June 24
(Night) (Begin Core Days!) Midpoint- June 15-16

LEVEL 7- Reveals! June 25- July 12
(Day) (Ends Core Days- Notice the Portals) Midpoint- July 3-4

LEVEL 8- Connection! July 13- July 30
(Night) (Begins with Portals) Midpoint- July 21-22

LEVEL 9- Harmonize! July 31- August 17
(Day) Midpoint August 8-9

LEVEL 10- Challenges: Manifest Transmutation. August 18- September 4
(Night) Midpoint- August 26-27

LEVEL 11- Create Clarity! September 5- September 22
(Day) Midpoint- September 13-14

LEVEL 12- Create Understanding! September 23- October 10
(Night) Midpoint- October 1-2

LEVEL 13- Completion! October 11- October 28
(Day) Midpoint- October 19-20

With love and light,
Cullen and Rebecca

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One Beauty of Shamanic Journeying, Dream & Vision Work is Transcending Time For Guidance from Future Selves to Heal our Planet

Thank you very much Sandra for your most practical and easy-to-follow meditations re-connecting us to our heart and Lady Gaia!
*** GAH

June 2011 Transmutation News

(emphasis added)
We continue to hold in our hearts those experiencing so much loss due to extreme weather and violence all around the globe. We hold the space for all as we radiate love, light, and support.

Last month I was very inspired to write quite a bit for The Transmutation News. I know there was a lot for you to work with and to continue to work with.

I also wanted to thank all the translators who translated this wealth of information into 10 languages.

I just finished leading a conference put on by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. We had such a wonderful experience!!

A project that the Society for Shamanic Practitioners has been passionate about is called Shamanism Without Borders. And this project has been a way to educate spiritual practitioners of how we can be in service when destruction happens through environmental events.

During this conference I wanted to bring in the aspect of building community as part of our work. And the format was one that I had not worked with before.

I invited Michael Stone to lead the group in ecstatic dancing to help us as shamanic practitioners become embodied and also to help us build community through dance.

As you know the theme of the Transmutation News has been that we can transform what is happening on the planet by being a presence of love and light. But in order to be a strong presence of love and light we must be embodied.

Instead of talking about building community we built community by dancing with the group for hours. And I believe we all got a deep sense of community on a cellular level.

Also I had invited Jose Lucero, an elder from the Santa Clara Pueblo, to work with our group. Jose also helped to build a strong community with ceremonies he led.

During our weekend we were looking at building personal communities but also learning about building community with the spirit of the elements and the land itself.

We spent one day hiking in silence at Bandelier National Park which was the home of the Anasazi Indians. The Anasazi lived in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. There are endless “theories” about what caused their disappearance and I feel strongly that they did not disappear rather they transcended to a higher vibration.

We spent hours hiking in silence to listen to what they had to share about how they dealt with environmental challenges as in their time they faced drought and famine and changing conditions. Yet they were a strong and peaceful people who lived in harmony in community.

And then we also focused some of our work on the Rio Grande where Jose Lucero shared with us that the Rio Grande is seen by the indigenous people as the main heart artery of the earth. He shared with us what is happening to the Rio Grande as so much nuclear material is now in the river.

As a community we gathered at a place on the Rio Grande where a couple of people went to the river and put some river water in a gourd that Jose provided. They brought the gourd to the group and we all put our blessings into the water. Then I poured the blessed water from the gourd back into the Rio Grande with the intention that our light and love would radiate throughout the river.

Those of you who have been reading the Transmutation News over the years know as a global community we performed similar ceremonies together. I asked you to collect water from local water sources – rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and transfigure into your divine light radiating light into the water and then bringing that water back to the source feeding all water in the world with our love and light.

This is work that you can continue in your local communities to give thanks to the spirit of water. As we show honor and respect to the elements they will through the principle of reciprocity reflect back honor and respect to us. This is one way to bring balance as we see a range from floods to drought happening around the planet.

In our work over the weekend we looked at what it means to be a presence of love and light and how that brings transformative energies to the planet.

We learned about community by being a strong community rather than talking about community.

We used the practice of deep listening to speak to the ancient ones to ask for guidance of how we can thrive through the transition we live in.

We looked at how to bring a daily practice of gratitude into our lives.

This is all work we have been participating in together as a global community as we have focused on radiating love and light and staying connected and supporting each other through our monthly healing ceremonies.

I first was introduced to Michael Stone when I was a guest on his radio show “Conversations with Michael Stone”. Michael interviews leading edge thinkers, authors, and activists in the environmental and spiritual community. He is a brilliant interviewer and also brings through his own deep wisdom on this show.

If you would like to listen to his interviews please visit: for more information.

I wrote about Jose Lucero in the May Transmutation News as I shared with you a conference of elders that he is putting together this June. Please read last month’s column if you missed reading about the important gathering Jose is creating.

The Society for Shamanic Practitioners has written a small book Shamanism Without Borders. We are self-publishing this book and it is now at the printer. I will post next month how to order a copy of the book.

And if you would like to learn more about the Society for Shamanic Practitioners please visit:

In May I was asked to write an article on “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts”. I am so excited to share with you that the article is now live on AOL/Huffington Post Media Group. The link to read the article is:

As you know it is so important for us to focus on the thoughts we send out into the world. For the thoughts we send out into the world end up the feeding the energies we are seeing in our personal lives and on the planet as a whole.

We must constantly be diligent to make sure that our thoughts are filling the air with love. Yes, it is important for us to continue to experience our emotions that range from joy to anger to fear. For this is our birthright as humans to experience a range of emotions that make us feel alive.

The key is to express our emotions without sending them like psychic arrows to ourselves, others, and to the planet.

Please review my book How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation. This book is translated into many of the languages this site is translated into. There is also a section on this work in Medicine for the Earth.

It is so important for us to create a practice that we can use throughout the day to transmute the energy behind our thoughts and attitudes so that we are being a true channel of love and light.

One of the beauties of shamanic journeying, dreaming work, visioning work is that we can transcend time through our practice. For when we travel into the hidden and invisible worlds we are outside of time. We can travel back in time and explore different lifetimes and events that occurred in our lives. We can also go forward in time to explore the future.

For about 20 years I have been teaching how to journey into the future in two ways. One intention I teach is to speak to a part of yourself who has created the life you always wanted, Another intention is to ask for guidance from descendants in the future on how to heal ourselves and the planet.

This a potent way to work as there is so much we learn about the steps we can take to change and heal our lives.

For those of you who have a copy of Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation you can look at what I wrote about journeying to descendants.

This month I would like us to utilize the gift of traveling into the future. You can journey to your future self or to descendants.

First I will share with you the intention and then I will give instructions.

We can learn much by traveling into the future. The intention you want to set is to travel to your future self where you have settled into a good life. Your spiritual work has led you to a wonderful place in life. And the work you are doing is also having a positive impact on the health of the environment and the planet.

Ask yourself the steps you took to get to such a good place.

You can also do this same work by traveling to descendants who live in harmony and have found solutions to create a healthy planet. Ask these descendants in the future what steps we need to take in order to create positive changes for the planet and ourselves.

If you have a practice of shamanic journeying you can just set your intention to meet with your future self or descendants and ask for the guidance you wish to receive.

If you do not have a practice of shamanic journeying you can do this work by putting on some nice relaxing music. Lie or sit down and take some deep breaths while holding your intention. Allow your imagination to take you in the future where you can get images, hear messages, or get a feeling sense of the guidance coming through.

You can also do some automatic writing as I describe in Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times.

With automatic writing you also want to play some music that expands your consciousness. Write down on a piece of paper your intention -–what is the guidance you are seeking.

Either keep your eyes closed or you can also keep your eyes open just a little bit. Allow your pen to just move not worrying where you are on the paper or how you are writing. It is amazing the information that will come through.

Let us use what we learn from our future selves and our descendants to feed the web of life with love. And let us continue to deepen our experience of who we are “beyond our skin” which is pure divine light.

June 15 is the full moon and is also a full lunar eclipse. Let us focus together and continue to weave a web of light and unconditional love within our throughout this great earth! Let us also continue our transfiguration work to support everyone in our global community.

If you are a new reader to the Transmutation News welcome! You can find the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony by clicking on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

June 21 is the summer solstice for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. And this day marks the change in seasons to winter as the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the winter solstice.

I asked for guidance from my helping spirits of what to share to celebrate this solstice.

I was told that this is a time for all of us to establish a practice of deep listening.

There are many environmental changes happening all through the planet. Some of these changes make the news and we tend to focus only on the changes that the media covers. But as we are all connected to one web of life there are not separate changes going on around the globe. The whole planet is experiencing changes leading to a transition.

The solstice marks a time when we all acknowledge a change in seasons. And a change in seasons has broad implications as this also translates to a change in season for our lives.

So much is occurring globally and shifts and changes will continue. To work in partnership and collaboration and cooperation with this great earth we must be able to listen. For in all true and gifted partnerships there must be a practice of listening.

Spend some time outside on this day and establish a practice of deep listening. This means be in silence and feel what the earth is sharing with you right now. Listen to any messages you might hear. Notice what images you get as you focus on listening to any wisdom the earth has to share with you.

During times of transition being able to receive guidance of how we can change to match the changes in the cycle of seasons is very important as we all search for how we can live from a greater place of harmony.

And during this day state your commitment to be in service to the earth and give thanks for all you receive from the elements of earth, air, water, and the sun so you may thrive and not just survive.

I wish you all a joyous summer and winter!!

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The Pope, TV preacher & head of physics ...have no better understanding than world leaders and politicians who tell us what to think, buy and fear

Thank you Susan for such wonderful words of wisdom and a straight-to-the-point reality check!
*** GAH

Opening Our Understanding
(emphasis added)

Been thinking recently about what "first contact" would entail. Many thousands, perhaps millions, all over the world have seen extraterrestrial craft and many have personal experience with direct contact. Some individual contacts are kept secret and the contactee never mentions the incident to anyone.

Many people have multidimensional experiences ...they see, hear or feel things, which fall beyond our three-dimensional belief system. If people would be willing to verbalize some of the belief systems actually governing their inner lives, it seems to me people would be discussing many "paranormal " concepts openly, as openly as politics. However, since it is not deemed within the norm to accept these kinds of ideas, most people keep secrets.

As for personal experiences, I don't by any means feel mine are amazingly unique, just a bit out of the ordinary. Never, not once, in all of my life, have I ever felt afraid when confronted with extraterrestrial contact. The sight of ships fills me with deep awe and once I found myself dropping to my knees weakly in the presence of hovering craft. I have been rendered absolutely speechless, which is very odd for me. Never have I felt the least bit of fear or the need to run away to protect myself. Unfortunately, I cannot say that about my encounters with humans on this planet. And to be honest, I cannot say that about a couple of encounters with spirits coming through to this level; but those were old ones coming in response to our bothersome summons.

Let's take into account the fear based, juvenile, power-seeking persona that is the present norm in our civilization. Our cultural ideals resemble that of a teenager ruled by hormones, who worships the acquisition of objects for security and acceptance and values power over compassion. Blindly seeking acceptance and love, and fearing anything unknown, we like to imagine ourselves with needy personas in want of a father god. If you project that same juvenile persona onto beings who may visit this planet you have a formula for fear. The truth is that we are juveniles who have not, as a species, evolved past teenage misconceptions based on inexperience and fear. Try to picture us - and I know it is difficult - as a grown up species, acting like mature adults, taking responsibility for our actions, striving for non-aggression and understanding. Picture us allowing ourselves to feel and think deeply, to trust our inner selves and to reject fear. Picture us letting go of the quest for power and material goods. Imagine that we find a spiritual core within our individual selves and allow ourselves to close the deep black gaping holes of sadness and fear carried like bulls eyes in the center of our beings by most humans.

Speak with the elderly and you find that generally when we as a species reach a certain level of maturity and age, we no longer crave the things absolutely necessary in youth. The old realize the terrible needs and driving desires of the young are all a result of hormones and inexperience. Recent research tells us that when hormones cease, men become more feminine (less testosterone) and women drift towards masculinity (less estrogen). The polarized sexes with their aggressive, biological tendencies at bay seem to merge into a unisexual type of being, with less need for dominance-seeking behaviors. The need to preserve the species by mating and procreating dissolves, along with all the hormonal fogs and fumes. Like ghosts, many of the old needs dissipate, leaving the essential being. This is the time for maturity, understanding and deep contemplation. Teaching, passing on knowledge to the next generation and preserving truth comes to the fore and a sort of higher stewardship attitude emerges among the elders in most cultures. This usually surpasses the mere biological need to protect the younger generation so that the species continues. This is equally true, I believe, when civilizations or species mature. Ideals change and the limitless quest for safety and power begins to evaporate.

It seems our species on this planet has attempted to reach a higher level of maturity several times previously - most likely three other times before us. Each time, we reached the moment when we acquired enough knowledge, power and weaponry to allow us to destroy our own kind or to advance. The end comes through misuse of resources or self-destruction with barely understood, newly discovered energy forces. Our scientific minds overstep our teenage morality. Each time, we have almost made it past the testing time or initiation during which we are given the opportunity to grow to maturity. We have reached different stages each time previously before the self-destruction occurs - by earth, air, fire or water. We never quite make it beyond the crucial point. It is sad, but we always seem to fall back and have to begin the long journey again. If aggression and selfishness are not overcome, then self-destruction inevitably occurs. Destruction does not imply we are cast down by a judgmental, angry god, to the fires of hell. No, it is not a biblical punishment. We must pick ourselves up and try again almost from the beginning, until we become ourselves. This fate awaits us in our individual soul's growth, as well as in our planetary growth. The old adage "as above, so below" applies in all respects. In our juvenile belief system it appears the father god is exacting punishment, but in the larger plan, it is just the way of life. Karma is not punishment, but merely the universal law. Equally, the universal law states you cannot be more than you are at the moment - but curiously, when you are more, when you make that leap, all is changed. In the individual evolution of each soul, we are asked to emerge beyond aggression, biological need and selfish acquisition - we are asked to move beyond fear. When we accomplish this, we do not so much pass a test, as become more of who we are already. We are granted initiation into the next level. As the Indian saint, Meher Baba said (in my favorite saying of all time), "Wherever you find yourself, that's where you are". You can only exist at the level of your attention. We, as a species, seem to keep finding ourselves at the still point of change and growth, but have not yet been able to make that final change, to switch our attention to the next level.

Civilizations able to visit us from light years away have mastered many problems. Both their attention and their intent are focused and clear. In order for them to travel through space past the speed of light, their technology must have evolved beyond ours. Also, they must have figured out how to deal with fear and to avoid self-destruction. There is a "ring-pass-not", a natural barrier, which obstructs those who have not learned the prerequisite "lessons". Like a natural barrier of consciousness, one is unable to go beyond the barrier until one has attained a certain level of understanding and knowledge. This is not a physical barrier shutting out a certain group, rather a barrier of understanding, intent and experience.

However, attaining the basic understanding, which would allow you to pass through the first barrier, does not guarantee wisdom. There are many levels beyond ours and certainly, in our amazing universe there are some beings with questionable ethics who have learned the basics but who have problems maintaining the ideal. However, the vast majority of advanced civilizations do subscribe to universal ideals. It is what it is.

So the next step presents itself. We have to deal with religion and spirituality. Leaping to the next level as a species does not occur with mere "scientific", "logical", "objective" reasoning or through spiritual practice only. Forgive the Italics, but these terms are so overused and are inaccurate adjectives. Scientists see through the filter of their own belief systems and edit their findings according to their fears and the extent they can accept certain hypotheses. Objective observation is a nice term, but physics proves the person performing an experiment has an effect upon it that changes it. Then the fact that most experiments are funded by corporations with inherent agendas (big pharma, oil, etc.) does not leave much room for honest research. I firmly understand that there are physical laws, which govern our planet, but we have a childish understanding of their implications. Concrete mental thinking is not going to project us past our fears.

As far as religion and organized spiritual practices, why do we have to accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior in order to understand that our physical surroundings and our universe are constructed with some sort of plan in mind. Please don't get me started on intelligent design and that crock. The notion that "god", the big white bearded guy floating in the sky, created the universe several thousand years ago, and controls us with an iron hand, has been perpetrated on us for a long time. Back in the pagan days, he was Zeus, and it was the same bunch trying to keep us barefoot and powerless. The spiritual beliefs hijacked by organized religions with political aspirations make it seem criminal to discuss spiritual beliefs. Why can't we have an understanding of spirituality and focused stewardship by multidimensional beings without mixing in the twin bogeyman of logic and religion? The Pope, the TV preacher begging for money and the head of physics at a prestigious university are interesting people but they are humans with fears and limited consciousness. Truly, they have no better understanding of the universe many of us have experienced than the world leaders or politicians, who try to tell us what to think, buy and fear. They try to edit our observations, but in the end, I know what I know and you know what you know. We each have experienced certain events, which have shaped our consciousness. If we allow exploration into our own beliefs without father figures telling us what is real and without allowing bogus people to co-opt our reality, we may find that we accept a sort of spirituality that encompasses core beliefs of many religions. We don't have to automatically dislike those who think slightly differently. Each religion was based on the observances of one or several people who modified an existing set of beliefs and added their own spin. Some of these prophets or founders advanced the way humans understand the world by adding one special idea, and many merely advanced themselves. But the core beliefs from which all these religions spring are not new. And if you study how each core belief originated, you pretty much come to the conclusion that it has all been presented before. It was forgotten for a bit until a new bunch resurrected the same idea. The governing principles of these core beliefs have been re-introduced by successive individuals to advance us towards certain ideals and this appears to be part of a larger plan. We go forward learning new ideals, feeling that we are doing well as a race, then stumble back and fall, only to have the old beliefs fed to us again until we finally get it.

We are all cousins at heart, seeing spirituality through our own experiences. That is perfectly understandable. The problem occurs when we insist on our own experience as the only way to understand the world and our soul.
Commentary by Susan Nidle

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Spaceships Land From the Sky onto our Planet, and the Beings Introduce Themselves to Us As Friends & Allies...

...How will you be able to continue to deny UFOs are real?
...Why would you continue to trust our government?
...Then hopefully it'll dawn on you that UFOs are NOT the only issues our government has been lying about.
...and these Beings bring gifts of prosperity funds, debt forgiveness, and new models of governing, then how can you stay in fear?
...and these Beings assist at least 5 million people back to reconnecting with God, our Creator, through Ascension, then how could you still be afraid?

** The time has arrived for each one of us to take responsibility for our own destiny, to manifest WHO we were born to be! Lady Gaia is changing right before our very eyes as She continues Her Ascension process through Her facelift and growing pains of the many many natural disasters all of us around the world are experiencing, and we too have energetically changed ourselves --spiritually, emotionally, mentally and biologically. The long-awaited year of 2012 fast approaches, and there is NO MORE TIME for sugar-coating, NO MORE TIME for spoon-feeding, NO MORE TIME for protecting your ego, NO MORE TIME for pretending this is not real, NO MORE TIME for not being blunt with you about your true destiny, NO MORE TIME for avoiding saying things which may make me appear "crazy and have fallen off the deep end."

Ascension is possible for EVERY HUMAN BEING, but it is YOU who must choose it ...NO ON ELSE can do it for you. Do the necessary emotional work TODAY to address your fears to make THIS LIFETIME your last lifetime living in the 3rd Dimension. It is YOUR DESTINY ...why prolong the inevitable? Be brave and muster the courage to step outside your comfort zone to manifest the real you!

When spaceships land from the sky onto our planet, and these Beings introduce themselves to us as friends & allies...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Our Fleet Came Here to Complete a Mission, and This Shift in Consciousness for Gaia and You is Now to be Manifested by Us"

Once again, I AM grateful to you Galactic Federation, Spiritual Hierarchy and Sheldon for these most thrilling and empowering details of our very near future of life here on planet Earth. Thank you all for your hard work in guaranteeing us our freedom from the dark, and for the opportunity to Ascend and rejoin galactic civilization! We REJOICE upon your arrival!
*** GAH

(emphasis added)
Selamat Balik! We return! The process of transforming your world moves forward at its own divine pace. Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters intend to take this opportunity to expand on what they have labeled "conscious governance." The next part of your journey in consciousness requires you to explore some new concepts about how your societies are to be organized. This new worldview would benefit from looking at how Inner Earth Agartha and other such galactic societies naturally bring about order to their lives. This involves what we call "the four basic Societal Laws." The Divine gave these to us as we emerged from limited into full consciousness while still on Vega some six million years ago, and these laws have been an inspiration to us ever since. Every human society, as it approaches its full potential, is given these four sacred guidelines, and the time is coming for your Earth-bound societies to be so blessed. We have asked your Agarthan cousins to prepare a comprehensive overview of these four laws and their earthly history, so you can more easily understand their significance to you.

Galactic societies tend to organize themselves on two levels: The first is centered on the individual and her or his immediate community. The second level is an intricate system of highly specialized clans. The individual and the intertwined local community are paramount, and function as a large parenting and educational network, providing each person with the wisdom and training to carry out their clan-oriented life skills. Each recognizes their unique talents and is confident of being able to communicate their creative perspective via a fluid process to solve the clan's and the community's current problems. This type of confidence is built into a special parenting process so individuals develop a strong sense of who they are and how best to fulfill their life contracts. They are encouraged daily to contribute their unique genius to the general welfare, thus creating a natural flow that becomes the basis for fluid management. More on this subject is to follow later.

Blessings, dear Ones! We come today to continue our discussion with you on the essentials of conscious governance. The crucial word here is consciousness. As humans grow in consciousness, we become more aware of the spiritual nature of physicality. We see all things are grounded in Spirit and notice the way all things are uniquely connected to one another. We observe that a special pattern set forth by Heaven governs the way life works. This web of life is complex, and to fathom its inner meanings seems at first to be beyond one's reach. However, your growing consciousness soon provides the answers you seek. This enlightenment comes from a major shift in your physical Beingness, unifying your female and male components and enabling you to look at the physical in new ways and to grasp easily its multifarious connections to Spirit. You can then feel your spiritual essence is one with the physical. All things at this point are possible, and divine service becomes your greatest joy!

In this state, you easily perceive the shortcomings of government as it is practiced here. You long for something that can express what you now know. This ardor is felt by all as enlightenment encompasses us. The point here is that the increase in global consciousness has reached the requisite plateau where such fundamental reforms are possible! This is what excites the majority of those individuals and groups what we daily deal with regarding the setting-up of new forms of governance. Consciousness opens the doors to new ways of looking at, proposing, and agreeing upon how to deal with society's problems. Consciousness, as enlightenment, adds abundance and a creative joy to the mix, unlocking possibilities that were previously hidden from you. So now a new way to inject these ideas into your milieu becomes essential and we suggest you look deeply into where this rise in consciousness is leading you. The path is heading toward the four sacred societal laws that reflect the needs and desires of your coming full consciousness.

In fact, these four laws are just beginning to manifest on your world. We watch you using your growing power to demand people-oriented government, and indeed, the sudden uprisings throughout the Middle East are an external manifestation of these efforts. Everywhere, the public is putting a premium on freedom, and is forcing out regimes that fail to heed the call of their citizens. Unlike the popular revolts in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, these uprisings are part of a growing global momentum that is ultimately to bring a host of new governments into power. These temporary rulers are to announce publicly the vast reforms JUST RECENTLY AGREED to by a special conference in Europe. These announcements are to redress world debt by the use of debt forgiveness, set up a new global hard currency, and bring peace to your world. This will be topped by Full Disclosure, that above you lies a vast fleet of benign Beings.

The coming Disclosure about your space family will be immediately followed by the introduction of several new communication technologies, one of which will be a small, hand-held device with direct, global visual and verbal access to anyone anywhere, without the use of wires, cables, or satellites. It will have a videophone and a holographic computer, and will use zero-point technology. This means that everyone will be in contact with a device that radiates life-enhancing energy, as opposed to your present devices which harm your life force. To make travel easier, a teleportation device will be made available to you by the First Contact fleet, which will use the fleet's technology to move you swiftly to your destination and then back home again. These are only two examples out of many new types and applications of technology which are to be introduced to you.

Disclosure comes when the present illuminoid-controlled governments are legally replaced by the actions of our Earth allies. The time for this reform is close. We daily converse with our Agarthan cousins as well as the Ascended Masters on these vital matters as the time draws near for our joint divine intervention. This intervention is predicated on the fact your shift to full consciousness can no longer be delayed. The dark is still determined to convert you into its slaves, but this, as we have said many times before, is not to be permitted by Heaven. Our fleet came here to complete a mission, and this shift in consciousness for Gaia and you is now to be manifested by us. This is a solemn declaration we make. The evil on this world needs to be abolished, and it needs to be done now!

Today, more has been revealed. The time to transform the very dark nature of your world has arrived. Our ships are in position to provide a beneficent galactic alternative to the plans the dark has for you. With the approval of Heaven, we are ready to lead the Light to divine victory! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Your Earthly Bodies will begin to take on a New Radiance ...As you enter further and further into Divine Union with your Soul."

Thank you once again, Lauren, for your elaborate and most insightful guidance!
*** GAH

Sunday, May 22, 2011
The Phases of Embodiment

(emphasis added)
"We understand the pull to resort to your old ways can sometimes be very strong, and by resisting those lower forces, rather, detaching from them, you are fully actualizing the divine template within you to become the master of worlds you already are. For that inner-strength, and for your willingness to exercise it, we are beyond delighted." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Crunch Time

With only 9 days left in May and while slowly being sucked into another famed eclipse sandwich (Solar Eclipse on 6/1, Lunar Eclipse on 6/15, followed by another Solar Eclipse on 7/1), we are officially in what I would call, crunch time. There is that familiar manic feeling of "so much to accomplish, so little time/energy" encircling us, in addition to some conflicting feelings arising about where this journey is actually taking us and what the collective cosmic shitstorm has really been about.

In the last couple days, right when the moon entered practical Capricorn, it felt like we prematurely bore a hole through our cozy cocoons and fell flat to the earth. This was/is a very sobering experience, one that is really grounding out any possible delusions or escapisms we may have bought into along the way as well as providing us with a much-needed backdrop of practical sensibility before we get vacuumed up into that wormhole.

I, for one, am grateful for the sobriety because it clears some long-standing confusion about whats real… but, that being said, it can also be difficult to grasp the higher-dimensional concepts from this grounded space which can bring up deep layers of self-doubt, leaving us feeling unsure/insecure about not only our next steps, but about the entire journey we took to get here. The Unseens say we are just joining worlds ...connecting the spiritual realm to the physical one and integrating a more visceral-based understanding of that, which in the interim can feel both real, and surreal at the same time. In other words, our physical bodies are coming to understand what our [hearts] have known for years.

On one hand, we are about to jump, face first, into completely unknown territory …territory that forces us to remain conscious and utilize our meticulously-honed skills in mastery …but on the other hand, we are being sorely tested in faith of our absolute truth so we can release any remaining limitations about what we feel is possible. This process varies for all, but one thing is true for every one of us… where we end up on the other side of all this will be a direct result of how fearless we dare to be right now.

This means we have literally been dredging up the putrefied (e)goo at the bottom of our human-made containers ...scraping down the sides of remaining karmic residue, which also means our uglies have been visiting again and definitely wearing their welcome out. And not just the usual uglies, but those sticky shadow parts of ourselves we secretly thought we could get away with ignoring, or that were so deeply embedded we couldn't even see them until now. Yes, for just a bit longer, we get to play in the (fun) house of mirrors, clearly seeing the multiple ways in which we are still polarizing ourselves by projecting, reflecting and exposing our remaining loveless parts onto each other. And a good thing too, cuz I always look forward to acknowledging yet another part of me that sucks.

Speaking of things that suck... we have had to work really hard these last few weeks to lay down our egoo. As with any toxic relationship, no matter how icky ugly feels we have a tendency to fight for its survival because the pull to resort to the familiar is so strong, so in'toxic'ating, that we find it nearly impossible to refuse its lure. The hilarious part? That everybody thinks that everybody else's ugly is uglier than theirs ...when in duality, the only ugly we can see is our own. There is definitely a movie wanting to be made in there.

The external manifestations of these recent excavations may be showing up in multiple ways, like in the ability to finally clean out and organize that intimidating part of the basement, garage, or attic you've been dreading since prom. Or maybe in something as simple as filing away your taxes from last year, cleaning out your email cache, sorting thru your itunes library, or finishing up those lingering projects that have been torturing you since the harmonic convergence. Whatever form it takes ...all.menacing. goo.must. go. And that means all things tied to the goo too.

The Embodiment Stage

In the last energy update, the Seven Sisters of Pleiades mentioned to me the middle of this month was a massive transition point and now they add we are in the process of crossing over to a higher dimensional speedway of cosmic intelligence that runs parallel to the lower dimensional highway of dross, but (luckily) does not intersect it.

They are calling this next step on our journey the embodiment stage, the phase of ascension that releases us from the old blueprint (perception) of service and transports us to the new/true/original/sacred/divine blueprint of co-creation. This new-human blueprint is activated in those who have neutralized polarities thru the merging of sacred masculine/feminine forces, expanded their energy centers (chakras) thru the clearing of karmic miasms and... once these templates are embodied by the forerunners ...the potential will then be available for all of humanity.

If it's helpful, think of these awakened and activated souls all over the planet as acupuncture needles that pierce the intersecting points of earth's meridians to restore the vital flow of universal chi. As these beings physically "light-up," they fire these scalar energies into the life, blood and body of this planet, energizing the human collective with the zero-point field of grace. This is not to say everyone is prepared to accept these energies into their lives and bodies ...but the potential to tune into this grid is now stronger than ever for those who choose it.


The Seven Sisters reiterate the second half of this year is very physically focused… the tender shoots of our new lives are breaking thru the freshly tilled soil that we painstakingly overturned during the month of April, lives that we will grow into the way a seedling grows into a fruit bearing plant phases. More specifically, they mention three distinct phases...

"The next steps toward the physical expression of divinity include: 1. the release of the pain/fear-body, 2. the realization of the divine body, and 3. the reunification of earth matter with etheric matter."

1. We know in order to unify spirit and matter, we have to first become the purified vessel by which divine energy can flow thru. Ultimately, we have to raise our physical vibration to match the vibration of our spirit body so the two can become one vehicle …which means we must be cleared of all discordance, to the absolute point of non-resistance, so the divine body (blueprint) can freely manifest in physical form.

2. What the Unseens want for us to understand is the physical apparatus (the biology suit) that houses the spirit body is actually as malleable and adaptable to change (transmutation) as the spiritual body itself; however, it is residing in the lower dimensions and is therefore governed by space and time. (Read: slowwwwww) So even tho Jesus Christ liquified into his plasmic lightbody in three days (???), down here in the trenches ...where we will continue to don these fat flesh suits ...we have to abide by the laws of physicality.

3. So, the spirit body… which is a replica of the physical body, but in its complete perfection ...consists of etheric matter and is therefore a malleable substance that forms the template for materialization. What is happening during this passage is our physical (divine) blueprint of perfection is meeting the human-made (egoo) blueprint and the two are merging into one.

I'm told this unification, or merging process happens in the space between cells first so that the cells are surrounded with the higher charge/intelligence of our spirit (light) body and eventually our cells begin to take on, or mutate to align with the higher vibrating source. **This is the law of resonance in action …a process by which a higher vibrating body of energy will automatically cause a lower vibrating body of energy to match or align with its frequency …think: Tuning fork.

The cells then undergo what the Unseens call a tightening process …they call it a tightening because for a long period of time we needed to inhabit two blueprints simultaneously …the human and the divine blueprint (which, of course explains all that eating for two). Both sets of plans are apparently in place so we can smoothly make the transition from one body to the next and as we do, we lose those extra 30 lbs the space that existed between cells begins to "tighten" up as the templates merge.

This process is actually more of a dissolution in the sense that we are dissolving a version of ourselves that is outworn, while simultaneously morphing into a spiritual adult …where the egoo identity (masculine/matter) and divine identity (feminine/antimatter) merge into sacred union.

The Phases

The Unseens also want to make it clear this process does not happen overnight (nor would we want it to), but in a series of sequential unfoldments, that repeat themselves and that have already begun.

"The remaining months of this year will enable you to temper a balance between the old world and new, it will be a transition of epic proportion and we assure you that you would not want to rush this process." -Seven Sisters

The first phase they refer to as "the release of the pain/fear body" is the first step in the emergence process and begins with an internal expansion:

1. "As the old template is released or dissolved …and this is happening now for the first wave of souls to embody the christed-human template ...the spiritual body will first begin to expand within the physical vessel. "

As these energies begin to flood the body and our focus is on the radiance of love, it can literally feel like being plugged into an electrical outlet …you may feel very "charged," like every cell of your body is alive and vibrating …hyper-sensitive, like wearing your nerves on the outside of your body… amped up, dizzy, jumpy, with shortness of breath, fluctuating body temperature/night sweats, irregular heartbeats and/or erratic sleep patterns. These symptoms can be off-putting, especially if they come on suddenly, but know they are just another delightful part of the process. If the charge becomes uncomfortable or overwhelming, then stretching, walking, breathing and even salt baths can help a great deal.

Likewise, we may also experience these waves of energy as bliss that undulate throughout the central nervous system …these purifying (kundalini) energies are at work to release all remaining density trapped within the body. As well, the body has created new systems based on the intelligence contained within each strand of activated DNA and the energy vortices (chakras) that enliven and govern each center are opening more to sustain these systems. (interesting that the feelings associated with the prophesied "rapture" are: Bliss, euphoria, freedom, joy, spiritual ecstasy, etc. hmmmm)

2. The second phase which they call "the realization of our divine body" is when the soul begins to experience itself in human form if for the first time. The term "reborn" applies here. This is an integration phase which enables us to ground into/fully occupy our bodies and is required so our crystallizing template can solidify in form. Thru this period of integration, we enable our connection to earth to fortify so we can stabilize ourselves as we become one with the cosmic heartbeat.

3. Once the integration period is complete we begin to physically embody the changes set forth by our divine blueprint. This is the phase where "spirit and matter are working as one" …where we embody the physical essence of our spiritual form.

During this phase we will also experience what the Seven Sisters call a "quickening." Kind of like the "moment of truth," when a pregnant woman feels the fetus move for the first time ...the Sisters also loosely describe this spiritual quickening as "the moment of truth," as in the bestowal of grace ...a term they use to identity the process that follows the unification of sacred energies inflow of divine vitality into the body.

"Your earthly bodies will begin to take on a new radiance, a new way of being that will phase in and out incrementally. You will recognize the new energies and then they will seem to fade away as your body adjusts to contain them in a series of in-breaths and out-breaths, and as you enter further and further into divine union with your soul. Each phase will have an energy, a distinct essence that you will want to experience fully. Take not these words as an indication of suffering, but as an indication of true liberation." -Seven Sisters

See you in the sandwich...

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emotion Shows You Your Story, Not the Truth: Surrender the Story and Move Towards Compassion, For This is Where You'll Find Eternal Truth & Unity

Written by Dr Rebecca Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith
May 11, 2011

(emphasis added)
According to the Mayan Calendar Waves of Energy, we have entered a period of night, the fourth stairstep on our climb towards unity consciousness. On one hand, this energy was experienced historically as a time of political conflict and acts of aggression. On the other hand, we have never been in this place with this energy before, so we have the opportunity to experience it differently. Nevertheless, as we stepped into the fourth level, we were met with old patterns of Nationalism and attachment to being right as many people celebrated the killing of a perceived enemy. That emotional pattern of exulting the killing of another is clearly attached to the energy of separation. If we are moving towards living in unity, how can we consciously rejoice and celebrate at killing another? No matter how much we blame another for the circumstances of our lives, ultimately it is our own conscious choices (the need to be right and support of violence in the name of our beliefs) and our reactions to what others do that define who we are.

As this period brings us the energy of conflict, let us really look at the purpose of conflict-- nationally and personally. Laarkmaa tells us conflict is the clearing out of emotions. What have the Pleiadians taught us about human emotions? That emotions are signposts pointing to what needs to change. When Nationalism rises up, our emotions are heightened. The opportunity being offered is to move away from ideals that support separation and move instead towards being citizens of the world, or better yet, in unity, citizens of the universe. We are challenged to release our beliefs that we are right and others are wrong, changing our beliefs to the larger truth that all humans seek love. Likewise, when the earth moves beneath our feet and the emotions of fear arise, we are offered the opportunity to transcend our fear and choose another perspective.

The energy that is presenting itself to humanity in the current wave offers great portals of opportunity for moving beyond our limiting beliefs and accepting our emotions as pointers to change. Laarkmaa tells us, that as a species, humans have the opportunity now to experience conflict differently than ever before and to understand it differently. It is our own attitudes and beliefs that contribute to changes that occur in, on, and through earth. As we quake with the potency of our own emotions, the earth quakes beneath us. Through the presence of conflict, we are presented with different perspectives in order to see the greater whole. Humans link emotions with stories attached to their belief systems-- stories that are irrelevant, inaccurate, and untrue. Emotions are available to purge us from those separating beliefs and point us back together. The Pleiadians lovingly show us we are DEFENDING OUR SEPARATION by clinging to our emotions and the thoughts we attach to the story of why we feel what we feel. They ask us to surrender our need to be right and to surrender our victimhood as we seek to prove the other is harming us. We harm each other through the stories we attach to our emotions and the words we aim at others to prove we are right, rather than simply allowing the emotions to point to our OWN work.

The emotions we experience are obviously pointing to what we must work on within ourselves-- each of us. How can we move to the larger perspective of unity consciousness if we are experiencing conflict at any level? The conflict is there to show us there is another perspective available, and we can begin to apply this understanding first in our own interpersonal relationships. The first step is to take responsibility for our own perspectives. We are advised by the Pleiadians to acknowledge the emotion, then ask where it is pointing us. These are steps we should take:

stop defending our position;
stop blaming others for what we are feeling;
don't attach meaning to the story around the emotion;
don't react to others' emotions;
stop needing to dramatize the emotions and the stories;
stop reacting, stop reacting, stop reacting!

Doing these things can prevent war and lead to real peace, within relationships and between nations. Laarkmaa tells us humans must learn to reach beyond our stories, for the stories continue to hold us in separation rather than freeing us into unity. They summarize the essence of how we can handle conflict differently by saying this:

"When you are experiencing conflict, the greater truth is best expressed through compassion and honest exploration of the other's view. There is very little truth ever available when you are expressing through emotion. Emotion shows you your story, not the truth. Surrender the story and move towards compassion, for this is where you will find eternal truth and unity."

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen

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I AM grateful to you both, Rebecca & Cullen, for your words and wisdom!
*** GAH

Chiron Points to the Place of Our Greatest Wounds: The Things We Feel are the Most Missing, Wrong, Unjust, Painful or Lacking in Our Lives

The following excerpt is written by Martin Lass, professional astrologer AND violinist! His studies regarding planet Chiron are quite illuminating and inspiring, especially for those on the path of personal healing, transmutation, and Ascension. Thank you Martin for sharing your work with those seeking wholeness!

"Healing is the gradual awakening
 to the perfection of your life..."

The purpose of this article is to lay out the essence of the new paradigm augured by the discovery of planet Chiron in 1977. As such, for the sake of economy, many details must be left out in favor of presenting the bigger picture. My books, articles, presentations and research over the last so many years will fill in the details and will elucidate and vindicate the broad assertions made below.

In short, the new Chiron paradigm asserts that the Wounding and Healing journey is synonymous with the descent and re-ascent of consciousness through the cosmos—with Creation (the Fall) and subsequent evolution (Ascension). Chiron asserts that the Healing journey consists of awakening to the perfection of our lives, no more, no less. It asserts that there lies a Gift within every Wound, waiting to be discovered. ("Wound" is taken in the broadest sense, encompassing the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.)

The net result of these early studies was a growing dread of Chiron and of the issues within us that Chiron's placement in our natal charts mirrored. Now, at worst, like Pluto, Chiron strikes terror into the hearts of men and women! In some ways, Chiron has become synonymous only with "Wound" and "pain."

My aim over the last 11 years has been to discover and present the balancing half of the equation. When both sides of the picture are seen, all contradictions, dilemmas and paradoxes are resolved; all seemingly unanswerable questions are answered. In fact, the Chiron paradigm asserts that the ongoing process of discovering both sides of any given issue is the Healing journey. Such is one of Chiron's greatest messages and tools. All that remains is for us to face our inner Darknesses with the tools Chiron has given us. Such is Healing... more than this, such is the evolution of consciousness.

The New Chiron Paradigm
The essence of the new Chiron paradigm is summed up in the phrase, "The Gift is in the Wound." In short, when painful, traumatic, adverse and/or negative experiences befall us, we tend to see the negative side more than the positive (if we see the positive at all). Said another way, in these circumstances, we tend to express the negative and repress the positive. Such is the face of Chiron as initially seen in the natal chart (in synergy with many other factors, not the least of which is the Moon).

What we do not see at the time are the benefits, blessings, lessons, Gifts and Service of these experiences. We fail to see the balancing sides. The Healing journey consists of discovering these balancing sides. This can take anything from a second to a lifetime. Hindsight is one great gift in this respect. As we discover and uncover the hidden balancing sides, so a larger picture is revealed—a picture that contains our Gift, i.e. a piece of the puzzle of the meaning and purpose of our lives.

The Chiron paradigm also asserts that there is nothing to fix, change or get rid of in our lives... all is perfect as it is. However, our failure to see this at first (or our out-and-out denial) takes us on the journey of our lives. Along the way, we become who we are meant to become. That is, our Service to ourselves (in terms of learning our lessons and evolving our consciousness) and to others (in terms of how we contribute to others' lives) is manifested. Our gradual awakening to and embracing of this Service is the Healing journey, is the evolution of consciousness. In this lies a larger Perfection.

Such assertions inevitably bring us to the idea of an ordered universe—a universe with a Plan and a Purpose. Although one cannot scientifically argue this case (yet!) with those who are so Wounded as to deny a higher order or higher power, our personal Healing journey will inevitably (and inexorably) awaken us to this higher order. Such is Chiron's promise. Moreover, herein lies the hope for the unification of science and spirituality/religion. We can expedite this process (if we so wish) by putting Chiron's musings, as seen astrologically, into ever-larger contexts. We will hint at some these directions in what follows.

Chiron Astrology
Chiron, in the natal chart, points to the place of our greatest Wounds—the things we feel are the most missing, wrong, unjust, painful or lacking in our lives. In this place, we harbor bottled-up negative emotions, traumatic memories, past life issues and 'rooms' within us where we either fear to tread or that we would rather avoid, ignore, condemn or banish altogether.

However, hidden within this place of Darkness lie all the balancing sides of the equation—the benefits, blessings, lessons, Gifts and Service of each and every one of our issues. Through the Darkness lies the Light. When we try to avoid the Darkness, the Darkness persists and blocks our way. Inherent within the Wound itself lays the Healing path. As we approach the Wound, so its hidden aspects are illuminated, allowing growth, transformation, Healing and evolution of consciousness. If we understand the principles involved, each person's Healing path can be clearly seen in the natal chart.

Perhaps the most striking symbol of Chiron's Healing process was presented in the animated film, "The Dark Crystal," where the dark and light sides of the psyche, represented by different races of creatures, joined into one 'super-race' of Light beings via the Healing of a fractured crystal. Of all the psychologists of the last hundred years, perhaps Jung came closest to understanding this principle of rejoining our light and dark sides (individuation). All that remained was to define the exact nature of the light and dark sides of the psyche. Chiron points the way to just such definition

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

You Were Created in Love to Experience Love: Even Though You've Been Enclosed in the Illusion with Its Pain & Suffering, You've Always Sought Love

Love is your nature!
05/18/2011 by John Smallman

(emphasis added)
You are all doing sterling work as you prepare for your grand awakening –-an awakening that was planned eons ago when you chose to enter your illusory reality and accept the limitations that state imposed upon you. As time passed, those limitations became increasingly burdensome as they continuously reduced your ability to retain your awareness of your true nature. Despite these restrictions, the divine Flame remained alight within you all-– although it was below the level of your conscious awareness. You mostly believed in god-like beings whom you imagined as some kind of super-humans with great power who spent their time observing you, were open to listening to your cries for help, and who enjoyed punishing you severely for what you thought of as grave sins you had committed against them. But they were just images you made up, of super-heroes in human form, with enormously inflated egos, with whom you dreamed of consorting and possibly even of joining their supposedly exalted and powerful ranks.

But these strange beliefs did lead you to a basic code of morality of acceptable behavior that enabled you to set standards which provided a stable base on which social interactions could occur. Over the eons, a number of simple ethical rules were found to work quite well, and civilizations developed based upon them.

You have now reached the stage where you can see very clearly the advantages of ethical behavior as a worldwide effort to establish human rights for all of humanity strengthens and intensifies. Many of you are discovering the wonders that loving kindness, compassion, and honest cooperation can achieve, and the peace and contentment you can experience when you let go of judgment and embrace forgiveness of yourselves and of others. In certain instances, reconciliation and forgiveness have allowed previously warring factions to live in peaceful proximity to one another, and as kindness and compassion replace intolerance and indifference, people begin to see and honor the differences that previously divided them.

The divine Flame within each one of you is brightening, and your inability to be aware of it is fading as these new ways of behaving towards one another become more widespread. The old days of intolerance, deceit, and betrayal that have been endemic for so long are drawing to a close. Many of you are experiencing peace and love in your lives which you are demonstrating to others, who now wish to embrace it themselves.

You were created in Love to experience Love, and even though you have been enclosed in the illusion with all its pain and suffering, you have always sought love –-lasting love-– and a few of you did find it. You know it is available, and you are now discovering you have it and can experience it by sharing it indiscriminately instead of withholding it while you make judgments about who might be worthy of it. Love is your nature! As you embrace it, share it, and offer forgiveness to all, and as you release grudges and resentments, the peace it brings you will amaze you –-and then you will remember that yes, you are Love, and nothing else.

The illusion will fade away as you awaken into Reality and see yourselves once more as you truly are: Divine, enlightened beings in eternal Union with one another and with God. Your divine destiny is becoming apparent to you, and you no longer wish to consort with or join the mythical figures you once played at believing in. Instead, you intend to awaken and be consciously One once more with your heavenly Father, and because it is His Will and yours no other options are available, nor are they desired.

With so very much love, Saul

Thank you, John & Saul, for reminding me of my ESSENCE!
*** GAH

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stop Chasing the Materialistic Illusion: Remember YOU Are Eternal & Divine

The illusion is disintegrating and it will continue to do so
05/15/2011 by John Smallman

(emphasis added)
Humanity is progressing beautifully as you all move forward towards your awakening into Reality. Your sojourn on Earth as physical beings, although in truth of only a momentary duration, has most certainly been experienced as a long hard slog through the eons of time, and has included much fear and suffering. Since the moment of your apparent separation from God you have been wending your way homeward, but that wending has taken you deep into the illusion and into the misery enclosed within it. It has been an excruciatingly meandering path as you sought out experiences that, before you engaged with them, appeared to offer thrills and delights that would be well worth the struggle required to achieve them . But in the illusion, your separate state of individuality meant you were always competing for something that was only available to the winners, the few who could deceive or crush all others as they chased this elusive delight that was always in short supply and therefore of great value. But setting yourselves against one another in this elusive quest for joy brought only pain, suffering, and disappointment. Yes, minor successes and achievements were enjoyed, but only briefly. In the illusion nothing lasts.

Awareness of this truth is growing; people are finding when they stop chasing the ephemeral delights –-and even empires and dynasties are ephemeral-– peace and contentment follow. To struggle ferociously for the rewards that the illusion promises only to experience disappointment is unsettling and disheartening, and makes you question the validity of your efforts, your planning, and your abilities, leading you to judge yourselves or others as inadequate. But you are not inadequate! You are perfect, divine creations in eternal communion with your Creator, yet your intense belief in the physical reality of the illusion conceals from you what you really are, as you strive and struggle to live for ever totally independent of God. Everything in the illusion disintegrates over time and turns to dust. History has demonstrated this to you again and again, but you refuse to believe it is true for you too. And of course, in one sense, you are right: You ARE immortal beings of divine perfection. However, you focus your energies and attention on the illusion, attempting the impossible: To make it everlasting. And why would you want to do that when all it provides is pain, suffering, and disappointment? Yet you try to convince yourselves if you persist you will succeed, and disappointment will be defeated. Nevertheless, you are becoming aware of the reality of this attitude as you start to acknowledge the illusion is disintegrating and it will continue to do so.

You are looking for an escape from the depressing inevitability of this truth and are finding unexpected peace as you release your need to maintain and support the illusion. As you do this, the divine Flame within you catches your attention. At first, it seems to be the merest flicker of light, but as you focus your attention on it, it intensifies. Then something draws you BACK towards the illusion, and you attempt to take this divine Flame with you into it. It does not work because, by defintion, you made the illusion to HIDE from Reality. You feel hurt and let down, and once more find yourself questioning your sanity. Is the illusion illusory, or is the inextinguishable Flame within you illusory? You do know the answer, but initially it is very hard to accept as that would seem to indicate you have been wasting your life chasing what is unreal –-an insubstantial dream. Whereas in fact, you have been trying to find Reality, the state of supreme joy you always felt sure existed. It is just you were searching in the wrong place.

Once you have seen the flicker of the inextinguishable divine Flame within you, you will never cease to follow it. You may take diversions or meander a little, but you will never lose sight of it, and it will lead you Home, because that is God’s Will and yours. You are One with God eternally, separation from Him is IMPOSSIBLE, and YOU WILL AWAKEN into that sublime Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

*** GAH

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: Our New Governments, called "Conscious Governance," Will be TRANSPARENT and Seeks Constructive Interaction from All of Us

Thank you once again, Sheldan, Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation, for this spectacular update! Speaking on behalf of all humanity, we are eternally grateful for your assistance in returning us to full consciousness.
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

Sheldan Nidle’s Update from Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
Wednesday 18th May 2011

(emphasis added)
Dratzo! We return! The process to dethrone the last dark cabal forges ahead! We are watching carefully as the final details are being completed. The dark-oriented regimes on your world are still cooperating with our Earth allies, but we expect shenanigans and are not taking our eyes off them for one second! The purpose behind these transfers of power is to promote the rise of truly responsible and transparent governance, not to allow the dark's old, autocratic and non-responsive ways to continue. A great deal of legal maneuvering and special international use of common-law traditions were required to achieve these lofty objectives. Now we are seeing the actual transference of power from the Anunnaki's former minions back to the people, reversing the trends encouraged by the Anunnaki since the destruction of humanity's first Golden Age some 11,000 years ago. At that time the Anunnaki set up a system of on-planet minions, which they refined over the ages. This system was only somewhat opened up to the Light by the advent of the American Revolution in the 18th century.

St. Germaine took advantage of this opening by adding the term "the pursuit of happiness" to the American Declaration of Independence. This phrase enabled St. Germaine later to add the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. America was thus put on the right footing from her inception. This is just one small example of what has been done to set the stage for the document that was signed recently by a majority of your world's nations. This set of documents kicks off what is about to follow. Our intention is to fully support the program mandated by the Ascended Masters. It is a complex agenda in which the transitional governments are only the first formal step toward setting up your star-nation's galactic society. The Ascended Masters view your metamorphosis into Galactic Humans as their primary task. You are on a sacred journey that Heaven desires you to complete shortly, and to this end a unique scenario has been set in motion that is almost done and that is to reverse what happened in Atlantis nearly 13,000 years ago.

Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! We come to inform you a great revolution in consciousness is spreading across your world. The events you are witnessing in the Middle East are part of a much wider revolt against the dark. Everywhere, little incidents are occurring that challenge the dark's omnipotence, which, while not reported as widely, are truly as significant as the more open signs of defiance against the dark's power that you see daily erupting and strengthening in the Middle East. We are all proud of you! These acts of defiance are an open invitation for intervention by Heaven and by your galactic and Inner Earth cousins, and the actions being taken on your behalf are now largely due to your demonstrable commitment to freedom. When the papers signed by many pro-BRIC nations in the last few weeks are fully executed you can achieve your unalienable right to this freedom! We have drawn up, with Heaven's help, an agenda that fulfills this desire for freedom and personal sovereignty.

We are, right now, supervising the process of governmental transformation. This involves more than a return to constitutional governance and high transparency between government and citizens. It concerns a huge consciousness shift. This implies that a different form of governance transcending current models is ultimately required. This is another reason for the need for large amounts of constructive interaction between all of us. We have worked diligently to keep the Light flowing, and this process has reached a point where Heaven's formal dispensation for us to change the very nature of your reality kicks in. This allows a group of us to work with our sacred organizations toward redefining your governance more along the lines of galactic society, specifically the one practiced in Lemuria. In this, we are being assisted by a special group of your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. This working-group has come up with a prototype called "conscious governance," and we would now like to describe it to you in greater detail.

Conscious governance takes galactic society as its working model. For this concept to work, four assumptions are made: first, a global consciousness shift is underway which Heaven is accelerating daily; second, the beginning of a mass First Contact with you is happening and Disclosure is imminent; third, people have lost all confidence in the ability of present governance to solve the world's problems; which leads to the fourth, namely, a new form of governance is now required. With the assistance of the Lemurian Grand Council, we have come up with a two-part proposal. Part one is simply to stretch the concept of participatory governance to its natural limits: Government needs to address honestly the problems facing its citizenry by convening public forums that examine problems with the expressed goal of resolving them creatively. The key to this process lies in your growing ability to trust your intuitive self. Another key is the creative application of "fluid group dynamics."

The practice of fluid group dynamics is founded on the ability to trust in the collective use of intuition to reduce difficulties to manageable proportions. At this point, resolutions can be pointed to by those whose talents and expertise are best suited to the matter in hand. Thereafter, sensible and level-headed discussion can iron out any further wrinkles. The second part of conscious governance requires some degree of direction from us while you gain some hands-on experience of the process. Then, any unforeseen kinks in the system can be smoothed out. This second aspect of the process relies on a harmonious, free-flow interaction between the Agarthans and you, and our contribution throughout this process is to emphasize your natural sovereignty and your unalienable rights, and provide the sacred means for your return to full consciousness. We are the Ascended Masters!

The Galactic Federation is presently coordinating the formal setting-up of a type of galactic governance globally and has broached this subject with several high-level committees of our Earth allies. The initial plan is to introduce this concept once the mass landings are over. Until then, like the Ascended Masters, we wish to explain to you very briefly what we have in mind. As you rise in consciousness, the present ways in which your societies are organized may seem less satisfactory to you, which is why new approaches and methods are being actively investigated by you. Our intent here is to use your growing awareness levels as a resource for suggesting new systems of organization. Our aim is only to suggest how two simple stages can be used to begin your own particular version of galactic society on your planet Lady Gaia.

Today, we, together with the Ascended Masters, have begun to delineate the concept of conscious governance. We wanted to give you a foretaste and to gauge your reaction. This concept is one of many we wish to share with you. We look forward to being more specific once we can introduce ourselves to you in person. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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