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You are all Love incarnate

Humanity’s awakening is the most significant and momentous event in your history.  It has been meticulously planned and is being perfectly executed.  Within the illusion it is very difficult for you to get a real sense of your approaching moment of awakening, although many of you are getting intuitive intimations that it is coming, and that it will be soon (that word again!).  Trust those feelings, focus on them, and ask for help from the spiritual realms for the strength to offer love — and only love — in every situation.  You are all potential divine channels or conduits, so invite God to pour His Love through you into the world and into the hearts of all those who choose to open to Him.  It is the most powerful and effective thing that you can do to assist in humanity’s awakening, and it is one of the reasons for your being on Earth now.

You are all in the process of awakening.  It is a mass process in which you can help one another by honoring and respecting yourselves at all times.  Watching others, and judging their behavior – whether you judge them as good, not so good, could do better, or downright sinful – is not your responsibility; it is an unnecessary distraction.  In Reality you are all one, so judging another is judging yourself.  As I have told you, God does not judge, He Loves – everyone, infinitely, unconditionally, indiscriminately – and He wants you to do likewise.  To do so is your nature because you are divine beings.  When a judgmental thought pops into your mind, don’t act on it and don’t judge it!  Let it pass, and focus your attention on the flame of Love burning permanently within you.

When you invite your Father to use you as a conduit for His Love, the eternal flame of His Love within you burns brighter as a direct result, because you are aligning with His Will for you.  The more in alignment you are, the brighter burns the flame of your Love, which is of course His Love shining through you.  The effect that you have on others when you make a point of living like this is life-changing, for you and for those others.  And you will feel it, as will they.  It probably will not be physically apparent – the physical world is illusory – but in truth the effect of living like this wonderfully changes the way you, and others, experience the world.

You are all Love incarnate, bursting with the desire to share your love, and longing for others to share their love with you.  Make it happen by doing it!  Do not react to apparent attacks or offensive behavior; you know that these are desperate cries for love, so respond lovingly and quietly – not loudly and patronizingly – and know that what you are doing is God’s Will for you.  You have abundant help from your guides and angels to hold and act on the intent to do this, so do not concern yourselves with details — “how can I possibly be kind/loving/accepting of so and so after the way they . . .” — just let go of those thoughts and surrender into the stream of Love that God channels through you 24/7, if you have made the intent and have invited Him to.  Love is contagious if you do not seek to “vaccinate” yourselves against It!  Consequently, It will spread easily and widely as you open the God-fed conduit within you to allow It passage.

Opening yourselves to be a channel for God causes you to be suffused with the Light of His Love and to be absorbed more fully into the oneness that He is.  You are always one with Him; however, the illusion was a space you made in which to hide from Him, and which effectively cut you off from your awareness of Him and of His Love for you.  This led to intense fear — something that does not exist in Reality — which seemed to remove you even further from Him, and caused you to experience a sense of impending doom.

You knew God, and could never completely forget Him, but because of the unreality and darkness of the space that you had made, He too became unreal in your minds — a god of vengeance, anger, and condemnation, who would impose horrendous, eternal punishments on you if you did not appease him adequately by constantly abasing yourselves.  Added to that terror was the belief that this all-powerful entity required you to judge and punish others who disagreed with what you knew to be the only way to please him.  Their gods and their beliefs were unreal and unacceptable, and they had to be forcibly shown that this was so!

As a result, you began to judge and judge and judge — to assuage your intense fear.  Then, to make matters worse and to appease this monstrous creature of your far-too-vivid imaginations, you began to torture and persecute those who held beliefs that differed from your own.  You believed that this made you holy in his sight!  What a disastrous concept to invent, prove correct (yes, many thought that this concept was divinely inspired and was therefore a divine truth), and live by.  Naturally, “holy” wars followed, as you went about defending your weird gods from those who would offend them.

Although your apparent separation from your Father has been but momentary, within that ongoing moment you built an environment of constant fear and insecurity.  Over the eons, many have come to show you the way out, the way to dissolve the illusion, and finally that is happening.  You have realized that love is the only path to peace, but due to the imaginary environment in which you seem to have your existence, to actually embrace that realization and follow through on it appeared at best unwise, and at worst insanely dangerous, as others apparently continued to attack you and take advantage of you if you did not defend yourselves.

You have an enormous number of ingrained and absurd beliefs that have caused you untold suffering and which, with the help of the divine field of Love surrounding and embracing you, you are now finding the courage and determination to discard.  As you do so, your perception of your situation lightens, and encourages you to discard more of this unwholesome baggage with which you have burdened yourselves for so long.

You, the Light-holders and Light-bearers, are at the forefront, leading all into Love.  So do not allow your doubts and anxieties to undermine your courage. You are constantly and divinely protected as you move forward, living and demonstrating love in action, and dissolving the fear that has overshadowed you all for so many eons.  The Light of God’s Love has never before burned so brightly in front of you as It does now, clearly defining the path to awakening. You are on a roll, and nothing can deflect you, delay you, or prevent you from reaching your destination because your will is in complete alignment with God’s, and His is to bring you gloriously Home.  Never forget: His Will is always achieved.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?

This beautiful, inspiring reading reminds us that there is only Identity -- and makes some intriguing suggestions about what may occur at the end of this year.
by David Wilcock
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The last 20 years have been quite the incredible ride -- to say the least -- and it all seems to be coming to a focal-point now.
In less than a month I will be celebrating my 20-year anniversary of sobriety. I have been completely free of mind-altering drugs and / or alcohol since September 21, 1992.
I began writing my dreams down every morning, starting the very next day -- and have continued this daily practice ever since.
About six months later in 1993, I got heavily into UFO research -- after a friend of mine reported that his physics professor worked for NASA in the 1970s, and in the higher echelons it was considered "common knowledge" that UFOs and extraterrestrial humans, who look like us, are very real.
It took three and a half more years before I saw how these two elements -- the dreamwork and the UFO/metaphysics research -- coincided.
The dream guidance has systematically transformed my entire life -- into something I honestly could never have even imagined back when I started. It has also given me a profound view of the future we can now attain. 
Once you understand how to read the language, dream guidance is profoundly useful -- as it is a personal message from your Higher Self.
I shared everything significant I know about deciphering the dream language in the Access Your Higher Self video series.

After four years of dreamwork, and an intensive study of the protocols of remote viewing, I was able to telepathically receive words that appeared to originate from the Higher Self -- a highly advanced aspect of my own being -- starting on November 10, 1996.
The initial sessions were highly encrypted. It did not read like normal speech at all. Many of the results can be found in the Readings section of this website.
What you're about to read, in the second half of this piece, is a reading I was able to pull in on December 1st, 2011.
This is a very difficult process to do well -- and I am extremely careful about maintaining the highest possible security around this type of work.
I have not had enough freedom from stress and pressure to pull one in since last December, though I am finally getting clear enough that it might be possible to get new data soon.
I only even transcribed this reading a few weeks ago -- and found out that it was quite current, and obviously written for the time we're in now.

Recently, I found out from one of my top insiders -- who worked extensively in the most classified remote-viewing programs -- that the modern protocols were specifically designed to stop remote viewers from receiving ET / angelic contacts.
This was apparently a "persistent problem" in the early days of remote viewing.
Extensive research was done to find ways to train people to receive only visual and tactile information about a specific location -- and train them out of being able to receive complete words and sentences from non-physical beings.
Without ever knowing this, I immediately saw how the protocols could be modified for verbal "downloads" when I first came across them in 1996 -- since the core principles are fairly straightforward, and simply require practice.
I shared everything I know about how to do this in the Access Your Higher Self video series -- and it definitely works if you can get your mind quiet enough to listen. 

I quickly discovered, as cassette tapes piled up on my desk and I got behind by up to a month at a time in transcribing them, that the Source had seemingly unlimited abilities to see into the future.
You couldn't bid and contract it to perform tricks, whenever and however you wanted -- but almost every time I sat down to transcribe, the tape would start describing precisely what I had been doing or seeing -- right before I sat down.
It happened so often that it started to become ridiculous -- but it never ceased to dazzle me when it occurred.
In one case it even used a specific line I had just heard from a guy in Woodstock, two hours earlier, as the punchline to a joke in the reading.
He had referred to different forms of religion as "software" we could use to access higher consciousness.
I then came home, started transcribing, and one of the first things the reading said, along with other specific details of where I had just been, was "We are installing new software."
It was a friendly, spiritually aware voice -- guiding me, with incredibly precise knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses, about how I could reach my greatest potential as a soul.
This contact was a direct result of intensively studying the Law of One material -- a series of four books (now five, with the deleted material included) that were generated predominantly in 1981, by L/L Research.
My recently-released bestseller The Source Field Investigations is a rigorous proof-of-concept that the vast scientific model in the Law of One material is correct -- with 1,039 different academic references to make the case.
Most of the references are web-linked and clickable in the Ebook version, forming a vast treasure-trove of material.
Thirty years of research -- and nine feet worth of Internet articles that I printed out and bound into books, from 1999 to 2004 alone -- went into the creation of Source Field.
Though the intuitive material was quite useful in its own right, I knew that many people would say it was "not scientific" and therefore attack it as garbage -- so I felt it was important to back up everything I was reading with solid research.
Our website features three free, full-length books that are crammed with this sort of scientific information, and serve as the precursors to The Source Field Investigations -- particularly the third volume, Divine Cosmos.
I do believe this scientific knowledge has been actively suppressed -- though I only briefly touched upon this concept in the Source Field book.
I've loaded up this article with links to a variety of different things I wrote on the Divine Cosmos website, exploring various areas of this incredibly vast subject -- which I have been actively tracking online since 1998.

Once the Source Field science becomes openly acknowledged and applied, we will have anti-gravity, teleportation, free energy, time travel, energetic healing technologies and much, much more -- everything we need to start a true Golden Age of peace and prosperity.
In addition, we now have a remarkable insight into the hidden knowledge of ancient civilizations -- including the workings of a 25,000-year cycle that is apparently driving human evolution on an energetic level.
The cycle culminates at the end of this year -- 2012 -- making this investigation very current, and of extreme significance to our present circumstances.
I believe that both the defeat of financial tyranny and the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth are coming to a head as we reach the end of this year.
The signs are growing increasingly apparent on both fronts. One of my pending articles is a massive collection of Disclosure articles that have appeared in mass media in the last six months or so.

This is the first time I've ever announced all these different versions publicly -- even though some of them have been out for a few months now.
Most of these versions have popped up in just the last month, and in the last two weeks the publisher sent me sample copies of everything -- which makes it all seem a lot more real now.
A Korean version is now in development as well, and there may be other languages I have forgotten to include. Anyone wishing to publish in a language not yet listed here can contact my literary agent, Amy Hughes.
Since then, I have painstakingly divided the Source Field book into 29 television episodes -- any one of which would be incredible to see in its final form.
I have already appeared in seven different episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, in Season Two -- of which there were only 10 in total for that year -- and served as an uncredited co-producer and information provider.
If I am remembering this correctly, the only three episodes I did not appear in were the first two of the season -- because I got in too late -- and "Aliens and the Third Reich."
We have now attached one of the industry's best TV production companies, an Academy Award-nominated actor to co-star in the show with me, and three or four potential investment sources that could fund the whole thing -- if they pan out.
No investments have materialized just yet, so all of this work has been totally pro-bono, financed by the income from this site -- but we are tantalizingly close.
The episodes will be free for everyone to watch once we go into production, and hopefully it will only take a few months to get results once we have our financing in place.
I very much look forward to developing this show, as I believe this material will have a substantial impact on public awareness.
Directly after Source Field came out, and hit the New York Times best-seller list for three weeks, peaking at #16 in late September, I got heavily involved in pursuing an entirely different type of investigation. 
With the same rigor I used to write the Source Field book, I combined everything I knew about insider politics, cover-ups and conspiracies -- and released it as a free, full-length book on this website entitled Financial Tyranny.
I felt it was critically important that I release the Financial Tyranny material in full, free of charge -- as it is information everyone vitally needs to know to help free our planet.
Many new pieces of information came into my awareness during the writing of Financial Tyranny -- from direct, firsthand interaction with several different insiders and whistleblowers.
Financial Tyranny exposes the greatest financial cover-up in recorded history -- namely the systematic confiscation of the world's gold and treasure by the Federal Reserve banking families in the 1920s and 30s.
This is a deadly investigation -- and is considered to be far more classified than the UFO subject. For that same reason, hardly anything about it had ever leaked into the public domain until I wrote Financial Tyranny.

I can't say I've really enjoyed the Financial Tyranny investigation that much, on some levels -- as it has led to the losses of good people as well as death threats.
David and Mackie Hutzler died of gunshot wounds and their home was burned down, less than a week after helping me with this research -- on Benjamin Fulford's request. I received a very substantial death threat shortly thereafter.
A good friend of mine then died on Easter Sunday, literally right around the corner from my house. His family was quite concerned, and insisted that all details remain strictly confidential.
Shortly thereafter, two different people presented seemingly authentic California drivers' licenses with my name on it and their picture, and posed as me -- one in Las Vegas and another more recently in San Francisco.
I only found out about the second one when the Gallup Poll contacted me and asked me to "rate my customer service experience at the bank branch in San Francisco."
Both of these men attempted to empty my bank account, after providing all my account numbers and security information correctly. The only thing either of them were missing was the PIN for my debit card.

The damage from this problem is ongoing.
We are still trying to get our credit card payment gateway back up and running on this website after three weeks of downtime, due to a mysterious problem with our merchant service provider at the end of last month.
Paypal still works as a viable alternative for now, thankfully. Once we can figure out what blocked our credit system, it will again be up and running. Thankfully it has always been fully secure while it is operational, due to our use of
The lack of security in my own personal banking was so appalling that I have since had to completely change over to a new, more local provider.
In fact, due to the pending flare-ups from the LIBOR scandal, you may well want to put the bulk of your assets into a smaller, regional bank -- rather than one of the biggies named in the raft of lawsuits.
I do believe that everyone will get their money back, but it is possible that your assets might end up in stasis for a while as things get sorted out.

And now, one of Benjamin Fulford's most important insiders, Dr. Michael Meiring, who used the alias Dr. Michael Van de Meer, also died under suspicious circumstances last week.
I was advised not to contact Van de Meer by my own insiders, as it wasn't clear whether he would be entirely truthful with me if I were to speak to him -- and he was entangled with the Rothschilds.
I was quite surprised to see that Fulford's obituary revealed many specific details about Van de Meer that I had independently heard from my whistleblower who was poisoned in June.
I had never shared these details with anyone -- but in the circles we're talking about, there really aren't that many top people, and Van de Meer was an old-timer.

Many people have wondered why I have spent so much of my time and energy on the Divine Intervention / Financial Tyranny / Mass Arrests story since The Source Field Investigations came out.
Let me just say that the dream guidance has been extremely consistent about the importance of pursuing these investigations.
We seem to be heading into a highly significant watermark for our personal and collective spiritual evolution -- a defining moment, if you will.
By Law of One standards, I do believe that it will be much harder to make sudden, massive leaps in your level of spiritual growth after the end of this year than it is now. 
This is due to the fact that it will have become much easier for people to see and accept the truth by then -- and the fastest progress is made when you have to take that "leap of faith" and wield a single, flickering candle in the darkness.
For this same reason, it is vitally important that we make a big push for mass arrests, the defeating of financial tyranny, and Disclosure -- before the end of this year, and the energetic effects that will apparently result.
The intuitive guidance has clearly told me that this chain of events will create massive leaps of positive spiritual growth in humanity, prior to the end of this year, if it works out.

According to the Law of One series, we are going to see a "quantum leap" in the number of "fourth-density photons" that are appearing in and around the Earth as this 25,000-year cycle draws to a close in December.
You can read more about this, including the original quotes, in Law of One and 2012: The Facts!, here on
I also HIGHLY recommend you read 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age, as this is a whole book's worth of great free information -- revealing the precursor contacts that led up to the Law of One series. This is now very current.
I also covered the 1950s ETs, as well as a lot of the best scientific material, in Coast Transcript: Human ETs, 2012 and Galactic Change, posted on February 5, 2009.
Also inspiring -- but not focused on the 2012 / Graduation subject -- is Authentic ET Contact Book from 1955, posted on July 12, 2008.

Let me be clear: I am NOT doom-and-gloom about this. I think those fearful ideas are grossly distorted, and have very little to do with what this is really about.
One classic article I wrote examining the Internet / channeling / "fear porn" phenomenon -- before I coined that phrase -- is It Only Takes Five Minutes to Predict the End of the World, from March 19, 2007.
Fourth-density photons apparently cause "thoughts to become things" -- and there were previous jumps in 1936, correlating with the rise of Nazi Germany -- the exposure of negativity on a vast scale -- and 1972, with the Watergate scandal.
It is interesting to note that the big year for the confiscation of the world's gold and treasure in the Financial Tyranny investigation was 1934 -- just before this shift-point described in the Law of One.
Not all thoughts that become things are positive -- but these events have all helped pave the way for a mass awakening that will help us move into a vastly more peaceful and harmonious world.

The Law of One series also said that cancer cases began increasing after 1936, because people's own thoughts were now creating physical reactions much more than before. 
This led to the growth of tumors in the case of anger and stress, and tyrannical governments on a mass level.
Both 1936 and 1972 represented clear energetic increases -- but what we're heading into at the end of this year is apparently much, much greater than either of those events.
In fact, this event is directly referred to as a "quantum leap" in the basic nature of our reality -- due to a fundamental harmonic change in the photons that are ultimately the basis of time, space, energy, matter and consciousness.
I finally have deciphered the full mechanism of how this is happening -- and have been presenting it at my conferences since I was in Australia. I am also working it into my new book, The Synchronicity Key, which I am still finishing up.
In a future article I may start disclosing some of what I have now found, and am presenting at every conference. I was tantalizingly close to the final answer in The Source Field Investigations, but I missed a very key point.
by David Wilcock
To finish reading the article in-full, please click below:

Thank again, Barbara and your Guides, for your insight and wisdom!
*** gavin
In my analysis of the first Uranus/Pluto square on June 24, 2012, I suggested we are awakening the human heart. Now in September, the field of the Uranus-Pluto squares is locked firmly in our lives like a vise-grip; anybody noticing? This field is intensely creative, which causes our thoughts to manifest all around us, so we are challenged to clearly and wisely intend what we want to create. Whenever we navigate reality by means of clear intentions, we utilize quantum forces—the highly accelerated energy field that creates events based on what’s in our minds. Because more and more people have learned how to create this way, miracles are happening.

I’ve already described the historical and economic trends playing out during the seven squares in my analysis of the first square. You can refresh your mind on these general trends and long cycles by reading “Welcome to the Truth” listed in News on my website. In my analysis of this second square, I will examine the quality of Earth’s creative (quantum) fields at this time.

Since the first square in late June, human conduct has been exquisitely mirroring the collective mind back to us. The human populace continues to shop like addicts, eat like pigs, and consume natural resources, acting like there is no tomorrow. The planet bakes in extreme heat with crops failing, and maniacs on psychotropic drugs murder people who go to theatres at midnight to watch Batman. However, in the middle of this accelerating collective insanity, many of us are discovering innovative new ways to create reality. You may feel like a fairy godmother waving your magic wand and creating stardust when you opt out of consensus reality and fly about in the exquisitely malleable quantum fields. There is little direction in the 3D physical zone because the solid world is collapsing while conscious individuals build a new world by utilizing the quantum fields—human ascension into the fourth dimension. You are an incarnated being and will have a solid body as long as you are alive, and now you are remembering how to resonate with nature.
Resist allowing your mind to fog over when you hear the word “quantum!” Quantum physicists have discovered something astonishing that is also very simple: All realities are directed and transformed by the observer—you! This summer, many of you may have been rather shocked to see things “just happen” around you that you were merely considering in your minds. For example, when you felt blocked and confused (often!), simply by moving your attention to something positive (anything really!) doorways opened. This reminds me of being a child on a sled or toboggan when it tipped over its fulcrum point and raced wildly down the hill on a path through packed snow. Maybe you slipped out of consensus reality and found yourself floating in a shimmering wonderland of particles taking magical forms? Within this lacy light, a less dense world is forming, a world with plenty of time and space.

As I’ve already noted, astrology is rarely as clear as it is right now.

The struggle over human resources is intense (Pluto in Capricorn), while the human creative potential to move beyond limitation (Uranus in Aries) is unstoppable. Day-by-day, week-by-week, the Moon and fast-moving planets form sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes, and oppositions to the Uranus/Pluto square, and these aspects entice us to release the square’s potential through our actions. There is little reason to talk about events on the world stage because what each one of us is doing, feeling, and knowing is what matters.

I will read the chart for the second Uranus-Pluto Square seeking ways we can utilize clear human intentions to enhance the evolution of our species. In light of the completion of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar in 2011, I think we’ve come to a stillpoint—a multidimensional free zone that is reformulating basic biology.

I’ve cast the chart for the second Uranus/Pluto square for Washington, DC, on September 19, 2012, 3:30 AM, since the USA continues to play the role of global empire. This chart is very subtle and has wonderful creative potential that enhances the powers that were released during the first square on June 24. True humility is the first step to enlightenment, and I’m noticing that many extremely powerful individuals realize that they don’t understand what is happening right now. The second Uranus-square-Pluto chart emphasizes that each thing we create alters the world in significant ways. Possibly leaders are drawing back to be careful and respectful?

During the June 24 Uranus/Pluto square, Sun in Cancer opposed Pluto, which placed Uranus in Aries on the top of a T-square; this unleashed strong desires to navigate reality in new ways. During the second Uranus/Pluto square, Mercury in 4 Libra opposes Uranus in 7 Aries, which places Pluto on the top of a T-square. In this case, Mercury stimulates transformative Uranus to create constant change while activating Pluto to push for structural improvements. Most people realize deep change is accelerating, and this insight deepens when Mercury forms its exact opposition to Uranus and an exact square to Pluto on September 20. In the reading for the first square, I suggested that Uranus sitting at the top of a T-square to Sun-opposite-Pluto would cause a series of shocks. They happened in financial markets, crop failures and terrible fires, and the hideous mass killings in Colorado and Syria. With Pluto at the top of the T-square to Uranus opposite Mercury, we are pushed to make fundamental changes. I noted that the first Uranus/Pluto square could create a high likelihood of a serious religious crisis. On the very day of the first square, Monsignor Lynn of Philadelphia became the first prominent Catholic official to be convicted in American courts by ignoring blatant sexual abuse in his diocese. Before this conviction, these crimes were tried only in Church courts. Next time, the influence of the T-square to Pluto may trace these abuses right into the Vatican.

The Sun in 27 Virgo trines the lunar South Node, which encourages us to recover potent ancient-healing techniques. I got an early insight into how this could happen when I experienced a quantum-level healing during a recent craniosacral session. I have been waiting for the return of these “miracles” ever since I wrote about Chiron way back in the 1980s. Now I’m seeing the recovery of advanced healing knowledge that may have existed before the cataclysms 12,000 years ago, and I hope this recovery will intensify during the second Uranus/Pluto square. The 27 Virgo Sun’s trine to the South Node in 28 Taurus might release healing powers in the hands and hearts of the dedicated healers who have been faithfully mastering these powers for many years. If it were just the Sun’s trine the South Node, I wouldn’t see this possibility, but Chiron in 6 Pisces sextiles Pluto—Chiron funnels the lost healing codes to Pluto.

During this square, Venus in 14 Leo is right on the ascendent for Washington, DC, so the desire for individual rights activates the people in the US, and will spread around the world. Venus closely sextiles Jupiter in 16 Gemini, which causes people to remember that their rights are the source of their wellbeing (Jupiter). Jupiter in Gemini globally disseminates love of intelligence and free movement. Also, Jupiter closely quincunxes Mars in 17 Scorpio, inciting Mars to be ruthless in his pursuit of power and truth. Mars quincunx Jupiter in Gemini could inspire the revelation of dark secrets to shine light into our troubled world, an aspect that favors more revelations from WikiLeaks. Prominent Venus in 14 Leo aspects the midpoint between the Moon in 10 Scorpio conjuncting Mars in 17 Scorpio, causing the public to feel the difference between truth and falsehood.

Saturn in 28 Libra is exactly quincunx the lunar South Node in 28 Taurus, another major push for the activation of pre-cataclysmic brain maps. Saturn is completing his journey through Libra where he has been balancing opposing forces since November 2009. When Saturn moves into Scorpio in early October, he becomes the truth seeker, the great prober into the secret dark places that have been festering since 1982. Saturn will be in Scorpio until mid-September 2015; thus Scorpio’s themes—death, transformation, and truth—will be the themes during the Uranus/Pluto squares. Saturn trine Neptune in 1 Pisces brings us spiritual beauty, which can ease the stress of facing unpleasant information amidst continual structural evolution.

If you’ve found life murky and overwhelming this summer, you aren’t alone. So far, the trick to navigating this strange period is to scan each moment and each event for potentially positive things and to align your self with this flow. The hideous scenes on the television are not your world, but you get sucked into these negative fields if you allow them into your mind. How much more encouragement do you need for being very careful about what you expose yourself to when mad shooters go to theatres to heighten the drama on the screen? When you turn away from all the noise and confusion, a quiet and gentle world unfolds in which you can play. In some factions of the New Age, the drums beat for the return of Planet X or Nibiru, yet more people are opting out of such repetitive end-of-the-world scenarios, reflecting on our emergence into the True Age. Once 2012 ends—the planned date for fomenting global catastrophobia—many will realize we are citizens of the galaxy and the whole universe. During the second Uranus/Pluto square, Pluto’s placement at the top of a T-square to Mercury opposite Uranus indicates huge changes in our world. Perhaps these will be inspired by religious beliefs? I do often wonder about the role religion will play in the USA elections this fall, since Mitt Romney is a Mormon, the first large American religion that is now beginning to grow around the world. Saturn in Scorpio during 2012-15 will dredge up many dark secrets, yet there is nothing to fear as this second Uranus/Pluto square awakens ancient creativity. Just remember to be grounded in your dream of a beautiful world that we are intentionally creating together during this long-awaited planetary awakening.

Some readers have requested a listing of the rest of the Uranus/Pluto squares. The third one will occur May 20, 2013; the fourth one November 1, 2013; the heliocentric square is November 23, 2013 (which I will also read); the fifth one is April 21, 2014; the sixth one is December 15, 2014; and the seventh is March 16, 2015.
by Barbara Hand Clow

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your remaining task is to continue demonstrating love in action at all times, as you have been doing, and to enjoy watching the effectiveness of your behavior. Love is the answer to every problem, issue, or situation with which you are faced, and that truth is being most positively brought home to you each time you respond lovingly.

"Humanity has for a long time been like an enormous solid and inflexible construction, built out of salt and standing at the edge of the ocean (the Love of God), a little way above the high-water mark.  Over the eons splashes of water have dissolved small amounts of this pile, allowing these fragments to be re-assimilated into the ocean and Awakening them to the fact that that it is their natural state.  Whereupon they have started to call out to others still living that rigid form ...that it needs to relax and soften.  And that message over time has spread throughout the structure, sparking an intense interest and a desire to experience that state. As a result, the salt edifice has been moving — if at first rather reluctantly — slowly ever closer to the ocean in an attempt to understand it.... 

"Now the ocean is washing its base, undermining its foundations (fear).  But it remains a little unsure, a little doubtful about the Wisdom of this moving ever closer to the ocean.  It feels that it is about to collapse into it, but the messages are succeeding in convincing it that it has done the right thing, and are continuing to encourage it to overcome its fears and move even closer, because by doing so it will be reunited with all its loved ones.  And as its foundations dissolve, it will indeed be irresistibly drawn in, sink into, and identify itself as the ocean.  The sense of Oneness that that will ensure will bring it to a state of supreme bliss...."

 "Release all your doubts, all your anxieties, and allow yourselves to dissolve into that divine Ocean where all that you could ever desire is eternally fulfilled – your state of constant existence, at One with God.  It is where you have always been; It is just that your awareness of it was temporarily mislaid."

Thank you once again Ascended Master Jesus and John!
*** gavin

There is no going back

Excitement is rising among you --the LightBearers & LightWorkers-- as you feel the energies of the Divine Love field intensifying.  You are all doing a marvelous job of demonstrating God’s Love for humanity by living what you know is the truth, by exemplifying peace and non-engagement, and by refusing to respond with unloving words or actions when it seems that you are being attacked.  You are noticing that this approach works very well indeed, even though initially you had grave doubts about its likely effectiveness.

Love is the answer to every problem, issue, or situation with which you are faced, and that truth is being most positively brought home to you each time you respond lovingly.

It is this realization, and the resultant attitudes and behaviors that it encourages you to follow, that is changing the world rapidly and permanently in eager readiness for Awakening.  The powerful flow of Love across the planet is engaging all in its path, and all are in its path.  There is no going back.  Earth and Her inhabitants have no option but to Awaken if they respond to the Love embracing them in any way at all.  There are a few who have closed themselves and who have refused to respond to this uplifting and inspiring energy field, but the majority have willingly engaged with it, and once they have done so and experienced the gentleness and generosity of it, they will find that there is absolutely nothing that could tempt them to disengage from it.

Your remaining task is to continue demonstrating love in action at all times, as you have been doing, and to enjoy watching the effectiveness of your behavior.

An allegory:
 Humanity has for a long time been like an enormous solid and inflexible construction, built out of salt and standing at the edge of the ocean (the Love of God), a little way above the high-water mark.  Over the eons splashes of water have dissolved small amounts of this pile, allowing these fragments to be re-assimilated into the ocean and Awakening them to the fact that that it is their natural state.  Whereupon they have started to call out to others still living that rigid form ...that it needs to relax and soften.  And that message over time has spread throughout the structure, sparking an intense interest and a desire to experience that state. As a result, the salt edifice has been moving — if at first rather reluctantly — slowly ever closer to the ocean in an attempt to understand it.

Now the ocean is washing its base, undermining its foundations (fear).  But it remains a little unsure, a little doubtful about the Wisdom of this moving ever closer to the ocean.  It feels that it is about to collapse into it, but the messages are succeeding in convincing it that it has done the right thing, and are continuing to encourage it to overcome its fears and move even closer, because by doing so it will be reunited with all its loved ones.  And as its foundations dissolve, it will indeed be irresistibly drawn in, sink into, and identify itself as the ocean.  The sense of Oneness that that will ensure will bring it to a state of supreme bliss.

You are all on your way to supreme bliss.  That is your destiny, your final destination, as willed for you by God, and it is the one at which each one of you truly desires to arrive.  Because it is your Father’s Will, and yours, nothing can prevent it.  You are One; You have one will; It is perfectly aligned with God’s; And so it will be achieved.  Release all your doubts, all your anxieties, and allow yourselves to dissolve into that divine Ocean where all that you could ever desire is eternally fulfilled – your state of constant existence, at One with God.  It is where you have always been; It is just that your awareness of it was temporarily mislaid.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

UPDATED 31aug12

Thank you again Steve and your Guides for your work and insights!
*** gavin

Karma and Ascension Part 1: Karma is for Our Education

One of the more difficult topics to deal with, I find, is karma. Long-time readers will know that I shy away from examining karma because it seems impossible from a Third-Dimensional perspective to know what’s actually occurring.

Yet karma and Ascension is a topic that needs to be looked at and so I do so in a series of articles here.
Many people consider karma to be punishment for “sins.” We get what we deserve. We get what’s coming to us, and so on. We often say “I’ll fix you” or “I’ll show you a lesson” and we have in mind simple vengeance. Viewed from this perspective, karma becomes God’s vengeance on humans.

My understanding is that karma is a method of teaching. What does it teach? Well, behavior that more and more nearly approaches the Divine. After all, the purpose of life, as far as I know it, is to know our true nature or essence, to know ourselves as God – or, if that offends you, as a child of God or a spark of God.

In my view, that purpose has been given us by the Creator so that the purpose of creating life itself – that God should meet God in a moment of enlightenment – can be achieved. We’re tasked with uncovering our true identity so that God can meet God in a moment of enlightenment – our enlightenment.

Karma is one of the principal means of teaching us how to be God. To be God is to know God, many sages say. When we harm another, karma sees that we are treated in a similar way so that we can feel what the situation is like. We usually don’t like it and stop harmful behavior. When we treat others compassionately, the law sees to it that the same treatment is extended to us. In both cases, karma teaches us.

If I’m correct, then we can imagine that the reason we’re told that a lot of karma stops when we ascend to the Fifth Dimension is that that ascent will enlighten and educate us to such a degree that many unlearned lessons will now be learned.

Moreover, we’re also told that much residual karma will be forgiven by the Law of Grace. When a mass Ascension occurs, the karma that might have been left over does not accompany us. We start afresh, as it were. But viewed from another perspective, we learn our lessons from the ascent itself and so our “lesson curriculum” is, so to speak, satisfied.

Let’s listen to the galactics, ceslestials and ascended masters discuss the subject to see if we’ve understood the matter so far.

Karma is for Our Education, not Our Punishment
The Creator granted us freewill and the higher beings we deal with honor that fact, as SaLuSa explains:
“Your freewill is paramount in any decision you make, and is fully honoured. There would be no point in granting freewill if others interfered in it and changed it.
“Nevertheless life is subject to the Laws of the Universe, and that is the only way in which it may be subject to limitation or change. You must bear responsibility for your actions where they interfere with the sovereignty of others. That is karmic law and it is absolutely just and fair. “(1)

The law of karma is often called the law of cause and effect because whatever we put out is brought back to us again, as Archangel Michael explains.
“Whatever energy you draw forth, qualify and direct out into the universe becomes your sole responsibility and will surely be returned to you some day, either in a positive or a negative form. This is the law of karmic cause and effect.” (2)

Karma is valuable, Ker-on of Venus says, because it “places people in situations for [experiences] that will further their understanding and uplift them.” (3) SaLuSa says that “each experience is considered as bringing a lesson for you.” (4) In the scheme of things, “every experience adds to your total consciousness, accumulated through all of your lifetimes.” (5)
We are not punished for our “sins,” SaLuSa tells us, but asked to endure the same situations that we’ve brought to others for their educational value.
“Whilst you are not punished for your ‘sins’ you do make reparations so that you fully understand the effect of them on other souls. This can be very deep and heart wrenching, but it is the only way to learn your lessons.” (6)

He adds that “any harm caused to others has to be understood and repaid in some way, and that is called Karma. It is not punishment, but self-realization of what it is to be responsible for your actions, thoughts and deeds.” (7)

He tells us that “karma can be viewed as either negative or positive.” (8) It teaches us how to be more godlike and as such could be seen as a great blessing. Or it could be seen negatively as punishment. He observes:
“There is a misconception sometimes that it is a form of punishment, and that is far from the truth. You elect to have certain experiences that enable you to overcome your weaknesses…. You all learn from each other, and none more so than the dark Ones.” (9)
We may be asked to experience some pretty miserable situations for our learning, SaLuSa explains.
“Life can be absolutely miserable, and lack the niceties that most other people have, but bear in mind that it is part of your experiences that you have undertaken. At different times you have lived in luxury and wielded power, but for balance in other lives you have experienced all different levels.” (10)

Our mistreatment of each other Matthew calls “the karmic ping-pong of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.” (11) It goes on down the ages, very few people actually being aware of karma and learning the lessons it conveys.

Karmic lessons that are not learned in one lifetime are repeated in others until the lessons are learned, Matthew tells us.
“Karma is not necessarily different for each lifetime. At the evolvement level where karma exists, most often reincarnating is for another try to successfully complete the very same lesson that in other lifetimes, the soul’s personages chose to do but failed.” (12)

SaLuSa makes the same point: “Karma is often repeated because lessons are not learnt, and they will continue to confront you until you do.” (13) In light of this situation, he advises us to “make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes again, as you can be sure you will be tested again.” (14)
I haven’t very often seen karma discussed as keeping us on the path that leads back to God, but SaLuSa does mention it here: “The karma resulting from each life time is twofold, and firstly keeps you on the path back to the Light, whilst ensuring that you learn from your mistakes.” (15)

We usually think that karma only decides the evolutionary path of individuals but Matthew tells his mother that it determines the path of planets too.
Suzy Ward: Is karma the basis for the evolution of planets?
Matthew: Yes, it is, but on a scale that you could not comprehend. (16)
To be sure, the planet has completed its karma, but her inhabitants have not, Matthew says.
“Earth has completed her third-density karma, which is enabling her Ascension, and while every soul on the planet chose to do the same, many are lagging due to fear and its various expressions, such as greed, tyranny, brutality, resentment, prejudice, apathy, egotism—all third-density characteristics.
“It is our fervent prayer that these souls will respond to the ever-increasing Light beaming from afar, adding to that which you are generating on the planet.” (17)

Many of us don’t know about karma. Many have heard of it but give it little weight or thought. Many understand karma but inaccurately. Very few indeed understand how karma truly operates and of those fewer still put their knowledge to good use.

The law of karma assists us to return to God knowing our true nature by bringing the same actions to us that we mete out to others. It doesn’t reflect God’s lack of caring but it does reflect our own lack of understanding. But as we’ll find in the next article, all of this is about to change for those of us who’ve chosen Ascension and assimilated sufficient light to ascend.
by Steve Beckow


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Karma and Ascension – Part 2 – Karma and the Law of Grace


This is the Last Lifetime to Learn Karmic Lessons
According to my understanding, the need to clear our karma up to the time of Ascension is not a reflection of an arbitrary strictness in morality. Ascension depends on our ability to accept and assimilate light so that we can survive in the Fifth Dimension’s rarified environment. And the balance achieved by learning the lessons of karma and addressing the polarization in our character is one of the factors that allows us to assimilate light.
Matthew Ward says that many people “during these waning days of duality” are “rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement.” (1)

SaLuSa sees “this particular life” before Ascension as “so important to you, as it is the opportunity to … clear any remaining karma.” (2) He explains that “in these end times there are … many souls who are anxious to clear their karma, and have packed their life full of experiences.” (3) He tells us that “for many it is therefore a hectic time, particularly at a personal level.” (4)

He explains that “you can take on as much karma as you desire and clearly the quicker you can set it aside the quicker your spiritual progress.” (5) Although karma “is normally carried forward and comes about in a future lifetime,” he tells us that “karma can be cleared within the same life that it took place.” (6)

In fact SaLuSa says that in this lifetime we’ll see more “instant karma” than we ever have:
“In fact out of all your lives your present one will see more instant Karma, as you will not carry it forward with you to Ascension. So, Dear Ones, pay heed to your experiences and if they are for your evolution learn what they have to tell you.” (7)

As a result of our expanded state, SaLuSa advises us to “be careful now as to what you think, because as your creative powers increase you may not always wish for the outcome” (8)  We
 might wonder what comes up to be cleared. SaLuSa explains that “what comes up will be anything that cannot be carried by you into the higher vibrations.” (9)

All Karma will be Released upon Ascension
After we have released as much karma as we can, if we are sincerely intending to ascend, God, through the Law of Grace, will relieve us of our remaining karma, our sources say. Let’s hear their explanation of how this last remaining period of the end times is likely to proceed.

“For most of you,” SaLuSa explains, “your karma … is coming to a close, as you have worked out many weaknesses through so many different lives.”(10) The Pleiadian High Council through Lauren Gorgo tell us that Ascension will allow us to “fully release from the realms of karmic creation.” (11) “All [will] celebrate this wonderful release from the treadmill of karma,” Saul predicts. (12)

Many situations like Earth changes or regional wars are here to help us clear our karma, SaLuSa explains.
“Coming out of your present cycle of duality you will not carry karma forward, which is why it must be cleared before you can ascend. The conditions are therefore in part necessary for souls to have the opportunity to do so.” (13)

Often we wonder why we’re called upon to suffer and think that God does not love us. SaLuSa responds:
“So often we hear you ask ‘why me?’ when something unpleasant occurs in your life, but think carefully about the lesson it is bringing to you. Also bear in mind that sometimes a soul will incarnate and bear the consequences to simply help another soul. We must therefore inform you again that there is no punishment involved, and God continues to love you unconditionally regardless of what you think.” (14)

On another occasion, he returned to this question.
“Life can seem cruel and very unfair, but remember that you have created your own reality. You cannot escape the Universal Law, but in no way are these in the form of punishment. In fact behind them is the great energy of Love and Light that is the life force of All That Is.” (15)

I imagine that no circumstances trouble us more than to watch other people suffer, but the galactics often say that these situations are happening for karmic clearing.

“You ask why we do not come to your aid now [in Somalia's famine] but please remember
that all souls presently involved in the suffering, have at a higher level already accepted it as part of their experiences.
“As we so often point out, in such circumstances our intervention would be seen as interference, and denying them the experience they have undertaken. It does not mean you cannot help, and the reaction of others to their plight is also part of their experience.” (16)

Matthew explains why so much trauma is occurring in the Middle East. Because that situation is prominent and important, let’s listen to Matthew’s case at length.
“Underlying all of the death, destruction and tyranny in the Middle East is the extremely heavy karma being played out. Long before your recorded history, the inhabitants of those lands battled savagely for supremacy, and ancient blood permeated the earth. The resultant negativity had to be released in massive degree so Earth could move out of deep third density, and souls who lived in those early civilizations have returned time and again with the chosen mission to reduce the accumulated negativity. The inhabitants of those lands today came in for the same purpose, but this time, they are here to complete the release and achieve karmic balance as individuals and for Earth.” (17)
“Now, in the context of the universal continuum and multiple lifetime experiencing, what is happening in those countries is the winding up of the third density karma that started in ancient times and has been brought forward throughout the ages.  In pre-birth agreements, today’s inhabitants chose to return specifically to participate in this balancing process for themselves and their lands to aid Earth’s ascension out of third density’s hotbed of darkness.
“Starting at a later time, the same is true of the nations in Africa where tyranny and bloodshed has long been a way of life.  Understandably, the end of oppression and death in all of those areas will come more slowly than in countries without the need for that heavy karmic balancing.
“While life is no less traumatic for the affected populations on a conscious level, putting their living and dying in the karmic context permits the understanding of why that is continuing even as the light keeps intensifying.” (18)

Not only conditions in distant countries but also conditions closer to home exist to allow people the opportunity to learn their last lessons in Third Density, Matthew tells us.

“Please remember that some of what you see that is worrisome, even abhorrent to society—violence in any form; theft; drugged children and adults, whether by prescription or “illegally”; unjust laws and fraudulent convictions; growing numbers of homeless and unemployed; torture; school dropouts—is “perpetrators” and “victims” completing karmic lessons so they never again have to experience third density lifetimes.” (19)

We’re therefore asked not to judge situations without knowing the full story. He tells us:
“Try not to judge situations without knowing all of the facts, as you cannot know what is behind decisions that other souls take. Duality by its very nature is testing and bound to place you in difficult situations, and often it is for you to find ways of dealing with it. Be assured your life plan will take you wherever it needs to fulfill it.” (20)

SaLuSa tells us that, after we’ve done all we can, we’ll be released from our remaining karma by the Law of Grace.
“When you ascend karma will have been cleared by you or ‘written off’ through the Law of Grace.” (21)
“All ties will be cut and the Law of Grace will ensure that no karmic residue will travel with you. It will be the commencement of another cycle, but this time of Light without the interference of the dark Ones.” (22)

SaLuSa explains that turning to the Light invokes the Law of Grace.
“Through the Law of Grace you can be allowed to forego karma, providing you have turned to the Light. God is not unreasonable and fully understands your intent, and it is by evolving and proving that your progress has taken place in living your truth.
“The soul that has transgressed and found the path of Light and Love is greeted back as a long lost son. So do not be too concerned about your earlier life style, as it is the now that is important and whether you have truly set your sights on evolving to a higher level of consciousness.” (23)

Moreover, the Law of Grace “will come into being more so as you approach the end time,” SaLuSa explains. (24) So we can expect the law to impact us increasingly as we near the date of Ascension.

Thus this is the last lifetime in which to clear our karma and realize the tranquillity and balance that comes from moving away from polarization and resting in the center. It isn’t something that’s asked of us arbitrarily but a requirement of creating the ability to assimilate the needed light to survive in Fifth Dimensionality. Many of the appalling circumstances that exist at the moment are here to give people the opportunity to complete their karmic balancing. If we’re on the borderline and committed to ascend, what we cannot clear will be forgiven us by the Law of Grace.
(To be continued.)


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Karma and Ascension – Part 3 – Karma in the Golden Age

Many Lightworkers have Completed Sufficient Karmic Lessons to Ascend
SaLuSa reminds us that we have played both side of the drama of duality and asks us to take the last karmic lessons in our stride before ascending.
“Duality was the ideal playing field to test your ability to live through the challenges between the Light and dark forces. You have played on both sides to make your experiences complete, and today you are clearing up any remaining karma which is why your present life can be quite demanding. So take the last challenges in your stride, knowing that your karma will be cleared before you rise up into the higher dimensions.” (1)

He explains to us that Ascension has been given to us as a way out of needless suffering.
“Karma requires that you experience the results from the seeds that you have sown over millennia of time. Yet the Creator has no desire to see you suffer needlessly, and has given you the way out through Ascension.
“Those of you who are already of the Light need little if any guidance to follow that through, and are moving your consciousness to higher levels that will lift you out of duality. Your awareness is such that you are already on the path that is taking you all of the way up to and through the end times, onto the next stages of evolution.” (2)

As far back as November of 2011, the Pleiadian High Council told us we were releasing our deepest vasanas or karmic patterns.
“The [Pleiadian High Council] are talking a lot about our recent release from our final and deepest karmic patterns and that we are already beginning to witness this in the way that we are no longer bound by the emotional strings of attachment to others, to places, or to events that once defined or confined us.” (3)

Consequently we’re now able to see the situations that came up for their educational value rather than as upsets or punishments.
“We are beginning to witness this freedom in ourselves and in our personal relationships where we are refacing old issues, old wounds that once crippled us, but now these same situations feel empowering…empowering in the sense that we are able to see the value in these dynamics, to feel a sense of appreciation for their teachings, and to honor those lessons of growth that are truly ours, while releasing all feelings of responsibility to that which is NOT ours.” (4)

While some lightworkers have completed their karmic lessons, help is offered to those who are still struggling, SaLuSa tells us.
“Some Lightworkers have already gone beyond the point where their lives have any more lessons for them. They already have two feet on the Ascension time line, and have raised their consciousness levels and cut their links to the lower vibrations. You will instinctively know what they are, and can ask for help if you have any difficulty in clearing them.” (5)

Matthew makes the distinction that no one can clear another’s karma but some cellular patterns can be cleared if the circumstances are right.
“No one can ‘release’ a soul’s chosen karmic experiences; however, cellular patterning that once served well but now seems a hindrance may be cleared if the soul’s energy field is receptive. “(6)

Those who have “already reached [a] stage” of clearance and completion, SaLuSa says, are invited to “devote yourself to working for the Light.” (7)

Karma in the Golden Age
According to SaLuSa, nothing will exist in the Fifth Dimension that will cause us to incur the heavy karma associated with Third Dimensionality again.
“Because you will be in a much higher vibrational level where there is balance and harmony, there is virtually nothing that will cause you to incur karma again. At that level, your thoughts and actions will naturally flow with the higher vibrations, and the lesser thought forms will have been cleared from your consciousness. It is a return to your normal state of being, as you were before dropping into the 3rd. Dimension.” (8)

Ag-Agria describes how life will be for us when we ascend. We’ll be so peaceful and harmonious that we won’t want to live out of accord with the law.
“In the future when you have turned totally to the Light, you will live in absolute harmony and peace with all life. You will then be subject to Universal Law, and to live otherwise would be quite beyond your thinking or actions.” (9)

SaLuSa also summarizes for us the life we can expect when we’ve balanced our karma and assimilated enough light to advance into the higher realms.
“The most wonderful gifts are about to be bestowed upon you, and come with the rising up of your consciousness. In time you will become more psychic and your knowledge will know no bounds. You will travel wherever you desire and become a part of the great family of Space Beings. As a member of the Galactic Federation you can explore the Universe, and serve other people who like you at present are seeking their way home to the higher dimensions.
“The past and future will have become one, and time will cease to exist as you now understand it. Little will remain that relates to your third dimensional experiences, and life will be so different and enjoyable without the chores that you now endure. Perhaps the most attractive aspect to you at present would be the thought of having a light-body, one that does not age and suffers no ills or diseases. One that you can also change through pure creative thought that allows you to present yourself as you wish.” (10)

And Saul, after telling us that we’ll be stepping off “the treadmill of karma,” adds his word-picture of the life we’ll lead in the new Golden Age.
“The energy signature of humanity and of planet Earth will change instantly from its present one of anger, fear, hate, and confrontation to one of love, acceptance, compassion, and renewal, which will shine with such incredible brilliance that it will be clearly visible throughout the galaxy and will demonstrate the completion of this stage of the divine plan of creation.
“Boundless joy is shortly to envelop you all, so during these last moments of the old matrix, hold the vision of the new Golden Age that is about to dawn for you. All is precisely on schedule, the countdown is almost complete, and Heaven on Earth will very soon be yours.” (11)

So, many of us are either clearing the last vestiges of karma or have finished clearing our karma and are now ready to assist others still struggling. Following Ascension, we pass into a life that will be comparatively free of karma. We’ll be naturally inclined to take up a lifestyle that respects the law and does not invite karma. Heaven on Earth – boundless joy, love, and renewal – will all be ours in a new Golden Age.

Overall, then, we can see that we as a collective are living often hectic lives because we’re finishing the last vestiges of our karma that we an manage. What karma is left over will be forgiven by the Law of Grace.

Once we ascend, although the universal laws will still apply to us, we’ll live under circumstances that won’t invite the heavy karma of 3D and we won’t be inclined to live in violation of the universal laws, in ways that create karma. Our lives will be easeful and joyous in the new Gold Age that’s about to dawn.
by Steve Beckow


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Thank you PHC and Wes ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Wes Annac: The Pleiadian High Council – Mothership Interactions and Cleansing of Pollution

17000 years of UFO sightings

As you have begun to hear much about the technology you will be given and the technology onboard our ships as well, it is necessary to explain the abilities of some of these technologies that you have not quite yet heard of fully. For example, we are speaking to you in this very manner [channeled] through this scribe, through a technological device of the Light which transmits our energies to our scribe in a manner that sees such energies united and matched in harmonic frequency, even if only temporarily.

We are speaking to you right now through the soul known by many as SanJAsKa, and this soul is in turn navigating and operating our technology which is itself experiencing a funneling-through of our energies and communications down to our scribe on Earth and the various other scribes from our Council(s) who speak routinely with humanity.

Dear SanJAsKa is not always the soul who is operating this technology but due to the extreme expertise and experience of this soul in navigating our communication-based technology and due to this soul’s closeness with our scribe, we have felt it appropriate to allow this soul to Represent us as well as our Council of Nine whenever speaking to you all through this specific scribe.

No matter the operator of our communications technology, it is very advanced technology that is meant to see our energies reached by any scribe who wishes to pick up on such energies, in a way that while acting in accordance with the freewill of the scribe and all who will absorb the communications given through such a scribe, will allow our energies to come through in a pure manner despite many of the egotistical limits of many souls who wish to pick up on our energies but who are still working through dense energies and heart sets in themselves.

We will always and forever act in accordance with your growth and with the overall growth of humanity whenever delivering communications telepathically and [whenever utilizing] our technologies or performing any other types of help for your world that will make us known in any way, but we have seen the opportunity to communicate through scribes as one that must be utilized due to said freewill and due to the fact that were we to openly make ourselves known on your television in undeniable ways, there would and will be many who would not react positively to the news of our existence.

Either way, our existence is to be disclosed fully on your world and we are to make ourselves known as we begin to share our ships and the many technologies accompanying our ships and accompanying our very presence on your world, and you can rest assured that the collective fear that may be garnered in the immediate period ahead will only be temporary as it is explained that we have been communicating to and through humanity for every year throughout your recorded history, and well beyond.

In your most recent decades leading up to your collective ascension, we have been speaking through willing hosts and scribes by utilizing our technology and our telepathic abilities which become open and available to every soul upon entering the realms of the fifth dimension.

The technology that we use to communicate with humanity is only necessary in that it helps our energies to be delivered to your world in much more pure forms that will not be filtered through veils of the third and fourth dimensions, as such veils would not be resonating with and matching our energies in the clear and pure ways that would see a pure communication delivered.

We are able to and quite routinely do, deliver our energies and impressions to humanity and to the realms of the third and fourth dimensions, but our technology sees this energy able to be delivered in a more timely and pure manner than would otherwise be available as the lower realms blocking your perceptions of the fifth dimension have not yet been worked-through and transmuted in a way that would see our communications and energies given in the purity that they are, without such energies being meshed through the denser energies and distorted to quite a degree.

Of course, dear souls, the purity of our communications and energies are still acting in accordance with the growth of each and every scribe bringing us through, and this is why you will see many messages just beginning to pick up in purity from many sources who have just begun to open up to and practice the ability of channeling.

You will see as well, many souls who have been along the path of channeling for quite a while and as such, have acted in accordance with their own growth and ongoing process of seeing them much better-able to bring through the pure energies of Source as well as the energies of any ascended being who one wishes to become open to receiving impressions and energies from.

The technology aboard our ships helps us to perform many of the tasks that we have directly in front of us to help to cleanse your world of the pollution that has been fed for so very long, and we utilize specific types of technology to help us to perform such cleansing work.

One such device which we are using quite routinely in your skies at this time, is a device that allows us to utilize the energies given by you dear Lightworkers and Light holders, expand upon the purity of such energies and funnel these energies which are healing-based by nature, through our devices and as we match the resonance of such energy with our own energies for the purposes of matching your collective and individual efforts of sending out this energy; we funnel your and our energy through this device and this device in turn radiates such energies out to your skies and oceans while converting much of the energy into the healing nature that it is at its core while retaining other types of higher dimensional properties.

This [healing] energy is sent out to your skies, oceans and grounds and it does very much to transmute the energies behind the pollution, seeing this pollution cleared on a very effective level. We are stationed around the most damaging of pollution-giving places upon your world at this point, and continually performing this process.

There are many of us who ‘dabble’ so to speak in sending this energy out through our technology in the specific manner of cleansing your pollution and there are as well, now entire factions of each race of the Galactic Federation who are, with every bit of themselves and at all ‘times’, performing this act of receiving the energies of the Lightworker collective, matching such energies and funneling them out through our technology for the ultimate purposes of healing the pollution in your skies, oceans and on your ground.

As you dear souls know, there are quite a many pollution-centers being bred on your world at this time and this is why our presence in so very many different places on your world has been needed, for quite a long time.

A truth that we tend not to express except when necessary as we do not wish for our Federation to seem as ‘saviors’ of the Earth collective, is that were we not long-stationed in your skies helping to perform this pollution-cleansing work with the increasing help of the Lightworker collective and the energies that you give, your world would have long been on a fast track to [pollution-based] destruction.

We say this not to put anyone in fear as we have long Mastered the act of healing the worst of this pollution while still allowing your freewill to see this pollution hurting Gaia to a certain degree, but it is indeed so that our advanced methods of healing this pollution which have been discovered [the methods] many times by humanity but purposefully kept back under the guise of ‘national security’; this is healing that has been routine and needed for many years of your time on Gaia’s surface, because the dark souls on your world have taken to the most damaging and polluting methods of hurting your Earth that could possibly be taken to, while as well getting you dear unknowing souls to feed this pollution by fashioning it into pollution that nearly produces your everyday lives.

This pollution has Created and ran much of your worlds societies for a very long time and as such, have become ingrained into the minds and hearts of humanity as normal and correct ways of producing your everyday needs and fueling your travels. Much of humanity has long forgotten about your ability to harness energy within the Earth’s atmosphere that many are not even aware exists due to its physical invisibility, but this energy is here and it is ready to be utilized.

While we wish not to disclose our physical location, we are speaking to you from a Pleiadian Mothership which is cloaked in your skies.

We are near many major pollution centers as we are able to travel all around your world effortlessly in our ships and as such, are finding ourselves routinely in different places and never limit ourselves to one area, unless we are showing ourselves to individuals within that area or performing the routine cleansing work that needs to be performed.

Many dear souls have been hovering over such major pollution centers from their cloaked starships for as long as a decade of your time, funneling advanced healing energies through and helping to cleanse the worst of this pollution so as not to see Gaia forced to release the negative and dense energies behind such pollution in ways that have been predicted by other channeled sources, but that are not to come to fruition.

We speak of course of catastrophes being delivered to the surface of the Earth for the ultimate purposes of healing collective density. As you have been told, this is not going to happen as we are again, using our technologies to mitigate the worst of disasters that the collective density has indeed called for, and you as a collective on your world are to utilize your own inherent unity and clean up your world in the ways that have been needed, seeing along with the assistance of our technologies, this pollution and collective density cleaned up in a manner that will not call for natural disasters and such.

We inform you of our technology in an effort to prepare you for all that you are to hear in the immediate period ahead, as even the mere realization of free energy and the devices which run off of free energy will be a startling and perception-shattering realization for all of humanity to behold.

While the awakening Lightworker collective have long been preparing yourselves for the issuance of disclosure and the resulting giving of advanced technologies such as what we have been disclosing here, you are to find that every aspect of your modern Lives are both covered and expanded upon, with technology that is not in any way harmful to yourselves, your dear Earth, or the space around your dear Earth.

Your dark were indeed given seemingly-advanced technologies from negative interests within the Grey race, but such technologies were mostly stimulation and war-based and are still ancient in the face of the many technologies that we will have to share with you and that you will find a supreme Universal upliftment from.

All of our technology utilizes the free energy available in the atmosphere and sky of any world and in your definition of ‘space’, and one of the most interesting aspects of our technology which we have noted as so in the minds and hearts of many, has been the cloaking device(s) in which we utilize so as to keep ourselves hidden from the general perceptions of many unawakened souls who may fear seeing our star or Motherships in your skies.

We say that everything is energy as has been discussed numerous times, and this includes us and our Starships and Motherships as well.

The difference between you on Earth, us existing within the skies of Earth at this point and our starships, is that we and our ships are at present knowingly existing in a purity of consciousness that sees us not only able to know and understand this energy, but that sees us as well able to bend, shape and work with this energy in much more pure and alchemical ways than many of you are able to at present, due to your temporarily-limited perceptions and constraints which you are now breaking through with a might that has not been seen on many other lower dimensional planets.

A facet of this ability to mend and shape the energy that we have come to know as transparent and able to be worked with, has been that of cloaking ourselves and our ships in your skies.

We say that at present, many of you are beginning to now understand the natural Universal Law of Attraction and the truth that anything and everything you give out will be sent back to you, for you to experience. As you are beginning to realize this we happily note many of you working with this energy to bring forth in your Lives that which you desire to have happen to you.

You are now beginning to perform the energetic alchemy that is seeing you become the Masters in which you, we and all others within the higher realms are, and you are just beginning to learn to work with this energy in the same manner that we are working with our technology, in much purer and more understood forms on our end of course, to perform many tasks such as cloaking ourselves and our ships.

We and our ships and you as well behind your beautiful bodies and suits, are transparent energy that can choose to take any form, color or style that it wishes to. This is why it has been expressed tremendously that you are all to find a remarkable and wonderful ability to change your bodies and transform, making yourselves look however you wish within the higher realms.

Some of you may choose to take the form of a fifth dimensional Crystalline human, and others will choose to detach from a body structure and become the pure energy of Source, which you will then be able to change and mold as you like. We say that you will be able to do this with your Crystalline bodies as well, as your pure Source energy will be felt, known and understood on the same fifth dimensional levels as you will understand such things as pure energy in the fifth dimension, and you will be able to mold and change your fifth dimensional Crystalline body just as much as you will your energetic body.

Our star and Motherships are a form of this energy as well and as they are consciousness which makes choices and decisions and even helps to give us advice with many issues on Earth; as our ships are such consciousness they are able to willingly choose as well to change their shape and take a different form.

If we respectfully and Lovingly ask them to perform the task of making themselves invisible in the skies of Earth, than they happily perform such a task and we use the cloaked feature while cloaking ourselves and our energetic or body-temples as well, to station ourselves in any given area of your skies and perform various facets of energy work, such as healing your sky of pollutants and funneling our energies down to a dear Earth scribe who wishes to bring through a communication.

The specific place in which we now exist within our Mothership and indeed dear souls, we have changed positions since this communication has begun, is near a dear Earth scribe who has wished to bring through the impressions and energies of a dear individual soul existing with our Council.

We display our movements and what we are doing in this current moment as well as the fact that we are indeed able to give more than one communication to any given scribe at any given time, to give you dear souls a glimpse of our every-moment activities and of some of the work we are performing for your world and for the Creator at this time.

Our moment-by-moment endeavors in assisting your world include holding routine meetings; amongst ourselves, amongst different factions of the Galactic Federation and amongst the Galactic Federation as a whole. Such meetings wherein the entire Galactic Federation is convening amongst each other is generally known as a Galactic Federation General Council Meeting, if one wishes to label such meetings with your third dimensional words and terms.

We are also taking routine guidance and energy from the dear Ascended Masters, and communicating with numerous souls who are stationed all throughout different realms of your world, ultimately to assist in your and Her evolution to purer states of consciousness.

While there are many dear incarnate Lightworkers and starseeds who are existing on your world and in your specific third dimensional realms at this point, there have been an infinite plethora of ascended souls who have funneled themselves down from higher realms to exist in different realms on your world than those of the third and fourth, in an effort to assist with the energy movements occurring throughout all of dear Gaia’s realms and to do so by funneling such energies through themselves to Create and help many other realms of dear Gaia to ascend.

We have shared many of our technologies during our recent visitations [to various Earthly societies], though we have not yet fully disclosed and given all of the technology that we have aboard our Motherships and starships and this is because the collective freewill energy of any given civilization as well as which specific cycles they found themselves possibly graduating from, would determine the purity of technology and insight we were able to give them to help their civilizations to evolve.

Our Divine technology is a reflection of the Divinity of all who exist within the Galactic Federation.

It is indeed true that many souls upon evolving from the realms of the fifth dimension no longer find a use or need for higher dimensional technology, as such souls no longer wish to funnel aspects of themselves to Create such technology and instead take to Creating many more things that humanity and many souls within the fifth dimension well, would not quite be able to yet understand or fathom.

We are quite fond of this technology in which we are to be giving you, as while working with us and being an aspect of our own Divine consciousness, this technology helps us to perform so very many things, notably for you and your world, that we would not quite be able to perform otherwise.

We have at this time only the opportunity to begin to inform you of such technologies and we will let the announcements do the talking and our presence do the walking, to show you the very true and pure reality of these technologies, of our utilization of them and of the benefit they are to have for your world.

We say that this technology, while not being the only facet of your ascension into higher realms, will assist you as a collective in uniting and cleansing your world in the ways that you have always been meant to directly before ascending. You are to find a unity, harmony and collective understanding of each other and of your world and this, dear souls, is the future that we have all been striving to see, and it is fast becoming reality.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.