Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Plan To Accept My Role In Things, Accept Where I’ve Failed & Where I Haven’t, Accept My Commitment to Serve the Light, and Maintain My Own Integrity

Thank you Steve for your level of integrity by honoring your word and taking a month break ...And so it is!
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Loose Ends Steve Beckow

I’m about to board a ferry for Vancouver Island to visit family and after that to Edmonds to visit the Bridge Fund Team.

On the Bridge Fund, we’re still waiting. Just as for NESARA, Disclosure, and even the fall of the Federal Reserve, we continue to wait, doing everything we can and not happy about the wait, but not knowing what else we can do, under the circumstances.

Again we apologize to those who are counting on BF funds and can only assure you that we are ready, have our lists prepared and will swing into action as soon as anything occurs,

Before closing off on the topic of last week, I wanted to say what I hope is the final word.

I am completely and fully responsible for the events of last week.

I immediately hear someone say, well, no, Grener and Archangel Michael are.

I mean “responsible” in a very particular way. So let me restate what I just said.

I completely and fully own my part in the events of last week. None of you know Grener; neither did I before a couple of weeks ago. You didn’t respond to Grener’s invitation for the most part because of Grener but because you put your faith and trust in my judgment and my word.

I by the way still place faith and trust in the reality of the Neptune and Grener and the Intergalactic Council. And I could be wrong. But be that as it may, you stepped forward and volunteered to go aboard the spaceship and represent Earth to the galactics on my say-so. And so I say I fully and completely own my part in those events.

Those people who remained my friends but now see my part as unwise, ill-advised, and so on are doing what they need to do and I acknowledge their position and feel no rancour or animosity. Nor will I somehow take punitive action or hold their opposition against them in any way (any way) – except if what they say is in my view untrue. In that case, I won’t support what I see as an untruth. But I’ll ensure that there is no … how can I say it? … fallout for them that comes from parting company.

Not all lightworkers are ever going to agree. I’d hope we do it amicably but, even if we don’t, the universal law does not somehow enforce agreement. It rather enables free will. And through the action of disagreement and debate, we arrive at a clearer picture of the truth.

This period of time we’re passing through, as far as I can see, is going to result in the fall of cherished beliefs on all our parts. It seems almost impossible to know the truth of much of what we encounter these days.

We’re operating for the most part without tangible evidence of the ET presence, except a few videos of little round white lights moving across the sky in ways an airplane wouldn’t do. We have no tangible evidence of NESARA, the Earth allies (except the explosion of the underground bunkers perhaps), no evidence of archangels and elohim and even of the Divine Plan.

But still we accept them provisionally and act as if they were true for the benefit that comes from that – for ourselves and for the world.

I personally am learning to operate with a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance within me. I’m learning to accept circumstances provisionally, go with the highest, hold paradox in my mind peacefully, and let go of whatever proves untenable without blame or rancor.

I actually don’t know what the truth is these days, except for the basics – God, the purpose of life, and the Divine Plan.

So I personally plan to accept my role in things, accept where I’ve failed and where I haven’t, accept that my basic commitment is to serve the Light and maintain my own integrity, and beyond that let the chips fall where they may.

I’ve been buoyed up by your messages of support. I’m about halfway through the outstanding email I have and will continue working away at it. Thank you for volunteering to come aboard the ship last week and thank you for the bonds that were forged as a result of it.

Next week I attend an Enlightenment Intensive in Kelowna, BC, and will use the occasion to clear out everything, every vasana I can connect with, every dissonant thought, and every incompleted feeling.

What I’m connecting with, even as I carry the discordance that remains until it has been cleared out, is a tremendous sense of love and bondedness to all of you. We came together, we presented ourselves for duty, and D-Day was postponed.

But D-Day will still happen and I for one intend to be ready without a thought to what went before. I’ll be more circumspect, but I won’t hold back in service to the Light. You also may be more circumspect, but what I sensed from last week is that you are ready and the galactics know it. We are prepared to swing into action when we get the call and last week was the first opportunity we had to test that out. And the response to the invitation demonstrated our readiness beyond the shadow of a doubt.

And probably that is what most thrilled and surprised me.
(by Steve Beckow)

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