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Your Sword Is Not Only of Protection, It Destroys Illusion. When You Tire, It Is the Staff of Life. If You've Forgotten, Ask Me & I'll Restore Them

Thank you Archangel Michael, Graham, Geoffrey, Linda, Ellen, Steve and BZ!
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Transcript An Hour with an Angel: I Wish to Speak About Peace Within and Without

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, the weekly radio program with Linda Dillon, the channel for Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the2012 Scenario. Today our guest will be Archangel Michael.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Geoffrey West, who will be filling in for Steve while he’s taking some well deserved time off. Geoffrey is a visionary consultant of galactic inter-peace and healing. Welcome, Geoffrey, it’s great to have you.

Geoffrey West: Great, Graham, thank you so much. Honored to be here. Okay, thank you all, listeners, to An Hour with an Angel.

Before we begin, I’d like to invite the listeners to join me in an invocation of light, love and Divine protection. You may close your eyes if you wish, and just take in a deep breath or two.

Feel yourself relaxing into a beautiful white cloud with a golden lining. If it is meaningful to you, please feel free to repeat after me.

From the divine God of my being, I Am, my beloved and almighty, I Am invoking the forces and legions of light to assist in anchoring the energies of true peace and love, reaching out to all who are ready and willing to receive it, and to enfold our brothers and sisters who are monitoring this program, and otherwise serving those of a darker energy who have not yet remembered who they are. Let them know and feel our love and that they are welcome when they are ready.

I Am the only presence acting in my world, and I choose love. I Am the visible illumination through this body now. I Am life, the visible, the invisible, the physical and the non-physical that supports and sustains all other life, not only on Gaia but also beyond Gaia.

I Am the transformational life of the violet flame encircling Gaia and each uniquely different and equally beautiful aspect of life, lifting, purifying and cleansing the vibration to a higher level of love and service to humanity and Gaia.

I Am the consuming power and presence of all fear, doubt and questioning in my outer world concerning the invincible activity of the I Am. I Am the perfect illumination of everyone who looks to me. I Am the radiant, intelligent activity in the mind of all humankind. I serve life knowing that I Am protected at all times, at all levels, and in every way.

I Am the master acting in the brain of everyone of humanity, causing divine love, justice, peace, harmony and perfection to manifest to my beloved Gaia and galaxy.

With profound gratitude and love, I Am declaring – so be it, and it is done.

Blessed be.

Okay. Welcome, Archangel Michael! Welcome back, Lord. We are ready to hear what you have to share with us this week.

Archangel Michael: Welcome, beloved ones! And yes, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome to this time together. And yes, dear Geoff, as you have said, to this time of love and to the time of acknowledging the I Am presence within and without.

And when I say this, I do not simply mean the acknowledgement of above and below of the I Am, I mean the acknowledgement of the I Am in each and every being you encounter, whether it is upon Gaia or far beyond, whether it is a flower or a dog – it matters not. It is the acknowledgement of the sacredness of every energy form, however they choose to present themselves to you in this grand unfoldment called your life and your journey.

I wish to speak to you tonight about peace, and also about peace within and without. For you know I am always talking about this! And I have ignited the blue flame of peace within your heart, within your mind, within your third eye. I anchor it within you because – regardless of ray, regardless of whether you are Earth-keeper or star-seed, angelic, or whatever you choose – because you have many ways which you are known throughout the Universe. But you are also a keeper and a vessel of peace.

There is a great deal of conversation, excitement, anticipation – and yes, even sometimes anxiety – upon your planet about the shift, about the process of Ascension. But what we suggest to you this day is that the inner peace and the outer peace are key ingredients, key elements to this remarkable transition, to this jumping of dimensions, of this trans-dimensional experience – which many are already in the midst of.

Why do I choose to open this night to talk about this? Because, my beloved friends, it is where I have brought you back to, time and time and time again. If you do not have that sense of peace, of anchored calm, of serenity within your being, how can you have it in your world, on your planet, within your galaxy, within your Universe? When I tell you that peace reigns far and wide, what does this trigger in you? What does it catalyze?

Years ago, I have shared with you my intention for a very intense strategic peace initiative upon your planet. And, my friends, that is still well underway, because a great deal of the discord is still going on upon our beloved Gaia. Now, how can this be? If every single being, every single light-worker and light-holder is holding the energy of deep peace within them, acknowledging it in everybody they encounter and holding it for everybody they encounter? When they are praying and creating and co-creating – with us, with the Council, with their own guides and guardians – the peace that is created above and below?

So how can there be still such strident discord in the cities? How is it that so many are dying in these cities? How is it that terror reigns in so many countries? And I do not only mean political or what you term political terror. Because terror, my friends, is not having a safe place to sleep. Terror is not knowing that your children are safe, that there will be food to nourish them and yourself, that you will be free to enter not only into work but into your sacred work, and to be free to express the totality of your divinity, your sacredness upon the planet.

How can there be tribal warfare? How can there be weapons of what you call mass destruction? How can any of this exist upon your planet, that is supposed to be of love?

So that is where I wish to begin with you. Are you working – my beloved angels, ETs, Earth-keepers – are you with me in working for peace? Are you holding that vigil in your heart, in your behaviors, in your actions? Do you invite peace into your home, with friends and family?

There is also a grave misunderstanding amongst some that peace is rather boring, and nothing could be further than [from] the truth! Do not forget, I am also giving you the blue flame of truth! And that is absolutely in unison with the blue flame of peace. Peace is not boring! It is exciting. And what happens when peace reigns? Then creation truly takes place. Then the co-creation truly begins to flourish. Because humans, and everybody, are not in a place of fear. They are not exercising their psychic and emotional muscles, and even physical muscles, to protect themselves.

That is when creativity flourishes. That is when there is room for the inspiration. That is when you come closest to all beings – to the angelic realm, to your brothers and sisters of the stars, to Gaia, and to each other.

And that is really the focus of what I want you to do. I am asking you to become closer, more loving, more unified with each other, so that your holding and your sharing of peace acts as the foundation, acts as the springboard for Ascension. You do not ascend when you are in fear. In fact, shifting trans-dimensionally, or even within the various levels within a dimension, is very difficult if you are frozen in fear. It simply eliminates the ability, unless you are in a pro-active fight or flight, which is very different than being frozen in fear. If you are frozen in fear, you do not get to move. And even if you are in fight or flight, that is not Ascension energy. That is not jumping to the next level, my beloved ones, it is holding you where you are.

So open your hearts. And when you do, as you always have, I am right there. We all are. There is no master, or archangel, or enlightened being that you can call who is not as close as your side. That is the other misunderstanding. We are not off in some mysterious realm. When I have talked to you about strategic peace initiative on Earth, where do you think we are doing this? It is upon the planet. It is in the halls of justice. It is in financial institutions. It is in the halls of government and power. It is everywhere.

So I would ask you to make this a daily activity, and then to come together in unity with your brothers and sisters, light-holders, light-workers, light beings, brothers and sisters. Send this energy. You are master beamers. Your fields have grown by leaps and bounds. There is no reason you cannot beam across the planet the love and tranquility, the serenity, and the knowing that you are of a singular community. There is no reason you cannot do this. And there is no reason you cannot do this together and very quickly change the entire landscape of Gaia. Yes, you have begun, and you have begun and you have done magnificent work. I would be remiss and called to task if I did not mention this!

But there is further yet to go. I know. Sometimes I hear you, especially late at night, when you say, “I am tired, Michael, of hearing there is further yet to go.” Yes, I hear you when you say, “Give me a break,” and dear heart, that is exactly what we are offering you. It is a break from the old. It is the elimination of the old, using the sword and shield I gave you so long ago.

Do not forget the shield is also your hallmark, your coat of arms. It transmits to everybody upon Gaia and far beyond who you are and what you choose to experience and create. And do not forget, your sword is not only a sword of protection, it destroys illusion, and when you are tired it is the staff of life. So use these tools I give you again and again and again, and if you have forgotten them, ask me once more. I will restore them gladly.

So now, before we begin our conversation, I wish you to instill, open, and feel this blue flame of peace, and commit with me. I beg you. Let this permeate your thoughts, your actions. Let yourself be loved. And let us help. Because you, dear hearts, are in partnership with us.

Thank you.

GW: And thank you, Lord.

I guess a lot of people are probably feeling a sense of confusion with this word “peace.” I know from my own personal experience, having studied at a university that claims to teach peace, I have found a lot of resistance in trying to share a very holistic vision and practical experience of peace. It wasn’t received well there.

And in the process of trying to share my work, I find that a lot of people talk about wanting peace. Leaders of the world claim that they want peace, researchers claim to measure peace, institutions claim to teach it and academics claim to study it. And I think people look at their aspect of peace, or what they claim to define as peace, relative to what they are experiencing in the world. And peace seems to be a very conditional type of word.

Could you help clarify that for many people?

AAM: Yes, I am pleased to. And, dear Geoff, why do you think I have chosen during your presence to begin with this very subject?

GW: I should not be …

AAM: So, yes. You know, peace, that you are talking about, such as, “We will bring peace to the Middle East,” it is all very conditional. It is not peace! You cannot have love if it is conditional. It is like saying, “I will love you if….”

When people are looking at peace as the absence of conflict or war, that is a very narrow view. And that is one of the reasons why I have included into this the fact that if you are going to study peace in this way, it also means you have need to look at the war and discord in your cities – my goodness, in your political realms! And that is true in every country. There is nothing peaceful about the way in which you have – and it is not just the western world, we are talking about all countries – have created…. And then they say, “We wish to have democracy.” But what has happened is that this has become the lowest common denominator.

And how, how is peace created in a society? It is twofold. But the first step is what you are calling generic or organic. But it is the deep anchoring of the knowing of love, the knowing of divine purpose, the knowing of your own deservedness, your worth and your love. If you do not have those components of peace within you, if you are not willing to stand in a place of peace, which is far more – yes, it can incorporate non-violence, but it is more than that. As you well know. It is that deep sense of knowing and connection. It is beyond belief.

There are many who say, “Well, I believe in peace, not war.” Well, I am sorry, my brothers and sisters, that is not enough. It is the out-breath, it is the sinking into your heart, it is the trusting of the Divine Plan – and your plan, and your power and might, because there is power and might within peace.

I am not an archangel who turns his back and flees. That is why I call myself – and I have been named – a warrior of peace, an archangel of peace. Because it is something you work with and arrive at internally. And yes, I want you, I ask you, I invite you to anchor it in your body, and then, when it is in your body, in your heart, in your emotional field, in your mental field, then I am asking you for it to be part and parcel of every word, every glance, every action, every behavior that you take during the day. And that has not just a ripple effect, but a tsunami effect.

You are all fully aware of the effect that chaos has. None of you do not fail to recognize it very quickly. But it is the same, or let us say it can be the same, with peace. But it is within, and then in your actions with your community.

If you are violent and not loving and not peaceful in your home and in your family, within your thoughts, then how can you wage peace? Because you are afraid! You are in that place where you think you are going to be somehow violated. You are not trusting in your own shields, your own bubble, and your own ability – and our ability, and your guide’s ability – to protect you and to protect those you love and cherish.

And you say, “Well, lord, if that is true, then why do we have children who die? Why do we have beautiful, peaceful people who suffer?” Because it needs to be shared. The planet, the humanity, is a collective. Think of humanity as your body. You cannot have some cells that are at war within your body. This creates disease. This is a lack of balance.

When Yeshua had walked the Earth and he said, “Turn the other cheek,” he meant it. Now, he did not mean allow yourself to be beat up, for that is not standing in the honoring of yourself. But what humanity is learning, and what is part of this transition, is that the peaceful interactions in communities, in countries, in nations, and planetarily…. And do the ramifications of what I say, are they broad? Yes. They are geopolitical, they are monetary. Yes, they are. But this is the Shift, and for this Shift to be taking place within each of you, it is not an esoteric study. It is living and knowing and breathing this quality of the Divine.

Is this clear?

GW: I think a number of questions are coming up within that, and I guess I would have to sit with a little more of that. But I guess maybe we could go along this line.

How does duality lead to a lack of inner and outer peace? And is the vibration of peace and the third dimension, are they incompatible?

AAM: No. No, they are not. Has the human paradigm created an incompatibility? To some extent, absolutely. But do not forget, when the third dimension, when this beautiful planet was created, it was not simply created to have an experience of duality or polarity. These are belief systems that have gained popularity through human history and then have become institutionalized, and then have been so deeply embedded within the individual and collective psyche as to believe that it is actually reality. And it is not. The third dimension is an experience of physicality. It is a place where beings come to experience the joy of love in physicality.

But even in the densest of duality – right or wrong, good or evil, love or not love, peace or war –when you think even of the words, the human words, they do not have the same texture or qualities. If you sit with these in your heart, in your solar plexus, they do not have the same weight. And those that are of the negative, shall we say, pull you down. It doesn’t uplift you at all.

But the challenge, even for those who are in that quagmire of duality, is and has always been, for these thousands and thousands of years, is to say no. It is that power of no that we speak of, or the power of yes – to align, to absolutely align with Divine mind, heart, will, source, whatever you are calling it. Because in that alignment, duality is gone. So it is too easy an excuse to say, “But I am caught in duality, I am caught in the third dimension, I am caught in these old paradigms!” But you aren’t. You are in a time of creation and choice like never before on this planet.

But the choice we would ask you would emanate from that alignment, not from a feeling of, “I’d better choose this side, because I think that’s going to get me a little further, or get me what I need, because I am desperate.” That is not what I’m talking about, because there is none of that quality in peace.

So yes, you can stay in the duality and say, “But I pray for peace every night. Every day, I pray for this or that war to end.” And we are not saying to stop the prayers, because every single prayer is heard and acted upon. It is part of your creation. But more than that, open your hearts, my beloved ones, and receive the gift of peace. I’m offering it to you.

And this is not some esoteric study. This is the core of original humanity.

GW: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: … there before we [you?] got off track. Sorry, please continue.

GW: No, my apologies, Lord, I thought you were finished there.

Is there a difference between what a galactic frequency of peace is relative to a Gaia frequency of peace?

AAM: If you’re speaking of the planet herself, Gaia is galactic, dear heart!

GW: Yes. I guess I meant in terms of the human collective.

AAM: The human collective vibration of peace has been caught, and that is why we’re having this conversation. It has been caught in this belief system about the absence of war, or, “Thank god, there’s finally peace at home,” meaning the absence of strife or discord. But no, the understandings and the vibrations being held, and the value assigned to peace – because it is a non-negotiable in a galactic sense, the sense that I think you are talking about, dear Geoff. So has the human collective reached that vibration? No, but is that the invitation? Yes.

GW: Okay, so we –

AAM: And that is how you do it. It is not simply by staying in meditation all day, it is not by running away and being in a cave, it is by holding the energy, and then putting it into your daily life and actions. Into even your private thoughts, how you think about people, how you want to react to them. Now, sometimes you think, “Well, I’m too civilized and polite to do that, or to react the way I feel.” And for that we say, hallelujah, but what we would really encourage is for the reactions to be peaceful. And that does not mean without a great deal of energy, because energy of peace is exceptionally strong! How do you think it has been maintained? Why do you think it is such a strong force amongst the galactics? It is very vibrant, very vigorous. Peace is action oriented. Think of peace as an action verb, not simply a state of being, and not simply a state of absence.

GW: Okay, thank you, Lord.

AAM: And when you are in chaos, you are not in peace. And you say, “Lord, how do I get rid of the chaos?” And I suggest to you, my beloved friends, if you wrap it up in a beautiful blue box, I will take it from you, gladly!

Yes, I am done. [laugh]

GW: I wasn’t sure if I had lost the phone connection or not. It went quiet for a moment.

So what – I know you are familiar with the work that I do, the listeners are not. And finding a relationship to what my work calls [life? or light?], is that what the relationship means to this new paradigm?

AAM: Yes, that is correct.

GW: So as we find a relationship to the Oneness, the All That Is, the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible, as you said at the beginning, being able to see it in the plants, dogs, in everything that is not us, but also able to0 see that it is a part of us, that is the be-ing of peace and the new paradigm.

AAM: Yes, because you cannot simply have peace – and now we are talking peace on Gaia – without that peace with Gaia, and therefore everything upon her. Now, there is a long history of what we would call, in your terms, abuse, rape, pillage, sullying of Gaia, and that has been anything but peaceful.

It is ironic, in a way, that when Gaia shifts slightly, when she is attuning to her own plan – and she has tried, and she has succeeded in very little shrugging – but when there is a situation, say, like a tsunami or a hurricane or an Earthquake, [and] everyone is appalled and says, “Look at the devastation,” – and we do not deny that, but even that plays a role in the unfoldment – but they do not have the same abject horror with the daily pollution and rape of the fields, the chemicals in the sky and in the soil, the exhaust fumes, the bullets and mortar shells in the air. It is strange, is it not?

GW: Yes. It is.

I know that we have about fifteen minutes left in the program. I would like to leave a little bit of time at the end for you to comment on any current events news, if you feel the need to do so. But many around the world tomorrow will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, a day of love. And in keeping with the theme of peace that we seem to be talking about at this time, maybe you could offer some wisdom to the couples that will be celebrating love in looking at the relationship that exists between peace and love.

AAM: And this is where we truly talk about the vibrant energy of peace, is it not?

GW: Indeed.

AAM: We love love! And you do not know that, what we know and what your listeners also do not know, but this Council of Love celebrates Valentine’s day with you on Earth. We consider it like a birthday, because it is the only day in your calendar where true love or the romantic love or the love generally is celebrated. We love this holiday! And it is peaceful.

Now, yes, the love between a couple. Now, we are not saying, when you are in a true sacred union, but even in a profound sacred friendship, when you are in that place, generally you feel the peace and harmony, the infinite flow of energy between the two of you. And that is particularly true if you are intimate, because that expansion of your energy fields when you unite and become one is phenomenal.

When you are in peace in relationship, you feel safe enough. This is what your galactic brothers and sisters have learned. You feel safe enough to truly express who you are, without that fear of criticism or disdain or being thought less than. You can bring the entire parts! What you would call the good, the bad, the ugly, what we would call is the good, the elevated, the divine, the silly, the humorous, the sentimental, the tenderness. You can bring all that forward to your partner, because in peace, in that love, there is safety, there is trust, there is acceptance. But more than that, there is celebration of all those aspects of each other – the delight of it. That is what Gaia and humanity is all about, it is about diversity. And where do you get to celebrate that more intimately and close-up than in relationship?

It is an essential ingredient. There are people who talk about having, being in love or having love affairs that are tumultuous or volatile. What I suggest to you is that that isn’t love, that is your addiction to human drama. And that is one of the things that we invite you to let go of. Because what you can create with someone that you truly can explore the edges of who you are and the Universe – when you can do that together in that sacred union, that is millions and millions and millions of times better than drama. Because it is so exciting and enticing, and you can’t get enough! It catapults you forward.

You have come to a planet to use each other as catalysts, to journey together, to learn together, to share together. But none of you came and said, “Well, I’m going to go and have a terrible time. I will never be loved. I will always be in arguments. I will always be miserable. I will always doubt myself.” Not one being on the planet came to experience that – not a fairy, not an elemental, not a four-legged, and not a human. You came to experience that peaceful love, that sweetness. That is why there is all this fuss about candy and flowers, because it is sweet. And because it is the fragrance and the beauty that is captured in the flowers. It is an expression of the heart. So many say, “Oh, it is far too commercial!” – better to be commercial and celebrate love than most things!

Cherish, and when you are in relationship and you feel that the peace element is wobbling, do not waste one day. Sit down together, hold each other’s hands, look at each other deep in the eyes, and restore it. Do whatever it takes. Because it is well worth it. It is your foundation. You don’t get to fly unless you feel safe, and you can’t feel safe unless you are in a place of peace.

That is our gift to you.

GW: I’m sure that many around the world who are already in relationships are applauding you, thanking you and celebrating a beautiful answer. I think as well a message should be offered to those who are in the process of struggling in their relationships, or maybe those relationships that are ending. Because as we move towards Ascension, many relationships will be going through perhaps an ending point, and many will be struggling to try and find a space of love and a space of peace. And even those who are single – I put myself in that category – trying to embrace that, find that safety and security, as you say, but what could you offer to those who are going through the challenges in love, recognizing Ascension and how to release their partners with love and peace?

AAM: One of the tings that we always will say – and it is always consistent – when you are in a tumultuous relationship, first of all, remember, you came together as soul-mates, soul-friends, even if you decided that here on your planet, you came together to create and to share love. If the ending of that journey and what you call partnership is coming to an end – and we know the heartbreak and the healing that needs to take place, so we are not speaking about pie in the sky –but we would ask you, hold on to the love. So often we see a fission, an embitterment and a falling back into the paradigms of guilt and blame, fault – no. Hold the higher ground. You release the person, you bless them, and you continue in the love, but you are changing the form. Perhaps you will be friends, perhaps you will never speak again, but you will always hold the love for that soul, and for the person that has helped you get to this place.

Many prayers, particularly to the Divine Mother, are heard every day for a sacred partnership. And for most of you, it is what you yearn for and choose to experience on the planet, otherwise you would be born on a planet where you are basically alone. So you yearn for that intimacy, that unity, that comes from the conjoining of your hearts, your minds, your bodies, your experiences, what you think of as struggles and victories.

Your prayers are head. We encourage you to keep going. Keep your hearts open, but also do not forget what I have said to you this night about concomitant action. So go, and seek your loved one. No, not as in hither and yon. But create situations where you are open and available to meeting your beloved one. And yes, it can happen in the most unusual of circumstances, and yes, it can happen in the twinkling of an eye. You forget, you are in very different circumstances now, and you are in a very creative and co-creative process with us now, and so is the person you’re looking for.

So turn up your magnets, dear hearts, hold up your shield that telegraphs, that beams, that broadcasts, “I want my partner. I deserve and yearn and want and create love.”

[music up]

GW: Thank you very much, Archangel Michael, Lord Michael. We appreciate you sharing your message with us at this time. And we hold the energies of love, light and peace in our hearts as we come to an end of another show of an hour with an angel.

May you all find the peace and love in your hearts as you celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow, with your beloved, or if you are not with a beloved, finding the peace in your heart to celebrate the lessons that have come in your being together, and may you carry that forward in the new Ascension energy. Until next week.

AAM: Farewell.


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