Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to Put Fear to Rest: Goodbye Dark Cabal II

Aaahhhhh, the sweet smell of success and victory is in the air-- yahooey. And yet, with natural disasters still occurring and people still suffering, it feels like it's not coming soon enough!

Here are parts (below) of another update LightWorkers use to stay informed of our progress and to prepare for First Contact graciously given from David Wilcock and his Divine Cosmos website.

Considering OUR government is the leader of the dark cabal and the ones largely responsible for initiating our current worldly state-of-affairs, I'm HONESTLY having a hard time believing this one since our court system PROTECTS our government from liability and accountability (such as the mess which recently occurred in Madison, Wisconsin): On March 21st, our Supreme Court had given the Federal Reserve TWO WEEKS to reveal where all the bailout money has gone! Wow ...I say it again: WOW!

That gives the dark cabal --uh um er uuhhhh, I meant to say-- that gives our government until April 4th, and according to David Wilcock, they are preparing for a complete government shutdown 4 days later (one week before national taxes are due): Closing and locking doors, neither paying employees nor welfare and unemployment recipients. They literally plan to run and hide in order to avoid their own lynching. Unfortunately, they can still move stealthily around our globe without much problem or detection ...considering THEY created this system to do just that, in case this day ever came... and yet here it is.

Straight from David's mouth:

I don't like dropping dates, but April 8th is going to be a very, very interesting day. This has gotten a bit long, so I will save the bulk of this argument for an update that will emerge by or before this date.

Three different massive events all coalesce on this one focal-point -- just a week before taxes are due in the US:

SUPREME COURT RULES AGAINST THE FED: The Supreme Court has given the Federal Reserve a two-week deadline to reveal where the money went -- as of Monday, March 21st. This decision is one of the most significant events in American history. That brings us to April 4th -- four days before the 8th.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The Democrats and Republicans in Congress cannot agree on a budget. The US government will therefore shut down as of April 8th -- and there is no indication anyone will stop it. That means no paychecks, no services, et cetera -- for an indeterminate time.

NEW BRETTON WOODS: On this very same day, the first meeting to completely overhaul the world's financial system will take place. Other countries will now have much more of a say. This is the literal fulfillment of everything Fulford and I have been saying for so long.

This will create a massive wave of prosperity and directly pave the way for the release of clean, 'free' energy technology.


The final 'endgame' plan of the insiders, as I understand it, is to hit the US with a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault line during the same approximate time that the government goes into shutdown.

Then, they hope, all the welfare recipients and government employees stop getting their money due to the shutdown. Society quickly disintegrates as all the services stop happening. Meanwhile, the perpetrators flee, or have already fled the country.

I'm frankly amazed the conspiracy media hasn't put all this together yet, but they will soon enough. We'll get to that in Part Two. Suffice it to say I do not believe these events will unfold as they are planning

A fun warning before reading David Wilcock's most recent posting: His updates are known for being extremely long. The reason for this is because he's a visionary with a great ability to see the bigger picture. He's been "collecting" data for much of his life, and has a unique way of blending it all together. So his extremely long updates are due to his extremely thorough approach at weaving the facts and information together in one concise documentary (boy, that's feels strangely familiar). Again, some of his "proof" may seem like mental meanderings coming out of nowhere, but give it a paragraph or two or three, or in his writing style, give it a topic or two or three, and he'll tie it all together!

Happy reading!

Oh yeah: Farewell negative elite... adiĆ³s amigos.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's time to put fear to rest & reclaim our world: Goodbye dark cabal!

Today's blog entry is simply a re-publication of an update many LightWorkers subscribed to from Sheldan Nidle. This is written from the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light of our Universe. Sheldan's quick to point out, he's not a medium or a channeler, rather has a unique relationship with Them allowing him to receive this information and share it with the world through these internet updates.

This particular update was most profound, and I felt my Guides urging me to share it with EVERYONE in my email contacts --even if they were basically strangers with whom I've had one correspondence five years ago. In other words, They had asked me to do my part in spreading the word to enlighten others in any way I could, including using email and social media.

Of course, that freaked me out a bit: Having to stand in my Light knowing most people in my contact list (a relatively accurate reflection of society) and most people in the world will instantly and automatically believe I'M CRAZY for believing this and even more crazy for sending it to them as an email! Nontheless, on pure faith, courage, and internal calling, I did what They asked ...I did what I felt in my heart was my responsibility to do, in an effort of mentally preparing others for First Contact ...Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

Please enjoy ...SO FLIPPIN' EXCITING.

the following obtain directly from:

Selamat Balik! We come before you with much to talk about. At present our Earth allies are deep in discussions with the last dark cabal regarding its formal abdication. This single act sets the stage for the official induction of a series of transitional governments. These governments' first order of business is to rescind any ongoing states of national emergency and to cancel any remaining national debt. In addition, personal debt in the form of credit cards, mortgages, and bank loans is to be forgiven. Income taxes are to end, with refunds going to that nation's taxpayers. Peace is to be declared and all wars terminated. A series of special agreements concerning these matters is to be signed by all nations. Further, a new hard currency system backed by gold and silver will be instituted, and this will dovetail with the abundance deliveries to all recipients. These acts are to alter your world forever! Once the governments honoring the makeover of your new banking and financial system are installed, and once the world's massive wealth is redistributed, a new epoch dawns for your planet.

This new period of your history constitutes the final stage before our formal mass landings. We are fully cognizant of why this preliminary stage is so vital to the success of all that comes after it, especially your return to full consciousness. Your world requires a brief time to absorb what is happening and to get used to the many new realities. Mother Earth likewise desires to have a time in which her own surface actions can be properly appreciated by you. This moment is for your societies and Gaia to truly begin to express their Love for each other. The disclosure process includes not only an acknowledgement of our presence but also the revealing of a large amount of technology which can resolve your many pollution problems. We also see this as a period in which we can address many of the fears you still have about who we are and about exactly how you are to be returned to full consciousness. We want you to have all your questions answered and all your qualms laid to rest. It is vital that you feel comfortable and prepared for what the divine plan decrees for you.

The Galactic Federation has taken on the unique task of shaping your glorious future according to the desires of the divine plan. Those who now face the end of their 13-millennia rule over you had quite different aims for you: they intended to override Heaven's plans and place you in a most hellish realm. This eventuality was not the one envisioned for you by the Creator! And so we have spent the last two decades denying the dark these goals. Now we are at the point where you are reentering the realm of promise and joy intended for you all by Heaven's divine grace, and the final steps to get you back on track are being ensured by both the Agarthans and us. As you look around your planet, you can see the truth of this just beginning to manifest. A tide of change and freedom is sweeping through each nation, together with a deep conviction that you are not alone. Our Earth allies are diligently marching toward a well-earned triumph, and the continuing collapse of the power of the dark shows us just how close UFO disclosure really is!

These facts bring us great joy! It is of vital importance that the secret meetings locking in the new reality continue to progress. To this end we are actively involved in a certain amount of interference to prevent the use of a device created by the dark, which is designed to crush your recently gained feelings of confidence about manifesting a new reality. These new ideas scare the old dark orders out of their wits! In the past, they would simply crush in one day the uprisings you see around you. Now this new energy, protected by us to a special degree, grows stronger with each day. We meet daily with our Earth allies to make sure that they comprehend the beauty of what each of you is accomplishing; but we can assist only up to a certain point. It is important for you to keep up the momentum and take it to the next level and the next focal point. As we have said before, the galactic option is attuned to a definite timetable. The dark is trying hard to upset this apple cart and is finding itself quite unable to do so!

A variety of positive factors are coming together. These divine energies are completing the last of the new grids required to manifest a new reality. We are very happy with the way you have assisted us with these procedures. Our combined endeavors have forged a strong framework for the next steps, and various governments are making a big effort to clear the way for what is required. We have seen just how powerful all of you are becoming. Heaven and her Angels are working daily to alter your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves, and you are integrating these new upgrades quickly and well. As more of you awaken, due to this enormous project, the number needed for victory has not only been reached but has been exceeded. Our liaisons and diplomats are quick to inform the dark of these facts and to emphasize the futility of its ongoing attempts to counter this surge of awakening.

Despite the dark's comprehension that it cannot defeat the Light as long as we are here, the dark councils that we interact with daily refuse to admit this openly. We understand their reluctance, but also recognize the need to up the ante regarding taking-out their technology. The dark's many types of destroyed vehicles and its vain attempts at an anti-vehicle shield have not deterred them from their programs to maintain the status quo. This is further undermined and even delayed from time to time by the defection of several of its key scientists and engineers. The dark cabal is clearly in a state of panic and confusion about what to do next, and we intend to compel their surrender when Heaven so concurs. Its equivocation and ongoing delaying tactics are increasing. It is time for these cabalist to give up and let your destiny manifest!

The programs instituted by our Earth allies are mostly ready to come on line. Furthermore, your frustrations require a much more direct action than has hitherto been allowed. Our cousins in Agartha are prepared to do some covert things that can get us to the point where the cabal signs several key agreements drawn up by our Earth allies. A decisive final moment approaches. Your world faces an impasse: how to remove the dark and let the various prosperity funds be distributed globally. Our role in this is to use our good offices and our technology to offer a solution to these present obstacles to victory. We understand that we can only move as fast as your unfounded fears about us will allow. Meanwhile, the dark is using its propaganda programming to stimulate your xenophobia and your innate mistrust of something different.

Your Ascended Masters advised us to expect these reactions by the dark. This quandary is to be overcome by the circumstances surrounding your economic crises and by the fact that the dark is running out of time. Heaven is preparing to decree the instructions that are to set us free to put the caretaker regimes in power and redistribute your planet's great wealth to all of you. We intend to see that these new governments are both successful and fully protected from any continued shenanigans by the remnants of the dark elites. The Anunnaki have pledged to us that the remaining dark tricks planned by their former on-planet minions will be thwarted and that your victory is close at hand! We will use the time remaining to prepare for first contact.

Today, we talked about what is and what is about to happen on your world. Together we are to march forward and use our technology and abilities to prepare for your return to full consciousness. This path reunites you with your Inner Earth, spiritual, and space families! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Crystal Palace Within

Here are Cliff's Notes for an amazingly wonderful meditation, which is very helpful for grounding and centering yourself, and for staying aligned with your Ascension Path!

Each part is only 5minutes long... the following is simply suggestions and tips --do these options, or your variation thereof! After this summary, you'll find the original lengthy explanation, please check it out. You'll also need to visit this site to obtain the music accompanying this meditation ...we downloaded it to iTunes. Have fun!

THANK YOU Tom Kenyon and the Hathors for this amazing sound healing and Ascension re-activation!

With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, feel the energy flowing as we are living electro-magnets attracting what we think, feel, do, and give off:

Heart Attunement: With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, visualize reciprocal love and Golden White Light flowing from your heart to Gaia's heart (her core Central Sun), and back again. Accepting stewardship and responsibility of caring for Gaia, for yourself, and for others ...we are ALL interconnected.
Mantra: I give love, Light and appreciation; I get love, Light and appreciation.

Pineal Attunement: With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, visualize Golden White Light of Christ's Consciousness re-activating ALL the unused crystalline portions within your pineal gland to align the Highest Light Realms with your Highest Self. Like a spinning mirrored ball, allow the Golden White Light to reflect and refract off it shining Light onto and into every nook & cranny which you have held in the shadows and wanted to hide (consciously or unconsciously) ...visualize this Light to fill and expand unfolding your pineal gland to its original size and shape as Sacred Geometries of Light shine upon every corner, contour, and issue empowering you as you continue on your Path of Ascension. Your pineal gland is located right in the middle of your head... behind your third eye slightly behind the highest part of your ear ...stay focused on this location within your head throughout entire 5minute meditation --if you drift from this point, simply re-focus attention back to your pineal gland.

Ba Attunement: With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, visualize and focus Golden White Light entering your Ba (Highest Self entry point physically located where your hands end with your arms outstretched above your head --that distance 3-dimensionally all around your body-- do not hold hands above head for meditation ...location noted for reference purposes only). As Light enters, fills and expands your Ba, visualize it going to straight down to your pineal gland (filling & expanding), then visualize going straight down to your heart (filling & expanding), then going down to Gaia's heart (filling & expanding). Visualize the Golden White Light of Christ's Consciousness returning to your Ba, and starting the cycle over again. This may take time to focus upon all four steps of this 3rd Phase just one at a time (if need be) and gradually incorporate all four points when able... remembering your Divine timing is PERFECT.
...we are ALL interconnected.
Mantra: I become ONE with the ALL, and the ALL becomes ONE.

full explanation:

Remove Your Hardware Implanted by "The Greys" & Reclaim Your Mind & Body, Heart & Soul!

Here's my story learning about Extra-Terrestrial hardware implanted by the "bad" aliens working for the dark forces of the Universe ...quite profound and INCREDIBLY HARD TO BELIEVE ...even for me who lived the experience!!

I attended a weekend workshop where we learned about The Greys' hardware and fortunately had them removed from my etheric body! Since then, I've been a new man --literally.

This was an experiential energetic healing weekend, and each attendee of course had the opportunity to identify, share and heal personal issues. During my healing, the facilitator noticed I had alien hardware in my energetic body. She and her husband explained ET hardware are implants, J-Seals, and remote viewing devices planted in us by lower vibrating Extra-Terrestrials, specifically The Greys, who want our inherent Divine power and attached themselves to us acting as parasites, and inhibiting us from Ascending.

WHAT??? Yes, let me say it again: Alien hardware implanted by The Greys are highly advanced technological devices existing in the etheric dimension (invisible to the naked eye and undetected by our physical senses) which are implanted in our etheric (energy) body causing us grave emotional, mental and psychological distress and harm, ultimately prohibiting us from staying aligned with our Highest Self which keeps us from Ascending. Wow, what a mouthful. I stated and explained this concept TWICE, because it's that important!

The facilitator cautioned us and encouraged us NOT to explore these concepts through the Internet. Her reasoning was the Internet acts like a Ouija board because it's unprotected and unsafe allowing any lower vibrating alien (without a conscience or integrity) or entity to come in and attach itself to you, specifically attaching you with their hardware. Similarly, I strongly discourage you from researching this through the Internet. In order to help keep yourself safe, contact me directly if you have questions.

In a effort to alert you of possible implants within your own body, let us share our consistent findings working with the general population. My wife and I have noticed said hardware is typically found under two specific conditions (and of course, maybe under other circumstances, but we have not been privy or experienced such).

1. The Greys implant people who are under anesthesia resulting from operations or surgeries. Obviously, while unconscious, you do not feel or sense when or where the device(s) are implanted into your etheric body. So if you've had ANY surgeries or operations AND you've never heard of alien hardware before then, and in turn, did not request proper protection from your Spirit Guides, then I'm convinced 100% (just MY OPINION through experience, but still 100% convinced) you have been implanted.

2. Every military personnel we've encountered. Our understanding is because both the Greys and our current military are working for the same dark forces of the Universe: To strip you of your identity and your essence by breaking you down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Either when you're being broken (for example, first few days or weeks of boot camp) or when you're actually broken and ready for re-programming (brainwashing), you are implanted. Also, there's a direct correlation: People who volunteer for the military typically have issues with the element of "metal." According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, metal represents those who have an imbalance with the element metal. In other words, in an unhealthy way their relationship with money and "things" is out of proportion and off-balance. To the detriment of their own health, they prize and value money and other physical possessions, especially metal objects like guns, knives, cars, planes, motorcycles, metal collectibles like coins or advertisement signs, etc.

Again, I share this with you NOT TO FREAK YOU OUT, or to cause panic, rather to give you information you may not be aware of (You don't know what you don't know!), and you may want to have them removed. These implants keep you from achieving your Soul Mission, keep you from manifesting your life purpose and living your highest potential; They literally prohibit you from stepping into your Divinity and living your joy! The best way I can described the feeling from living on both sides (living with implants and now living without) ...The feeling is disenchantment and exhaustion.

DISENCHANTMENT: I can visualize, create and plan my life's purpose, and spend hours, days and weeks organizing and preparing for my take off, and yet when push comes to shove, I COULD NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN. I could not manifest my dreams with implants, because it's just "under the skin": Something I could not see, could not remove and yet could not control, could not stop from happening, and could not identify ANYTHING as a concrete problem because their WAS NO BIOLOGICAL OR PHYSICAL condition or disease.

EXHAUSTION: As I kept spinning my wheels, literally for two decades with said implants (I was shot in college and went under anesthesia to have bullet removed), I kept becoming more and more depressed with my inability to manifest my life's dreams. I've have been moderately successful at MANY jobs over the years, but nothing which helped me achieved my Soul Mission, nothing which gave me lasting fulfillment and meaning to my life ...and yet, I have SO MANY DREAMS and talents to accomplish anything I put my mind to (as do most people in this world). So, the implants are really a psychological weapon the Greys use to keep you trapped, to keep you down as a prisoner in your own created hell --so you begin to believe YOU created this hell. When in actuality, you DID NOT CREATE IT: You've be imprisoned --psychologically and energetically-- without your knowledge and without your consent. Constantly blaming yourself for not becoming WHO you came here to be, always believing it's YOU who has failed, but that's not accurate... because you truly ARE NOT YOU ANYMORE with said implants.

As I attested above, once I had implants removed, I was a new man. In fact, I felt much like my younger "invincible" self but with the wisdom and experience I gained over the years ...truly amazing. FREE YOURSELF!

If you feel stuck (especially for years) without moving forward, you probably have been implanted. Have them removed IMMEDIATELY, and re-claim your body and your life along with your God-given talents, your lifelong dreams, and your joy to THRIVE & EXCEL in this world, and not just struggle to survive.

"The Greys" Alien Hardware: We've Caught up to the Edge of Reality!

More new & wild concepts we are being exposed to in our world!

We've ALWAYS been on the cutting edge. However, it seems my wife and I have actually caught up to the edge ...the edge of reality: What's real and what's not real! Please let me explain.

In general, I know everyone would agree with this statement: Some people believe in God, and others do not. To expand upon this gem of a controversy: Some people believe in Angels, and some do not. Some believe in ghosts, spirits, and anything or everything metaphysical; others do not. Basically, there's a dividing line: Believers and non-believers.

Then amongst the believers, there is every occupation --just as there exists non-believing people in every occupation and industry. Let's go straight to the believing LightWorkers.

As a collective, LightWorkers are those who are working on bringing Light to Mother Earth and Her people, exposing the dark and shedding Light upon every shadow so nothing out of integrity can hide, in order to Ascend. There are conscious and unconscious LightWorkers. We bring Light to our world literally and energetically. Most conscious LightWorkers are aware of their intuitive skills; hence, most conscious LightWorkers believe in the invisible spirit world and its effects upon our physical world.

With that being said, my wife and I have come across LightWorkers who don't believe in extra-terrestrial hardware ...and we find this quite the conundrum. Honoring the scientist within me, OF COURSE I do not advocate blindly believing in something because someone told you it's true ...find out for yourself! Take the theory with a grain of salt, keep it at your periphery, genuinely and thoroughly (like a true scientist) explore its possibilities (actually test the theory), and then make your conclusion.

And so being on the cutting edge all our lives, we actually reached the edge of a reality, the edge of a belief within our culture: Modern society. Funneling down from non-believers to believers, from non-LightWorkers to LightWorkers, from unconscious LightWorkers to conscious LightWorkers, from not believing in ETs to believing in ETs, from not believing in ET hardware to believing in ET hardware, we've found the edge where believing conscious LightWorkers are not believing in ET hardware ...WILD.

It's so amazing to us how LightWorkers who believe in our Spirit World and commune with their Spirit Guides daily through meditation and manifestation do not fully explore other concepts and aspects of the Spirit World. How can one aspect of their mind be open to these concepts, but the rest of their mind (their belief system which already believes in Spirit) prohibit their understanding and belief in other invisible realities that their colleagues, us fellow LightWorkers, ASCERTAIN are true? Of course, the answer is their own biases and limiting beliefs prohibit them, which BY DEFINITION confirms they are not doing a thorough job at addressing and healing their own issues. How funny... quite the conundrum: LightWorkers (and therapists too) trying to teach others but are not practicing what they preach by doing their own work first! yuck.

Of course, I too was highly skeptical first introduced to this concept. However, after finding out more, learning exactly what this is about, and the definitive moment: Having ET hardware removed from me, I am a convert! By the way, I strongly DISCOURAGE you from exploring ET hardware through the Internet, because in this sense, the Internet acts as a Ouija board letting in "bad" energies or entities which can attach themselves and their hardware to you. To learn more, read my blog entry: Remove Your ET Hardware & Reclaim Your Body, which is immediately preceding this blog entry.

Extra-Terrestrial Cloudships

Here's another concept which is mind-blowing: Fleets of flying saucers are often and regularly hovering right above us! Disguised by clouds --as clouds-- these ships simply hover, observing our world and our behaviors.

Our Extra-Terrestrial allies (those working WITH the Golden White Light of Christ Consciousness and who are a member of the Galactic Federation of Light) have been corresponding with specific people on earth for the past two decades gathering information about our society and its mental, emotional and psychological state monitoring our "readiness" for First Contact.

Three summers ago (2008), my wife and I noticed a beautiful rainbow on the edges of some clouds. The "scientist" part of me thought it was simply refractions of light from the Sun like a prism, or maybe rainbows created from the Sun like when it rains... but each theory I had was ultimately disproved. Being unable to truly understand WHAT was causing the edges of certain clouds to appear in rainbow colors, I soon forgot about trying to "prove" why it was happening and bowed out of the scientific aspect of it, believing it was simply a natural phenomenon I was unaware about and couldn't explain. I let it go and appreciated the wonderful colors we observed over the next few years on the periphery of some clouds --not every cloud, mind you.

Then almost two months ago (28 Jan 11 --my cousin's Bday) taking our daughter for a bike ride to the park, we noticed more clouds in the sky with the easily-identifiable rainbows. But this time it was different: We were receptive! This time we actually we had a context for such phenomena and had more experiences and a better understanding of extra-terrestrial life and the concept of becoming a Galactic Human that we heard our Guides explaining exactly what the rainbows were! They were Extra-Terrestrial spaceships, specifically a mothership and a fleet of smaller "worker" ships ...holy crap-ola!

These spaceships were disguised as clouds --literally, they looked just like clouds, but in fact, were masked by clouds. No... they took on the appearance of clouds, but were more dense. Our Guides explained as we stared in amazement into the sky: The biggest one was the mothership, which was very dark grey in color, as if it were a raincloud ready to drop its condensation upon us. Funny, one would immediately believe it were a raincloud had it been a gloomy day with the sky covered with dense grey rainclouds, but alas, these were the ONLY clouds in the sky --gorgeous bright blue sky with a small congregation of "rainclouds" almost above our heads.

There are very significant points to share about this particular sighting. 1. The mothership cloud was dark grey because it was so dense, so big --not a light fluffy condensation of wispy cloud but rather-- an actual MASS of something ...the actual mass of a spaceship! In other words, the size and vastness of the mothership could not contain, or reflect, a clear white fluffy cloud (like the smaller scout ships), because of its monstrous mass and density. 2. Similarly, it seemed as though the smaller ships, while light and fluffy looking, could not re-configure its shape: It always looked like a typical flying saucer. Yes, a flying saucer-shaped cloud, as in the pictures I took with my cell phone (below). Notice the small white cloud in lower left hand corner: Shaped like a flying saucer! Also note the mothership is grey in color. 3. Observe this is the ONLY congregation of clouds in a clear blue sky... which again gives credence to the fact the grey cloud was NOT a raincloud as naysayers want to believe. 4. Also, you know how clouds float on by AND change shape as the wind currents take them... these clouds DID NOT MOVE (hovering in place) 5. nor did they change their shape, which is always so disappointing as the original object or face you saw in the cloud starts to lose recognition as the wind disfigures and blows the cloud apart!

Finally, the last significant point to share --and the most disturbing and dishearten-ing: 6. Our air force (stationed in colorado springs just an hour and a half CAR RIDE away) kept flying toward them, above them, through them, around them... taunting them as our Guides explained, exposing our young cadets to said cloudships brainwashing them --I mean "preparing them" for some fictitious war of the worlds! You can see the faint chem trail (headed right toward the cloud congregation) right above the left edge of the smaller scoutship in the photo above.

As if our puny planes even have a chance against their superior and advanced technology ...makes me laugh.

Mankind's History

So here's a fun concept I realized awhile back: All of the mankind's history on planet earth has been us!

In other words, WE have been the people in every past culture! Obviously, this is based on reincarnation, so if you don't believe or understand reincarnation, then you have many surprises awaiting you... teeheehee.

Most of us have had thousands of lives on this planet. The "old souls" as many people refer to those who are wise beyond their years, particularly, have been around a long time (thousands of lifetimes). Hence, that's how they (WE) got so wise: They've been here many times and have been progressing appropriately learning lessons from each lifetime.

When I realized we are the people throughout history, I was most tickled! What a neat and profound concept to recognize it was us who has been inhabiting Mama Earth this whole time... simply going from lifetime to lifetime, from ancient cultures to modern civilizations (Ancient Atlanteans, Vikings, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, Babylonians, Mongolians, etc; Modern Philippines, Japanese, Slovakians, Croatians, Americans, Irish, etc), from one era to the next age (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Renaissance Age, Industrial Age, Information Age, Age of Aquarius, upcoming Golden Age aka Photon Energy Age), from one continent to the next, from woman to man to woman and vice versa, and from one race to another (Asian, Hispanic, African, Caucasian, Native American, European, Middle Eastern) ...gathering life lessons from ALL these multiple lives and experiences throughout the history of planet earth!

Both as a race and as a planet, we grew, developed and evolved through individual and group decisions and karma, and it was the "karma" which forced us to continue incarnating on this planet. In other words, most of us did not plan on hanging around lifetime after lifetime, but the karma we incurred which was not paid off before we died kept us here to repay in our next life, and so on, and so on, and so on. Basically, we needed to stay upon our beautiful Earth School when unpaid karma existed upon our death. We were not allowed to leave this plane of worldly physical life until our karma was paid. Interestingly, some of us did not take to heart (or didn't fully understand how challenging it was) when we agreed to come to this planet to learn some earthly lessons ...And that's okay!  Lifetime after lifetime, we have come to understand our role and the amazingly valuable lessons we have learned upon our stay here on Lady Gaia.  Further, great rewards are destined for us as we return to Full Consciousness during our Mass Ascension!

ALL OF US started from a different planet --NO ONE is originally from planet earth (this is a topic for another blog, teeheehee). Wild, huh? Yup, it's true: When researching past civilizations and cultures, know that YOU actually lived it at some point in your evolution and past lifetimes!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


As you know, this blog entails inspiring prose, everyday practical information, motivational dialogue, explaining "new" concepts and new ventures of our New Earth and our new lives soon to be living. This entry happens to be a poem I wrote for my wife about one of the avenues we travel as husband and wife, as friend to friend, as best friends, as lovers, as triggers for one another, as impetus for emotional maturation and spiritual evolution soulmates.

After a couple verses in, I looked up the term "soulmates" on and I was incredibly shocked to find virtually nothing describing this partnership. In fact, it states: "noun. a person with whom one has a strong affinity. Origin: 1815–25." "What?" I retorted aloud ...speaking to no one in the room with me. The way our world is currently set-up never ceases to amaze me! Again, I declare: WHAT? I just got done listing half a dozen ways to describe "soulmates" in my opening paragraph the top of my head, and the dictionary uses one... just one.

To me, this was a clear sign from the Universe, from my Angels to write this poem for my soulmate ...and then I was to share it with the world to help all of us better understand what and who soulmates really are. Thinking back over the years to live radio interviews (while driving bumper to bumper down Lake Shore Drive), or TV shows (fictional or reality), or self-help books (I couldn't put down), there are some great understandings regarding this term, but the most glaring aspect for me was its misunderstanding from so many. For example, some people believe you can have only one soulmate ...of course not, silly! We each have many soulmates ...yes, I mean romantic soulmates.

Please don't be discouraged if you've loved and lost your soulmate through "irreconcilable differences" (officially married or not) or through any other means, for that matter. First, be grateful you've "loved" ...that's a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself! Unfortunately, so many people don't find love. Be happy you've loved ...that is the MAIN goal we incarnated and came to this planet: To manifest love in the physical. Feel joy you succeeded in one of your life's purposes! I congratulate you.

Second, grieve, heal and move on:
Find another one of your soulmates to love, to feel, to grow, to learn, to teach, to rejoice, to create, to hold, to live.

Now, on with the show... To my amazing wife:


Yup... it's official: We're soulmates ...ewwwwwwww, that's gross! ;^D

We've chosen each other because we complement one another ...with you in my life I reach greater depths of love, joy and fun I could not have reached if I were alone without you! I am forever grateful to have you as my partner in life. I cherish our dancing, our singing, our silliness, our light-heartedness, our laughter, and our fun name just six of the infinite reasons I appreciate and love you.

Soulmates complement each other.

You are the yang to my yin,
the Isis to my Osiris,
the sunlight to my cloudy day,
the yeast in my dough (teeheehee),
the passion in my paso doble,
the Muse in my creativity,
the lipstick to my Hunter S. Thompson,
the blue agave to my tequila,
the mothership to my galaxy,
the brilliance in my burnt orange,
the key to my shackles,
the dark chocolate in my mole sauce,
the magic in my world,
...and the water to my sea monkey eggs!

You are the eternal heavens to my self-created hell,
and without you, my life would neither be half as joyful nor as worthwhile!

With all my Angels & Guides, I thank you for your radiating brilliance.

Not only do we complement one another, but YOU CHOSE ME because I am one of the few people in this world who can keep up with you. I am one of the few people who is your counterpart, your match, your equal! You chose me because of MY fire, because of my brilliance, because I can help remind YOU who you came to be. With this in mind, let me help you see that which eludes you.

It's very hard to see the everyday events which emotionally trigger us and push our buttons. Yet without awareness, we become unraveled without insight as to “why.” Without awareness, we don't recognize this is just a pattern ...a habitual reaction triggered by a childhood wound still unhealed, a habitual reaction to something inside which makes us feel hurt or unworthy. You, my love, are SO WORTHY! It's simply the way we're currently programmed to forget our own self-worth, to forget our own Divinity. This fact is certainly an odd state of affairs, yet none-the-less, it is the Agreement we made.

We are soulmates, because we complement one another. We bring greater joy, laughter, peace and meaning into each other's lives than if we were by ourselves. We are soulmates, because we challenge one another to be the best human being we can become! We bring to the surface deeply-rooted issues for one another which need healing. Spending everyday with you gives me the unique perspective to neutrally observe your reactions to everyday events. Events which are just that: Neutral, non-emotional occurrences that “happen” in our lives. A friendly reminder: It is us who assigns the emotion to said event. It is us who places meaning --or no meaning-- on that everyday neutral non-emotional event.

Are you triggered now? ;^D ...that's not my intention. I love you; I'm ALWAYS on your side! I'm simply reminding you of a Universal Law of Nature about everyday events and their relationship with our emotions. Remember, you chose me to remind you of such (my smiling face and big warm hug envelopes you).
The white lightning only strikes;
the red lava only disintegrates;
the black storm only upheavals ...
They know not of “destruction.”
They only ARE: A neutral non-emotional event.
They simply exist is:
Nothing more, nothing less.

Psychology 101 professes we are replicas of our parents (oh dear Lord, tell me that's not true... teeheehee), and we have many many unconscious influences we learned from Mum & Dad. Let's be clear: There's no blame here. Our parents did what they knew, just as we are continuing to teach similar reactions (if not the same) to our kids! Our parents (or guardians) did only what they were taught by their parents, just as our grandparents did only what they were taught by our great grandparents, and so on, and so on, and so on! We were taught many centuries and generations of belief systems, generations of proper ways to behave, generations of the way we “should be,” generations of knee-jerk habitual reactions. In actuality, we were taught generations of fears.

By definition, if we are still alive and kicking in this physical world, then we still have lessons to learn and issues to heal. Yet many of them are so difficult to see because we are the ones still emotionally reacting to neutral non-emotional events--behaviors passed down from generation to generation. So free yourself and release yourself from these goofy antiquated thoughts and mistaken beliefs. Let's free ourselves from these actions and reactions which are not ours. This is not who you are, as this is not me... only belief systems and habits passed down from thirteen millenia!

Not only did you choose me, but I CHOSE YOU. I've chosen you to help me live, love, laugh and cry. I've chosen you to help me shed light on those issues I'm unable to see clearly and still hold in my darkness. How flippin' exciting ...we get to assist each other in this amazingly beautiful world of life-sustaining Gaia! Not only does She give us life (and soon to be reciprocated), but soulmates sustain life for each other. These two miracles of existence (birth and death) are a personal and private journey each of us embarks: Two sojourns we typically go alone. How grateful I am for having you by my side for most everything else!

With all my Angels & Guides, I thank you for your radiating brilliance ...for reminding me who I AM, for reminding me who I came to be in this lifetime, and for the intimate role you play assisting me in manifesting my Glory, my Divinity, and my Soul Mission.

Yup, we're soulmates ...GRRROSS!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Long for Dahling Agartha and Our Inner Earth Cousins

Oh... so many fantastic and fascinating things are occurring on our world now!!

Where do I began? Let's start with the title of this latest blog: Agartha ...Our New Earth Home, Inner Earth to be specific! I've read numerous articles and accounts of others who've been there, and I'm even FEELING the sensation of when I've lived there in past lifetimes. No vivid memories or recollections at this point, simply an internal knowing --my intuition-- reminding me "I've been there before!"

Well, isn't that what intuition is: An instinctive or inner knowing?! Last I checked ...just a second here (opening another window) ...yep, "instinctive knowledge."

When I first learned (or should I say "was reminded") Mama Earth was hollow, I thought "no wwwwway!" I nearly passed out: Completely BLEW MY MIND. BTW, that was only a month or two ago, mind you: We're learning so much information at such an incredible speed. Time is truly flying by, seeming like 6 weeks of life in just the past week --very wild this Ascension process is! Upon hearing Gaia was hollow, I immediately Googled the concept "hollow earth," and lo and behold: Presto chango worldview is flipped upside down forever --literally. Or in this case, it was flipped inside out seeing the photos from space and the hollow core of our earth (below) ...after freaking out for a good half hour, of course! ;^D

I'm immediately reminded of one specific article I read, actually it was the pilot's log of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd from 1947 (please be sure to click on his name to read the pilot's log for more evidence).   Coincidentally (oh that's right: THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES), I went to an elementary school at one Richard E. Byrd in smallville Chicago suburb back in the day... funny, how my Angels and Spirit Guides were trying to get me to research him so long ago. I might have even read the fact he literally flew into the hollow core only to find himself landing on Agartha ...but I'm sure this info simply went in one ear and out the other, or I simply was too young to process such a profound concept. I probably thought it was fiction.... Any who, I won't ruin this for you, like someone who tells you the ending of a new movie immediately after you inform them you're ON THE WAY NOW to the theatre to see the flick... geeeez, some people. teeheehee!!

From Sheldan Nidle's posting (15 March 11) from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, it is clear Mama Earth is ready for HUGE change, which means we humans must leave so She can completely alter Herself as we know it. When She's done with Her growing pains (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes etc), Her surface will be drastically different. My Guides tell me the lost continent of Atlantis will resurface, along with Lumeria. Just like the human race has an opportunity to Ascend, this is Gaia's Awakening concurrently. Gaia's Ascension includes re-balancing of water to land ratio back to near 50-50% each. Hence, the tectonic plates below the seabed are literally rising, so more land results on Her surface re-balancing the over-abundant amount of oceans with the surface of land.

This will result in no more pollution. No more global warming. No more ozone depletion. Mother Earth's temperature will remain a perfect 75 degrees, without heavy winds or rain ...sheltered and protected by the Firmament (two huge crystalline shields of frozen water located respectively at 15,000 feet elevation and 35,000ft). Her land will be deep rich green grasses, plants, bushes and trees; Her waters will be streams, rivers, lakes and oceans of crystal clear healthy blue water; Her animals will be large, abundant and healthy --not fearing man or other predators. In fact, this will re-establish the Biblical Garden of Eden on Her surface --just like Her inner world, Agartha, still is!!

This stuff blows my mind, and yet at the same time (poet didn't know it) so damn exhilarating.

So what happens to us while Mother Earth is transforming Her surface, you ask? I originally thought we humans would simply standby ...idly watching this grand transformation with no way to genuinely assist, but "no, no, no" is my new understanding. If you take a moment to ponder the enormity of these events, then one would quickly realize the surface will be uninhabitable during the physical reconfiguration. We will return below the surface to the land of Agartha, while Lady Gaia re-structures Her surface back to its original pristine condition.

SO FLIPPIN' EXCITING ...I just cannot wait to see my new home, Agartha, and to reunite with our Inner Earth cousins!

Are you guys aware that there is a "NO FLY ZONE" over both the South Pole and the North Pole, as highlighted in the photo above???  Neither airplanes nor satellites can fly directly over either Pole.  Can you speculate why this might be?  Well, I have an idea --LOL!!  Yup, you guessed it:  It's so no one, or no satellite, can record images of the huge gaping holes leading into Inner Earth.  Immediately above this paragraph is an image of the satellite patterns which circle Mama Earth ...pretty crazy, isn't it?  And yet so convincing, once you open your mind to these concepts which have been intentionally hidden from us in order to feed us mis-information, holding us down at a low vibration and keeping our frequencies in the lower realms of anger, hurt, sickness, jealousy, sadness, death, etc.  So that huge hole you see in the earth displayed in the top photo of this posting ...that is the entrance to Agartha (North Pole Entrance).  Please notice:  All satellites and planes GO AROUND the Agartha entrance, so the entrances cannot be filmed or recorded in any way!  Of course, let me remind you of the obvious:  When the cabal (the corrupt 1%) owns the publishing companies, then they can write in our school textbooks EXACTLY what they want us to know, which includes drawing the images of earth WITHOUT those gaping holes, showing a complete globe --a complete enclosed sphere-- and not drawing the earth as a, for example, as a cored out apple which more accurately reflects the look and shape of our planet --and ALL PLANETS AND STARS in the Universe, for that matter.  Each planet, or star, is made the same, just like each human is made the same:  With a head, torso, two arms, two legs, a brain, small & large intestine... you get the picture!  This drawing below is simply an elaboration of the photo of Mama Earth (shown atop of this article)... in other words, below you read "Admiral Byrd's Flight 1947" ...the photo above (and the drawing below) shows us exactly the hole from which Admiral Byrd flew into and then flew back out of!!

Totally MIND BLOWING such a cool way!!  :^D

And here is some scientific proof in the video below that exemplifies how and why EVERY PLANET AND EVERY STAR is hollow:  As a sphere, or planet, spins ...please notice how every thing in the middle naturally is forced to shift from the middle to the outside periphery by the immense pull of centrifugal force, just like that carnival ride where everyone is plastered to the sides of some giant spinning contraption and the floor drops out from under your feet!!  As everyone knows, for example, when you take a glass of water and swirl it, all the water goes to the outside of the glass.  Similarly, as you and your friends walk, then swim, around the outside edges of your round-shaped backyard pool, then you've witnessed making a whirlpool, where everyone is pulled to the outside edges of the pool.  This is the exact same principle which proves our earth --as it spins-- does not have a molten lava core because everything in the middle of the Earth naturally is pulled to the edges making a hollow core.  Furthermore, if you just think about the enormous weight our planets would be if they were full with dirt and molten lava to their core, then these planets would be extremely heavy, and NOT honoring Nature's Way, which is the easiest path of resistance.  So from a physics-standpoint and a centrifugal mass vs. weight standpoint, it is most efficient and ergonomically beneficial to have a hollow planet ...or in this case:  EVERY SINGLE PLANET, EVERY SINGLE STAR... you see up in the sky is spinning and is naturally hollow, fulfilling its natural state of being, as evidenced simply by a swirling glass of water in your hand!!  NASA PROVES the Hollow Earth Theory in this 2minute video... enjoy!

Mind blown again ---LOL!