Saturday, November 5, 2011

You Are ALL Needed, In Your Own Way, To Assist Loving the World and All That Inhabit This Beautiful Planet, Earth. You Only Need To Want To Change

Thank you Melchizedek and Julie for this wonderful reminder of our true essence.
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Melchizedek ~~ YOU are Power, YOU are Light, YOU are Love

Dear souls, sons and daughters of God, the Creator; you now stand at the center of creating your reality, self-directing your own journey as you go. Yes, you are guided by guides, angels, gods and goddesses to assist and support along the way. You are never ever alone dear ones. Inside each of you is your God Spark, it is found inside your very own heart which you are always connected to God even if at times you have felt otherwise. It is with you, the Light you hold within your heart is shared with God. And within all of you holds perfection of wisdom and power. It is up to you dear souls to find balance with this wisdom, and this power and with your masculine and feminine selves. Find your peace, your harmony and you will find more of yourself. BELIEVE dear souls; believe in your own power that you can make a difference with the wisdom you have gained from experiencing so much already in your life and along your journey that has brought you this far.

The most perfect of all light is inside each of you; the Threefold Flame. It is there dear souls, always has been. You only need to take the precious time to realize this and find it. You will come across this realization in your own time when you are meant to as you have much clearing to do along the way. When you do discover this most beautiful Light, you will be even more in awe of yourself.

You are always creating and recreating and as you move along in your journey of spiritual enlightenment, take the time to maintain your balance in all that is you. Not just your physical balance dear ones. That is not the balance I am referring to. Balance your emotions, your patience, rhythm, and more. Synchronize with your spirit body as much as possible. I realize this can be difficult when you are maneuvering your way through a recent challenge. Maintaining your balance will help give you calm and ground you when you need it most.

The Threefold Flame that is within your own hearts is there for you to bond with the God Spark that is there; it is your connection to all that there is that is within your grasp and to provide illumination during the darkest of times when you feel very alone. Turn to this light, and allow this beautiful flame to light up your life. I extend my hand to you dear ones as you make your move along your spiritual journey of perfect enlightenment with the Source. I support you along your ascension journey.

You are undergoing your own personal evolution dear ones and it’s important to surround yourself with people that can guide you; your fellow light workers. This is a time when humans are to work together, bridging the gap of the separateness that has gone on too long from the Source. The unity that is being formed and getting stronger every day is crucial. You are strong as one, but mighty when all are working together, bringing forth a consciousness of light filled with unconditional love for all, showing compassion and mercy even to those that at another time you would have shunned. Turn to your God-self ways and be as God, Love, Love, and Love all that you come across.

As you are able to offer your love so purely and with so much loving intent your own heart will expand and grow beyond measure as you become filled overflowing with Divine Light and Love. You have the power within you, working together as one to bring forward a more awakened consciousness dear ones. Yes, each of you is at a different level of consciousness, you are all at a different place on the ascension ladder, and each of you has your own unique spiritual journey and achievements. All your differences will help teach others all that is possible and all that can be with more love showing across the world.

You will reach that God Spark if you haven’t already and you will transform many times and each time bringing you closer to the Source that has lit that Spark. You are all needed, in your own light, in your own way, to assist loving the world and all that inhabit this beautiful planet, Earth. You only need to want to change. To change from the old way of thinking, ways that were taught from another paradigm and adopt new ways, lighter ways of thinking and loving as you are Light Beings. YOU have the power to make the change happen. Work at learning all that there is about you, from what you find within. Don’t be surprised to learn many wonderful qualities that you may have been ignoring, and you might also find a few things that need to be updated, changed or removed if possible. I know of your many possibilities and believe that reach a harmonious way of living and being.

Every time you move towards transforming your spiritual energies, through the power of your thought and the will that is of the purest intent you are using Spiritual Alchemy. It is that simple. You visualize the change you want to see; you see the process that is manageable within your own mind and heart, working together with unconditional love. Feel, breath and love dear ones. My heart fills with so much joy knowing and seeing your own personal power grow each and every day.

Reach for me, for any of my brothers of the Brotherhood of Light, your own spiritual guides and human guides when you are in need of support, love and guidance. I support you pursuit to become shimmering bodies of Living Light. My love for all of you is eternal.

I AM Melchizedek
Channel Julie Miller

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