Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forgiving Others and Yourself, You'll Discover Your Confidence Will Rise and Your Own Personal Freedom As You Let Go Of Old Feelings-You Free Yourself

Thank you Archangel Zadkiel and Julie for this wonderful step-by-step method in forgiving others AND ourselves.

And so it is!
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I Forgive You, I Forgive Me: A Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Welcome Beloved Children! What a nice way to spend the day. I see so many beautiful faces, filled with wonder, love and so much light. My heart if overcome with joy from such a sight.

Let us focus our discussion on FORGIVENESS. A very important virtue and step for reaching enlightenment. It is very important to forgive wrongdoings done by others towards you, either directly or otherwise. For every act of wrong done to you, accept and forgive so you can move on dear ones. Don’t allow more events in need of clearing when you can clear some by simply forgiving.

Holding on to hurt feelings leads to a lot of negativity and quite possibly, opportunity to fall off the path of light and venture into a realm filled with low energy that is quite damaging to your own spirit and body. Call upon me to assist you with forgiving those who have done wrong to you, learn the lessons these relationships taught you. From those lessons, accept and release any negative feelings or thoughts that remain. You will not be alone during this, all you need to do is call my name, and I will be there comforting you, supporting you, guiding you and loving you.

Forgiveness is not a one way act. You also need to forgive yourself. You need to forgive yourself for allowing the low energies into your being and of any wrongdoings you may have caused another person. All this can weigh so heavy on your conscious, and we of the Divine wish for you to feel as light as the breeze. All this talk about forgiveness doesn’t meant you go around town saying sorry to everyone or telling people you forgive them to their face. You can do this with the pureness of your intent. Think with the intensity of the love that is within you and the purity of your heart. Make it like a decree. Using the person’s name, telling them you forgive them, and that you love them unconditionally and how thankful you are to know them and for the lesson. You at this point can say what you learned from this experience, giving your decree even more power and strength. I can assist you with your decrees until you feel more comfortable and can do them on your own.

Forgiveness needs to be considered as an honoured part of your journey, a necessary side road that you are willing to visit as often as possible. Forgiveness will assist you with healing and learning more of yourself. Once you are able to forgive, healing comes at a quicker rate, as you are letting the pain go. Hanging onto old wounds is not healthy for your entire body, including your spirit body. It is not as difficult as it sounds either. For some it is more about admitting the circumstance is long over and what is done is done. You learn from the past, you just do not live in it.

From the ability to forgive others and yourself, you will discover your confidence will rise and your own personal freedom as you let go of old feelings, you free yourself from their hold. Wonderful! A lighter you. You will then have more room to gain more knowledge, wisdom, love and be able to give this love to others more freely. So much is effected by such a simple act. And I know each of you are able to forgive as you are all able to love unconditionally.

I will return later dear souls, I feel we have discussed enough until I return again through this child. You know already how much you are loved by all beings of the Divine. You are all truly remarkable beings. Know this and believe it, as I do.

Archangel Zadkiel
Channel Julie Miller


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