Sunday, November 20, 2011

When You Open In Forgiveness, and Also In Humble Apology, Your Heart Sings Out Its Love, and the Most Profound Healings Occur, Leading To Intense Joy

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Unconditional Forgiveness Is the Great Healer

As the days pass and the intensified divine energies enveloping the planet are experienced by ever greater numbers of you, the urgency of your intent to awaken also intensifies. Many, who previously had dismissed spiritual ideas and beliefs as the mindless longings of the weak and ineffectual, are beginning to understand that this is not so, and are starting to reassess their values and attitudes as it becomes apparent to all that unloving ones lead only to conflict and destitution for all. The call to awaken is being heard and responded to with mounting enthusiasm all over the world.

As your progress towards awakening gathers speed, it is essential that all cease dragging their feet with regard to personal issues that they need to address and release. Frequently, the addressing of these issues has been delayed in the misguided belief that they are someone else’s problem, or because they have been strongly repressed or denied and seem inaccessible, or because someone feels that it would be unwise or inappropriate to stir up old and painful memories. But it is absolutely vital to look at all the unresolved issues hidden in the attics and basements of your minds where they continue to fester, and take the necessary steps to forgive absolutely everyone, without exception, whom you feel or believe has hurt you or any of your friends or loved ones in any way. Remember that those who have inflicted pain were in great pain themselves, and that true, indiscriminate, unconditional forgiveness causes a domino-like effect, allowing and encouraging love to flow into even the darkest of places, bathing all in its soothing balm. To forgive is to open your hearts in love and ensures that healing occurs; and much healing needs to occur because much pain has been inflicted through the eons all over the world.

And of course by forgiving you release enormous amounts of emotional baggage – baggage that has weighed you down with resentment and anger – enabling you to find the acceptance and happiness that you have been seeking for eons without very much success. Forgiveness is undoubtedly the most efficacious medicine available to promote healing and wellness. Most of you have at some time responded unduly harshly and angrily to a child’s accidental misdemeanor when you were very tired or stressed out. You can remember how badly you felt later as realization of your overreaction blasted its way into your awareness, shocking you. You immediately sought out the child, forgave her, and humbly apologized for your unacceptable behavior. The child’s relief and joy at being forgiven overwhelmed you as you saw how hurt she had been, and you swept her up into your arms in a moment of intense love and joy as you resolved never to be so harsh and unthinking again. The damage was repaired, your relationship was healed, and what happiness it brought you both!

True, unconditional forgiveness never fails to heal the one who does the forgiving, and an unconditional apology for a wrong word or action can be enormously healing for the one who has been hurt.

To stress and reiterate: unconditional forgiveness is the great healer, especially when it is combined with the strong intent to always behave in only loving ways. When you open in forgiveness, and also in humble apology, your heart sings out its love, and the most profound healings occur, leading to intense joy for all concerned. This sets you up to awaken into the brilliant light and bliss-filled state that is Paradise, Heaven, Reality, Oneness with God.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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