Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Recommend You Stay Centred & Balance Your Energies Particularly on 11.11: Emotional Balance Is Not Easy For You, But It's Required For Ascension

Thank you SaLuSa. Thank you Laura.
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SaLuSa to Me: Towards 11.11.11 Upliftment

We are approaching a great transition for you, as a species. It is our honour to be present here at this time, and to witness these events unfold upon your planet. You are an integral part of our family, who have accepted to experience duality. This experience will enrich your knowledge and there is much you will teach us once we reunite in the higher realms. We are proud to watch you learn to overcome duality’s challenges, and rise in the higher vibrations.

We are glad to see many of you are proudly aware of your Galactic heritage and understand your true nature. We see you become more detached from the three dimensional reality you perceive as real. We see you grow daily, as it were. You are learning to understand how to live as an ascended being on your world. It is with great pleasure we see you understand more about your own functionality and how you can manifest your true nature into your life. You are highly evolved beings, who are becoming aware of their true identity.

The energies befalling upon Mother Earth will culminate on 11.11.11 and this day will see a considerable increase in your consciousness levels. We expect to see many of you among us from that day on, and some of you may chose to remain in the higher realms permanently. If this is the case, we recommend you prepare your loved ones about the fact unusual things may occur on that day for you. We also would like to reassure those of you that after 11.11.11, you may also decide to remain ascended in your own physical body, on Mother Earth, in order to continue help Her with the planetary Ascension and in order to helped their loved ones work towards their own ascension.

Those who will be ascended from that day on, may not be easy to recognise. Shall we say, they will be able to recognize each other. Friday will indeed be a magnificent day for those of you who have decided to make the most of the uplifting energies and ascend. Those incoming energies could be difficult to deal with for those who have chosen to postpone their Ascension. So it is important you keep in mind, that you may experience misunderstandings between yourselves and confusion. We recommend you stay centred and try to balance your energies particularly on 11.11.11. Emotional balance is not easy for you, but it is a requirement for Ascension. Know dear ones, nothing can ever stay in the way of the light for ever, and sooner or later you will find peace and love within.

We are with you for this last part of the journey and look forward to meeting those of you who will reach a high level of vibrations and will connect with us in a short period of time. Be prepared for a shower of love and joy in the higher realms dear ones. We send love and joy to you as always.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and look forward to our worlds meeting if only for a short period of time this week. Our work together will be better understood from then on, and events will speed up towards a better understanding between our worlds. As we will be moving closer to the 21st December 2012, your vibrations will continue to rise continually and more permanently. The illusion of separation will be more and more evident as global love and consciousness will envelop your bodies and your world.

Thank you, SaLuSa
Laura Tyco

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