Friday, November 11, 2011

Out Of the Worldwide Economic Chaos, Our Allies Will Offer a New Monetary System That Will Overcome All Obstacles w/Precious Metals Backed Currency

HAPPY 11-11-11 ...Be sure to stay calm & grounded to absorb and integrate these loving energies on our road to ASCENSION!

And so it is.
Thank you SaLuSa and Mike.
*** gavin

Today is one of great importance to you all, and we are pleased that so many of you are participating in 11.11.11. that is only second to the 21st. December 2012. It does not matter where you are in the world, all of you can experience the high level of incoming energies. You can meditate on them for as long as you like, as they are not restricted in any manner to that special time, and will continue on onto the future. Do however, give yourselves a minimum of 15 minutes prior to 11.11.11. and fifteen minutes afterwards. You should sense the power of upliftment that it will bring and you will be helping Mother Earth if you channel the energy down, through your Crown Chakra and your body, directly into the earth. Depending on your present level of vibration the effect will differ from one person to another, but we would expect at least a deep feeling of relaxation and peace. As time proceeds, there will be more downloads ensuring that your consciousness continues to expand all the way to Ascension.

The world continues to be embroiled in the challenges that are facing Europe, but help from outside is extremely unlikely. It is an almost impossible problem to solve, as the vast amounts of money needed to do so just do not exist. It is far better to let matters take their natural course, that will see more than one country default on their loan repayments. Out of the chaos our allies will offer a new system that will overcome all obstacles, and a precious metals backed currency. It will carry you forward until such times as money is no longer needed. Remember Dear Ones, that you are powerful creators and shall move into a period when you will be able to create most of your needs. Clearly 2012 will be a remarkable year for changes to that which you have long been used to, and so raise your standard of living to levels that you would not have dreamt of previously.

The object in space named by you as Elenin has passed by without any danger to your Earth. It is artificial and performs scientific duties because of the interest in your solar system at this special time. Indeed, we ourselves are constantly monitoring you and your Earth to keep you firmly on course for Ascension. We do not anticipate any problems that have not been identified by us already, and to some extent they have been lessened by the remarkable rise in the levels of your mass consciousness. Like everything else your Earth is always in motion, and has to attend to her own needs as far as cleansing is concerned. The less people focus on what could have been and instead on what is now expected, the inconvenience to you will be a lot less than was originally expected. You collectively have taken your tasks seriously, and have to be congratulated on your application of the Light to have a smooth ride from hereon.

Disclosure is still very much in our sights and can literally come just any day in the near future. It is so important to us, and will open the doors to so much else that we are eager to go ahead with. Some countries more than others are totally behind Disclosure being made as soon as possible, and we will push for the announcement through our allies. As we have mentioned recently, you are in times that promise so much to finally release you from the hold of the dark Ones. They have so little power left compared to what they had just a few years ago, and they will be soon be relieved of that also.

As more people start to awaken to what is happening, the demonstrations grow against those conditions that are not in accordance with Humankinds rights and freedom from enslavement. Through people power you will achieve results, and governments cannot ignore your requests for very long, as they too recognize that it is time for change. The pressures upon them will increase over time, and as your consciousness levels continue to rise the Light strengthens your chances of success. We shall join you before long, and together we will speedily commence the various projects that will fulfil our mission to you.

All of the preparations for your upliftment are ready and you have every reason to be satisfied, although we acknowledge that it has taken a long time to come together. It has nevertheless been a massive task, and we have consistently had to re-align our plans to suit the changing conditions upon Earth. We fully expected to have progressed further at this stage, but you have not lost anything as a result. It simply means that the timing has been speeded up, and once matters come to a head they will happen quite quickly. At least those of you who closely follow what is happening in your world, can see that major events are about to break upon the scene. As we have already mentioned, Europe is the immediate focus of the worlds attention, as depending on the outcome to their problems it may have far reaching implications.

You the Lightworkers having been holding the Light for a long, long time, are entitled to feel pleased with how the Light has spread far and wide. It has opened people's eyes as to how they have been controlled, and also how the dark Ones have tried to prevent them acquiring knowledge of Ascension. However, their attempts to confuse people with disinformation are failing, as for those who make the effort to search for the truth it is to be found through the Internet. Your knowledge will be further added to when the Masters return, as the truth must be told by which age old beliefs that have hindered your progress, will be set aside.

Stay calm and use your understanding of the times we are in, to create the same calmness around you. When people's future is threatened they tend to panic, and that is where your understanding can help to explain the unusual circumstances that they are going through. The most important message relates to the end times as it is guaranteed to fulfil the plan for your Ascension. Equally important is the fact that every soul that has acknowledged their Light has a choice, and not one is forced into a situation without their acceptance.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you a happy day that gives you a fulfilling experience of the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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