Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do Not Be Afraid To Set Your Intention For the Energies In Your Life, Be Very Clear In Asking For What You Want: You Will Attract Match Vibrations

Thank you Uriel. Thank you Jennifer.
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Uriel's Message -- Do You Lead or Follow?

Every situation and interaction has its specific energetic signature in which you are the leader or the follower. As the leader you set the energy and can manifest outcomes of your choosing. As the follower you are in the energy of the situation and your own energetic vibration shifts to fit that experience. You have no manifesting power because you are at an energy level from the past. This prevents you from manifesting any outcome other than what you have already created. The choice is yours, do you lead or follow?

It appears to be easier to lead and certainly that creates more beneficial and fulfilling outcomes but it is also a new place for you, a new paradigm for your life because as leader you are manifesting different outcomes that will create separation with your soul group. As a leader you often walk alone and cannot connect with others because they are not at your energetic level. But your healing purpose is fulfilled when you lead because this is when you can create closure with karma and bring an end to these ancient energies.

The principle reason you follow is to allow others to experience healing. As a follower you put yourself at others' energetic levels so you can allow them to grow, or so you think. But when you follow you do not do anything to shift the energy, hoping that others will find ways to change these energies through their healing. This limits your power as a catalyst for change and you become a partner in their healing, rather than an example of a higher energetic potential. In doing this you also limit the possibility of change and you block your soul's path. As a follower you are surrounded by those who are at similar energies but what you may not know is they are looking to you to lead, which is why they reject you and your offer of healing.

You may walk alone for a time when you lead because you are at a different energetic vibration than others around you and it has been your pattern in the past to follow energy to allow healing. Do not be afraid to set your intention for the energies in your life, be very clear in asking for what you want. You will attract those who can match these vibrations and you will create life partners who share your highest energies and can allow you to express your highest and best self as a leader, an initiator and a co-creator of new paradigms of living for yourself and the world.

by Jennifer Hoffman


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